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Sat. Oct. 15 to Fri. Oct. 21 Lakeland FL to Clermont FL.

Saturday-  Wayne made his famous pancakes for breakfast. We sat talking until lunch time, when we went to the club house for lunch. We returned at 1 and left at 2 to return to Clermont. I-4 was backed up, so we ended up taking a back road.

We arrived home and picked up a package from the mail room. WE have seen these huge birds wandering in the RV park.

Orlando TT

We left at a little after 5 to go to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. We were trying to hit the early bird special which ends at 6 PM. We arrived at 5:30 and were told that there was a 30 minute wait.

We watched everyone in the waiting room leave. At 45 minutes, I went to the desk. The girl said that she had paged us. Nope! Then she said that she send someone to call us. Nope! We were sitting right by the door to the waiting room. Hmmm!

So we were seated and I asked for the manager. The waitress told us that they would give us the early bird. Good, but I still talked to the manager, who came over, but never introduced herself. Not our usual great dinner at TRH. The food was good as usual though!

We returned home, watched TV and went to bed.

Sunday- I work up early and did a ‘chat’ with Quicken, as I have not been able to back up since the last update in August. The guy was less than helpful. He gave me a link to read and hung up on me! The link is basically others complaining that they keep getting the same error message and Quicken is not responsive to anyone. Hmm, we have used Quicken for years and have never had this issue before! Very disappointed with them. So I backed up to my external hard drive instead of the $9.99/year cloud drive that I have paid for for several years!

We ran to Walmart to pick up a prescription for Bob, then back to the MH for lunch. We watched the Redskin game and did laundry.

We left at 4:45 to drive to Sanford. We met up with long time friends Marc and Rachel Nachman at a German Restaurant. We had a great meal and a wonderful time catching up with our old friends. Marc and I went to middle school and high school together.


Monday- We were up and out the door early travelling to the Magic Kingdom.  On the way we saw a beautiful sunrise and this hot air balloon sailing over the area.

Magic Kingdom

 Magic Kingdom
We arrived and parked in the Hero’s parking lot and took the tram to the entrance. Wow has this changed! We had to take the ferry from the area across the lake to the actual entrance!  We arrived and while going through security, they found the selfi -tick, which we had forgotten was in the backpack. So they labeled it and took it to Guest Services for us to pick it up on the way out.

We signed up for a locker and put the back pack into it. We then raced over to Tomorrow Land. We rode Space Mountain then took the train around the resort.

Magic Kingdom

At 9:40 we used our first Fast Pass for Buzz Lightyear. That was fun! We went to the Monsters, Inc Laugh Floor,(second Fast Pass)  which was interactive with the audience.

Magic Kingdom

We had Space Mountain as our third Fast Past, but since we had done it earlier, we removed it from our list and added the Haunted House.  We visited the Country Bears Jamboree, and went to lunch.

Magic Kingdom

Then we were off to the Haunted House. We were most of the way through the ride, when it stopped, then started again. Then the ride stopped. We spent about 15 minutes just sitting before an announcement was made that they were going to turn on the lights. Then the ‘cast members’ came through to the open the bars on the ‘doom buggy’ and escorted us out of the ride, back all the way through the attraction. It was fun, as we were able to see a lot that you cannot see when going through the attraction. We were given a free Fast Pass for another ride.

Magic Kingdom

We stopped at the Hall of Presidents for the show. Below is outside, where the Muppets were doing a show prior to the Hall of Presidents presentation.

Magic Kingdom

The Hall of Presidents has been  updated a lot since the last time we saw it in the 90’s with more Presidents!! We went to the Pirates of the Caribbean using the extra Fast Pass. Below is Jack Sparrow doing a show outside Pirates.

Magic Kingdom

We left, taking the ferry back to the tram and then the tram to the parking lot. We went home to walk the dogs and feed them. We stopped at McDonalds on the way back to the park and had a quick dinner. We arrived and parked in the Villains parking lot this time. We took the tram in, then took the Monorail to the entrance. We went back to Tomorrow Land to watch the dancing and to ride the People Mover.

We wandered around the park and split a hot fudge sundae. While we were eating the sundae, these guys were right at our feet, eating scraps from the ground. They sure are not staving to death! 

Magic Kingdom

We found a spot to watch the Celebrate Magic show and the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular. The show started at 9:45 and the fireworks at 10. We are able to hear the fireworks each evening in the MH, so it was nice to actually see them! It is the only time that we realize how close we are to Disney, as the crow flies! It is a 10 mile ride via car.

We took the Monorail to return to the tram, which we rode back to the parking lot and drove home, arriving at 11PM, after a very long day and walking over 18,000 steps!

Tuesday- We were both tired and I was coming down with a cold. We went down the road two miles to pick up our mail. When we arrived, we found that the Post Office did not accept General Delivery mail. Huh? I had checked the USPS website and it said that they accept General Delivery. The workers said that they have been complaining about that to USPS but it has never been taken off the USPS website. So we had to drive 16 miles into the city of Clermont to pick up our mail. This is the first time we have ever had an issue with General Delivery mail!

We went to the Chiropractor at The Joint, in Orlando and stopped for lunch at Panera. We came home and I took a long nap, waking up with the cold worse. We settled in and watched TV.

Wednesday- I was really feeling lousy today, so we did nothing. Bob went to run an errand and I stayed home. I took a long nap, we watched TV and generally had a quiet day.

Thursday- I felt a little bit better. We left at 10:15 and went to Disney Springs. We were meeting up with Mike and Sarah Wrenn, Marvin Williams, and his two daughters. I went to Nursing School with Sarah; Mike and Marvin had hung out with the group of us. It was great to see these old friends after almost 40 years! The last time I had seen them was in West Virginia, 38 years ago at Mike and Sarah’s wedding! Plus it was nice to meet Marvin’s two daughters, one of which is my namesake, Janelle Denise on the right!!

Disney Springs, Coca Cola Store

We ate a nice lunch at The House of Blues, and sat talking for 4 hours. When we all left and said good-bye, Bob and I walked around Disney Springs. Below is a Lego statue outside the Lego Store.

Disney Springs, Coca Cola Store

 Disney Springs, Coca Cola Store

Above, the statue is in front of the Toy Store.

We stopped at the Coke Cola store and tasted a flight of cola’s from around the world,$8,50 for 16 tastes. Let’s just say that the tastes were different! I only liked two of them.

Disney Springs, Coca Cola Store

Disney Springs, Coca Cola Store

Disney Springs, Coca Cola Store

Above is the view from the Cola Store, as the tasting was on the third floor. The second floor was all sort of Coke items and the first floor was primarily Coke clothing.

We left and returned home, ate dinner, and went to bed.

Friday- I woke up feeling pretty bad again. We went to Walmart for a few items, then returned home, where I took a three hour nap. The groomer arrived at 2 PM to groom the dogs and she was completed by 4. I was feeling better so we went to the local farmers market, which was a bust. There were only 5 vendors and only one of them had  vegetables, which were expensive. The bananas still had the supermarket tag on them! We continued on to dinner at Manny’s Chop House. We thought we were going for the early bird, as we had to be seated by 6, but it turned out that was only Monday to Thursday. It would only have saved us $1 each, so it was not worth it anyway.

Sat. Oct. 8 Panacea FL to Fri. Oct. 14 Clermont FL

Saturday-  Moving day! We were up early and worked on getting the rig ready to leave. I called the TT in Clermont FL to ask if they were open for us to arrive. The gal said yes! Then Bob called the Pilot on I-75 to make sure that they had diesel. They did, so we took off at about 9:15. We drove across Hwy. 98 to Hwy 27 to I-75. We turned south on I-75 and stopped at the rest area for lunch. There was no traffic on the highways, but the interstate was pretty busy, but moving along.

We stopped at the Pilot for diesel and then returned to I-74. A few miles later we entered the Florida Toll Road east bound. No tolls, per the governor, but we slowed down to a crawl. We exited and traveled on Hwy 27 again to Clermont. We drove into the Orlando TT at about 3 PM. We registered, unhooked the car, and drove around looking for a good site. We found an FHU 50 amp site. We pulled in and set up for the evening.

Once we were done with that and the dogs had been walked, we left and went to the Best Buy to pick up my laptop which had been sitting there for awhile. I was very happy to get my laptop back. Thank you Bob for letting me use yours for the past few weeks!

We went to dinner at a little Bistro called Ovation. The food was good. We returned home and relaxed, watched some TV and went to bed.

Sunday- I caught my computer up with our finances and other items. Unfortunately, I could not get into my email. Hmmm, another issue!

At about 10:30 we left and went to the Visitor Center. We purchased our 3 day Disney tickets. Boy have they changed! Over $600 for the two of us, with a whopping $4 per ticket off the total price. What a rip off! We were able to get the fast pass though.

We stopped and shopped at Walmart on the way back, then ate lunch. We turned on the Redskin game and worked on getting the Fast Pass set up. With the Fast Pass you get 3 rides pre-registered, at each park. Unfortunately, our tickets were old and Bob had to call Disney. He worked with the gal and she fixed the situation. Then we could make our choices. She of course wished him a magical day!

We were able to obtain reservations on the fast pass for several of the rides we wanted to go on, but not all. We will have to arrive at the parks early and race over to the rides we could not get the fast pass for….

I tried to download the maps of the resorts, but they were too small to read. So we enlarged them and looked at where we need to go. Will go to the park and grab a map and race over to the rides we want to do first.

I also called the Geek Squad and they spent about 2 hours working on fixing my email issue. That is now taken care of….

We ate dinner at home then went to the hot tub. Bob had taken the bikes down so we rode back and forth on them. It felt good to be on our bikes again! We settled in and watched the debate.

Monday- Instead of walking today, I was out riding my bike.  We left at about 9 and went to Orlando to the Costco, a car wash and ate lunch at Applebees. We returned and did some tasks around the MH. I went to have my hair done at 4 PM. A disadvantage of traveling is that you have a new person frequently cutting your hair. I told this gal take off 1/2 inch and she took off 1 inch. Good thing it will grow back! Grrrr! She also took really a long time, so I did not get back until almost 6:30!

