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Sat. July 10 to Fri. July 16- Sturbridge MA

Saturday- The day started out cool and humid. The weather improved all day, with the sun coming out, but it still was very humid. We took our laundry over to the laundry room. We were able to get 3 of the 4 machines. We did our laundry, 5 loads. We were back and forth to the laundry room numerous times. Once we had less than an hour left on the laundry, Bob called the RV Tech, Pete. He actually answered his phone!

Evidently his grandmother is sick, so he is taking the weekend off to be with family. Okay, at least we know that we can leave the TT to go grocery shopping!

We also got a little bit more of a story from the RV Tech. He can only come between 5:30 and 6:00 pm, as he is the Service Manager at Camping World. So he is working all day, and does this on the side.

We left and went to Sturbridge. We drove thru town, and stopped at the Cedar Road Café for lunch. They had a big parking lot and the weather was cool, so we opened the sunroof and turned on the back fan to keep the dogs cool.

We had a great lunch. Bob had an omelet with whole wheat toast and hash brown potatoes. I had a grilled cheese sandwich which was very good. It came with their homemade potato chips, which were not very good. That’s okay, I did not need them anyway!

We stopped to get diesel, $2.94/gal. Then we were off to the tiny Walmart and the Stop and Shop grocery store. We returned to the park and had a quiet afternoon. Bob grilled a pork loin for dinner. I made some baked beans and we had salad. We sat outside reading, then watched some TV in the evening.

Sunday- Thank goodness that the weather is staying cool, even if it is humid. We stayed home, sitting outside.  We also took the sheets and towels over to wash and dry them, later in the afternoon. We had another thunderstorm in the evening.

Monday- It rained most of the day, so we stayed inside, except for Bob walking the dogs. He dries them off each time they go out. Between rain drops we do wander around the park. Due to rain storms, the RV Tech is supposed to come tomorrow to work on the air conditioner.

Tuesday- We had an appointment for the dogs to be groomed at Bark and Bubble, a grooming business in Sturbridge. We dropped off the dogs, then went to Yankee Liquors, where Bob purchased some beer and I purchased some Seagram flavored drinks. Next we went to Walgreens to pick up a prescription for Bob. We stopped for lunch at Anne’s Café. You know it is good when you see a lot of gray haired older women going in to the Café. Our meals were really good!

We stopped at Shaw’s grocery store. We did not find all that we needed, so we stopped at Shop and Go again.

Lastly, we stopped at the Sturbridge Post Office, then returned to pick up the happy dogs. They were very glad to see us. All dogs hate to be groomed! They had a pretty good grooming, so I took the shop’s business card in case we are in the area again.

On the way back, Bob called the park to ask if we could stop by the propane tank and get some propane. They said yes, and as we pulled up, a gal and guy were waiting for us. They only fill propane tanks between 12 and 3. According to them, we only needed 3 gallons. Bob is sure that we needed more, as we have used it a lot for hot water. He has an app on his phone which keeps track of the tank.

It was still cool and misty, but not raining. We cooked dinner and waited for the RV Tech to arrive. No he did not! No call, no text. We are not happy! One of the workers at the TT asks us daily if we have gotten our new air conditioner. We have been telling him no. We will see if we can get another tech to visit.

Wednesday- Bob texted the RV Tech. No response. He tried calling and left a message. The problem is there is no other close RV Tech. Bob called another guy, who is north of us. He will not be in the area until late next week. We are supposed to leave tomorrow, but I called TT and spoke with them. They extended us until Monday the 19th.

We stayed home today. We had wanted to go to Old Sturbridge, but they are not open until tomorrow. Also, not everything is open, so we may have to return to the area to visit the historic village.

Bob texted the RV tech again. No response, again. We took the rig over to a tire place because Bob had found that two of the valve stems are rubbing the tires. The guy put a tround piece on both tire stems and did not charge us anything. We stopped at Anne’s Cafe where there is also an ice cream shop. We each had a scoop of ice cream.

Thursday- Bob found another RV Tech south of us. Bob explained the situation, and the guy worked Bob through a few things to try. One was that the tech thought that maybe the switch from heat to cold might be stuck. This may have started when Bob tried the heat in Humarock. So he turned the heat on, then waited, then turned it off, then waited, then turned on the cold. He did this several times. Finally, the cool stayed on. All of 15 minutes!

The tech had wanted to come today, but he got behind. He said he would call back in the morning. We sat outside as much as we could and BBQ’d dinner outside. The temp is getting hotter, in addition to the horrid humidity.

Friday- We started getting nervous when the tech did not call until almost 10. He had been researching our problem. He said he would be here about 11:15. He did not arrive until 12:15, as he got lost and went to the wrong RV Park, although he called several times on the way. His shop is about an hour away.

Rick arrived, and he is quite a talker! He got right to work. He tried a lot of different tasks. Bob watched. Finally, he thought there was no way he could fix it. Meanwhile, I had checked online again and yes, Amazon had some Mach 15’s. Rick said, he did not think so, as they will say they have an item, but then they don’t send it for a long time. I tried ordering, and it was just like what he said. They said that it would be here within 5 days of when it ships. They had no estimate on when it would ship. I canceled the order. I also tried Gander Mt. and Camping Worlds. No one has any RV air conditioners, any brand! I even tried RV salvage yards.

Rick was upset, as this was going to wreck his summer total. He has fixed everything so far this season! While he was here, a gal from the park came over to ask if he could work on a slide for another person. He said yes. So when he decided there was nothing he could do for us, he went to that person.

A little while later, he called us. Someone from Coleman (he had talked to several people from Coleman) had called him and told him that they frequently have problems like this. He told him to do an override of some sort. So he returned. He and Bob got up on the roof and he found the wires he needed to use. He fixed the problem!

Rick stayed for about ½ hour, making sure that the problem was fixed! We happily paid him!!

I asked for his business card. He declined to give it to me. He says that this area is too far out of his working range. He only came because we had no air conditioner, and it is so hot and humid. We had already complained to the park about Pete. The guy who had been checking on us daily, said that they had heard that he does not return calls or texts and is a no show frequently. Rick was one of the best RV Tech’s we have ever worked with, as he was not going to give up until he got the situation fixed! Bob gave him great reviews on RV Repairs and Google!

Sat July 3 to Fri July 9-Hummarock MA to Sturbridge MA

Saturday- The weather has been awful. Cold and rainy. We were staying in a beautiful spot, right on the water, between the ocean and a river inlet. It would have been beautiful if we could see it!

I worked on older blogs in the morning, we ate lunch, and Bob needed two items to work on the rig. So we went to a True Value in the town of Scituate. When we arrived in town, it had temporarily stopped raining, so we walked up and down the town. Bob picked up the two items he needed and we returned to the RV Park. We are guessing due to it being the holiday weekend, they had armed soldiers checking us in and out at the gate.  

The front right tire had been setting off the tire monitor, saying it had too much air in it, so Bob had purchased a valve stem tool. He also needed a larger drill bit to put locks on the pantry doors. He had already purchased the locks. We need the locks, as when we are not exactly flat, the drawers keep opening. He worked on that the rest of the afternoon. There are 4 drawers and he put one on each of the drawers. They work really well!

We read our books and watched some local TV. The wind was howling so much we could hear the statellite moving; we had to put down the satellite dish.

Sunday- Happy 4th of July. We left early and went to the town of Plymouth. Our first stop was at The National Monument to the Forefathers. “Thought to be the largest solid granite monument in the United States, this 81-foot-tall granite statue was built to honor the passengers of the Mayflower. Boston sculptor Hammatt Billings designed the monument which features allegorical figures depicting the virtues of Faith, Morality, Education, Law, and Liberty. A dedication on the monument reads, ‘National Monument to the Forefathers.’ Erected by a grateful people in remembrance of their labors, sacrifices and sufferings for the cause of civil and religious liberty. The original design called for the monument to be nearly twice as tall at 150 feet (just under the Statue of Liberty’s height of 151 feet). “ (Copied from their website).

We were able to park along the outside of the monument, and we walked the dogs up to look at the monument. It was very interesting. It is a state park, free,  not federal park.

We went to the downtown area.  We found a parking space and paid $2 for one hour of parking. Then we took the dogs and walked down to the harbor.

Our first stop was at a statue of “Massasoit Great Sachem of the Wampanoags Protector and Preserver of the Pilgrims.” (From the sign on the statue).

Next was the monument to the Pilgrims who are buried on the hill.

Plymouth Harbor
Plymouth Rock Monument

We walked down the stairs and went to look at the famous Plymouth Rock. My mother, who was from Boston, took me to see the rock when I was about 10. I thought at the time, “okay, it’s a rock”, I still think the same thing today!

We wandered in the little park looking at the replica of the ship. It sure was small to carry so many people!

A shell decoration.
Another street decoration

We left Plymouth and went to the Old Scituate Lighthouse.

The lighthouse is a private home.
We saw hundreds of red hearts like this all over the area. We were not sure what they were for; it is Pride Month, so we thought they might be for LGBT, but we saw lots of the Rainbow Flags. Finally we decided that they were at thank-you for the Frist Responders and Health Care Providers.

We returned to the rig and settled in for the afternoon. The weather had cleared a bit, so we walked over to the ocean side and I took pictures of the ocean and the inlet.

Our rig is on the right.
This is where the road fell into the water.

 We could see fireworks over in the town, from the RV.

Monday- We had a quiet day, where we did not go anywhere. We read, I worked on older blogs, and we watched some TV. It did not rain all day. It remains very humid. The skies cleared and it was a beautiful day!

At around 2, we rode our bikes the 2 miles to the center of Humarock. We dropped an envelope off at the Post Office, then stopped for ice cream at the little ice cream shop. We both had chocolate soft serve cones. We rode our bikes up to the ocean walkway. Notice the pad that you walk on to the ocean. There is no sand, just rocks! Nothing like the southern beaches. Plus, the water temperature is 62 degrees! Too cold for us!

Lots of beach rocks!

We rode the bikes back. It was a lot easier riding back, as the wind was now at our backs.

We had a quiet rest of the day.

Tuesday- Moving day again.We left around 9, and traveled out of the base park. There were no MP’s at the gate today. We drove north, then west, then south to Sturbridge MA. On the way we stopped at the rest area for lunch. We were almost to Sturbridge, so we stopped at the Walmart and the Stop and Shop. It was warm now, and Bob went to turn on the air conditioner for the dogs, while we went to the Stop and Shop. No cold air! The compressor was gone, on the ‘new to us’ air conditioner we just had put in the rig about 2 weeks ago! It was hot and very humid, but at this point, we had the driver’s compartment air conditioner. Bob stayed with the dogs and the engine running while I ran into the grocery store.

