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Sat. Sep. 4 Amesbury Mass to Fri. Sep. 10- Granite City IL( East St. Louis)

Saturday- We went to a craft beer store and Bob purchased some beers. He was not really happy with the selection, the store had, but he liked the beers he purchased. We went to Walmart, then back to the restaurant we had been at the other day. I had the baked scallops again, with rice and coleslaw. Bob had the clam basket again, which came with French Fries. So yummy! We were able to sit out on the deck again!

After lunch, we went and did laundry. It was just an okay laundromat. We stopped for ice cream at a stand. It was pretty good. We returned to the rig and we had planned on going to the pot luck, but it was actually bingo.

Sunday- We had a quiet morning, doing our bills and budget. At 1, we went over to the pot luck for a late lunch. We were the only ones who showed up! So we returned and decided the heck with them. We had sandwiches for lunch and we had the brownies I had for the pot luck.

Monday- we had to change sites. It was really stupid, as they should have put us in that site at the beginning. Now we could get satellite and it was flat. We were able to ride our bikes today, as the roads had dried out. We sat outside, until it started to rain again. Bob was able to get the bikes up on the rack and the chairs inside before the rain started.

Tuesday- moving day. The traffic was not as bad as expected, but we think more than usual. We traveled thru Massachusetts and New York. We stayed the night at a Walmart in Dickinson City PA, just north of Scranton.

Wednesday- moving day. We continued thru Pennsylvania and stayed at another Walmart in Youngstown PA. You’re probably thinking we are crazy for staying in a Walmart parking lot, but there are truckers and other RV’ers there, so we feel pretty safe.

This parking lot had a retention pond which was fenced in. Then there was some grass, and then the outside property fence. Between the two fences , the area was about 30 yards wide. So Bob stood at one end and I stood at the other, and got the dogs to run. All this driving is hard on them, and they needed to get some energy out. Especially, Koda, since she is only 4.

Thursday- moving day.We traveled thru PA to Ohio. We stayed in a PA park, out in the corn fields, north of I-70. This was a really nice park. One of the nicest we have stayed at, ever! We paid ½ price, which was $32 for the night, FHU, pull thru. We did some more laundry, as we are not sure we will be at a park with a laundry. We did 5 loads, but they only had 2 washers, but they had 4 dryers.

Friday- moving day. We stopped in the office and paid for the night. The park owner’s mother-in-law had passed yesterday, so he had asked us to pay this moring, before we left. We also purchased propane, dropped off trash, and left.

Again, we had a long day traveling. We continued west on I-70. We stopped in Indianapolis at one of our favorite restaurants, The Tamale Shop, for lunch. It was only 6 miles out of our way, mostly interstate. We purchased 4 tamales for $16, including tax. Good Tamales are 4 for $20 in Sun City! These tamales are really good. We had found this on Triple D a few years ago.

We continued driving west on I-70. We finally decided we would stay at an Elks Lodge we had stayed at before. Bob left two messages, but he never got a return phone call. We just showed up. There are only 2 sites,. Bob went in and checked in and I backed the rig into one of the sites. We cannot get satellite, as we are backed up to trees. But we have over 50, over the air TV stations, so we can get the news. We also changed time zones today; we are now in the Central Time zone now. This always confuses the dogs!

We went to the Lodge for dinner. Bob had fried cod and I had fried shrimp. That is all that they had. Both of us had mac -n-cheese. I had coleslaw and Bob had french fries. As guests, we had 1 round of free drinks. I had wine and Bob had a Killian beer.

There is a huge grassy area in the back of the Lodge, so we ran the dogs again. Roxie only ran a few feet, but Koda took off, circling then running back and forth between us. We wore her out again!

Sat. Aug. 28 Bar Harbor ME to Fri. Sep. 3 Amesbury MA

Saturday- We did laundry this morning, hiking up to the laundry room. They have 4 working washing machines and 4 working dryers. Once we finished all the loads, we left and took the shuttle to the NP Visitor Center. We took the Jordan Pond shuttle to Jordan Pond. We got in line to sign up for lunch. It was a 90 minute wait. We got in line to go into the NP store. We finally wandered through the store, then we went down to the ‘pond’. We walked back up to the restaurant area. We checked the menu and decided it was a waste of time to just sit there.

Bubble Rock there are climbers on the rocks.
Joradn Pond with Bubble Rock in distance.
Jordan Pond view from overlook at restaurant.

We walked right out and boarded the shuttle. We took it back to the Visitor Center. We took the Village Green shuttle and went to lunch at the Side Street Café. By this time it was almost 3 pm. Bob had an appetizer and I had a piece of blueberry pie.

We took the shuttle back to the Visitor Center and then on to the campground. We had a light late dinner.

My 50th High School reunion was cancelled. We had already decided that we were not attending. I think there were a lot of cancellations, and the organizing committee decided to cancel. It is rescheduled for June 11, 2022.

We had already cancelled several of our reservations and we are returning to Arizona after Labor Day.

Sunday- moving day.  We traveled to the nearest town, about 15 miles away, Ellsworth. We went to their new Walmart for groceries. From there we worked our way to I-95 south. We had light traffic for about 2 hours. Then the traffic steadily increased until it took us 2 hours to go 26 miles. We moved onto Rt. 1, then I-295. We drove thru Massachusetts to New Hampshire. The park is right on the border of Mass and NH. Technically, it is in NH, but the mailing address is Amherst MA. We drove off the side road in Mass, entering NH on the park road.

We arrived at 2:30. We parked in our site and set up. We had requested a site where we could get satellite. The gal, Susan, was very nice and moved us to a premium site. This park is included in our upgrade, so it is already paid for. We still could not get satellite, but we have FHU, with cable, and the site is relatively flat.

Monday- We left and went to Costco. We completed our shopping and went to Yard House for lunch. We drove back to the RV Park and settled back in for the evening. We BBQ’d our dinner. By the time we finished dinner, outside, the mosquitos were out, so we moved inside and watched some TV on cable. 

Tuesday- We left around 10, and drove north, back into New Hampshire. We stopped by a Goodwill where Bob picked up some shorts and I purchased two books. Then we went to another shopping center where Bob went to Home Depot and I went into Kohl’s. I needed a new white top, as the one I had somehow developed a large stain on the back. I was able to buy almost the same top, which was on sale (isn’t everything at Kohl’s on sale?) and I had $5 in Kohl’s cash, so the top only cost $4.99. Good deal. It was less than anything at Goodwill.

We continued north to Hampton Beach. We traveled thru the beach, south to Salisbury Beach. We found a nice restaurant, called Tuna Strike Pub for lunch. Bob had his fried clams and I had my broiled scallops. These were on our list for this summer. It’s really hard to find scallops, and almost impossible to find broiled, rather than fried! This was the first time we could find them! The broiled scallops were not on the menu. I told the waitress that that was what I actually wanted. She said no problem! We were sitting out on their covered porch.

Restaurant view
Bob had a non-alcohol beer which he really liked!

We continued south, then turned west returning to the RV park. It was less humid and really nice out. So Bob got the bikes down off the back of the RV. I was able to ride my bike. I rode around a short distance and there was a “Little Library”. I stopped my bike to check the books and realized that I had lost my phone off the back of the bike. EEEK!

So I grabbed two books and rode back to the rig. I got Bob and we rode my route several times looking for the phone. We did not find it. We returned to the rig, and Bob called my phone. The guy who answered said it was in the office. I rode over to the office. Sure enough, Jason, one of the rangers, had the phone. He said he was driving the golf cart around the park, and there it was in the road. He picked it up and took it back to his office. I thanked him profusely for getting it and taking it to the office.

I continued my bike ride around the park, which felt so good to ride around!  Although, the roads are dirt and fairly bumpy. Which is why I lost my phone!

We sat outside reading our books and enjoying the weather. We grilled dinner. After dinner, we went inside, as the mosquitos came out for their dinners! We are able to stream here, so we streamed some movies.

Wednesday- Everything outside was wet from a heavy dew, so we did not pack up anything, yet. We are expecting the remains of Ida to arrive later today. We left and went to Walmart grocery shopping. Then we stopped at Petsmart for Koda’s food. They were all out of her food. So we looked for another Petsmart. We had to drive west to another Petsmart. We stopped at a Lowes on the way. We were able to get the last bag of Koda’s food, in the right size. We stopped for diesel.

We ordered a carry-out lunch at Benedetti’s Deli. We were glad that we both ordered the small size! The small was huge!

We returned to the RV Park. We settled in, and packed up everything and put it into the rig. We ate half of our lunch, saving the rest for tomorrow. Bob emptied the gray and black tanks, and filled the fresh water tank. Bob walked the dogs and we were ready for Ida to arrive. The rain was slow arriving. The local TV stations had predicted it would arrive at around 12 -1, PM. It started at about 6 pm and rained hard all night.

Thursday- We were fine after Ida passed thru. The RV Park has a lot of puddles and it’s muddy, so we are not planning to go anywhere. We will just wait for it to dry out.

I worked on the blogs all morning as we actually have internet, which we paid for, so I am able to transfer the pictures. We ate lunch, then read our books in the afternoon.

We had a quiet evening at home, streaming some movies.

Friday- The puddles are still here. They are only a little bit smaller. The ground is so saturated. It is so humid our towels are not getting completely dry after our showers.

We had a quiet day at home. It was too cool to sit outside, so we read our books, I worked on the blog, Bob did some of his 1st of the month tasks.

We walked over to the office and picked up a copy of the activity schedule for the weekend. There are quite a few activities, mostly for kids, right through Monday. We worked on our travel plans. We plan to arrive back at our condo on September 17th. I called the gal who is going to clean the condo before we arrive, and she will be cleaning on the 16th. We ate dinner and watched some TV over the air.

Sat. Aug. 21 Old Orchard Beach ME to Fri. Aug. 27- Bar Harbor ME

,Saturday- We drove north to purchase propane. What an issue that was! We went to a Tractor Supply, who had a propane for sale sign up and a big propane tank. They no longer fill RV’s. The employee told Bob to drive north to a Shell Station who sells propane to RV’s. We arrived and found that they only had one employee on duty, so that person could not go out and fill the tank. He sent us to a U-Haul. Bob called the U-Haul, and they said yes, they could fill the RV. So we traveled south to the U-Haul. They could not find their connector! We stopped to pick up Bob’s prescription at Walgreens. We arrived to find that the pharmacy is not open on the weekend. The recording had said that the pharmacy was not open on Sunday. It said nothing about Saturday! This was a major issue. We are leaving tomorrow. Our day was not going well….

 We decided to continue with our plans at that point. We drove north about 30 miles to Freeport for our visit to the LL Bean Factory Store. We had trouble finding the RV parking. We finally gave up and went to a regular parking lot that said no RV parking. We parked at the very back with the bikes hanging past the curb. This parking lot never filled up while we were there, as there were parking places closer to the buildings.

We went to the Café and had lunch. We were looking for shorts for Bob. We arrived to find that they had lots of shorts, just none in his size. They had sold out of his size yesterday. In addition, neither of us found anything in the sale area. Well, that was a waste of time!

We drove back south and stopped at Old Orchard Beach RV Park, near our park, which is another very large park. They also do not sell propane. We finally gave up and went to get some ice cream. We both purchased a small hot fudge sundaes. The small was the size of a large most places. I only at ½ of mine and took it back to the RV and put the rest in the freezer.

We parked and started doing the laundry. Fortunately, the laundry was almost right across the street from us. We did four loads.

