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Sat. Aug. 6 to Fri. Aug. 12- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We had a quiet day staying home in quarantine. Bob worked on some of his tasks, and I worked on Calligraphy and card embroidery. We watched some Hallmark movies and Chesapeake Shores on Hallmark Now.

Sunday- Another quiet day for us. Pretty much a repeat of yesterday. No Covid symptoms. Really boring!

Monday- Still mostly a quiet day. Bob checked his blood sugar in the morning, and it was normal. Since it has not skyrocketed, we were pretty sure we were not positive for Covid.

We did some tasks around the condo. We took down the curtains in the master bath and washed them. Then we re-hung them. Woo woo, exciting right?? LOL.

I worked on Calligraphy for my embroidered cards.

Bob was sent a free sundae coupon from Freddy’s to celebrate National Frozen Custard Day. We tested, and our first test was negative. We went to Freddy’s for hot fudge sundaes, as we are getting stir crazy. 

Tuesday- It rained hard overnight, but we had no damage. It was another boring day for us, staying home. We did our second Covid test, which was negative. We had a Zoom at 5 with our east coast friends.

Wednesday- I worked on calligraphy. I have gotten a lot of calligraphy done this past week. Today, of course, the CDC said we no longer have to quarantine! One week too late for us! Oh well!

I had my nail appointment this morning. I returned and we ran to Costco. We returned, I ate lunch and went to my Card Embroidery workshop.

When I arrived, I was told that the gal who had tested positive last Friday was sick, but at home. Evidently, she felt and sounded pretty bad. The gal who sat across from me for the entire 2.5 hours, went into the hospital on Monday with Covid. We think from the exposure last Wednesday. I have no idea if she was vaccinated. It is a question no one asks….

Thursday– Posse morning. We had 40 vacation watches. Nothing exciting happened this week. We returned home, ate lunch and did some tasks. We watched the end of season 5 of Chesapeake Bay on Hallmark. The last season starts on Sunday.

Friday- Our regular Posse morning. Again, we had 40 vacation watches. We had the house with the boat on our list for this week and we were glad to see that the boat issue was fixed. It was a relatively quiet morning.

We returned home, ate lunch and I baked brownies for the Next Gen Beer tasting this evening. We arrived at a nice potluck, with a nice assortment of foods. Bob was not impressed with a lot of the beers. There was nothing that he would have purchased. He had taken 3 Deschutes non-alcoholic beers to the tasting. He brought home one; the other two were used.  

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