We drove to the park and were met by a ranger. He let us in and gave us our welcome packet. He took us around to the sites that were open. We tried one site, but it was too un-level. So he took us to another site. We dumped on the way, because the first site did not have a sewer connection. This new site did have the sewer and we were able to get satellite. We paid the $5 for the internet service, as we only had one bar. We were not able to stream in the evening, but we watched some shows we had recorded.

Bob sent a text to the RV Tech in Lancaster PA, who had put in the air conditioner. I looked up how far it was, 316 miles, 5.5 hours. It always takes us longer than the estimated time.

There is a lake here. We went up to the store and found that we could take the dogs into the lake. So we changed into our bathing suits and went to the lake to cool off. That helped a lot!

The dogs went into the lake with us. Koda had obviously swum before, as she was fearless. Roxie took some coaching. Then they left the lake and ran around the beach, around and around. They must have really need a run! We got caught having the dogs off leash, but did not get into too much trouble as everyone else on the beach thought the dogs were cute.

At 4, Bob took the dogs for a walk around the lake. That gave them time to dry off and to get the sand off themselves. At 5, we heard the first thunder roar! So everyone got out of the lake and went home. We had the fan running. We had to close up when the rain started. When it stopped, we were able to open the rig back up. It was still humid, but the temperature had dropped from 90 to 80, and it continued to drop to 69 at around 8 pm.

The bad weather had cleared out, so we slept with the windows open.

Wednesday- I woke up thinking, we did not check Amazon to see if we could get an air conditioner shipped to us. I clicked on one, which was a Coleman Mach 15. We had a Coleman Mach 10.  All of the Mach 10’s are backordered. The Mach 15 is not. I had shown the info to Bob. He went to the View/Navion FB page and found that the Mach 10 is junk. Everyone is changing over to the Mach 15 as it is quieter and lasts longer, although, it seems all the Coleman’s are junk.  The Mach 10 is known for dying after a year, if it lasts that long!

So plans immediately changed. We are not planning to go back to Pennsylvania. We are waiting for the store to open, in the park, and we will find out who the local RV Tech is and call him. We will see if he can get a Mach 15 faster than Amazon or we will order one on Prime. At just before 10, we walked up to the store. The lady next door and her cousin walked with us. The people next to us are new to RV’ing, and her cousin has been helping them. Their hot water heater is not working although they might have gotten it going. The cousin, Linda, checked to see if they could stay another few days. They were told that they could, so they left. We got the name of the RV Tech that the park recommends.

Bob called the RV Tech, Pete, and he has the Mach 10’s in stock. He cannot get to us until tomorrow. Okay, as long as there are the thunderstorms in the evening to cool it off, we can get by.

We sat outside the rig until after lunch. I took a short nap, with the fan directed at me. When I woke, we went to the lake again. I went in to cool off. Bob walked the dogs for a bit. When he returned, we tried to get them into the lake, but the decided they were not getting wet today. So we all sat outside in the shade. The Adirondack Chairs are very comfortable.

Around 4, we left and went back to the rig and took showers. The thunderstorms hit right around dinner time, again. We ate dinner and settled in to watch some TV. We ended up watching an old movie, Space Cowboys, which we had seen years ago.

Thursday- The hurricane is headed our way. It was cool, in the 60’s with a high of 72 today. At least we do not have to worry about it being too hot. The rain is expected to arrive in the afternoon. We have not heard from the RV tech as to what time he is going to arrive. So we are sitting in our site for the day. The rain did not start until later in the day, around 4. Bob talked to the RV Tech at 4:15, and he said he would be here between 5:30 and 6:00. He never showed up, which was okay, as he cannot put the new air conditioner on the roof in the rain. We watch the movie, Crazy Rich Asians, which we had never seen

Friday- It rained hard all night and is expected to rain hard most of the day. The rain is supposed to stop sometime between 2pm and 4pm. I keep working on the blog every day. Right now, I cannot get online to put the pictures into an older blog, as everyone in the park is on the internet. The RV Tech, Pete did not show up, again. Well, there is always tomorrow!

June 26 Lancaster PA, Philadelphia PA to July 2, Hummarock MA

Saturday- We were hot! The weather had changed from 70’s to 90’s with high humidity. We were pretty miserable. We sat outside most of the day. (Ice cream helped, LOL). We did not hear from the RV Tech most of the day. He had told us he would be here today. He never responded to calls or texts. He sent Bob a text at about 5 and said he was on the way. We had been pretty anxious all day.

He arrived, with his son, and had the air conditioner installed in about an hour. Whew, did that air feel good!

Sunday- We enjoyed the day in air conditioning. We went grocery shopping. That is about all you can do in this area, on a Sunday! We also stopped at a Pep Boys, for oil for the engine; they did not carry the correct oil. So we found an Advance Auto Parts, which carried the correct oil for our Mercedes engine.

Monday- Moving day. We left around 8:30, to drive to Marlton NJ. We went straight to the Elks Lodge. We had expected it to be a large lodge. It was tiny! The Lodge was not open until Wednesday evening.  There was no one there, so we parked in a site, hooked up to water and electric. Bob called the contact and left a message that we had arrived. The three days we were there, we were the only RV there. It was hot. The temp was in the 90’s with very high humidity.

We had a hard time finding a place close to Philadelphia to park the RV. There are no RV parks in the area. We needed the air conditioner so that the dogs would not cook!

Tuesday- at 8, we ordered an Uber. The driver arrived at about 8:20. We had him drive us to the Visitor Center in downtown Philadelphia, about 18 to 20 miles away. We went into the VC, and spoke with a guy at the information desk. He told us to go straight to Independence Hall to get tickets for the tour. We arrived at the Hall, and were told by the NP Ranger, that the tickets are given out at 8:30 each morning, and that we needed to be inline by 8, at the latest. There were no tickets available for today. Bob went online to get tickets, but none we available. We knew we could not be there at 8 tomorrow morning, so we were very disappointed.

We looked at the line for the Liberty Bell, and it was well over the ½ hour mark. So we went to the On/Off Tour Bus. We had a reservation for 10 AM. It was 9:30. There are two different companies, and they had combined due to Covid. You could ride either bus, with your ticket. So we boarded the first bus, and went upstairs, so we could see and I could take pictures.

Betsy Ross House

Betsy and her third husband are buried there. This is not certified to be her house.
China Town entrance. This is completely made without nails or screws to hold it together

Below is the City Hall

Below is a picture of some of the city architecture.

Above is a non-British church which was ransacked by the British during the Revolutionary War. On the close side of the cemetery is a Church of England which they left alone, as they went to church there while occupying Philadelphia. If you look closely at the cemetery, you will see some American flags, next to some of the graves. Each of the graves with the flag is the grave of a Revolutionary Soldier. We rode the bus all the way around the trip, 1.5 hours.

We arrived back at the beginning of the bus tour and transferred to another bus. We took that bus to the Reading Terminal Market. This is a huge building with lots of different vendors. We ate lunch at the Crepe shop. We wandered around and bought a piece of cake for me and a piece of Blackberry pie for Bob, at an Amish vendor.

We hopped back on the bus. We “hopped off ” the bus at the “Rocky Steps”, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Below is us at the top of the steps, looking over the mall. Yes, we climbed them!

Above are the Rocky footprints at the top of the steps

Above is the Rocky statue. One of the most visited sites in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Mueseum of Art does not consider the statue art, so they did not want the statue in front of the building. They moved the statue down to the right of the steps.

Across the street was a statue of George Washington on his horse. Washington’s face was taken from a “live” mask, so it is an accurate replica of his face.

We “hopped on”the bus and returned to the Visitor Center. We called for the Uber and returned to the RV. We had quiet evening.

Wednesday- At 8, we ordered another Uber. Again, we had the driver drop us off at the VC. We went in and I stamped paper with all the Philadelphia stamps. We went to the Liberty Bell and stood in line, as it was less than 30 minutes. My knees set off the security station, so I practically had a strip search. LOL.

Above is the Dali Lama showing a peace sign at the Bell
Thomas Edison visiting the Bell.
Above is when the Bell was taken to Atchison KS, where Bob is originally from. The Bell used to travel alot.

There were a lot of exhibits to read, which demonstrated how the Bell was a symbol against Slavery and for Womens Sufferage.

Bob at the Bell
Me at the Bell.
Independence Hall from the line at the Bell.

We decided our next stop was Congressional Hall. We walked over to Independence Hall, which is where the entrance to the park where Independence Hall and Congressional Hall are located. As we walked towards the security station, the NP Ranger asked us if we wanted Independence Hall tickets for 12:30! We happily said yes and received the tickets. We were told to be there at 12:00. So we went thru the security station. My knees did not set off this machine, but Bob had forgotten to take his handkerchief out of his pocket. The Guard saw the bulge and stopped Bob. He had to go back thru and take that out and put it into one of the containers. Then they saw Bob’s knife on his key ring, and told him just to keep it in his pocket.

We went over and stood in the shade, in the short line for Congressional Hall. Here is a picture I took of the “Privy” while standing in line.

The Privy
Where the House sat. These are not original chairs or tables, they are replicas.
Where the Speaker of the House sat. The chair is original, the only piece in the room that is original. We climbed the steep stairs to the second floor. This building is air conditioned! The temp is in the 90’s and very humid.
Walking down the hallway, we saw both of these rooms.
The Revolutionaries had ties to France, so they had this picture of Marie Antoinette. Below is Marie’s hubby, King Louis XVII.

The Senate room. Some of the furniture is original, the rest are reproductions.

This is the orginal Majority of the Senate chair. John Adams sat here.
Above is the original American Eagle.
The original Congressional drinking fountain! LOL

This is the site, across from the VC, where Washington and Adams lived when in town as President. They seem to be working on the site, which is in front of the Liberty Bell. The house where they lived when in town, was small. I am thinking they are doing a re-creation of the house.

At a little bit before 12, we arrived back at the entrance to Independence Hall. There was a book store there, and we waited in line to enter. We got in the door, but could not go in the store. They were only allowing 6 people in at a time. So at 12, we left and went thru security again. We sat in the shade until 12:25, when we were called up by the NP Ranger. She and a volunteer, checked our tickets. At 12:30, we were allowed to enter. We were told that on Saturday, they will start back with 50 people per tour, their usual number. Our tour was 25 people.

There was a hallway thru the building. We were sent to the left. Here is the Courtroom, which was the first room. This building was used as the Capitol of Pennsylvania for several years, before it was used as Constitutional Hall. It returned to that function, after the Federal Grovernment moved to Washington DC.