We had dinner and sat outside enjoying the cool air, until it became too chilly. There was at 6 PM a happy hour, but it did not look like anyone attended.

Sunday- Moving day. We drove north on I-95 to Waterville, where we turned east onto Hwy 178 which we took to Rt. 1. We turned onto Rt. 3 and went to Bar Harbor. We turned into Mt. Desert Narrows RV Park. They put us into an uneven site where we could not get satellite. We were also next to a young large dog who barked every time our dogs went out. We settled in and had a noisy evening.

Monday- We went up to the office to ask for a different site. The gal was great. She moved us to another site. The site we moved to was flatter and we could get satellite. We were glad to be away from the dog who barked at every dog that went past. The owner was trying to train the dog not to bark.

Since we were moving, we went to the Post Office to pick up our mail. Then we stopped at a hardware store for some items. From there we went to Mt. Desert Narrows Too, the sister resort of where we are staying. We were able to purchase propane there, by showing our pass from where we are staying. The resort where we are staying also did not sell propane.

On the way back, we stopped at the Bar Harbor Visitor Center to obtain the schedule for the shuttle and brochures about things to do in town. We settled in at our new site. We ate lunch, then walked up to the office to catch the shuttle to the Acadia NP Visitor Center. This is where all the shuttles merge. We took the green shuttle into Bar Harbor.

Our first stop was at the Walgreens. Bob explained about his two medications. When we picked up the mail this morning, I found all of my medications had arrived. Bob’s had not. Bob had a confirmation of when his medications were sent, and he called our mail forwarding service and they did not have the medications.  So Bob got online with the Postal Service and put in a lost mail notice.

The Walgreens staff were great. They started working on the medications. By the time we finished wandering around town, they had texted Bob that they had one of the medications ready to be picked up.

While we were wandering we stopped for some ice cream, at Jordan Pond Ice Cream and Candy shop. Now knowing that small in Maine is large, we ordered one small that we split. It was delicious! Half each was perfect.

We returned to the Village Green to catch the shuttle back to the Acadia Visitor Center. The shuttle is interesting. It is also very confusing! Because of Covid, there are only four shuttles running, except when they are not! There is a campground shuttle which runs every ½ hour, except when it runs every hour. Of course, they don’t communicate any of the changes, and they don’t tell you that some of the buses close down for lunch. It would be hard to complain, as the shuttle is free, as it is sponsored by LL Bean. They started the summer with about 140 drivers. They are down to about 30. At this time of year, school bus drivers leave to return home. We have to take the campground shuttle to and from the Visitor Center at Acadia NP. We caught the return shuttle and walked back to our site.

We sat outside and enjoyed the nice weather.

Tuesday- We went back downtown to Bar Harbor for lunch. We stopped at a breakfast place, because I wanted blueberry pancakes. They were closed because it was Tuesday. So we went to Bar Harbor Beer Works. We arrived a little bit early, as they open at noon, so we wandered the shops again.

Just before noon, we joined the line. We were taken upstairs. I asked how much a lobster roll was. $35!!!!!! We have been paying $22. Yes, $22 is outrageous, but the current going rate. Lobster prices have skyrocketed. I had a chicken salad sandwich and Bob had a Rubin. He also had a nice Porter.

Bob had gotten a text from Walgreens and we wandered back down to the store. Bob had to get a new prescription and authorization for the missing medication., which was crazy, since he just had the one mailed, which is missing He had spoken with Caremark, but he still had to do more. So he texted his Doctor and asked them for the authorization and another prescription. We did the shuttle ride back to the Visitor Center and then on to the campground.

Wednesday- Since we were still dealing with the prescription, we went downtown again. We went back to the breakfast place for lunch. They were closed again today. So we went to another place, Jason’s Restaurant. Bob had a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich and I had my blueberry pancakes. I took ½ back with me.

We went next door to Hannaford’s and bought some groceries. Then we tried to catch the bus at the end of the street. That did not work, so we walked back to the Village Green and took the bus back to the Visitor Center. There was a car accident on the road, so the driver turned around in the Holiday Inn parking lot, and we took a different route back to the Visitor Center. We missed our shuttle to the campground, so we ended up waiting an hour (lunch break for drivers), and finally return to the campground.

We sat outside and enjoyed the nice view and the warm breezes of the water. We BBQ’d chicken for dinner and ate outside on our picnic table. I took this picture of the sunset.

Sunset from Desert Narrows RV Park

Thursday- We took the 9:45 shuttle to the Visitor Center. We climbed up to the Visitor Center (52 steps) and I stamped a piece of paper to put into our NPS Passport Book. There was a line to go into the shop, but the stamp was on a table outside the door. The NPS employees had also set up a tent outside to answer questions and there was a long line for that. We had no questions so we moved right along.

We entered a long line for the #4 bus, which is the Loop Road shuttle thru Acadia NP. We knew to get a seat on the driver’s side, as that is the side the water is on. The road is one way, most of the way.

Just after we left, the driver’s radio went off with a message that there had been a shuttle bus accident on the Loop Road. Evidently some people who were driving the one way road, had turned the wrong way and run head on into a shuttle. No injuries, but the driver was reporting it to his supervisor.

The shuttle moved so quickly I could not get pictures on the way. One stop was at Sand Beach. People are so stupid. A car and an RV (which was not allowed in this parking lot), were fighting over a parking place. The shuttle could not get through. The driver honked. Then he got out and yelled at the RV driver. Boy, was he mad! The RV got the parking place.

We got off the shuttle at Thunder Hole. There was no ‘thunder’ today. The last time we were here, we were able to see/hear some thunder.

We hopped on the next shuttle and got off at Otter Cliff. That was a BIG mistake! We looked and took pictures. The shuttles run every 15 minutes. We waited 45 minutes. A #3 bus to the Village Green came. At 55 minutes a #4 bus, the one we wanted arrived. The driver opened the door, closed the door and took off. There were about 10 of us there waiting. The shuttle was full! So we waited. At one hour, the next Village shuttle came.  We got on, and rode into town. By this time it was afternoon. We went to a deli where we had seen lines. We purchased lobster rolls ( $21.95) for lunch and ate them sitting on a bench, watching traffic go by on Main Street.

We walked down to the bay and took these pictures.

We walked over to the Walgreens to check on Bob’s prescription. They said it would be ready tomorrow. We walked down to the Atlantic Brew Company, and Bob had a flight. On the way we passed this stuffed Puffin.

 We returned to the Village Green and took the shuttle back to the Visitor Center. We arrived at the wrong time and had to wait 45 minutes for the shuttle back to the campground. At least here, we can sit on a rock in the shade. I have been reading a book on my phone while doing all this waiting!

A nice worker walked up to us and asked how our day was going. We told her what happened. She was very concerned. She reported our experience to the supervisor. They have already put in some extra shuttles (we saw one) for the loop road. Her husband was the driver for the campground shuttle. We talked all the way back. They are full-time RV’ers.

We returned and semi-packed up the rig and went to dump the tanks. We returned, set back up (that all took about 20 minutes), and we sat outside enjoying the nice weather. There is a nice warm breeze!

We BBQ’d pork chops for dinner and ate outside. We then sat and read a bit after dinner, until the breezes turned chilly. We have been able to stream off Netflix in the evenings. When I get the chance, I download some movies to watch when we do not have good internet. This park does not have paid internet, so what we have is not great.

Friday- We took the trolley to town to go to lunch at the Sunrise Café. If you routinely follow the blog, you know that my French Canadian ancestry takes over and I look for crepes. I found an awesome one at the Café.

From there we went to get Bob’s prescription. While we were at the Café. Bob received a text that Walgreens had received the medication approval. BUT, of course that was not the end of the story! The text also said that they did not have the medication. This is day 5 of the saga, and they don’t have the medication?? So we walked to Walgreens and checked in with them. They did have the medication! It took about 10 minutes, but they got the prescription ready. Finally, we have the needed medication, as Bob has been having symptoms. It was a good thing we were able to get the prescription, as this pharmacy is also closed on weekends.

We walked back to the Village Green and took the shuttle back to the Visitor Center. We then took the Loop Road Shuttle 4 around the park. We did not get off the shuttle this time, as we did not want to get stuck somewhere for hours.

We arrived back at the Visitor Center and took the Campground shuttle back to the RV. We sat outside enjoying the nice warm breeze of the bay.

Sat. Aug. 14 Addison VT to Fri. Aug. 20 Old Orchard Beach Maine

Saturday- We left and went to Middlebury VT to a laundromat. The RV Park had only 2 washers and 2 dryers, and one of the washers was broken. We spent about 2 hours in the laundromat. At least it was not as humid as the last time we did laundry, so it was comfortable.

We went to lunch in Middlebury at Mr.Ups, a nice little restaurant on the river. Bob had a Ruben and I had a grilled cheese. Both were very good.

We returned to the RV Park. We would have sat outside, as the weather was better, but there were too many mosquitos and bees.

Sunday- Moving day. As we were leaving, we dumped the tanks. On the way, we passed the Crown Point Lighthouse, across Lake Champlain.

We crossed the bridge over Lake Champlain, and drove back into New York to Ft. Ticonderoga. We paid $22 each, senior rate to enter. The entry road, the exit road was also tree lined.

We parked on the grass, as instructed, and we were able to get a spot in the shade, although that would not last long.

We had been given a map and program for the day. We walked over to the Visitor Center, and waited for the 10:15, 30 minute, Key to the Continent Guided Tour. The tour guide was excellent. He was a 22 y.o. History major from Tidewater VA. From the brochure, “In this entertaining tour, discover the incredible story of Ticonderoga and all the great experience Fort Ticonderoga offers today. Learn about the iconic battles of Carillon and Ticonderoga that occurred in the French & Indian War and the Revolutionary War. Explore groundbreaking preservation and reconstruction efforts that allow Fort Ticonderoga to bring to life its heroic tails.” It was a great presentation.

View of Lake Champlain from the fort.
Bob with the cannons
The drummers, bringing in the docent
Upper fort

We wandered into the downstairs of the fort and up on the walls. At 11, we went back down to the 25 minute Musket Firing Demonstration. This took place in the Demonstration Area. “Meet British soldiers in 1774 armed with muskets and bayonets. Go beyond loading and firing to discuss how the British Army in North America adopted tactical innovations after the French & Indian War.” From their brochure.

After, we went through the various exhibits in the buildings. We left and went to the Ft. Ticonderoga Café for lunch. The food was pretty good.

We returned into the Fort and looked at more exhibits. During this time, while we were upstairs in the soldier’s barracks, the “Fifes & Drums of Fort Ticonderoga” took place in the courtyard. “Listen to stirring tunes that eased the drudgery of a long march, or the many calls that regulated activity in the fort. Explore how drumbeats, trilling fifes, and songs created an 18th century world of military music.” From the brochure.

The Waggle showed that the temp in the RV was getting to 85, so we left, walked the dogs and started our journey to Croydon NH. On the way, we stopped in Woodstock at an ice cream place for Maple Creemees. Maple Creemees are soft serve maple ice cream. We had small ones in cones. They are so good and a nice change from chocolate. I think you can only buy them in Vermont!

We arrived at the BW in Croydon, which is about 5 miles off of I-89. We settled in for the night, after being greeted by Norma, the owner of the farm there we stayed. We used her internet and 15 amp electric. It was very quiet at her farm.

Monday- moving day. We left at about 10 am, to head to Camping World in Concord. We have a couple of items that we needed. We rarely go to Camping World, as they are known for being awful! Then we stopped at Home Depot for a couple of items. From there, we went to lunch at Beefees, a beef and seafood restaurant. We both had Lobster rolls, which were very good and piled high with fresh lobster.

