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Sat. Oct. 10 to Fri. Oct. 16- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  Bike riding, walk dogs, read, laundry…our usual. We worked on a new puzzle. It was generally a quiet day. We have the windows and doors open to get the fresh smog into the condo. LOL. In the morning, we worked on our ballots, which had arrived yesterday. We will drop them into a drop box on Tuesday, when the library is open.  From 2 to 4, I made 50 phone calls for Biden/Harris/Kelly. At 4, we had our weekly Zoom with Dr. Bob, Jackie, and Mary. We BBQ’d dinner and watched more of Travelers.

Sunday-  I do not exercise on Sunday, I give my body a rest. We did not turn the air conditioner on until 5 pm, when it finally reached 80 degrees inside. We kept the doors and windows open until then. We did more laundry. We BBQ’d chicken for dinner and watched 60 minutes, then the movie SWAT, which we had recorded from free Showtime/EPIX.

Monday- The usual, bike ride, walk dogs, read books, do puzzle. I did some ironing. I had to dust off the iron and ironing board, since I do not use it very much!

Around 9 AM, we went to the rig to put in the new mattress that had arrived on Saturday. Because we have a murphy bed, it folds up. So we purchased a custom mattress, for the area that folds. It is gel foam, so it needed to inflate.

New RV mattress

We arrived at the rig, and took out the old mattress. It was attached to the base with straps. We are going to have to see if a strap is needed. By doing the custom mattress, we have the short top of the bed that stays in place. So we need something for that area. I though maybe a body pillow, but they are only 54” long, and the bed is 60 wide. We have two bamboo pillows, which are queen size, on the spare bed, so we took those over. They fit well, so we will replace them on the spare bed, and purchase regular pillows for the spare bed.

We also hung the curtains. We left the slide open, which is actually not allowed, but we did it anyway. We went back in the afternoon to put the slide back in. The rig in the next site is a boat, attached to a truck camper. Actually, they have two sites. The slide stays inside our line, so we did not worry about breaking the rule for a short time.

New RV curtains

We now had the problem of what to do with the other mattress and foam topper. The mattress went in to the spare bedroom, temporarily, and the foam mattress is in the garage.

We ate dinner and went to the condo social. Only Sally, who is a healthy 90 year old, showed up. We all left after 15 minutes.

Tuesday- We went for our Posse interviews. Mine was at 8:30 and Bob’s at 9. There were 4 interviewers. They asked us different questions. We both passed the interviews, filled out the background check paperwork and an information card. We now wait about 2 weeks for the background check’s to return. Then we do a 2 hour ride along. Evidently they weed a lot of people out on the 2 hours tour! Finally, we have a class. We will be on probation for 6 months.

Here is a snapshot of the Posse.


We went to the library to drop off our ballots. Their drop box is not arriving until the 19th, so we drove to the Surprise City Hall, and dropped our ballots in the drop box there. Then we went to JoAnne’s to purchase some strapping to keep the new mattress in place from there, we went to Costco and Walmart.

We returned home, read and worked on the puzzle. We had our dental appointments at 2 PM. We returned and had a quiet evening.

Wednesday- When I returned from my bike ride, Mary Ann pulled up in her electric cart. She said that she was praised for bringing in great volunteers. She was beaming. We talked for awhile and Bob had spotted us so he stopped with the dogs. Unfortunately, Mary Ann’s service dog wanted to play with them, but she is not allowed to….

We continued to work on the puzzle and read. I sewed the clip on the strap. and we had the Roadrunner Zoom. There were 15 people on it, including our friends Marvin and Marian from Colorado Springs. It was really great to see them! I almost did not recognize Marian. She had always had Lucille Ball red hair , but she had gone gray, like I did. We invited her to play Maj online with us, but she has had several strokes and she is not sure she will be able to play. She did say she had taught Marvin and her daughter how to play, and they have been playing in the evenings.

We finished this puzzle. For those of you in Charles County, if you went to Dr. Nesbitt, the dentist, I\we think this was the poster that was on the ceiling in one of her rooms.

Nesbitt puzzle

We ate dinner and watched a movie on Netflix.

Thursday-More of the same. Bob took the car to the Toyota dealer for its service and oil change. I stayed home and did assorted tasks. At 1:30 I played Maj online with MaryAnne.

We BBQ’d dinner and sat outside and read for awhile.

Friday-  Bob took the rig for a 7:30 appointment at the Cummings dealer, where he had the generator serviced, per its schedule. When he returned we went for our flu shots and our second shingles shot. This time they gave it to us. The Pharmacist asked if I wanted them both in the same arm. Remembering ( how could I forget) the horrible pain for two weeks in my left arm. I told him no, flu on the right, shingles on the left.

Both arms are sore. I played Maj with MaryAnne at 1. I ran to the library to pick up a book. We worked on a puzzle. We watched a movie on Netflix.

Sat. Oct. 3 to Fri. Oct. 9- Sun City AZ

Saturday-Happy birthday Bob! We went over to the rig and tried the curtains we had bought at Costco. Then to Home Depot to get a pole to put up the curtains. We returned and had lunch. Bob had a free cheeseburger from Habit for lunch. For dinner he had a free sub from Jersey Mikes.  At 2 we went to Brusters for ice cream, where he had a$3 coupon for his birthday. We are working on a very difficult puzzle. We watch Morning Glory on Netflix.

Sunday- The weather in the morning has improved so much, that that we opened all the windows and doors to air the condo out. We had to close up at 10, but that was okay. I still sat out on the patio until lunch.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening. We started watching Travelers on Netflix.

Monday-  We stopped at the Library. They have changed their format. They have set up the self checkout kiosks, you pick up your own books on hold, and they had some books to choose from, on shelves. I grabbed several books, plus the one on hold. They also have CD’s, DVD,s, and the puzzles.

We went to the rig and worked on changing over to the curtains. Bob hung the bar, and took down the current bar.  I checked the length of the curtains and took them home to shorten them.

Bob curtain

When I arrived home, I realized that I did not have any thread that matched them, so I need to purchase some thread.

We read and worked on the 1000 piece puzzle. We ate dinner, then went to the condo social.

Tuesday- It was 72 this morning.  Bob took a toilet seat back to Home Depot. We had purchased toilet seats that self drop, and this one stopped doing it…the company said to return it to Home Depot and they will give us a new one.

It was so gorgeous this morning. We had the windows and doors open. Bob returned, we closed up the condo, and we went grocery shopping. We returned in time for lunch.

At 1 I played Maj with Allen, Donna, and MaryAnne, online, until 3. It became very embarrassing, as I won 3 games in a row, missed one game, then won again! That was just my lucky day

At 3:30, I went to the walking pool at the Bell Center and walked in the pool for 30 minutes.I forgot to put on my Fitbit, so I do not know how far I walked. The water felt so good!

Bob had been reading and we worked on a 1000 piece, very hard puzzle. It is taking us a long time to finish this one. We BBQ’d pork chops for dinner.

Bob had a West Valley Astronomy Club Zoom meeting from 7 to 8:30 pm. I watched a movie on Netflix. Then we moved back to watching  Travelers on Netflix.

Wednesday-  It was 68 this morning.  Monday and Tuesday I wore a short sleeve shirt and shorts. This morning I moved to a long sleeve shirt and Capri length yoga pants to ride my bike. I need to start looking for warmer clothes for when the morning temps drop further.

On the first Wednesday,every other month, the bug guy comes. This is included in our Condo fee. So we had to wait until he arrived before we could close up and leave. Then we went to Total Wine for some beer for Bob, Costco, and Fry’s for the Senior Day. We arrived at around 11, and it was not super busy.

