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Sat. July 25 to Fri. July 31 Sun City AZ

Saturday- We went to the outside Farmers Market at Arrowhead Mall. We bought too may calories! Then we went to the motor home to teach the buyers about the rig. When we arrived, we found that the air conditioner was not working, again! Bob did everything he could think of, but nothing worked. So we used the roof air, while there. We were all pretty hot.

We discussed the issue, and we are not turning the title over to them until the rig is fixed, as we want to make sure that whatever the repair is, it will be done on our warranty. Our warranty ends in August, so we might as well use it. Bob is taking the rig for the emission test on Monday.

We returned home and Bob called Allen to see if he had any suggestions. Allan and Donna are in Ohio, so it was not like he could come over and look at the air conditioner. Bob had already done everything that Allen suggested. So on Monday, Bob is making ANOTHER appointment at Gene’s in Apache Junction. This is the third this year!

We are so glad we are in the condo, with good air conditioning. Bob checked our electric bill for both the condo and the rig. We now know that the air stopped working between 6 and 7 pm last Thursday. Also, our bill for the rig is almost double what it is for the condo.

Sunday- Early in the morning, Bob ran over to the motor home to see if the air conditioner would start when it was cooler. Nope, it did not start. So he is still going to call Gene’s on Monday. Why, after going to Gene’s twice before are we going again? Its the only place anywhere around who works on Alfa air conditioners. Sigh….

While he was gone, I worked on laundry and house cleaning. When he returned, he walked the dogs and we updated our banking accounts. At 11, we had our weekly Zoom with Dr. Bob, Jackie and Mary. We really do enjoy them…

We ate lunch, and then went to Walmart shopping. We returned and had a quiet afternoon. Both of us fell asleep in the recliners, reading our books. We also worked on the next puzzle.

Monday-  I worked on  an article for my Editor. Bob went to the rig and met up with the buyers. He drove the rig to the Emission testing facility. The rig  passed the emission testing. Bob said it was really tricky, getting the rig into the facility, as they were doing construction. There is also construction in front of the RV park, so the whole trip was tricky.

The gal from the tile company arrived at the same time as Bob returned. She looked at our mural tiles and gave us a price to install them. She is returning on Thursday morning to install them. We also have the Sun City fire department volunteer coming at the same time to put the new key into the emergency access box. We finally got around to getting that scheduled.

We went to Costco to pick up the dogs flea/tick medication. It is a lot cheaper at Costco.

We had a quiet afternoon, taking a nice nap.

Tuesday-  We went to Home Depot, as we needed several items. We returned and worked on various projects. I worked on the puzzle and we both read our books.

Wednesday- We had success at the MVD today! We arrived to a line, with everyone who had problems like we did. An African American woman arrived, with no appointment, as she was unable to get through on the phone. The gal, who checked us in, told her too bad, she needed to just keep trying.  One poor man had gone to get his CDL physical, and they refused to do it, as his license is expired and he could not get an appointment, also. The gal did get him a paper, which said that his license was extended, and he was eligible for the physicals.

We only waited about 15 minutes and Bob was called in. The gal had checked off my name, for 9:34, so I went with him, at 8:30.( we finished at 9:30). Then we waited inside for about 20 minutes. The guy we got at the counter was great. He worked on both of our licenses, then took us for the pictures and eye exams.

Then he took us back to his window and finished our “temporary” licenses and “temporary tags”. Every state, that either of us have lived in, gives you the licenses and the tags right there. Not AZ! He gave us back our SD licenses, and gave us temporary, paper licenses, with our pictures and the numbers. He also gave us a temporary license plate, on paper, which we can put in the back window of the Highlander.  We will receive our permanent licenses and tag, in the mail, in 2 to 6 weeks! No wonder they are so slow, they add manpower and costs to their system. Stupid!  Bob checked, and no refund from SD on our tags.

The really nice task, was that he also gave us our voter registration, PLUS we were able to sign up, right there, for early voting by mail! Cool! No other line to stand in….no hours on the phone!!  Unfortunately, we cannot vote in he Primary, but we are now officially, Arizona residents.

We returned home, and Bob took off the SD license plates and put the temporary tag into the back window.

The buyers called and asked for the title. We think they are getting nervous. We understand, as it is a lot of money. So Julie is coming over tomorrow morning. We told them we would give it to them, but not to register it until the repair is completed. We do not want to be accused of insurance fraud.