After lunch, we went to Walmart. That was an experience! We have never seen a Walmart with mostly empty shelves. We talked to the gal in front of us in line, and she said it is always like this. She also said that the Dollar General and the Dollar Tree are both the same way. So after we arrived at the RV Park, we asked the neighbor about the Walmart. Nancy goes between Florida and here, and she said it is like this all the time!

We settled in to a site. We have FHU 30 amp. We cannot get satellite. We have 3 to 4 bars of internet.  We BBQ’d some chicken for dinner.

Tuesday- Nancy, in the site next to us, offered to drive us to downtown Concord. She did not feel that we would be able to get parking, with the rig, to visit the State House. We took her up on the deal. So at 9:15, we left to go downtown. It only takes about 20 minutes to get there. She dropped us off right at the entrance. I went and took pictures of the Daniel Webster Statue and the State House.

We went in and looked at the dioramas. We also looked around the Visitor Center. I stamped our Capitol Building passport.

The tour took about an hour. Astronaut Alan Shepard and Christa MaAufflee were both from New Hampshire. They had both of their pictures up on the wall in the Visitor Center. They also have all of the Presidential Canidates come in and autograph one of their bumper stickers. That was on the wall in the Visitor Center also.

Above on the left is the Senate Room with the nice murals. On the right is the Secretary of State’s office. This is where anyone who runs for President goes, in person, to sign up to run in the NH primary. It a very small office!

The House was closed for renovations. Interesting point is that every Senator or Respresentative, even those with more power, get $100 a year to serve. They do get gas milage reimbursement. Basically, they are all volunteers. One of the Respresentatives was on our tour, with her mother in a wheelchair.

We left and crossed the street to have lunch at Tandy’s Pub. I had a veggie wrap and Bob had a burger and a pint of Guinness. We walked down to the CVS to get some bug spray for the mosquitoes. They did not have any. So we returned to where Nancy dropped us off and she picked us up there.

We arrived back at the park at about 2:30. I worked on the blog and Bob walked the dogs. We grilled pork chops for dinner.

Wednesday- moving day. We traveled back roads to the Walmart in Somersworth, including a street called Ricky Nelson Drive (I’m sure there is a story). We laughed at that!

We stopped at Walmart, which actually had full shelves! We went to lunch at a restaurant called, Tuckers, it is a local chain and the food was very good. We stopped at Hannaford’s to supplement the groceries from Walmart. We stopped at a Sunoco for diesel, $3.09/gal.

We continued on back roads. We followed the GPS again and it took us under two bridges which were 12’1” and 12’0’. That made us nervous! Then we ran into a bridge that was 11.0”. Fortunately, the sign was just before a golf course parking lot. We turned in and turned around to back track about 1 mile. We went around the railroad bridge, getting on Rt. 1 north. We drove thru Old Orchard Beach to our destination, Pinehurst RV Park. It is an RV on the Go RV Park. We are staying 4 nights, $20 per night, with FHU, 30/50 amp, and cable TV. There are too many trees to get satellite.

We settled into our site a little after 3 PM. This is primarily a long term park. There seem to only be just 11 transitory sites. The roads are asphalt, so I was able to ride my bike all around the park.

Bob had trouble with the cable TV. So he contacted the office. The gal sent the park guys. There were two different cords present. Bob had hooked up the black one, which was logical. The black one is dead. He should have hooked into the orange one. They have just installed new cable TV.

The guys left, and Bob found that the cable still did not work. So he worked on it, and found we have a switch in the rig, that sends the signal to the satellite. Once he flipped the switch, we had perfect cable TV with 50 channels.

It started to rain, so we went into the rig for the evening. Bob signed us up for the internet, $15 for a week. The options are 1 day $5, 2 days $10 or a week. We were able to stream Grace and Frankie on Netflix.

Thursday- Watching the weather, we knew it was going to rain. Tropical Storm Fred was heading our way. So I went out early and rode my bike around the park. There are so many speed humps, that it was not pleasant. So I rode out of the park, hoping to get to the housing development next door. I could not get there, without riding on the narrow, very busy road. So I just rode down to the busy road, and around a storage facility. There is no office at the facility, so I just did a lot of loops. I rode back into the park 2 times, and back to the storage facility. I still managed to ride for ½ hour. It was very humid, but the temp was 72.

We ate breakfast and had a quiet morning, at lunch time the rain started. It really poured! I felt sorry for the folks on both sides of us, who have kids. The kids must have been going stir crazy, trapped inside. The rain continued all afternoon.

I took the opportunity to work on the blog. Wahoo, I am finally caught up!

Friday- We waited until 10:30 and walked to the RV Park entrance. We took the Trolley into Old Orchard Beach. The Trolley was $2 per person each way, cash only. We only had a $5 on the way, but the driver did give us a $1 back, although he did not have to make change, according to the directions. (He eventually got it back in the tip.)The Trolley goes to 5 different RV Parks, dropping everyone off at the Visitor Center in downtown. We went into the VC and asked a few questions. Then we walked 2 blocks to the downtown and walked up one side of the street and down the other side.

We stopped in one very nice store and I purchased this band type mask, which I put onto my hat, which had lost its band.  

We went to lunch on the pier, having lobster rolls for lunch. Lobster has gotten very expensive! Surprisingly, the restaurant at the end of the pier was less expensive than some of the restaurants in town.

We returned to the Visitor Center and took the Trolley back to the RV Park.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Sat. Aug. 7 to Sat. Aug. 13- Waterloo NY to Addison VT

Saturday- We drove north to Sodus Point, to visit the lighthouse. It was in a park, and out in the water. This was a very nice local beach area. There were a lot of sail boats out on Lake Ontario. Unfortuantely, no one could swim at the time we were there, as there was no lifeguard present.

We left there and traveled west on Rt. 104 along the lake front. We turned south on Hwy 21 traveling to Palmyra. We ate lunch at a lousy place, where we could get good parking. We wanted to see the historic General Store but it was closed. Next door was the historic Erie Canal museum, which was also closed. Hmmm, no signs about when they were open. So we moved on to the John Smith Farm. This a sacred Morman historical site.

Can you believe that 10 people lived in this small home! Behind the home, was the Sacred Garden where John Smith talked to God and an Angel. This is where he decided to start the Morman Religion. Thats a long Morman story.

The Waggle started to complain that the rig was getting too hot, so we returned to the rig. We walked the dogs and continued south, back to the Moose Lodge. It rained a little bit in the evening, so we had to stay inside. We had absolutely no internet ,outside, at the Moose Lodge. 

Sunday- Moving day. We left around 10, traveling north to Hwy. 104, to East Oswego. We stopped at a Save-a-Lot grocery store. Then we grabbed subs at an Italian Deli. Wow, were they good! We turned north and turned in Pulaski, stopping at Bretton Bay RV Park for 2 nights. This was through RV On the Go, which is part of TT. We paid $20 per night for FHU. We also paid the extra $5 each night for internet, since we had not had any for a while. We were unable to use the satellite, as we are under trees.

We stopped to look at our site, then went to the laundry. Bob dropped me and the laundry off, then took the rig to our site to hook up to electric for the air conditioning. The temp was in the high 80’s with very high humidity.

When it got close to time, Bob came back over we took the completed laundry to the rig. We drove back to the site and set up for the evening. There was a nice breeze, so we sat outside, which the dogs really enjoyed. We BBQ’d some chicken for dinner and ate some delicious corn on the cob.

Monday- We decided to have a quiet day. I worked on the blog all morning, as I am having so much trouble getting pictures into the blog. They were taking forever! Finally, I was able to re-size the pictures to get them in faster.

At lunch time, we walked over to the park restaurant and ate lunch. I had a turkey wrap and Bob had a fajita. I took home ½ of my wrap for tomorrow. Both were very good. At around 3, we walked back over and had ice cream cones.

Dinner was at home. We BBQ’d pork chops and had more of the corn.   

,Tuesday- Moving day. We traveled to the town of Pulaski, just 4 miles away and bought diesel, $3.25 gal, and propane. We took I-89 north, then Hwy. 3 east to Lake Placid. We arrived at about 2 pm, and checked into Cascade Acres. It is a mobile home/RV park. Mostly mobile home, with about 20 RV sites. $45 a night with 20 amp, W/S. The sewer hook ups were too high out of the ground for us to hook up directly. We tried one spot, but we could not get satellite, so we tried a different site where we were able to obtain satellite. The sites were pretty flat. We are very near downtown Lake Placid. The park did not have great ratings, but we are not looking for a lot of amenities for our 3 nights here. We can do the 20 amp, we just have to be careful not to run the air conditioner and the microwave at the same time.

We settled into the site and Bob walked the dogs. There is only one other RV here, and they are living here and working in the area. Since they were not home, Bob took off Koda’s leash and let her run to get out some of her energy.

Unfortunately, it started raining. We ate dinner and watched a Star Trek movie we had not seen, called Star Trek Beyond. It was on Hulu, and which we think never made it to the movie theaters. It is not the greatest Star Trek movie.

Wednesday- It was still raining off and on this morning. We are hoping that the weather improves later or tomorrow so that we can go to the top of the Olympic ski jump.

We drove into downtown Lake Placid and parked. They had paid parking on the street. We paid for one hour. We walked over to the Visitor Center to talk to the employee there to find out about the area. We found out that they were jumping at the Olympic Ski Jump. We all looked out the window and we could see the top of White Mountain. It no longer looked like rain, so we decided to go to the Olympic Ski Jump to watch the jumpers.

We drove past the RV Park, and turned right into the jump area. We parked and a guy came over and asked us to move. He had just arrived and was the parking director, he was late for work. We moved to where he wanted us to park. We walked down to the base of the mountain. We purchased $15 senior tickets to ride the gondola up to the top of the jump. It sure is easy to ride a gondola without skies and ski boots on!

All we can say, is that there is no way we would jump at 57 mph off that high jump. Actually, at the bottom, the height is 10 ft. but you are still traveling at 57 miles per hour, straight down!

The view was very nice, but we were not at the top of the mountain. That is on White Mountain, off in the distance. The gondola there only goes us so far, then it is a 45 minute hike to the top.

Down on the bottom, near the gondola, they had the ski jumping classes. They were teaching kids of all ages. Some were on trampolines and some were jumping into the pool.

Sorry, thought I had the flip of the last jumper.

It was lunch time, so we stopped at Big Slide Brewery. We found parking and then found that the brewery was closed on Wednesday. We were not alone, there were a lot of people stopping in and finding that they were closed.

We punted, and went drove 7 miles west to Saranac Lake.  We stopped at Blue Line Brewery for lunch. Bob had a six glass flight. I had a really nice shrimp salad sandwich. Bob had a grilled chicken sandwich.

We went downtown to take a look at the town of Saranac. Other than the lake, it was just a business center. All the tourist stuff is in Lake Placied, 7 miles away.

We returned to Lake Placid. We parked at the train station, and took the shuttle downtown. We wandered around the area that we had not seen this morning. This is where all of the touristy places are located. Lot of different kinds of stores. We purchased some chocolate and some balsamic vinegars, as we have run out of what we have. We were able to taste some of the flavors.

We caught the shuttle back to the train station. We had left the generator and air conditioning on for the dogs. We returned to the RV Park, and parked back in our site. Bob walked the dogs again and I read. We ate dinner, then sat outside to read. It had cooled off, but it started to rain. So we returned inside and finished the Star Trek movie.

