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Sat. Mar. 28 to Fri. Apr. 4- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We were up early and raced to set up for the park’s patio sale. Everyone was keeping the 6 ft. distance, but still out shopping. We did fairly well with the sale. Once it was done, Bob took most everything that was leftover to Goodwill and dropped it off

I took pictures of the cactus blooming across the street from us.


Cactus bloom 2

We had a quiet afternoon and evening at home.

Sunday-  We ran to Walmart at 7 AM when they opened. It was more busy than I thought. We did our usual Sunday tasks, including Bob going to the laundry.

Monday-  Another 6 ft. distancing day!  Our TV developed an issue.  It was 2 weeks over the 90 day warranty that Costco gives. We do have an extended warranty on the TV. What had died, was the ability to go on the internet. We could get Netflix for some reason, but not any other of the channels we stream, and for which we pay!

As you can imagine, we tried everything to figure out what was wrong, of course, starting with rebooting everything. Bob spend 2 hours on the phone with TCL, the TV manufacturer. Finally the gal said to return the TV to the factory settings, and Bob did that. Now we could not even get Netflix! So she told him to call Roku, since it is a Roku system TV. He did and they are not doing any phone or online servicing. We tried to call Costco about the extended warranty, but no one answered the phone. Talk about frustrating!!

So we packed the TV up, and took it back to Costco.The employee said it was over the 90 day return warranty, so there was nothing that she could do…. I begged, pointing out that it was 2 weeks outside the warranty,  and the gal took care of us. She refunded the cost of the TV AND the cost of the extended warranty. 

We purchased a Samsung TV, that is not Roku, and another extended warranty.

Tuesday- Another 6 ft. distancing day! Now Bob had to put the TV together. Last night he just leaned it up against the wall mount as we were both tired. So this morning, he went to put it on the wall mount. Last night he had found that he needed longer screws for this TV. So he ran to Ace, then True Value to get them. He returned and discovered that the holes on the wall mount were smaller than the screws needs for the TV. So he called Allen, for the right size drill bit, and he biked over to get the drill bit.

He drilled the holes a little bit bigger and put the TV up. Now he started to work on adding the streaming channels. Everything came on except CBS All Access. We have a subscription so we can watch Picard and The Good Fight. We both tried to work on it, but became so frustrated, we stopped.

Wednesday- WAHOO! Today was the day that I could take off my ankle brace! I have been wearing some shoes that are pretty worn out, but I did not want to stretch out my other shoes, so it was the first day I could wear the other pair of New Balance.

I had my blood drawn this morning. It was my usual blood draw, no virus symptoms. We have to make appointments for our blood draws, at the local facility Sonora Quest, so I had my appointment set up months ago. When I arrived there was no one in the waiting room. One lady left and one came in just as I was being called in for the draw. I wore a mask the whole time.

Another 6 ft. distancing day! I walked around the block with the dogs. I rode my bike for the first time since November. It felt so good!

Thursday- Another 6 ft. distancing day! We were able to sit outside in the nice weather in the afternoon! Roxie has been going bonkers licking her vulva. So I had made an appointment with the Vet for 5 pm. I took her, as Bob had done the last two visits. You call, once you park, and the Vet office sends a tech out to get your information and the dog. She took Roxie in. She has been stopping to lick every time she voids, so we thought she might have a urinary tract infection. So they checked her vulva, and it had no issues. They did a urinalysis, which was negative. So he decided it was allergies, again, so more allergy pills. He says it should take 48 to 72 hours to work. If it doesn’t, then we are to call and they can give her the allergy shot. 

Bob called CBS All Access to find out how we can put it on the new TV.  They said that our model is not compatible with  CBS All Access. So we are just going to watch the shows on the iPad. I walked the dogs around the block again. Bike riding again. I am slowly adding my exercise. I still do my PT exercises every morning, but no longer in the evening, per discharge instructions.

Friday- Another 6 ft. distancing day! We were able to sit outside in the nice weather in the afternoon! Roxie is still licking.  Bike riding again!