We ate dinner and settled in to watch TV and I made my client phone calls. My computer decided to do a 1 hour upgrade, so it was a busy little machine!

Tuesday- We left at 7:15 to go to Epcot. We arrived, parked and walked over to the entrance. We had to stand in line waiting as the park did not open until 9. All the other parks open at 8. As soon as we entered we power walked over to the Test Track. This is a really neat ride, simulating a race track. It was fun! We had not been able to get a Fast Pass time for this ride, but we did not wait in any line.

Epcot 2016


We then went to visit some of the other exhibits/shows. What a busy day! We had Fast Pass tickets to the Space Ship Earth at 10:45. We arrived to stand in line for about 15 minutes. The wait time was over an hour if you did not have the Fast Pass.

Epcot 2016

From there we wandered over to the World Showcase. We took a boat ride through Mexico…

Epcot 2016

and wandered through some of the shops. We had lunch in Japan and watched the drum show.

Epcot 2016

We continued our walk around the lake. We stopped at the craft beer exhibit.

Epciot 2016


We left around 2 to drive home and arrived at 2:30. We walked the dogs and relaxed until 4. We fed and walked the dogs again and left to return to Epcot. This time we were parked farther away so we took the tram.

We visited more exhibits. We had 5:45 Fast Pass at Soarin. This was an awesome exhibit. It is a trip around the world sitting in seats that fly. It’s hard to explain,but it is well worth the wait. We waited 30 minute in the Fast Pass line. The regular line was 90 minutes. Later we thought we would see how long the line was and maybe do it again, but the wait was 140 minutes!

Epcot 2016

We walked around the lake again looking for dinner. We finally stopped in France at a kiosk. All of the sit down restaurants are way too expensive. We both had a tiny beef bourgeon. It was very good, but small. So we split a chocolate crepe. It was mediocre. So we walked all the way back to where Soarin was and bought a salad which we split.

We went in search of our final Fast Pass ride, Mission Space. While walking over to the ride, it started to rain, then to pour! We arrived at the ride and dried out while in line. We took the easier ride. There are two, and one does a lot of spinning. I have benign vertigo, so we did not want to set that off. The easier ride was plenty! Wow, was it fun! You are a training astronaut and traveling to Mars. Exciting!

We left and walked back over to the lake to watch the fireworks and the rest of the ending of the day show. It was wonderful.

We back tracked to the entrance, climbed on the tram, and returned to the car and drove home, arriving at 10 PM.

My Fitbit told me that I had walked over 10.88 miles, 26,487 steps!!! I got a Fitbit badge for walking over 25,000 steps in one day. Both of us are sore and very tired!

Wednesday- We are both sore and tired. We went to the hot tub to soak. That  and the movement getting there and back seemed to help.

We had a quiet day. Bob had called a glass guy and he was coming over to fix the windshield. Evidently the windshield had shifted and the we had a loud screech while driving. I went to Walmart and did a few chores including the laundry.

We ate lunch at home. The glass guy arrived at about 4 PM. He did a repair and $250 later he left. We are upset, as Joe had put in the glass in January, in Arizona. This guy said that there was no seal in the middle of the windshield. Bob will be sending Joe a message as we think that he should be paying for this repair!

We ate dinner at home and planned tomorrow.

Thursday- We left at 8:15 and went to Disney Hollywood Studios. We had signed up for the Fast Pass for Toy Story Mania. We went there first, as our Fast Pass was for 9:30. We really enjoyed this attraction. It is basically a shooting gallery.

Because we could not get a Fast Pass for Rock’n;Roller coaster, we went there next. We stood in line for about 30 minutes, which did not seem too bad. Been there, done that! It was a all in the dark and you go upside down and sideways. It was fun, but I don’t like those types of rides. Bob did not really enjoy it either.

Disney Hollywood Studios 2016

We saw quite a few shows, ate lunch and went to the Star Tours- The Adventures Continues. This is a 3D simulated flight. We used our second Fast Pass. It was fun, but it made some folks sick. We saw several people pretty pale when we left. We were both okay.

Disney Hollywood Studios 2016

Here is the parade of the storm troopers.

Disney Hollywood Studios 2016

Disney Hollywood Studios 2016

Disney Hollywood Studios 2016

Disney Hollywood Studios 2016

More shows, then at 2:50 we used our last Fast Pass for the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.  This is located in a large outside arena, but we were under a huge fan. It had become hot by this time(86), and today was more humid. The show was good and lasted 30 minutes.

Disney Hollywood Studios 2016

Disney Hollywood Studio 2016

From there we left the park, hopped on the tram and returned home. Bob walked and fed the dogs, then we left to go to Hurricane Grill and Wings, just about a mile down from the RV park. Someone, and I did not write down who, had suggested this restaurant to us. We both enjoyed the food. We returned home, watched TV and went to bed. I had almost 13,000 steps today. Not as much as Epcot, but still plenty of exercise. This resort is not as large as Epcot or Magic Kingdom. We were too tired to return for the evening show. 

Friday-  We packed up and left at 10 to go south on I-4 to Lakeland to visit Margie and Wayne Holmes. We took the dogs and were spending the night with them. We arrived around 11. The dogs remembered Wayne and Margie, as we had traveled to Alaska with them! They were excited to see them and wandered around checking out the house.

Margie fed us lunch, then they took us on a tour of Lakeland. There are Frank Lloyd Wright buildings on the campus of Florida State University. We only saw one and there was too much traffic to get a decent picture.

We returned and they took us looking for alligators. We put the dogs in our laps and ran around their beautiful park in their golf cart. We spotted only one medium size one and who quickly slithered back into the lake. It was too fast for me to get a picture.

We returned and ate dinner with them then sat talking and laughing until 11 PM when we went to bed.

Sat. Sept. 10 Colonial Beach VA to Fri. Sept. 16 Gaffney SC

Saturday- Another busy day for us. We did some tasks around the MH and at 10:30 we left to go to Waldorf. We stopped at the LaPlata Farmers Market and purchased some red bell peppers and a small cantaloupe.  We continued north and went to Country Florist to pick up some boxes from Lorrie. We had some packages sent to her house. We also had the opportunity to say hello to friend Janice Miller.

We went to Walls Bakery and purchased one of their world famous eclairs. Oh so good! We stopped at Ledos for lunch, then went to Walmart for me to pick up the Hidden Valley dressing that I had ordered. I have not been able to purchase the Hidden Valley Light Buttermilk Dressing.

We left and went back across the Harry Nice Bridge to VA. We stopped at the Super Walmart in King George for groceries. We returned to the MH, put away the groceries, walked and fed the dogs, and left to go to Kathy and Bill Neblett’s in Swan Point MD. We also met up there with Al and Carol.

We all went to dinner at “The Rivah” restaurant in Cobb Island. We had a great time meeting up with old friends. After dinner, we returned to the Neblett’s for dessert. Thank you Kathy! We arrived home at 11 PM.

Sunday- We did our budget and bills. Bob worked on installing the windshield wiper part and I worked on laundry. We left at 11 to go to Capt. Billy’s Crab House in Charles County.

We arrived and ate a dozen crabs with Doug, Chin Zen and Lindsey Plotner, Lorrie Anderson, and Nikki Huffstleter. It is so long since we have see everyone and we were not leaving the area without eating some Maryland blue crabs!

We returned to the MH, eventually ate dinner and watched some TV. Friend Barbara Rouse came to visit and to say good-bye.

Monday- Moving day. I left driving the car. I was meeting with classmates from Petersburg General Hospital School of Nursing where I graduated in 1974. I met up with Valerie Bowman and Debra Moore, former classmates, at the Colonial Italian Restaurant. We had a great time catching up on our lives. I had not seen these gals in YEARS!

Valerie, Deb and Me

I left at a little after 2 PM and continued south. Bob had driven the MH south and we met up at Kimball Point Campground in Kerr Lake NC. We have a nice site in the open, with 50 amp electric and water. No sewer, but we can get satellite.

When I arrived Roxie told me she was not happy that I had not traveled with them! She is so funny when she tries to talk!

We are on a peninsula and have the lake on three sides of us, although we are in the middle of the peninsula in site 54. It is beautiful here!

We settled in, ate dinner and watched TV.

Tuesday-  This is a rest day for us. Bob worked on the windshield wiper putting in the new part. While doing that, he accidently broke another part, so he ordered that part.

I worked on other tasks, and we ate lunch. We sat outside in the afternoon in a site on the lake enjoying being outside. There was a slight breeze off the lake.


Kerr Lake

After dinner, we went back out and sat reading our books. I shaved Bob’s head and we watched the sunset over the lake. We watched some documentaries and went to bed.

Sunset over Kerr Lake, NC

Sunset over Kerr Lake, NC

Wednesday- Moving day! We drove out to I-85 and drove south. We stopped for lunch at a rest area, then continued south of Charlotte to the Moose Lodge in Gastonia.We pulled in and the Lodge was closed so we parked in a site.

It was really hot and humid, so we worked on cooling off the inside of the MH, using the air conditioner and fans. We went to the Lodge at 5 PM and paid $10  for the night, 30 A with water.

Bob had a Yuegling beer. We ordered dinner and returned to the MH to feed the dogs. We went back down at 6, when the kitchen opened. Bob had the special which was roast beef, mash potatoes, green beans and corn, $5. I had the grilled chicken salad, using my own dressing, $5.

We returned to the MH and watched more documentaries.

Thursday- Moving day!  We have a short drive today to Gaffney SC. Our appointment at the Freightliner facility is on Friday, so we did not hook up the car. We stopped at the Flying J for diesel. Wow, we like South Carolina!


We arrived at the Freightliner Oasis Center in Gaffney. We pulled in, dumped and added water. Bob checked us in and we have to be ready at 8 tomorrow morning. We returned to the same site we had last time we were here, site 7. We set up and went to the Goodwill. I needed more tops! I bought 5 for $8. We stopped at Walmart and Lowes, then returned to the MH. We read, watched TV,and ate dinner at home.

