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Sat. May 20 to Fri. May 26- Atchison KS to Clinton IN

Saturday-  We had a quiet day in the MH. Bob took the sheets and towels over to the laundry at the park and did them a day early. I did some work around the MH.

After lunch, we went to Atchison to the Walmart for some groceries. It is a brand new Walmart! We had driven past the old one yesterday, which was no longer there. The old one was the first Walmart I had ever been to! I went there with my mother-in-law, Dora. The grocery store I had gone to with her was also gone, as was a restaurant where we met up with the family for lunch on day…. times and towns change!

We took a short nap. Then met Bob’s brother Joe in St. Joseph at the Texas Roadhouse for a nice dinner.

Sunday- We left around 8:45 after dumping the gray tank. We continued east on I-70 around Kansas City and across Missouri. We drove east of St. Louis, crossing the Mississippi River,  to Granite City IL,where our destination was the Elks Lodge. They have two sites, water and 30 amp electric . We took one of the sites, parking on gravel. We had a quiet evening at home. The weather was nice, the temperature was in the upper 70’s so we opened all the windows.

Monday-  We left around 9:45 and and continued east on I-270 until we reached I-55 north. We traveled about 2 hours to Springfield IL. Our destination was the State Fair Grounds. We have stayed here before.

We arrived to find a sign which said that the Camp Host was off Sunday and Monday. So I called security, and the guy said take one of the handicap sites, as they have dumps.

We both remembered that this had happened before. We parked in a nice asphalt site with FHU, 50 amp. The security guy said just pay Mike, the camp host, in the morning. Okay!

It was noon, so we set up and ate lunch. After a load of laundry, we left and went to downtown Springfield. Our first stop was the Lincoln Depot. It was from this depot where  President Elect Abe Lincoln departed on February 11, 1861. It took him 9 days to get to Washington DC. 

20170522_135844 (2)

20170522_140104 (2)


Above is the Lincoln family. Below are houses in town that the family lived in .



We left and went to view the Lincoln Family Pew at the First Presbyterian Church.

20170522_143306 20170522_143448


Too bad we could not see the pew! The church was locked up.

We went to see the Lawrence Educational Center, which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Nothing unusual. It is a working school.


We drove to Walmart then back to the MH. We had a quiet evening at home.

Tuesday-  We had to pay the camp host after 11, so I did a Webinar at 9, then we did some other tasks like laundry. We ate lunch at home, and left at about 12:30 to go to the Dana-Thomas House, a Frank Lloyd Wright designed home. It is listed as the most unique and lavish structure designed by FLW during his early Prairie period. The home was built for Springfield socialite Susan Lawrence Dana. She wanted a home for parties. Ms. Dana gave FLW a blank check to design and build the home. The Thomas part of the name is for the Illinois governor who saved the building from demolition.

We arrived and went right to the 1 PM tour, led by a nice guy named Chuck. The tour started with a movie about FLW and Dana. The home is 12,600 square feet and has 16 levels! The building has not been significantly altered and has over 100 pieces of Wright-designed oak furniture, 250 examples of art glass light fixtures and lamps. The barrel-vaulted dining room and gallery/ballroom are two of the most photographed spaces in the history of American architecture. Connecting the main living quarters to the gallery and library is a 60 ft. long pergola hallway beneath which is a bowling lane, billiard room and walk-in vault.





Notice how the edges of the gutters are tilting up? That is an optical illusion. They are actually flat, and are designed to give an oriental flair. Ms. Dane liked butterflies so there is a butterfly theme throughout the home. FLW liked Sumac, so that is also a theme throughout the house. Photography is not allowed in the house, but Chuck did let me take a picture of a model of the house which is in the basement.



We drove past the new State Capital. The statue is of Lincoln.


We were driving down Rt. 66.


We left and went to the Old State Capital building where Lincoln served in the Legislature.


We walked in the door right behind a bunch of kids on a field trip. Fortunately, they did not stay too long as they were loud and wild!

This was the working area.


Below is the court room.


The Governor’s Office, which was very small and connected to some public areas.


Below is the Representative Hall, where Lincoln served. This is also where they held is 2 day wake when the body was returned to Springfield for burial. He must have been pretty ripe, as the body traveled for over 15 days on its way to Springfield. There were many wakes held upon the route.



Below is the Senate Hall.


Finally, the staircase.

20170523_143846 20170523_144421

There were other rooms also.

We left and went to Obed and Isaac’s Microbrewery & Eatery for Bob to sample some local beers.