Thursday- We worked on our travel plans. I kept trying to work through the RV on the Go website. I could get into the site, but I could not make a reservation, again. So I called. The gal at Thousand Trails that I needed to call the RV on the Go phone number. I had to look it up on the web, usually, they transfer me. Hmmm, the gal was not very nice. So I called that number. The gal kept telling me that she would make me a reservation, but my discount would only be 20%. I should pay $20 for the night, not 20% off. I kept telling her that was not right. Finally, she said that she would have someone else call me back. At this point, Bob and I were very confused. We have stayed paying the $20 a night.

The gal who called me back, Monique, was awesome! She explained that there is a glitch in their system, and if you are using RV to Go, you have to call to make a reservation. She says they are aware of the issue. She also said I was correct, that it should only cost me $20 per night through RV on the Go. I explained to her what the other gal had said. She said that she had already explained to the other gal that she was wrong. Monique has been with TT for 11 years, and is a member herself.

By this time, we had looked at an add-on, the Trails Collection (TC). So Bob did some math, and we had decided, while we were waiting for a return phone call, that we could stay at all of the Trails Collection sites, for free, if we did the add on. It would take only 5 nights, to get back our money. So we had Monique sign us up for TC

Then since we had her on the phone, she set up reservations for us and told us some tricks on how to keep getting discounts. She even made a reservation for us, for Labor Day weekend.

So we have reservations until after Labor Day. We still need to fill in 9 days after Labor Day until our Cape Cod reservation on September 16. We are slowly starting to work our way south to Virginia, for my high school reunion in early October.

After all this, we finally packed up and drove to Hannaford grocery store.  We purchased some groceries, then we went to Big Slope Brewery, where we had wanted to go yesterday. It was a little bit busy when we arrived at 12:00, but by the time we left at about 12:45, the place was packed and had a long line! Long lines means lots of cars in the parking lot. Bob had to help me back up the rig.

Bob and his flight.

We back-tracked a mile to the RV Park, set up, and took a nap. We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Friday- Moving day. We left around 10, as the drive was not very long. We drove east on Hwy. 73, then south on Hwy 9, to Hwy. 74 east past, Crown Point Hihstorical Site, crossing into Vermont. We have reservations at 10 Acre RV Park in Addison VT.

This is one crowded RV Park. The sites for the long termers are really close together. We were in the back of the park, in larger sites, with water and 20 amp. The issue became that is was so hot and humid, and on a Friday, lots of people came into the park for the weekend. They turned on their air conditioners and our electric kept going off. I called the office, and Mike came down. He was aware of the issue and said he was calling his electrician. Yeah, right. Late Friday afternoon… Finally, we just turned on the generator, as it was just too hot and humid!

At around 5:30, we were able to get decent electric again. We had no further problems this night. We are near a pond, and there are a lot of mosquitos and bees. So we stayed inside.

Sat. July 31 Henrietta NY to Fri. Aug. 6- Waterloo NY

Saturday- We left the Moose Lodge at about 8:40, and drove north to Rochester. Our destination was the City Market, which is only open Tues, Thurs, and Sat. We arrived to find it crowded. The police directed us to turn left. We entered a parking lot and drove towards the back, where we found two parking sites linked. We pulled in and walked to the Market. This was huge! There were a lot of vendors (over 300), and most were fruits and vegetables. There were a few others, but most were food oriented.

We wandered thru, and purchased corn and Rainier cherries. We found some awesome looking eclairs, and purchased a two pack. For those folks from Charles County, they were a little bit smaller than the ones at Walls, but they were just as good! We stopped at a picnic table and split one for a morning snack!

Once we visited all the vendors, we walked back to the RV. Someone was waiting for our parking place. I backed the rig out with Bob’s directing. Then we went to exit at the back of the parking lot. The GPS said turn left, so I did. OOPS! Right in front of us was a railroad bridge with a sign that said maximum height is 10’6”. We are 11’.1”. As soon as I saw the sign, I hit the brakes. It was about ½ block ahead. Bob hopped out of the rig to start directing me. Cars were coming towards us, behind us, and some wanted to turn out of the Market parking lot. So once Bob cleared out some of the cars, I backed up into another parking lot, across from the 1st parking lot. I made a U-turn, and Bob hopped back into the rig.

We turned right, went to the stop sign, turned left at a light, and went around the railroad track, to another bridge overhang which was 14’.

We followed the GPS to the Susan B. Anthony House and Museum.

Susan B. Anthony home

The facility had a parking lot, but did not open until 11, and it was just after 10. It was not a great area, so we left and went to a Wegmans for groceries. We stopped at Best Buy to recycle of the old iPad, and then at Lowes for Bob to pick up some calk for the bathroom shower stall.

We went to a restaurant called Bill Gray’s Restaurant. There were several around, so we thought they might be good. The restaurant was very similar to Fuddruckers. They bragged that they had the best cheeseburger. I had a Mushroom Swiss and Bob had the World’s Best. They were pretty good, but not the best.

From there, we went back to Henrietta, and to the Henrietta Farm House. Henrietta is known for have the most coble stone structures in NY, and this was an example. The house was not open to the public and the grounds were not dog friendly.

Cobble Stone House

We left and traveled west to Le Roy NY, home of the Jell-O Museum. It was $5.50/ea. to tour the museum, which was interesting. Gelatin has existed (Knox Gelatin), since the early 1800’s. As we know, Knox is not flavored. A local woman came up with the idea of adding flavoring to the gelatin and creating desserts. Her husband decided to market the Jell-O, and it was not very successful. They sold the idea for $450. The next owner gave away samples and told the local grocer to leave an area on the shelf, as it was going to be a hit! He knew how to market, and he had a hit! Eventually, his son, sold the company for millions. Jell-O was made in Le Roy until the 70’s when they moved to Delaware, due to taxes.

Downstairs, in the same museum, included in the price, was a small local transportation museum. We wandered through.

Presidential carriage
Jell-O sales carriage
Columbia bike

We left and returned to the Moose Lodge, to find another party at the Pavilion. We had been told about both parties. This time, the band truck was blocking our site. We backed in, as close as we could get, so that Bob could plug in the electric. Unfortunately, we could not level the rig in that spot. So we sat there. We thought that the party might end at 4, then 5, then 6 etc. it ended at 9:30. Since we did not have the room to cook, we decided to order a pizza delivered. The local place only delivered for orders over $25. So we packed up and went to Fire Crust for dinner. They only make thin crust (our preference anyway), and 12” pizzas. Boy, were they fast! We ordered, sat down at a table, looked at our email, and it was ready!  The pizza was excellent!

We stopped for diesel on the way back, $3.25/gal. We arrived at the Moose Lodge, and some of the folks had left. The band/DJ was still playing. Bob went over and asked him to please move his van. He did and we pulled in, found our flat spot, and settled in. I swear he was mad, and turned the volume up! We sat and read for the rest of the evening, after working on what we wanted to do tomorrow.

Sunday- Moving day. We left early, at 8:18. We stopped for water at the Moose Lodge on the way out of the parking lot. The GPS took us on a lot of local back roads, until we finally arrived at US Hwy. 20. We turned east and stopped in Canandaigua, NY at the Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion State Historic Park. Unfortunately, by this time it was raining hard! It rained off and on all day. Bob quickly walked the dogs. It was cool enough, in the 60’s, so we did not have to use the generator.

The cost of the tour, for seniors, was $13. When we went to pay, the gal told us that they were having an Art Festival, so it was $10 for everyone. Fine with us!

They had shuttles to take us to the house. The driver even dried off the seat for us! He dropped us on the side of the house, under cover. We entered the house, for the self-tour. They were not offering tours, but there were two docents there. This was one of the nicest houses we have visited.

Once we were finished with the first and second floor (the third floor was not open for visitors), the rain had slowed down, and so we went outside onto the huge porch. 

We visited all of the vendors, in between, visiting the gardens. We took the shuttle back to the parking lot. I was never able to get a full picture of the front of the house, due to the trees.

We left and went to a parking lot behind Main Street. We parked the rig, and went to lunch at Simply Crepes. This restaurant had a small inside, but a huge patio. Needless to say, with the rain, the patio was closed. They were booked with reservations until after 2 pm. So we ordered carry-out. The food was delicious! There are several of these restaurants in the area. We tried to stop in at the Visitor Center, but it is only open Mon-Fri.

After lunch, eaten in the rig, we turned east again, taking Hwy 20 to Geneva. They had an open Finger Lakes Visitor Center.  We stopped in to get some information about the area. You can get some local beers and wine there, but we did not purchase any. The Visitor Center, in on Lake Drive, on the north end of Seneca Lake. It was raining hard at this point, so there was not much to see, outside. There was a small sign up at a pavilion near the lake, where a Beer Feast was to have taken place today, but with the rain….

The rain slowed down at one point, we pulled over to quickly walk the dogs.

We turned south on Hwy. 96A, and drove to Sampson State Park, where we have a reservation for 4 nights. We stopped at the dump station. We had to wait in line. Bob was able to dump. While he was doing that, the line moved forward. A 40 ft. motor home, pulled in front of us, cutting in line for water. Fortunately, we had water, or I would have been objecting. It was very rude!

We went into the office to register. We had to give them our license plate number, although I had given it online. We also had to produce the dog’s rabies vaccinations.

We went to park in our site, and found that the electric pedestal was on the wrong side. So we drove into the site, instead of backing in. We had to work a little to park in a place so that we could reach the electric pedestal. We also had to put blocks under the tires on the left side to level us out. We are under trees, so no satellite.

It continued to rain for a while, then eventually, the rain stopped, although when the wind blew, the water fell off the trees.  We settled in, ate dinner, and I worked on the blog. We have only 1 bar of internet, so I could not move the pictures into the blog, yet. It is harder now, that I have to put the pictures in online, they do not transfer over when I copy them into Word. 

Monday- Evidently Roxie swallowed some charcoal from a fire pit in the park during her walk last evening. Bob found that she was bringing a piece back to the rig. During the night she vomited on the blanket. We did not realize it until we got up and found it all over the place, as when we went to make the bed we accidently got it on our rug. Fortunately, it is a Ruggable, so we could take it to the laundromat and wash it.

After coffee, we left and traveled south to the town of Ovid to a laundromat. We washed our sheets, the rug, and the blanket. From there we went north to Walmart, in Geneva, as we needed pumpkin for the dogs. We stopped for lunch at the Water Street Café. We had about a 10 minute wait for a table. The food was excellent and not expensive.

We had not realized that the town of Waterloo was close by, as that is where we plan to move to on Thursday, when we have to leave Sampson State Park. We drove about ½ mile past our southern turn, to the Finger Lakes Moose Lodge. They were not open, but they have a very nice little RV park. We are going to call and see if we can get a reservation, Otherwise we will just go there on Thursday, take a site and leave some items there, and check in that evening.  

We went back to Hwy. 96A and traveled south a few miles to a vineyard. I tasted a sample of their ice wine. Ice Wines are usually very sweet, but this had a bitter taste. What we really wanted was to sit out on their balcony overlooking Seneca Lake, but we were still full from lunch and they were only serving lunch on the balcony. We could see the lake and vineyard from the sampling bar.