Friday- The repair guy showed up at about 8:10. We were ready to go. Bob walked the dogs over to the waiting room and I drove the car over with all our stuff for the day. Bob settled in.

For some reason I had developed at urinary track infection, so I left to go back to Gastonia NC to the Minute Clinic at a CVS. The only one around. Gaffney did not have an urgent care.

I arrived and waited in line to checked in at the computer station. There was an older African American gentleman there(Wilbur) and he could not get through the system. So I ended up doing it for him.

We sat waiting for the Nurse Practitioner. I was next after Wilbur, but there was one man who arrived and all he needed was his PPD to be read, so I let him go ahead of me so he could get back to work. That took an extra 5 minutes, but the lady after me (who did not have to return to work) was really angry at the man for not asking her if it was okay to go ahead. Really, 5 minutes?

Anyway,  Susan the NP, sent the prescription over electronically and  I went to the Pharmacy area to check in. I needed to pay $2.Huh, we are in catastrophic coverage due to Bob’s hospital stay in May. So while I was waiting I called Caremark. They said that I have $825 left on my deductible. Huh? So Bob and I texted back and forth and he called Caremark also. I paid the $2, not a big deal, but we  were more worried about what else we were paying! The gal at Caremark said that I had paid for my prescriptions which had been mailed.

I drove back and we ate lunch. We sat watching TV and reading. Bob went and purchased gas, as there is a broken pipeline and the price of gas is going to skyrocket. It had already gone up 7 cents/gal since yesterday.

The dogs were so good. The receptionist commented to us twice on how well behaved our dogs were. The basically just sat in our laps and slept.

While I had been gone, the repair tech had come out to Bob and told him we needed new tie rod ends. The MH is 12 years old, so I guess that is okay! This meant more time. We finally rec’d the MH back at 5:00.

We settled in, ate dinner and Bob put the bikes back on the bike rack. We watched some documentaries and a movie.

Sat. Sept. 24 to Fri. Sep. 30- Statesboro GA to Jacksonville FL

Saturday- We had a busy day with Jackie and Dr. Bob. They picked us up at 9:30 and we traveled to the Savanah outskirts. We stopped first at The British Pie Company. Jackie bought a steak and mushroom pie at the English pie shop. The pies are very good!

We left and went to Sam’s Club. We did not purchase anything there, although they did their weekly shopping. Next we went to Kroger’s, where we picked up some of Bob’s protein bars. They have the ones that he really likes. Then we were off to lunch at the German Restaurant, Schnitzel Shack.   .

We had a great lunch, then went to the Service Brewery. I don’t drink beer, so I was the designated driver. Jackie, Dr. Bob and Bob all had a flight. I did have a small glass of root beer, which to be perfectly honest, was awful. It tasted like roots!

When we left at about 4:30, we went to Habersham’s Liquor store. Both Bob’s bought some beer. Then I drove all the tipsy folks home. We went to the MH and they dropped us off. We walked and fed the dogs, then went over to their house.

The dogs all greeted each other. We ate the nice pie for dinner and watched the movie Fury, with Brad Pitt.

Sunday-  We did tasks around the MH, then went over to Jackie and Dr. Bob’s. Dr. Bob was at work, catching up on some items. We watched the Redskin game. Bob had seen an email that his medications had been delivered to the house, so Jackie went to retrieve their mail from yesterday. She accidently left the door slightly open and their new dog, Tasha took off. We all went looking for her. Jackie found her on the golf course, behind their house.

We watched Guardians of the Galaxy, and ate a great dinner. Thank you to both Jackie and Dr. Bob for their hospitality! We had a great time and it was awesome to visit with them again!

Monday- Moving day. We left Statesboro a little later than we usually leave as I had a 10 AM phone call. We drove southeast on Rt. 301 to I-95. We stopped for lunch at the rest area, then proceeded to the Kings Bay Submarine Base. We settled into the nice FamCamp. $19 for FHU 50 amp.

When we arrived the electric pole was not working right. One arm did not have electric. Bob went to the camp host who came over to check the pole. Because it was so hot, we ran the generator while they were checking things out. When Bob had checked the electric, the one arm had no electric. When the camp host checked he found that both arms had electric. So they checked the MH. We had full service. So the camp host checked the pole arms again and this time no electric in that one arm. So he took the part out of the site next to us, and put it into our box. Now we had electric.

By this time it was almost 4 pm, so we settled in, ate dinner, and watched TV.

Tuesday- We left and went into town to the Post Office. We stopped in the little town of St. Mary’s. There was enough to see there that we could have spent the day, but we had made reservations for a tour of St. Simon’s island.

We stopped at the visitor center. The gal gave us a list of sites. In the visitor center they have a radio museum, so we stopped in to look at the old radios.

We crossed the street and looked at the historic Presbyterian Church. The ceiling was made from an old ship bottom, so it has the curvature of a ship.

We stopped and looked at a historical marker, which talked about a tsunami that had come through in the 1800’s. That was interesting, as we were inland a bit.

We left and traveled north on I-95 to to St. Simon’s Island. We went to lunch at the cafe. We both had really nice salads. We wandered over to the pier, then down to the lighthouse. We wandered into the gift shop and small museum. St. Simon’s had been the site of a G8 Conference when George W was president.

We wandered through the expensive stores, then boarded the air conditioned van for the tour. Our tour guide was not very good. He usually does the Ghost tour, and was covering for the usual guide.

The tour took us to the site of an old plantation. There had been 12 plantations on the island. This one is now a famous golf course, the Sea Island Golf Club. The buy in for this course is 150K per year. It is a training facility for the Pro’s. This picture below is of the  Avenue of the Oaks, at the entrance of The Lodge, which has been there since it really was a plantation. Lots of weddings occur in these trees.

Our next stop was at Christ Church.


This is a very pretty little church with a lot of history. Several presidents have worshiped here. The wood is very interesting, it is Carolina Heart Oak. The wood is from the center of the trees, and has a lot of sap, which is weather resistant. The wood has never had any care done to it. It’s color and shine are all natural and it resist termites and other vermin.  The window on the left is Tiffany, installed by Tiffany.

Tiffany window, Christ Church, St. Simon GATiffany window, Christ Church, St. Simon GA

Christ Church, St. Simon GA

We wandered through the cemetery.

Christ Church, St. Simon GA

We saw lots of local gravesites. This one is of author Eugenia Price. Next to her was her companion, also a writer.

We left and continued on to Ft. Fernandia. This was a very large fort situated on the curve of a river. It was located there so that if the Spanish came up the river, they had to make a sharp turn, putting them in the way of the fort.

It is a National Park, and free. So we wandered through with out guide. He talked about the old fort. All that is still standing is the ammunition building. But all the streets are marked and there are the ruins of some of the old buildings. Over two hundred people lived here. The guide told us stories about various people and battles that occurred.

Ft. Frederica, St. Simon Island, GA

We stopped at the lighthouse, then returned to the car and drove home.

Wednesday– Moving day. We left around 10:30 and drove south on I-95. A few miles into Florida, we stopped at the Welcome Center. We picked up a lot of fliers for the state. We also purchased 2 of the Sun Passes for the toll roads. One for the MH and one for the car. They were $5.31 each. Bob loaded them up in the evening.

20160928_112320 20160928_112406

We drove east to Ft. Clinch State Park. When we arrived there was a MH ahead of us and by the time we checked in there was a 5th wheel and a trailer behind us. We ha to quickly disconnect the car and try to get out of the way. Our site was not vacated yet. the folks had 15 more minutes. So we went to the beach parking lot. We dropped off the MH and drove the car to the site, passing the folks who were late leaving.  Below is part of the 3 mile long Historic Canopy Road from the state park entrance to the campground.

Canopy road, into the state park

We set up and ran to Walmart. We sat outside as it was very nice out. We ate dinner, and sat outside some more until it was too dark to read.

Thursday-  We left and traveled out to I-95, about 16 miles. Then we turned south onto I-95 and drove to Jacksonville, about 15 miles. We went straight to a Speedway gas station/convenience store to the Amazon lockbox. I had ordered some sandals and they were there! How cool! I ordered on Amazon Prime and they sent me a code for the locker. I put the code in and the door popped open.


Our next stop was the visitor center. We talked to the lady there. There is not a lot to do in Jacksonville. We had only put 30 minutes on the meter, so we walked back to the car and drove a few blocks over to another parking space. We took the monorail both directions just to see the city.

Jacksonville FL

We left the train at Hemming Park,

Jacksonville FL

Hemming Park Jacksonville fl

where we had gotten on and walked over to Sweet Pete’s a candy factory. We had not signed up for the tour, so we did not get to assist in making candy, but you can do that. We managed to get out of there without buying any candy!

Sweet Petes

Sweet Petes Candy Factory, Jacksonville FL

Sweet Petes Candy Factory, Jacksonville FL

We returned to the car and went to Jacksonville Beach. We ate lunch at Seachasers. I had a wonderful shrimp burger with grilled zucchini and summer squash, and a vinegar and ginger coleslaw. Sooo good! Bob had the fish burger and rice, which was the only thing that did not have bell pepper in it.

We left and drove up A1A to the ferry. We took the ferry across to King George Island. $6. We drove up A1A back to Amelia Island.

1A1 Ferry

We returned home to thunderstorms. We ate dinner and watched TV.

Friday-  We decided to go to the lighthouse we could see from the park road. We round the entrance but it is a working Coast Guard station, so we could not enter. We had wondered why there  were not signs.

Amelia Island Lighthouse, FL Amelia Island Lighthouse, FL

We drove south again on A1A to Ft. George Island to visit the Kingsley Plantation, a NP. It is in about 2 miles in by car. We crossed a lot of swamp and realized that the only way anyone would have gotten to the planation in the old days was by boat on the river.

Jacksonville FL

Kingsley was a slave trader and owner of about 42,000 acres on 5 plantations. He had over 200 slaves. He married a woman from Senegal who he had taken as a slave and she ran the plantation, as she had run her business in Senegal prior to capture. Kingsley seemed to be a little bit different from the other plantation/slave owners. While the Spanish owned Florida, free blacks had rights and whites could marry blacks. When the English took over, the laws changed. At that point, Kingsley sent his family, including Anna his wife, to Haiti where they could be free.

