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Sat. Feb. 11 St. Augustine to Fri. Feb. 17 Pensacola FL

Saturday-  We left early to go back to St. Augustine for our final day on the Trolley tour. We took the Trolley to Flagler College. Flagler College is located in the Hotel Ponce de Leon, built by Henry Flagler. Here is a statue of Henry Flagler at the entrance.

St. Augustine

Flagler first visited St. Augustine in 1883, and saw the need for a luxury hotel in the city. So he bought the land and built two hotels, the Ponce de Leon and the Lightner across the street. The Lightner is now a museum, which we did not have time to visit. Something for next time!

The hotel took 2 years to build, had 4,100 electric light bulbs and had electric before the White House did! It is built of Portland cement imported from Hanover Germany. The elevators are hydraulic, by Otis Elevators, and are powered by a turbine water-wheel.

The hotel cost guests $9k for Jan–Mar, in cash, each winter. The husbands brought the money in cash and went to the desk to pay. The women were immediately taken to the Ladies Parlor which we visited last. The women were not allowed to see the money! It they did, they might faint from fright or go blind! In town, the ladies were not allowed to use money. They just signed for their purchases, and their husbands received the bill!

Flagler College was opened in 1968 as a private Women’s Liberal Arts College. Men were admitted in 1972. The cost is all inclusive ( except for books) for $25K per year.

The tour started at 10 AM, and cost $8 each. It was worth every penny! We started in the Rotunda, which is 3 stories tall.

St. Augustine

Flager College, St. Augustine

The towers are 135 ft. tall and housed the water tanks. There are 1,000 windows, 300 bedrooms, 2,000 doors, and the courtyard in the front is 22,200 sq. feet. 80 % of the rooms have fireplaces.

Rotunda, Flager Collage, St. Augustine

The rotunda was magnificent! In the center was a ceiling mural.

Mural in Flager Collage, St. Augustine

The mural was phenomenal. The artist, then, 10 years later, replicated it in the Thomas Jefferson building of the Library of Congress!

Below is the floor of the rotunda. Flagler’s father was a Presbyterian minister, so he thought nothing should be perfect as a result there are various imperfections throughout the building. There were several in the floor.

Floor in the cafeteria

Our tour guide took us through the hallway that Henry Flagler always used. The floor is made of leather, so that his shoes would always be clean!

Leather floor in the hallway

We entered the current cafeteria, which had been the dining room for the hotel. This is one of the original chairs. Needless to say, the kids use newer chairs. All the chairs that the kids use, match the original chairs. 

Original chair, Flager College, St. Augustine This building was built at the beginning of Tiffany’s career when he was registering patents for his glass works and prior to him devoting his time to the lighting fixtures for which he is so famous! There are 79 Tiffany glass windows in the building, and it is the largest private collection of Tiffany glass. On the outside of the building, there is bullet proof glass covering the windows, as they are worth millions!

Tiffany windows, Flager College, St. Augustine

St. Augustine

Tiffany doors, Flager College, St. Augustine

The floors are original. Below is one of the two music balconies.

Music balcony, Flager College,

Note the lights above. They are all in lions heads, with the lightbulb in the mouth to resemble shooting fire.

Flagler thought that his guests should have continuous music through dinner, so there were three bands that played. Your level of importance was shown by how close you sat to Flagler. BUT, the acoustics are so good in the room, that Flagler could hear what people were staying  (about him) on the other side of the room!

We left and went to the Ladies Parlor. The only men allowed in the Ladies Parlor were suitors for the young ladies. They could visit, but were chaperoned when talking to the young ladies.

Here is a picture of Henry Flagler, when he was 71 years old.

Henry Flager,St. Augustine

His third wife was 34. So he had her aged in her portrait because of the age difference.


The chandeliers are Tiffany.

Tiffany Chandliers

There are two Edison clocks in the building. This one is located in the Ladies Parlor.

Edison Clock, Flager College, St. Augustine

The way that you can tell that this is a real Edison clock, is that his signature is on the face. Look at the number 4, it is not IV, it is IIII. He did that on purpose, as his signature. The clock does not work, as they cannot figure out how to fix it without breaking the decoration around it. It is located above the fireplace.

This clock was in the security office, which was the original front desk for the hotel.

Edison Clock

Back outside in the courtyard. The fountain, as well as most of the building, has a theme of sets of 12 and 4.


There are twelve frogs where the water squirts out. That represents the 12 months of the year, and the twelve apostles. There are four fish around the center, which represent the four seasons. Also, themes around the entire building were the seasons, the apostles, and the sea. In the terra cotta, over the entrance to the building, behind the fountain, where seashells and other items, like mermaids, ships and fish.

St. George Street, St. Augustine

We left and walked over to Scarlett O’Hara’s for lunch. This is a very old building, built to withstand the hurricanes.


After lunch, we walked over to Plaza de la Constitucion and the Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine.

DSCN7254 DSCN7255


Cathedral, St. Augustine

This is the main alter, but there were smaller ones on each side. The green one is St. Patrick.

Cathedral, St. Augustine Cathedral, St. Augustine

There were the requisite stain glass windows.

Cathedral, St. Augustine

And the original floors were interesting and very Spanish.

Cathedral, St. Augustine

We left and walked across the plaza to catch the Trolley, without having to go around to several of the places we had been before. We took the Trolley to the fort.



We were able to enter for free, using our Senior National Park Passes.

We entered the fortress through the Sally Port, the only entrance to the Castillo.


The walls are from 14 to 19 feet thick at the base, but it are 9 feet thick at the top. They are made of:


There are 400,000 blocks of stone, all cut and set by hand. Because the stone is porous, it compresses under the impact of cannon fire, rather than shattering, making the Castillo practically indestructible. 

We toured the fort.





Above were the sleeping quarters for the soldiers. In the next room, they played cards etc. On the walls, all through the fort, is graffiti left by the soldiers.

We went room to room. I had been here before, as a kid. The only thing that I remember, is below. I remember crawling through this hole into the next room, with my Dad.  I was not doing that now!


Below are the officers quarters.


We climbed up to the top of the fort.


Below is looking out into the bay. Notice that the entrance, on the right,  to the bay is very narrow. You can see the breakers to the left.



Above is the moat.

We could see Lion Bridge, which was open for a boat to pass thru…


The Old Town Trolley company has a shuttle to take you across the bridge to the lighthouse. The trip runs hourly and leaves you there for an hour. We decided to return to the car, and drive across, as we knew we would not take that long.

We drove back thru town, and crossed the Lion bridge to go to the St. Augustine Lighthouse.