The Court room, in Independece Hall

Then we were sent across the hallway to the other room, below. This was where the first peaceful transfer of power occurred, where John Adams was sworn in as President. Then we were sent out the door the front door and that was the end of the tour. Our tour was about 30 minutes.

Here is a picture of the drinking fountain in front of the building. 

We went over to take the Bus to lunch. This time we got off near Reading Terminal Market, where we had lunch yesterday. Today, we walked over to Iron Hill Brewery, and had lunch there.

Bob’s flight of beer
The waitress brought Bob a free taste of a Blue Raspberry beer. It really smelled like Raspberry!
  • We walked to the corner and called for our Uber. We returned to the Elks Lodge. It was about 3:30, when we arrived.

Thursday- Moving Day. We weaved our way back to I-95 and drove north. Against our better judgement, we followed the Google Map directions and crossed the GW Bridge thru New York City. The GPS kept telling us that it was shortest and fastest. We were trying to beat the holiday traffic. The GPS missed, as they had 2 accidents on the upper bridge, which we had to take, as we have propane. So the GPS kept telling us to turn the rig and take the car route through Manhattan. We did not!

We ended up in New Rochelle, (hello Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore). We noted a sign saying we were over height for a bridge on the highway. The bridge was 10.8 ft. and we are 11.1 ft. So we re-routed. The GPS kept trying to send us back under the bridge!

We finally made it back onto I-95 and continued north. By this time it was raining really hard and the holiday weekend traffic had caught up with us. We continued north thru Connecticut and Rhode Island, and into Massachusetts.

We left I-95 and took MA Rt. 3 northeast. We arrived at 5:30, at Fourth Cliff Recreation Area, an Air Force Facility, part of Hanscome AFB. The base is actually northwest of Boston and we are southeast.

Again we followed the GPS, which sent us up a hill. There was a gate there. Bob hopped out of the rig, and opened the gate. We were searching for Site 6, which we had been assigned. Later, we found out, we went in the wrong gate. We were supposed to go thru a different gate, where there are guards. So much for the security!

We found our site. We were in the first site along the water. The ocean was behind us, the bay in front, and the side faced the inlet. It would have been beautiful, if the weather had been good.

“Fourth Cliff, in Humarock MA, is one of a series of cliffs located in Scituate MA. It is a peninsula with the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the North and South Rivers to the west. Before 1898, Fourth Cliff was connected to Third Cliff. The Great Storm of 1898, detached Fourth Cliff from Scituate, when a new mouth for the North River was created. Since 1898, the only access to Fourth Cliff is through Marshfield MA, an adjoining town to Scituate. Fourth Cliff is located in Humarock, a village of Scituate”. Taken from their brochure. Fourth Cliff is 56 acres seaside resort. There are lots of remnants of the bunkers that were there for WWI and WWII.  

When walking around later, we found that at some time, in the not too distant past, a road that was past us to the left of the rig, had fallen into the inlet. There were several sites that were blocked from further use. Glad nothing happened while we were there.

We had the whole site, including the one to the left of the rig.

Friday- The facility has 17 winterized cabins and 4 efficiencies. There were other facilities. We went to the laundry and did all of our loads.. We spent the rest of the day inside, as it was cold, rainy, and windy.

June 19, Waynesboro VA to June 25, Lancaster PA

Saturday- We left the Moose Lodge at about 8:30, trying to get out of their way, as they were already working on preparing for their concert. We hope it does not rain on them, as there may be thunderstorms later.

We stopped at a Walmart Neighborhood Market for diesel and groceries. The diesel was $2.99/gal. We drove thru town to Shenandoah NP/Skyline Drive. It was a free NP day, which meant that not only was it a Saturday, but it was free for everyone. We are always free, using our geezer pass.

Entrance from Waynsesboro.

The road and the parking lots were very busy. Most of the trailhead parking lots were overcrowded, with cars on the side of the road, barely allowing us to drive past.

I did not take as many pictures today, as it was mostly either trees or similar to pictures that I had already taken. We did stop at the two Visitor Centers for the NP stamps. One was Loft Mountain and the other was Big Meadows.

We spent the night at a Boondockers Welcome in Winchester VA. We had a fairly flat site, with 50 AMP. After last night, we were so happy to have air conditioning and less humidity. We had not slept that well last night, due to the heat and humidity. The hosts were very nice.

Sunday- Happy Father’s Day! We said good-bye to the BW folks and went to Tractor Supply for propane. Talk about treading a needle. I was driving the rig and Bob assisted me with backing the rig into the very narrow gate near the propane tank. Our propane gage said that we were half full, but we only needed 1 gallon. Hmm, just can’t trust the gages. We seem to always have someone teaching how to full an RV tank, as each place we have stopped, the manager was teaching an employee how to fill an RV tank. We stopped for diesel, $2.99/gal, as VA was a lot less expensive than PA is going to be!

We continued north to Harpers Ferry WV. We stopped at the Visitor Center and parked the rig.

We walked the dogs, then turned on the generator and the air conditioner for them. It was already over 80 degrees and very humid.

We walked over to the Visitor Center and caught the bus to the town of Harpers Ferry. The bus let us off just outside the lower town.

Our first stop was the books store, to stamp our NP book. I had not brought the big book with me, so I asked the gal for a piece of paper. Good thing she gave me a nice size piece, as there were 8 stamps! They were Lewis & Clark NHT, Journey through Hallowed Ground NHA, Appalachian National Scenic Trail, Potomac Heritage NST, Junior Ranger NHP, National Freedom Network, C&O Canal NHP, and Harpers Ferry NHP.

Then we walked up the hill to the upper town, stopping in the stores.

We climbed a little farther up the road, and found a café for lunch. It was in an old bar. They had some beers on tap, and Bob had the stout, from a local brewery. We both had excellent sandwiches. Below is the original bar.

The next store we stopped at was a historical candy store. They are the only Historical Candy Store (according to them), and they have been a question on Jeopardy! It was very interesting. For instance, Jordan Almonds were literally made “from an ancient process, layer of sugar engulfing seeds and nuts. Almond, the first tree to flower in the Middle East, long a symbol of good beginnings.” These were from 1774 to 1780. I guess they were from Jordan!

We returned to the bus stop and went back to the rig. We walked the dogs, and left, around 1, heading to Antietam National Battlefield. Which was not far away.

View from Visitor Center

Unfortunately, they were not showing the movie, due to the pandemic. There were Park Rangers doing some talks, but we missed those. We went up the stairs in the Visitor Center to look over the close fields, then we walked outside. We returned to the rig and took the dogs and walked them around the various areas around the Visitor Center.

Linclon/McClellan below

We drove the mapped drive around the battle fields.

Both of these NP’s are places you could spend a whole day, just trying to absorb the history. They were both very interesting. Below, all of these people were impacted from the battle. One was a family with 12 children who ran from their house. The Rebels burned the house down. The father tried to get reimbursed for the cost of the home, but the Federal Government said no, they were not responsible for the Rebel damage.

We continued north into Pennsylvania. We are staying for two nights in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country TT Park. We actually drove past the Hershey TT Park, and wished we had stayed there. Most of these sites are not level. Since we had not stayed here before, we thought we would try this park. We had wanted to stay in a BW, but the folks turned us down for Sunday night. Oh well!

We arrived and were assigned a site that the Ranger thought was the most level of all the available sites. It is really un-level, but better than some others! Bob used all the blocks we have to try to level us.

We are under trees, so no satellite, but we can get some local stations.

Monday- We did basically nothing today but rest after our previous busy days. We walked over to the Adult Lounge and I picked out some books and returned with them. Then I spent most of the day working on the blog. We were able to stream the next episode of the Handmaids Tale and Glitch, a show that we have been watching on Netflix. It’s a very weird show, but we ended up attached to the characters. I found that on Amazon Prime Day that they were giving away 4 free months of books on Kindle. So I signed up for that. So I don’t need some of the books that I picked up today.

Tuesday- Moving day. It was pouring rain today. We stopped by the Adult Lounge on our way out of the park, and I dropped off books that we have read, so that we are doing take one, leave one. We left around 9:30 AM and went to Costco. We picked up some items, then went to purchase diesel, $3.39/gal. That was the least expensive that we could find. Neither the Costco nor Sams Club had diesel. This is a big difference from what we have been paying through the south.

We stopped at a Panera for lunch, both of us having chicken noodle soup, since it was cold and rainy. It had just seemed like a soup kind of day!

We had found a laundromat with good ratings, so we went there and spent 2 hours doing laundry. The laundry at the TT was closed, and we were afraid that the one at the next TT would be also. Interestingly, an Amish man, who arrived in a horse and buggy, came in and dried 2 loads of laundry, using the change machine and the electric dryers.

Once the laundry was done, we went to a Walgreens and picked up two of Bob’s prescriptions. He had requested that his doctor’s assistant also include syringes and needles for his Vitamin B12 shot that I give him every 2 weeks. The idiot included 1 syringe. So Bob ended up calling and asking for them to get us a 90 day supply. Last time, years ago, they gave us an entire box of syringes, with the wrong size needle. That is what we have been using for years. Bob could only get 20 syringes, still with a long needle, as all the correct syringes are being used for Covid vaccinations. That will get us back to Arizona.

We drove to the Circle M TT outside of Lancaster. We arrived just after 3 pm. The park is very full. We were able to find a site which was relatively flat and where we could get satellite. This is not the greatest park, but it is included in our plan, so we did not pay anything. There is not enough internet to stream on Verizon.

The rain stopped around 7 pm, and the sky has cleared out. The next 3 days are supposed to be awesome!

Wednesday- We packed up in the morning and drove to Bird in Hand, an Amish town with an awesome market place. It is one of our favorite markets! We wandered through the building, finding a store that we had missed in the past. We bought fresh Amish doughnuts for a mid-morning snack. We walked across the very busy highway to the bakery and purchased a loaf of fresh whole wheat bread.

On the way back to the TT, we stopped and picked up crepes for lunch at a nice little crepe restaurant in downtown. We ate the crepes right in the rig. We returned to the RV park and had a quiet afternoon, sitting outside, as the weather was bright and sunny and in the high 70’s with low humidity

Thursday- We went to the 15th President ,James Buchanan’s home, Wheatland. The home is not a federal facility. When Buchanan left the White House in 1861, he returned to the house, and died there in 1868. He had no wife or children. He had numerous nieces and nephews. He had taken in a niece, Harriet Lane, and a nephew (not a Harriet’s sibling, a cousin) whose parents had died. Harriet became the first “First Lady”, in the White House. She inherited the home. She and her husband used the home as a summer house. She married late, but had 2 sons. Both who died in Baltimore, from Rheumatic Fever. She and her husband moved to New York. Then the husband died. She sold the house and land. The family who purchased the home, eventually sold it for $50,000 to the Junior League, who still own the property, and have a facility on site where they meet.