Kingsley Plantation, Ft George Island, FLKingsley Plantation, Ft George Island, FL

Kingsley Plantation, Ft George Island, FL

Above is the front of the house from the river. The windows face the ocean to get the ocean breezes coming thru the windows. Below is the back.


Kingsley Plantation, Ft George Island, FL

Above is a two handle cotton gin. Below is a Tabby floor. Tabby is a cement  made from oyster shells.

Tabby floor, Kingsley Plantation, Ft George Island, FL

Kingsley Plantation, Ft George Island, FL

The slaves worked in this room in winter and summer, cooking the food. It must have been really hot! The slaves on east Florida plantations worked at daily tasks. If they finished their task, they were done for the day, although many days were 12 to 15 hours long. On the western Florida plantations, they worked in gangs from sun up to sun down. Below is an original scythe.

Kingsley Plantation, Ft George Island, FL


Slave cabins, Kingsley Plantation, Ft George Island, FL

These are what are left of the slave cabins. There are 25 of them which housed between 60 and 80 slaves. Bob measured and they were 30×30 ft.

We left and went to the Ribault Club.

Ft. George Island, FL

Ft. George Island, FL

Ft. George Island, FL

Ft. George Island, FL

This was built in 1928 and was various clubs over the years. They had a small museum which we visited. As we were leaving we had to stop for these peacocks.

Ft. George Island, FL

We left and went to lunch at the Sand Dollar restaurant. I had a seafood salad with shrimp, scallops and crab. Bob had the crab cake sandwich.

We left and returned to the MH. We took a short nap, then Bob and I went to the state park beach. We sat out enjoying the sun and surf. We returned at 5:45, ate dinner and drove out of the park to the Ferdinandia beach, taking the dogs with us. The dogs are not allowed on the beach in the state park, but are allowed in the town park.

The dogs had a blast, digging in the sand. Bob walked them up the beach, but they returned and sat on our laps watching the people and the water.

We returned home, read, and watched TV.

Sat. Sept. 17 Gaffney SC to Fri. Sept. 23 Statesboro GA

Last weeks blog was on my laptop, ready to go except for two pictures which were on Bob’s computer. My laptop, which is less than 45 days old, would not start and is in for repair. Because the Geek Squad could not start it, they had to send it away. We could not transfer the data to a new computer, so I am unable to just trade it in for a new one. The repair will take 2-3 weeks, so I am using Bob’s laptop. I will post last weeks blog when I get my laptop back.

Saturday- Moving day! We left the Freightliner facility in Gaffney and drove south on I-85 to I-26 east. As soon as we entered I-85 south we passed the famous Gaffney Peach water tower. South Carolina advertises that their peaches are sweeter than Georgia peaches.

Gaffney Peach watertower

We traveled east to North Charleston moving into the JB Famcamp located on the airforce base.  What a beautiful place!

We had specific instructions on how to enter the base. The gate we were using had a large X-ray machine and we had to go through that on the way in. There was only a FedEx truck ahead of us at the entrance. The guard looked at our ID’s and we were waved on.

X-ray machine at JB Famcamp Charleston SC

We drove about a mile into the base and turned right into the campground. We stopped in the parking lot and disconnected the car. While we were doing that, Bob and Gwen, the camp-hosts, showed up in their golf cart. They guided us to a really nice site, #22. The roads are asphalt, the pad is concrete, with an area for a nice picnic table. Both Bob’s figured out where the MH  needed to be positioned so we could receive the satellite feed;  we parked and set up.

Gwen gave us about 15 minutes and came back to collect our $23 per night for FHU 50 amp. Wow, are we happy with this place! We are located right off I-26, about 6 miles north of Charleston. The Famcamp is small, only about 35 sites, but it is very nice!!

We settled in and I started laundry. I was able to do 4 loads before bedtime. Bob took a short nap and I worked on cleaning out the apps on my cell phone and read. We ate dinner in, watched TV and went to bed.

We discovered that Revelry is 7 AM and Taps is at 10 PM, and they ‘retire the colors’ at 4:30 each day, playing the Star Spangle Banner. Different than the base in Boston!

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday tasks of budgeting etc. We left at about 9:30 and went into the city. We went straight to the Visitor Center. We parked in the parking garage for $2 per hour, $16 for all day.

We purchased tickets for the Grayline Tour. We boarded the nice air conditioned van for the 2 hour tour. There are lots of horse drawn carriage tours, but the weather was upper 90’s and very humid. Even the Charleston natives were complaining about how humid it is due to tropical storm Julia, which has been stuck off the coast for quite awhile now.

Our tour guide was Bob Poe. He was a hoot! He talked very fast, as he likes to get all the info in that he can. He had a laugh and spit a lot when talking, with his very southern accent. He did a good job though. Because we were in the city, I was unable to get a lot of pictures.

Charleston SC

Charleston SC

There were hundreds of picturesque houses and I was only able to get pictures of a few from the van. I will have more another day.

We stopped at the seawall and were able to leave the van to look at Ft. Sumter in the distance.

Ft. Sumter

We were also able to set Ft. Moultrie. It was closer to us. It has an interesting history. The fort was built from palmetto tree wood. The British and the Patriots thought it would never hold up under an assault. The Brits shot cannon balls at the fort and it just absorbed them.  The Brits left and came back with more ships to do it again and the Patriots lobbed back the British cannon balls at them. This was a major victory for the patriots. Now we know why the Palmetto is the state tree and is on the state flag. The flag in the picture below is a replica of the flag flying over the fort during the battle.

Ft. Palmeto

Canon to fight off the British

Above is one of the cannons that the Patriots used to fight the British. Below is a cobble stone street.

Cobblestone street

First church in Charleston

Above is the oldest church in Charleston.

Bob returned us to the Visitor Center and we took the free city trolley back to the Charleston Market area. We hopped off the trolley and walked over a block and a half. Our destination was  Sticky Fingers BBQ restaurant that  tour guide Bob thought highly of, but on the way, we ran into a man from Hymans Seafood ( also on our to do list) and he gave us each a free, large hush puppy and a coupon for a free appetizer at Hymans.

So we stopped in there. There was no line, which evidently is unusual, and we were quickly seated. Hymans is famous in Charleston. On their brochure they have listed a lot of famous people who have eaten there. There were plaques on the table noting who had sat at each table. Ours had Tony Dorset, Vicki Lawrence, Rick Flair, and Erma Bombeck!


The food was awesome! Bob had wanted to try fried green tomatoes so we had that as our free appetizer. We were supposed to have two entree’s to get the free appetizer, but our waiter, Kyle, asked us if we just wanted the fried green tomatoes, without the fixings. He said he could give us those using the coupon. So we had them. Bob had the coconut shrimp special and I had the shrimp tacos. We had a lot of food. The tacos are not an entrée. Each came with delicious coleslaw and two big hush puppies. Kyle also delivered a plate of four big hush puppies. We waddled out of the restaurant through the gift shop.

The manager came to each table and greeted the diners. When he spoke with us he asked if we had been there before. We said no and he told us, that is okay, you will be back. Before we left we told him he was right, we will return next time we are in Charleston! We highly recommend this restaurant!!

We walked back down the street to the Charleston Slave Market. It is not where they sold the slaves, it was run by the slaves, selling the local items. It is fuve blocks long and is mostly an open market. It was hot and humid inside. Midway through, in the third block, it was air conditioned. Good thing, as we were able to cool off a bit.

Charleston Slave Market Charleston Slave Market

We did not purchase anything, as lots of items were very expensive. Living in a MH, we cannot purchase a lot of stuff, which is a good thing!  We did see these though… Ranch Dressing soda, Bacon soda?? No we did not try them! Yuk!!

DSCN6928 DSCN6929

Behind the market was the Custom House.


We returned on the to the visitor center parking garage. We paid $10 for the parking and returned to the MH. We ate dinner, watched TV and went to bed.

Monday- Bob took the sheets and towels across the street from the MH to the laundry. $1.75 to wash and $1.75 to dry for 1 hour! Very nice. We left at 10 AM driving back north on I-26 to Columbia. We arrived at 11:45 at the Applebees, right off the interstate. We were meeting up with long time friend, and one of my health coach clients, Sandra Johnston. we had not seen Sandra since 2014. Sandra lives in Greenwood and this was about half way between. Between the two of us we have lost over 80 lbs!

Sandra and Denise at Applebees

We had a great lunch, catching up with her. We left at about 2:30 and drove back to Charleston, stopping at an NFCU branch to have our request for absentee ballots notarized. We arrived to find the place mobbed! Wow, was it busy. We finally found seats and waited for our turn. Evidently, the notary was not all that busy, because we suddenly were called to the counter. She notarized both of our forms and we were back on the road in about 20 minutes.

We returned home, Bob walked the dogs, and it started to rain. We had two thunderstorms this evening. We ate dinner, watched TV and went to bed.

Tuesday- We left around 9:30 and went to the Nathanial Russell House Museum. We hunted for a parking place. All the signs are clear as mud. We finally decided to stop at an open spot that said “2 hour parking, Resident parking pass B”. Huh? We were confused. So we parked and went into the Museum. We asked at the desk and were told that it is okay to park for 2 hours, you just need a resident parking sticker to park for longer than 2 hours. They agreed that the signs were confusing. Okay! We paid the $12 each to tour the house.

Nathanial Russel House, Charleston SC

Nathanial Russel House, Charleston SC Nathanial Russel House, Charleston SC

Below is the garden which we walked through to get to the reception area.

Gardens and entrance to tour

Side of house, Nathanial Russel House, Charleston SC

Above is the side of the house. The house consists of 3 stories and each story has three rooms. Two are square and the center is oval. To access the balcony above you have to exit through the windows.

The Russell House was completed in 1808. Nathanial Russell was an import/export merchant, who was one of the few who sent his ships to the orient, as well as England. He exported rice, indigo, and cotton, the two staples of SC at the time. He imported goods, such as textiles, china, tea, and slaves. At one point he was the wealthiest merchant in Charleston. The family had 18 slaves at the house.