Sat. Mar. 21 to Fri. Mar. 27- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  Our floor fan stopped working. I use it when doing my PT exercises. Bob looked online and Lowes had the most fans. So after coffee and my exercises we went to Lowes. The entire time that we were there, they were announcing that they were concerned about us, stay 6 feet apart, yet, they had no wipes for the cart. We forgot to bring some in from the car, so once we were thru shopping ,we wiped everything down, including the car.

The fan is smaller than the previous one, but it seems to put out the same amount of air. We like the smaller, as it fit better where we usually keep it….

At 2, everyone in our group came over to our patio for a social time. Yes, we stayed away from each other. They brought their chairs, drinks and Dude ( the pug) attended. We had a nice time for about 2 hours. Donna arrived late and so did Mike, but that was okay. Allen had gone to the Vegetable truck. He purchased 7 lbs.  of roma tomatoes for $12. So we gave them $2 for some tomatoes. He is going to try to go each week and we will split up from fresh veggies. Each week is different. The truck has what is left over from deliveries. They are not great, but they do taste good and the price is good!


This week is a free Showtime week, so we have recorded a bunch of movies to watch. This may just be a Direct TV special…

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday tasks. A quiet day at home, other than Bob going to the park laundry for the sheets and towels.

Monday- I had PT at 9:30. More people there today. All of 8 folks!  I clean my hands between each exercise. Zack asked if I had been out of the country or was sick. I told him I went to China for some Chinese food. He said he hope I enjoyed the bat! They have to ask each time!

I ran back home, we ate lunch and I had a quiet afternoon and evening watching movies we have recorded off Showtime. Bob had a 12:45 doctors appointment.

Tuesday- AT 7:30 we ran to Walmart to grocery shop. We both wore masks. Then we ran to Costco to return the Almond Milk we bought. I had bought the wrong one. It was just 8 AM and all the parking places were gone. I dropped Bob off, he took the case right in, and texted when I he was done. There was not line for the returns.

We stopped at Fry’s to get items we could not get at Walmart. They did not have them either. We returned home. Bob eventually went to Walgreens to pick up a prescription.

More movies at home. The temperature is nice outside, but the wind is blowing so we have been staying inside.

Wednesday-  More wind today. Roxie could start the food being slowly added today. Bob gave her 1 tbsp. in am and one in pm of her regular food. We will do this for a week, then start adding more next week.

Thursday- More wind today. Another quiet day.

Friday-  The carpet cleaners came at 8 AM. I had to hurry to get the dishes done from breakfast before they came in. We sat outside on the patio. After they left, we washed everything down with antiseptic cloths for safety. At that point, Roxie started vomiting on the clean rugs. Geez….

So I called the Vet office.. They only had an appointment at 1:30. My PT was scheduled for 1 PM. So we packed up the dogs, and Bob dropped me off at PT. What a pain!

He then took Roxie over to the Vets. They are not  allowing owners in. A staff member comes out and talks to you, then takes the dog into the office. They gave her fluids and nausea medicine. Poor baby she looked at us with glazed eyes. The Vet decided that it was just a flair of her pancreatitis. So no food until tomorrow and back on just the chicken and rice. Sigh….At PT, there hardly anyone there. They are really trying to keep the equipment clean, so they wipe it down after each persons use. Unfortunately, it is hard to keep people 6 ft. apart.

This was my last PT. I was happy with that. I have some exercises to continue to do at home.

Sat. Mar 13 to Fri. Mar. 20- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We stayed home today. After a few morning tasks, we cleaned more of the rig. We cleaned all of the top cabinets, taking everything out of the cabinets. We had more trash and some more items for the patio sale in 2  weeks. Everyone decided on the FB group that we are still going to have the patio sales. They cancelled the vendor sale for today, but some of the park people still had sales at their sites. At least the rain has stopped!

Neither of us slept well last night. I guess it is the stress of this virus that we all are having. So we took a short nap this afternoon.

Sunday-  We did our usual Sunday morning tasks. We had a quiet day at home.

Monday-  I was off to PT at 9;30. There were fewer people there today. I went home, we ate lunch and I had a PCP appt. at 1:45. They took me right into a room. I really like my Doc. She spends time with you!