Pictures are from left to right, except for the first two.

Above, pic 1 was the front of the house, pic 2 was the back of the house, pic 3 was one of the parlors, pic 4 & 5 are the other parlor, pic 6 is his office with the desk he used in the White House. It was commissioned by friends and is made of Idia wood. It was gorgeous! Pic 7 is one of the many marble fireplaces. Pic 8 I the niece’s grand piano. Pic 9 is the entrance hallway, the parlors are on the right and left of the hallway. Pic 10 and 11 are the dining room. The plates all belonged to either Buchanan or his niece. He took the set with him to the White House, then brought it back home. He never purchased an official set, he used his own to save the country money. Pic 12 is the family photo album. Pic 13 is his half bath. I had not seen an actual half bath before. I had heard of them. I assume the person stands in the bath and had the water poured over him. He had a regular bathtub, but it was heavy and of course the staff had to carry up the hot water to the second floor.

As for President Buchanan, the facility had a 20 minute movie about Buchanan. They said it like it was! He was one of our worst Presidents. He had run for the office a couple of times, and never got anywhere. He was sent by President Pierce to Russia, as Ambassador, to get him as far away as possible. He did a great job as Ambassador. While he was gone, The Compromise of 1854 occurred as well as the Dread Scott Decision. Since he was out of the country, he was neutral in both these decisions. The Republicans and Democrats had a problem finding anyone neutral to run, after Pierce, so the Democrats asked him to run. Due to his health, he said he would run, but only for one term.

Buchanan was a strict Constitutionalist, and believed that there was not much that he could do, as President. By basically ignoring the Slavery problem, he pretty much allowed the Civil War to occur. Once Lincoln was elected, he returned to Wheatland. His health deteriorated. He had been a very rich man (and a miser), so he had a large estate. The nieces and nephews divided up the furniture and Harriet had sold Wheatland. Once the Lancaster Junior League took the home over, the family started returning the items to the home. A lady( not a family member), who had Harriet’s grand piano, called the facility and said if they would come and take the piano, she could give it to them for free. Needless to say, they said yes.

There are a lot of newspaper pictures of the home, so the home is almost exactly as it had been when Buchanan lived there. Harriet was an interesting person. Not only did she take care of Buchanan from the time she arrived at Wheatland, but she acted as his First Lady. She was very popular, although Buchanan was not. She traveled to Great Britain to represent him. She and Queen Victoria became very close friends( note the Queen’s picture in Pic 6 above.) Also in this time period, the Presidents could accept gifts from anyone, so Buchanan and Harriet had a lot of gifts from various people/groups, which are in the home.

After visiting the home, we went to lunch at Katy’s Diner. It was an Amish restaurant, and one of the best meals we had ever had! Bob had the meatloaf meal, and I had the shredded beef with gravy and stewed tomatoes. (I know, sounds funny, but it was awesome!). We also had their home made buttered noodles and rolls with their peanut butter. We will definitely go back there, next time we are in the area!

We returned to the RV Park. We were having a nice afternoon, until the air conditioner went out. Right as the temperatures started going higher! It was still bearable at night. Bob immediately called an RV Tech. He will come out tomorrow.

Friday- So much for doing much today! We waited for the RV Tech to arrive. He arrived, checked out the air conditioner, and said the compressor( he confirmed Bob’s diagnosis), had died. He checked and found out that the air conditioners are back ordered for 6 to 8 months! EEEK! The temp and humidity went up dramatically, that day and over the next few days.

He said that he had some used ones, would we take a used one. We said yes, he said that he would be back tomorrow to put it in. Bob noticed that his hearing aid was not working, so after the Tech left, we went to Costco to have it fixed. It was so hot, that I sat in the rig in the parking lot with the engine running, with the motor air conditioner running to keep the dogs cool enough.

Fortunately, with our fan, the inside of the rig, at night, did not get too hot. We sat outside with the dog until it cooled off enough . The Waggle dog temperature monitor, kept letting us know that it was too hot inside the RV! We stopped at Good and Plenty Restaurant and picked up an Amish dinner.

June 12 to June 18 Ashville NC to Blue Ridge Parkway

Bare with me folks, I may have my days mixed up, as I have had so many problems with getting pictures into the blog. I think I now have the problem fixed, at least I hope so!

Saturday- We went a little bit later to the Shambaughs, then went to an awesome lunch at the Moose Cafe. This restaurant was defininately our kind of place. Sort of like Cracker Barrell, but much better. Excellent food and excellent service.

From there we went to a garden store for Dave and to a Walmart Supercenter. We returned to the rig for the evening.

Sunday- We stayed later at the RV, working on tasks. We went to the Shambaugh’s just in time for lunch. We took the dogs with us. The Shambaugh’s have two kitty’s who had never been exposed to dogs. So we all watched, carefully, with interest, as to how the cats and dogs would react. There was some mutual curiosity, but all the pets seem to get along fine. We kept the dogs outside on their deck and the cats were inside. They stood at the door and looked at each other through the glass, then got bored and wandered away.

I did lots of loads of laundry, thank you Nancy for the use of your machine! Late in the afternoon, we took the dogs with us, and all went to Biltmore (the Vanderbilt Mansion). The Shambaugh’s have a season pass to the facility, and after 5 PM, they can bring in guests. We wandered through one of the commercial areas, where they have restaurants, their wine tasting room/ purchase area, and a food truck. We ate at the food truck, and we were very proud of our dogs, as they were both very well behaved while we were there. Koda had been a bit anxious on the ride to the Estate, but once she figured out we were not leaving her there, she was back to normal. Below is Bob with the dogs, at one of the statues. This one depicts a Vanderbilt daughter with her dog.

Below is a very interesting, temporay, art display. You could walk thru the art.

We went to view the Mansion. The cost to tour the house, was $70, per person. I had been there before, years ago, and it was not expensive at that time. We just drove by the gardens and the house.

We returned to the Shambaugh’s and had some ice cream. We put the clean clothes into the truck, and returned to the RV Park.

Monday- We went to Dave and Nancy’s house, then on to Hendersonville NC. I had discovered that they had a Genealogy Center there, and Bob has some ancestors who lived in NC. While driving from the RV to the Shambaugh’s, Bob had spotted a sign that said Trantham Farm Rd. He remembered that there were Trantham’s in his family tree. He sent a message to his cousin, Ronda, in Arizona, to double check on who they were. She sent lots of info. Nancy also has found that she has relatives that lived in NC, so we went to the Genealogy Center first. Nancy is new to Genealogy, so she just watched and talked with the gals there. Bob found that he needed to go to a different Genealogy Center, in another county. Both Dave and I left to wander around. Dave went looking at various stores. I also went shopping. Along the streets were some of the following bears. 

There was one bear on each corner of Main Street. I am only showing a few. We ate lunch at Abby’s Café. Dave and Nancy worked their way to the truck. Bob and I went into the Mast General Store, where I had found the hat Bob wanted, in his size. We went upstairs in the store and Bob tried the hat on. It fit, so he purchased a Tilly hat. It should last him 20 years and it is machine washable.

From Hendersonville, we went to the Sierra Nevada Brewery. Bob had a flight of beer the rest of us had a fancy dessert.

Bobs four beers, a Cherry Blonde, Kellerweis, Porter, and a Stout.

Nancy and Dave drove us back to the RV Park, and we said our good-bye’s for this trip. It had been 5 years since we had seen them. Wow, time does fly!

Tuesday- We left the RV Park at around 8:30. We stopped for diesel and propane, then returned to the Blue Ridge Parkway, north. Our first stop was off the parkway, we went to the Original Mast General Store. It was really fun! The first place we came to was the Annex. It had some candy and other stuff. We left there and went to the actual Mast General Store, about 2/10 a mile farther. There was plenty of parking!

The Annex
This is the back of the store where the parking is located.
Actual store from the front.

Inside the store.

The drawers above are for small items like nails and screws. The store had a woking Post Office in it with the old time PO Boxies. That picture has seemed to have disapppeared!

We turned right out of the parking lot and traveled over a very zig-zagging road, back to the Blue Ridge Parkway. We stopped at the Folk Art Center. Below is the only picture I could take, as no pictures were allowed inside. That is a shame, because the are is beautiful artwork located and for sale there! I really enjoyed speaking with one of the artists.

After we toured the center, we ate lunch at a picnic table in the parking lot. Because it was a NP, I returned after lunch and stamped our NP Passport Book, in the Folk Art Center.

From the Tanbar Ridge Overlook 3575 ft.

We continued traveling north. We stayed at the Julian Price NP campground for the night, $10 with our geezer pass. . NP’s have a dump station, potable water, and dumpsters. All located somewhere on the property. The sites have no services, so we were boondocking. The weather seemed cold, after the heat in Ashville.

Wednesday- We continued traveling north on the Parkway. We traveled thru a lot of tunnels and under bridges.

Just some scenery from an overlook.

We stopped at another NP for the evening, Rocky Knob NP Campground. UGH, they had no sites that we could fit into. The new to us rig is so much smaller, but every site we could use, had our slide sticking out into the road. Most of the sites were for reservation only.

So we punted and found a commercial campground for $20 a night. It was old and very rundown. It had just been sold to a new owner, and he really had some work to do. It was called Father Rabbit Camp Ground. It only had 20 amp service. The previous owner must have just put in some cabins, because they were new, but we could not understand why anyone would want to stay at that location for a week! There was nothing around the area, except for the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Thursday- We continued traveling north. We stopped at the Mabry Mill, built in 1910. It is located in the Meadows of Dan, Virginia.  What a nice place and very interesting. We wandered around outside, with the dogs, looking at the facility. It was a NP attraction, but they had no stamps for the NP Passport Book.

This was the home.
How the water travels to the mill,;the water is from 2 streams
Bob walking thru the park.

That night we stayed at Peaks of Otter NP campground, which had decent sites.

Friday- We continued our drive north, we were in Virginia. We stopped at this little lake and found a waterfall.

Interesting tree.