He did not marry until he was in his 50’s. He married a rich Charleston woman, Sara, who gave him entry into Charleston society. Sara was rich enough that she did not have to marry, and she was 36 years old. She did pre-nups and other contracts to protect her independence, and other men would not marry her.  They had two daughters. The grandchildren eventually sold the house. Many families and some nuns lived there before it was purchased by the Historic Charleston Foundation who runs it now. Below is a picture of Nathaniel and his two daughters. There are no pictures of Sara, as they were all burned during the Civil War.

Nathanial Russell, and his 2 daughters Nathanial Russel House, Charleston SC

Our tour guide was Ken. He knew his stuff, but he would never have been our favorite tour guide. He was stuck up and  very stiff; very formal. Actually, so was the lady at the desk who took our money. They were both very stuffy, condescending southerners. But the house was very interesting.

The back area of the house was the kitchen and slave area. Where the entrance is located is in this area. Originally, the house and the kitchen area were separate, to prevent fires. Now they have joined them with the modern visitor center which includes restrooms and a small museum.

Nathanial Russel House, Charleston SC

Below is Ken in the reception area. Next to it is the office. The doors were gorgeous!

Our guide in the entrance way,Nathanial Russel House, Charleston SC

We took the 10:30 45 minute tour starting in this area. Here is an interesting item, a tag. ( my picture did not come out). All the slaves had to wear tags which showed if they were slaves or free blacks. It also showed their position, such as blacksmith, house servant etc.

At street level the tour started with Nathanial’s reception area and office. The reception area and the office were closed off from the residence by these beautiful doors. There were twenty layers of paint on all the walls, which were carefully removed down to when the Russell’s owned the house. All the colors match the original, but the furniture is from the period, not original, as the house was looted during the Civil War.

This house is famous for it’s magnificent free-flying staircase. Because so many visitors walked on the staircase, it was deteriorating, so you can no longer walk on the staircase. We used the servants stairs to climb to the second floor. 

Nathanial Russel House, Charleston SC

Nathanial Russel House, Charleston SC

Formal dining room, Nathanial Russel House, Charleston SC

Above is the formal dining room. Below is the private dining room.

Family dining room, Nathanial Russel House, Charleston SC

Because it was so hot, the family used the family dining room wearing only their underwear. They did not feel it was appropriate to use the formal dining room in their skivvies!  Below are the servants stairs.

Servants staircase, Nathanial Russel House, Charleston SC

Nathanial Russel House, Charleston SC

Above is the formal drawing room where guests were welcome. It is on the second floor and quite ornate. The picture does not do the gold  and the decorations justice!

Nathanial Russel House, Charleston SC

The tour only went to the first and second floor, because the house is not meeting code to take people to the third floor, plus they have not renovated that floor. The second floor is where the formal area master bedroom are located. The top floor had the daughters rooms and Sara’s room. During the summers, Sara went to England and Nathanial went to the country estate.

Below is the ornate fireplace in the music room.

Nathanial Russel House, Charleston SC

Music room, Nathanial Russel House, Charleston SC

The carpeting in this room is wall to wall. The rug is from England and is made with a pattern from that time period. I asked Ken how they cleaned it. During the ‘season” the carpet was swept by the servants/slaves. In the summer when the family were all gone, the servants (slaves) took the rug apart. There are lines which are sewn together and the rug is taken apart and they take it outside to beat the dirt out. It would have been put back into the house in September before the family arrived back in town. All the rooms had the carpeting, as the floors are made of pine. The SC pine has a sap that repels termites, which are a big issue in Charleston. We visited Nathaniel’s bedroom, but it is being restored so there was not much to see.

We left and drove through town. Below is one of the streets we used. Almost every house has a plaque on it telling the story of the house and who lived in it. Houses may only be renovated or restored, they may not be torn down. New construction has to be approved and must be appropriate to the city, matching the other homes. 

Street in Charleston, SC

We traveled down past the beautiful houses and gardens.

House in Charleston, SC

The house below is a famous B&B, listed as the best in the country.

Charleston SC

Charleston SC

Charleston SCCharleston SC

Above is the Tiffney doors and a Tiffany glass inside the house.

We crossed the street and went to White Garden Park.

Charleston SC

Charleston SC

Charleston SC Charleston SC

House on Rainbow Road, Charleston SC

Above is the first house on Rainbow Road. It belonged to a dentist. When he was asked why pink, he said it was his favorite color because it is the color of healthy gums.

Rainbow Road, Charleston SC

Here was a pretty garden in front of a house.

Pretty garden, Charleston SC

Governors House, Charleston SC

Above is the Governors Mansion, now a B & B and his brother’s home across the street, also a  B&B. The brother was elected to the Senate and was an ambassador. Note the iron grill out front, it is pressed iron.

Govenors brothers house, Charleston SC

We went in search of another parking place and found one at a meter. We went to lunch at “Sticky Fingers” a rib and BBQ place, actually more Memphis than SC. Here is a picture of Stephen Colbert who is from Charleston and has eaten at the restaurant as well as George W Bush.

We left and went to Kohl’s for me to use my birthday and other coupons. I bought 4 tops and one pair of capris all for $28, after the discounts.

We returned home, walked the dogs, fed them, made our next reservation and went to dinner at La Hacienda. This is a local restaurant, not affiliated with the one out west. The food was okay, but not as good! We would not go there again.

Wednesday- We left at about 9:30 to go to activities office at the base, which is right at the RV Park entrance and asked if we were eligible to purchase discount tickets. The gal said that if you are eligible to be on the base you are eligible to purchase tickets. So we purchased tickets for Boone Hall Plantation for $15 each. The online and at the door tickets were $23, so we had a significant savings!

The camp host, Bob, was there. He asked us where we were going and he told us to go across the street to the Charles Pinkney National Historic Site also. So we drove about 1/2 hour to get there. We stopped at the Pinckney NHS first.

Charleston SC

This is a small park. We found this sign at the entrance delineating Pinckney’s accomplishments. He was instrumental in many of the items that are in the Constitution, although James Madison is given credit for the constitution. Here is the list of Pinckney’s items that made it into the document.



He was only 28 years old when he was unanimously elected to the Legislature. That was because only 2 people voted, his overseer and himself!  Anyway, James Madison hated him, and I think it was because he was a southern gentleman, like the guide we had yesterday, who was a jerk. But he made significant contributions to the Constitution which are still there today and really were the basis for our government.

Charleston SC

We watched the 17 minute movie, viewed the small museum, and left to go across the road to the Boone Hall Plantation.

Charleston SC

We parked and went to the visitor center. We signed up for the next house tour, which was at 11:30. We had about an hour, so we wandered over to Slave Row.

House slaves and trained slaves lived here.

There were more of these cabins originally, but these are all that are left. These were the cabins for the house slaves and the trained slaves, like the black smith.The field slaves lived in cabins closer to the fields. Below is the church. There was an audio running which explained what the church was like and the rules for the slaves.

Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens

As we left, we saw the  plantation coach coming up the driveway, so we walked over to board the coach for the tour. We took our seats and the guide/driver, who was entertaining, took us on a 30 minute tour of the plantation. The plantation was originally over 4,000 acres, but is now down to 780. The road the coach took was right along back yards of some of the housing developments in the area.

Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens

Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens

Back of the house,  Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens

Above is the back of the house. As with all the plantations, it is located on costal water, which is how they were able to get their products to Charleston. This is the fresh water lake, which had alligators.

The fresh water lake with allegators

Preparing for Halloween,  Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens

Above, volunteers were setting up for Halloween. They also have a corn maze. The corn is short right now, but is a fast growing variety.

Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens

Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens

This is a working plantation. They grow many products, corn, okra, cotton, several varieties of squash, peaches, blueberries, strawberries-which grew this year from December to May!

Boone Hall Plantation and GardensGardens,  Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens

The garden is designed in the shape of two butterfly wings. It is composed of 22 beds of historical plants and flowers. The Noisette class of roses originated in Charleston and is a specialty on the Plantation.

This is our tour guide for the house tour, Pam. She was very good!

Pam, the tour guide,  Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens

Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed in the house.  The tour had 50 people on it, one of the largest we have taken. The tour took about 45 minutes and only consisted of the first floor. The plantation is privately owned, by a brother and sister. The brother lives onsite and is in his 60’s. The sister lives elsewhere and visits occasionally, staying in the house on the second floor. She is in her 70’s. The house is air conditioned. I asked Pam what the plans were for the plantation, as the family members are older, and she said that they do not know and are afraid to ask.

We walked back over to the Butterfly Pavilion/ café /gift shop.

Butterfly Pavillion Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens 

Butterfly Pavillion Boone Hall Plantation and GardensButterfly Pavillion Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens

Butterfly Pavillion Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens

We left and went to the Boone Hall Plantation Farm Market and Café.  We ate lunch there. The food was mediocre and the service was terrible. We would not recommend it. We wandered through the market, buying some vegetables, strawberry and blackberry cider, and a bottle of Stout.

We left and went to Costco, then back to the MH. We ate leftovers for dinner, watched TV, read and went to bed.

Thursday- Moving day! Gosh, we hated to leave Charleston. We only touched the surface of the city and surrounding area. We will have to return in the future!

We drove south on I-25 to I-526. We turned southwest onto Rt. 17 and followed it to I-95. We stopped for lunch at the Georgia Visitor Center, which was under construction. This is when it is nice to travel with your home, we have our own bathrooms and kitchen!

We continued south and turned north on I-16 traveling to Statesboro GA. We settled into Parkwood RV park, where we have stayed before. $33.30 per night with our Good Sam discount, FHU 50 amp.

We settled in. We took the dogs and went to visit friends Jackie and Dr. Bob Hoell. Dr. Bob was at work until after 6, but Jackie was home. They have two dogs, one of which is new. Our dogs recognized their old dog, Trinity, and met Tasha the new family member. After the excitement, they all settled in nicely.

We had dinner, thank you Jackie, and sat talking until almost 9. We left and returned home.