Bob had an Upside Down Coffee, a Hefe, Cascade Ale, and a Ditzy Blonde. He said that all the beers were good. I tried a sample of their homemade root beer.


We returned to the MH. The weather was really iffy today, with drizzle and later some rain.

Wednesday- We went to the Lincoln Presidential Library. Well, we tried too.. we parked in the parking garage, and walked to the Library. When we walked in the Security guy told us that it was really for research and that we needed to back track across the street to the Museum. Below is the LIbrary.


Below is the Museum. They look just alike and are across the street from each other!


It cost $12 senior rate/ea for the Museum and Union Station which has an exhibit of the movie Lincoln by Steven Spielberg. We paid and a docent met us and gave us directions. School kids had taken over the place for the day! They were coming in by the bus loads! We started at a replica of Lincoln’s one room home in Indiana.


The lady in the black costume welcomed us to Indiana. We wandered through the house, which was an actual one room log cabin, that had been moved here, just not Lincoln’s original cabin.

There were a number of exhibits on his life and slavery. We then went to the 10 AM movie. It was very well done, talking about the Civil War. Then we progressed to some more exhibits.

There were a number of political cartoons, all which made fun of Lincoln or the first lady. We continued to another exhibit about the war, including pictures of soldiers.


Below are yearly pictures of Lincoln. You can see how he aged during his time in office.


Ford’s Theater: what you cannot see is John Wilks Booth sneaking into the box.


There were more exhibits, then another movie, called Ghosts. It was about why there are Presidential Libraries. The movie/show was really well done. It was so life like, I thought the narrator was live. Nope, he was a ghost! It was much more realistic than the exhibits at Disney!!!

We ate lunch, after standing in line behind some of the school kids, at the Subway in the museum.

We walked across the street to Union Station. I am glad that we only paid $2 each, as an upgrade to our museum tickets for this exhibit!







All these were pictures and costumes from the Spielberg movie.

We walked back across the street to the parking garage, paid our $6, and left. We stopped at JoAnne’s to pick up the works for our clock, which had stopped working. We returned to the MH.

I wanted to add a day to our TT reservation and discovered that I had forgotten to make the reservation. I was sure that I had. The reservation is for Clinton IN, and they were booked solid. Instead, I ended up making a reservation for a town on the other side of the state. We will be staying there for 9 days.

Thursday-  We drove out of Illinois and into Indiana. We passed through Indianapolis and continued east on I-74. We followed the GPS directions to the Indian Lake Thousand Trails/ Batesville KOA. There is a KOA in the center of the TT park. Those sites are nicer than the TT sites, but then you pay for them.

Our  GPS had the directions wrong. It took us out into the countryside. We arrived at an empty field.  We ended up on a dead end road and had to turn around. So we disconnected the car and drove back. We found Hwy. 46, and followed it to the park.

We pulled in and found that there was a minimal selection of sites available. The park is large, but there are a lot of annual sites. We drove to the area that the Ranger told us to go to. We found a number of empty sites, but all were water logged from all the rain. We sank in some, just in the car.

We found a pull thru, one only, that was available. A guy raced past us and drove right into the site. So we had to start looking again. We finally decided on a 30 amp/water site. So Bob stopped the motor home to dump the tanks. As he headed around to the site, he found that the site that the guy had raced into was now empty.

So we moved into the 50 amp FHU pull thru site. The problem for the other guy is the location of the sewer and the electric. Because we are larger, and have longer tubing, we were able to reach the sewer and electric, but the guy in the smaller unit could not. So we settled in.

We had a quiet evening at home.

Friday- We left early to go into Batesville to the Kroger. We grocery shopped, along with every little old lady that lives in the area! The grocery store was very busy.

We returned to the MH and ate lunch. Then we settled in for the afternoon. We watched Manchester by the Sea on Amazon Prime. We were not impressed with the movie. It was okay, but the ending was kind of lame.

We ate dinner at home and watched TV.

Sat. May 13 to Fri. May 18- Westminster CO to Atchison KS

Saturday- We went to the storage unit again to move more stuff out. We took it to ARC. I keep working on the pictures. I am getting there! We also took the photo albums back to the storage unit. It is to expensive to digitalize them also.

At 2, we went to the big pavilion for a birthday party for the Camp Host, Julie’s grandbaby. We had a nice time, as all the RV’ers were invited.


Here is the birthday girl. They gavel her a large cupcake, but she did not make too much of a mess.


We went to Panera for dinner as we both were craving some salad.