We continued on towards Waynesboro. As soon as we had phone service, Bob called the local Elks Lodge. The gal said that they had one site available. So we went to the Lodge. The Lodge had 4 sites total, and all were occupied. The one that the gal thought was empty, the guy had gone out for propane or diesel. So I called the Moose Lodge. They have one site, which I was told had electric. I was also told we could only stay one night. So we moved to the Moose Lodge. The electric was 110, and it was pretty hot. But we made it work.

The Moose Lodge was having a big concert the next day, which was why we had to move. We went to the Lodge in the evening and had a wonderful dinner of meatloaf, mac n’ cheese or potatoes, gravy, green beans and a roll. It was all freshly cooked by their volunteer cooks. Yummy!

Fortunately, the temp went down into the low 70’s at night, and with our fan, we made it through. I checked out two BW’s. One turned us down for Sunday night. One accepted us for Saturday night, outside of Harrisburg. I made a TT reservation for Sunday evening in Pennsylvania.

June 5 to June 11- Atlanta, GA to Ashville, NC.

Saturday- We ordered an Uber at a little after 8. The driver had trouble finding us, and we had ordered early, which was a good thing, to make sure that we were able to get to our World of Coca-Cola reservation at 10 AM. $25 for the trip. The driver was located was very close, so we did not even get to drink our coffee before we had to walk to the pickup site. It was on the main street of the campground, and about a 5 minute walk uphill.

It was an easy ride into the city, through a very nice area of Atlanta. We arrived and walked right in, as we arrived at about 9:40. We were socially distanced and had to wear masks. We were taken into a room, with numbers on the floor. We had to stand on the number, socially distancing us from others. They had gals who did an intro to Coke around the world.

Below is Cokes moto:

Then we were taken into another room; there was a lot of memorabilia in this room. The employee there kept us entertained by asking us which decade certain objects were from.

Next we went into a movie about Coke. The song is still in my head! From there, we were sent into another area. This is where the Cola bear is located for pictures. We had our pictures taken, and we moved on to look at the various exhibits. 

Picture with the Coke Bear
Above is the infamous vault where they alledgely keep the sacred coke formula!

We ended up in the tasting room. We tasted the various coke products from around the world, after starting with TAB and USA Coke. The gal stopped us at the exit, to make sure that we had seen everything. We realized we had missed the 3D movie, so we went back waited the 6 minutes to enter the movie theater. The movie was silly and cute!

We returned to the exit, which of course, sends you into the Coca-Cola store. Bob had forgotten his hat, so he bought one, as we had more sites to visit.

It was lunch time, so we stopped for lunch at a Johnny Rockets, the place with the shortest line. We ate lunch, then walked over to Centennial Plaza, which is across from the World of Coca-Cola.

I know I took pictures of all 4 of them, but I seem to be missing one. I really am having issues with getting pictures from my phone to my laptop.

Only half of the plaza was open, so we wandered through what we could. By this time, it had started to rain. So we returned to the World of Coka-Cola area and called an Uber to take us back to the campground.

The return trip was not as pleasant, as there was a lot of traffic. I actually fell asleep on the return drive, which took about 45 minutes. All of the Uber drivers have been great!

We walked the dogs and then packed up the motor home and drove over to the entertainment center of Stone Mountain. We paid and entered the facility. It was really a waste of time and money. The park would have been nice, if you have kids; it was really great if you have kids, as they had a large play area, but the rest of the place was not only empty, there was just not a lot there to see! Amazingly, there were a lot of African Americans there. We found that interesting.

We stopped and had some ice cream, then went to the 4D movie, which again, was cute, but really for kids. We rode the 5 mile train, which runs every half hour, around the Stone Mountain, which is not really a mountain. It’s a granite dome.

Your have now the park. That is all there is!

Other than being a memorial to the Confederacy, I am not sure what the issue is….it is not visible anywhere except in the park. It is low on the stone and trees block the view, except from the lawn in front of the carving.

Stone Mountain itself is very confederate. The streets are named, Jefferson Davis Drive, Stonewall Jackson Drive, Robert E. Lee Blvd. There were no confederate flags. Maybe they were busier Memorial Day weekend, but the place was very empty when we were there.

Each evening they have a laser show and fireworks, which we did not attend. It was an extra cost, and Koda has issues with the fireworks, so we stayed home with her. We could hear them in the RV Park.       

It was looking like rain, so we left and returned to the rig. Bob walked the dogs, quickly, and we left that area. We stopped at the Commons golf course to pick up carry out dinner. By this time it was pouring rain. We returned to our site and settled in for the evening, eating dinner and watching some recorded TV, since there were too many trees for our satellite.  

Sunday- We did not have to be out of the park until 12, so we took our time, doing our usual Sunday tasks. We left around 10, and went to a Walmart and Petsmart, as we needed dog food. We stopped and picked up sandwiches for lunch. We ate them in the rig, then continued on to a COE park called Shell Creek COE Park. I had tried the phone number that I had to find out if they had any open spaces, but the phone number had been disconnected. So I looked the phone number up online, and called. The gal who answered the phone, said yes they did, but the sites started at $46. HUH? COE parks are usually $20, and with our geezer pass, we get the sites ½ price. Obviously I had the wrong RV Park. So, since it was a Sunday, we decided to just show up.

We arrived at the RV Park, and there was a sign, advertising the Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville Senior Housing off I 95 in Georgia. We thought that was odd, but we went in. The COE had sold the park to Margaritaville Enterprises!

We asked about the other COE Park, Vanpugh South, and the gals did not know anything. So Bob called and they said we had to check Reserve America to find out if there were any sites. We drove up there, about 10 miles. Yes they were a COE park, but now all of the COE parks reservations HAVE to be made online at RA. Usually RA charges for the reservation, but they did not this time. We are guessing that they do not charge extra for the COE parks, although they really charge ridiculous amounts for state parks. Especially if you are only planning to stay one night. We paid $11 for the night. We had water and electric. Our issue, was of course, since the hot water heater was not working, we had to use their showers. UGH! They were pretty awful!  The ladies room only had the regular shower working, not the handicap one. There was no shower curtain, although there was a door. I had to put everything as far away as possible, so the items would not get wet. Bob said that the men’s room had water all over the entire room on the floor, and he had the same issues that I did. After how clean we kept the showers in Michigan, when we were work-campers, we can really spot the issues! We can’t wait to get the part to fix our hot water heater!

Monday- We left around 8:30 and traveled north in Georgia. We stopped in the town of Sylva for chocolates at a pretty good chocolate store, Baxleys. Bob knew about Sylva, because a speaker at a seminar he had attended was from there, and he remembers, because the speaker bragged that they never have mosquitos. Somehow that stuck in his mind!

We drove north to the Town of Tallulah Falls. We stopped at the falls and walked the dogs. There is a Georgia $5 state park parking fee. We parked that walked down to one of the falls. Below is upper Tallulah Falls.

There was a second falls that we were thinking of visiting, but there was a big dog going bonkers, barking and trying to get to our dogs. So we turned around and walked back.

I went back thru the Visitor Center and Bob walked the dogs around the building. We continued our drive north to Black Rock State Park. Whew, did they have a mountain to climb, in the rig! By the time we got to the Visitor Center, we were exhausted with the uphill drive. We were both very glad we were in the small RV and not our big Alfa. We had already paid the parking fee for the Georgia State Parks, so we did not have to pay again.

We crossed the Eastern Continental Divide on the drive up the mountain.

The views were spectacular from the top of the mountain, at the Visitor Center.

A nice selfie of us at Black Rock Mountain.

The plan had been to travel thru the park and continue our drive through the northern mountains of Georgia. We decided instead of heading to the Harvest Host Winery we were planning to spend the night at, we would stay right there in their RV Park. (I called and cancelled). We signed up for a site in the Visitor Center and went and parked. It was a nice campground, with water, electric, and cable TV. Bob suddenly realized, we did not have a cable TV cord for the rig. One of the neighbors had one that he loaned to us. We certainly were not driving back down that road to the Walmart to get a cord! It started to rain, and we settled in for the night.

Tuesday– We drove back down that very steep hill, without any issues. We turned north on Hwy. 441 to travel into North Carolina. We entered the Blue Ridge Parkway in Cherokee NC.

This is the southern most entrace to the park. We drove slowly on the Parkway. The speed limit is 35, but we were usually slower than that. We arrived at the highest peak on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We stopped at Big Witch overlook, at 4160 elevation. Bob walked the dogs while I took a picture.

While we were at the overlook, a group of motorcyclists drove into the overlook, and from each direction. The ones coming from the north told the ones coming from the south to turn around. The ones coming from the north were drenched. As soon as we started our drive down this mountain, it started raining very hard. That slowed us down even more! I had texted Nancy that we were going to be later than expected!

We went straight to our friends Nancy and Dave Shambaugh, at their house in Biltmore Lake NC, which is west of Ashville NC. As we made a turn on their street we saw Nancy sitting on her porch reading. We waved, as we passed the house to turn around in the cul-de-sac and parked in front of their beautiful new home.

We took the tour of the outside of the house with the dogs. Then we put them back into the rig with the air conditioner going, and took the inside tour. We sat and talked and they cooked us a nice dinner.

We left around 7, to go to our campsite, which was unfortunately a ½ hour away. We arrived and set up the rig. We have a full hook up in small park along the Pigeon River.

Wednesday- Dave and Nancy arrived to pick us up. We went to Maggie’s Valley. We stopped in at the Visitor Center to find out what interesting places were in the area. We found a Barn Quilt Trail. There were a lot of them, but because we were driving, it was difficult to find them. They are small and not necessarily on barns. They were on houses and businesses.

There was not a lot in Maggie’s Valley, (it’s more of a winter skiing destination or summer hiking), so we went to Waynesville. This was a cute little town, with a nice Main Street. We found parking and wandered down Main Street. Our first stop was at the Kitchen Store. I had a great time there! We purchased an orange peeler, microwave covers for the rig, and small covers (it was a 2 pack) for my wine glasses. We also found some cute napkins for Bob’s beer tasting scheduled in November in Lake Havasue, AZ.

Barn Quilts, not on barns!

We wandered a bit more, and decided to go to lunch. We ate at The Patio, a dog friendly restaurant, only open on their very nice patio. We each had sandwiches, which were all very good. Mine was so big I took ½ home and had the second half for dinner.

We went down one side of the street and back up the other. We stopped in at the Mast General Store which reminded us of the Stowe Vermont General Store. They had a section just for shoes and hiking, they had a section for clothing and hats, downstairs was candy and kitchen items. Upstairs was outdoor equipment and clothing. We did not end up buying anything. Bob needs a new hat, but they did not have any in his size.

We wandered down the first side of the street, and at the turn to the next side, we found these items. We took pictures.