Bob has been calling Gene’s to check on the compressors. They keep saying that they are going to call us back.

I returned and we sat outside. Our new rugs arrived. These are from Ruggables. They are machine washable and have a backing that does not move. We had limited choices, so this is what we purchased.

rugs 3

Tuesday-  We ran to Walmart this morning. We picked up items we needed. Geez, the shelves were bare! Amazing, people are wiping out the coffee pots. I guess those are the Starbucks folks.

We returned home. Bob called Gene’s again and now we have an appointment on Friday at 9 AM. I called PT and changed my appointment to Thursday. We contacted Linda and she is taking the dogs for us. We will drop them off at 7:30 on Fri. morning.

At 2, we went over to Allen and Donna’s.  Donna had a vascular surgeon appt. at 12:30, and she did not arrive until after we left at 4. She has surgery scheduled for April 1.

We all sat with our chairs apart, but at least we had some social time. We did not have food, brought our own chairs, and our own drinks.

We had a quiet evening at home.

Wednesday- It rains today. Not much fun having to stay home in the rain. At least when it is sunny we can sit outside. We watched some Netflix.

The Mayor of Phoenix closed all the restaurants etc. So Bob called Gene’s to see if we can get in tomorrow. Nope. They were adamant that it had to be Friday.

Thursday-  I went for my PT visit at 10. When I walked in there were only 3 other people there. When I left there were 5 people. Ray said everyone is cancelling. I keep getting texts from them saying that they are remaining open. Cleaned my hands with sanitizer between each exercise!  I stopped at Albertson’s on the way home to pick up salad dressing. It is the only store we can find it at in this area. It rained all day today again. I could only purchase one bottle, as the rest were all out of date, some from last winter, 2019!

Friday- Finally, the rain stopped. I dropped the dogs off at 7:20 with Linda. We drove out of the park at 7:30 and took I-101  to I-202 to Mesa and Gene’s Rv repair. We arrived just before 9. No rush hour traffic this morning. They told Bob that it would be ready by lunchtime.

We went to Costco and arrived at 9. We parked and the guy next to us said they were closed until 10. They had opened early for seniors but closed again.

There was a car wash right there, so we ran the car through the car wash, $12. We could see that the line at Costco was moving, so we parked again, in the same spot, and walked over to the start of the line.

They had everything very organized with shopping carts lined up and taped walkways. You would have thought we were at Disney. They told us that they are going, at that Costco anyway, be opening on Tues and Thurs morns for seniors. Like there are not a few million seniors in Mesa and Sun City!

Cosco line

We were stopped for 15 minutes when they had reached capacity, then they let us in. We cruised thru and out in record time with most everything on our list. We stopped at Albertsons and were able to get some dressing. I had checked yesterday and Amazon is out and they no longer carry it in Arizona at any stores! We were also able to get some Eggbeaters ( in the smaller containers) and some large chili peppers,in small containers.

We went to lunch at Café Zupas, expecting their patio to be open. I had ordered on the app, and the food was waiting, but the patio was closed. So we found a park, cleaned the table, and ate lunch. We returned at 12 to Gene’s and then we waited, and waited. I took a short nap and we read our books. At 4 pm they finished and drove the rig out. Good thing we had an ice pack in the cooler. We took everything out of the cooler and put in in the refrigerator and freezer. We went in and paid, the drove back to Sun City, which is on the other end of the Valley.  Since people are not working, the traffic was much better. It took us about an hour to return. So we arrived at about 5:15. I ran and picked up the dogs, who were very happy to see me.

Bob backed the rig into our site and we set up. We had a casserole left over from last night, so all we had to do was re-heat.  We were exhausted. We mostly set up and then watched TV. We both slept well as we were so tired.

Sat. Mar. 6 to Fri. Mar. 13- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  We had a quiet day at home. We cleaned out the bathroom cabinet. It was windy, so we did not sit outside.

Sunday- Today was the 1 year anniversary of our adopting Koda. We are all happy with how things turned out. She is a very loving dog! Unfortunately, Roxie started vomiting. We are not sure what that is about.