I sewed the hem on the curtains. We had picked up chicken tamales at Costco, so Bob took them and split them up. I took some to MaryAnne, as there are 15 in the pkg. Bob kept 8 and we gave( she paid for them) the other 7. Bob repackaged ours and put them into the freezer.

At 3 we had our Roadrunner Zoom. There were 16 people on it today. We ate a quick dinner, and went to the Condo social. It has been moved from 6 pm to 5:30, because it is getting dark so much earlier. It is social distancing, but because of the VP debate, there were only 5 people there. We have started taking the dogs with us. They really enjoy going!

Thursday-  I rode my bike, Bob walked the dogs. Then we did the dusting. The Shark Ninja runs on Thursday and Sunday, so it will vacuum today. Bob worked on a wood paper towel holder that came with the condo. It had water stains, so he sanded and re-finished, primarily the base.

I read sitting outside. We have all the windows and doors open, airing out the condo, while the weather is perfect. We finally closed up at noon! It was 11 yesterday. Our temps have been dropping daily. Today only reached 101, later in the day.

I played Maj with MaryAnne at 1. At a little after 3, I went to the walking pool. Bob took a nap. I walked for 1/2 hour. There were a lot less people at the pool today. Everyone has to walk wearing masks.

We ate dinner and continued watching Travelers on Netflix.

Friday- I rode my  bike in the early morning. Yesterday, there was one hot air balloon traveling across the area, today there were about a dozen. It must have been a good flying day. Fun to watch them as I was riding.

We had the windows and doors open as long as we could.I read outside for several hours, enjoying the cooler weather. It was 68 this morning and the high is 96.

We worked for several hours on finishing this 1000( should I say 998, as there were 2 pieces missing!) piece puzzle. It has taken us over a week to complete. Whew!

Birdies 1000

We ate dinner, then went to the condo social. The dogs are so funny, they let us know when it is 6:30 and they think it is time to leave!  They had a good time sniffing the other dogs. We came home and watched more of Travelers.

Sat Sep. 20 to Fri. Oct. 2- Sun City

Saturday-  We had a quiet day, staying at home all day. At 4, we had a Zoom with Jackie, Bob, and Mary. Jackie is doing better and better.

Sunday- We ran to the grocery store. At 10, we settled in to watch the Washington game. Hmmm, they wanted to charge us $2.99 for the game! Huh! We had an email last year, at the end of the year, from Direct TV, that we had the rest of the year and the full next season for free. Hmmm, so Bob called Direct. He was on hold for an hour. He was told that it was a fake email. Well, since we were given the last games of last season.  We are upset with Direct, so we chose not to purchase the package. We know they are lying to us, but we cannot prove it, as we no longer have the email. So we listened to the game on Bob’s iPad.

Other than that, it was a normal Sunday. This is the puzzle we finished.  This one was very hard!

Middle east puzzle

This was the last puzzle from Paradise. The next ones are from the library.

Monday-  We ran over to the rig to do some tasks. Then we went to Sam’s Club. We purchased gas, $1.99/gal. I get the light Baby Bell’s there, in the large packages, and they did not have any. The employee said that they are just out of them. They are still carrying them.

We returned home and ate lunch. Bob had a virtual appointment with his primary doctor at 1:15. At 3:30, I went to pick up his prescription while he set up the crock pot. The temp today was in the high 90’s, so I was able to sit outside. We finished Haven and started  the Enola Holmes movie on Netflix.

Tuesday- I called Paradise to check us out over the phone. The gal I needed to speak with had to call me back.  We will still need to return the mailbox key and the puzzles.

Bob went over the rig and put in a shelf in the bathroom, under the sink and tried to put on the hub cab. We lost a hubcap somewhere. We think it had it when we purchased the rig. Bob had ordered one, and it was too big. He could not get this second one on because of the position of the valve stem. He is going to need to take it back to the tire store.

Bob added air to my bike tires. At 11 we went to our first appointment at the Sun City Posse. The Posse is a volunteer organization which does a lot for the community. I used them a lot when I was a Case Manager at Del Webb hospital, for transportation of patients home. They also patrol the city, do block watch, welfare checks, vacation watches, funeral watch, traffic control, community events and other tasks. Its an awesome group. Our neighbor Mary Ann is a dispatcher. We met with two of the folks for about 1/2 hour. One was the recruiter and the second one was the watch commander for the day. We could not tour the building, due to the virus. We brought home the applications and we will return them tomorrow.

We returned home, ate lunch, and I made more calls for Biden/Kelly. At 3:30, we left and went to an MVA contractor, Quick Title, to purchase the tittle for the rig. Last Friday, we finally received the paperwork we needed. Every time we drive past this place, we have seen long lines. They close at 4, so we got there just before closing. We had a short wait, and then paid almost 7K in taxes and licensing fees. Whew, that was a dent in our savings! Good thing we were prepared for that. We knew basically what we were going to have to pay, before we purchased the rig.

We returned home, ate dinner, and watched the crazy debate. After the debate, we started watching Away on Netflix.

Wednesday- What a difference having air in my bike tires made. Bob also tried to fix my blinking red light, but I need to replace that. I went so much faster on my ride today! We went to Walmart and I purchased new bike lights. I made more calls for Biden/Kelly.

At 2, Bob took Koda to the Vet. She has been licking her self terribly. Its her allergies. So the tech gave her an allergy shot. Meanwhile, Roxie stayed home with me. She was not happy. She whimpered most of the time. She would only sit on my lap for a few minutes, then she would go stand at the garage door whimpering. 

When Bob and Koda came home, she raced over to check Koda, then greeted Bob. I had kept telling her that Koda was going to the Vets, and that Roxie did not really want to go to the Vet! Koda slept most of the evening.

At 3, we had our Roadrunner Zoom. That was fun, with a lot of laughter. We BBQ’d some chicken for dinner and watched Away on Netflix.

Thursday- I ran to the library to pick up a book. Then I returned and picked up Bob. I had noticed several garage sale signs, and so we went to those. We did not find anything we needed.

We ate lunch, then Bob left and took the rig over to the tire place for them to put on the hub cap. I played Maj, online, with Allen, Donna, and MaryAnne. Bob texted me that they had to move the valve stem, and it would take longer. It turned out, that they still could not get the hub cap on the tire. They think that we need to purchase a hub cap directly from either Sprinter, Mercedes, or Winnebago. Bob is going to research where we can find one.

We BBQ’d a pork loin for dinner and finished watching Away on Netflix. Then we started the original Mulan on Disney+. We still have Disney+ until January, for free because we have Amazon Prime. I refuse to watch the new Mulan movie  and pay $30 to do so. It will eventually be free on Disney+.

Friday-  I moved up to riding over 5 miles on my bike again today. That felt really good. The morning temps are dropping, it was 70 this morning. Bob had put our problem with the hub cap on the FB group and found that it is an issue that continues. They have a poor design and fall off. So we are not going to replace the hub cap. There is no sense wasting the money. We have been refunded for the other two, when we returned them.

It was cool enough for us to go to the condo social. This is outside, social distancing.