We finished the puzzle.  This was a difficult one.

Moose puzzle

Thursday- We have a busy morning. The volunteer from the fire department is coming to change the emergency key. The key box came with the condo, but since we changed the locks ( our real estate agent paid for it), we needed to change the key in the box for the 911 personnel, so that they do not have to break into the condo in an emergency.  It is located outside, near the garage, so that was an easy change out.

Julie, the buyer, came over and we all signed the Alfa title. We have a form that we have to send to South Dakota, so we are waiting until after the rig is repaired.

The tile lady is coming to place the mural backsplash.  We had started another puzzle, and here it is,  it was too easy. It took less 1/2 an hour to complete.

star wars puzzle

Here is the mural. It is a little bit small, so we need to add to it….

Mural back splash 1

Once we get the border, I will re-post.

Friday- It was a quiet day for us. I had developed a lump at the surgical site.  I called the surgeons office. The guy who answered the phone was useless. He finally said, he was not medical, so he did not know what I was talking about. He said he would give a message to the PA and she would call me back. Oaky..

In the afternoon, the PA, had still not called. I called again, and the same guy answered. He said he is not medical, I said well, I am and I think I need to be seen. So he put me on hold, and spoke with the PA. She would call me back. So called about an hour later. She asked me questions, and decided that I had a seroma. That is a blood filled lump. She said it is common, after a cyst removal. The surgeon is not back in the office until Tuesday, so they changed my appt. from Wednesday to Tuesday at 1:45. Okay…

Sat. July 18 to Fri. July 24- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We had a quiet day today.  We grilled some chicken for dinner And we worked on a hard puzzle.

Sunday- We had two couples who wanted to see the RV. The first couple were scheduled for 8:30, so we ran over to clean up the rig a bit. They arrived and asked great questions. They gave us a check to hold the rig. Bob went into his phone to check on the other folks and they had not responded. We were very happy to sell the rig after, a very short 13 days on the market. They had found the rig on Craig’s List. The buyers had found the Alfa brand and had looked at several rigs before ours. They fell in love with our rig. The sale is pending their mechanic looking at the rig.

We had our usual Zoom at 11, with Jackie, Dr. Bob, and Mary. We really look forward to our Zoom’s!

Bob and I worked on this hard puzzle. It has 2 missing pieces!

Jaws puzzle

Monday-  We had appointments at the MVA for our drivers licenses. We arrived at 8:15 and got into line. The facility was supposed to open at 8. We waited, until someone walked up from the other direction. He saw the sign on the other door that said that the facility was closed for a staffing shortage. No signs on the door that we use to go into the facility.

We returned to the car and I started calling the phone number, which is a state appointment number. We left and headed to the Credit Union to deposit the check from the RV buyers.  I finally got thru on the phone to the scheduler at the MVA. She said that they were open and for us to return to the facility and knock on the door.

So we turned around and went back. We arrived to find a gal outside taking names. I walked up and said to her that we were the ones who contacted the state and were told to return that they were open. The gal said no, they were not open. This disrupted long haul truck drivers who were going to lose their jobs, one lady had just won a car on “The Price is Right” and needed to register it and get tags so that she could take it home.

Anyway, the gal went and got her manager. He stated to us, that we had received a call on Friday cancelling the appointments. Right, that was why we were all standing there? Of course, he was lying and there was no phone call.  The gal took our name and phone number and she would call us with a date and time to reschedule. Right, still waiting for that call….

Bob got on the phone and after hours of trying to get through, he managed to get into the que. Then he waited, on hold for 1 hour and 5 minutes before someone answered. He then made our two appointments. They were supposed to be one right after the other, but by the time they got to me, it was at 9:45 and his was 8:30. I received my confirmation, but he never did…uh oh!

I spent a lot of time on the phone with the nurses at the surgery center. They called me several times. They also let me know that the virus test was negative, as was the antibody test.

Bob and I did this puzzle today. It was pretty easy.

Donkey puzzle 2

Tuesday- Bob went over to the rig and took off the tire pressure monitors, which we are keeping and were not included in the sale. When he did, he lost air pressure in some tires, so he called Good Sam and set up for them to come and add air.

My surgery was scheduled for 2, but I had to be there at 1. I do not have to be fasting, but the nurse wanted me to eat early. So we did not play Maj and Alan and Donna were let and I had to leave early.

Since the buyers are newbies to RV’ing, we started writing up some guidance for them.  Bob called the MVA numerous times, but was not successful in getting into the que.

