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Sat. Jan. 5 to Fri. Jan 11- Sun City AZ

Saturday- The weather has warmed up to low 40’s at night and high 50’s low 60’s during the day. It was cloudy today, but not too bad. Bob continued to work on putting the shed together. Rusty came over and helped. They got the whole thing completed today, which is good since it is going to rain tonight and tomorrow.

We had a quiet afternoon, going to the Library to pick up Season 7 of Game of Thrones, then to Costco for gas, $2.45.  We ate dinner at home and finished up Season 6 of Game of Thrones.

Sunday- It started raining last night and rained all night and much of the day. We did our usual laundry and checking our accounts. We ate lunch and settled in to watch Season 7 of Game of Thrones. The rain stopped in the late afternoon, and the sky started to clear up a bit. We ate dinner at home and watched some regular TV.

Monday- I had a Doctor appt. for my ankle. The Doctor ordered PT. He was gently able to move my heel, and commented, that’s very loose.  Bullseye RV Repair came to fix the Hydrohot. Bob did all that he could, as it may have to come out and he cannot get it out himself. They arrived at 10:30. they were scheduled for after 12. Good thing we were here! They re-did the electrical connection.

We had a quiet afternoon, with Bob going to the Library to pick up some books and to drop off Game of Thrones Season 6. I stayed home and worked on some tasks. We had lunch and dinner at home. We watched Season 7, of Game of Thrones, which was one 2 hour session. Then we watched the animated DVD on the history of the 7 families of Game of Thrones.

Tuesday-  I had my Retired Nurses Breakfast. I returned to the park and went to the office to pick up the sign in sheet for the Stamp ‘n Up card class tomorrow. From there I went to Maj. They were short one person, so I stepped right in. I did not win any games today, but that’s okay!

I returned home in time for lunch. We ate lunch, dropped Season 7 of Game of Thrones off at the Library,  then started moving the stuff from the storage unit to the shed. It took 3 trips. We managed to get everything into the shed moving from a 5×10 to a 5×8. It was tricky! Bob even checked to make sure we can get the bikes in there when we leave them here in AZ.

We ate leftovers for dinner and watched TV.

Wednesday- Bob dropped me off at the Activity Center and I made cards with Leslie Foley, the Stamp n Up demonstrator. There were only 4 of us. The fifth gal did not show up. Karen was at the table with me and we chatted the whole time. Karen also gave me a ride back to the rig.

Meanwhile, Bob had been off running errands around the area, including going to the self storage office to close out the storage unit.  Once I returned, we ate lunch, and did some tasks around the rig, including, me trimming Bob’s hair.

Bob put hold down straps across the top of the shed. He had to drill into the earth and place anchors, deep into the ground. During monsoon season there are very strong winds. Actually, here, out west, much of the time, there are a lot more winds than in the east. We have seen the straps on other sheds, so we think they will hold.

At a little before 4, Yvonne, who lives across the street, dropped off two beautiful lemons from her daughters lemon tree. At a little before 4, we left to go to the Ballroom for the Welcome Back party. The room was packed. Fortunately, Donna and Allen had arrived earlier and had held seats for us. It was literally, standing room only. The lines for food where very long! We think there were about 500 people there. They served cheese, crackers, fruit and veggies. Bob bought a beer and glass of White Zin for me. We stayed the entire time. We returned around 6,  ate dinner and watched TV.

Thursday- I was off to Maj in the morning. Bob went and ran some errands. I returned in time for lunch. Then Bob took a nap while I finished the book I was reading and went to JoAnne’s. I needed some supplies and I had two 50% off coupons on regularly priced items. I also purchased a pack of new blades for my trimmer, which were already 50% off. So I saved quite a bit.

I returned, we ate dinner, and watched TV.

Friday- I was off to the card making class. We had a card we were making and Patty, the gal running the session, was teaching how to use some of the punches. She was using my table and a few of my supplies. It was fun. We all ended up so involved, that we went almost to 11:30! The class is scheduled to end at 11.

When I returned, we ate lunch, then went to Total Beverage and Wine to stock up on some beers. I also purchased a cider and a Smirnoff drink. We went to Costco for gas which was $2.45/gal. We stopped in at Costco for a few items, then we cruised thru the Library, dropping off a book at the book drop. We went to Walmart for groceries and a few other items.

Then we stopped at Fry’s to pick up a few items. We returned home and put everything away. We ate dinner, then went to Square Dancing class. Nina ( who plays Maj with me) and her husband wanted to take the classes, so we went to Angel. I did not dance a lot, because my heel is definitely not where it is supposed to be…

Sat. Dec 29 to Fri. Jan. 4, 2019- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  We were under a freeze warning last night, so Bob had disconnected the water and covered the spigot. The park had sent an automated phone call reminding us we needed to do that. Luckily, we have water in the tank

It was 43 when we woke up this morning. Many other areas were below 32, but we stayed warmer. This cold spell is going to last through next week. Highs are in the low 50’s and nights are supposed to be in the low 30’s.

Since is was supposed to have been below 32, we had turned on the Hydrohot on electric. Bob noticed in the morning that the water was not as hot as it should have been. It turned out that the Hydrohot is not working on electric. It does work on diesel, so we can turn it on if we have too… the reason we would turn it on is to keep the glass tubes inside from freezing and breaking.