We returned by crossing a different bridge, from the island. We drove past the Elks Lodge, where we were originally planning to stay, but the Lodge was closed. We found out too late, that the RV park was open. That was okay, as we liked where we were staying. We stopped at Aldi’s for a few items, then returned to the MH.

Sunday- Moving day!  We left at around 10 AM and drove north on I-95 to I-10 west. We stopped at Madison RV Park in Madison FL. It was a PA park, $24 for FHU 50 amp. Even Passport America is expensive in Florida! We settled in for the night.

Monday- We left at around 8:30 and continued west on I-10. We drove about 60 miles, and the GPS instructed us to turn southwest on a back road. There was miles of construction on I-10 ahead of us.

The drive was pleasant, through Florida farmland and small towns. We eventually turned west onto Hwy. 98, which took us thru the beach cities, including Destin, and to the Elks Lodge in Ft. Walton Beach.

We had entered the Central Time Zone, so we arrived at a little past 12:00, after a 4 hour drive. The Lodge did not open until 3, so we settled into an RV site ( there are only 4), with water and 30 amp. We ate lunch and went grocery shopping.

We returned and went to the Lodge to pay the bartender. We paid $15 for each night.

We ate dinner and had a quiet evening, although, since we are close to the road, it was fairly noisy! 

Tuesday- Happy Valentines Day!  We did some tasks around the MH then went to Destin Beach for lunch. We stopped at Boshamps Oyster House. We thought that the restaurant was not that good and definitely over priced!  After lunch, we walked down the harborwalk each direction.

We drove east a bit and took the Gulf Road, looking at all the nice houses on the water. We returned to the MH and took a nap, as neither of us had slept well the night before. We had a quiet evening at home with me finishing the Roadrunner Newsletter and getting that out to everyone.

Wednesday- We woke up at 4:43 when the MH started rocking. We knew that there was a cold front coming thru, and boy did it! The wind was hitting the MH broadside. The weather radio did not go off, so we checked on local TV  station and there was no wind advisory, although they said that we might have 40-60 mph gusts!

Around 7:30 the rain came, but it was only a short shower. It stayed windy all day, although the winds lessened to more reasonable gusts. The temp dropped during the day and we turned on the heat.

At about 10:30 we left to go to the Post Office to mail the newsletter to the folks who request it via snail mail. We drove thru Ft. Walton Beach then returned to the MH for lunch.

After lunch we watched London Has Fallen on Netflix. We watched some more episodes of Grace and Frankie, season 2, on Netflix, ate dinner in, and settled in for a quiet evening.

Thursday-  Moving day. Since check in was 3 PM, we decided to move slowly today. After lunch, we took off. We drove west on Hwy. 98 to Pensacola. We turned south west to go to the Pensacola Naval Base. We paid $25 for FHU, 50 amp, on a concrete pad.

We parked and set up. It was nice out, although a little chilly in the 60’s. I started the laundry and Bob took the sheets and towels to the laundry here at the park. The machines were cheap, at $1 to wash and $1 to dry!

We took the dogs out to the beach and let them dig and run! They had a great time, and met up with some new canine friends.

We had a quiet evening at home.

Friday- The weather was cooperating today, with sunny skies and less humid, so I was able to walk up to the Pensacola FL Lighthouse.

20170217_091058 (2)


At 11, we drove into Pensacola and to my cousin Claire Laurion’s  beautiful condo. We met up there with her sister Gloria and husband Walt Redmond. It was so fun to visit with my first cousins!

We went to lunch at a Chinese buffet. Thank you Claire for lunch. We spent several hours catching up with each others lives.


We returned to the MH, had dinner and a quiet evening.

Sat. Feb. 4 to Fri. Feb 10- Wildwood to Ormond Beach to St. Augustine FL

Saturday-  We left and went to the Carriage Museum. The museum is located in an Equestrian Center. We entered the gift shop and paid $12 each. The museum was larger than we anticipated. There were four different large areas.

The carriages went from ancient Chinese carriages, to British Phaetons, to covered wagons, Gypsy wagons, and sleds, to a Rolls Royce.

Carriage Museum












There were hundreds of them! I am not even going to try to figure out each one. They were all carefully restored. We had a quiet evening.

Sunday-  Moving day. We moved east to Ormond Beach, staying, again at the  Sunshine Holiday Ormond Beach resort. It is Super Bowl Sunday, but even so, we went out to dinner with long time friend Marc Nachman and his wife Rachel at Cracker Barrel.


We had recorded the game, and arrived home to start watching the commercials from the beginning. We caught up at half time and watched the half time show live. This is the way to watch the game! We buzzed through most of the game and only watched the commercials until the 4th quarter.

Monday- We went shopping, stopping at Walmart and Target. We also stopped at the Goodwill and dropped off clothes.

Tuesday-  We drove south to Daytona Beach and went to the Ponce de Leon Inlet Light Station. We paid $6 each to enter. The lighthouse is 175 ft. tall and is one of the tallest in the nation. It has a first order Fresnel lens.




This lighthouse had three keepers. Above is the 1st keepers house, below is the 3rd keepers house.



Above is the lens.


It was a nice place to tour.

Wednesday-  Bob has been having muscle cramps, so we left and went to an Urgent Care. We waited about 1/2 hour and then saw the PA. He sent us to have blood drawn.

We returned to the MH, and settled in for the evening.

Thursday- Moving day. The weather forecast was for very windy, so we took off early. Bob drove the MH and I followed in the car. We usually do not drive in wind, or leave early, but we did both. We wanted to arrive at the RV park before the wind really picked up and they had a wind advisory. The wind was not too bad until the last 10 miles, and we only traveled about 40 miles.

We arrived at the park , outside St. Augustine, and they were not open. The gal was there and she told us what site to pull into. We had to play musical motor homes! We were scheduled to be in site A3. The people currently in A3 are to move to A1. The folks in A1, had not left. So we drove into A10 and sat for about 20 minutes until the A1 people left and the A3 people moved. Then we settled in. FHU 50 amp for $35/night.

I ended up chit chatting with two of the ladies up until lunch time. After lunch we did laundry.

We had a quiet evening.

Friday- We  drove into St. Augustine and went to the Old Town Trolley depot. In the fall, when we were here, we only used one day of our ticket because we evacuated for hurricane Mathew. The tour was for 3 days ( that is the least that they sell). I really did not think that they would honor the ticket, as the paperwork states three consecutive days.

We approached the stand and the woman looked at our receipt and gave us the two other days after we explained what had happened! Wahoo!

So we boarded the train and took the tour. We are only visiting places that we missed last time. Below is the Flager Memorial Presbyterian Church.

St. Augustine Presb Church

St. Augustine Memorial Presb Church

Henry Flager had 3 children. One died at age 3, his daughter died following childbirth, and his son Harry. He built the church as a memorial for his daughter. It was built in 362 days. It is made of poured concrete.

