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Sat Sep 3 to Fri. Sep 9- Sun City AZ

Saturday- It was a busy day for us. I went to the walking pool in the morning. Then I had my nails done. When I returned, we went to Trader Joes, then the Cookie Jar (I had a free cookie for my birthday), I got a snickerdoodle, which was very good. Bob bought a lemon cookie which he said was very good.

From there we went to Aldi’s then to Panera for lunch. Bob had the mac n ‘cheese sandwich, which he said was excellent. I had the chicken walnut sandwich.

We returned home and put away the groceries, which had been in the cooler in the car.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening. I finished my book and Bob had run to the library to pick up one he had on hold.

Sunday- We went to Walmart grocery shopping. We returned home and did our usual Sunday tasks. I continued doing laundry and got caught up with the blog. After lunch, we made our reservations for the trip to and from Big Bend. We are with a rally so our reservations for the week have been in since last spring.

I worked some more on cards. Bob fixed the push button for the new garage door opener. He had to purchase a cover for the wall and drill a hole in it to pass the wire thru. The new button I much smaller than the old one.

We had Curley’s Ribs from Costco for dinner. Yummy! We will buy them again!

We are still watching shows on Disney +.

Monday- Happy Labor Day! I was off to the walking pool this morning.  I had Carolyn’s class this morning. Here is what we made.

Just before I left the craft room, I rec’d a call from the Bell Craft Club. I had put a $ before the price of the cards on the tag on the back of all my cards. Evidently that is not allowed, so all of my cards had been rejected. Okay…so the gal told me to white out the “$” sign. Picky picky! At least I do not have to replace all of them. Carolyn had to replace all of hers because she used the wrong codes for the cards.  Neither of us are happy.

I returned home and read my book. We finished off the ribs for dinner.

Tuesday- I was off to the walking pool again this morning. We decided not to go to the Posse General Meeting today. I worked on cards. Bob went to the rig and worked on some items in the RV. Then he went to the wood shop. I had asked him to make me a holder for my neck fan Here it is…

At a little after 9, I went to the Bell Craft Center taking my white out with me. I needed more bags to put the sale cards into, so I purchased 100, as the price will be going up with the next order. Currently they are $4.50 for 50.

I tried to cover the “$” signs on my tags, but my white out container broke. So, I tried to use some of the white out from the club. The sponge on that bottle was broken. I will need to go buy some white out at Dollar Tree.

At 11, I went to the Posse and did dispatch from 11 to 4. One strange thing that occurred was that we had an injured person who called for help. The Peoria Fire Department went to the site. The ambulance could not arrive for an hour, so they asked the Posse member to transport the injured guy. She asked us. Cindy, the phone gal, and the Lt. over communications called the DO, as it was his decision. He said yes, as long as the Posse gal was okay with the transport. Since Covid we have not been transporting anyone. The reason they wanted the person to the ER rapidly was they felt he was bleeding, internally. Cindy notified the Commander, who was in the building, and he wanted more details. We had followed protocol, so none of us were in any trouble. He asked that the gal see him when she returned to base to clean the car afterwards. Neither Bob nor I were comfortable with this; we discussed it when I got home.

Other than that, it was a fairly quiet afternoon. There was one call for an altered level of consciousness. The person refused to go to the hospital. Then about 45 minutes later, there was another call for that same person. That time the individual went to the hospital. If you call 911, never refuse to go to the hospital! If you needed 911 called, you need to be seen in the ER!!!!!

Bob had the Astronomy Club meeting this evening. I found on Facebook, that an old friend of mine, Debbie McGuire Hayer, from elementary school, through middle school, and high school had passed. I had not seen her in years, but we were friends on FB. I grew up with her husband Ralph, as well. His birthday was 2 days after mine, so he did not make it into my elementary school class, as my birthday was the last day of entrance to school that year. Our families were friends for years.

Wednesday- I did my hour in the walking pool again. I worked on the blog. I had my hair cut at 10 AM. I stopped in at Dollar Tree on the way back and picked up some white out to use to fix the cards for the Bell Craft Center.

Bob went to the wood shop to work on some of his projects. We found that my press release for the Calligraphy club was in the local newspaper.

I stayed home in the afternoon as I was tired. We had our Zoom with our east coast friends again this afternoon. We mourned our friend Debbie and we discussed our beach trip in 2023. We will be staying at the same house with the same group.

The rest of the evening was quiet at home.

Thursday- I was off again for my hour in the walking pool. We saw on TV, that Queen Elizabeth was not doing well. We thought, okay, she is dieing today. She did….

I went to the Calligraphy room at 9. Only John, Carolyn and I were there. Trudy stopped by on the way from another meeting, just to say hi. I worked on completing some cards.

At 11, I had the Bell Craft Club meeting.  That was a quick meeting, then I returned home for lunch and in the afternoon, I went to the Next Gen Mahjong. I won one game! I have hardly played with this year’s card.

Bob went to the wood shop again and he had run some errands today.

Friday- My birthday! We had the Posse in the morning. We completed our 40 vacation watches without any issues. We returned home ate lunch and read our books. At 2:30, we left and went to Baskin Robbins for my free birthday scoop of ice cream. Nancy, the franchise owner, had told me that she had ordered my favorite ice cream, German Chocolate Cake. Baskins has the best GCC of any ice cream shop! When we arrived, and she said she was sorry, but they had shorted her order, and the GCC had been what they shorted! Darn!! I had a birthday scoop of Pralines and Cream. BR always sends Bob a “take Denise to BR” email, so he used that for a free scoop of chocolate.

We went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. This is only the second time that we have been to CF, ever! I had the shrimp tacos and Bob had the chicken marsala. Both were very good. Their bread is also very good, especially the brown bread.

Of course, we had to take home some cheesecake. We both ordered the Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake, to go. I savored half this evening and saved the rest for tomorrow!!

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