Bob, me, Nancy and Dave
Dave took this picture for us…

On the second side of the street, we wandered into a Chocolate store. There were various prices for the chocolate. The gal at the counter just charged us the lowest price for all of what we purchased. She got a nice tip!

We stopped in at The Blue Ridge Beer Store. They had a lot of single beers, which is what Bob likes to purchase, as that way he can try various beers. He bought 8, and he drank two ½ pints of beer, from their counter. He had a nice chat about various beers with the guy who worked there. The store also had some wines and ciders.

Bob with the beer. Dave daydreaming. Nancy had gone back to another store to look for a wedding gift.

We returned to Dave and Nancy’s house, and ran back to the motor home, to walk the dogs. Dave and Nancy had graciously let us use their pick-up truck for the rest of the time that we are here.

We went to dinner, in the town where we are staying, Canton, to the Bearwaters Brewing Company. Bob had a flight of beer. I just drank water. Bob had a BBQ sandwich and I had a flatbread pizza. It was made with apple butter, caramelized onions, chicken, cheese and some BBQ sauce. It was excellent!

Bob enjoyed his beers.

We returned home to happy dogs!  We are streaming season 4 of The Handmaid Tale.

Wednesday- We returned to Nancy and Dave’s house. They had a gutter guy coming to the house, we stayed at the house waiting for him to come. Nancy made some really awesome sandwiches for lunch, with some wonderful rye bread.

It was nice to have a quiet day. I worked on the blog, using their excellent ATT internet. The internet at the park is extremely slow. It had taken 15 minutes to transfer 1 picture.

We returned to the park, and had a quiet evening, cooking dinner and walking the dogs. We continued watching the The Handmaid Tale.

Thursday- We went to the Nancy and Dave’s. We all left and went to at The Moose Cafe for lunch. The food and service were excellent. We all went to a Farmers Market.

Us being silly!

This market is open daily and had all the usual items. It was inside, which was nice, as the weather has been very rainy, most of the week. I was able to purchase some canalope ( awesome tasting) and some peach salsa. From their we went to pick up some items for Dave at a garden store and we stopped at a Super Walmart. We returned to the house, then returned to the RV park.

Above the two pictures are looking different ways from our RV site. This was the Possum River.

Friday- We all went to downtown Ashville. We parked in the Cathedral parking lot and walked over to The Grove Arcade.

Our lunch at a Woolwoorth 5&10

I am still having problems with picutres. Nancy had purchased her new hat at a very nice hat shop in the Grove Arcade. The Grove Arcade opened in 1929. It is still the largest building in Ashville. Originally, it was going to be a hight rise, but that never happened. The building was taken over by the government during WWII. Now there are retail stores on the first floor and businesses on the second floor. The Woolworth above, is on another block, across from the Grove Arcade. We also went to the Visitor Center while we were in town.

Sat. May 29 to Fri. June 4- Hilton Head SC, Statesboro GA, Atlanta GA

Saturday- We packed up to leave. Dr. Bob arrived around 8 AM from Statesboro with the pick-up truck and we put the bikes on the back. We said our good-bye’s to everyone. Jackie let the rental company know we were out of the house and I texted Kim, who had the dogs that we were on our way.

The traffic was not bad leaving Hilton Head around 9 AM, since we were heading south, back to Statesboro. We stopped and picked up the happy dogs. They did not seem too traumatized staying a week with Kim. We will use Rover again!

Once back in Statesboro, we unpacked the car. Bob took the bike rack off the pickup truck and put it back on our rig. Meanwhile, Jackie and Bob, who have been looking online for houses in Virginia, had found one that they were very interested in buying. So they decided to leave in the morning for Virginia, with their motor home, towing their car. They kindly let us stay at their home for the Memorial Day weekend. We will be leaving on Tuesday.

We had leftover enchiladas from Hilton Head for dinner and watched some TV.

Sunday- Jackie and Bob had packed up their rig last night. They only had a few items to pack this morning. All the dogs were very confused! One of their dogs, Trixie, decided she would take a nap on Jackie’s clothes and cell phone as she knew Jackie was not leaving without them! They left around 7:30.

We ate breakfast and took their pick-up truck to Walmart to grocery shop. We picked up a few items and returned to their house. I had worked on last week’s blog and Bob read his book and played on his iPad.

It was a quiet day.

Monday- Today was another restful day for us, reading and hanging out. I worked some more on the blog. I have been having a lot of trouble with transferring pictures from my phone to my computer. It’s been very frustrating!

In the afternoon, we went to Brusters for ice cream. They did not have my favorite flavor, so I had the Chocolate Éclair. It was very different from the same flavor I had in Arizona. This tasted like a Boston Cream doughnut. It was very good. I don’t think I got the right flavor in Arizona, or they made it differently.

We did a lot of packing in the evening.

Tuesday- We left around 8:30. We had filled the pick-up with diesel yesterday, and it was $2.759 a gallon. This morning, at the same Walmart Neighborhood Market, the price was $2.889 a gallon. Wow, a big increase overnight! Still inexpensive compared to elsewhere.

We drove north on I-16, stopping at a Loves for propane. We drove west to Americus. Then continued on to Plains GA. Home to former President Jimmy Carter. We stopped at the Plains Visitor Center, and the gal gave us a map, showing the Carter historical stops. Of course, she also gave us each a packed of peanuts! We left and went into Plains. Our first stop was at Jimmy Carter’s High School, which is the Federal Historic Site. It was not open as it is under construction and due to the pandemic. I did get out of the rig and take a picture.

Next we had to stop and take a picture of the smiling peanut.

From there we went to the church where Jimmy Carter preaches. If you want to attend one of his sermons, you have to arrive at 6 AM, and get in line in the parking lot. You need to check first to make sure that a bus is not coming in. The tickets are first come/first serve, unless there is a bus coming, in which case, no tickets availabe. The service is at 10:30! It is quite a wait; but it is a small church.

The next place on the list was Billy Carter’s gas station. It contains a small museum, but we were not really interested in going it. It did not look open anyway.

From there, we drove past the Carter compound. There is sidewalk construction on that side of the street, so it was impossible to see anything, other than the Secret Service building and the agents cars. The house is behind the Secret Service building, and normally, if there is no construction, there is a viewpoint to be able to look at the Carter house. 

We continued west, turning left to go to the Jimmy Carter NHS, which was his boyhood home.

There was RV parking and we were allowed to walk the dogs around the facility. The dogs just could not go into the house or near the mules.

Below is the back side of the house.

The house does not have original furniture and is typical of its time. Below is the bathroom. This was a big deal. First, they had an outhouse, below. Which was away from the house.

Since the new bathroom was inside, they actualy had a shower. See the pail in the background?

The house was small and faced a road and the railroad track. The train came thru at 2:30 AM. The Carters were used to it, but guests thought the train was coming thru the house!

Next was the tennis court. Carter played tennis with his father on this clay court.

Wednesday- We packed up in the morning, and went back to Americus. We turned north and went to Andersonville NHS. Andersonville is actually the National POW Museum. The exhibits are about POW’s from all American Wars. The museum was very interesting and also very sad! Looking at the pictures of the men who had been POW’s in WWII, they looked like pictures of the Jewish prisoners we saw at Nuremburg, when we went there. They were skin and bones. We did enjoy the short movie of the POW’s returning home and all the happy people. There was also an exhibit of the wives (and other family members) who talked about waiting to hear about their loved ones. They would show the family member, talking about what it was like waiting at home and then the POW, waiting in the camps to be rescued. There were women POW’s in the Civil War and other wars, including from Iraq and Afghanistan.

We toured outside. It is hard to imagine what it must have been like for the POW’s from the Civil War. The stockade was built for 300 men and over 3,000 were there. There was no water, sanitation or food. Few escaped. Many, many died. The women there were put to work in the hospital to care for the dying.

Below is the spring to supply water to everyone. There was no way that it was enough for 300 men, never mind 3000!

We left and stopped for lunch at a little café in Americus. On the way through, we saw a sign for the airport which talked about Linberg stopping there. So we went in to look.

We shopped at Walmart and returned to the BW home for the night again. Bob met us again, and we talked for a long time. He is a craft beer drinker and he and his wife RV, so we had a lot in common.

We ate dinner and watched Netflix.

Thursday- We left around 8:30 and drove first south, then north to Plains. We continued through Plains, to Hwy. 41 in Preston. We continued north following Hwy 41 through miles of Georgia countryside. It was a very nice drive, most of the way, at 55 mph. We stopped in Manchester, and purchased diesel for $3.039. We stopped at a BBQ stand, and picked up lunch. We continued on to Warm Springs, to the FDR Little White House, which is a state run facility. We pulled into the RV parking, finding a place in the shade, and we ate lunch. We left the dogs in the rig, and went to tour the facility. It was $10 each, senior rate.

Both signs are near the entrance.

Above is the car hand controls that FDR designed himself so that he could drive his car.

One of his cars…

He was quite a stamp collector. Below, there were flags from all the states. Unfortunatly, they were not in very good shape. The Docent said they are going to buy new ones, when the new budget starts July 1.

We walked down to the Little White House.

The building on the right is the servents quarters. The building on the left was the guest house. The middle one was the Presidents house.

His bed…

His desk

The Presidential throne… note how it is elevated for easier transfer from wheelchari to seat.

Below is the uncompleted picture of FDR, that he was sitting for, when he had the massive stroke that killed him. If you look closely, you can see the penciled in parts that are not completed.

Below is the completed picture.

This was Meriwether County Georgia. In the county there was a Mural Trail. We were able to find several of the murals

in the area. Here they are:

Manchester: the railroad industry, a tribute to military service men and woment, along with local heroes are featured. FDR often came to the city to sip cherry cokes, which were delivvered to him curbside. Stuart Woods, NY Times bestselling author is featured, along with a loca business man and a former police Captain, know for his white cadillac and diamond rings.

Above is

Above is Warm Springs : This mural is referred to as the Presidents’ Mural as it depicts three Presidents who have honored the area with their presence. The busts represent the Polio Hall of Fame located on the grounds of Roosevelt Warm Springs. A classic photo shows tears streaming down the cheeks of accordion-playing Chief Petty Officer Graham Jackson as Mr. Roosevelts flag-draped funeral train leaves warm Spring in 1945.

This last one, below, is not on the brochure, but FDR is in the left corner fishing and in the right corner, behind the tree, is his car.