St. Augustine Memorial Presb Church

Above is Henry, his first wife, the daughter, and granddaughters graves.

St. Augustine Memorial Presb Church

St. Augustine Memorial Presb Church

The lights were interesting. They are crosses.

St. Augustine Memorial Presb Church

We continued on to the St. Augustine Distillery where we took the tour.

St. Augustine Distillery

St. Augustine Distillery

St. Augustine Distillery

St. Augustine Distillery

Our tour guide served us two drinks. We both hated them!

St. Augustine Distillery

Then we moved to another room and were served two other drinks.

St. Augustine Distillery

We hated those too!!!

We hopped back on the trolley, and went to the San Sebastian Winery. We took the tour, but left the sampling.

Did you know that White Zinfandel was a mistake?? The mashed grapes must be kept at a certain temperature. If the temp varies, they have to throw away the mash. Sutter Home had this happen. Instead of throwing it away, the played with it and came up with White Zin, and history was made! It is the best selling wine in the country!

We hopped back on the trolley and went to A1A brewery for lunch. We had lunch there on Bob’s birthday back in October. We had a nice lunch, then hopped back onto the trolley.

We returned home, walked the dogs, and then went to the St. Augustine outlets. We stopped at the Corning Revere store and purchased two ramekins, two 8 inch plates, and 2 large salad bowl. We returned and had a quiet evening.

Sat. Jan. 28 to Fri. Feb. 3- Lutz, Crystal River, Ocala. FL

Saturday- We drove north about 25 miles to Dade City. Our destination was the Kumquat Festival. This was a one day festival with over 450 vendors. There were Arts and Crafts, a Car and Truck show, Farmers Market, Kid Corral, Entertainment, and lots of Kumquats and products.


It was pretty crowded, and fortunately the weather cooperated.


The Festival was very well organized. We parked at the Fair Grounds, for free, and were bused downtown. The Festival was 20 square blocks, around the town square.


We wandered around looking at everything. We tasted some of the the Kumquat products. 


I purchased a towel for the refrigerator door. We ate lunch at the Garden Café. They had a special, which was a turkey sandwich on a croissant, with a bowl of soup. We split it so lunch was $10.

We stopped to watch country singer Eli Mosely on the Courthouse steps.


We of course had to stop for Kumquat beer and Kumquat wine. I hated the wine. Bob was not really fond of the beer either. It said both of them tasted kind of sour. We ate an actual Kumquat, which neither of us have ever had. It is a small orange type fruit. You eat the whole thing, peel and all. It is firm like an orange, but about the size of a cherry tomato. It is sour when first eaten, but the sweetness is in the rind, so the longer you chew, the sweeter it becomes. It was okay, in a pie, shortcake, or ice cream etc., but not by itself.

We took the bus back to the parking lot. As we were leaving we noticed this sign. They made sure that you would not miss out on any pie!


We returned to the MH, stopping at the Bealles outlet on the way back. When I was at the Chihuly exhibit, I had leaned back against the wall and gotten paint on my new capris. I need to replace them, as the paint did not come out.

We had a quiet evening, watching the rest of House of Cards.

Sunday- Moving day again. It rained and was was chilly all last evening and this morning. We drove out of the park and had to make a U-turn, so we did not hook up the car. We continued about 2 miles to a Publix  shopping center. We pulled in and on the street side of the parking lot where we stopped and connected the car.

We turned north on Toll Road 589 and continued to Crystal River. We drove into Crystal River RV Park, another Encore park. This place was damaged by the Labor Day hurricane, Hermione.We have been told that they suffered a 4 ft. storm surge all the 4 1/2 miles out to Hwy. 19! The office is located in a trailer and there was no one there to check us in. Evidently the office person had a medical emergency. There was an envelope on the door for us with a park map. Much of the park is closed for repairs. The adult center and the family center are both under construction. The bathrooms are open as is the pool, but it is too cold to get into the pool!

This is an Encore super park. We think that the super part comes from the fact you can rent a site on the canal, with a boat dock at each site. Other than that, I would not recommend it. We are in a site which is under trees that keep shedding acorns. They bounce on the roof and are pretty noisy. Also the roads are very narrow!

We parked and crossed our fingers that we would get satellite, which we did. Once we ate lunch and settled in, Bob noted he was having the A-fib. So we relaxed and watched TV; Longmire on Netflix, until it passed. We had watched Longmire when it was on TNT, but it later became a Netflix original. We ate dinner at home.

Monday- I flipped the switch in the hallway this morning and there was a loud pop. The light did not work! So after breakfast Bob started working on that. He checked everything and finally called an RV Tech to come to check it. Fortunately, the guy was going to be in the park, so he said he would be here after lunch.

We left and went to town. We stopped at Bealles Outlet, where I was able to purchase a pair of black capris. Then we went to Subway to pick up sandwiches for lunch .

We returned and ate lunch, then Bob waited for the RV tech to arrive while I went to the grocery store.

I returned and the guy arrived around 4. He went through everything, finally deciding that the light itself was bad. So Bob is going to an RV supply place in the morning to purchase a new one. We ate dinner and watched some TV.

Tuesday- Bob left at a little after 8:30 to go to an RV supply store to purchase a light. Two places did not have one. So he returned. We left at 11:15 and drove to Beverly HIlls to visit long time friends Dick and Jackie Imes. We had  wonderful lunch with them.

20170131_163342 (2)

We returned to the MH and ate a light dinner. We watched TV, read and generally relaxed.

Wednesday- We worked around the MH. After lunch, we went the Three Sisters Springs. We arrived at the entrance to find that they did not have parking and you have to go to the Town Hall to catch the Trolley to the park. This meant that we missed the 1 PM trolley. We wished that they had this info on their website!!

We arrived, parked and paid the $12.50 each to ride the Trolley thru town to the springs. We finally arrived and walked out to visit the Manatees. They have two tours, one at 10 AM and one at 1 PM, which we had missed. I am not sure what they do on the tour, but there were volunteers every few feet who would answer questions and tell you anything you wanted to know about the park or the Manatees.

Three Sisters Springs Manatees

Three Sisters Springs Manatees

There were a lot of Manatees napping in the springs. There had been about 150 there this morning, but now there were about 50. The Manatees come in from the cold Gulf and return to the Gulf when the water temperature improved. The springs provide fresh water.

Three Sisters Springs Manatees



The Manatees sleep on the bottom of the springs. They surface about every 20 minutes for a breath and do not need to wake up to surface. They can do it in their sleep. You can tell the parents from the calf’s by their size.  