As we left the vineyard, we were going to turn right and take a back road to two other vineyards. There was a sign that said, low overhang 12 ft. 2 miles ahead. We are 11.1, but sometimes the signs are off, due to asphalt repaving. So Bob took a quick left, taking us back to Hwy. 96A. We turned right about 4 miles farther south, at signs that took us to the same vineyards. We stopped at Three Brothers Vineyard and Warhorse Brewery! We turned in and it was pretty busy for a weekday afternoon. We parked in the back and wandered into the facility. It was very large! There were actually two vineyards and the brewery. We got in line to pay, and the guy explained the place to us. Each type of wine has its own tasting room. The rooms are quite large! It was $15 for a flight of wine, beer, or cider.

We debated, and decided that Bob would have a flight of beer. I am picky about wines and cider and may not like the ones in the flights.

I drove us back to the State Park. We settled in for the evening, sitting outside reading our books. It became too chilly to sit outside, low 70’s with a wind. Bob grilled some chicken for dinner. We also ate the corn we had purchased and it was excellent! I rode my bike after dinner. What a disaster that was. For some reason, my bike was making a lot of noise and I was having trouble shifting gears. When I returned, Bob checked the bike. Evidently, when it was on the bike rack, behind the rig, a piece of metal was pushed up against the chain. So Bob pushed it back, and it seems to be better. We watched some local TV. Reruns of the original CSI.

Tuesday– Bob started the morning doing some of his “1st of the month” tasks. I did some quick cleaning. We left around 9:30 and drive south on Hwy. 96A. We stopped in Ovid to see the Three Bears. They are the three government buildings that are called the Three Bears.

We continued on Hwy 96A, stopping at Lamoureux Landing Vineyard. There are a lot of Vineyards on the road. Some breweries and many have hard ciders. We stopped at this vineyard since we have friends named Lamoureux. The vineyard had 3 ice wines. We paid $10 for the tasting of 5 wines. I tried a Riesling, a Moscoto, and the three ice wines. They were all good, but nothing I wanted to purchase.

We continued south, stopping at this water fall.

State Park waterfall

We entered the Town of Watkins Glen. We stopped for lunch at a nice little seafood restaurant. We both had the Lobster Roll, which was very good and not overpriced.

We drove farther south, looking for the waterfalls that were in the one of the books we picked up at the Visitor Center.

Near Watkins Glen

We drove thru the town of Watson Glen to this little waterfall, above. As we drove back into town, we were looking for the famous Watson Glen waterfall, this is in the Hallmark Movies. It was right in front of us!

We pulled over to park, took the dogs, and walked to the falls.

Watson Glen Falls

We drove back north on Hwy. 14, on the west side of the lake. Just as we were leaving town, I spotted this water fall.

Mountour Falls

We stopped at a brewery for Bob. He enjoyed all of the beers.

We took a side trip to Penn Yan, on lake… We stopped for ice cream in a little candy/ice cream shop. They had some weird soda’s!

We continued north, back to Geneva, drove thru town, then turned south onto Hwy. 96 A, taking us back to Sampson State Park.

I tried again to ride my bike. It is really behaving funny. It is still making a lot of noise, and I still can’t shift gears. We are going to have to take it to a bike shop. Bob has worked with it, but he can’t seem to get it working right.

Wednesday- We left around 9:30 and drove south on Hwy. 96A. We turned onto Hwy. 138 for almost 2 miles, which took us to Hwy. 898. This is the western Cayuga Lake Scenic Drive. We stopped at Taughannock Falls in Taughannock State Park. We parked in the RV parking, with 7 cars, who were taking up the RV parking sites! Geez, there was plenty of room in the car parking lot!! We took the dogs and walked across the street to see the falls. Isn’t it beautiful?

We left and turned back onto Hwy. 89, taking us south into the town of Ithaca. It is the home of Cornell University. There signs for a detour for Hwy. 13 south, so we took the detour. We followed the signs to a dead end. What was with that?? Fortunately, there was an easy turn around. We found the right road. As we were traveling through some road construction, we spotted a Petsmart. We pulled in, as we need Roxie’s prescription food. We parked and Bob went in to get the bag of food. They do not have a Banfield Vet office in the Petsmart, so they do not have any prescription foods.

Bob returned to the rig and Googled Banfield Offices in NY. There are none! That is an issue for us. The guy in the Petsmart told Bob to try the Cornell University Vet. School. So we Googled phone numbers. After many attempts, we finally got to Jessica in the Pharmacy. She checked to make sure that they had the food, which they did, in a 17 lb bag.  Roxie weighs 15 lbs! We usually buy a smaller bag.  She told us to bring her Roxie’s prescription, and then she could order the food to be brought up. It would be ready after 2 pm.

Oh boy, then the day really started! We had to drive through a torn up town, with lots of detours, narrow streets, and we had to climb Mt. Everest! It was all uphill all the way to the Vet School. Holy moly, there went our diesel mileage! It was pretty much straight up. We finally reached the school. We quickly switched drivers and Bob went into the pharmacy while I parked in the back of the parking lot.  I read my book. I looked up at one point and I could see Bob on his cell phone. I thought, rightly, that he was calling our AZ Vet. They would not accept the card that we use at Banfield. A while later, Bob texted me and I went and picked him up. We now went down the mountain. At least most of the way. I put in the GPS to go to Buttermilk State Park. I should have put in the falls. Oops, up and down we went on narrow roads. At least on this part of the drive, there was not a lot of traffic. We finally arrived at the falls, taking a long route instead of the short route. The short route had not included up and down! Since we are staying in a state park, we do not have to pay the daily state park parking fee of $9. We parked and walked over to the falls. There was not enough water to allow swimming at the bottom of the falls. Usually swimming is allowed.

We were hungry at this point so we were looking for a place to have lunch. We could not find anywhere with parking, so we finally ended up at McDonalds. We went into the McD’s and my phone rang. It was our AZ Vet office. The gal said that she had sent the prescription to Cornell, and checked to make sure they got it. When she talked to them, they told her that we had to call to check in. So Bob went back to the RV to get the business card with the pharmacy phone number, while I waited for the food.

We sat and Bob called the pharmacy. He had to leave a message. He also noticed that his check card was missing. He had used it yesterday, when he ran into Walmart to pick up some oatmeal for me, and mainly to get some cash.

So he called the Credit Union and I went into our account and checked to see if we had any issues. Bob cancelled the card and a new one is being sent to him. We had no issues, but someone called Bob, saying that they were NFCU. The guy called him Bob, not Robert. So Bob hung up. They were phishing.

We went to Lower Enfield Falls. We parked in one of the camping sign-in sites. We got the dogs out of the rig. In front of us was a big truck with fire wood being delivered. Just as we were walking past the driver, he banged with a mallet, on the tailgate. He scared the dogs. Roxie told him off! The guy apologized to her! She accepted his apology. It was really funny…

We walked out to the falls. This falls was really pretty and they had swimming in the pool at the bottom of the falls.

We left to go to Businessman’s Lunch Falls. It was back, on the way to the Vet School. We went to turn left, and the road was closed. The GPS took us to the next street. We turned left onto it and it turned out it was also closed, so we had to turn around. We decided to just go to the Vet School, as we were half way up the mountain anyway. We arrived around 1:45. At 1:50, Jennifer from the Pharmacy called. She said that they had received the prescription and we could pick up the food tomorrow after 2 PM. WHAT?? I explained that we were in the parking lot and that Jessica had told us that we could pick it up after 2 today. I also explained that we were travelling, in our RV, and that we would not be in Ithaca tomorrow.  She said hold. After 7 minutes, she came back on and said that we could pick up the food at 2:20. So Bob walked the dogs and I read. Bob went into the Pharmacy at 2:20. He texted me to pick him up. I went to up get him, so that he did not have to carry the 17lb. bag so far.

We had to go back down the mountain and through town. We were both exhausted at this point after all this stress! So we returned to Sampson State Park, set up and sat inside reading our books. My phone needed to be charged, and I was waiting for the guy from the Finger Lakes Moose Lodge to call me back about our site tomorrow. I did not want to miss his call.

We grilled chicken for dinner, read and went to bed, early at 9, as we were both falling asleep.

Thursday- Moving day. The phone rang and Larry from the Finger Lakes Moose Lodge called me back, after 2 days! He asked the usual questions and told us to move into site 1. Now that we had a site, we drove to the Geneva Bike Shop to drop off my bike. The repair guy looked at it and told us that my cables were broken. So he had to replace them. He said that the bike is very dried out. We explained that we were from Arizona, so he agreed, that was the reason. He said he could have it ready in an hour, but we told him we would come back tomorrow. Late in the afternoon, I received a text that the bike was ready.

We went to Walmart, then off to Seneca Falls. The drive took us past the Moose Lodge and further east. We drove thru Waterloo. That is technically where the Moose Lodge is located, but the Lodge in on the western edge, closer to Geneva. The town of Waterloo is very cute, with some nice little stores and the Museum of Memorial Day. The guy who came up with Memorial Day lived here. The museum is small, and was not open that day.

We continued east to the town of Seneca. We stopped for lunch at Penny’s Café, which was our kind of place. A small town café, where everyone in the restaurant knew each other and the food was great! I had a turkey Panini and Bob had a huge fish sandwich.

We continued east into downtown Seneca Falls. We parked in a parking lot down near the local river/canal. This canal runs from Lake Ontario west for miles. This is definitely a boating area.

Canal from Lake Ontario west

We took the dogs and I ran into the NP building. Inside I stamped some paper for the NP Passport book and took some pictures. Bob walked the dogs in the grassy area between the NP building and the Wesleyan Church.

We walked the dogs through town to Trinity Church. On the way back to the motor home, I saw this in one of the stores. What a great idea!

Then we returned to the motor home and drove to Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s home. We could not find parking, as it is on a tiny narrow street, so we took this picture and continued on our way.

We drove back west, passing the Moose Lodge and stopped for ice cream at Peppy’s Ice Cream stand. The ice cream was excellent and has been voted the best in the area by the locals.

We back tracked about ¼ mile to the Moose Lodge and set up for the night. We sat outside with the dogs until 5:00. We went into the Lodge to have a drink and to eat dinner. On the 1st and 3rd Thursdays they serve wings and/or pizza. We chose pizza, which was a thick crust pepperoni. We added mushrooms. It was a ¼ sheet of pizza for $11. We had a lot left over which we took back to the rig.

We returned to the rig at almost 6:30 dogs who had been terrified they were going to miss a meal. LOL.  We sat outside and had a quiet evening.

Friday- We returned to the bike shop and picked up my bike. I rode it around the parking lot behind the building, and as the repair guy said, it was like a new bike! Only $38 to have it repaired.

We went to Walmart and did our shopping. We had to purchase a new coffee maker, as the top of our Black and Decker broke. They do not have parts for this coffee maker, so we decide to just pitch it and buy a new one. We bought a new Mr. Coffee 12 cup. Unfortunately, it has a glass carafe, but the only one with a metal carafe was too big.

We drove back west again and traveled south on the east side of Cayuga Lake, the second largest Finger Lake. We drove south, but the views were not as nice as they had been for Seneca Lake. We stopped for lunch in a fishing area called Union Springs. When we arrived we were the only ones there. We ate lunch out on the patio, under cover. It was very pretty and the food was really good.

We continued south to Aurora. Just before town, the road went closer to the lake, so the views improved. After Aurora, the road goes back out from the lake, so we decided to turn around and head north again. We drove back to the Moose Lodge and took a nap.

The Lodge opened at 4, and around 4:30 we went to the Lodge to work on our computers. We have not had any internet for days. We both had trouble with our computers. First I had a heck of a time getting online. It turned out, my computer had somehow gotten into airline mode. Once I discovered that, Microsoft did a big update. At least is did it on the Lodge internet and did not use our data.