We returned to Manchester to purchase propane, but could not find any. So we stopped at Dairy Queen for chocolate cones. They did not have chocolate ice cream, so we ended up with the vanilla ice cream coated with chocolate. This has happened to us before, where the DQ does not carry chocolate ice cream! We continue on to FDR State Park, where we had a reservation. We had a beautiful site, overlooking a lake! It was a really nice park!

Friday- Our next drive was to Atlanta. We accidently drove into the town of Stone Mountain.  It is a very small town, and we were over the weight limit for their roads. That was an issue, so we left and went out of town for lunch. We ended up at a gourmet school restaurant. That was interesting. They were teaching waiters, waitresses, and chefs. The food was good, but their selection was limited.

Our destination was Stone Mountain Park. Yes, that Stone Mountain. We wanted to see what all the hub-bub was about. We had a reservation. We stayed near the lake in the very busy campground. It is clear, that the facility is hurting for money, as the campground, while expensive, was very run down. We had 30 amp/water, but no cable or sewer.

We had made a reservation in town for a German Restaurant, called the Village Corner German Restaurant. We ordered an Uber to take us to the restaurant. $15.00. The driver was great. He dropped us off at the door.

Our dinners were excellent, but they had a real problem with service and wine. I wanted a glass of wine, they were out of the Moscato. So I asked for a White Zinfandel. They were out of that also. No wine for me; I drank water. Bob was able to drink a flight, but they seemed to have a shortage of waiters, so he had to wait and then he wanted another beer, and it took a while for the waiter to come for the order and to deliver it. I am pretty sure this is all pandemic related!

We ordered our Uber for the return drive, and he showed up fairly rapidly.

Sat. May 22 to Fri. May 28- Hilton Head SC

Saturday- We packed up everything for our week at the beach. We will be returning to Statesboro, after Hilton Head. Bob and Jackie took their pickup truck to Hilton Head and we drove their Equinox. We dropped the dogs off on the way, in Buffington, south of Hilton Head. The dogs are staying at a Rover home. This is the second time we have used Rover and have been very impressed. Rover is an app, and you can choose homes, that have certified referrals.

We left the dogs with Kim B. and her family. She greeted them and they seemed okay. We continued on to Hilton Head, arriving early. We met up with Jackie and Bob at World of Beer. Evidently there a several World of Beer restaurants.

We had lunch. They even had a beer that I like, the Cupcake Moscoto. Hmm, it did not taste the same as the last time I had it. It’s an Italian Moscoto. Jackie and I stayed sober and the guys enjoyed some beers. I had a flatbread for lunch, which was excellent. Bob had a pimento cheeseburger, which he liked. He really liked the tater tots that came with the burger. They were the best we have ever had! Nice and crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Bob H had the pretzel, which was the size of a small steering wheel. Jackie had the hummus appetizer. My Bob had a really good beer flight, which of course, gives him the opportunity to try various beers. Then he had a second beer flight!

The rest of our group arrived, on the island, at around 3, and picked up their order at Harris-Teeter. We stopped in at the Kroger, near the restaurant. Then we headed over to our rented house at 130 Robin Drive.

Meanwhile, Beth had taken 4 year old Sage to the beach to keep her entertained until the house was ready. Sage asked if they could go into the ocean. Beth said no, because they had their clothes on! Not a problem for a 4 year old, she just stripped off all her clothes on the beach! Oh to be 4 again!! LOL

We met up at the house. There are 10 adults and Sage. The two from Florida, Carl and Heidi did not arrive until around 8 pm. The rest of us ordered dinner. Bob, Bob H, Jackie and I went to pick up dinner. Each of us ordered separately, so we picked up 4 orders, including orders for Mary and Nancy. Beth, Frank, and Sage ate at the house. I had the grilled scallops, which were very good, but their french fries and coleslaw were awful. Oh well!

The house sleeps 12. We had an upstairs queen bed, which was very comfortable, with private bathroom. Of course, since the house is built on stilts, it was a hike up the two long flights of stairs with all our stuff! At least we got some exercise in!

Of course when we arrived, we had a great time hugging everyone. It has been so long since we had seen them.

Sunday- Bob and I rode our bikes on the wonderful bike paths around Hilton Head. We did this each day we were there, covering about 5 to 6 miles each day!

We had two chefs with us. Carl and Frank. Frank cooked breakfast, every day. Pancakes, eggs, bacon—whatever. Bob and I had our usual. Bob had bran flakes and I had oatmeal with blueberries. We would have a piece of bacon and some of Nancy’s Irish Soda Bread. I got that recipe from her, since it was so good!

We hit the beach around 9. The house is across the street from the beach, and as a result, $1600 less expensive than the house beachfront. We did really well choosing a house, as the pool is nice and so is the house. We also have an ocean view off the patio around the pool. Beth, Sage and Frank in the pool.

We all went to the beach. We had paid for 4 beach umbrellas and 4 beach chairs. The house came with 4, regular bikes. We had brought our own bikes. Jackie had brought her two umbrellas and her two chairs. We had brought our own two chairs. Beth brought a nice beach wagon and Jackie had a different kind of beach carrier. The larger wheels did pretty well through the sand.

Carl and Frank cooked dinner for us. What a feast! We had two kinds of shrimp, seared scallops, grilled salmon and Chilean Sea Bass. Plus chicken for Mary, who does not eat fish, plus sides. Wow was the meal awesome! Here is Bob learning how to grill salmon.

Monday– Same breakfasts, same bike ride, and back to the beach. Sage really liked the pool. Bob had dropped his BAHA while moving the bikes to the pickup truck on Saturday. It had broken, so he called the company early in the morning. We took the BAHA to a FedEx store, and mailed it off to the company. It is still under warranty, so they are going to program a new one and send it to him. We are having it sent to our friends Nancy and Dave, who we will be visiting in 2 weeks.

We stopped at a deli and picked up sandwiches for lunch. We returned and took a nice nap. I went out to the beach later in the day, and Bob stayed at the house.

From left to right Nancy, Bob H., Jackie, Mary.

Carl and Frank cooked another awesome dinner. Ribs this time, with sides, including homemade corn bread. They were trying two different versions, not telling us which was which. We just told them which one we liked better. They are opening a restaurant, and we were their test subjects. It was a tough job, but someone needed to do it! LOL

Tuesday- It was basically the same day. More beach! We went in the afternoon with Beth and Sage for ice cream, at the Ice Cream Cone. The guy at the visitor center said it was the best ice cream on the beach.  We were not impressed!

Carl and Frank cooked Surf and Turf for dinner this evening. Wow! Grilled steak and Lobster tails! Yummy! This is spoiling us! It was also Nancy’s birthday, so we sang happy birthday and we all had cheesecake (from Walmart which was very good) for a dessert.

Above is Nancy, Heidi, Jackie, and Mary. The gals having girl time! The guys were all inside watching hockey. In the evenings, we would sit out around the pool and talk, or read books, or play games with Sage.

Wednesday- Both Bob’s, Jackie, Mary and I went to Savannah for the day. It was only a little bit over an hour drive. We dropped the guys off at The Georgia Railroad Museum.

Mary moved to the front seat so she could see better, and Jackie drove us around Savannah looking at various sites. Eventually, we parked in a parking garage, and walked down to the waterfront. There is really great shopping there. I found at Life is Good shirt for riding my bike, which wicks away sweat and is no sleeves. We also sampled and bought pralines. I brought Bob some fudge.

We met the guys at the Blue Moon Brewery in Savannah for lunch. Mary and Bob had flights. Bob H and Jackie just drank some beer. Because we were going to Leopold’s Ice Cream afterwards. I had a salad and mac’, n cheese. Bob had a bratwurst. Both of us were ordering off the appetizer menu.

We walked over to Leopold’s. We passed two ice cream shops, including a Ben and Jerry’s on the way. No lines there! We waited about 20 to 30 minutes in the line a Leopold’s. The ice cream was excellent. Bob had the Peppermint ice cream, (Peppermint ice cream with old fashioned peppermint candies). I had the Savannah Socialite (milk and dark chocolate with roasted pecans and swirled bourbon-infused caramel). Both were yummy! It was worth the wait. The staff delivered water to the people standing in line. Everyone stood in the shade! It was very hot!

Carl and Frank cooked dinner again. We are paying for the food, but to have the chef’s…WOW! At this point I can’t remember what we had for dinner that night! We did pictures this evening.

Thursday- Carl and his wife Heidi had to leave early, as they had a grandchild’s first recital. So they left after breakfast. In the mornings for our bike ride, the temp was in the low 70’s and it was beautiful! The breezes on the beach in the morning, became windy in the afternoon and evenings. Sometimes the umbrellas would try to take off without us! The rental company had sent sand screws with each of the umbrellas, and they worked pretty well. We discovered, if you screw them down, then pack sand around them, then wet the sand, they stayed pretty well.

There were lots of people riding bikes on the beach. There were no lifeguards. We tried to keep an eye out for sharks, although we saw a lot of dolphins. If there were dolphins, there were no sharks. One day we thought we saw on shark, as we were not seeing dolphins. We never went in the water too deep. There were also jelly fish. In Tybee Island, not too far south of us, there were thousands on the beach. After lunch, we went shopping. We both purchased some Life is Good t-shirts.   Frank cooked spaghetti and smoked meatballs for dinner. It was very good!

Friday- It was a beach day! We both sat out on the beach in the morning. We had leftover spaghetti for lunch. After lunch, I took a nap. We did laundry, and I returned to the beach for the afternoon. Sadly, we started to pack up for our drive home…

Frank cooked enchiladas for dinner! They were really,good!

Sat. May 15 to Fri. May 21- Tuscaloosa AL, Ft. Tanner GA, Statesboro GA.

Saturday- We left the Elks Lodge and continued east, crossing into GA. We turned south, traveling to John Tanner County Park. On the map, it said state park, but it is a county park, north of Carrollton. We pulled in and were allowed to pick our own site.  The sites are coded either red or yellow. Red is shorter than 25 ft and yellow is greater than 25 ft. There were only 3 yellow sites left.  We fit perfectly into a red site, so we took one of those. Due to all the trees, we were not able to get satellite. We did have 30 amp/water. The sites were very nice, flat gravel, with newer picnic tables, lantern poles, and fire pits.

We settled in for the evening, ate dinner and rode our bikes around.

Sunday– Of course, since this was a weekend place, almost everyone left. The lake is beautiful, and we discovered a 1 mile biking/walking path around the lake, which we rode each evening. We moved to another site where we were barely able to get some satellite.

We went into the town of Carrollton for lunch.  We parked in a nice public parking lot; the weather was nice, so the dogs were okay to leave in the rig. We have a “Waggle” temperature monitor, so that if the temp in the RV reaches 85 degrees, we each receive a message.