We returned to the car on the Trolley and went south to Homosassa Springs. We drove thru town, such as it is… We stopped at the Yulee Sugar Mill. This area is great for growing sugar. There were many plantations in the area. Because it was not economical to ship the sugar cane to a mill, each plantation had their own mill. During the Civil War, the plantation house was destroyed, but the Union troops did not destroy the sugar mill.

Yulee Sugar Mill

Yulee Sugar Mill

They squeeze the sugar cane through the rolls above, and the liquid falls to the bottom. The canes themselves were burned to provide fuel for the fires.

Yulee Sugar Mill

Yulee Sugar Mill

The drippings were put into vats/kettles and then heated up. Then the ‘sugar’ was put into barrels and the molasses would drip into a curing room below. The sugar was brown, not white.


Once dry, the sugar was cut into large cubes and shipped in that form. It was a quick tour into the making of sugar!

We stopped for gas on the way back, $2.29/gal. We returned to the MH, ate dinner, and watched TV.

Thursday- Moving day again. We did not hook up the car, as we were only traveling 30 miles to the Wildwood Three Flags Thousand Trails park. We arrived and ran around looking for a site. We finally decided on site 112. We parked, and have 50 amp FHU with satellite.

Bob hooked up the electric and it did not work. He checked the box, and it had electric. Oh no! He reset everything and it started working. Hmmm, we might have an electrical problem.

We ate lunch, then went to The Villages. This is a huge, at least 30 sq. miles senior haven. It has been described as Disneyland for seniors!

Friend Joe Shannon had called in and  thought we might want to take the free trolley tour, so we went to the center to take the tour. The 2 pm was full, so we went shopping. We will try again in the morning. We returned to the MH ate dinner, and watched TV.

Friday- We left and returned to The Villages for the 10 AM Trolley Tour. It was very interesting. There are no condo’s at all, but there is Independent Living, Assisted Living etc. In addition to the many, many single family homes.The last estimate was 60,000, but they are closing on 12 to 15 per day! We were told that the monthly cost is $145, which is pretty reasonable, but the houses are expensive to purchase. Plus there is a lot of traffic, both cars and golf carts. The design of the area is really well done, and if you are looking for a place to retire, be sure to take a look at this place. They have over 3,000 activities going on! WOW!

We returned to the MH, ate lunch and Bob started looking at our power management system and our automatic power transfer switch. No burn areas, no loose wires…. Hmmm. He could not find a problem.

At about 4, we left and went to the Brownwood area at The Villages. We walked around the area and met up with Ginny and Joe Shannon. We watched the show, which was very good. The music was 50’s 60’ and the dancing began. The two people in the navy blue shirts were wild. He was throwing her around. They danced every dance!



Joe walked over to Cody’s Roadhouse and put us on the reservation list. We had a 45 minute wait, so we continued to watch the show which actually went on until 9 pm. We moseyed over and sat on the patio. That was an issue, as they had very loud entertainment. A couple, who were very good, but way too loud for us to talk.


We had a nice dinner, then left and returned to the MH arriving about 8 PM.    

20170203_194756 (2)   .

Sat. Jan. 21 to Fri. Jan 27- Tampa to Lutz FL

Saturday-  We ran to Walmart for a gift card, then to Bealls Outlet.  From there we went to the Post Office to mail two packages.

We stopped for lunch at Jimmy John’s for lunch. We returned home and took a short nap. At 3:15, I started cooking the rest of the wings for happy hour at 4. We went over to the tent and had a nice time at happy hour.

At 6, we left to get in line for the show. Tonight’s entertainment was the Rivoli’s. We had seen them in 2008 in Perry Georgia. They are a lot of fun!  Again, we did not win anything in the raffle, and we returned to the MH around 9:30. I seem to have lost the pictures of them!

Sunday-  We moved quickly this morning, getting ready to leave. There is a cold front coming through Florida, so we wanted to get moving and get settled before the winds picked up.

We said our good-bye’s to everyone, and drove out of the fairgrounds at about 9 AM. We drove north on I-4, then south on I-275. We turned north again on toll road 589 and travelled north to Hudson where we drove into Sun Coast Designers. We stopped and dumped our gray water, then parked the MH. We have 50 amp and water, but no sewer connection.

Just as we were arriving, the winds picked up and stayed very strong for the rest of the day.

In the evening we were under a tornado warning. We had to keep trying to figure out where the tornado alley was located and where we were staying. It was pretty scary, as the tornado’s were giving no warning. They are not like the tornado’s in the Midwest where you can see them for miles. In Florida, the tornado’s just drop down out of the sky unexpectedly.

There was a lot of rain and wind. The tornado warning ended around 7:30 and we were now with just a wind warning.

Monday- We were up at 5:45 for showers. We had been told by other folks in the parking lot that they would arrive at 7AM. The guy arrived at 7:15. He gave me paperwork to complete, then left. I started on it and Bob returned from walking the dogs. He completed the process.

They guy showed back up at about 7:30 and told us that since it was raining they might take the MH into the bay. So we got the MH ready to move.

At 12:30, Bob went to the office to see what was happening. It was sunny by then, and all the rain storms had gone out. He was told that we would be here for two more days. Huh? We have reservations for this evening. They had not told us that it would be several days. So Bob came back and we talked about it.

We both went over and talked to the gal. We were told that they always tell the customer that it will be 2-3 days, and it was posted on the wall. Bob was not told this when he called, but they also told us that the door window is glued in so it takes over 24 hours to set.  So we returned to the MH and I called Encore and changed our reservation to Wednesday. They were very nice about it.

We settled in and watched some recorded TV. One of us stayed in the MH the whole time in case they came to get the windows. They were supposed to get them today, but did not come.

We switched to binge watching the first season of Grace and Frankie on Netflix. What a hoot that show is! We were laughing a lot!

Tuesday- We woke up at 6 and got up and dressed. Good thing, as the window guy arrived promptly at 6:30  while we were eating breakfast. They took out the windows. Bob was concerned as it took 3 hours to remove our 3 windows.

We left at 10:45 to travel to Tampa Bay Brewery in Ybor City(South Tampa). We met up with a friend of Bob’s from work and his wife, Don and Peggy Nowakowski.


We had a nice lunch and Bob had his beer flight. He said that all the beers were good. We all had a lot of trouble finding a parking place in the Ybor City area of Tampa!



After a nice lunch, we returned home, ate a small dinner, and watched a few episodes of House of Cards on Netflix.

Wednesday- We spent the morning re-routing our trip and making reservations.  We ate lunch and continued to wait, while binge watching season 4 of House of Cards. At around 3, the guys arrived to put the three windows back in. There were four of them, so it moved along pretty quickly. We were done by 4:30. We pulled in the slides and took off, with Bob driving the MH and me driving the car. We were only going 23 miles to Winter Quarters Pasco RV Park, another Encore park.