While Bob was doing a check of all of the Hydrohot systems, I went to Kohl’s, I need some more long sleeve shirts and they were having a sale. What junk! I could see through all of the shirts there!

So I went to Macy’s. I purchased the only one that they still had in my size, for less than the “on sale” junk at Kohl’s! I started to feel bad, so I returned home, drank some of the Propel and had a quiet rest of the day. Bob seems to be back to normal.

I found a really good show on Netflix called Bodyguard. It is a British show and I binge watched all the episodes. Bob got caught up in it also!  The show had more ups and downs, and twists and turns, than a roller coaster! It is a 2018 show, so no second season, yet!

Sunday- We woke up to 45 degrees, even though Bob had taken in the water filer and disconnected the tubing’s. We did not need to run the Hydrohot last night. We were glad for that, as it is noisy and smelly when run on diesel.

We did our usual Sunday tasks, we watched the Redskin game in the afternoon, and had a quiet afternoon and evening at home.

Monday- We started out with a busy day! We ran to Lowes for the paving blocks to put under the shed. We bought 1/2 of them, loaded them in the car and returned home. The weather report for today was for it to be 51degrees for the high and for rain in the evening. It started raining while we were at Lowes! We had taken the stuff that sits in the back of the car out, and left it sitting on the patio. Ugh, it was wet! So we bought the stuff into the rig to dry and Bob unloaded the back of the car. When the stuff dried, we put it back into the car.

We picked up MaryAnne and went to Baskin Robbins for the “31st” special. We returned and had a quiet evening. It had rained most of the day and the high temp was 43.

Tuesday- Happy New Year! We had a quiet day at home, watching some TV and the Rose Parade. We went to Café Zupas for salads for dinner. We watched Bird Box on Netflix. It was very good.

Wednesday- I went to Maj in the morning. Bob has been working on getting the spot ready for the shed when it arrives on Friday. I returned and we ate lunch. We had a quiet afternoon. In the evening, Bob went to the Astronomy Club meeting. It had been changed from yesterday due to the holiday.

Thursday- I went to Maj and Bob continued working on the spot for the shed. He has been placing the pavers. He had to go purchase the second half of what we needed. He finished this afternoon getting the site all ready. We watched Game of Thrones season 6 this week.

Friday- I went to the card class. Bob waited for the shed to be delivered. They were supposed to call 1/2 hour prior to arrival. They did not, they arrived just after 9 AM. They were to be here between 9 and 12. They came with a hand truck to deliver the two large boxes, from an 18 wheeler, on a pallet. Bob opened the boxes and got started putting the shed together.

20190104_145928 (2)

We ate lunch, then I went grocery shopping. I returned and picked up MaryAnne to take her to the Toyota dealership so that she could pick up her 4 Runner.It was in for routine repair, but they found that the rabbits had been eating the wires in the truck. $300 worth of damage. They are going to talk to their neighbors about their fruit trees, as they are leaving the fruit on the ground and rabbits are collecting in their area.

We ate dinner at home and watched more of season 6 of Game of Thrones.

Sat. Dec. 22 to Fri. Dec. 28- Sun City

Saturday- Bob is still sick, so he stayed home most of the day.At about 8:45, I left to go to JoAnne’s. I arrived a little before 9. They had opened at 8. There was no one there! No traffic, no problem parking, no line! So I grabbed what I wanted and using my coupons saved a lot of money. I stopped at Staples and picked up some colored pencils for coloring. Then I went to Fry’s for more Gatorade for Bob. This was where it turned out, everyone was!

I returned home and Bob started his second bottle of Gatorade. By the afternoon he was feeling much better. He had taken a nap and was doing pretty well. So we went to dinner at Village Inn. There was hardly anyone there.

Sunday- Bob started up again with the diarrhea. Ugh! So I ran to Goodcents for subs for lunch and stopped in at Albertsons for Bob’s 3rd bottle of Gatorade. We had a quiet afternoon with me coloring and watching another couple of Hallmark movies.  Bob napped.

We had some bland chicken for dinner and watched the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Monday Christmas Eve– Bob continued being up frequently all night so he had soup for breakfast. I left and went for a mani-pedi. I stopped at CVS for some Imodium. We had not wanted to do the ‘nuclear’ option as my issue had only lasted for a few hours.

I returned home and gave Bob two tablets. He continued with the Gatorade, while I ran to pick up our order of rolls at Kneaders. I picked up some chicken noodle soup for Bob, a sandwich for me, a sandwich for MaryAnne, and raspberry croissants for us for Christmas breakfast. They did not have any chocolate ones left!

I stopped at Safeway, after 5 trips around the parking lot looking for parking! I picked up more soup and Gatorade. I returned home, dropping off half of the dozen rolls at MaryAnne and Rays along with MaryAnne’s sandwich.

We had a quiet rest of the day, with Bob having soup for dinner and I had leftovers.

Tuesday, Christmas Day– Bob seems to be over the virus. He was able to eat this morning and has not had to take any more of the Imodium. He looks so much better! We had a nice breakfast of omelets and the 1/2 the croissants.