Sunday-   Happy Mother’s Day. We went to the Lodge to the Mother’s Day breakfast sitting with some of the RV’ers. We did out usual Sunday chores. We went to lunch Hacienda hoping if we went late, that it would not be too busy. Wrong, we sat at the bar as it was a 45 minute wait for a table. We had a quiet afternoon. We went to social hour at 4.

We ate dinner at home and watched TV.

Monday- I finished the pictures. We decided that we would wait until the fall to mail them, as they will be returned and we have no address to have them sent back to….

We took them over to the storage unit and shuffled some more stuff around. We are getting there with managing the storage unit.

We went to our last social hour, as the weather is turning. It is going to start raining and getting colder.

Tuesday- We went to the Cardiologist for Bob’s follow up appointment. His EKG was normal and he was discharged, with instructions to call if there are any issues.

Our next stop was right around the corner at the Endocrinologist. We had not been able to get appointments for both of us. When we called, it was too soon. When we called back they were completely booked. They called a couple of weeks ago and said they had one cancellation. So Bob took that appointment.

We arrived and they took us back. Dr. Cassara was very happy with Bob’s weight loss. His A1C was great and so were his blood sugar numbers. Since he has been off his diabetic medications for the last year, she decided to discharge him! Unless he gains weight or changes his diet and his blood sugars go up, he does not have to see an Endocrinologist.again! Great news!

Since we were there, I told Dr. C that I could not get an appointment, but that I had brought my lab results with me. She looked at them and said no changes. She was also very happy with my labs and my weight loss. She sent in the prescription for my Synthroid, so I am covered for the next year. No charge! I offered to pay the co-pay for the appointment but she said no.

We returned to the park, ate lunch, and I went for a mani/pedi.

We paid Julie for our extra 4 days and ate dinner at home.

Wednesday- We were up early. Bob left at 7:15 to go to Longmont to an Aqua Hot class. This way he may be able to fix out hydro hot when it breaks. They actually gave him an exam and he is now a Certified Aqua Hot Technician. It was an all day class.

While he was gone, I went to lunch at Panera with the girls. There were 9 of us. I arrived back in time for a Webinar which I wanted to see at 1 PM. I missed playing cards, but that was okay. We had a quiet evening at home.

Thursday- It was snowing when we got up, but not sticking. The weather people on TV said it was not snowing in our area, but it did start sticking to the cars and the grass at about 7:30.

We waited until it became rain, and checked the road conditions.  They were good, so we left around 9:30. We traveled east on Rt. 36 to I-70 east. We traveled through rain most of the day.

We pulled into the City Park in Ellis Kansas at about 5, $20 for 30 amp, the price keeps going up! We got set up just in time for a thunderstorm with hail. The hail was the size of golf balls. We waited until it ended to check the car. No extra damage that we could see. The city cop came around to let us know where the tornado shelter was located, as we were under a tornado warning.

We had a quiet evening as we could not get satellite.

Friday- Still not a great day. Here is a picture of the waterfall from the lake which I took on my morning walk.



The lake is behind the MH and in front of the church. It was full of water this time. The last two times we have stayed here, the lake has been empty.

We continued east on I-70 thru Kansas. Our destination was Basswood RV park outside Kansas City, where we have stayed in the past. When I called they said they had no sites as they were having a BBQ weekend. So we changed to St. Joseph MO. I found a spot at Sharp RV Park, which is a PA park. $15.

We arrived at the park at about 3:00. I walked into the office and the old man said that he did not have me on his list. I had talked to the son. So he called his son. Hmmm, they had overbooked. The son called the other park, AOK, where we have stayed before, but they had no room either.

We had to back track, 34 miles,  to Atchison KS , to Lewis and Clark State Park. We do not like to stay there as there is no Verizon, at least there was none in the past, but there was today! Yeah, we will stay there more in the future!

We easily got a nice 50 amp site for the senior rate of $21 per night. Just electric. While I was with the Camp Host checking us in, a thunderstorm came up. It rained  a lot, and we were glad we were in the site we were assigned, as it did not flood. No hail today!

We had a quiet evening at home.

Sat. May 6 to Fri. May 12- Westminster CO

Saturday – We did a lot of running around to get things done. We went to the storage unit to clean out some more items. We made a run to Goodwill, but they were closed. So we went to ARC and donated a lot of stuff.

We ate lunch at Dickey’s BBQ and settled in for the afternoon. Bob took a nap and I worked on more of the pictures that I am trying to sort, trash duplicates and put them in baggies with labels and get them ready to be mailed to a place which will digitalize them.

We sat out at social hour.We had a quiet dinner at home.