Once that was done, we could get into our bank accounts and take care of business. While I was posting the blog from 2 weeks ago, Microsoft grabbed Bob’s computer and did the same update. These updates took a while. We did not get back to the rig until after 6.

We grilled pork chops, ate dinner, and sat outside until the mosquitos started biting. We had no mosquitos at the State Park. We went in and watched some TV.

Sat. July 24 Campbell (Corning area) NY to Fri. July 30 Henrietta (Rochester area) NY

Saturday- We left and went to the Corning Glass Museum in Corning, NY. Our reservation was at 10 AM. We arrived and parked in their RV/Bus parking area. We left the generator running so that the dogs had air conditioning.

We walked over to the Welcome Center and boarded the shuttle bus for the museum. We walked in and right up to the counter. We were given stickers and started our tour of the facility. This was an awesome museum. There was glass from 1500 BC to Corelle-ware! There was glass from many different countries and exhibits on glass fiber optics and eye glasses. It was amazing! Below, it took me over an hour to put in the following pictures, and for some reason I lost the rest of the pictures I was going to put in. Sorry, but I need to move on….

To return to the motor home, we took the free shuttle. It took us downtown first on its return route. The shuttle runs every 15 minutes, so we got off downtown and walked over to the Corning Outlet. We caught the shuttle back to the Visitor Center and walked over to the rig. We stopped at Walmart and Wegmans while we were in town. We returned to Campbell, stopping 0.3 of a mile from the park, for some really good ice cream. I had chocolate amaretto soft serve. Bob had chocolate amaretto with black raspberry swirl soft serve. They were really tasty!

Sunday- We did the laundry at the park. They had 4 W/D. We did our usual Sunday tasks, ate lunch, and then started working on our next plans. What I am finding with BW, is that places that we had planned to stay are no longer in the system. That is a pain in the neck! We now have to find somewhere else to stay. We found places for the next 2 weeks.

We read our books and watched some recorded TV after dinner.

Monday- Moving day. We left around 9 and traveled on I-86 to Top of the Rise RV Park outside of Jamestown NY. This was a PA park $17.50/night, and it might have been the nicest park we have stayed in during this trip. They will only allow 2 nights under PA. We set up and sat outside enjoying the nice weather. The sun started hitting the side of the rig, so we moved to the porch that they have overlooking the lake below. We sat in Adirondack chairs and enjoyed the view, the shade, and our books.

Tuesday- We left around 9:30 to go to Jamestown. We went to the parking lot at the National Comedy Center. The NCC is located 2 blocks from The Lucy and Desi Museum.

We parked in a regular parking place, near the back of the lot. More on that fiasco later!

We walked over to the museum and went in. By combining the two museums, we saved a lot of money. We wanted to see both anyway.

Once we paid, the employee puts a wrist band on you. You check in at their computer kiosk to set up a profile. First the computer takes your picture, then you check off your favorite comedians, then TV shows, and movies. Based on your personal preferences, you continue through the museum and the various displays recognizes you, when you check in and check out of the various exhibits. It’s really cool!

Our first stop was George Carlin. We listened to his “fart” sketch. I had forgotten how fast he talked and how funny he was.

Next we went into another room which was set up like a comedy club. As you sat at a table, you swiped your band, then voted for who were your favorites, who matched the other people at their tables. We watched Jim Gaffigan. Also, they showed a review of how various comedians deal with hecklers.

The next stop was to sit and watch late night comedians. Both of us watched skits by Johnnie Carson. We watched several other comedians also.

We continued on to a room where they had a quiz. They show you information about someone and you have to guess the comedian. After 5 hints I correctly chose the right person.

The next section was cartoons. We went in to a room and watched some movie clips, based on who we both chose. We ended up watching “partners”. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, playing off of each other. Also a scene from Ghostbusters.

Next was the USO comedian performers. Of course Bob Hope, but also Robin Williams and Drew Carey. Williams and Carey both lined up a lot of comedians and went to entertain the troops many times.

There was a great Laugh-in display as well as Saturday Night Live.

After that, we were able to play with some props. You could take a prop, put it on a table, and the table would display what the prop did and how it would have been used…

The next to final area was Karaoke, in a café, and an area where you could play different TV or movie parts. We just walked through those two areas. The final area was where you put your wrist band up to a machine, and they tell you the type of comedy you enjoy.

We left and walked up to a brewery. They were not open, so we ended up at a coffee house for lunch. Bob had a sandwich and I had a salad. My salad came with Gouda cheese. Usually, it is smoked Gouda. This was blue Gouda. I do not tolerate blue cheese. Unfortunately, they had to make me a new salad.

Our next stop was almost next door, at the Lucy and Desi Museum. We just showed them our wrist bands, they gave us a map, and sent us into the museum.

The museum is in two locations. We went into the first one and saw the following.

Then we left and went ½ a block up and into the second part of the museum.

Desi after Lucy
Desilu productions
Lucy’s Mame Broadway Costume
Lucy’s Awards

From there, we returned to the rig, in the now crowded parking lot. I should have taken some pictures. The guy on the driver’s side, parked farther to the left, which gave us a few feet. The idiot on the passenger side of the rig, might have some small dents, as he parked so close, we had trouble getting into the rig. So now came the challenging part! There was a whole line of cars parked behind us. We lucked out. The guy on the left came by, heading to lunch with his friends, and stopped to ask if we needed him to move his car. We said yes. He moved to a different parking place, closer to the entrance to the parking lot. (Let me stop and say, there is a parking garage next to the Lucy/Dezi museum, which is near where they will be opening a Visitor Center, needless to say, we cannot use a parking garage.)

Now we were able to maneuver. Bob backed straight back, then moved to the left. With me directing, we moved the rig back and forth until we could get the rig out. By this time, a couple in a car behind us arrived. They asked if moving would work. No, we were almost out. After Bob got the rig out, the lady, from the car behind told us how impressed she was with us!

We left and went to the Cemetery to visit Lucy’s grave. She is buried with her family. Her father and several relatives are in the same grave. Her mother and aunts are in a line beside her. It was easy to find the grave, as you just followed the signs.

It started to sprinkle, so we hustled. We stopped for some ice cream at a 50’s type place. It was really, really good ice cream! Between the ice cream and Walmart, we had a thunderstorm. It cleared out when we arrived at Walmart. We stopped for diesel on the way back to the RV Park. It had not rained at the RV Park, which was good, since we had left our chairs in our site.

The temperature dropped and it became windy, so we stayed inside.

Wednesday- Moving day. We traveled thru the countryside, eventually getting onto I-90 east. We stopped for lunch in a rest area. I had called ahead, and found that we could stay at the Moose Lodge in Henrietta NY, just south of Rochester. We checked in with Bob, the camping coordinator. It is $20 per night, with water (available) and 30 or 50 amp electric.

During all the back and forth with the rig yesterday, in the parking lot, I had noticed that the front tires were really worn on the outside. Bob said he had been watching them, but they had changed faster than he thought they would. We had spent time last night, trying to figure out where we could get the front end aligned and two new tires.

Bob had called around, and a guy at Thru-Way Spring Truck Repair, said that if we could be there at 7:30, he would try to squeeze us in…. We said we would be there. It is about 8 miles from the Moose Lodge.

We settled into the Moose lodge, on grass, with 30 amp. We had 5 G with 5 bars, so in the evening, we streamed some Netflix.

Thursday- We were up at “o’dark thirty”, and left at 6:45. We arrived at the tire place at 7:10. Cody took us in at 7:20, but the 7:30, appointment arrived and he had to take us back out. The dogs were pretty upset by all this! They thought they were being “dog knapped”. At this facility, no pets are allowed inside, so the poor dogs were inside the rig. We sat inside the waiting room. The waiting room was Covid ready, as there was no coffee or magazines. We had our coffee and books with us.

Finally, Cody finally took the rig in and it took a little over an hour. I went to the rig and Bob paid for the service. When we got into the rig and turned on the tire pressure monitor, Bob noticed that they had put too much air in the tires. So Bob went in and the employee, Cody, came and got the rig and took it back in to let air out of the tires. I had been inside, sitting between the dogs, reading my book. I stayed quiet and went with the rig into the bay. Bob doesn’t think Cody knew I was there.

After that we were on the road. We stopped at Costco. We ate lunch at DiBello’s, a sub place in this area. There are a lot of them around. We were not impressed!

We stopped at Walmart and Walgreens. We returned to the Moose Lodge for the night. We watched Jim Gaffigan on Netflix. He talked a lot about Canada.

 Friday- We did some tasks around the rig. At about 9:30, we left for a laundromat. We just had to stop at Tim Horton’s for a sweet treat, on the way, after listening to Jim Gaffigan!

We finished at this very nice laundromat at around 11:30. We stopped at another Tim Horton’s for lunch. Bob hated his chicken Panini. I had basically an egg McMuffin, which was very good!  We went about ½ a mile, and stopped at a Super Cuts for me to get my haircut. This is my first haircut since we left in May. I really needed a trim. The gal, Allison, was very good. I would go to her again, if we were in the area!

It was 12:20, so we decided to go to the Eastman House and Museum. It was about 9 miles away. When we arrived, there was no RV parking, but there was a car with a U-Haul trailer behind it, so we parked next to him.  It was cool, so we opened the sunroof and put the back fan on for the dogs. The museum was $18 each for seniors. We started in the house.

We went to the house, on the self guided tour.

The house was interesting because Eastman grew up poor. His mother raised him after his father passed. He had several siiblings. He was a self made man. He built the house and took care of his mother. He also loved music, and he had an organizst on staff, who played his organ daily for his entertainment. The organ pipes went up to the second and third floor. Eastman never married.

avrite organ

We completed our tour at about 2:30, so we returned straight to the Moose Lodge. There was another RV parked on the gravel area. They are not connected to electric, so we think they did not want to pay the $20 per day/ donation.

There was a party in the Pavilion. They played the music pretty loud, until 9:45.

Sat. July 17 to Fri. July 23- Sturbridge MA to

Satuday- We went to Springfield MA to Costco, which it turnout was actually in Connecticut, just a few miles over the border. We arrived at about 9:45, and walked right in. Bob had dropped his iPad on the gravel, while we were sitting outside all those days, and the glass top had broken. It was not working right either due to the break.

He had looked at Costco and Best Buy, and the Costco price was $30 less. We did our shopping, but they were out of the iPads. So we went to Best Buy. They were out of the iPad that Bob wanted, and they only one they had was $100 more with a lot of Gigs. They only had one and no employees. The manager finally waited on Bob.

We left and went to Crepes Tea House for lunch. Since it had not been too long since we had crepes, we both ordered something different. Items that we have never had before!

Bob had Sweet Vareniki with Cherries. It is kind of like a pierogi. The cherries were inside and they were topped with a strawberry sauce. I had Pelmeni Dumplings. Both are Russian. Mine came with sautéed mushrooms and onions and sour cream. They were delicious. Of course, we could not go to a crepe restaurant without having a crepe. We had a hot chocolate crepe which came with whipped cream. It was also delicious! There was also a nice sounding German Restaurant in town that if we return, we will go to dinner there. We were not impressed with their lunch menu.

We returned to the park after lunch and had a quiet afternoon. It rained off and on. We had one very loud clap of thunder, which sounded like it was right in front of the motor home!

Sunday- Whew, at about 3 AM, a horrible thunderstorm came thru. There was a lot of lightening, thunder and rain. Lots and lots of heavy rain! I was worried we were going to float away!