Bob had to drop me off for my surgery. The nurses were great. The surgery was not fun, as you can imagine. I was out of there by 3:15, and we went for ice cream at Mighty Moo, which had re-opened, after their virus scare. The owner tested negative, she only had a cold.

I never had any post-op pain. Bob had picked up pain medication but I never had to use it. The dressing stays on for 24 hours, then I can take it off and shower.

Wednesday- Bob went over to the rig to meet with the RV Inspector and the buyer. They went over the rig, making sure that everything was working. No problems!  The Good Sam person arrived and put air in the tires. Bob is going to check them again in the morning, and they are going to take the test drive at that point. Bob called the MVA numerous times, but was not successful in getting into the que.

I had a quiet day. I was feeling pretty tired. I finished the puzzle below.  I did this one by myself.

Balloon puzzle

Thursday- I went back to doing my Cardio exercise video. It is still to hot, and more humid, to ride my bike. Bob went to the rig and took them on a test drive. No issues, and the buyer gave us cashiers check for the rest of the purchase money. Wahoo!

We left and went to the credit union to deposit the check. We had the gal make sure that it was a real check. There are so many scammers out there, but we really did not feel like this was a scam. She thought it look okay. We also went to the insurance agent and turned in our updated insurance information. Since we had moved to AZ, we made the insurance change. We will be cancelling the rig insurance, when we give them the title and keys to the rig. Our warranty runs out in August, so we will not get much of a refund on that policy. Bob called the MVA numerous times, but was not successful in getting into the que.

I worked had been working on the puzzle below, and finished it….

Fish puzzle

Friday- We took the dogs to the dog park. Koda was so excited, she talked to us, during the drive to the park. She just loves to go… As we were returning, we saw an un-advertised Estate Sale. There were only a few cars,  so we stopped by. Bob stayed in the car, and I ran in. There were two end tables and an outside lawn art which I liked. I went and got Bob. Since the dogs were with us, we left the car running, due to the heat. So we went in fast, purchased them, and took them back to the car.

Bob still had not received an email confirming his MVA appointment for next Wednesday.  So he called several times, before he got through to the que. There were 300 calls ahead of him, but he was able to slip into the que. So he stayed on hold, doing things around the condo. He waited about 45 minutes, which was less than the other day. The gal could not get in to see if he actually had the Wednesday appointment. So they made another appointment, for August 4th, and he is to go to the original one, on Wednesday. He also, did not get a confirmation for the second appointment. Grrrr!  Who knows if he has either one!

We worked on another puzzle and set up our time for tomorrow to go over the rig with the buyers. Since they are newbies, we have a lot to teach them!

Roxie had a vet appointment at 4:30. Neither of us wanted to go with her, so we settled on us both going. We took Koda along. Previously, the vet office would not let anyone in, but since the heat has gone up, they are letting one person go in. So I went in with Roxie.

She is having a lot of gook in her eyes. The vet thought it was dry eyes, so she did a dry eye test. She started on a medication for the dry eyes. Its Arizona, everyone had dry eyes! So she has to have an eye ointment 2x a day, and return for an appointment in a month. It takes both of us to put the ointment in.

Sat July 11 to Fri. July 17- Sun City AZ

I am just going to condense our week. Nothing much on Saturday, other than using Mod Podge on our Arizona puzzle. Sunday we had our weekly Zoom with friends Jackie and Bob Hoell in Georgia and Mary Nachman in Virginia. Sundays are exciting day when our Sharp Ninja vacuums the condo! We also have it set to vacuum on Thursdays. It’s name is Rover….we named it after the pool cleaner in Maryland!

Monday I had an ultrasound appointment in Sun City West. Several weeks ago, I had noted a lump in my abdomen. I saw the Nurse Practitioner for this. It is on a surgical scar, so I was not worried about it until…it started as the size of a pea, then increased in size to a marble. I had to be fasting, which was stupid, but since it was in my lower abdomen, they wanted me fasting. When I arrived for my 7 AM appointment, the staff were all standing around waiting. It turned out that the electric had gone out, and when it came back on, the alarm system had locked them out. I hung around until 7:45, then left and went to McD’s for an Egg McMuffin. I remade the appointment later in the day for 7 A on Thursday morning.