We had a nice lunch at the Brown Dog Café. The food was good. It was a busy place on a Sunday at noon.

We returned and sat outside, enjoying the great weather. There were no mosquitos, fortunately!

Monday- We had planned to go to Atlanta, for the day, but with the gas shortage, we decided to just hang out at the motor home. We cleaned the outside and inside. The dogs really enjoyed us being with them. Lots of walks and bike rides. Unfortunately, it became cloudy, and that was just enough, with the trees, to lose the satellite feed. Oh well, we had plenty of shows recorded, we were able to watch.

We sat outside in the afternoon and early evening, with a nice campfire. Bob had picked up firewood, left by other campers in some of the sites, so the wood was free for us!

Tuesday- Today was another restful day for us, after racing across country. We enjoyed the quiet campground. There was one of the “Little Library” boxes in the campground, near the restroom, but we are in the Bible belt, and is was mostly full of religious books.

It remained cloudy, and a little bit cool. We stayed most of the day inside. We packed up the table cloth, the chairs and Bob returned the bikes to the bike rack on the back of the rig. We watched more of the TV that we had recorded and read books.

Wednesday- We packed up the RV and left our site around 9 AM. We stopped at the dump station and Bob was able to dump the black tank, by taking off the cover under the rig. He had to crawl under, remove the cover on the black tank, and use vice grips to pull the black tank valve. He had the tubing all set up. I had envisioned a scene out of the Robin Williams movie, “RV”, but all went well. No messy disaster!

We left the park around 9:30 AM, traveling thru Carrolton, turning south east. We traveled thru rural Georgia. The GPS kept wanting to send us thru Atlanta, but we wanted to stay out of the miserable Atlanta traffic. We will be in that traffic later on our trip.

We drove the 246 miles to Statesboro Georgia, (which is northwest of Savannah), where we pulled into friends, Jackie and Bob Hoell’s driveway. Jackie and I went to Middle School and High School together and we are life-long friends.

We set up the rig, and plugged into their 30 amp electric socket. We stayed in the house with them, as we still could not use our black tank.

We had a wonderful dinner, and enjoyed our visiting time.  

Thursday- All of the RV parts that Bob needed had arrived at the Hoell’s. The Bob’s took our RV to a place in town, to have a valve stem on one of our wheels repaired. Bob had tried to get it fixed in AZ before we left, but the facility did not have the correct valve stem. Bob H followed behind our rig, and brought Bob back to the house. The guys then started fixing some issues on Bob and Jackie’s, new to them, Georgetown motor home, which they had recently purchased.

Jackie and I took Roxie to the Vets for him to look at the lump on her right rear leg. We had to drop Roxie off, and leave her, as that is their pandemic rules. The Vet aspirated some fluid from the lump, and determined that it was a cyst. That had been my guess! Anyway, he said that it could be removed any time, so we chose to wait until we get back to Arizona, as she will need a “cone of shame”, and that is difficult in the RV.

Jackie and I went running around Statesboro, doing various tasks. The town has grown significantly, in the 22 years that they have lived here. Bob H, has retired officially, at the end of this month, from teaching at Georgia Southern University. Jackie had retired 2 years ago.

We returned just in time for lunch and the repair shop calling to say that the repair was completed. Hmm, when the Bob’s arrived, they found that the stem was put on backwards, so the owner made the quick adjustment. Then the guys brought the rig back and continued working on other tasks. Then the Vet office called and we returned to pick up Roxie.

Jackie and I had girl time all afternoon. We ate dinner, and watched some TV. Their two dogs and our two dogs, get along wonderfully. Our dogs are enjoying the doggy door and the large fenced in yard.

Friday-The Bob’s started working on the major issue, our black tank. Lichtsinn RV, sent the right parts, and they were able to get the tank issue fixed. We had also found that the top of the kitchen vent fan had flown off somewhere on our trip, so Bob had, when we were at John Tanner park, put plastic wrap over the vent, in case it rained. He was able to also replace that part, as he had called and had Lichtsinn also sent that part. Bob found that there was only a screw in the center of the vent top, holding the vent cover on. So Bob put the new cover on, and he is going to put tape around the outside to provide extra security, so that we do not lose it again.

Bob H and Jackie took their two dogs to their Vets kennel. Our dogs were upset that their new friends had left. The poor dogs, were all confused.

We ordered some Mexican food for carry out and had a nice dinner. We all packed for our trip tomorrow to Hilton Head.

Sat. May 8 to Fri. May 14- Sun City AZ to Tuscaloosa AL

Saturday- Since we are leaving tomorrow, we went into packing mode. We had to go to the Bell Recreation Center, to pick up our name tags for the Sun City RV Club, which we have joined. Needless to say, they have not had any trips or activities this year, so far. They will be starting up in the fall.

I had a 10:30 hair cut scheduled, so I dropped Bob off at the RV. We returned and continued doing travel tasks. I left for my appointment. Then after, I dropped off 4 bags at Goodwill. I stopped at Café Zupas and picked us up salads for lunch. We finished all we were going to do today, and put the RV in the parking lot at the back of the condos. We were both really sweaty and hot. That made us very tired.

In the evening, we put water into 5 big tubs around the condo, so that there will be some humidity and the wood will not dry out. It’s what you do in Arizona!

Sunday- We both woke up early. We packed up more items, then brought the rig to the garage door. Smitty, (a neighbor) came over to pick up our car keys and a condo key. He is going to drive our car every two weeks. In AZ, if you leave the vehicle sit too long, the oil gets too hot and congeals, so does the gas, and the tires flatten on one side.

We moved the refrigerator items into the refrigerator and the freezer items to the freezer, in the rig.  Talk about cramming items in! Whew, we were surprised that they all fit!

We finished filling the motor home, then we started on the condo. We had purchased king size sheets at an estate sale, and we put them over the bed, the recliners, and the sofa. We also put cling wrap over the toilets and the sinks, to keep water in them and the Palmetto bugs out!

We left at 10:07. I was driving and we drove south on I-101, to I-10, then to I-202, going around Phoenix. We got back on I- 10 east, and drove to Tucson. Our plan was to have carry out lunch from El Charro. Evidently, as it is Mother’s Day place to take Moms, as we could not get carry out at either location. So we ended up stopping at an In N’Out burger for lunch.

We continued east, on I-10 to Wilcox. We got off and drove into town for diesel. $3.01 gal. That was a good price, as Bob paid $3.39 on Saturday.

We drove north to a Boondockers Welcome (BW) location. This is our first time using Boondockers Welcome. It will not be our last!

We get to park for free, behind some guy’s house. He has 30 amp electric and water. When we arrived, the daughter asked us if we needed to dump. Nope! We are parked behind the house, under a nice shady tree. Unfortunately, that means we cannot get satellite, but oh well! Because we are using the water and the electric we will give a cash donation of $10 to the owner.

We are in the desert and Roxie has gotten something into her paw, which we cannot find. When looking for it, I found a lump on her leg, that we will need to get checked. I sent a message to Jackie, asking her to contact her Vet in Statesboro GA, and we will take her in to be examined.

Monday- We continued our journey east. We traveled farther than we usually do, to Oasis RV Park in Van Horn Texas. It was a Passport America park, which was kind of dumpy! We had FHU, 30 amp. It was okay for an overnight park. It was supposed to be $14.50 and she charged us $21.60 for the site. Oh well, we just won’t stay there again! It was over 300 miles, and we usually travel less than 300 miles.

We had one major issue occur, the handle on the black tank broke when Bob went to dump the tank. EEK, now that is a problem! He spent time on the phone finding a repaid facility in Ft. Worth that deals with Winnebago. They were booked until June, so we could not get the part replaced.

Tuesday- We continued on east. We stayed in Abilene TX at Dyess AFB, with a beautiful space. It took a little effort to get into the base. I guess because of the Russian Oil Pipeline hack, they were on a second to the highest alert. Usually, we pull in and give the guard Bob’s card and my driver’s license. This time we were turned around at the gate and sent to the Visitor Center. We had to give them my license, social security number, and have my picture taken, then we were given a pass. The second time we sailed right in. We parked in the site we had been told to, and settled in for the night. We are only using the rig bathroom during the night and in the early morning. The rest of the day with use the RV parks or rest areas. Fortunately, we were only 3 sites from the restrooms. By the way, this does not affect the kitchen sink or the shower.

Wednesday- We left Abilene, and continued east to Ft. Worth. We stopped at the Winnebago dealer and Bob went in to see if he could get the part we needed. Nope, they did not have the part. So we stopped at Costco, then continued traveling east.

We had stopped at a Buc-ees; wow! The saying is, “if Buc-ees does not have it, no one has it”! It is a Wawa/Walmart on steroids! The place was pretty busy. We found that they had Kolaches, so we each bought one for lunch and each purchased a cherry one, for lunch tomorrow.

We stopped for the night in Canton TX at a Walmart. It was pretty quiet. We bought diesel for $2.89.

Thursday- Onward we traveled! We had our Kolaches for lunch. We crossed into Mississippi at Vicksburg. We stopped at the Visitor Center and I took these pictures. We do not have an overnight stop in Mississippi, as we were trying to get to Georgia, while missing storms off the Gulf of Mexico.

Mississippi river to the south with the cannons in front facing across the river.
Mississippi riger t the north. The railroad tracks.

Our plan was to stay at a BW in West Monroe LA. I had messed up and forgot to change our reservation, as we had left earlier than anticipated. We could not stay there, because they already had someone scheduled.

We stayed at the Walmart instead. We had to park near the gas station, so it was a hike to the bathrooms. What can you say, you do what you have to do!

Friday- Onward east into Alabama. We had planned to stay at a COE park (Corp of Engineers), but when we went to get directions, we found that it was closed. It was supposed to close June 1, for repairs, but they changed their time table. We drove off the interstate outside of Tuscaloosa and paid $2.53 for diesel! Best price yet! BUT, we are starting to see no gas signs.

We ended up staying at the Elks Lodge in Tuscaloosa AL. What a fun time we had! We parked and went into the Lodge to check in. We were told to go ahead and park. We had 50 amp and water. We went into the lodge at 5:15 to sign up for the steak dinner. Wow, was that fun. We were greeted like old friends. A guy named Jimmy took us under his wing, paid for some of our drinks, and introduced us to everyone. The bartender Sherry was very sweet and a great bartender.

We drank and ate a great dinner. The steak, baked potato, salad and dessert were all really good. We lucked out, as they only have dinner 1x a month, and that was the one time! The park is near a train track, but a train only went through 2x.