Sunday- More time getting things done. It was a cold day, so we did a lot in the MH, including laundry.

We took a nice nap and went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Marianna came over to see the dogs. She is taking care of them for us which is awesome. One less thing to worry about over the next two days.

Monday- We were up early as Bob had to be at Lutheran Hospital at 6:30. When we arrived, he was taken right back to the pre-op area. After about 45 minutes,they came to take me back. I was there when the Anesthesiologist came in. Just before he arrived I realized that Bob had the nausea medicine given right before he had the neurological issues last year. So I told the Anesthesiologist that. He decided that it was the Compazine, so he decided that he would not give him that this year.

Once Bob was off to the OR, I returned to the waiting room for about 1/2 an hour. Then I left to go to my Ophthalmologist appointment. I had tried  to change the appointment, but they did not have another date available. So we decided since I would be just sitting around anyway, that I should go. The nurse had my phone number and knew where I was going.

I had a good appointment and am going to have my right eye cataract removed in 2018, when Medicare kicks in. I stopped at Panera for a salad on the way back to the hospital. I parked and ate the salad in the little area downstairs before returning to the waiting room. By this time it was almost 1 PM. I read my book.

At around three there started to be a very loud noise. It sounded like rain on the MH roof, but I was on the third floor and the building had five floors. Someone said it was hail, so I went out to look out the window near the elevators.

Oh boy! Was it hail! The size of tennis balls. Everyone was saying there goes the windshields on the cars! People actually left to go look at their cars when it was still hailing! Not me, I thought there was no point in going out. There was nothing that I could do, plus who needs a concussion!

I took pictures, then quickly moved away from the windows at the hail was hitting the window and I was afraid it was going to break. That window did not, but others in the hospital did.


In watching TV, back in the waiting room, they were saying that the area around the hospital was the hardest hit by the largest hail.

Once the hail stopped, I went out to the car to check on it. We did not have any really apparent damage, but all the cars around me had lost either their windshield or their back window.

I went back to the waiting room and waited. The Doc had said 5-6 hours, it was almost 8. I spent a long time talking to MaryAnne on the phone. I had also called Marianna, to check on the MH. The weather was not as bad at the MH, and the only damage was to some folks whose roof vent covers cracked or flew off in the wind. We have covers, over our covers, so that we can keep the vents open in the rain, so we did not have any apparent damage.

At 5, the staff turned off the lights in the office, locked their door and went home. I was the only person still waiting!

Eventually, the Anesthesiologist came by to say that they were done and that Bob was awake. He said that he had no neurological issues this time. I had to wait another 1/2 hour before they came to take me back to see Bob.

I watched the nurse do another neuro check  which was 100%!  I was sure glad that his tongue went straight out instead of at a 90 degree angle like last year!

He started having a little bit of nausea, even with all the stuff that they had given him. So the nurse bought some Quease EASE. I have not been a real believer in the Essential Oil craze that is going around, but this stuff really worked! It contains Lavender, Peppermint, Spearmint and Ginger essential oil.


I would put it under Bob’s nose and he would take 4 sniffs and the nausea would go away. Amazing! I had to do this several times.

We were eventually transferred to the cardiac floor. He had terrific nurses in the PACU and on the floor. I stayed with him and fed him supper. He was able to eat, but since he had to stay flat until 9 PM, it was hard for him to eat. I left around 8:45 and went home to happy dogs.

The dogs laid in my lap until I went to bed.

Tuesday- Bob texted me and asked for coffee and to let me know that he would be ready for discharge in about an hour. I walked the dogs, ate breakfast, and went out to the car. The sun was shining and now I could see the damage to the car.

On the passenger side, the window was cracked. We also have a lot of dents.

I arrived at the hospital and Bob was sitting up. The Nurse Practitioner had been in and took out the stitch. The nurse did one more neuro check, then Bob dressed and we headed home.

He took a nice long nap, as he had not gotten a lot of sleep in the hospital. I joined him as I was still exhausted from yesterdays stress.  We had a quiet dinner at home.

Wednesday-  We had a quiet day with Bob resting. Since the surgery was so long, and he was under the anesthesia for so long, his brain was foggy. It will be slowly clearing over the next few days.

He has to be really careful, as both dogs want to be on his lap and we do not want the area in his groin to open up. He is really bruised!

I have been walking the dogs, but Bob went for one of the walks with me, just to get some fresh air. He cannot bend over yet, so he can’t pick up after the dogs.

I called the insurance company about the car. I told the gal, “ We are in Denver, need I say more? “ She said, “hail?”… We are going to have the repair done in Indiana.