When we woke up for the day, it was not raining, so we took the laundry over to the laundry room. We were second there, and got all four of the machines. We did the four loads of laundry. It lightly rained several times during the morning.

It stayed hot and humid all day. We stayed inside in the air conditioning.

Monday- Moving day. We drove west on I-90. We stopped in Stockbridge to visit the Norman Rockwell Museum. They had RV parking which was nice. The parking was with the buses, but there were no other RV’s or buses there. The parking was in the shade and the weather was comfortable so we did not have to start up the generator and the air conditioner. We opened the sunroof and turned on the back fan, for the dogs. We ate a quick lunch in the rig.

There were several art decorations, from local artists, prior to the building. Here is one…

Outside Rockwell Museum

We had a 12:00 reservation, $18 senior rate per person. We showed the tickets on the cell phone, and were sent downstairs first. This area was where all the copies of the Saturday Night Post were located. There was also a movie about Rockwell.

President Kennedy was his last Saturday Evening Post cover

We moved upstairs. The first room to the right was a different display. It was about fairies, witches, monsters, etc. We were not impressed.

At least this one was someone we recognized!

This was two rooms, and they were definitely not something we would have gone to see. The last three rooms were Rockwell. We wandered thru the rooms enjoying Rockwell’s illustration art.

They of course send you thru the gift shop as you exit. We left and went to his studio. The museum is not in the site of his home. The home, which is in town, is a private home. The studio was moved to this site. The house that is also there, was never Rockwell’s home, it was part of the donation of the land. The house, which is a typical “summer home”, is now the foundation offices.

Outside the studio, which was moved to this site.

The studio is exactly like he left it and the view from the studio is beautiful.

The docent in the studio.
The last illistration he worked on before he died.

We had wanted to stop and spend the night at a brewery on the way south, but the brewery was closed on Monday. Had we been on our original schedule we could have stayed there. We are flexible!

So Bob called the Elks Lodge in Poughkeepsie and they had a site open. We drove straight there. It was 1.5 hours south. So we started following the Google Maps GPS. We were on our way to a turnpike. Right before the turnpike entrance I saw a sign that said 10.0 ft. height limit. I had Bob pull over. He only saw the signs for cars only. We had to turn around and go back. While we were stopped, we started the RV GPS which has height limits for the RV set for our height. We don’t use this GPS, because we cannot use the back camera at the same time, and it is nice to be able to see what is behind us. This GPS took us to the Elks Lodge.

When we arrived, we were sent to the back of the lodge, where they had 110 volt electric sockets. Being careful, not to run too many electric objects at the same time, we use 11 amps. The 110 volts seems to be 15 amps. We paid the Lodge $15 for the night and went in and had drinks. I had wine and Bob had beer. We ate dinner in the rig, as the Lodge only has dinners on Fri and Sat nights. We had a nice quiet night.

Tuesday- The best laid plans… we left and went to the Moose Lodge to check it out. Since I was in the area, I wanted to check to see if they had hook ups. The Moose Lodge is actually in Hyde Park.  It had a field; that was it. At the Elks we had electric and a paved parking lot.

Then we stopped at the Stop and Shop for some sandwich meat. We drove a few miles north and stopped at the Vanderbilt Mansion. We found RV parking and walked to the Visitor Center. I stamped the Vanderbilt Mansion, FDR’s Home, and Eleanor Roosevelt’s home in the NP Passport book. We walked up to the desks to show our geezer pass, and the NP Ranger said that they were closed. They are only doing tours on Fridays and Saturdays. So we got the dogs out of the rig and walked them around the Mansion. We could not get to the gardens, as they were chopping down some trees. The NPS has allowed the trees along the river to grow, so the view is not as spectacular as it would have been when the Vanderbilt’s lived there.

Front of the Vanderbilt Mansion
Rear of the Vanderbilt Mansion which faces the Hudson River.

We went back to the rig and I went online to find where is said that they were closed. Wouldn’t you expect that to be on the front page, with the COVID restrictions? It was not, I had to hunt for the fact that they were closed during the week. I went and checked both of the Roosevelt homes websites, and they were also closed. So we changed our plans. We were going to visit all three of these sites, then return to the Elks Lodge. Instead, I quickly changed our reservation at the TT in Accord NY, where we were going tomorrow. We stopped for diesel, $3.29 /gal. We crossed the Hudson River and drove to New Paltz.

In New Paltz, there is the historical Huguenot Street. I downloaded the app on my phone. They had parking for the street. We took the dogs walking with us and walked over to the Visitor Center. Huguenot Street is a state historical site. “It features the most significant, intact architectural concentration of late 17th and early 18th century stone house museums in the United States.” Taken from their brochure. They have some guided tours, but not today.

After the visitor center, we walked over to a replica Esopus Munsee wigwam.

The area is on a ridge above the Hudson River.

We also visited some of the homes.

We left and went to the Clemson Brewery for lunch. Bob had his flight. He does not usually like IPA’s, but the hazy IPA at Clemson was one he really liked a lot. He actually bought a four pack of the IPA. He said it had various citrus flavors.

Bob and his flight.

We had a nice lunch, then left with me driving, and we continued on our way to Rondout Valley TT in Accord NY. I think this is the nicest TT we have ever visited. We asked for a site where we could get satellite, and we are in one, but we do not have sewer. We have 30 amp with water.

The temperature is still high with very high humidity. We are also noting a lot of smoke in the air, which is traveling east from the fires in the west. We stayed in the rig this evening. We were able to stream two movies. We watched the new Bruce Willis on Netflix. It was just okay. I am glad we did not pay for the movie. We started watching. Gunpowder Milkshake. That was a better movie. Go girls! Both movies were trending on Netflix.

Wednesday- We left around 10, and drove the 12 miles to Walmart. Our electric can opener had broken. We had purchased a new one and it also does not work well.  We have had several of these can openers, and usually they work for a couple of years. So we purchased a manual can opener. We also picked up a few other items.

We returned and stopped to take a picture of the Kelder’s Garden Nome. They say it is the world’s largest!

We set back up in the site and sat outside. The weather had changed and was so much better. It was in the high 70’s and partly cloudy. No rain, for a change.

At 4 we rode our bikes down to the store. We had some ice cream, and returned to the rig. We sat out some more, reading. We ate dinner and finished the movie from last night.

Thursday- We took a long bike ride around the park this morning. Then we packed up the rig to go about 16 miles to Angry Orchard Cider Mill, which opened at noon. We arrived early to get an acceptable parking place. Another couple arrived, in a car, and said that the Cider Mill was dog friendly. So we all walked our dogs up to the Mill. Bob stayed outside with the dogs and I went inside. I found that we could take the dogs outside in the back of the building where they had a lot of tables and chairs. Bob walked around the building and I went through. I found us a table and we sat in the shade. I went in at 12, and tried to order a ‘flight’ of cider, which they said on the website that they had. Nope, they are no longer doing the flights. I was very disappointed! I did try two samples of the ‘sweet’ ciders, the Peach/Mango and then the Crisp Apple, which was okay.

The Cider Mill
Tables out back on the lawn.
My Crisp Apple Hard Cider.

We ate lunch and returned the way we came. We stopped at the Kelder’s Farm Market, where the largest Garden Nome is located. We each had a soft serve chocolate ice cream cone. There were a lot of Hasidic (ulta Orthodox) Jews there with their kids. We are so used to seeing Amish, this was a change.

We returned to the RV Park, and sat outside, as the weather had become so nice! It was in the high 70’s with a lot less humidity. We had a dinner and watched Billions on satellite.

Friday- Moving day- we could not get reservations at this TT for the weekend, so we moved to Corning NY. We have reservations for 10 AM in the morning for the museum. We stopped at a rest area on the way for lunch. We arrived at Camp Bell in Campbell NY. It is a nice little family campground. It is PA, which we had planned on using, but with our change in dates, due to the air conditioner, we could not use the PA, as it is only valid Mon-Thu. So we paid the regular price, $35 ea, for Fri, Sat, and Sun.

They do not have sewer, so we stopped at the dump station on the way in. We parked and settled in for the evening. Around 5, 4 cars arrived for the site next to us. They are in tents and with a lot of people. They looked at the site and said, “we did not realize the sites were so small”. I suggested they talk to the owners. They did, and one of the owners came over. His name is Mr. Ed. He said that they had not told them that they were going to have so many people or several tents. They did put one tent in the field across from us, but the 12 person tent is sort of in our site. Mr. Ed loved our dogs! He spent a lot of time with them.

Sat. July 10 to Fri. July 16- Sturbridge MA

Saturday- The day started out cool and humid. The weather improved all day, with the sun coming out, but it still was very humid. We took our laundry over to the laundry room. We were able to get 3 of the 4 machines. We did our laundry, 5 loads. We were back and forth to the laundry room numerous times. Once we had less than an hour left on the laundry, Bob called the RV Tech, Pete. He actually answered his phone!

Evidently his grandmother is sick, so he is taking the weekend off to be with family. Okay, at least we know that we can leave the TT to go grocery shopping!

We also got a little bit more of a story from the RV Tech. He can only come between 5:30 and 6:00 pm, as he is the Service Manager at Camping World. So he is working all day, and does this on the side.

We left and went to Sturbridge. We drove thru town, and stopped at the Cedar Road Café for lunch. They had a big parking lot and the weather was cool, so we opened the sunroof and turned on the back fan to keep the dogs cool.

We had a great lunch. Bob had an omelet with whole wheat toast and hash brown potatoes. I had a grilled cheese sandwich which was very good. It came with their homemade potato chips, which were not very good. That’s okay, I did not need them anyway!

We stopped to get diesel, $2.94/gal. Then we were off to the tiny Walmart and the Stop and Shop grocery store. We returned to the park and had a quiet afternoon. Bob grilled a pork loin for dinner. I made some baked beans and we had salad. We sat outside reading, then watched some TV in the evening.

Sunday- Thank goodness that the weather is staying cool, even if it is humid. We stayed home, sitting outside.  We also took the sheets and towels over to wash and dry them, later in the afternoon. We had another thunderstorm in the evening.

Monday- It rained most of the day, so we stayed inside, except for Bob walking the dogs. He dries them off each time they go out. Between rain drops we do wander around the park. Due to rain storms, the RV Tech is supposed to come tomorrow to work on the air conditioner.

Tuesday- We had an appointment for the dogs to be groomed at Bark and Bubble, a grooming business in Sturbridge. We dropped off the dogs, then went to Yankee Liquors, where Bob purchased some beer and I purchased some Seagram flavored drinks. Next we went to Walgreens to pick up a prescription for Bob. We stopped for lunch at Anne’s Café. You know it is good when you see a lot of gray haired older women going in to the Café. Our meals were really good!

We stopped at Shaw’s grocery store. We did not find all that we needed, so we stopped at Shop and Go again.

Lastly, we stopped at the Sturbridge Post Office, then returned to pick up the happy dogs. They were very glad to see us. All dogs hate to be groomed! They had a pretty good grooming, so I took the shop’s business card in case we are in the area again.

On the way back, Bob called the park to ask if we could stop by the propane tank and get some propane. They said yes, and as we pulled up, a gal and guy were waiting for us. They only fill propane tanks between 12 and 3. According to them, we only needed 3 gallons. Bob is sure that we needed more, as we have used it a lot for hot water. He has an app on his phone which keeps track of the tank.

It was still cool and misty, but not raining. We cooked dinner and waited for the RV Tech to arrive. No he did not! No call, no text. We are not happy! One of the workers at the TT asks us daily if we have gotten our new air conditioner. We have been telling him no. We will see if we can get another tech to visit.