We cooked a nice Christmas meal which we had for lunch. At 3, we went over to help set up for the pot luck dinner. There were 3 of us to help the coordinator, Birdy. About half way thru, a couple who were walking by came in to help. So now there were 5 of us to set up 8 round tables. We first had to take down the rectangular tables which included moving all the chairs out of the way.

We were all set up by about 3:40. We returned home to start cooking the carrots in the Instapot. I did a Glazed Honey Cinnamon Carrot recipe off Pinterest. It was a great recipe and all of it was gone at the end of the pot luck.

We had over 50 people for the pot luck with the park providing the ham and turkey. There was plenty of food this time and we were able to take home some leftovers.

We had a quiet evening finishing the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Wednesday- I was off to Maj at 10. When I returned home, we had lunch and took Bob to the Urgent care. The diarrhea had restarted, again. He has been drinking the Gatorade, so he was not terribly dehydrated. We only had to wait about 1/2 an hour. Bob saw the PA. The PA decided that it was a virus which was not clearing Bob’s system, as it had with mine. He also ordered a stool sample test. So we went to Labcorp to pick up the items for the test. Bob had taken 2 more Imodium, so he was not having the diarrhea, but the PA said that his belly was very active.

We returned home, after stopping at the Library to pick up Season 5 of Game of Thrones and stopping at the grocery store for more chicken noodle soup.

We watched Game of Thrones in the evening.

Thursday-  Happy 15th birthday Karlie! The vet had only given her 15 months, 13 months ago, so we did not anticipate that she would be with us this year. Schnoodles average life span is 15 years, so she made it! She is doing pretty well. The Mitral Valve Prolapse has stabilized with the medication. She is a little shaky at times( from the medication) but at other times she plays like a 5 year old pup!

Bob is still having the belching and gas. No diarrhea. He stayed home while I went to Maj. I returned, we had lunch, and then went to Bath and Body Works. They are having their annual sale, and  we needed more of the Kitchen Lemon and soap for the bathroom sink,( $3.00 instead of $6.50). While I stood in line, the older lady (80’ish) behind me, dropped one of her fragrances which broke and spilled all over my shoes. They are cloth, so they absorbed the fragrance. It’s a good thing I like the Japanese Cherry Blossom smell! It was nice in the enclosed car!

We stopped at Petsmart for some treats for Karlie. She, of course, stuck her nose up to them, even though they are peanut butter flavored (her favorite). We finally convinced her to eat some. ( She thinks everything is a pill, as we stuff two of her pills into pill pockets).

We had a quiet evening at home, eating dinner and watching Game of Thrones.

Friday- I was off to the card making session. We only had 5 of us there, which was nice because we could spread out. I returned around 11, and we went to In’N Out burger for lunch. Then off to Bed Bath and Beyond. Our second small spatula had broken, so we needed new ones. We found a package of three and purchased them with the 20%  off coupon.

We went to Dick’s Sporting Goods for another pair of inserts for my shoes. They were $54. The gal who checked us out said they are more expensive because they are the ones that all the Orthopedic Doctors recommend ( which was why I was buying them). They were still a lot less expensive than the custom ones and they work just as well.

We went to the Library to drop off a book, then on to Walmart, Fry’s, and Sprouts for groceries. We returned home and had a quiet rest of the day. Dinner was at home and we watched the end of Season 5 of Game of Thrones… I have ordered Season 6.

Sat. Dec. 15 to Fri. Dec. 21- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  We  stopped at In N’ Out burger for a couple of burgers for lunch. Then we stopped at the Library to pick up a book. Then we went to Target for some of the Tyson Tequila Lime Chicken wings. We returned home and had a quiet afternoon watching some of the Hallmark movies, I did some coloring, and Bob read his book.

We had dinner at home and watched Bosch, season 4, on Amazon Prime.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday tasks. We had a quiet day at home. We ate lunch at home. It was Ray’s birthday, so we had a pot luck dinner at the MPR ( Multi-purpose Room). He had requested ice cream and brownies that Linda made. We had the wings which I baked and threw into the crock pot to keep them warm.

At 4:30 we went to the MPR, with Ray, MaryAnne, Linda, Mike,Donna and Allen. We had a great time. There is a piano in the room, so Donna played Happy Birthday while we all sang to Ray. MaryAnne lasted about 1.5 hours, which was good! That was the reason for the pot luck rather than going to a restaurant. MaryAnne could leave at any time if she wore out. We watched the rest of Bosch, season 4 on Amazon Prime.

Monday-  We had a quiet morning with Bob working on measuring and moving rocks for our shed. I worked on an article. We ate lunch at home, and went to play Spades  from 1-3. We ate dinner at home and watched Game of Thrones on DVD.

Tuesday- I worked on the article and went to play Maj from 10-12. We ate lunch, then had a quiet afternoon, up until my cell phone rang around 3 PM. It was Medicare calling. I had sent a letter, letting them know that I had stopped my Medicare Part B. I had asked for a refund of Jan and Feb. He said that I could not get a refund as I still had Medicare Part B. I explained that on Nov. 19, we had mailed the form to Social Security canceling out Medicare B.  He said it was not cancelled and  Bob’s was not cancelled either. So I called Social Security. I was on hold for 1 hour and 15 minutes. I spoke to the women and she said to re-send the form. We asked if we could walk it in locally, and she said yes. Grrrrr, now we have to go to the SS office!