Sat. Sep. 19 to Fri. Sep 25- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  We did laundry and basically relaxed most of the day. The hurricane had hit Gulf Shores AL, where my elderly cousins live. I am the youngest of my generation, and the next oldest family member ( fathers side) is 5 years older, then 10, then old enough to be my parents. So I had contacted my 1st cousin, 1x removed, by IM. She said that her parents were okay. They had stayed in their condo, and it was a mess. Her sister was moving them to her house. They were supposed to have left the condo, but refused to do so. No electric, no water, in their late 80’s and he is not well. My cousin Gloria is his full time caregiver. She did not know about my 90 year old cousin,Claire. So I IM’d again, asking about Claire. Debbie told me she would check on Claire. She did and Claire called me. I was very relieved. Claire had only minor damage. When the tornado alert came, she took pillows and a quilt and hid in her bathtub! She is a spunky lady! This is my cousin who was in the Foreign Service and traveled all over the world.

We have been watching binge watching Haven on Netflix. Finally getting to season 5, the last season! This is based on a Stephen King novel.

I finished this puzzle today. I started taking it apart before I took the picture….oops! It was actually easier than it looks!

Fruit puzzle 1

Sunday-  We did our usual Sunday tasks and had our zoom with Mary, Jackie and Bob. They are doing okay. Jackie is much better.

Monday- I had a doctors appt. at 9. I returned and we had a zoom type meeting ( different name, same format)  with the Maricopa County librarian. We showed her our drivers licenses and gave her our address. We received Maricopa County Library card numbers. We have to pick up the cards when they arrive at the Sun City library. The library is not open, except for morning hours and some evening hours, just for pick ups. You order online. They also have puzzles!

Here is our next puzzle.

Vegetable puzzle 1

Tuesday-  We had an 8:15 appointment at the Sun City RV Storage. We ran to Paradise, then took the rig over to be measured, again! We signed in, paid the $50 set up fee, then the $90 for the rest of the year. Then we parked the rig. We are very pleased with this storage. It is a non-profit. They have water, a dump, and covered wash bay areas we can use to wash the rig.

We went grocery shopping, then I dropped Bob off with the groceries, and went to my Dermatologist appt. Everything was good. No spraying!

Wednesday-  I had a 9 AM hair appointment. Other than that a normal, quiet day. The temps have been in the low100’s. Much better than over 110! I made more phone calls for Biden/Kelly.

Next puzzle…

Amish puzzle 1

Thursday- We have been running over to the rig and doing more tasks. We purchased the recliners and a new mattress. I did some cleaning of the condo.

Friday-  Basically a quiet day. We are still working on the RV. We are still binging Haven.

Sat. Sept. 12 to Fri. Sept. 18- Sun City to Camp Verde AZ

Saturday-  We had a busy day. We were off to the rig in the morning.  Then we stopped at Best Buy. We have a CD player we used in the old rig for listening to books on CD. The new rig does not have a place to plug the CD player in. We cannot figure out how to listen to them. So we went to Best Buy. Fortunately, the employee was a guy about our age. He actually knew what a CD player was! Unfortunately, he could not help us. We need a CD player with Bluetooth. So we left and returned home. We need to go to Costco, but the line was way too  long, just to get into the parking lot.

We ate lunch and Bob finished the door to the linen closet. Here is the finished product. We still need a door handle for it.


Today was a sad and frustrating day for me. Both of my BFF’s, from high school, who we Zoom with on Sunday, are having issues. Jackie has the virus, which she caught from her mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law is still ill, and is going to need to go to a long term care facility.

Then Mary, was diagnosed with breast cancer this week. This is her second time. The first time was many years ago. It’s pretty frustrating to be so far from them when they are ill. There is nothing I could do anyway, but still….

We had gone to Costco in the afternoon. We picked up one of their delicious chickens for dinner.

Here is a puzzle I finished.

Flower puzzle

Sunday- We completed our usual Sunday tasks. We also prepared to leave tomorrow on our first trip in our “new to us” RV. We ran to the RV and set up some items. We return and took the dogs with us to the RV for the first time. As you can imagine, they were confused. Roxie seemed to do better than Koda. I guess its that Roxie has been through a lot of changes with us. I had placed the “tennis ball thrower” on the booth style bed which we had put down for the dogs. Roxie grabbed the tennis ball and started play. That seemed to calm Koda down. Roxie seems to understand when Koda needs to play and she gets her started.

We turned on the refrigerator and the air conditioner to get the rig cool for tomorrow.

We returned, ate lunch, and had a quiet afternoon and evening. We watched some TV.

We did this puzzle very quickly.

Star wars puzzle 2

Monday-  We ran over to Paradise, to the rig. We put items away, and I drove the rig over to the condo, with Bob following in the car.  We packed up the food, clothing and medicines. We packed up the dog items, and the dogs. Since we do not have recliners to secure the dogs, we had lowered the booth table, making a bed. We put an old quilt on the bed, and secured the dogs with the seatbelts, which are located at one end of the bed. The dogs were very comfortable. They even have a large window to look out at the scenery.

Around 9:30, we took off for the Thousand Trails Camp Verde campground in Cottonwood AZ. It is located at about 85 miles, north, from us, and at  3,300 ft.

We stopped on the way at a Shell station for diesel at $2.38/gal. So much better than having to stop for diesel at the truck stops, where the diesel is much more expensive. We also were not towing a car. This was our first trip not towing. We are giving it a try to see how we like not towing.

The trip is up over the mountains, climbing to almost 5000 ft. ,then dropping down into the valley. The View did great! So much easier than the Alfa, which would sometimes overheat.

We arrived and checked in. We only need a 30 amp site, and the guard told us we could choose any site we wanted. We knew where we did not want to stay, but they had added 62, new 50 amp sites, which were really nice. We had not liked to stay there in the Alfa, as the sites were small and not level. At this TT, you pay extra for the 50 amp service, and it depends on the site, as to how much. Some of the new sites have magnificent views!

We chose a site in the “B” section. We were on a corner, with some shade and a nice grassy area for the dogs. We of course had a picnic table, but no fire put. No fires allowed, due to the chance of starting a forest fire. That was okay with us!

We settled in for the rest of the day. The temps during the day went up to the low 100’s, but at night the temps went into the 50’s. Nice and cool! Yes!!

We had left over chicken, from Costco for dinner. We were able to sit outside in the evening, until we could not read anymore. We had minimal internet. I was able to text, but most of the time, I could not receive emails or look on line at anything. We did have great satellite.

Our couch is not that comfortable, when sitting on it to watch TV. Bob had brought our Direct TV receiver, and we learned that was an issue. The receiver is placed behind the TV, and the metal in the wall mount, prevented us from being able to turn it on/off or change channels. We had to put the remote in a position to work, with the door open to behind the TV.  This is why we are doing this “shake down” trip, so that we can learn these problems.

We also discovered that the air conditioner did not cool off the rig that well. Bob’s solution was to hang a quilt, that we had packed, to block the front of the rig. We had figured this out at Paradise. So we did that during the day. We have taken the curtains for the bunk over the drivers cab and covered that area. Then we took the quilt and put it below. This worked perfectly, immediately lowering the temp in the rig and not over taxing the air conditioner. We have since learned that all Class C’s have this issue. Its like the front sucks the air forward, raising the temp in all the Class C’s. Okay, issue, temporarily solved. Now we needed a better solution.

We sat outside reading after dinner, until it became to dark to read. The murphy bed is really high. I have to use a step stool to get into it, so we pick up Roxie and put her on the bed. Koda has discovered, she can walk up on her bed, and jump over to the murphy bed.

Tuesday-  Bob about froze, walking the dogs. I did my morning stretch video. We took showers. We can flap our wings in the shower, which we had checked, before we bought the rig. The bathroom is small, but doable.