We went to social hour at the small pavilion in the afternoon and ate dinner at home.

Thursday-  Another quiet day. Bob walked the dogs a bit more. He seems to be doing very well. His brain is less foggy and he is able to walk longer distances. He even took the dogs out for their last grass visit at 10 PM. I keep working on the pictures.

Friday- More of the same as yesterday.

Sat. Apr. 29 San Felipe NM to Fri. May 5, Westminster CO

Saturday- The TV weather forecasters were saying that we were in a major, late winter, snow storm. So we paid for another night at the casino, staying put until the storm passed.

San Felipe is between ABQ and Santa Fe, and is in a small valley between the mountains. Both ABQ and Santa Fe had snow, although the roads were clear in ABQ. We had rain, flurries and sleet.

At 9:30, we decided to drive to ABQ. We went to a Verizon store in a  mall. The guy could not have cared less! No phones there either.

There was a Best Buy Mobile store in the mall. This is not a Best Buy, it is just a cellular store. The gal, Taylor, was awesome! She set us up with the new phones, Galaxy S7’s, obtained a better rate than at the Verizon store, put on our covers and screen savers. She was fantastic! We will not go to a Verizon store again!

As we were leaving, friends Tom and Debbie Abernethy contacted us. We made plans to meet for dinner.

We returned home, at lunch, and worked on getting our new phones set up.

We left at 5:30 and drove to Applebee’s for dinner with Tom and Debbie.


Sunday-  We left to travel north at around 9AM after making sure that the truckers were on the road. We saw snow on the side of the road through Santa Fe  and up in the mountains. Then it cleared out. We were worried about Raton pass, but we sailed over it. The temperature gage on did not even move. Looks like that problem is solved.

We continued on and arrived at the KOA north of Pueblo. We do not like to stay at KOA’s as they are too expensive, but that was all that was available.

We settled in at the park and rushed to do a lot of laundry. We completed it all and left most of the clothes to dry overnight.

Monday- Bob goes to disconnect the water hose and finds that someone had stolen our cap. An odd thing to steal, as it only costs a couple of dollars. Fortunately Bob had another one. This is on the drinking water hose and we try to be careful of the end.

We did not like getting in and out of this park. We had to go through a single lane tunnel under the interstate that was 13’3” tall. We are 13” tall, so it was scary.

We continued north on I-25 until our usual turn off in Castle Rock. We use that route to go around Denver.

We arrived at the Elks Lodge at about 12. Julie was out with Noel for brunch, so we backed into the 50 amp site on the wall to wait for her to arrive to tell us where she wanted us to park. We ate lunch while waiting.

Julie arrived at about 12:30 and directed us to one of the new 50 amp sites on the hill. We backed in and set up. Once that was completed we ran to the car wash.

We ran through the car wash as the car was a mess after being towed behind the MH. While we were vacuuming the inside, we noticed that someone had run into the passenger side rear  light. We think it must have been a pick up truck as it is high up. The color was black, as we can see the paint that was left. So Bob is ordering new lights online.

We went to social hour at 4 and had wings for dinner $6 for a dozen,, which we split. We had a quiet evening at home.

Tuesday- We woke up and did some tasks around the MH. We left at 10 to go to Bob’s Cardiologist appt. We checked in and they took us in right away. The gal did an EKG and everything looked fine.

We met with Dr. Finta, and decided that Bob is going to have another Ablation. UGH, hopefully it will go better than last year! This is different, as they are going to do a different procedure.. I have to look it up!  This procedure is to take between 5-6 hours.

We returned to the MH and I ran to the Lodge. I was having lunch and playing Ponytail Canasta with the girls. We had a nice time, ending about 4:30. Then Bob and I sat with Jay and Elaine to chat until 5:15. We returned home to cook dinner and feed the dogs. We settled in for a quiet evening.

Wednesday- It has been rainy and bone chilling cold due to the humidity. Windy also! I worked on my next article to up date. We waited for the Direct TV guy to arrive. He showed up around  8:30. He found that our problem was the wiring from the satellite to the DVR box. That is our issue, not theirs. We have been noticing that the shows would break up and it kept getting more frequent. Yesterday the shows just stopped for 30 seconds, then would break up and start back up. The guy thought adjusting would help, but it did not. So Bob slowly started working on replacing the wire. He has to go slow to not set off the Afib. He sets an alarm for 10 minutes, then stops and sits for 10 minutes, then works another 10 minutes.