Friday- We did a lot of tasks around the MH. We had picked up a bunch of packages at the Hoell’s, so we opened them and put items away. Bob worked on the windshield wiper and I made some reservations. I did laundry and worked on the blog, plus made some phone calls.

At 11, Jackie picked us up and off we went to pick-up her in-laws, Herb and Lucille at their Assisted Living Facility. We went to lunch at McAllister’s Deli. Dr. Bob, who had to work today,  joined us. After a nice lunch, we went to the Walmart Neighborhood Pharmacy, then off to the bank and we returned Herb and Lucille to their Assisted Living Facility. We toured the very nice facility.

We left and Jackie dropped us back at the MH. We put away our items and took the dogs with us to Jackie and Dr. Bob’s house. Bob and Jackie went to pick up their trailer which was in for repair, while I stayed at the house with the dogs.

They returned and we talked and watched a recorded TV show. At 5,Bob and I returned the dogs to the MH and fed them. Dr. Bob and Jackie picked us up and we went to the local Carmikes theaters to the Mugs and Movies to see the Magnificent 7.

We ate dinner during the movie and they dropped us back at the MH at about 10 PM.

Sat. Sept. 3 to Fri. Sept. 9- Hershey PA to Colonial Beach VA

Saturday- We went to the outlet mall  in Hershey and then on to Costco in Harrisburg. We returned to the TT, ate lunch, and  packed chicken into freezer bags. We had purchased at Costco a freezer bag system. We had one before we went full time, but when we went full-time, we started using the Ziploc freezer bag system. Ziploc has discontinued the bags that we were using. Anyway, this works much better!

We took a short nap then we sat outside enjoying the awesome weather! It remains in the high 70’s with low humidity. We ate dinner at home, watched TV and went to bed.

Sunday- We went to Kohl’s and Famous Footwear in Lebanon. I bought shoes at both stores, as I really needed some new walking shoes. Then we stopped at a grocery store in Lebanon. We returned to the MH. We ate a little something, and went to Hummer town to Hoss Steak and Seafood restaurant to meet up with Pete and Donna Hoffman. I went to high school with both. We had  a great time catching up on about 45 years worth of life! Both of us had the salad bar. By the time we returned home, we were ready for dinner. We ate, then watched TV and went to bed.

Monday-  We started laundry. Bob took the towels over to be washed and I did the sheets. I have been doing laundry everyday, so not much else needed to be washed.

I left and went for a 10 AM hair appt. When I returned,we ate lunch, and then went to Lancaster. We wanted to buy some coffee at WAWA. We arrived to find the WAWA being remodeled, so we had to re-route to another WAWA. We tried to stop at the Costco for gas, but they were closed for the Labor Day holiday.

We went to Bed, Bath and Beyond for new pillows, then returned to the MH. We sat out enjoying the wonderful weather, again. It was in the low 80’s and just a little more humidity, with a slight breeze. Awesome!

We ate dinner at home, watched TV and went to bed.

Tuesday- Moving day! I ran over to the Post Office to mail a package. When I returned, we finished closing up the MH and left the park at about 9:30. We drove thru Hershey to I-83 taking that to I-81 south.

We continued on I-81 south through Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and into Virginia. We stopped at the Welcome Center to eat lunch.

We continued south on I-81 to south of Winchester, then turned east on I-66. We went to the exit for Rt. 17 south and followed that to Fredericksburg. From there, we took Rt. 3 south, crossing Rt. 301 and continuing 14 more miles until the turn off for Harbor View RV Park, free as it is included in our TT plan.

We arrived and settled into a 50 amp FHU site. We can sort of get satellite. It comes and goes due to the trees.

We ate dinner and started watching TV. At about 8, long time friend Barbara Rouse came over to say hello. She is one of the Camp Hosts at the park. This is an Outdoor World resort, which is included, free of charge in our TT plan.

We had a great time catching up with Barbara. She stayed until almost 9.

Wednesday- The Edge has been acting funny when we brake, so Bob made an appt. to get it looked at in Fredericksburg. He left at about 9 to go to a place to have it looked at. We need new rotors, brakes and tires. No surprise there! So he is having the rotors and brakes done today and going back for tires tomorrow, as they had to be ordered.

Meanwhile, I watched some videos,worked on my Health Coach business and did laundry. Bob returned at 2:30. We looked at each other and said lets go do something. So we went down the road to Wakefield, George Washington’s birthplace. It was interesting, but I would not go far out of my way to go there. It is a National Monument, and free to the public.



We went to the visitor center and stamped out NPS passport. We looked at the exhibits and watched the movie. Then we walked over to the replica of the house where George was born. The original burned down in 1779 and the family never rebuilt it. The farm continued to run. There were 10,000 acres, so we think we are staying on land that the Washington family used to own.

Wakefield VA

Wakefield VA

Above is a house that was built in the 1930’s in the style of the houses of the day. Below is the outline of the original house. I think it is strange that what looks like the front of the house is not facing the water.


A thunderstorm came up and we took shelter in the kitchen, which is not attached to the house. We waited out the storm, and started walking back to the car. The ranger arrived and, we turned around to go to the replica house, where he gave a presentation on George Washington.

Wakefield VA

The area is beautiful. We learned a lot more about George. The NPS ranger reminded me a little bit of Robin Williams. He really got into telling George’s story in a unique way. Hard to describe…

Wakefield VA

We left and returned to the MH to eat dinner. Watching TV became an issue due to more thunderstorms, which lasted into the night, so we watched shows that we had taped. We love the Smithsonian Channel and have taped a lot of documentaries, one of which was the making of Star Trek. Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of the show!

Thursday- We drove north to Fredericksburg to have the new tires put on. That took until after 1. So we went to lunch at Ledo’s Pizza. Yummy, we love their pizza. Ledo’s is a Mid-Atlantic chain. and has awesome square pizza!

Because is was so late at this point, we went directly back to the MH, skipping stopping to buy groceries. We arrived back, walked and fed the dogs, and left to cross the 301 bridge. We went to Texas Roadhouse in LaPlata to meet up with friends Linda and John Foote.

We had a great dinner with them, catching up on the last six years. It had been that long since we had seen them! Way, way too long!

We returned to the MH and went to bed.

Friday- A very busy day! We left early to go to Washington for a cardiologist appointment for Bob. Since we will be gone the entire day, we took the dogs with us. We followed the GPS directions and crossed the 301 bridge into Maryland. We drove north to LaPlata, and left the GPS directions and took Rt. 225 west towards Indian Head, our old home. About half way across Rt. 225, Karlie started squeaking.  Huh? We turned right onto Rt. 210 north and about two miles north, Karlie stopped squeaking! We decided she had known where she was! It has been six years, but she spent the first six years of her life there. Wow, what a memory! Guess we tend to underestimate her…Roxie had gotten up and was looking out the window, so we think she knew also!

We continued up 210 noting all the changes on the way, especially at the Harbor in PG county. There is a huge MGM casino going in.

We continued into DC. We were running early, so we went to the tidal basin park. We parked the car, used the restrooms, and walked and watered the dogs.

We left and went to Bob’s appointment. Since we had the dogs with us, we parked at a meter in the shade and I stayed in the car with the dogs. Bob went to his cardiologist appointment. Great news!

This is the cardiologist who Bob had seen in 2012 for a second opinion on the A-fib. They did an EKG and he reviewed all the paperwork from Denver and Minnesota.  The Doc told Bob that he should stop the Fleconide ( the Afib med). He said that he would then need a cardiac monitor for two weeks. If there was no Afib, then he would be able to stop the Xarelto, the blood thinner! Wow, what a birthday present! We were really excited about this new plan. In 2012, we were told that Bob would be on the medication for life! Our problem now is that we are traveling and will have a problem working the plan.

We left DC, crossing over Memorial Bridge. We drove south on I-395 to King Street and stopped at “The Joint”. This is a nationwide Chiropractic franchise business. I had found them in Arizona and went to them there. No appointments necessary, and since I am in their system,  I do not have to have an X-ray and assessment, which costs more. Bob gave the dogs water while I went in and had an adjustment.

We stopped at Subway for subs for lunch and went to a dog park in Shirlington. We ate our subs and took the dogs to the dog park to give them a break. They had a great time meeting new friends and playing.

We left and drove south on I-395, turning onto I-495. Both of  which were  completely different, with Ezpass lanes and lots of new lanes which were being built the last time we were here. The traffic was horrendous! We are so glad that we had not traveled through the Baltimore and Washington corridor, by-passing on I-81.

We turned onto Braddock Road  west and went to Calvary Memorial Cemetery to visit my parents and grandmother’s graves. I took pictures of the grave markers and GPS’d the site to put into my genealogy program.

We set the GPS for Beth Nachman’s house, stopping on the way at another dog park. We arrived to find we were at her old house in Stafford. I had not changed the address in my phone! I have the correct address in my computer. So I called Beth and we re-routed, going to Manassas.

We met with Mary, Beth, Frank (her fiance), David, Becca and Brad. We had a great time catching up with everyone! We had a wonderful dinner and they had a birthday ice cream cake for me. Thank you so much!


The dogs and Beth’s cats seemed to do okay. They looked at each other and were not impressed, so basically they ignored each other. We left around 9:30 and arrived home at 11. We were all exhausted and we went to bed.

Sat. Aug. 27 to Fri. Sept. 2- Boston MA to Hershey PA.

Saturday-  The best laid plans, oh well! We had planned to go to Salem today as the weather is perfect, temp in the low 80’s, sunny with low humidity.

Bob accidently knocked over his 12 oz.  glass of water. HIs pills were in his hands. The water spilled on the table, my computer, the floor, and the dogs. We got the water cleaned up and realized that we could not find two of the three pills. One of which was his Fleconide, the atrial-fib med. Roxie will eat anything, so we were worried. We searched the floor, counters and everywhere. So finally we thought maybe she ate the pills. We had found one pill on the floor, but could not find the other two.