Having the murphy bed gives us a lot more room and we really like that. Last evening, we had set up the booth table and ate there. Unfortunately, that did not work for the dogs. They had really enjoyed the area. Roxie let us know! So we set the table back down, covered the cushions with the old quit, and the dogs promptly jumped up and settled back in. They think is a nice, big, dog bed!

We decided definitely to purchase a dual recliner for the booth area. We have looked at them. This was not an option on the View or the Navion.  It was an opting on the Wayfarer, by Tiffin, BUT, the Wayfarer is over weight.  You could only put 90 lbs. into the rig. With clothes, food, supplies, etc., the rig is easily overweight. Other View/Navion owners have been changing them out, and I would imagine that Winnebago will eventually offer this as an option.

Around 9:30, we packed up and drove thru Cottonwood and on to Jerome. The town of Jerome is a very interesting place. Our first stop in town, was at Jerome State Historic Park. There we learned we could park in a regular parking space. The rig fit! There was RV parking, but we did not find it until we were parked, so we did not bother to move.

Rig parking space

Can you imagine the poor mules that had to drag this wagon up the mountain we were on? We had driven a really steep, zig-zagging road up to the museum!

Heavy wagon

This picture below is of what was a school, and is now a private home. The views must be fantastic. It is located above the museum.

Jerome house

We walked and watered the dogs. The temp was low 80’s., so we opened our sun roof in the rig, and the back vent fan to keep the rig cool. We unhooked the dogs, so they could move around, but they took a nap on their “bed”.

We were there to take the tour of the Douglas Mansion. The former home is a museum, devoted to the history of the Jerome area and the Douglas family. Entry was $7 each, no senior discount. Below is the mansion from a distance, while driving.

Douglas Mansion

The mansion features exhibits of photographs, artifacts, and minerals. There was a 3D- model of the town and its underground mines. There were a few pieces of furniture,  but not a lot of the family items. The views from outside were spectacular, but of course, there is still some smoke in the air from the California fires.

Mansion view

The Douglas Mansion has been a landmark in Jerome since 1916, when James S. Douglas built it on the hill just above his Little Daisy Mine. The house featured a wine cellar, billiard room, marble shower, steam heat, library, and much ahead of its time, a central vacuum system. The house was built of adobe bricks that we made onsite.

Below is a rare flat piano.

Flat piano

Below is the mansion library.

Mansion library

The best part, was the 28 minutes video about Jerome. Jerome was the first town in Arizona. That was due to the mining in the area. The movie was very interesting. It was done through the eyes of a ghost. The ghost played his guitar at the beginning and the end, singing a song about mining and Jerome. The actor was quite good.

The history begins in 1876, when three prospectors staked claims on rick copper deposits. They sold out to a group, that formed the United Verde Copper Company in 1883.The town was named for Eugene Jerome, who was the primary ventures principle backer.  The cost of transportation of the copper, killed the company, which folded in less than two years.

The new owner, William A. Clark, brought a narrow gage railroad and reduced the freight costs. By the 20th century, it was the largest producing copper mine in the Arizona Territory. The town grew.  There were churches, restaurants, hotels, bars, an Opera House, a school and  lots of prostitutes. The Madam became very wealthy!

In 1912, James S. Douglas purchase and began development of the Little Daisy Mine.  Bu 1916, Jerome had two bonanza miles. Copper production peaked in 1929, then the Depression hit the town hard. The Little Daisy Mine closed in 1938. The mining days ended in 1953.

Below is outside the house.

Outside mansion

There were two more sites to see, but by this time, the little town was bumper to bumper traffic, so we left. We returned to Cottonwood and picked up lunch at Violette’s Café. It was actually in a railway car on the corner of two streets. We both had Croque Monsieur’s, ( a French ham and cheese, and a favorite of ours). We were disappointed, as the bread was crunchy. They were almost at closing time ( 1 PM) when we arrived, so that might have been the reason.

We stopped at Walmart and Home Depot. We did not find what we wanted at  Home Depot, so we went to Ace Hardware.

We returned to our site, and set back up. So far, this has been pretty easy. It takes less than 10 minutes, since we leave our chairs at the site to mark it as occupied, as well as the TT sign on the electric box.

By this time it was about 2 pm, and the temp was in the low 100’s. We stayed in the rig until dinner time.  We used our BBQ on the picnic table, ate dinner, and read our books until it became dark.

We decided to turn around the driver and passengers chairs, once the weather was cooler. We were able to open the door and the windows. The two chairs have “booster seats” that came with the coach. Since the drivers area is lower than the back of the rig, there are these “ booster seats”, which match the seats. They made the chairs pretty comfortable. We turned the TV in our direction, and watched  the last hour of the Davinci Code and then, Angels and Demons, both of which we had seen, a long time ago.

We missed our recliners as did the dogs, as the chairs were not as comfortable as the recliners, for them to sit in our laps. Instead, they lay on their “bed” and napped.

Wednesday-  Again we went to Cottonwood, to Home Depot. We returned some items and tried, again, to get what we needed. We had decided to put up a bungee cord ( suggested by the employee at Ace) to support the curtain, which would cover the entrance to the drivers part of the rig. Bob needed better, bigger eyebolts.

We stopped at the Hog Wild BBQ. We picked up carryout and returned home. The food was very good. They have a very high Yelp rating.

We returned, set up and worked on the inside of the rig, in the air conditioning. I put shelf liners in and we set up the curtain closing the front area.

We read our books, grilled dinner, and sat outside for awhile reading until dark .Tonight we watched Galaxy Quest. It was a cute movie about some Sci Fi stars who were contacted by aliens, to help save them. It was silly but fun.

Thursday-After sitting outside reading our books in the nice cool morning, at 10 we left and went back to Cottonwood. We stopped at Fry’s and Home Depot. We ordered lunch at the Red Rooster Restaurant in Old Town Cottonwood. Oh, were those sandwiches good! Bob had a turkey Ruben and I had the turkey cranberry wrap. Both came with decent potato chips.

We worked some more on the inside of the rig, read for awhile, grilled dinner, read some more.  We watched some more TV, siting in our turned around chairs.

Friday-  We packed up and left at 8:02. We stopped for diesel on the way back at the Circle K. Diesel had gone up. It was $2.43 today. We arrived at the condo and unloaded the rig. We took it back to Paradise, and settled in for a cool afternoon in the condo.

We ordered dinner from George’s and ate dinner. We watched Netflix in the evening and read our newspapers, which the neighbors had put through our mail slot. We had received a document explaining some of the items on the ballot for November. I started a puzzle.

Sat Sep. 5 to Fri. Sep. 11- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  Bob had put our air conditioner issue up on the FB page. He had several replies. One was to run the hot air to clean out a filter that is in the line; so he did that. Another suggestion was to put a blanket up, to cover the drivers area, to put less stress on the air conditioner. He also did that.

Bob cleaned the BBQ grill table. Yesterday, I had taken the cloth off and the tape. Bob cleaned off the glue that was still sticking to the table. Then he walked the dogs. When he returned, I asked if he was ready to go. He said not yet. Evidently, when he was cleaning the glue, off the table, some had dripped onto his foot and two of his toes were glued together. We were both laughing! Thank goodness for Goo Gone!

We took a lot of items over to the rig. The air conditioner was working well with all the tasks, that Bob had done.

We stopped at Walmart and shopped, then returned to the condo for lunch. I did laundry and fell asleep in the recliner for a short nap. We worked on a puzzle and read our books. We watched Game of Thrones, season 8.

Sunday- We cleaned the condo and I did more laundry. We took more items over to the rig. The air conditioner was working well. We were just putting too much of a strain on it, due to the 115 heat. We are really hoping this is the end of the high heat and humidity!