Wednesday- Bob texted the RV Tech. No response. He tried calling and left a message. The problem is there is no other close RV Tech. Bob called another guy, who is north of us. He will not be in the area until late next week. We are supposed to leave tomorrow, but I called TT and spoke with them. They extended us until Monday the 19th.

We stayed home today. We had wanted to go to Old Sturbridge, but they are not open until tomorrow. Also, not everything is open, so we may have to return to the area to visit the historic village.

Bob texted the RV tech again. No response, again. We took the rig over to a tire place because Bob had found that two of the valve stems are rubbing the tires. The guy put a tround piece on both tire stems and did not charge us anything. We stopped at Anne’s Cafe where there is also an ice cream shop. We each had a scoop of ice cream.

Thursday- Bob found another RV Tech south of us. Bob explained the situation, and the guy worked Bob through a few things to try. One was that the tech thought that maybe the switch from heat to cold might be stuck. This may have started when Bob tried the heat in Humarock. So he turned the heat on, then waited, then turned it off, then waited, then turned on the cold. He did this several times. Finally, the cool stayed on. All of 15 minutes!

The tech had wanted to come today, but he got behind. He said he would call back in the morning. We sat outside as much as we could and BBQ’d dinner outside. The temp is getting hotter, in addition to the horrid humidity.

Friday- We started getting nervous when the tech did not call until almost 10. He had been researching our problem. He said he would be here about 11:15. He did not arrive until 12:15, as he got lost and went to the wrong RV Park, although he called several times on the way. His shop is about an hour away.

Rick arrived, and he is quite a talker! He got right to work. He tried a lot of different tasks. Bob watched. Finally, he thought there was no way he could fix it. Meanwhile, I had checked online again and yes, Amazon had some Mach 15’s. Rick said, he did not think so, as they will say they have an item, but then they don’t send it for a long time. I tried ordering, and it was just like what he said. They said that it would be here within 5 days of when it ships. They had no estimate on when it would ship. I canceled the order. I also tried Gander Mt. and Camping Worlds. No one has any RV air conditioners, any brand! I even tried RV salvage yards.

Rick was upset, as this was going to wreck his summer total. He has fixed everything so far this season! While he was here, a gal from the park came over to ask if he could work on a slide for another person. He said yes. So when he decided there was nothing he could do for us, he went to that person.

A little while later, he called us. Someone from Coleman (he had talked to several people from Coleman) had called him and told him that they frequently have problems like this. He told him to do an override of some sort. So he returned. He and Bob got up on the roof and he found the wires he needed to use. He fixed the problem!

Rick stayed for about ½ hour, making sure that the problem was fixed! We happily paid him!!

I asked for his business card. He declined to give it to me. He says that this area is too far out of his working range. He only came because we had no air conditioner, and it is so hot and humid. We had already complained to the park about Pete. The guy who had been checking on us daily, said that they had heard that he does not return calls or texts and is a no show frequently. Rick was one of the best RV Tech’s we have ever worked with, as he was not going to give up until he got the situation fixed! Bob gave him great reviews on RV Repairs and Google!

Sat July 3 to Fri July 9-Hummarock MA to Sturbridge MA

Saturday- The weather has been awful. Cold and rainy. We were staying in a beautiful spot, right on the water, between the ocean and a river inlet. It would have been beautiful if we could see it!

I worked on older blogs in the morning, we ate lunch, and Bob needed two items to work on the rig. So we went to a True Value in the town of Scituate. When we arrived in town, it had temporarily stopped raining, so we walked up and down the town. Bob picked up the two items he needed and we returned to the RV Park. We are guessing due to it being the holiday weekend, they had armed soldiers checking us in and out at the gate.  

The front right tire had been setting off the tire monitor, saying it had too much air in it, so Bob had purchased a valve stem tool. He also needed a larger drill bit to put locks on the pantry doors. He had already purchased the locks. We need the locks, as when we are not exactly flat, the drawers keep opening. He worked on that the rest of the afternoon. There are 4 drawers and he put one on each of the drawers. They work really well!

We read our books and watched some local TV. The wind was howling so much we could hear the statellite moving; we had to put down the satellite dish.

Sunday- Happy 4th of July. We left early and went to the town of Plymouth. Our first stop was at The National Monument to the Forefathers. “Thought to be the largest solid granite monument in the United States, this 81-foot-tall granite statue was built to honor the passengers of the Mayflower. Boston sculptor Hammatt Billings designed the monument which features allegorical figures depicting the virtues of Faith, Morality, Education, Law, and Liberty. A dedication on the monument reads, ‘National Monument to the Forefathers.’ Erected by a grateful people in remembrance of their labors, sacrifices and sufferings for the cause of civil and religious liberty. The original design called for the monument to be nearly twice as tall at 150 feet (just under the Statue of Liberty’s height of 151 feet). “ (Copied from their website).

We were able to park along the outside of the monument, and we walked the dogs up to look at the monument. It was very interesting. It is a state park, free,  not federal park.

We went to the downtown area.  We found a parking space and paid $2 for one hour of parking. Then we took the dogs and walked down to the harbor.

Our first stop was at a statue of “Massasoit Great Sachem of the Wampanoags Protector and Preserver of the Pilgrims.” (From the sign on the statue).

Next was the monument to the Pilgrims who are buried on the hill.

Plymouth Harbor
Plymouth Rock Monument

We walked down the stairs and went to look at the famous Plymouth Rock. My mother, who was from Boston, took me to see the rock when I was about 10. I thought at the time, “okay, it’s a rock”, I still think the same thing today!

We wandered in the little park looking at the replica of the ship. It sure was small to carry so many people!

A shell decoration.
Another street decoration

We left Plymouth and went to the Old Scituate Lighthouse.

The lighthouse is a private home.
We saw hundreds of red hearts like this all over the area. We were not sure what they were for; it is Pride Month, so we thought they might be for LGBT, but we saw lots of the Rainbow Flags. Finally we decided that they were at thank-you for the Frist Responders and Health Care Providers.

We returned to the rig and settled in for the afternoon. The weather had cleared a bit, so we walked over to the ocean side and I took pictures of the ocean and the inlet.

Our rig is on the right.
This is where the road fell into the water.

 We could see fireworks over in the town, from the RV.

Monday- We had a quiet day, where we did not go anywhere. We read, I worked on older blogs, and we watched some TV. It did not rain all day. It remains very humid. The skies cleared and it was a beautiful day!

At around 2, we rode our bikes the 2 miles to the center of Humarock. We dropped an envelope off at the Post Office, then stopped for ice cream at the little ice cream shop. We both had chocolate soft serve cones. We rode our bikes up to the ocean walkway. Notice the pad that you walk on to the ocean. There is no sand, just rocks! Nothing like the southern beaches. Plus, the water temperature is 62 degrees! Too cold for us!

Lots of beach rocks!

We rode the bikes back. It was a lot easier riding back, as the wind was now at our backs.

We had a quiet rest of the day.

Tuesday- Moving day again.We left around 9, and traveled out of the base park. There were no MP’s at the gate today. We drove north, then west, then south to Sturbridge MA. On the way we stopped at the rest area for lunch. We were almost to Sturbridge, so we stopped at the Walmart and the Stop and Shop. It was warm now, and Bob went to turn on the air conditioner for the dogs, while we went to the Stop and Shop. No cold air! The compressor was gone, on the ‘new to us’ air conditioner we just had put in the rig about 2 weeks ago! It was hot and very humid, but at this point, we had the driver’s compartment air conditioner. Bob stayed with the dogs and the engine running while I ran into the grocery store.

We drove to the park and were met by a ranger. He let us in and gave us our welcome packet. He took us around to the sites that were open. We tried one site, but it was too un-level. So he took us to another site. We dumped on the way, because the first site did not have a sewer connection. This new site did have the sewer and we were able to get satellite. We paid the $5 for the internet service, as we only had one bar. We were not able to stream in the evening, but we watched some shows we had recorded.

Bob sent a text to the RV Tech in Lancaster PA, who had put in the air conditioner. I looked up how far it was, 316 miles, 5.5 hours. It always takes us longer than the estimated time.

There is a lake here. We went up to the store and found that we could take the dogs into the lake. So we changed into our bathing suits and went to the lake to cool off. That helped a lot!

The dogs went into the lake with us. Koda had obviously swum before, as she was fearless. Roxie took some coaching. Then they left the lake and ran around the beach, around and around. They must have really need a run! We got caught having the dogs off leash, but did not get into too much trouble as everyone else on the beach thought the dogs were cute.

At 4, Bob took the dogs for a walk around the lake. That gave them time to dry off and to get the sand off themselves. At 5, we heard the first thunder roar! So everyone got out of the lake and went home. We had the fan running. We had to close up when the rain started. When it stopped, we were able to open the rig back up. It was still humid, but the temperature had dropped from 90 to 80, and it continued to drop to 69 at around 8 pm.

The bad weather had cleared out, so we slept with the windows open.

Wednesday- I woke up thinking, we did not check Amazon to see if we could get an air conditioner shipped to us. I clicked on one, which was a Coleman Mach 15. We had a Coleman Mach 10.  All of the Mach 10’s are backordered. The Mach 15 is not. I had shown the info to Bob. He went to the View/Navion FB page and found that the Mach 10 is junk. Everyone is changing over to the Mach 15 as it is quieter and lasts longer, although, it seems all the Coleman’s are junk.  The Mach 10 is known for dying after a year, if it lasts that long!

So plans immediately changed. We are not planning to go back to Pennsylvania. We are waiting for the store to open, in the park, and we will find out who the local RV Tech is and call him. We will see if he can get a Mach 15 faster than Amazon or we will order one on Prime. At just before 10, we walked up to the store. The lady next door and her cousin walked with us. The people next to us are new to RV’ing, and her cousin has been helping them. Their hot water heater is not working although they might have gotten it going. The cousin, Linda, checked to see if they could stay another few days. They were told that they could, so they left. We got the name of the RV Tech that the park recommends.

Bob called the RV Tech, Pete, and he has the Mach 10’s in stock. He cannot get to us until tomorrow. Okay, as long as there are the thunderstorms in the evening to cool it off, we can get by.

We sat outside the rig until after lunch. I took a short nap, with the fan directed at me. When I woke, we went to the lake again. I went in to cool off. Bob walked the dogs for a bit. When he returned, we tried to get them into the lake, but the decided they were not getting wet today. So we all sat outside in the shade. The Adirondack Chairs are very comfortable.

Around 4, we left and went back to the rig and took showers. The thunderstorms hit right around dinner time, again. We ate dinner and settled in to watch some TV. We ended up watching an old movie, Space Cowboys, which we had seen years ago.

Thursday- The hurricane is headed our way. It was cool, in the 60’s with a high of 72 today. At least we do not have to worry about it being too hot. The rain is expected to arrive in the afternoon. We have not heard from the RV tech as to what time he is going to arrive. So we are sitting in our site for the day. The rain did not start until later in the day, around 4. Bob talked to the RV Tech at 4:15, and he said he would be here between 5:30 and 6:00. He never showed up, which was okay, as he cannot put the new air conditioner on the roof in the rain. We watch the movie, Crazy Rich Asians, which we had never seen

Friday- It rained hard all night and is expected to rain hard most of the day. The rain is supposed to stop sometime between 2pm and 4pm. I keep working on the blog every day. Right now, I cannot get online to put the pictures into an older blog, as everyone in the park is on the internet. The RV Tech, Pete did not show up, again. Well, there is always tomorrow!