We purchased the Shed online from Amazon. It will be delivered on Jan. 4th, between 9 and 12. What is really cool, is that we could make 5 payments, without any extra charge!

Wednesday-  We left at 8:15 to go to the Alfa monthly breakfast at Tivoli Gardens. We met up with Linda, Mike, Karen and John. We had a nice breakfast, unfortunately the gal got my order wrong, but that meant I had a free breakfast…

We left at 9:30 and drove to the SS office. We parked and went inside. Security made Bob take his small knife on his key ring back to the car, while I got in line. Bob arrived back before I reached the counter to sign in. Then the gal said they would take both of us at the same time,so we now had to wait until our name was called.

While we were sitting there, I reached into my purse for my lip balm, and found my pocket knife and a small pair of scissors, that the guard had missed when he checked my purse!

Anyway, we sat for an hour, reading our books. Mathew, the worker said that he was not surprised that the letter “never arrived”. He kind of rolled his eyes, meaning that it had been pitched. So he accepted the forms, stamped them, and made copies so that we have documentation. The loss of Part B will not come until Feb 1, so I will only get one month of a refund. He told Bob not to pay for January Part B, as it would not make a difference.( We cancelled Part B as Bob is retired Federal employee and we can use the government insurance for Part B. This is a lot less expensive! So unless you can do this, DO NOT CANCEL YOUR PART B!!!). 

We left and went to Best Buy. We were checking on Bob’s phone. We want to cancel his repair/replace service. We think we might switch him over to ATT, when he can, in March. I would stay with Verizon and he would go with ATT. We have found that where there is no Verizon, there is ATT, and vice-versa! Plus we have Direct TV and he will have free streaming.

We continued on to the Pet Health Pharmacy. When Bob went to refill Karlie’s heart pill, he could not find it anywhere. He called our Vet office and they searched around for the medication. It either is backlogged or they are not making it anymore! So they found Pet Health Pharmacy, which is a compounding pharmacy. They made up a liquid for us. The Vet office said that 90 days would cost $90. When Bob called them to order the med, it would be $150 for 90 days. He ordered 60 days of the liquid, $100.  Obviously, they charge the Vet office less for them to re-sell to us. We will keep working on this!

From there, we went across the parking lot to a little local restaurant for lunch. There are a lot of these little places in the area. The food was mediocre. While sitting there, I started getting a sharp pain in my right calf. It came and went. It kept up, so as we were driving past Banner Boswell Hospital, we pulled into the parking lot to check my calf. We got out of the car, I pulled up my pant leg and both of us looked. We wanted to rule out a DVT.  If I had one ,we would walk into the ER. I just had the pain, no swelling, no redness, no hot area! So Bob timed it. You would think I was having labor pains! The pain was every 20 seconds.

We continued to home. I walked into the rig and grabbed a bottle of Propel. I drank about 4 ounces and headed for the bathroom. I had diarrhea. The diarrhea lasted about 5 hours, then turned to just gas and belching. After the 4 oz. of the Propel, the muscle cramp was gone, but now I knew that my body had pulled the electrolytes out of my muscles and into the colon.  I drank 2 large bottles of Propel, as I had gotten shaky.

By dinner time I was down to just a lot of gas. Never any nausea or vomiting. So I asked Bob to pick up some Chinese food, as it has so much sodium in it. We knew by this time it was not food poisoning so it had to be a virus. We continued watching Game of thrones.

Thursday- I was fine this morning. So I went to Maj. There were 6 of us, so Nina and I played with the two of us. We each won two games and we had one wall game.

I returned and we had a quiet afternoon and evening, with left over Chinese for dinner.

Friday- I went to card making while Bob raked the rocks out of the way for the shed. We went to Costco for gas, $2.45 gal. We ran into Costco for some pills. Then we went to lunch at Café Zupas. We stopped at Walmart for groceries and returned home.

In the afternoon, Bob started getting sick. The same thing that I had. He ate dinner and we continued watching Game of Thrones.

Sat Dec 8 to Fri Dec 14- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We slept in this morning until 7. That is late for us! Pam Schultz had come over yesterday, after calling me asking about smart phones. I gave her my broken one, as the local Walmart has a repair kiosk. She is going to try to get the phone screen fixed and have the phone set up with Verizon. This would be her first smart phone.

We went to Café Zupas for lunch, then to the the car wash. No rain in the forecast, although the temps are still in the cool 60’s during the day and 40’s at night. We returned and did some tasks around the MH. I finished the new Janet Evanovich book and we returned it to the library.

We had leftovers for dinner and watched the  first few episodes of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime. 

Sunday- We did our normal Sunday tasks and watched the Redskins game… they lost,  but then they are on their 4th quarterback due to injuries. We had a quiet day.