We had a quiet afternoon, completing this puzzle.

Cal del sol

We ate dinner at home and watched the rest of Game of Thrones. I understand why people were disappointed in the ending. We were too, the third DVD in the package was just fighting. Ugh! It became pretty boring, with all the blood and gore. Then they moved on to the ending, OMG, they they dragged it on and on…. We kept thinking, well that is the end, and there would be more and more…anyway we had watched the whole show.

Monday- Happy Labor Day-  Again, we had a quiet day. Bob ran over to the rig and stopped at Walmart and tried to drop a book and the DVD off at the library. The return box is closed on Sun and holidays. So it will need to go back tomorrow. I had finished another book, so one more to go back.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening. It remains very hot.

Tuesday- Bob dropped off the items at the library. He also did some tasks at the RV. It is a busy time, trying to get the new RV like we want it. Bob spent time on the phone, finding a place which will install the metal tire valve stems. We need those for our tire monitoring system.  He has them, he just needs a tire place to put them on. He has an appointment for tomorrow.

Wednesday- The weather turned! Wow, we work up to temps in the 60’s and less humidity. What a great birthday present for me! I was able to ride my bike this morning.  It’s been a long time since I was able to ride. Bob checked the tires, to make sure they had not deflated. The ride to the west was nice, but turning back to the east was tough. The wind was pretty strong. I could really feel my legs burning.

We went to the rig and did more measurements. We took the rig to the tire place. I followed behind in the car. Then we went to the Container Store, again, to find the right boxes. Bob purchased three more for items underneath the rig. I bought several for the bathroom.

We stopped at Jersey Mikes for lunch, as I had a free sub form my birthday. We returned home, ate lunch and I fell asleep on the couch.  They called at 2, that the rig was ready, so I dropped Bob off , and we took the rig back to Paradise.

We went to Cold Stone for some ice cream for my birthday. We missed the Zoom with the Roadrunners. We had a nice dinner at home.

Here was the next puzzle we finished.

Kitten puzzle

Thursday-  The weather remains great , with daytime temps in the low 90’s. We are getting a  lot of smoke from the California fires, but the smoke seems high up, not low to the ground. That makes breathing easier.  I rode my bike again.

We ran back and forth to the rig. We had one of my favorite meals for dinner. This is so easy. Just brats and pineapple on the grill. Then you put BBQ sauce on them. They are so good!

Pineapple brats

Here is today’s puzzle.

Tea party puzzle

Every time we go over to the rig, we take back and pick up puzzles.

Friday-  More back and forth to Paradise. Today, Bob emptied the water tank and put in the cleaner. He also, did the de-calcification, which takes 3 hours. That took time. I stayed home in the afternoon when he went back to the rig to finish the water cycles. We ordered dinner from George’s Café, the little Sun City Café. We both ordered the coconut shrimp dinners.

Sat Aug 29 to Fri. Sept. 4- Gallop NM to Sun City AZ.

Saturday- We left the Walmart in Gallop NM and continued into Arizona. In NM, all the state parks, (which we love), were closed. When they open, they will not be open to anyone from out of state, until the Pandemic is under control.

While traveling we received a notice that Jackie’s MIL was in the ER. She was positive for Covid and had pneumonia. No Zoom tomorrow. Joe is doing well, and is out of the ICU. He might go home next week.

The entrance rest area, in AZ, was closed. We continued on to the Petrified Forest NP entrance, where there is a parking lot outside the the park. The park was still closed. We used our own bathroom, a real plus of traveling in an RV, and changed drivers. We continued on to Winslow. We have been there before, but I thought it would be a good place for a picture of the rig.

Winslow Rig

What you can’t see in the picture, is there were three old, gray haired men, sitting on a bench to the left, watching the traffic. I am sure they got a laugh out of me racing to the corner, and taking the picture.

We continued to Flagstaff, where we stopped for diesel, at the Sam’s Club. We switched drivers and turned onto I-17 south. Wow! Its Saturday, a week before Labor Day. the traffic north bound, was bumper to bumper, all the way south, until we turned onto the 303 by-pass!  We had heard on the news that the Saturday traffic, northbound was bad, but this was really something!

We arrived home and unloaded the rig. The temp was in the 90’s! Wow, did we luck out. We ate lunch, then took the rig to Paradise. We parked and Bob hooked up the rig.

We returned to the Condo, and I texted Tammy about the dogs. She was working doing deliveries for Edible, so we needed to wait until she gets home from work. She will text then.

Both of us read the newspapers, that the neighbors had thrown over the wall. We both fell asleep on the couch.

At 5, we went to pick up the ecstatic dogs!  We packed them up, and drove away. Tammy texted that she forgot to give us the container of pumpkin. So we turned around to go back, as we were not that far away. Koda instantly started talking to us! It was really funny. We kept telling her, we were not taking her back. Once we got the container and started going home again, she stopped talking to us again.

We ate dinner and watched a movie.

Sunday-  We did our usual tasks. We ran to the RV and left some items in it. Bob emptied the tanks. We returned to the condo and had a quiet afternoon. We were both really tired, and we ended up falling asleep in the recliners.

Monday- We were still tired.I have been working on laundry, yesterday and today. I worked on a puzzle and we read our books. Bob took the rig to the emissions testing. Diesel engines in Arizona have to be tested yearly. It passed, of course. I went for a Covid test at 10 AM. I did the test myself at CVS. It was interesting. I never went into the store. The testing was done through the drive thru. I should get the results in 5 to 6 days, through Quest. The test is free, but they did take my insurance info.

Tuesday- Scott came over and dropped off some items we had left in the rig. There was more than we thought we had left, including my really good camera, which had fallen behind a shelf in the Alfa

Bob went over to the rig to do some measurements. I read sitting outside, as the weather was in the low 90’s. I also worked on a puzzle. Bob picked up lunch on the way back. After lunch, we worked on the puzzle and read our books.

Joe is now home and Bob was able to talk to him on the phone this evening. We were happy to hear his voice. He did not sound short of breath and is on 2 L of O2. 

Wednesday- We left at 8 AM and went to the rig. We did a few tasks, then took the rig over to the Sun City RV storage area for the rig to be measured. With the ladder on the back, it is 25 ft 10”. That keeps us on the list for a parking spot. We are impressed with the storage area. They have a dump, a place to take on water, and a covered area where you can wash the rig.

We returned and parked the rig. We did inside measurements. Then we stopped at a garage sale. The lady had some plain white Corelle ware. Just 4 large and 4 medium plates, but that is perfect for us. I had been looking online for some dishes for the new rig. The Melamine ones had bad ratings, as they stain easily. The Corelle set were outrageously expensive, and had 6, 8 or 12 of each. The sets of 4 dishes are perfect. We still need to find some bowls, but we don’t have to match with them. I also picked up a tray.

Then we went to the Container Store. To purchase some small containers and a trash can. We ran home and I had a Google talk scheduled. I am doing phone calls for Biden and Mark Kelly.

After the training, I made 30 phone calls. Only 2 were home and answered the phone.

We finished this puzzle and started a new one.

Lighthouse 2

We had dinner at home. A lot of packages arrived from Amazon Prime. Items that we had ordered for the new rig.

Thursday-  We ran over to the rig with items and put them away. We decided that the trash can we purchased was too big. It has to go under the sink, in the cabinet, otherwise Koda will get her self in trouble!  She looks so innocent!