We arrived after the office had closed, so we picked up the paperwork and went to park the MH. We settled in and went to dinner at Benedettos Italian Restaurant. We had not looked at the menu, and wished we had. It was pricey. Bob had the lasagna and I had the baked ziti. We brought home half of both.

I had managed to wash three loads of laundry before bedtime, since we now have FHU 50 amp.

Thursday- I continued to do laundry in the MH and Bob took the towels to the laundry in the park.

We left at about 11, to go to Port Richey. We stopped for lunch at Trinity Seafood. This was a deli type place with tables and chairs. I ordered the shrimp tacos and Bob ordered the Maryland Style crab cakes. Both were excellent!. Someone in our travels had told us we had to see Port Richey. We never found anything exciting to see there!

We stopped at the Walmart in Hudson to purchase a few items, then returned to the glass place in Hudson. They had forgotten to give us the magnets for the door window, which we use with the shades. They had them there, and the poor gal in the office kept having problems with them all morning. She took them and put them on her desk, in anticipation of our arrival, and they attached themselves to her stapler and anything else metal! They are really strong magnets and you do not want to get your fingers between the magnets! Bob had done that and it was very painful!

We had an ice cream craving, so on the way back, we stopped in Land of Lakes at YoLo for ice cream. We split a brownie sundae, which was excellent.

We returned home and settled in for the evening. We have no satellite at this site, due to a large tree, but decided not to ask to move. We do have great local TV on the antenna. We ate the leftovers for dinner.

Friday-  I had a package that had not arrived, so last night at 11:30, I realized that I only had one more day to get the package. So I climbed out of bed and checked on it. UPS said that they had tried to contact me. Nope, they had not! So I called them. I cannot set up an account, as I have to put in my address, which would obviously create more issues in the future!

So I called and spoke with some guy whose English was a second, third or fourth language! He set up for me to be called at 10 AM. I guess that he meant by 10 AM, as the phone rang while I was in the shower, at 7:30 AM, and Bob spoke with them.

UPS is demanding a apartment number. Bob explained that we were in an RV Park and they could take the package to the office. Nope, they want to deliver it to the site. Okay, not the first time we have had this problem with UPS. We NEVER have this problem with FedEx or Postal service!

At around 10:30 we left and drove to Costco. We purchased a new coffee pot. We have tried to purchase a replacement carafe, as ours broke, but we have not been able to find one for our model. We even tried a universal one, but it did not fit, so we stopped and returned it to Walmart.

We stopped for a nice lunch at Perkins, then continued back to the MH. We settled in for a few hours. At 6:30 we met up with my elementary school friend Cathy Lambert and her daughter Patricia. We had a nice dinner with them at Chili’s just up the road. Cathy’s family had been my second family when I was a kid, so it was great to visit with her. It has been a long, long time!


Sat. Jan. 14 to Fri. Jan 20- Clermont FL to Tampa FL

Saturday- The original plan for today was to wash the carpeting. Forget that, it is way to humid. The laundry from yesterday was still wet! So we punted. We washed all the rest of the inside of the windows. I have been working on them for awhile. We cleaned the counters and up front.

We needed to go to Walmart, so we ran there and ate lunch at the Checkers inside. We returned and I went over to Barb’s to finish the second basket. Meanwhile Bob worked on a few more tasks around the MH.

At 2, we all went to the ice cream social, where we had a little ice cream and participated in the Magic show.

We returned to the MH and continued to binge watch Orange is the New Black. Barb and Sid picked us up and we all went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We returned and finished up Season 4 of Orange is the New Black. Then we started back into The Crown.

Sunday- It is still too humid to do the carpets, so I worked on laundry and Bob worked on washing and waxing the outside of the MH. We also did our usual Sunday tasks. We spent a quiet day at home in anticipation of a crazy day tomorrow.

Monday- I left at 7 to go to Mt. Dora to Aspen Dental. I had made an emergency appointment with them. The appointment was scheduled for 8:45. I arrived early, as the traffic was not bad.

Bob stayed home to be there for the RV Tech who was scheduled to arrive at 10 to repair the Aqua Hot. He arrived at 9:30 and went to work.

I was very impressed with the Dental office. This is one of those Dental franchises. I went in at 8:30 and was taken right in. The gal took me in for X-rays. I gave her my X-rays from April and told her that they would want an X-ray of the right upper side where I am having the issue. So she only took an X-ray of that area.

She took me into a room, the Dental Hygienist came in and checked to make sure that I had taken my antibiotic for my knees. Then he looked and said other than the problem area, my teeth looked good.

The Dentist came in and checked the tooth. I had a cracked filling. She said she could fix it if I was willing to wait for them to work me into the schedule. Of course, I needed to get this taken care of…

They took me to the office area, and I had to pay $177 for the filling and the cleaning. They really wanted to get that area cleaned out really well as I have a pocket there, which was causing all the pain, swelling and bleeding.

Then they took me back to the waiting area. I sat down and within 3 minutes they came and took me to the back area where the Dental Hygienist did a cleaning of all my teeth. Then I was moved back to the waiting room, where I sat for about 5 minutes, and they took me back to the chair.

The Dentist came in and put in the anesthetic, she left and returned a little while later, to replace the filling. Wow! Appointment at 8:45 and I walked out the door at 11:03. I was impressed!

Meanwhile, Bob was working along with the Hydro Hot guy. The Hydro Hot works on diesel but not on electric. It was because all the wires had burnt up! We had a small fire in the box. Fortunately, it is a metal box and did not go any further!

He had to replace the board and all the wires. He thought he would be done by 1, but he completed the job at 2:30. He did submit the claim to our Extended Warranty, but they are only paying $178.

I had left the Dentist and gone to the Chiropractor. I stopped for soup at Panera, since I was still numb! I managed to eat the soup without slobbering it all over myself!

I returned to the MH in time to clean and put a Band-Aid on the RV Tech’s hand where he had a cut from the day before.

Once the Tech left, we took off to go pick up our glasses. Then we stopped in Clermont at Sonny’s BBQ for dinner.

Tuesday-  Check out was at 11. We left the site at 10:30 and drove to the parking lot to hook up the car. It was busy there, so we left the resort a little before 11, texting Barb and Sid.

We met up with them at the rest area on I-4, and followed them to the Florida State Fairgrounds and the Florida RV Supershow. We entered at the specified gate and unhooked the car. Then we moved forward to wait.

The staff would take 4 RV’s at a time to the parking area. If you are traveling in a group, the group has to be together to enter and park together. Alfa’s are distinctive, so the parking people had no problem with putting us together.