Monday- I worked on updating a new article that my Editor had sent me. He occasionally sends me articles that other authors do not update, and I update them and they become mine. Right now I have two of them and one of my own to update.  I had a mani at 10. Bob had his surgeon follow-up appointment at 12;45. I stayed home and while watching some Hallmark movies, I did some tasks around the rig.

Bob returned and we had a quiet rest of the afternoon and evening.

Tuesday- I worked on one article. This one is going to take awhile to update. I had the Retired Nurses Breakfast at 9. There was not a speaker today, we just sat and chatted. It was fun.

Bob took my Maj set and the table covers over to Card rm. 2 for the gals. They had two tables and I joined them at 10:30 winning 2 games. There were 3 new gals there, one who had played in the past. Nina had taught the other 2 yesterday, so they are still learning, but were doing pretty well. Another gal stopped by and maybe will be there tomorrow.

I returned, we ate lunch and I wrote the Christmas letter. It is time to get it out! Bob reviewed it and at 4 we went to the Christmas tree lighting at the pool area. They served hot chocolate and cookies. There were only 22 people there as it is cool and cloudy today. We returned, ate dinner, and went square dancing. We had to get ready early, as we had to put my brace on.

We arrived and the square dancers were not in the normal room. The room is very large and there are two entrances. I noticed that the sign was in a different place, so we went to the second entrance.

We had a good time, but there were not as many people there this evening. There must have been something else going on… We picked up fliers for the parties and for the Grand Canyon State Festival in March.

My foot did okay, but I could feel that my heel was out. When we returned home I iced the heel for 20 minutes and applied the Voltaren cream.  We watched a little bit of TV and went to bed.

Wednesday- It is cooler this morning with a temp of 47 this morning. My heel was out, so I exercised it and applied the Voltaren after my shower. I was off to  Maj at 10. Bob had to drive me as he wanted to go to the hardware store. He was looking at the pavers he wants to put under the storage unit. We are still waiting for the park to mark the site.

He picked me up and we went to Fat Freddie’s Café in the park for lunch. We returned and had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Thursday-I was off to Maj again this morning. Bob had errands to run so he dropped me off. I have not been riding my bike as the seat has been wet ( even with the cover) due to the humidity. It has also been cold and windy.

I hitched a ride back with Donna and Allen. We had lunch and did some tasks around the rig, including working on putting stakes out for the storage shed. We went next door to speak with Peggy about taking one of her trees out, as the storage unit would be up against the tree.

While we were talking to her we realized that the park had marked, with paint, not a stake. So we had to change plans. It appears that the pavers and the trees that she has are not on our site. Bob had not measured from the correct space, as the line is farther on our drivers side, not the passenger side of the site.

This means that we cannot have a 8×8 size shed, we can only have a 5×8. Our storage unit is a 5 x 10, so we are going to have to look at what we are going to be able to get rid of…. good thing we had not already purchased the shed!

We started searching for a 5×8 shed. At 4, we went over to the ballroom for the Town Hall meeting. Scott is looking at changing some rules. One of which is the pet area. We are in the pet area because we have dogs. The area is from 21 St. to 25th St. If Scott expands the pet area, to 19th street, we will have access to an area that he going to make into a dog park. ABOUT TIME! We have said this since we first came to the park.

It will increase the value of the park models in the new area and increase the value of the park, as most RV parks have dog parks. The area that would be used is a water retention area, and is large,which will allow the dogs to run and play.

There were several other rules he is looking at changing. We had a quiet evening at home and watched more of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Friday- We took the dogs to the groomers at 10. We continued on to Costco where we bought gas for $2.45/gal. We ran in to Costco, easily finding a parking space, to pick up some Vitamin C, which we had forgotten to put on the list. The lines were really, really long! We were about to put the Vitamin C back, when a lady said that we could pay for that in the pharmacy. So we stood in the very short line (no one ahead of us). First we asked if Bob could get the new Shingles vaccination. Nope, no one seems to have it, as he as tried the Doc office, CVS and Walgreens. It will not be in until sometime in January.

We continued on to Walmart and then Fry’s for groceries. We returned home, ate lunch and waited for the groomer to call. She called at a little past 1, telling us she would be ready for us to pick up the dogs in 20 minutes.

We were greeted by Karlie watching for us. This groomers shop has a fence inside and she was standing with the other dogs waiting for us. Roxie was off somewhere and when she I saw her walking, looking very sad, towards the front, I called her name. She saw me and became really happy! It was funny to watch. We paid and returned home to give them both treats and a little loving.

Bob walked them and we both watched more Hallmark movies, falling asleep in the recliners with dogs in our laps.

We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Glad we did the call ahead seating! The couple ahead of us were told 35 to 45 minutes. We were told 5 minutes and were called in that time and taken to a table.

We had a nice dinner, returned home and continued watching the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. 

Sat. Dec 1 to Fri. Dec. 7- Sun City AZ (Taliesin West)

In this weeks blog, if you see underlines I did not put there there! They appeared in blue and I can’t get rid of them

Saturday- We went over to the ballroom. They were having a vendor fair today. Nothing special. We returned and went to MedQuip. It is a local medical supply store. I asked permission and took pictures of the wheelchair, walkers, canes, and transfer board for the article I have been writing. I put them into the article and emailed the article to my editor. Whew, I was glad to get that out of my hair!