We took our Arizona puzzle to Joanne’s to be framed.  As you can tell, this was a very difficult puzzle!Arizona puzzle

We delivered it on Monday, as I had a 68% off coupon. Good thing, it cost a fortune to frame! That evening the lump burst, and drained blood then other fluid… Actually, as I think about it, this had occurred the previous Monday!

Tuesday I had a hair cut. I wear my mask, as does the stylist.  I was the first person there, and no one else was there. Then next gals waited outside until I was gone. I also do not let her dry my hair. No hairdryer!

I returned home and played Mahjongg, online with Alan and Donna Vore in Ohio. The three of us really look forward to our weekly game! Meanwhile, Bob is still doing tasks around the condo.

I had a 1:30 surgeon appointment. The surgeon said because the lump was draining, it had to come out. Pretty much what the NP said, but it was not draining when I saw her. The surgeon said it is a cyst. She would pop it out in the office, but due to the Covid, she is not allowed to do office procedures.

Wednesday we had out Alfa Roadrunners Zoom meeting at 3 PM. That is always good for some laughter. This is just a social meeting for about an hour. We also completed a very easy puzzle.

Donkey puzzle

Thursday- We started another puzzle that we thought was going to be easy. It is not, and it is not finished. We had another Alfa Roadrunner Zoom in the afternoon. This was our quarterly meeting. More people attended this Zoom. Now we know the dates for the next Rally’s, if the vaccine is available. Even though we are selling our rig, we will still remain members of our Alfa Family. We will be SOB’s ( some other brand!).

The rig is listed in various places. We had gone this morning to the rig and did a Google Duo with a couple in Alabama who wanted to look at the rig. They decided not to purchase it. We had friends who were interested, but their financial person told them they could not afford to upgrade  this year. We were all disappointed, as we knew it would have gone to some awesome people!

Friday we went to Walmart, then I had an appointment for the Covid test, for pre-op. I have no symptoms. The surgery is on Tuesday, but I do not even have to be fasting for it. The surgeon is just going to pop it out, as long as it is not infected, which it does not appear to be…..

Sat. May 23 to Fri. July 10.- Sun City

Sorry I have gotten so far behind on the blog. I have not quit doing the blog, but we have been pretty busy. We moved into the condo in May and we started going to all of the local Estate Sales. As Bob is fond saying, Sun City is God’s waiting room! We have mostly furnished the condo with the furniture what we picked up at the sales. We still need a few items, but with the spike in the virus in Arizona, we are choosing to stay home, although I have to fight the urge, not to turn when I see an Estate Sale sign.

We also have made numerous trips to Home Depot and Lowes.We also visit a lot of thrift stores in the area.  Bob has done a lot of work in the condo, like  painting and fixing items. With living in the RV, we did not have a lot of kitchen items, so we have gotten really good deals on items at the Estate Sales. Our Real Estate agent has been great. He has helped us move items, as he has a pick up truck.

We have sold a lot of items on Craig’s List and Amazon Smile Prime visits frequently. While driving back from the motor home one day, I spotted a ‘free’ sign on a nice oak chair. Bob flipped a U turn, and we picked up the chair and a wet/dry vac. Bob already had bought one at an Estate Sale, so he cleaned this one up and sold it on Craig’s List. The chair was missing some screws, so he easily fixed the chair, and I am using it when crafting. Bob also managed to purchase a brand new grill for our patio, at an estate sale for $100. It was a steal!

When we purchased a bedroom set, it came with everything including the sheets, pillows, duvet, blanket etc… We moved some of that into the spare room, and we now have a place for friends and family to stay when they visit. The previous owner had left some furniture, including most of a bedroom set, circa, 1970’s and pictures.

We did have to replace the microwave, and since the condo was built in 1978, the microwave under the cabinet, was too close to the stove. So we ended up replacing the microwave with a thin, long one. It works great and we are really pleased that option was available.

We have put the motor home up for sale, so if you know of anyone interested in purchasing a nice motor home, which is in excellent condition, and great for full-time RV’ing.  The link to it on RV Trader is:

https://www.rvtrader.com/listing/2004-Alfa-GOLD+40FD-5013102319/?cmp=email_rv_paa_posted      Once the rig sells we are going to purchase a smaller rig for part-time travel. This had been our future plan, but with the virus, we decided now was a good time to make the change.

We love the condo and we are really enjoying the air conditioning in the Arizona heat. Our condo association is great and so are our neighbors. When the weather was cooler, we had socially distancing socials, outside, 3 evenings a week.  We now know everyone on our block and most of the folks who are here for the summer.