I had my Mammogram at 3 PM , out west, as I could not get an appointment at the closer facilities. We ended up staying for awhile, since I asked for a CD of the previous mammograms so that I can take them to Arizona.  Bob went with me and we stopped at Walmart on the way back.

We had a quiet evening and ate dinner at home.

Thursday- I finished one of the articles and sent it off. That is 2 down and only 1 to go. I started on the third, which is a 2 credit article, so it is going to take me a little longer. I also am working on the Roadrunner newsletter.

At 12 we left to go to my Orthopedic appointment. I had a good report there and do not have to return until 2020. He was please with my knees and my 40 lb. weight loss!

We stopped at the storage unit to pick up some photos and I am sorting and going to send them off to be digitalized.

We returned to the MH, walked the dogs, and left to go to Bob’s Retinal specialist. He had a good report from that! Normal eyes!

We returned and went to social hour. This was outside today, as the temp was 79 degrees and sunny. We stayed until 5:30 when we returned , ate dinner and watched TV. I continued sorting pictures and Bob finished some of the TV wiring. We put items back into the cabinet.

Friday- We had the dogs Vet appointment this morning. We thought the dogs were due for the Leptospirosis shot, but the dogs were not due. So we ordered meds for them and moved on…. Bob continued to work on getting the new cords to the TV and he was able to get that completed. I worked on photos and scrap books. We had brought those back from the storage unit and I have been going through the boxes. More to come!

We ate lunch and I went for a manicure. Then more photos and scrapbooks. At 4 we went to happy hour. Mel and Thelma were passing around this Tequila. Neither of us are Tequila drinkers,  but this was really good! It had an almond flavor. The passed our tiny cups and we each tasted a bit. It is available in Mexico for $7.99 and here for $20. You can only bring one bottle, each, back over the border, so they buy each time they go to Mexico. They stay in Yuma, so it is easy to go back and forth.

20170505_163220 (2)

We went to dinner at the Lodge, having Taco Salads. Neither of us ate the shell, just the salad.

Sat. Apr. 22 to Fri. Apr. 28- Sun City AZ to Westminster CO

Saturday- We ran to the Verizon store today. We decided to change plans and get the new phones. We will be paying less per month, so that made us happy! Unfortunately, they did not have the phones. The Galaxy  S8 just came out, so we want the Galaxy S7, but they did not have 2. The guy is trying to get one from another store.

We went to dinner at Cracker Barrel with Paula, Charlie, Linda and Mike. It is Mike’s birthday.

AT 7 we went over to Mike and Linda’s for cake and ice cream. There were several of the neighbors there in addition to Paula and Charlie. The temp was in the high 90’s today, but it cooled off nicely in the evening.

Sunday- We did our final trip to the storage unit, taking over some chairs and the bikes. Plus all the other bike items like the rack, lock, chain, helmets, baskets, lights etc. The Verizon guy could not obtain the other phone.

We went to Walmart and CVS. Paula and Charlie came over in the afternoon and we talked for a couple of hours. We had a quiet dinner at home.

Monday- We said good-bye to Mike and Linda, then Paula and Charlie. After stopping at the office to return the mail box key, we drove out of the park. We turned left onto Union Hills, then left onto 107th. We turned left onto Happy Valley, then drove onto Hwy 303. We drove 13 miles through no traffic on this nice new road, to I-17 north.

We started having issues with hills almost immediately. We continued on our way. We stopped at each of the rest areas and gave the engine time to cool down. We have no idea what is causing this issue. We drove up the hills, only having the overheating alarm go off two times. We downshifted, drove slowly and watched everyone passing us!

We decided to go to the Freightliner in Flagstaff. Bob called ahead and made an appointment for tomorrow morning at 7 AM. He also called Black Bart RV Park and made a reservation. We rec’d a small Good Sam discount but paid $36.50.

We arrived around lunch time and checked in. We set up and were glad we were not on the road. The wind really picked up, with gusts 40-50 mph. There  is lot of dust blowing.

We ran over to the Freightliner to scope the place out. Then we went to Verizon. Again, they did not have the Galaxy S7 in two different colors. So we did change our cell phone plan. The reason is that we have already received a notice that we are going to be over on our talking on the phones. We have switched our plan to the unlimited Text, Phone, and Data, although when you hit over 22 GB(per phone), they start to slow you down. We need to keep an eye on that!

We returned to the MH and watched some TV while working on tasks. Our Hydrohot is leaking again, and we do not know why. It was just repaired and is leaking more now than before! So Bob looked at it and had to tighten some bolts. No more leak!

Tuesday- We left the park early and drove over to the Freightliner facility. Check in was 7 AM, but the tech’s do not arrive until 9 AM. Huh?? Seemed strange to us.