So we gave her some hydrogen peroxide to get her to vomit. She did not. So we packed up the dogs and ran to the emergency vets. On the way to the emergency hospital, we saw a vet office, so we pulled in. Right after we arrived, the Doc arrived. She gave her more of the hydrogen peroxide, but it was now over an hour. She  eventually vomited up the H2O2, but we did not find any evidence of the pills.

She was looking good and the Vet just said to watch her and if her heart rate dropped to take her to the Emergency Vet Hospital.

We left and went to Petsmart for dog food and Petco for new harnesses. We returned home thru Tewksbury.  Bob went to pick up lunch at a local deli.

Bob noticed that the hydro-hot was leaking, again, so he changed clothes and worked on tightening all the bolts. We are watching to see if it is still leaking. I took a nap, and we kept watching Roxie, who had no problems. We still have not found the two pills!

We finally decided that Roxie was okay, so we went into Lexington to Rancatories, a local ice cream parlor, where we had a ‘buy one get one free’ coupon. We each had a micro hot fudge sundae, with a really great homemade chocolate ice cream, total $5.

We returned and Bob went to walk the dogs, and Karlie’s leash broke, so we off we went to Target and bought a new leash,plus some other items on our list.

We returned, ate dinner, and I worked on the blog. Bob made reservations for a Tall Ship cruise in Boston Harbor for Tuesday. We wanted to go tomorrow, but they only have a brunch cruise tomorrow and it was much more expensive.

Sunday- We were off to Salem in the morning. We drove right into a free 2 hour parking place. We climbed out of the car and realized we were parked right in front of the Salem Witch History Museum. We walked about a block to the visitor center. We walked in and spoke with the NPS ranger. He gave us a nice map and told us that it was about a mile around the tourist area. He also told us that since it was Sunday, it was free parking at all the meters and in the metered parking lots. Across the street was a big parking garage, which cost $18 per day. By walking over and asking we saved $18 dollars!

We watched the nice 15 minute NPS movie about the town, then walked back to the Salem Witch Museum $8 ea..

Salem Witch Museum

It was interesting. Part history and part tourist trap. They used statues, music, lighting and other theatrics to tell the story for about 1/2 an hour in life size scenes. Then a guide takes you through another area and tells you about a timeline through history, of episodes of ‘hysteria’ about witches and other events. When you look at what they said, it makes sense for what is going on today. They talked about Salem, the internment of the Japanese after Pearl Harbor, the Jews and Hitler, Joe McCarthy in the 1950’s, the AIDS epidemic and the Gays. Now of course it is the immigrants. 

We went outside to the car, and moved to the city paid parking lot behind the parking garage, and parked for free! We started the tour by walking through the inside mall to the Salem outside mall.

Salem, MASalem MA

We followed the red line on the brick for the town tour route. There were all sorts of witch scenes on the statue below.

Salem, MAWitch's fountain, Salem, MA

On our walk, we of course had to stop and say hello to Samantha!

Samantha statue, Salem, MA

We also saw this sign about Alexander Graham Bell.

Alexander Graham Bell, tested telephone, Salem, MA

It is hard to read in the picture, but it talks about Bell living in Salem and working on the telephone and how the people in this house, where he was staying, helped to pay for his work. 

Our first destination was the Witch’s House. It was the house of the judge in the Witch’s Trials. It was where the accused persons were taken before being taken to the jail(dungeon). It was the judge’s house, and he basically decided if there was a case. If so, then you went to the dungeon until your trial.

Witch HouseDSCN6673

Cotton Mather portrait

Above is a painting of Cotton Mather. Was he a piece of work! One of the people convicted of being a witch was a minister. He was against the whole process and spoke up for others. As a result, he was sentenced to hang. The Puritans believed if you were a witch, you could not say the Lords Prayer correctly. This poor man recited it correctly. They asked Cotton Mather if they should stop the hanging. He said no, justice had to be served! So they hung the poor minister.

Below are other pictures of the inside of the house.  The original walls, the parlor with a one piece of wood table top and very uncomfortable looking chairs. 

Original walls in the Witch House, Salem MA One piece table where Witch's trials took place

DSCN6677-001Dining room

Kitchen, in dining room . Bread oven,DSCN6682-001

Loom Original floor, Witch House, Salem MA

Above on the right is the original floor, which was still there.


Above is the master bedroom. In this room, and in this bed, the lady of the house birthed their 10 children. In those days, the women of the town came to the labor and birth. No men allowed. They closed all the shutters and even covered the lock on the door to make sure that the devil did not get into the child. Sure hope they were not delivering on a really hot day, as this was on the second floor and with all the windows and doors closed and sealed, it must have gotten pretty toasty in there!

We skipped the other tourist traps. Below is one, the Witch’s Dungeon Museum.

Witch Dungeon Museum ,

We went to lunch at Turner Seafood. On the building we found this plaque.


We had a nice lunch. I had baked scallops and Bob had clam chowder, a crab cake, and a local amber beer.

We continued our walk, and passed the Witch’s Memorial.  If you look along the wall, you will see attached shelves, and there is one for each person killed. Most were hanged but one man was pressed to death, by rocks being placed on him.

DSCN6697 DSCN6698

We continued past the next tourist trap, the Witches and Pirates Museum.

Pirate Museum

We arrived on to the waterfront. We stopped at the other NPS visitor center, again stamping our NPS passport, as we had also done at the first NPS visitor center. We have now completely filled the northeast pages of the book!

DSCN6702  DSCN6706


We looked at the long wharf and the buildings, then walked over to the “House of Seven Gables”. It is actually the Turner-Ingersoll Mansion from 1668. It is also the Nathaniel Hawthorne Birthplace(1750). We wandered through the gardens, deciding not to take the tour. $8 ea. just  for the gardens.

HOuse of 7 GablesDSCN6715-001


We left and stopped across the street at ‘Ye Olde Pepper Company’, the Oldest chocolate store in America.  We bought a small bag, 4 pieces, of ‘seconds’ and walked to a little park to eat them. One was a larger piece, cashew turtle like with chocolate and caramel. We split it and found it had chipotle pepper in it. It was spicey, but good!


We continued back to the wharf, and went into the Custom House.

Customs House

Nathanial Hawthorne had been a Custom Agent working out of this building when he wrote the book. Even with writing the book and it selling 250 copies right away, with his salary and the book sales, he still could not support his family! The customs person really did a lot, not just the customs, he paid out pensions, kept the buildings in repair, and did a lot of tasks for not much money.

DSCN6732-001 DSCN6733-001

We walked back to the car and drove across the bridge to Marblehead. Originally, Marblehead was part of Salem. There were a few museums, but what we did was drive around the town, out on the peninsula that jutted out into the harbor. We visited Marblehead Neck, which is an island where some really rich people live. We ended up on a one way street next to the Yacht Club. We circled twice, trying to get to the lighthouse. We did, but it was mobbed. So Bob jumped out of the car, took a picture and we continued to the old downtown. That was a waste of time and gas. The streets were narrow and you could not see to the water, as the houses are so packed together.

Marblehead harbor




We finally left and drove south. The GPS informed us there was an accident on I-95, so we went through town. An issue, as we ended up on toll roads, through tunnels right thru downtown Boston. Ugh, driving thru Boston is not fun!  Here is the Boston skyline.


We eventually made it to I-95, south of Lexington, and back to the MH. We ate dinner at home, watched TV and of course fell asleep in the recliners before going to bed.

Monday- We went to Lexington to take the Lexington Trolley Tour. This trolley is owned and operated by the town of Lexington. The older lady, who sold us the tickets on Friday, ($25 ea.) was the tour guide today. She was AWESOME! It was one of the best 90 minute tours we have ever taken. Not only did she know her stuff, she was funny and realistic. She also serves on the Town Council of Lexington.

We were told stories of the locals and how things occurred. The battle of Lexington lasted 5 minutes with no one knowing who fired the first shot. The American’s had 70 men and the British had 700. The American’s went to back off, and someone fired a shot. Then everyone started shooting. 8 Americans were dead, 10 Americans were injured, and 1 British soldier was injured.

The whole town could watch the battle from their homes. The area around Concord and Lexington had farms and all the trees had been cleared, so everyone had an open view. All the trees in the area are less than 150 years old!

The British then continued their march to Concord. They arrived in Concord and went to the North Bridge. The Minutemen were on one side and the British on the other. The Minutemen, by this time a larger force, took on the British. The British shot in the air and in the water to frighten the Americans, but the American’s did not back down. This astonished the big bad Brits, as they were used to everyone being afraid to fight them. They would go to peoples houses to check for the ammunition and guns and the folks would just say no to them entering their houses. At this point, everyone was still considering themselves to be British, and they believed that they had British rights

. Tour guide and Shot heard around the world memorial DSCN6758-001

Above was our tour guide. The statue is commemorating the shot heard around the world. The other picture is of where there are some British soldiers were buried.

Anyway, at the North Bridge,the Brits started backing up. This is where the shot heard around the world occurred, because a bunch of Militia Men took on the the famed British soldiers and won.

North Bridge, Concord NH

Shot heard around the world American side

Above is the Minute Man statue. He is holding his rifle, for the militia, and next to him is a plow, which shows that he was a farmer.

When Revere and Dawes went to let everyone know that the British were coming, they started basically a “telephone tree”!  They brought the news to a point, then more men would fan out going to other towns, etc. So that the news traveled pretty fast. 

The Brits went scurrying back down the road, with the Americans in hot pursuit. By this time, the American alarm had been rung, and thousands of militia ( Minute Men) were arriving. They did guerilla warfare, shooting from behind rocks, houses and the few trees along the road back to Boston.

Muskets only had one shot before being re-loaded, so the militia would fire their shot and many then returned to their farms. This all occurred on April 19, 1775. Before the Declaration of Independence.

The poor British soldiers had crossed from Boston to quietly gather up the arms that the militia had been stockpiling. They were ordered not to fire their guns or do damage to the area.  It was an ill conceived plan, as the 700 soldiers had to go across in boats from Boston(one if by land and two if by sea). It took all night for them to cross from 10 PM ( Paul Revere and William Dawes started their ride at 10P) and they had to march for miles to Lexington, then on to Concord. They were wet, cold, hungry, thirsty, and now running for their lives. Many were poor men from England who only joined the army because they could not get jobs. Some of them just disappeared into the countryside and became Americans.