Bob walks the dogs several times a day and they now have a nice doggy door. Koda is in and out all day, but Roxie refuses to use it. We think it is because she does not see too well any more. It is in the wall, so it has two flaps. She knocks on the door when she wants to come back in. She is so cute!

I ride my bike daily, 5 miles, when it is not too hot and humid. Otherwise, I am doing a cardio video on the too hot days. So we are both getting lots of exercise. We are also reading a lot of books and we have started doing puzzles again.

That’s about it for now. More next week. Denise

Sat. May 16 to Fri. May 22- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We moved all day. We are still sleeping in the rig. In the afternoons we take the dogs with us, as we are putting items away. We are trying to get them used to the condo.

Sunday- We had a Zoom with Mary, Jackie, and Bob. I tried using my iPad to show them the condo, but I was not very good at it. I rarely use the camera on the iPad. More moving and the dogs came with us.

Monday- As part of our welcome package, AJ had a locksmith come in and re-key the condo. We gave a key to the lady next door, as the HOA wants a copy of a key for each condo. More moving.

Tuesday- I had a hair appointment scheduled for 10 AM. I had told Kathy that I wanted to be there when it was quiet. I wore my N95 from the hospital to the appt., keeping the mask tightly on my face.

At 1 PM, we had an appt. with Best Buy. The microwave door handle was broken and we had received a credit for this, so we purchased a new GE. The problem is, that the old microwave was too close to the stove. So we purchased a counter top. I am losing counter space, which I do not like. We also purchased a 50” TV. It is very nice. We also need a 43” TV, but BB was out of them. So we went to Spenser’s, a local store. They had one, and they loaded it into the car for us. We returned to the condo and unloaded.

Wednesday- Direct TV was scheduled for 8 to 12. They arrived around 9 AM. I had gone to an Estate Sale. The guy installed the satellite in the wrong spot and when I returned I made him change it. We hustled all day, and finally, we moved the bed over. We spent our first night in the condo.

Thursday-  We went to an Estate Sale, and got in line. As soon as we did, Bob rec’d a text that, Bob , the fix-it guy, who AJ had recommended, said he would be there soon. So I drove Bob back to the condo, dropped him off, and I went back to get in line for the Estate Sale. They were only letting in 10 people at a time, so someone had to leave for you to enter.

I picked up 3, containers for under the sinks.

Friday- We attend another Estate Sale. As Bob says, Sun City is God’s waiting room! There are usually a lot of Estate Sales.  We also stopped at an Estate Sale store, where they only take really nice stuff. We found a nice entertainment center. It’s price had been dropped 3x. Another couple was eyeing it, so we purchased it. They deliver it on Tuesday. We have had a busy week!

Sat May 9 to Fri. May 15- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We had another quiet day today. There is nothing going on in the park and of course with social distancing, we are staying home.

Sunday- We completed our Sunday chores. We had the Zoom with Jackie, Mary and Bob.

Monday- We drove over to Jim and Diane’s to visit. We visited on the patio, keeping more than 6 ft. distance from each of them. We borrowed Jim’s hedge clippers for Bob to clean up the back yard at the condo. We found out we are not closing on Wednesday, it will be Thursday, due to the Credit Union running behind.

Tuesday- Another quiet day for us. This quarantine is really boring! We found out we will be closing on Friday, again because the Credit Union is running behind. Here is a puzzle we completed. It was another difficult puzzle!

Horse puzzle

Wednesday- We had a golf cart procession, for a neighbor who passed away, of a heart attack. Her poor husband. They had just lost one of their schnauzers and then a few weeks later, Peggy, dropped dead. The family was there and they filmed the line as we went past. As we do not have a golf cart, we drove the car. Originally, we were going to ride our bikes, but we were really glad that we did not. The line was very long, and we would have been out in the open, behind other folks. There were 15 people on bikes though….

Paradise parade

Parradise parade 2

We had trouble trying to count the number of golf carts, cars, bikes and motorcycles in line. It was a nice thing to do anyway…

Thursday-  Same old, same old. Just waiting for closing…

Friday- Our closing was at 8 AM. AJ, ou agent met us at the title company. Everyone, except the Notary, was in masks. The sellers, signed the paperwork yesterday, so they were not there. It was just the 4 of us. We were done by 8:40. AJ wanted to know if we wanted to go to breakfast, but we had already eaten. We still could not enter the condo. I don’t know if it is a new national issue or an Arizona one, but the title has to be registered, before we get the keys. So we had to wait.