We settled into the waiting room with the dogs on our laps. At lunch time we left and went out for lunch. When we returned, they told us that they were going to keep the rig overnight and that we could not stay in it. So we started hunting for a motel. Almost everyone we called wanted at least $30 for the dogs, in addition to the cost of the room. They call that pet friendly???? We finally found that the Motel 6 would take us with no pet fee. So we made a reservation there and drove over to move in for the rest of the day. UGH, the place was really bare bones; no coffee pot, no refrig., no microwave. The chairs and the bed were hard. You get what you pay for!

We read and watched TV. At 6, Bob drove to Chili’s and picked up salads for us.

Wednesday- We stayed at the motel until 11, picked up sandwiches on the way back to the Freightliner and settled in for the afternoon. The dogs are sooooo gooood!!! They just slept on our laps all afternoon and evening. We were in comfy chairs.

The day dragged on! We finally went to dinner around 5:30. We went to Wildflower Cafe, which is similar to Panera for salads. We left the dogs in the car, as the weather had cooled down and they would not overheat. Of course, we did not spend a lot of time in the restaurant.

We returned and were almost the only folks left. They promised to have the MH ready by closing, which was 10 PM. We had made a reservation at the RV park for the night and paid for it, so we could drive the 2 miles back to the park when done. It was going to be cold, so we wanted to stay in a park.

They finished at 10 PM and we drove out of the parking lot at 10:13. I followed the MH in the car down the interstate.

As we were turning into the park, the light hit the rear of the MH just right, and  I noticed that we had fluid draining from the back of the MH. We were literally leaving a trail. 

We pulled into our site and set up. Bob went to check the puddle that was forming and found it to be antifreeze. Not good!!! We went to bed as we were exhausted!

Thursday- We were up early. We got ready to move, I turned on the engine and the low water light went on. So I turned off the engine and we tried calling the Freightliner. By the time it was after 7, they were still not answering the phone, so we took the car and drove over there.

The service guy at the desk greets Mr. Gray, by name. Bob explained the situation and the service guy called a manager. The manager came out and said that she would send a mobile tech over. He arrived about an hour later at the RV park. Bob noted that he did not hear the one thing he wanted to hear, which was “we are sorry for the inconvenience”!

At 9, when the park opened, I went to the office and told them about the problem and the puddle. The wind had picked up again, with winds 40 –50 mph forecasted and we could see the trees swaying. So I signed us up for another night, and we moved to a different site, so that they could clean up the mess.

The mobile tech tighten the hose and clamp, then refilled the antifreeze. He left and we settled in to spend the day relaxing. Our plan had been to drive down the road about 90 miles to a PA park and spend the night there, leaving before the winds picked up, but the winds changed that plan!

The park maintenance guy came over, looked at the puddle, and put stuff on it ( kitty litter??).

Friday- The winds in the north part of Arizona and New Mexico had diminished. They were still very strong over the southern part of the state. We left a little before 8AM and started our long drive east.

We are now behind and Bob has an appointment with the cardiologist on Tuesday. We should have had plenty of time to get there, but with this delay, and there is a winter storm heading for Colorado and New Mexico,  we are going to drive as far as we can before the storm hits. 

We settled on a casino west of ABQ, and changed our minds, continuing to San Felipe Casino, east of ABQ.

This put us in rush hour traffic in ABQ. We passed by 3 separate accidents so traffic was a mess and it took longer to get to the casino than we anticipated. We arrived at about 4:30 ( late for us, as we are usually parked much earlier).

We paid and settled in to the 50 amp. site, no water or sewer. $20. We decided to run to Applebee’s for dinner. We returned to the MH, watched some TV and went to bed.

Sat. Apr. 15 to Fri. Apr. 21. Sun City AZ

Saturday-  We did some tasks around the MH.  We went to StorQuest and rented a 5×10 storage unit. We were given a special, so it is very affordable. We went to the Library and renewed our Library cards. We went over to Deb and Tom Richards home for beer. Tom brews his own, and Bob enjoyed all the beers. Deb was my boss at Del Webb and we have remained friends. She is also one of my weight loss clients. She has lost 45 lbs.!

We ate dinner at home and had a quiet evening.

Sunday- Happy Easter.  We had a quiet breakfast at home and went to Brunch at the Elks Lodge. We went to Walmart and later took a short nap. At 4:45 we went to the park pot luck dinner. We sat with Pam and Bob, who we have known for several years. It was a  nice dinner, with about 30 people there. We returned to the MH to watch TV.