Koda 2

I cut the sink mat that I had purchased. It was not big enough to get two out of it. I also cut down some of the shelf covers we had in the Alfa, and placed them between the new plates. We took the silverware  tray, which had come with the silverware, and found that it fit. The silverware is washing in the dish washer.  When they were done, I split them. We don’t need more than 4 of everything in the rig.

We had taken one of our fans to the rig and we put it under the seat in the rig. That is where the Instapot will go also.

We returned, relaxed and ate dinner at home.

Friday-  Several of our packages arrived via UPS. Bob still needed tools, so we went to an Estate Sale that started yesterday in El Mirage. The tools were much too expensive, plus they did not have what Bob needed. I purchased a few items, including 4 Corelle small plates. They will go in the dish washer when we get home!

We stopped at a garage sale, which turned out to be an Estate Sale, done by the family. Bob bought a BBQ spatula. Then we went to the next Estate Sale. We found two chairs. It was a shame that they only had two, but we bought them and are using them at the desk. We have been using the dining room chairs.

We returned home for lunch. We started reading and both fell asleep in the recliners. When we woke up, we went to the library. I dropped off a book and picked up  the Game of Thrones, Season 8 DVD. I had requested this months ago! We finally came to the top of the list, right before we were traveling to Iowa, of course! I had gone to the library and asked the Librarian to help us. We did not want to end up on the bottom of the list again. She fixed it, so that we were on hold, until we returned home. So we were next on the list. Of course, the people who had the DVD, were overdue returning it….but we finally get to watch it.

We stopped at Bruster’s for ice cream, as I had $3 off for my birthday.  Then we stopped at the Container Store. We returned the trash can and Bob purchased two weather proof boxes for the rig. I also purchased another sink cover.

Then we were off to Total Wine and Beverage. Bob was almost out of beer. He was going to purchase a few of the Octoberfest beers. He ended up with 11 of them!  They had singles of the beers he could try.

Beer 1

Beer 2

We returned home and baked some chicken for dinner. The heat is back. All week it had been in the 90’s. Today it bumped up to 115. We are hoping this is the end of the high heat! it will be really hot all the way through Labor Day.

We finished another puzzle.

Airplanes puzzle

Sat. Aug. 22 to Fri. Aug. 28- Sun City-Minneapolis-

Saturday-  We had a quiet day. We went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to purchase some items for the new rig. We purchased collapsible measuring cups and an 8 cup “batter” bowl. We stopped at Café Zupas for lunch and came home to eat.

Bob worked on the shelves for the hamper area, and put them in. It was in the 90’s outside, for a change.

Bob working on shelves

We stopped at the library to return books, then for gas at Sam’s Club. We returned home and finished this puzzle. We also read our books.

Waterfall picture

We grilled a pork loin for dinner and watched Jim Gaffigan on Netflix.

Sunday- We went to check our accounts, to do our usual Sunday tasks, and I found that the money wire to Lichtsinn did not go through. Well, that is an issue. It turns out it was the credit union’s fault. So we called the credit union. The gal tried everything. We left a message for Brandon at Lichtsinn.

We did laundry and prepared to leave tomorrow for the Minneapolis airport. At 3, we took the dogs to the sitter, Tammy. We stopped for ice cream at Mighty Moos and returned home. We ate dinner and watched Netflix. We went to bed at 8:30.

Monday-  We were up at 2:30 to get ready. Mombo picked us up at 3:30. He called at 3 to make sure that we were up, He is a hoot! He arrived with a tuxedo t-shirt on and a chauffer hat.  He put our luggage in the trunk, assisted me with getting into the car, and talked the entire way to the airport. He is a lot of fun.

We had to wait for the staff to arrive a 5. We checked in on the kiosks, tagged our bags (3), and handed them to the gal behind the counter with our ID’s.

We stopped at Starbucks for breakfast. We had to wait, in line, until 5:45 for them to open. We had their version of an egg McMuffin. We went to sit in the waiting area. We had on our masks and face shields.

Bob face shield

Denise face shield

Southwest has empty middle seats, which was really nice. This leg of the trip was almost full. The flight stopped in Denver and all but 5 of us got off. The staff cleaned the plane. We were impressed with their job!

The plane reloaded, this time with about 1/2 of the available seats filled. As soon as we landed, we turned on our phones. Mine immediately dinged with a message. Our niece, Brandi, said that Bob’s younger brother Joe was in the ICU at KS University Hospital. He had gone to the hospital in Atchison KS, where he lives, and Brandi, who is a Nurse Practioner, had him transferred.  He has Covid-19.

We arrived in Minneapolis, found our bags, called the Lichtsinn driver, and left for our 2 hour drive to Forest City IA. All of us had our masks on in the car. The driver, Ron, said he would stop at McD’s, if we wanted lunch, but we had brought PB&J’s with us. So we ate those.

Ron was very nice. He told us a lot about Lichtsinn and the area. We arrived, and Ron the owner met us at the door. Impressive! Gary, the seller was there to meet us and sign paperwork. As we pulled into the parking lot, I spotted the rig and showed it to Bob.

We all walked out to the rig and we got to see it. We went back in, and Brandon took us in to sign paperwork. First,  we called the Credit Union. It took Brandon awhile to get through to the right department. All the work had to be done at the local branch. The gal at the main office ( working from home in Florida), assisted us. The branch manager, in Glendale AZ re-sent the wire from our checking account. 

Meanwhile, we were given the car to use ( a GM Enclave) for the time we were there. They were not sure that the wire would actually come through. We were allowed to stay in the rig, as they had confirmed that the money was in the account, but we could not drive it. We had the keys.

Bob purchased a new 50 to 30 amp plug and a new water hose.

We drove to Mason City, about 1/2 hour away. Our first stop was at the local GNC, as it was the Amazon Prime Lock Box location. We picked up our new coffee pot.

Then we went to Walmart for the rest of the items, that we needed for the trip home. We stopped at the Burger King for dinner. Our options were limited!

We drove back to Lichtsinn. We ate dinner, and we had permission to move the rig, to the water spigot, in the back of the building. So we drove back there and filled the rig with water. Then we returned to the front. Ron had suggested that we move to a different location, which was flatter. So we parked there. We settled in for the night and slept our first night in the new rig. Okay, the bed was not comfortable! It was a little hard for us….

Brandi and I have been going back and forth a lot,talking about Joe. At this point, he was stable, on 7 L of O2. That is a lot.

Tuesday-  We had 30 amp electric, so we cooked our breakfasts and made coffee in the newly cleaned pot. We decided to go back to Mason City, to the Target for the rest of the items on our list. We drove around town, just to take a look, and started towards Mason City.

Bob checked his phone and said, turn around. The wire did not go through. So we turned around and went in search of Brandon. We stood talking to the receptionist, for a few minutes. Brandon showed up and told us that the wire had come through. He thought that that was an email, that was sent about the first wire. Ron said good bye and so did Brandon. We went to the rig, packed up, turned in the car, and left. It was around 10 AM.

View @ Lichtsinn

We drove south on I-35, stopping for diesel in Mason City. We spent the night at the Walmart in Nebraska City, NE. It was very quiet, with 6 other rigs and 3, 18- wheelers there.

We went into the Walmart and purchased a 3” mattress topper. What a difference that made. We both slept really well.

Joe was not doing well, as he was really tired, with the coughing. He was on 9 L of O2. He was on the Remdesivir, a trial drug, steroids, and Rocephin. Because we could not see him, we decided not to stop in KS city.