The registration was supposed to occur by 12. At 3 PM, I texted AJ to see if he had heard anything. He was on the phone at the time with the title company. There had been a mix up. They had emailed AJ, but he had not received the email. They had registered by noon, so we met AJ at the condo at 3:30. It was now ours. We took some items over and contacted some of the folks to do repairs we wanted completed.

Sat. May 2 to Fri. May8- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  Another quiet day for us.

Sunday-  We had the Zoom with our friends, Jackie and Bob Hoell and Mary Nachman.

Monday-  Now the news, we are purchasing a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo in Sun City. We will be selling the motor home, and moving into the condo. We will also be downsizing, to a smaller RV to travel with in the summers.

This had become our plan, but we thought we would do this in the future. We decided that now was a good time to start this plan. The condo is actually what is called a PUD, Public Urban Density. That basically means a condo, only we own the land under our unit, in a long row of single story condos, both the front and back door go to the outside.  There are only two actual condo buildings in Sun City.  This confused our Credit Union, and our realtor had to explain it to them and show them the Arizona PUD information.

We had decided not to say anything until we had the mortgage in place. That happened today.

Here are pictures:

Below is the living /dining room. The furniture now gone, except for the dining room set. The owners wanted $2500 for the furniture. We know we can do better at Estate Sales in this area, so we said no, but it was okay for them to leave anything they did not want.

Condo living room

The living room is larger than it looks…. below is another view of the living room looking at the front door….

Condo living room 2

Below, down the hall is the spare bedroom.

Condo spare bedroom

Hallway bath:

Condo hallway bath

Master Bath

Condo master bath

Below is the master bedroom. It is also bigger than it looks.  They took the bed, but left the 1970’s French Provincial bedside tables(2), dresser, and chest.

Condo Master bedroom

Past the master bedroom is the Arizona Room.  It is a nice size with storage.

Condo Arizona room

The other side of the Arizona Room,

Condo Arizona room 2

The back yard….

Condo back yard


Condo garage

Just realized I don’t have a great picture of the kitchen.

Condo KItchen

I had taken the picture during the Home Inspection. Bob is in the mask, watching everything the inspector is presenting.  This room below is the other part of where the table is located, in the prior picture.

TV room

They left us one of these Lazy-boys. Not both of them… Getting it cleaned when the rug cleaner comes. We are not sure how we are going to use this room.

Tuesday- Wednesday- Thursday- Friday, we spent our time waiting for everything to fall into place. Our usual days with social distancing.

Sat. Apr. 18 to Fri. Apr. 17-Sun City AZ

Saturday- More of the same. We are staying home, doing the puzzle, bike riding, and walking the dogs. I did check my lab work from a couple of weeks ago and it was all perfect!

Sunday-  We jumped out of bed, ate a quick breakfast, and ran to Walmart for groceries. We arrived just before 7 AM. They were open and not all that busy. Not all of the employees are wearing masks and neither were some of the customers. We wore ours. We also laughed at the folks who covered their mouths but not their noses. They shouldn’t even bother!

We returned home, cleaned the items, threw away the bags, washed our hands and took everything into the rig. We put it all away.  Bob took the sheets and towels to the laundry. I started some laundry in the rig. We did out usual budgeting and checked our accounts. The stimulus money came in, so we made a donation to the local food bank.

At 11, we went into my computer on Zoom and had a great conversation with friends Bob and Jackie Hoell in GA and Mary Nachman in VA.

We talked for over an hour. Everyone had a great time, so we decided to do it again next week.

We ate lunch, then worked on the puzzle again. When it became too hot in the rig, we moved outside to read in the shade. We are still eating dinner outside and we had BBQ’d some chicken. We finally finished the puzzle.

Dumbo puzzle

Monday-  Monday was a quiet day for us at home. We did not do a puzzle today, as the last one wore us out. Roxie started vomiting and having diarrhea. I called the Vet office and Dr. Chris answered the phone. He ordered a medication for her nausea. If this continues, we  may have to have an endoscopic done.

We took a nice nap in the afternoon.

Tuesday- Bob had his appointment for his lab work to be done at 7:15. So he was out the door early, and he was back by 7:45. He said that there was only 1 other guy there, when he arrived and 3 when he left. Usually this Quest is packed.