We returned, ate lunch, and I took another nap. Bob was on the internet for awhile. Then we watched some Hallmark Christmas movie. We ate dinner and had a quiet evening.

Sunday- We were late getting up. Bob took the sheets and towels to the laundry here in the park while I did some laundry in the rig. We did our usual Sunday tasks. We had a quiet day.

Monday-  We drove to Scottsdale for my neck Ultrasound. The Doc wanted the Ultrasound done at a specific place, as she likes the reports that she gets for the neck mapping. I am 20 years out from my thyroid cancer, so this is just a formality.

We arrived to find that we were at the wrong facility, as that was where the GPS took us! So we had to hustle to get to the right place. We arrived at about 10:05, a little bit late. We had just enough time to go to the bathroom and I was called up to show my insurance cards. I sat down and the gal called me back for the Ultrasound.

It took about 30 minutes and we were out the door. We drove back the 6 miles  to Mimi’s Café for lunch. I had an omelet and Bob had the pancakes, scrambled eggs and sausage.

We had to hustle, as we had a 12:30 reservation at Taliesin West the famous Frank Lloyd Wright facility in Scottsdale. It was at a different exit, and was about 7 miles away.

We arrived, parked and hustled to the gift shop where the tour was starting. We had about 5 minutes to spare. Our tour guide was Jim, who had been doing tours for 10 years. He tended to repeat himself and he spoke very fast.

The tour was 90 minutes and very interesting. There were a number of Petroglyphs which had been moved into the facility, from the FLW land.

20181203_121117 (2)

Today, that would be illegal, but back then, it was not against the law. This Petroglyph was near the entrance.

Our first stop was the “office”.


This room was used as an office. There was a canvas top, now a plexiglass, to let in the light. Note the fireplace in the corner. All of the rooms have fireplaces, and the fires are started in the corner, to provide more heat.


This room had a large drafting table.


In the entire facility, the walls are made of concrete and rock. FLW went to college, for a few semesters, as a Civil Engineer, and he learned a lot about concrete. Note the small rocks, they are to keep the concrete in place.


We moved on to walk outside. Below is a courtyard, outside the office. Note the steps. All the steps are about 6 ft. wide, and 4” deep. He maintains this symmetry throughout the facility.

20181203_122745 (2)

We walked along the outside of the main building, facing the city of Phoenix.


The building below is the main building. The left side is the ‘studio’ where the students work. We were not allowed to take pictures inside this building and no talking, although when we entered, later in the tour, all the students had earbuds in and would not have been able to hear us anyway! The students are master level, and pay $42K per year to attend.


Note the pond. This water was in place to not only look nice, but to provide a supply of water to the kitchen, which is on the right. Since the facility is 25 miles ( at that point) from Phoenix, FLW wanted a water source in case of a fire. The students were required to practice a “bucket brigade”.

Below is the view facing the city of Phoenix. In the picture you can see a path. This is a fire break that FLW put in. Taliesin East had burned down, and he wanted to prevent that happening here. Below is the entire front of this building.


Next we moved inside to the Garden Room  At every entrance or exit, there is a Japanese statue(?) like this below. FLW had a very famous hotel in Japan that he had designed and built. It survived a major earthquake. The hotel is no longer there, but the lobby is still standing. While in Japan, he fell in love with the Japanese culture.

20181203_124108 (2)



Note the furniture. It was designed by FLW. It is very uncomfortable and very low. It is hard to get out of, as you can see, the guy in this picture struggling to stand up! This is a famous room, where lots of famous people visited. It is still used, and each Friday night, there is a formal get together that takes place. Formal as in long gowns and tuxedos.


Below is the garden area, just outside this room.


Next we moved to FLW’s sleeping area. I hesitate to call it a room…it is open on one side.



The closet.


We moved outside, to the back of the sleeping room, and there was this lovely fountain.


With many warnings for tall people, we entered the room that was used a lot by FLW for teaching, movies( he was a movie fanatic) and other social events. The door was very short.  This room was also used for storage in the summer, to keep items from getting too hot in the Arizona summers.



Outside the room was this dragon statue.

20181203_131518 (2)

Below is looking through the back, to the front, to see Phoenix in the distance.


Behind the building is an orange orchard, which was planted the year that FLW died, so while it was in his plan, it was not there during his life.


Here is another one of the the Japanese statues.

20181203_132209 (2)

We next walked pass the side of the office and into the Theater. This theater is in use frequently.



The theater is built into the side of the hill.

Finally, we went to another theater.



This smaller theater is 95% acoustically perfect. The walls are not square, they are curved and a person can stand in the front and whisper, and a person in the back of the room can hear perfectly. Movies are shown here.

The students do not have dorm rooms in the facility, they have built the outside on the land. On Saturdays, there are tours out to the student dorms. There were several tours, we just took the general tour. There are also night tours.

We left and returned home to the rig. We had  quiet afternoon and evening at home.

Tuesday-Bob was sick all night. We think that there was bell pepper in the sausage. This is not the first time he has been sick after eating at Mimi’s Café. We have been there other times and he has not had an issue. So I left him with his coffee and two dogs in his lap, napping in the recliner.  I was off to Maj at 10. Bob napped off and on.  I returned for lunch.