We had a quiet day doing laundry and other tasks at home.

Monday-  I was off to PT in the morning. OOPs, I forgot to add to last Friday, that when I arrived for PT, I saw this out front.

car accident tbird

You can see the woman sitting on the curb to the right of the car. How she managed to flip it is a mystery. The speed limit is 30 mph there.  The round building in the back is Banner Boswell Hospital where I had my surgery.  Everyone in PT had to see my picture. This was before the ambulance and fire trucks arrived. Of course, to get around the accident, everyone on the road had to drive thru the PT office parking lot!

Also here is a picture of my brace.


Bob took Roxie to the Vets.  They drew blood and we are waiting to hear the results.

Tuesday-  I went to the Retired Nurses Breakfast this morning. I picked up another gal, named Donna, in the park and took her with me. She loved it and had a great time. She also joined the group and she will be driving next month(if we have the meeting).

After lunch, we ran to Costco, which was a zoo. We need some more of the Antiseptic wipes, but they all the stores are sold out. We tried Sam’s, Target, Walmart, Lowes, and CVS. It was funny to see people with carts full of toilet paper at Lowes.

The Vet called. Roxie has Pancreatitis. He told us it is common in Schnauzers. Guess she got the Schnauzer pancreas instead of the Poodle one!  So we had to not feed for for 24 hours ( she was not happy about that!), and increase her fluids to at least 1 cup per day. Good thing we have low sodium broth frozen in the refrigerator. So we defrosted the small container and mixed it 1/2 and 1/2. Regular broth has too much sodium in it. She drank it really well….

Wednesday-  It is pouring rain today! Unusual for AZ. We went to the last Alfa breakfast of the season. There were only 9 of us there. I went to Maj on the way back. Bob ran to the library and dropped off a book and picked one up.

I returned in time for lunch. We had a quiet afternoon and evening. With the virus, we are staying close to home. We restarted Roxie on food, plain chicken and rice  for 2 weeks, then we start slowly moving her to her regular food over the next two weeks.

Thursday-  I woke up at 5, so around 6 we got up. I showered, ate breakfast, then ran to Fry’s for the antiseptic wipes. I thought that I had more than I actually had.  I was able to get them and some spray. Even at 7 AM, the store was busy, but not too bad.

I went to Maj at 10. We ate lunch, then went to Target and Kohl’s with return items. We returned home and relaxed. It was still raining.

Friday- We woke up to no heat this morningBob changed the thermostat, but it was not that. He messed around outside, looking at the furnace. The light on the mother board was not on, so he called Allen.

I was off to my 9:30 PT appointment. I had a PT aide Tina, as Zach had a few days off. I had a lot of pain while walking in Target yesterday, so Ray looked at my foot. I was able to do most of the exercises. I think my planar fasciitis is back.  So I have been doing exercises for that in addition to my ankle exercises. I have to do exercises 2x a day. I had to guide the gal through my exercises. I guess that was why I was her patient today, as I have been to PT so many times, I know the routine. Ray and Jordan (the regular aide) both kept an eye on me. Tina had to massage 3 knots out of the front of my leg. One was really big. Oh, does that hurt when they massage out those knots!

It was still raining a bit. Allen came over and assisted Bob. There was a broken sail switch. The problem was finding the switch. They looked at a You Tube video, but it was a different model furnace, so it was no help. Finally, they decided where they thought the switch was, and they went to that spot on the furnace. That was where it was located, so they took it and went to the store. When I returned there was no one here. Bob had texted me where he had gone.

When they returned, they popped it right in and we had heat. $10. We had visions of a much higher price!

This afternoon we received an email from the park. All activities have ceased. No more that 10 people in any of the rooms at one time. No Maj, no card playing etc. I assume that means that the pool and hot tub are closed, as well as the exercise room. Sigh, it is going to be very boring around here for the next few weeks! Better safe than sorry.

Roxie is doing really well, but she will only drink the broth. What a character!

We decided that we would purchase a fruit plate for Donna and Allen, since Allen has been so great in helping us so many times. Normally, we would take them out to dinner, but, since none of us are going out…, MaryAnne was went to Safeway and she  found a really nice fruit plate, so she bought that for us, along with more rice for Roxie, as we could not find rice at Fry’s or Walmart. 