We did another puzzle. Both of us rode our bikes around the park. The temperature has been awesome, in the 80’s. We are spending as much time outside as we possibly can, while the weather is cool enough not to bake!

Both dogs are having diarrhea.Roxie has also vomited, again. We were just getting her situated, with 50/50 dog food. 50% chicken and rice, 50% commercial GI food. Sigh….

I called the Vet again. Since Koda is now having an issue, we decided that it might be a virus in the park. Sure enough, someone posted asking if other dogs had been sick. Dude had it last week. Dogs are off food until Thursday morning.

Wednesday-  We were off to Target, arriving just before 7AM, when they opened. We went to the back of the line. Everyone was standing 6 ft. apart and had masks on. The line moved in quickly and the staff sent us to the sanitized carts. It was very well organized. We followed the crowd, still staying 6 ft. apart, to the toilet paper line. We had to stop and wait, as there was an employee directing us. I went to get some makeup pads, while Bob stayed in line. When I returned, Bob went to get some Rolaids. I turned onto the aisle, and there were dozens of 32 oz. bottles of sanitizer. There was no toilet paper or paper towels. Thank goodness there was the sanitizer, as we were running out. It was one per person, so I grabbed 2 bottles. One for us and one to share. We were there for our low fat cheddar cheese. There was hardly any cheese at all. Bob never did find he Rolaids. They did not have any of those. We went to the vegetables, and were able to find cucumbers ( we could not find them the other day). There was no romaine lettuce, that we usually buy un-bagged. They had a few bags of romaine and spinach, so we bought one of each for our salads. We also bought more tomatoes.

We went to toys and found a puzzle to bring home with us. It is 550 pieces, and we will donate it to the park, once it is completed.

The workers were waiting for us to check out. We did and returned home. Everything went straight to the patio table, we wiped them with sanitizer, then went into the rig, washing our hands, of course. We stated the next puzzle, which only took us about 2 hours.

We ate lunch, then I went to my LAST surgeon appointment. Yea, I am released to do anything. My current issue is now I have planar fasciitis in the right foot, probably from all that hopping on my right foot. So the Doc gave me a sample of the diclofenac sodium. I have had to fight with my insurance company to get the 1%. He gave me a box of samples of the 2%. I came home, did the new exercise he gave me, and put some on. The right heel stopped hurting. Yeah!

By this time, the temp was 91 degrees. It was still pretty nice in the shade, so we took the dogs outside and sat for awhile, ready our books. We fed Koda this evening. We gave Roxie a lot of chicken broth to make sure she remains hydrated.

Thursday-  Roxie started back on food this morning. No issue with Koda having problems anymore. We are to work Roxie back to the 50/50 by Monday. Dr Chris will be back in the office on Sunday. The office is actually open 7 days a week, fortunately.

The temperature is going to start to skyrocket today. Its been in the 80’s and now going to high 90’s then triple digits starting on the weekend. We started the air conditioner when it reached 76 degrees inside, to try to keep ahead of the heat.

I did Bob’s hair (shaved to 1/4 inch) and I had ridden my bike at 7 this morning. Lots of other people out at the same time.

Friday-  Another quiet day for us. I rode my bike at 6:45 and the temp was 68 degrees. I also do my PT exercises every day. We stayed inside most of the day, as the temp reached 99.

Sat Apr. 11 to Fri. Apr. Sun City AZ

Saturday- A quiet day for us at home. We ride our bikes, sit out with the dogs, and do a jigsaw puzzle. This puzzle took us 1.5 hours. Very easy with only 300 pieces.  Not much to report on our staying at home!

Sunday-  We did our usual Sunday tasks. We started a 750 piece puzzle.  Another quiet day.

Monday- We just stayed at home. We worked on the puzzle. This is a very hard one. It is a Disney/Thomas Kincaid with lots of colors and small items like hands and feet.

We take breaks and sit outside reading or riding our bikes.

Tuesday- More of the same. Bob decided that we needed to change Roxie over to the GI diet dog food. He spent much of the day trying to find samples of it. He never did. He had called the Vet office and they sent us a prescription for the food.

Wednesday- Bob found an 8 lb. bag of the dog food at Petsmart, so he called them. They said he had to enter the store with the prescription. When he entered the store, they sent him to Banfield, the vet office in Petsmart. He gave them the prescription and they gave him a ticket for the food. Then he had to go pay and bring the food home. Seemed silly to us, but it must be some law about prescription foods. Now the question was would Roxie eat it? Thank goodness that she did. Petsmart was not taking returns right now, and of course this bag cost $42. So Bob started her on the food in small amounts. We are moving her over to the new food over a two week period.