Wednesday- We continued our drive back to AZ. The rig is small, with smaller tanks. Luckily, it is small enough to go to gas stations for diesel and propane. We stopped at Costco for diesel in Wichita, and at a local propane dealer, for a refill. At Costco, a guy came over and asked Bob about the rig. He and his wife are thinking about purchasing one, and wanted to know how we liked it.

As we had been driving down I-135, both of us saw a sign for Braum;s Ice Cream. We both yelled Braums and at the same time. So we stopped at a Braums for ice cream. Oh, was it good!

We spent this night in Pratt KS at the Walmart. This was another nice night, with 8 rigs and 5, 18-Wheelers.

Thursday- We continued on our way. Joe had improved. His O2 was good and the coughing was better. He even got to take a shower today, and was more himself.

We spent the night at Blazing Saddles RV Park, under PA $13, FHU 30 amp, in Tucumcari NM. We only need 30 amp now, so that is great. We relaxed, dumped the tanks, and refilled with water.

We have been driving about 300 miles a day.

Friday-  We continued our travels, now on I-40 west. We spent the night at the Walmart in Gallop NM. We will not stay at this one again. The place was crazy busy. We were close to Cracker Barrell, so we ordered online and Bob walked over and picked it up. Once the Walmart closed, the place was pretty quiet. There were other RV’s and 18-wheelers there.

Here is sunrise.


Joe is out of ICU, but still being watched.

Sat. Aug. 15 to Fri. Aug. 21- Sun City

Saturday- We met Julie and Scott over at the RV. We arrived before they did and checked the air conditioner. We sat with them, in the rig, going through the manuals and answering questions. We are really impressed with them, Scott had read the manual and they both asked intelligent questions. We both did another walk around with them, pointing out various things. Julie and I went through the inside and Bob and Scott the outside.

Bob had taken off the license plates and they had none, yet, but Scott asked Bob to get the rig out of the park, as they have been doing construction at the entrance. Bob drove it onto 107th street, and pulled over on the side. Julie and I had followed in our cars.

We said our farewells, safely distanced. Here is a picture of the happy new owners.

Scott and Julie

While we were driving there, the guy who is purchasing a TV, we are selling on Craig’s List,  texted. I returned the text, and we raced home. Bob took the TV to the ACE Hardware on the corner, handing over the TV and collecting $20. Then he stopped at McDonalds for lunch. He returned and we ate a late lunch.

I worked on the puzzle and Julie texted Bob. The generator stopped working. Bob thinks it is just too hot. When they turned on all 3 air conditioners, it over heated. He told Scott to check the coolant and to allow it to cool off.

We ordered dinner from Nick’s Italian Restaurant. We are still using the gift certificates AJ had given to us…..

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday tasks and cleaned the condo. At 11, we had our weekly Zoom with Jackie, Mary, Bob and I. Bob is using his new iPad in the living room, so that we do not have issues with sound.

We ate lunch and worked on the puzzle. At 2, we went to Mighty Moo’s for some ice cream. You have to take a number at the door, and only your party can enter. Masks required. We returned, and Julie texted again. Any suggestions? Scott had changed the oil in the generator  and changed the coolant. It worked for 1/2 hour, then they turned on the extra air and it shut off. Bob told them he just thinks it gets too hot in AZ. They have placed a call to Bulls Eye RV Repair. Bob had also said to check with Dale Prichard, our Alfa friend.

Bob called and cancelled our RV insurance, giving us a nice little refund to put towards the next RV’s insurance.

We finished this puzzle.

Fruit and bird puzzle

Leftovers for dinner. We have been binge watching Chuck, on Amazon Prime.  We had a dust storm, no rain. The air is still full of dust.

Monday- I got out of bed to go to the bathroom around 5 AM and fortunately, I could see in the dark, a black area. Glad I did not trip over her! It was Roxie, on the floor. Bob was awake also. This was odd. We told her to get up on the bed. When she did, we noticed that her tummy was making noises. So Bob got up to take her outside. He found that she had vomited in the living room and the Arizona room. He cleaned them up, then I sprayed them, and worked the stuff into the carpeting. This stuff really works! I vacuumed it once it dried.


I could not go to sleep last night for a long time. So I woke up feeling awful. Bob was okay. I did my cardio exercises,  but was exhausted once I finished, so I only did them, and not the strengthening exercises. My shoulder and ankle both hurt. Not sure why. This fatigue was strange. Yes, I can taste food….

Anyway, so we had a quiet morning at home. I finished the laundry, as it had been so hot the last few days, I did not get everything washed on Saturday and Sunday. I also drank a1/2  bottle of Propel, thinking low electrolytes might be my problem, it must have been!.

Every morning I check on whether there are any of the rigs we want for sale. Nope, none today. We ate lunch and worked on a puzzle. I ended up taking a 2 hour nap, and felt much better afterwards.

We finished this puzzle in a couple of hours. It is really a different one.

Scott and Julie’s problem with the generator was that he had wired the electric wrong on their electrical box at their home…

Ice cream puzzle


Tuesday- I checked RV Trader and bingo, there was a 2019 Winnebago View 24 D. Exactly what we want. So I showed it to Bob. It was more than we had wanted to pay, but they go so fast! So we checked our budget and decided to call the guy. He said  was not sold yet….We requested the VIN, and Bob checked that. It has a clean record. He also said he had a guy at the dealership, Lichtsinn, in Forest City, IA who could work with us on financing. We had already been approved by Good Sam, but they were going to take 20-30 days to complete everything. Interesting, our credit union’s interest rate was almost twice, what we had found with Good Sam and the dealership.

We had an appointment with a sales guy at La Mesa RV, in Phoenix. He had contacted me yesterday, as there was a 2021 that had come in. We arrived when they opened at 9. We had to wait a few minutes, as Jeff was in a sales meeting. Then he went to take us to the rig. It was already gone. There was a second one, but it was out on a test drive already!

So he brought out the one he had tried to take us too, which had been taken into the back. It was already sold! That is how fast they are going….We are not interested in purchasing a new RV, as you watch 50K fall off it, right as you drive it off the lot. Plus it was way out of our budget. Interesting, it was less expensive than the ones we have seen online.

We wanted to tour it, because we have not even seen any of these in person. We had seen a great video, on YouTube,(“ 2019 Navion: Tour our Home on Wheels", View’s and Navion’s are identical) about the 2019, so we knew the differences. We did not like the 2021 version, as we did not like the changes that they have made. It did give us the opportunity to feel the size and the basic floor plan.

We stopped at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Costco.  We returned home, and called the guy, Greg, and  told him we did want to purchase the rig. He did not even want a deposit! Strange….Bob looked up his address on Google Satellite and online and he is legitimate.

He gave us the name of his friend at the Lichtsinn( pronounced like Nixon, with an L), dealership, Brandon. So we called him about financing. He came in with the same percent, and we were approved in 2 hours. When he called us back to let us know, he also let us know a new purchase plan. To do the financing, the dealership is purchasing the rig from Greg, and we are buying it from the dealership. That made us feel a lot better!  It is not some scam. We are buying the rig for the same price. This helps with wiring money, insurance, financing, license plates, etc. They have to be making money somehow on this deal, so they must be making money on the financing. The rate was the same, so we are happy….

Our plan was to drive to Iowa. We decided to board the dogs, so we quickly found a gal, Tammy, in Sun City, who was available to take the dogs. So we took the dogs over to her house and checked her out. We had found her on Rover and she had good reviews and repeat customers.  We toured her house and yard. She has a doggy door which is too small for Koda,but that is okay, with the coyotes, we don’t want the dogs outside without Tammy.