After dinner, we ran to her place, picked up the plate and rice and paid her. We dropped the plate off at Donna and Allen’s. It started raining again, right after we arrived home.

Sat. Feb 29 to Fri. March 6- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We ran to Costco and Walmart. The rest of the day was quiet and I took a nap. I still have my cold, but the cold never became very bad.

Sunday-  We did our usual Sunday tasks. I think I forgot to mention that last week we received our mail. Lots of doctor bills. We also received our tax info, so we also completed our taxes. That only took us about 2 hours on Turbotax. We do not have to pay this year, as we are getting a refund,  but with a full year of my Social Security, we will need to pay on the Social Security, so we sent in a form to the SS office to start taking money out of my SS. It was a beautiful day, but since I still have the cold, I had a quiet day. Bob did his first of the month tasks.

Monday- I had  PT at 9:30. I returned, we ate lunch, and then cleaned the front of the rig. That was 4 cabinets. We took a lot of stuff to the trash. Its the spring purge!

The weather continues to be nice, with sunny skies and temps in the 70’s. I feel pretty normal.

Tuesday- I was off to Maj at 10. I did not win until the very last game! I like for everyone, including myself, to win at least one time! After lunch, we cleaned 8 more cabinets. Again, another big trash run. We also had items we are saving for the next patio sale. Bob started coming down with the cold. He started the Zicam and the Medi-pot.

Bob went to the Astronomy Club meeting after dinner. I watched Elizabeth on Netflix.

Wednesday- My appointment with the ankle surgeon was at 10:15 this morning. As per instructions, I took a shoe, sock and the brace I have been wearing for the last year with me. The Doc was very happy with my ankle. He said he wished all his patients were like me. We took the boot and went home with me in my brace. It felt really funny walking the first few steps!

I had a chiropractor appt. in the afternoon, so that I could make sure that my back and hips were aligned.

Thursday- I played Maj in the morning and we cleaned out the back cabinet in the rig and again, there was a lot of trash. This gave us room, so we went and purchased paper towels and toilet paper. That will keep items from moving around, without a lot of weight on the back end.

Friday- I was off to PT in the morning. When I returned, we went to Costco and to lunch at Café Zupas. Then we were off to Walmart. We stopped at the library and then headed home. We had a quiet evening.

Sat. Feb 22 to Fri. Feb. 28- Sun City, Mesa, Sun City

Saturday-  It rained most of the day. When it rains in Arizona, the drainage is interesting. The roads flood, then clear out quickly. That means that there is a lot of sitting water, while the roads clear.

Bob took the sheets and towels to the laundry. I did lots of laundry in the rig.

We went to lunch at Café Zupas, and had our usual salads. We returned home and took a nice nap. The weather cleared in the late afternoon, although it was still cool, in the low 60’s.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Sunday-  We filled our pill containers and checked our accounts. We packed up and left around 11:15. We drove to I-101, to AZ 60, to Mesa. We  drove into Mesa Spirit RV Park. We paid $62.48, WITH our Encore discount. We were taken to a small site. We sank in the mud a bit. So Bob put boards under the wheels.

We left around 2, to head over to Bob’s cousin Jacque and her husband Paul’s 5th wheel. We met up there with Connie and Lavern. We took the dogs with us, as they know all the other dogs.

At 4:30, we left to go to dinner. We left the dogs in the 5th wheel with Stewie, their dog. He is not the nicest dog, but he is okay with the girls.

We went to a place called The Handlebar. We sat out on their patio. The food was very good, as was the beer. The only issue, was they had connected the taps to the wrong kegs, so Bob and Lavern received the wrong beers. They ended up getting those beers for free! So they were happy, since they also got the beers they wanted, also. We had a great time visiting.

I drove us back to the 5th wheel. Roxie was asleep on the bed. I think Koda was with her. Then Koda came and greeted us. Roxie took her time, as she was still sleepy!

We said our good-byes, and I drove us home.