We followed the guy in a golf cart to our parking space with the Alfa Sunrisers. We do not belong to this Alfa group, but have reciprocity, from out Roadrunner membership.  There are only 9 rigs here, but Deanna and Frank Jones are here and we know them, as they are Roadrunners also, of course, in addition to Barb and Sid.

Today was the Wagon Master dinner. We went over at 4 for happy hour, then dinner. We sat out talking and meeting people. We met Ellen and Hank, who had purchased friends Wendy and Doug’s Alfa last year at Quartzsite. Doug passed away in the spring.

Wednesday- We walked over to the show, a short walk through a parking lot. There are a little less than 800 RV’s staying here for the show. We wandered through the show, stopping to meet up with Megan and PJ, from McMillers. They are going to do some work on the MH, this spring. We are now scheduled to arrive there June 7.

We went to the Camping World area and purchased new tire covers. Ours had pretty much rotted over the last 10 years. The new ones are a little bigger, which is good.

We also purchased a few other items. We ate lunch and returned to the MH. Bob walked the dogs, and we went to Eye Glass World, as Bob’s glasses needed adjustment. Then we went to Best Buy and purchased a new filter for the refrigerator, then to Total Wine for some beer, and we returned to the MH.

Thursday- We left early to go back to the show. Today we looked at Class C motor homes. The plan is eventually to buy a park model somewhere and to then travel in the smaller RV for part of the year. NO TIME SOON, but we were looking at what was available. Most of the smaller RV’s make us claustrophobic or they do not have some of the items that we require, such as a bedside table for Bob’s CPAP. Some of them even have mattresses that have to fold in half so that they can close the slides. We did find that we could live with the Winnebago Cambria. We would only purchase used anyway!  

We decided we wanted pizza for lunch after seeing a guy walking past with a nice looking piece. We could not find the vendor, so we left. As we were walking back to the MH, I said, I wished that there was a Ledo’s. We looked at each other and Bob started to Google Ledo’s. There was one! So we walked the dogs, and ran to the Ledo’s for lunch.

At 4;15, I started getting the oven warmed up to cook the wings for happy hour at 5. Because I was doing a large amount, I was using the GE Profile, instead of the Breville. It started warming, and finally, after 20 minutes, it beeped. Then I put in the two trays. The oven showed that it was reheating. It never got hot enough. At 5, I finally said the heck with this and dumped them in a casserole dish and microwaved them! They were a hit!

We went over and stayed until 6, then we left and went over to the fairgrounds to the show. It was Keith Allyne, who is a Neil Diamond impersonator. He has been the impersonator of the year in Branson.


He was good. He has an interesting history! He is autistic, a high functioning guy with Asperger’s Syndrome.  He had a great sense of humor and was able to ad lib extremely well. He did say that it was a hard room to work, as the room was a rectangle and the stage was in the middle, with people going up the sides.

We really enjoyed the show. This guy can do over 50 impressions. Bob loved his Louis Armstrong/Kermit the Frog impersonation. It was excellent!

Friday-  We went over to the Sunrisers tent for breakfast, then drove to St. Petersburg. Our destination was the Chihuly Exhibit. We paid about $39 for the two of us and went on the 10:30 docent led tour. It was very interesting, learning more about the glass blowing process and how Dale Chihuly This is one of his two permanent exhibits.




Above are drawings that he does as part of the creative process.


The above piece was in some ladies house, locally. When she heard about the exhibit, she donated the piece to the museum. It was taken apart, piece by piece. The pieces where then brought to the museum and placed on the floor, lined up by size and color. Then the piece was re-constructed into this position. Each one of the glass sculptures are dusted by a professional crew to assure that dust does not accumulate on the pieces. Glad that is not my job! Below are on a wall.





This is a large exhibit of the balls, which have been placed in an Italian fisherman’s boat.



If you notice above, there is black Plexiglas below the exhibit. The reflexion down is fantastic! The ends are clear, so that it looks like ice on the tips.  Below is in neon, using blue light.





Above is part of a garden. Below is the next part.


Note below, these bowls, which have  20-22 layers of glass, appear different inside the bowl, than on the outside! There is no paint involved, the glass is rolled in other color glass to make the colors.

20170120_110521 (2)


Bet if I said, lets go look at some glass sculptures, you would look bored. But if I said lets go look at some Chihuly, you would be more interested! HIs work is spectacular.

We went outside to look at another sculpture. Chihuly was commissioned to do a sculpture for the 50th anniversary of Israel. Because they could not put a concrete pad down, he came up with doing this item in plastic. This is a plastic replica. The plastic pieces felt almost like glass!


Then we went down the street for lunch at the Dome Cafe.

We returned to the Tampa area, and stopped at Home Depot, then Lowes, then Ace Hardware looking for a straight stop valve for the shower. Someone at the rally was talking about it. By using this valve, we do not have to turn off the water, all the way, when taking a shower, and then have to wait for the water to get hot again.

We returned and went over to the tent to meet up for carpooling. All of the Sunrisers, many who were not staying at the rally, met at Shell’s Seafood Restaurant, near Busch Gardens for a very nice dinner. Deanna and Frank rode with us, as they wanted to ride in the Edge. They are in the market for a new car.

Jan. 7 to Jan. 13- Clermont FL ( Orlando area)

Saturday- It was 72 when we woke up this morning to hot, humid air. A cold front is coming in today, and the temp is going to drop during the day, as a cold front comes through with rain.

At 10 I went over to Barb and Sid Zelke’s Alfa to have her sew our front shade. This is the outside shade that we purchased in 2008, and there is no way my little sewing machine could handle this job. Bob had showed me one area that needed to be sewed, but it turned out there were a lot of them.

Barb has a heavy duty Viking sewing machine. She was able to do the repair, but it took all three of us to get it done, as this shade is large and has magnets in it. The magnets keep attaching to her machine!  We decided that it was the sun damage that is destroying the thread, although the shade is in good shape.

I returned home for lunch and went into my drawers to find the items that I needed for the afternoon. While I was rummaging through my drawers, I cleaned them out, getting rid of a bunch of junk.

At 12:30 I went back to Barb’s, who is assisting me with making another basket. I had the materials, but needed assistance with remembering how to do this! Sid also helped with turning the material. We worked until 5 PM. I returned home and we ate dinner.


While I was gone, Bob had added water to the tank. The boil water precaution had ended yesterday, so we can use water again. We made it though, by really skimping on water.

The Hydro Hot is not working on electric, again. Bob had spent time trying everything he could think of, but we are going to have to get someone to fix it. It works on diesel, which is good, so that we can run it if it gets too cold. It is supposed to be in the 30’s tonight!