We returned and I played Maj with Donna and Allen, online. Not as fun, as it is not as social, but whatever. At least we’re playing!

We decided on the way back home, that it would be easier to fly to Iowa. So Bob checked flights on Southwest. They have the center seats open, require masks, and we can each take two suitcases. That is great since we need to take RV stuff with us.

Bob started working on the hamper. When we moved in, the space below had a hamper, which tilted out. I could not reach the bottom. So I asked him to please take it out and put in shelves. Here he is starting to work on it. It is so blasted hot, he can only work on it a little at a time!

Bob hamper

Bob hamper 2

More storms with no rain. Lots of wind and damage in other areas. We had some wind. Maricopa county is so large, we had to turn off the weather radio, as the storm was primarily in Mesa, on the other side of the valley, and the radio was driving us nuts!

Wednesday- Bob started working on insurance. We thought about purchasing a warranty, but decided on the Extended Warranty. It is a lot cheaper for the 2019, than the 2004! We also need the regular collision insurance. Bob talked to our agent, and set up us going to his office in the morning, at 8, to sign paperwork. It is also a lot less expensive.

We had changed Roxie’s appointment with the Vet from next Tuesday, to today. Bob told Brandon the change in our plans. For $100, the dealership will pick us up at the airport in Minneapolis, and take us to the dealership. Then we get to use the car the entire time we are there!  Bob purchased our two plane tickets. Airfare is really down! $308 for both tickets. I quickly made a grooming appointment for tomorrow.

We ran to the Credit Union and wired the money to Lichtsinn. We sign the paperwork when we arrive on Monday.

Bob took Roxie to the Vet at 2:40. I worked on a puzzle, and started on the weekly Roadrunner Zoom at about 3:15. A little late!

When Bob returned, he said that Roxie had lost 7 oz., which is good, she was gaining weight. She still has the limp, and she is not allowed to jump. That is an issue, trying to get her to stop jumping up and down off our laps and on the bed. She has a strained muscle. She has also been licking her bottom, so they did a urinalysis. She originally went for her eyes. She still has the dry eyes, but the Doc dropped her to ointment 1x a day.

We finished this puzzle.

Lakefront puzzle

Thursday-  We were off to the insurance agents office for our 8 AM appointment. We stopped at the Post Office and had our mail held. We will have our neighbor pick up the newspaper.

We stopped at Costco, right as they opened. We wanted a wall mount for the bedroom TV. Bob had measured this morning, so we purchased one. We also bought some printer cartridges.

We returned home and Bob started putting up the wall mount for the TV. We took the dogs for their grooming appointment at 11 AM. We stopped at Paradise,  and I returned 3 puzzles. We checked the mail, as we need to sign a new registration form for the new RV.  Then we drove  past our site, to check on the weeds. We also drove by Allen and Donna’s rig to check on it. We also had to pick up something that Allan wants us to send to Ohio.  We stopped at the Elks Lodge to pick up lunch. They were very slow, and I did not think my grilled cheese sandwich was very good. Bob had a club, which was okay.

Bob continued working on the wall mount. We returned and picked up the dogs at 1:25. We returned home, sat and read our books. I also worked on a puzzle.

Wall mount

We finished this puzzle.

Light house puzzle 2

We  ordered from Mercers for dinner. The last of those gift certificates.

We had thunderstorms with lightening and rain. We got 4/10 inch of rain. The first in months! Just enough to dirty everything up and not to clear out the air…

Friday-  I had my haircut this morning at 8:30. They open at 9, but Kathy takes me early. Unfortunately, it is Friday, and there were more people there…

I returned home and we had a quiet rest of the morning with leftovers for lunch. We finished the puzzle below.

Pot of Gold puzzle

This puzzle was easy, with oddly shaped pieces. It is pretty bad shape. The left lower corner must have gotten wet at some point, as the pieces are warped and some of the paper has fallen off. I glued them back on, and will return it, with a big note on the front.

We just baked some chicken for dinner. More thunderstorms, with no rain. The temp was lower today. 102 was the high!

Julie texted Bob, asking where the fuse was for the tire senor extender in the back. It is under the front dash.

Sat. Aug 8 to Fri. Aug. 14 – Sun City AZ

Saturday-  I did two of the cardio exercises today. That is an hour… I am trying to do 1-6, but missed 5 yesterday, so I did 5 and 6.  Bob ran to Ace Hardware, which is close by to pick up some items. He then worked on putting the screen door back in. He had ordered one from Home Depot, but it was too small. The next size is too big, so he took the other screen door to Ace and they are going to make one. He returned the, too  small one to Home Depot.

He then worked on cleaning up the patio and hanging his bike from the ceiling. He does not use his bike all that much, so he thought putting it up was a great idea. We had purchased the supplies at the Container Store two weeks ago.

Hanging bike

We had a quiet afternoon, reading,and then we went to Dairy Queen for $1 off mini blizzards. We ran to Paradise and traded in 3 puzzles and picked up 3 new ones. They have about 50-60 puzzles, in the laundry room. We returned, ate dinner, and started another fairly easy puzzle.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday tasks. The we had our Sunday Zoom with Mary, Jackie, Dr. Bob, and Becca, Mary’s granddaughter.  We had not seen Becca for a long time. It was really great to see her.

The rest of the day was very quiet, reading, working on the puzzle, and doing laundry.

Monday-  Bob went to Paradise and pulled the weeds at our site and Allan and Donna’s site. I worked on articles.  Sue arrived to finish the mural. Unfortunately, the saw she had, was not doing a good job, on the glass tiles. So she left and is returning tomorrow. The rest of the day was pretty quiet.

Tuesday-  Basically the same as Monday. Sue and Dave arrived to finish the mural. Bob had run, early, to Tile and Home Décor, to purchase more tiles. They worked on the mural until around 12. It turned out pretty well…

Mural back splash 2

We worked a puzzle, read our books, watched TV, exercised and had a quiet afternoon. This puzzle was a strange one. It is a dog giving the seated dog at tattoo….

Tatoo Dogs

Wednesday- Another boring day. Exercise, puzzle, articles, reading, taking a nap. We ran to the library to pick up books. We ordered salads from Café Zupas.

This puzzle was easy. We did a similar one before.

pussle cow

Thursday-  We did all of the same, except we went grocery shopping today. Everyone at Walmart were wearing masks! That was nice to see.

Friday-  Articles, puzzle, reading, exercise in the morning. I took a short nap after lunch, which we had picked up at The Habit. They have really good burgers! We left just before 2, to go to Mesa to pick up the rig. It looked great. Unfortunately, it was 120 degrees out! Wow, was it hot.  We usually stay home, when it is this hot. Poor Bob, he could not get the rig cooled off on the drive,with all the air conditioners running.  It was cooler with the driver window open!

We arrived safely back at Paradise. There was a new guard at the gate. I told him that we were annuals and told him our site number. He asked Bob if he was okay with backing up. Bob said yes. I went to the site. Bob showed up with the rig. Strange, no guard to assist with back in. So I helped Bob with backing in. We did it perfectly, 1st time! So much easier than with the guards who have never backed up a large motor home!

A different guard arrived to ream us out for parking without a guard. He of course, said you know you have to have a guard with you. Bob told him the guard told him to go ahead. He checked the concrete, and of course, we had not hit either it or the neighbors cactus. He finally calmed down, and told us not to do it again. Bob told him, we won’t, we have sold the RV, but still have the site until October 1. If we can get the new rig, we will put it on the site to check out everything, with air conditioning on!

We returned home and guzzled electrolytes!