Monday- We had sunk in the mud in our site, but Bob was able to drive the rig out of the site. The concrete, next to the road, moved a lot when Bob drove over it. We arrived at Gene’s RV Repair at 8:45. We checked in and left. I always hate days when we have work done on the rig, as we have to take the dogs with us.

We went to a dog park which was okay. The dogs did their business, but were not interested in playing with the other dogs. I was glad of that, as there was a large pond and a lot of mud.

We went to Kohl’s to return something I had ordered on Amazon. Wow, was that interesting! I walked in the door and a salesperson asked if I was looking where to do an Amazon return. The manila bag I was carrying was a big clue!

She pointed me in the right direction, which was to the back of the store. There was a gal at a kiosk. She scanned the bar in the email Amazon had sent to me. She took the bag, put a receipt into it, taped it, and handed me my receipt. She said I would have my refund in 2-4 days. I had it in 2 hours! The receipt also included a 25% off coupon for Kohl’s.

It was too early for lunch, so we took the dogs to another dog park. This one was pretty awful!. Dog poop all over and lots of mud. We did not stay. We went and picked up salads at Café Zupas, realizing that we had been there the last time we were in Mesa.

We stopped at a park and ate lunch. Bob walked the dogs and we sat in the car reading. Around 2, Gene’s called, so we returned to the repair shop. The gal thought we were ready, but evidently, not, as we had to wait for them to bring out the rig. We left at 2:45. The rig is not fixed. They agreed with Bob and Allen’s diagnosis, that compressor #1 was not working. The manufacturer no longer makes the compressor, so they need to get parts. Our extended warranty is paying $1685 for the compressor repair, but we still have our deductible and some other items that were not covered.

They had taken out the compressor, so they did not charge us anything. I guess they know we have to return to get the compressor. They did hook up the #2 compressor, so that we have heat.

Unfortunately, it was now rush hour. We took I-202 to I-101. We sailed along on the 202, which is a new road. When we reached the 101, it was bumper to bumper all the way to our exit. That drive was no fun! This is why we went over on Sunday; so that we could avoid rush hour traffic.

We were both exhausted when we arrived home, so once we set up, Bob went over the Elks Lodge and picked up 2 spaghetti dinners.

Tuesday- I went to Maj this morning. I returned, we ate lunch, and both took a nap. We had a quiet afternoon and evening.  Koda was comfortable….

Koda chair 1

Wednesday- I had PT at 11. Zach had me doing more and different exercises. I was out of there in an hour. I returned and ate lunch. We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Blast it! I came down with a cold. I was not feeling very good when I went to bed.  I started on Zicam.

Thursday- I skipped Maj this morning. I was feeling a lot better. We went grocery shopping, picking up some canned vegetables to be prepared, incase we end up quarantined.

I took a nap in the afternoon and Bob went to Costco. He said that Costco was worse than at Christmas. He went to Sams Club for gas, and stopped at the Walmart we do not like, as our usual Walmart did not have some of the items we wanted.

Bob returned home and we watched some TV.

Friday-  I went to PT at 11. I had Ray today. He had me doing the same exercises, but he added the leg press.  I returned home and took a nap. I still have the cold. So far Bob ahs not come down with it.  Saw this on my way to PT. There is another dog who waits for security to come by and give him treats!

Security w dog

Sat. Feb. 15 to Fri. Feb. 21- Sun City

Saturday-  We went to Costco, Sams Club, and Walmart. I used the handicap carts in each of the stores. The Costco and Sams Club are both the same type and really easy to use. The Walmart one was a piece of junk, which was hard to drive and did not turn as easily.

Since we are in Arizona, with all the Snowbirds, we had a devil of a time trying to find handicap parking. At Costco, Bob ended up dropping me off at the door. At Sams we had to sit and wait for a very slow woman, to load her purchases into the back of her car.

At Walmart, we found a handicap spot empty. In fact, the cart was right there, where it had been left by the previous person who used it.

The weather has been awesome! Nighttime temps are in the 40’s to 50’s, but daytime has been in the 60’s to 70’. We sat outside on our patio in the afternoon. I have a zero-gravity recliner, so I was able to put up my foot. .