Sunday- Brrr! Florida is supposed to be warm! It was 35 this morning, but with the winds, it feels like it is in the 20’s.  Bob got up and turned on the diesel Hydro Hot just in case. So for another day we are wearing jeans and sweatshirts!

We did our usual budgeting and checking our accounts. Then we did laundry and cleaned more drawers. We ate lunch and signed up for Netflix. We spent the afternoon binge watching season 4 of Orange is the New Black.  We ate dinner at home and  watched even more TV.

Monday- It was cold again last night and Bob got up and turned on the diesel hydro hot early in the morning. We worked on tasks around the MH. Bob is still trying to find an RV tech to fix the Hydro Hot. He finally found one in Tampa. He asked the guy if he would come to the MH at the Fairgrounds. Nope, the guy does not want to pay the $800 fee to enter the RV parking area.

He told Bob he needed a few more repairs in the Clermont area, and he would come to us here. He said he would call back in the evening to let us know when.

At 10:30 I went for a mani/pedi. I returned, getting stuck in the RV line getting into the park. While I was gone, Bob spent more time on trying to see if he could repair the Hydro Hot.

We ate lunch at home and then Bob went to True Value hardware. I spent some time coloring while watching The Crown on Netflix. I got hooked and then so did Bob when he returned. We binge watched it, through dinner and into the evening.

Tuesday- We spent the morning cleaning in the MH and other tasks. After lunch, we went to the Dentist office for a cleaning. GRRRR! We arrived to find that they only do an exam then it would take months to get our cleaning scheduled. Bob had told them what we were planning when he made the appointment. So we walked out.

We went to JoAnne’s for me to find some Pellon for another basket, but they did not have any of what I needed. We returned to the MH and I cooked some turkey meatballs for happy hour. We went to the happy hour at Barb and Sid’s motor home. We had a nice time visiting with new friends.

Wednesday- We were off to Universal Studios for the day. Traffic was awful and it took us almost an hour to get there. We parked in the parking garage, $20 for the day. We walked thru the City Walk to the split and went right to the Studios.


Barb had given me an old ticket so we started at Guest Services and traded the ticket in for another ticket which got me in, for free! We had bought another ticket for Bob on line. We also bought the Express Passes for each of us. We used it but found that we really could have gotten along today without it today.


We wandered through the park.  There were a number of streets like this which had nothing there. In this area there was just an ice cream shop.


Our first stop was at The Wizarding World of Happy Potter-Dagon Alley.


We went thru the ride, Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts.



We left there and went to a puppet show.


We wandered through to the MIB ride.


20170111_105946 (2)

We went to the Knights Bus.


Then we crossed the bridge and went to the Simpsons and did the Simpsons 4D ride.


Ugh, this is the type of ride that makes me ill, so I am not going to do any more of this type of ride!

We ate lunch at the Universals Studios Monster Cafe, where we split a half roasted chicken, with broccoli and a side salad.

We wandered around some more. There are a lot of the characters around.



We went to the Blues Brothers Show  which was very good!




We danced in the street, doing a conga line with the actors.




As you can tell, this was the highlight of the day! Bob also rode some of the more intense roller coasters.

We walked back to the Duff’s bar and Bob had a Duff’s Amber beer.


We decided we had enough, so we left. We returned to the MH and ate dinner.

Thursday-  We did some more cleaning in the MH, then we went to lunch with long time friend Marvin Williams at the Orlando Yard  House. Here are Bob and Marvin enjoying some beer!


We returned home, walked the dogs,and went to dinner with Barb and Sid Zelke and Glen and Suzi  Smith at Hurricane Grill and Wings, where we had been in October. Glen and Suzi are also Alfa owners. Both are younger and still working. Glen is an upper level ‘techie’ for  T-Mobile  and Suzi is an author and speaker about Barn Quilts. That’s the quilt art that you see on barns across the country. She is not a sewing quilter.

Friday-  We went back to Universal, this time turning left to go to Islands of Adventure.

Universal Islands of Adventure

Universal Islands of Adventure

Universal Islands of Adventure

Universal Islands of Adventure

Universal Islands of Adventure

Universal Islands of Adventure

Universal Islands of AdventureUniversal Islands of Adventure

Universal Islands of AdventureUniversal Islands of Adventure

Universal Islands of AdventureUniversal Islands of Adventure

The water rides were getting people really wet. Even folks who were wearing ponchos. They sold them at the park, as well as flip flops to wear on these rides. We skipped them as we did not want to get that wet.

Universal Islands of Adventure

Universal Islands of Adventure

The dinosaur above moved and was animated somehow. He mad a lot of noise and pushed himself through the greenery. It was an interesting exhibit. We were one of the last folks to get our picture taken before they closed for lunch and rest for the actors.

After wandering thru the park, the weather started looking stormy. We had seen everything that we wanted to see and had ridden all the rides. Bob did several of the really wild roller coasters on his own, as I have benign vertigo and did not want to set it off. They were really intense!

We left the park and went to lunch in the City Walk area. We could not resist the Chocolate Factory.

Universal Islands of Adventure

We ordered the Croque Monsieur,  a French ham and cheese sandwich, which we had eaten in France, chocolate almond bread and a decadent dessert. What a great lunch! We only ordered one of each, and split them.

The characters stopped by the table and our waiter took a nice picture of us.

Universal Islands of Adventure

Universal Islands of Adventure

We waddled back through the City Walk.  At the end of the moving walkway,there was an NBC free picture kiosk, so we took this one below in the photo booth.


We went to Costco, which was only a few miles away. Bob had lost his Fitbit yesterday, and we bought him a new one. We returned to the MH and ate diner at home. After two days of being a theme parks, below is how we feel!


Sat. Dec. 31 to Fri. Jan. 6- Venice to Clermont FL

Saturday- New Years Eve…. We left and went south to the Regis Cinema 16 and watched Rogue One, with our AARP discount, at the 10:30 AM showing. We stopped and dropped Sully off at the Redbox on the way. Rogue One was okay, but it kind of dragged at the beginning. You could tell that George Lucas had not written the script!

We went to First Watch for lunch as it was already 1 PM. We had a nice lunch, stopped at Walmart and returned home. Bob walked the dogs and I rode my bike around the park. It was a nice day.

Bob was not feeling well, and he wanted some comfort food, so I ran to the China King and picked up Chinese take out for dinner. There must have been an accident on I-75 as everyone was bailing off the interstate. I had to re-route to return to the MH.

We watched Creed on Amazon Prime and had a quiet evening at home.

Sunday- Happy New Year! We had a quiet day at home.

Monday- Back on our healthy diets today! I did laundry, we packed up getting ready to leave tomorrow. We ate lunch and dinner at home. Bob took a nap and we watched TV in the evening.