Bob went to bed for a nap. I went to the Chiropractor and stopped at Walmart for some Almond Milk, which we had forgotten to purchase.

I returned home and took a nap also, as I had not slept well, due to Bob being up all night. Bob felt better, we ate dinner, and he left to go to the Astronomy Club meeting. Meanwhile, MaryAnne, who is the President of the club, did not attend as she is still so sick….

He won the Christmas Party door prize, which is an astronomy theme Christmas  ornament.

Wednesday- We started the morning off watching the President HW Bush funeral. Bob dropped me off at the card room on his way to the hardware store. I had the Stamp n Up card making class this morning. I had to take my Maj set along with the stuff for the class, so I had my hands full. Bob helped me carry the stuff into the room. He stopped to check the mail and found that we have been approved for the storage unit.

Leslie, who is the Stamp n Up demonstrator, wanted to change the date of the January class. It looked good to me, so I went over to the office after class was finished. I wanted to drop off the table cloths. Rita,the gal in the activity office, said that they do not have room for the table clothes right now. She said that they did find that they have two Maj sets! She showed them to me. Some lady had donated them! Wahoo, if they are complete set, I will not have to drag my set back and forth. We are waiting for a new cabinet to be approved by the Encore Corp. office and we will have space in the card room to keep the sets and our table covers.

I returned and we had a quiet afternoon. We went to dinner with the Alfa group, Mike, Linda, Allen, Donna, Karen and John, at Black Angus. MaryAnne is too ill so she and Ray did not attend.  We all had the Campfire coupons, which include an appetizer, entrée, and dessert. Their molasses bread is really good!

We returned to the rig and watched TV and went to bed.

Thursday- It was cold and rainy. This is so unusual for Arizona! Bob has been wearing his flannel shirts and I am wearing long sleeve shirts since it has turned so chilly!  I drove the car over to the Activities building and we had 3 tables playing Maj. Wow, all that teaching last year has paid off!

I returned and we went to go to lunch at Burger King. There is a 1 cent special. You pull up close to a McDonalds, and check the app. We had both downloaded the Burger King app yesterday. So we clicked on the app and received the coupon. Unfortunately none of the three Burger Kings in the area are participating. Hmmm, thanks a lot Burger King! So we stopped at GoodCents for subs. Their bread is always to fresh!

Then we went to Costco for gas, $2.44 gal, then to pick up a few items. Finding parking was an issue, but we finally did. There is a binder on a shelf right outside the door, where you can make comments. I had about 2 weeks ago, asked for the terrific wine, Tropical Mango Moscato, which I purchased in California and Oregon at Costco. The Manager had replied that they had no plans to stock it but that I should try Mamas Moscato. So I went looking for a bottle, $6.99.

We returned home and watched a Hallmark movie, ate leftovers for dinner, and I tried the wine. I dumped it down the sink! It was awful!

Friday-  MaryAnne and Ray picked me up at 8:30, as it was still raining. We traveled to her Surgeon’s office for another drainage from her breast. She is feeling very anxious, as this has been such an ordeal. Many women have lymph fluid collect after surgery, but MaryAnne’s immune disorder makes her body over react to everything. I was there to be an advocate. I watched the Doc remove 9 ml of fluid. That is down  from 13 ml last Tuesday and it had been 3 days. She is going for 4 days the next time.

We returned and they dropped me off. We went grocery shopping. We returned and had a quiet afternoon, reading and watching another Hallmark movie. We decided to go to Rosie’s Italian Café for dinner. This is the first time we have been there this year. It was good as always. We picked up Ravioli with meat for MaryAnne. Ray was at a pool tournament. He is a ranked player.

Sat. Nov. 24 to Fri. Nov. 30 Sun City AZ

Saturday-  We did some tasks around the rig, then left and went to Walmart for some groceries. Going thru Walmart was a breeze. We ran right thru without any crowds or lines. We stopped on the way back to the rig at the storage unit and grabbed the Christmas decorations. We ate lunch, then decorated the rig.

We read, did laundry, and watched a Hallmark Christmas movie. MaryAnne was discharged from the hospital, and we went over to visit with her. We returned and ate leftovers for dinner and watched some TV. We watched the last episodes of House of Cards. The ending was pretty lousy! I think they could have done a better ending for the series!

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday tasks. I made turkey noodle soup for us and took some over to MaryAnne and Ray’s rig for them.  After lunch, we went to the storage unit to put our Christmas decoration boxes back into storage. We ran to Cold Stone and used a coupon for some ice cream. Then we went to Dollar Tree to purchase a Christmas wreath and a bow. Bob hung the wreath on the front door and I put the bow onto the sign holder.

We read some and continued to watch some of the Christmas Hallmark movies. We ate dinner at home, finishing off all the leftovers. We watched some TV before bed.

Monday- I was out the door at 8:50 to go for my mani/pedi at 9. Wow, everyone had there nails done last week. There was only one other lady there today!

I returned and we ate lunch. We went over to the card room for Spades,at 1, but no one else showed up. 