Now they were actually marching for their lives, in columns of six,  as the Minutemen were shooting at them as snipers. There were some skirmishes. They arrived back in Lexington, and stopped at Munroe Tavern. Mr. Munroe was out fighting, and had left poor Mrs. Munroe at home with the small children. He had just put up a new tavern sign, and the Brits thought what a great place to stop. When the Missus saw the soldiers coming, she fled with the kiddies, up the hills and into the woods behind the tavern. The Brits took over the tavern and made it a field hospital to care for their wounded and to regroup.

When they arrived in Lexington, they were met by were another 1000 British soldiers who were marching to assist. These soldiers put a cannon on a hill and fired into the town. That kept the militia at bay, until the Brits could care for their wounded. They only stayed an hour and a half, leaving a mess at the Tavern, as they ate, drank, and left a lot of blood from caring for their injured. Then they marched back up the road to return to Boston, with the militia still firing at them. There is a lot more to the story and it was very interesting! About 40 militia were killed and 70 Brits during this all day fighting.

The tour was’ not hop on hop off’, although you could get off anywhere, but it would be at least 90 minutes before the Trolley would return.  No one got off. They returned us to the visitor center in Lexington. We went back to The Petite Crêpe for lunch.

We stopped at the NPS visitor center for the Minuteman NP. We watched the 25 minute movie. It was unusual that the actual building was a long walk from the parking lot. We stamped our passport book, having a problem trying to find a place for the stamp!

We stopped at the memorial where Paul Revere was captured. Dawes managed to jump his horse over a wall and escape, but did not make it to Concord before he was captured. Dr. Prescott, who was with them, got away and made it to Concord to raise the alarm.

Spot where Paul Revere was captured.

Paul Revere is a hoot!  When he was captured the Brits realized they had a prize. So they walked him back to Lexington. As they got closer, he kept telling them that there was an army waiting for them when they arrived. It was good manners that you shoot off your loaded musket when entering a Tavern, so you don’t kill someone by accident, so as they got closer to Lexington, they could hear gun shots. They thought that they would have to fight, so they let Revere and other prisoners go. They did not realize it was men going in to drink at Buckman Tavern!

When Revere gets to the Hancock-Clark house, where he had notified Hancock and JQ Adams that they needed to leave, the two of them were still there. This is when Revere went back to Buckman Tavern and retrieved John Hancock’s paperwork trunk from the Tavern and noticed the 1000 Brits arriving.

We returned to the MH to walk the dogs. We left and went to Concord to actually stop and look at the houses and the old cemetery. Below is the arbor where  the first Concord Grapes were grown. 

Concord Grapes First Concord Grape arbor


Louise May Alcott House

It is amazing, Nathanial Hawthorne, Louisa May Alcott, Margaret Sidney, and Ralph Waldo Emmerson all lived a few blocks from each other and knew each other!

DSCN6785-001RAlph Waldo Emmerson, house, Concord MA

Old burial gounds Concord MA

There were two old cemeteries. The Puritans believed that you could not take a dead body over a river, so they had a cemetery on each side of the river.


This Inn is still in business!

We also took a side trip to Waldon Pond. It looked a lot more like a lake, and there was a lot of construction there because they are building a visitor center. I dropped Bob off, he took the pictures while I drove down the road, turned around and came back to pick him up.

WAldon Pond. Concord MA

We drove back to Lexington and visited the Munroe Tavern, taking the last tour of the day. There were only 4 of us on the tour.

Munroe Tavern, Lexington MA DSCN6802-001

If it looks like a home, that is what it was. The tavern was on the first floor. There were steps to go to the third floor, which they rented out to people who were traveling. This building told us more of the British story.

Munroe TavernMunroe Tavern, Lexington MA

Munroe Tavern, Lexington MAMunroe Tavern, Lexington MA

The soldier in the first picture of the tavern was a soldier. The two in the picture above were officers. The one on the left was the Light Infantry and the one on the right was the Fuselier’s. Note the big hat and on both of them the shiny silver piece at their neck. They made great targets! Once the leaders were killed, the troops fell apart!

Munroe Tavern, Lexington MA

WAshngton ate here, Munroe Tavern, Lexington MA

The family was very proud of the fact that George Washington ate here. He sat in the chair on the right. The family served the meal and became Washington groupies. They went into severe mourning when he died.

We returned to the MH, ate dinner, and relaxed at home.

Tuesday- We were out the door by 8:15, going back to the Alewife subway station. This time we ended up on the top floor of the parking garage. We took the red line, switched to the green line, then switched again to the blue line. The subway system runs every few minutes, so we arrived by 9:50 AM.

We walked over to the Liberty Tall Ship dock and waited to board. They of course took a picture of us, which we did not buy. We had a 90 minute tour of the Boston Harbor on the ship.

Liberty Tall Ships, Boston Harbor

Liberty Tall Ships, Boston Harbor

Liberty Tall Ships, Boston Harbor

The Liberty Star is an 1800’s replica, built in Maine. It is 67 ft. long.

Liberty Star Tall Ship, Boston Harbor

Liberty Star Tall Ship, Boston Harbor

Liberty Star Tall Ship, Boston Harbor

Raising the sales, Liberty Star Tall Ship, Boston HarborLiberty Star Tall Ship, Boston Harbor

Passengers could help with putting up the sails.

At first the ship was slow moving across the bay, but when we turned, we started moving right along.

Liberty Star Tall Ship, Boston HarborLiberty Star Tall Ship, Boston Harbor

Boston Harbor, Liberty Star Tall Ship, Boston Harbor

Liberty Star Tall Ship, Boston Harbor

Above is the Bunker Hill Monument and to the right, the tall white mast is the USS Constitution.

Liberty Star Tall Ship, Boston Harbor

It was a great adventure which we thoroughly enjoyed. We returned promptly to the dock at noon, and walked over to Legal Seafood’s for lunch. We had a nice meal, sitting outside overlooking the docks.

We left and reversed our trip to Alewife, and drove back to the MH. We walked the dogs, then drove back into Lexington in time for the 3 PM tour of the Hancock-Clark house.

Hancock-Clark House, Lexington MA   Hancock-Clark House, Lexington MA

We were the only ones there for the 3 PM tour. It started with a 15 minute movie, then John, the docent, dressing in appropriate clothing, took us on a private tour of the house. It was fascinating, and he was a great tour guide. The tour took almost 90 minutes. Below (L) is the door where Paul Revere arrived to warn John Hancock and John Quincy Adams that “The British are coming!”. He made so much noise, that the guard told him to be quiet, as he was going to wake up the household. He told the guard off! Hancock and JQ Adams were sleeping in the room to the left of the door.

Hancock-Clark House, Lexington MA Hancock-Clark House, Lexington MA

Hancock-Clark House, Lexington MA

Above is the formal dining room.  Below is the kitchen. The table and chairs are original furniture.

Hancock-Clark House, Lexington MA

Bed that John Hancock and JQ Adams slept in

Above is the bed where Hancock and JQ Adams slept, yes together. It has a chicken feather mattress. Here is where the ladies slept. Hancock’s fiancé and Adams’s wife.Ladies bedroom, Hancock-Clark House, Lexington MA

This poor house! It was moved twice. First, because the people who owned the house later decided that they wanted to build a bigger house. The town convinced them to move it. Then when the Historical Society took over, they moved it back to its original spot. As a result, look at the original door below which is crooked.

Hancock-Clark House, Lexington MA 

We left and went back to use another of our coupons, having another micro hot fudge sundae at Rancatories . They did not have the same ice cream flavor today, but the sundae was still very good. Fresh home made ice cream, home made scooped out whipped cream and homemade hot fudge! Yummy!

We returned to the MH, walked and fed the dogs, then used another coupon for dinner at Bertucci’s in downtown Lexington. We returned home, and both fell asleep in the recliners.

Wednesday- Moving day! We packed up and readied to leave. We walked over to the office and gave a thank-you card to Ann-Marie for taking walking the dogs for us several times during the 10 days we were here.

We hated leaving Boston, as it was so interesting and what a great time we had! I will miss the morning and evening bugler who at 6:30 AM played Reveille and at 9 PM played Taps. We will not miss being right next to the runway, but the noise really did not bother us. They did not fly past 10 PM or before 6:30 AM.

We drove south on I-95 to the I-90 west exit. We drove across Massachusetts and into New York, turning on to I-88 (south)west. We stopped at Susquehanna Trail Campground for the night. It was a PA park, $25 for FHU 30 amp.  We settled in to a pull thru site, and did not even disconnect the car.

Thursday-  We drove out of the park at around 8:40, and continued on I-88 to I-76 to I-81. We traveled into Pennsylvania, leaving I-81 to go to Lebanon PA. We turned into the Hershey Thousand Trails at about 1:50 PM. We disconnected the car from the MH and ran around to choose a campsite. We were able to get a nice site in the free 50 amp, FHU area. We set up and went to Walmart for groceries. Then we returned and sat outside reading and enjoying the nice weather. It was high 70’s, a little humid, but there was a gentle breeze. We ate dinner at home and watched TV.

Friday-  We had made an appointment for the dogs to be groomed today at Hershey Animal Hospital. As soon as we arrived, we realized we had been there before. When Karlie was younger, she had a bad ear infection, while we were in Hershey, so we had taken her to this Vets. Amber the groomer was very nice, and took the dogs right away.

While she was grooming the dogs, we ran to Intercourse to the Amish Farmers Market. I only bought a small basket. We stayed away from the delicious foods! It was hard passing by the awesome bread and cookies!

We returned to the park and stopped in the Activity Center. We picked up a bunch of books and will take our bag down to trade. They called that the dogs were ready, so we went to retrieve them. Do ya think they were happy to see us? LOL

We returned to the MH and settled in for the rest of the day. We ate lunch, took a nap, cleaned part of the refrigerator, sat outside enjoying the beautiful weather, ate dinner at home and watched some documentaries on TV.