Monday-  I had a 9 AM massage with Rene for my hip. Then we took a load of stuff over to the storage unit. We stopped at Costco for gas and Joanne’s for felt. We need to replace the felt on the wooden piece that we use to keep the refrigerator/freezer closed when traveling.

We returned and had a quiet afternoon.  We worked on our plans for when we leave here and started making reservations.

Tuesday- We were off to our new PCP this morning. We both liked her. Then we went to lunch at Dillon’s BBQ  as it was very close. From there we went to the Dermatologist, who was almost next door. Both of us had a good check up with the Doc’s. We went to the Library to pick up and drop off books. From there we stopped at Walmart for a prescription, then returned to the park.

Mary from the park had called. They have a TT annual site available. We looked at the list and are thinking about taking a site. It is a very good price!

We looked at the available sites, but all are south facing. Decisions!!

We had a quiet dinner at home.

Wednesday- We ran into the office and told them we would take the annual site. The price is good, as we are getting the TT discount. We are going to be in the same site we were going to be in when we return, and we are hoping that they will move us to a north facing site, since we are going to be annual. We will see. By signing up for the annual, it should move us up on the list.

We ran around the area doing various tasks. We ate dinner at home and had a quiet evening.

Thursday- We are getting texts from Verizon that we have used 50% of our phone call time for the month. Huh! Our bill ends on the 13th, so that was quick. We called and checked on it and sure enough we have. We have been calling and dealing with the pharmacies, and other calls. It is time to get new phones anyway, so we will start looking and change our plan.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Friday-  Paul and Charlie arrived, and we are so glad to see them! We have missed “the other Grays”(no relation). A long running joke between us. We took more stuff to the storage unit, taking out items we will not use this summer.

We had a quiet day and evening.

Sat, Apr. 7 to Fri. Apr. 14- Tucson to Sun City AZ

Saturday- I was off again to the vendor table. Bob continued to attend tech seminars and to work on coaches. That seems to be a guy bonding activity!

At 12: 00 we had a lousy lunch. Grilled chicken salad. The chicken was dried our and one guy was using the breadsticks as drumsticks, playing on the table!

The entertainment was terrific. I was Kevin Sterner and the Strait Country Band. It was a George Strait tribute band and they were excellent! We hated to leave early!

We had a 2 PM community CPR class. This is my first time not doing professional CPR, so it was an experience. It lasted 1.5 hours. The we returned home. We went to social hour at 4. We had the dinner at home.

Sunday- The last day for the vendors. They had changed the times on Fri. from 9 to 5 to 9-3. Today we changed from 9-3 to 9-1. No one was coming thru any more, so we packed up and returned home. At 4 we had social hour. At 6, we had the Leisure Coachworks BBQ dinner.

Dale and Susan had a fire pit, so we went over to the fire for the evening, and chatted with folks. It was windy and became cold, so we returned home.

Monday- A relaxing day for me! Bob did some more tasks and Dale came over. They moved the drivers seat. I had toured their new rig and said to Susan that I liked that the seat was closer to the front. She said that in the old rig, Dale had moved it. So I went on Dale’s list.


They guys had me sit in the seat, then they decided on how far to the front it should be moved. Then Dale left. We decided to go to a Crepe place, which had great reviews, for lunch. MaryAnne went with us. We arrived to find that they are closed for the week. So we went back to El Charro.

We had a nice lunch, then returned in time for the “check out my rig’. We ran around touring rigs for an hour. At 5 we had social hour. Then we had the Chapter Dinner. Again, the food was lousy! Roast pork, carrots, salad and rice.

After dinner we had the chapter meeting. Then some of us played R-L-Center.  It was a lot of fun with lots of laughter.

Tuesday- This morning was the Pet Parade. More of a contest than a parade. All the dogs were very well behaved. 20170411_092210 (2)

These were all the winners. We did not win anything this year.


We had the farewell dinner in the evening. We won a table, which we can use.

Thursday- Our back up camera is still broken, but Bob had ordered one and has it scheduled to be installed when we get to Sun City. So I drove the MH and Bob followed in the car. He was not feeling very good, so we thought it was better to drive this way.

We drove into Paradise RV park at about 2 PM and were welcomed, by name, by the Mary and Scott ( the manager).

We parked in our site and are staying for 9 nights.

We settled in and ate leftovers for dinner .

Friday-  Bulls-eye RV repair arrived and installed the back up camera. Bob had them check the Hydro-hot and they replaced a broken fitting. We went to Walmart and settled in for the evening.