We went to Target for some items. We actually found the Tyson Tequila Lime Wings that we like for get togethers. We drove by the library and I dropped off a book.

We returned and had a quiet rest of the afternoon and evening at home.

Tuesday- Bob was out the door at a little before 9 to go to the car repair place, again! I went to Maj at 10. Bob was back by 11. The repair facility said that the sunroof needs new rails. $2400 +. Needless to say, we are not repairing the sunroof. We will live without it! I sure wish they had told us that when they put in the rubber gasket! It would have saved us that expense…sigh.

Bob worked on measuring our RV site and figuring out if we can put a storage unit on the site. He discovered a “land grab”. The next door neighbor’s bushes and line of border are on our site. We have a 3 ft easement, as does she, but the line is at the 6ft line. No, we do not blame Peggy (the neighbor), this was done long before she purchased her park model. BUT this gave us an extra 3 ft.

Rusty, who lives behind Peggy, in his park model, came over as he saw us working on measuring. He is in security here at the park, and says that he has been told that the easements are going to have to be cleared out. So that means Peggy’s bushes ( which she just had trimmed) are going to have to be taken out. Which is a shame, as they are nice.

Anyway, Bob completed the diagram of where we can place the shed. I had found a shed larger than we originally anticipated, based on the room we have. So we dropped that off for Scott (the park manager) to review, on the way out of the park. He will then send one of the maintenance guys out to check the placement using the “pin” that is located in the back of the site. Bob thinks he found the pin, so we think we are okay, as long as the maintenance guy actually works at finding the pin.

We ate lunch and went to the library to pick up a book and then on to Office Max, as the printer was running out of blue, yellow and black ink. We have plenty of red!

We returned to the rig, and ate dinner. My ankle has been better, so we went to Square Dancing. We were welcomed back with lots of hugs, and everyone wanted to know where we have been.

We had a great time and the ankle seemed to do okay.

Wednesday- I woke up to my leg having sharp shooting pains all the way up to my knee.  Bob left early to go to his Doctors appointment. I worked on the article. At 9, I called the Core office for an appointment.

I had two events to attend, same room, same time, 10 AM. So I ended up taking the Maj set and table covers with me, as well as the table covers for the Stamp n’ Up card making class.  Good thing  I took the Maj set with me, as 4 people arrived and none had a set. So they used my set and cloths.

I had picked up the sign in sheet in the Activities dept. yesterday. There were 6 people on the sheet. Leslie arrived with 5 sets of cards. Gina, head of the Activities Dept. had told her 5. I think she had not taken the sheet away and someone else had signed up, late.

Anyway, since I know Leslie, I said that she could bring my set next week. She managed to sort of put together some items and she will bring the rest next week. Gina had not, until I asked, talked to Leslie about the dates and now we have a class two weeks in a row and the next one in Jan 2. Oh well, we will cope.

I sat at the table with Linda and Karen. We had a nice time chatting and putting together the cards. I returned and Bob was home. We ate lunch. Neither of us felt really right, so we took a nap.

We woke up and did some tasks. We had dinner at home and watched TV.

Thursday- I was off to Maj again today. I returned and we ate lunch. We made a crock pot meal for MaryAnne and Ray. We dropped it off at their rig, on the way to my Doctors appointment with the Podiatrist at the Core Institute at 4. It is an orthopedic office. I explained to him about my high ankle sprain in 2012 and he reviewed the X-rays from 2012 and compared them to the ones that they took today. The issue is that the ligaments are stretched and they will not ever return to normal unless I have surgery. So he recommended a brace, which the DME( durable medical equipment) guy demonstrated how to put on. It needs to be snug and will keep me from turning my ankle to the left or right. I can go up and down with my foot. The Podiatrist has a lot of square dancing patients so he understood how important the dancing is to us and said rest it, then wear the brace while dancing. Last year at this time I was wearing flip flops and dancing 3x a week! 

We returned home, ate dinner, and watched TV.

Friday- The weather this week has been cold. We even had a rain storm, which are rare this time of year. This morning was not different. It was wet outside from a very heavy dew and cold, 40’s, is cold for AZ, LOL. Usually I ride my bike, but this morning I drove the car over to the card room. I worked on making some cards this morning.

When I returned at 11, we went to Cafe Zupas for salads for lunch, then we went to Petsmart for a sweater for Karlie. They did not have any that we wanted, so we went to Petco and found two. We purchased a light one and a heavy one, as she gets cold at night. We believe she has some dementia, as she will be so cold she is shivering, but does not get under the covers. We stopped at Walmart for groceries. We stopped in at Walgreens for medications. Surprisingly, Bob’s meds are much cheaper at Walgreens (one is even free) than through CVS/Caremark. .

We returned around 1:30, and read for the afternoon. At 4:30, Diane and Jim picked us up to Dubina Brewing Company for dinner and brews!  I was excited, as I was not driving,and they had a Moscato on the menu. I did a tasker of their cider, which was pretty good. I ordered the Moscato,  but they were all out. So I ordered the Cider Corps Lady in Pink Liberty cider. It was pink! It was made with prickly pear and some other ingredients. Bob, Diane and Jim all had assorted stouts. Diane liked the chili pepper stout, which was a surprise to her.