The rest of the day was quiet.

Thursday- Another quiet day for us. We are eating outside on our patio table, since the table inside has the puzzle. We are still working on the same puzzle. We keep swearing that there are pieces missing!

Donna had surgery today. I set her a text to check on her. They did her other leg two weeks ago. This time they did more on her leg, opening other arteries. As a result, she is more swollen and more bruised. She also has pain this time.  I am trying to keep her cheered up.

Friday-  More puzzle, riding out bikes, sitting outside and doing the puzzle. Bob signed up for a virtual beer tasting. So he spent time looking at the various beers and then ran to Total Wine and Beverage to pick some of them up.

Sat Apr. 4 to Fri. Apr. 10- Sun City AZ Sheltered in place

Saturday-  We stayed home as directed. At least the weather has been awesome, with temps in the 80’s. We have been able to sit outside every day. We have had all the windows open and enjoying the fresh air. .

Sunday-  We did our usual Sunday tasks. Bob said that there was only one other person in the laundry room. He wore his mask and gloves. He also washed his hands as soon as he entered the rig. I worked on making some cards. We sat outside with the dogs in the afternoon.

Monday-  We were at Walmart at 7 am. They were already open and people were leaving with toilet paper and paper towels. LOL. We had to walk down to the other entrance at the pharmacy to enter the Disney type line, to enter thru the grocery entrance. 

More people there than last Sunday. We raced through, wearing our masks, returned to the car, and cleaned hands, etc. We arrived back home and put everything out on the patio table to clean it prior to taking it into the rig. Then we went in, washed hands and took everything in to put the items away. The Arizona peak is scheduled for April 18 to 23, so we purchased enough for at least 2 weeks.

At 9:30  we went to Costco to get in line there. There was no line! They were already open and not many people there. We do not go to the senior hours, on Tues and Thur. Most people, here, are seniors and those hours are the really, and I do mean REALLY, busy hours. Much better not to go then. 

We raced through Costco. You might have seen the picture that Bob posted on FB, showing all the paper towels, stacked in the entrance aisles. I commented to the worker that was a lot of paper towels. She said they would be gone soon! They are limiting how many you can take as well has how many folks can enter on a card.

We ran past the Library and dropped off the books we have been reading. I had finally finished the last one. The Library is not open, but from 9-5, you can use the drive by drop off container.

We returned home, cleaned the Costco items, cleaned the car, again, washed hands and relaxed.

At 2, I had a Doctor’s appointment. I arrived, walked in and let them know that I was there, then returned to the car. The Doc came and got me when he was ready.

I returned home, and stopped at the mail room to pick up Bob’s medications, which should have been delivered. We sat outside and had a quiet evening.

Tuesday-  Bob did some of his tasks around the rig. I made some masks. The first ones did not work out, but I eventually got them right. Another quiet day, sitting outside in the afternoon with temps in the 80’s.

Bob had gone to the mail room to pick up his meds that the email from USPS said had arrived. They were not there. Birdy, who runs the mail room, said that they might be delivered tomorrow. They might have accidently put the meds back on the truck.

When he returned, they were stuffed in the door handle. I did not even notice that they had arrived. Up the street from us, there are other Gray’s. The wife is the daughter of the folks across the street from us. She must have received them. We pass mail back and forth all the time!

Wednesday- The weather started out nice today, but the temp dropped during the day, to the low 70’s,  as the clouds rolled over us. The wind picked up, with gusts to 30 mph, at times. Glad of the winds, as it will clear out the pollution. Being in a valley, ( the Valley of the Sun), the pollution tends to get caught up by the ring of mountains.

So we stayed inside. Bob rode his bike up to the mail room and checked on the table in front of the card room entrance. People are leaving books and puzzles. We are looking for a small puzzle to complete. They only had a 1000 piece puzzle, which would be too big for our table.

We ordered a pizza for dinner from Streets of New York. Bob went and picked it up.

Thursday-  Today is our 32 wedding anniversary. Wow, has the time flown! Off the diets for the day, and we ordered out. We have not been doing this. We really had a nice time. Lunch was Café Zupas and dinner was Texas Roadhouse.

Friday- Another quiet day for us. We have puzzles that we are completing.