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday tasks. Then we worked again on our travels. We now have our route for the summer. Next we will start making more reservations; the early reservations are made.  In particular, we need them for the holiday weekends.

This took most the day. We finished around 5 PM, having only stopped for lunch and dog walks. What do we do during the planning, we look for places to visit and sites to see. I do a spreadsheet and put the info on the sheet. We have some library books on various states and we used Trip Advisor and an app that Bob has on his phone. We know that we are going to Rock Springs WY for the Escapade, then off to South Dakota to renew our drivers licenses. Other than that, we are wide open on our travels.

We are staying later this year and missing our usual Alfa Rally, which is in Branson this year. We are really sorry to miss it, but my last surgeon appt. is the day that the rally starts.

Monday- We sat outside in the wonderful weather. The temp was in the high 70’s. Yahoo! So nice…

Tuesday-  I went to Maj in the morning and Bob changed the water pitcher filter. Bob went to NAPA and purchased windshield wiper blades for the rig. We lead a very quiet life in the winter! I went and had my haircut then I dropped off a bunch of books at the library, some were donations and some were returns.  We sat outside with the dogs for awhile as the temp was 78 today with no wind.

Unfortunately, the outside of my left leg starting hurting. No pain in the ankle. So I went back inside, and took off the boot, to check to make sure that I did not develop a DVT. The muscle was just sore, as is my back and my neck. I put heat on and massaged the areas

Wednesday- I went to Maj in the morning. I returned and sat with my foot elevated, as it has swollen a bit. I have been having some sciatic pain on the left side. This is from the boot on the left.  I have tried to be very careful of staying level, but obviously I did not at one point. So I had made a Chiropractor appt. My Chiro was off, so I saw a different one who was very busy. He got me out of pain.  I made an appt, with Dr. Mike for Friday morning.

Thursday- I went to Maj in the morning.  After lunch, we picked up MaryAnne and went to the Library sale. We were very disappointed. It was mostly DVD’s, CD’s, cookbooks, kids books and toys, other stuff and few adult books. It was also extremely crowded. We purchased a couple of books and left. We went to the 4 PM Residents Mtg. where we heard that they have discontinued the Thousand Trails discount in the park. We get this discount for our annual site. So we were all concerned. They have moved our park into the Trails Collection, which we have not paid extra to use, as we don’t usually need too…we would have used it at Mesa Spirit where we are going on Sunday,  but only using it 1x in a year, does not make the $299 worth it. We will need to see if we can get the discount here in the park for the annual site. That might make it worth purchasing.

Friday- We were up early and into the shower. Then I left a little after 8 to go to a Chiro appt. Because the boot is higher than the shoe, on the right side, I am having back issues. He straightened me out. I returned and Annette came by. I gave her some items I had copied. She ran off to a Doc appt. We left and went to Costco. We were able to drive right into a handicap space. We had arrived just as they opened. I took cart and had to stop, to show another lady how to use one. They are simple once you figure out how to drive one.

We picked up a few items, and were out the door in less than 15 minutes. Its a good time to go to Costco! Our Costco in Glendale is one of the most busy ones in the country.

We stopped at Sam’s Club for gas, as the line had been too long at Costco. We ran to Walmart and picked up a few items. Then we ran home. We ate lunch, and then I went to my PT assessment visit.

Kit, the PT, was happy that I had continued doing the exercises that I could do, that I had been doing in the Rehab Hospital. Of course, that meant that she could increase the PT exercises that she could assign me to complete!

Of course she looked at the foot and took off the steri-strips. She tested my leg strength and was happy with the strength in all directions on both legs. She also said to change to a heavy sock and to try to find a higher shoe.

We started with the sitting stepper. Then progressed to using bands doing some of the exercises, that I have already been doing. The appt. was about 55 minutes. I returned home and fell asleep in the recliner! We had a quiet evening…

I dragged out my Sketcher shoe and added two inserts to the shoe. It is still not equal to the left foot in the boot, but at least it makes me higher. I also changed over to a heavy sock that I used in Breck and took off the ace bandage and the thin sock I had been given.