In the afternoon I rec’d a call from the Orlando TT. The gal said that they are doing their express check-in from 12-4. I said that we might be there before 12. The gal said not to arrive before 12, if we did we would be placed into a 30 amp site and could not move until the next day. Okay, we will schedule to arrive at 12.

Tuesday- We left Ramblers Rest at  8:40. It was Coffee and Doughnut day, so the parking lot was full of cars. We could not hook up the car in the parking lot. We had a back up plan, which was to drive towards I-75 and there was a pull off on the side where we could hook up. So that is what we did.

There was a lot of traffic on I-75 north. At Tampa we turned onto I-4 north. We stopped at the first exit to purchase propane at a Pilot, as we have been using the propane water heater for hot water. UGH, this was a very busy place. The propane was located in an awkward place, so we had to drive around the place a second time to position correctly. We did and some very old guy, with severe osteoporosis, ( he was driving a motor home and pulling a trailer, EEK, he should not be driving!! AND he is traveling alone with his dog!) he pulled up blocking us from making the turn to leave when we were finished with obtaining the propane.

We ended up having to disconnect the car so that we could back up the MH. The MH cannot be backed up with the car attached, as it can damage the car. So we quickly disconnected and I moved the car so that Bob could back up the MH. We only had about 40 miles to go so I just drove the car the rest of the way. There really was nowhere to hook the car up anyway, as we needed to get out of the crazy busy Pilot

We drove to the TT and were #17 in line! So much for them waiting until 12:00. We had arrived at 12:03. Evidently they do this craziness during the busy season!

We sat in line, arrived at the Ranger station, received our packets, and were directed to go to the parking lot at the tennis courts/pool. We had to wait to get into the parking lot. When we did, I drove in ahead of Bob to find that in the last spot, where I was headed, there were cars parked in the lot. We could not believe that they allowed that with all the RV’s having to move through there! I told Bob to stop and he backed up and took a spot that another RV had vacated. In total, we guess that this took about 15 minutes, which was not too bad. They did take everyone in order.

When the gal in the golf cart guided us to the area we wanted to stay in, she showed us an Elite spot which looked fairly flat, and it appeared we could get satellite there. It is along the fence, so there is no one behind us. We think that is the only reason it is listed as Elite.

The gal had taken us the wrong way on the road to back directly into the spot. I said to the gal, we are facing the wrong way to back up. She said, yeah, I am not good at that! Grrr! But, Bob was able to get us parked quickly, as there was a 5th wheel directly behind us and we needed to get out of there way so they could park.

It was hot and muggy! The inside of the MH by this time was really hot and it was so humid, we immediately turned on the air conditioner. The dogs were panting at this point, and both of us were dripping!

Once we were settled, I looked at the paperwork they had handed to us and discovered that we are under a Precautionary Boil Water Notice. They had some sort of leak that they are repairing. I wish they had told me that yesterday when they called, as I would have had Bob fill up the water tank. As it is, we are not sure how much water we have in our holding tank. There was no water coming from spigot in the sites. No one has water at this point.  So we are conserving water.

I texted Barb Zelke, a Roadrunner, who is in the park to let her know we had arrived. We texted back and forth, then a little later she and Syd  arrived to greet us. We packed up us, drinks, happy hour appetizer, chairs and the dogs and off we went for happy hour at their site. There are four other Alfa’s here in the park, so we are going to have several happy hours.

We returned to the MH at 6 for dinner. It started to rain and rained several times overnight.

Wednesday-  Still under the boil water notice! We had scheduled an Optometrist appointment for this morning for new glasses. We arrived, and Bob was taken in first. Then I went in. The Doc said that it is Florida law that the eyes be dilated. Great! Bob could not see, so too bad, I declined to have mine dilated. I am due to see my Ophthalmologist anyway, so I will get them checked in April or May.

We returned to the MH, ate lunch, walked the dogs and went to the Boot Barn ( which used to be Sheplers) to buy Bob new shirts for Square Dancing. We were planning to go Square Dancing this evening, but it turns out the dance was 41 miles away, on the other side of Orlando!

We arrived and purchased two shirts for him. We stopped for gas at the WAWA, $2.31. Gas is creeping up again….We returned home, ate dinner, and watched TV.

Thursday-  We are still under the boil water notice. We worked on various issues around the MH. On our to do list is some major cleaning tasks, so I started on that.

Bob called our insurance, as he had rec’d EOB’s that had him paying for services. He hit his ‘catastrophic’ in May, so he should not have had to pay for any services. He found out that several of the doctors that saw him, even though we were at an ‘in plan’ hospital, were out of plan. As a result we have some items we need to pay. We had seen this on TV, in a report on health insurance. We are very careful to go to in-plan Doc’s, labs and hospitals. We had no control over this. Fortunately, the amounts are small!

A large amount was for lab work at the hospital. It was coded wrong, as they coded that the lab work was viewed by a pathologist. Nope, no pathologist, so the insurance declined to pay. Why would he need a pathologist for cardiac enzymes? Those are checked by the cardiologist. This should have been part of the hospital bill, according to the insurance!  Hopefully, they will fix this and not send us a bill, as this is just the EOB so far!

The other issue is that when Bob had the stress test in Minnesota, he told the office that they had to get a pre-auth. When he arrived at the office for the test, he double checked and was told that they had rec’d the pre-auth. Now we are receiving a bill. Bob has talked to the office several times and the first time he talked to them, they told him they would wave the $100 fee. Then they keep sending us bills. Bob called this last time and they told him to appeal with his insurance. REALLY!!! Bob did everything right, and we are being penalized for their failure! So note to self, ( and everyone else) make sure that you get the authorization number before allowing a non-emergency test!

Bob talked to the insurance and filed an appeal. All the insurance has to do is state, on an EOB or letter to the Cardiologist office, that Bob is not liable for this money. Bob also sent the Cardiologist office a copy of the appeal and a letter explaining what had happened so that they have it in writing.

We left at 12 to go to Winter Garden for my hair appt. While I was there, Bob dropped stuff off at the Goodwill and looked for some pants. Plus he went to the Post Office.  He picked me up and we went to America Best for glasses. That was a waste of time as it will take two weeks for the glasses to arrive.

We returned home, ate dinner, watched TV and went to bed.

Friday-  We went to Eye Glass World. They are able to get the glasses in 5-10 days. Hopefully! Fingers crossed!

We went to Walmart and returned home for lunch. We worked around the MH and I got ready for the happy hour this evening.

We ended up with six Alfa couples. There is a seventh Alfa, but they never responded to the note left on their MH.


We had a great time meeting some new folks.