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Sat. Sept. 7 to Fri. Sept. 13- Hastings MI to Lebanon IN

Saturday- We went to the CARE breakfast of eggs, pancakes, sausage, coffee and juice. We had volunteered to clean up after breakfast, so we helped with the washing of the utensils and generally cleaning up!

Here is the kitchen crew.

Kitchen crew Hastings

The Annual Business Meeting was held right after breakfast. After the meeting, we picked up Lavern and Connie and we drove to Kalamazoo to the Bells Brewery. We took the tour of the brewery which was interesting. There were four samples of beers. Bob of course had eight, as he drank all of mine. The tour guide was very good and we learned a lot about the history of Bell Brewery and of the Microbrewery industry in general. Below is a history of the business.


Bob and LAvern at Bells

Above is Connie’s picture of the guys.

Some of the brewery.


A sculpture on the tour.


We went to lunch at the Bell’s Downtown Brewery. From there, we went to Mooville for ice cream. We had both won $5 coupons for the ice cream, yesterday in the animal shelter drawings.  With the $5 coupon, we purchased 3 scoops of ice cream for $4.50. A pretty good deal.


20190907_155232 (2)

We returned in time to walk and feed the dogs before the catered dinner. We arrived late, and there were no seats for us. So we ate and left as, we were both tired.

Sunday- We went over to say good-bye to everyone at the “hook-up doughnuts and coffee”.

We left around 11, and stopped at the dump station to dump our tanks. We drove south to the Yogi Bear RV Park in Plymouth Indiana. We drove into site 33, in the rain. It let up a bit, and Bob was able to hook up to the 50 amp electric, sewer and water. We paid $20 per night, under Passport America. I immediately started laundry and Bob took the sheets and towels to their laundry room.

We were both tired, so we went to dinner at Hacienda Mexican Restaurant. They had changed the menu, and they did not have my Chile Relleno! Bob was able to eat his tamale’s.

Monday- My birthday! We went to lunch, in South Bend at the IHOP, for the free birthday pancakes. I had not realized I had to print out the coupon. So I had to speak with the manager, who said it was okay, after I threatened to leave.

We went to Costco. In addition to purchasing what we needed, we checked out the Gotham Steel Ti-Cerama Cookware with the Titanium Ceramic Coating ( the orange pans). At Costco, they were $39.99 for the two frying pans. We stopped in at Bed, Bath and Beyond to check them out. I have a 20% off coupon on the whole purchase. The large pan was $39.99 and the smaller pan was $29.99! Even with the coupon, Costco was a much better deal for the exact same items! These can be used on the Induction burner.

We returned to Plymouth, stopping at Walmart on the way, and met up with Cecil and Melissa, our neighbors in Paradise, who also have a trailer at Yogi Bear. They had just purchased the trailer this year. They have two sites, which are very nice, with lots of room.

We went  to dinner at Texas Roadhouse for my birthday. Both of us wanted a nice steak.

Tuesday-We were moving early, as we had to leave by 8:20. We readied the rig to travel. We have to be out of the park by 1:00. We took the dogs and drove the 30 miles back to South Bend to Paws and Claws Groomers. We dropped off the dogs and we went to the farmers market, where we purchased a cantaloupe.

We stopped by a car wash and washed our very dirty car, then we traveled on to Costco where we purchased the frying pans. We went to Michaels, to purchased a brush and fabric paint.  I had purchased some cheap tennis shoes and I am planning to paint the shoes, turning them into saddle shoes. The theme of the rally this weekend is the “Fabulous 50’s” .So we needed costumes.

We stopped at a local Chevy dealer, to look at the Chevy Equanox. We are starting to research cars for purchase this fall.

We stopped at Jimmy Johns for subs and went to a little park on the river, eating at a picnic table in the shade. It was a pretty little park that had been there since the 1800’s.

At 12:15 we picked up the dogs, and returned to Plymouth right before 1 PM. We disconnected, and drove out of the park, turning south onto IN 31. We drove south to IN 32, and turned west. We drove into the Lebanon Fairgrounds, at about 3:30. We were greeted by Dave, the Wagon Master for the rally. We parked between two 5th wheels and we have 50 amp and water.

At 4 , we went to social hour, then out to dinner at a restaurant called Arni’s. There were 43 of us. The reservations had been made months in advance. The Wagon Masters had called the restaurant several times, and the restaurant still had issues. It took an hour and a half for us to be served our meals. It was a disaster, with cold food and poor service. We were comped half of our meal by the manager.



Wednesday- Today was the actual start of the rally. This is the Escapees Indiana Chapter 51 rally.

Furor lunch we went to a nice little restaurant called Bekahs. It was our kind of place! Good food, good prices. It did not look like much from the outside, but it was nice inside.

At 4 we had the social and we played a game where we had to guess who old actors where by their real names. We did not do well with our guesses! John Wayne and Marilyn Monroe, were easy, but the rest were pretty hard!


Below are two of the table decorations.


We had pizza and salad for dinner. There was an evening campfire. I sat talking to another retire nurse.

Lebanon campfire

Thursday- We had the CARE breakfast, $4 each. Eggs, pancakes, sausage, biscuits and gravy. They had the Chapter 51 business meeting, which we did not attend. We returned to the rig and I worked on painting my tennis shoes. I had done half yesterday and completed them today. A couple stopped by to discuss their issue with their washer/dryer, so Bob showed them how he rinses the lint out each month. We printed out the directions for them.

We picked up subs at Penn Station. We went to the social hour at 4, and played another game. We were worse with this one! It was recognizing who wrote songs for the 50’s.

At 5, we caravanned to Parky’s Smokehouse. It was a nice restaurant with good food and the service was very good this time. I felt sorry for the  Wagon Masters, as they  were really worried about having poor service again, even though it was not their fault! They had checked with the previous restaurant several times.

We were seated at a table for 10. We split a brisket dinner, which was perfect for us.

Friday- The CARE breakfast again this morning with the same menu. We sat with a couple discussing Genealogy. That was fun!. We returned and I worked on rolls for tonight’s pot luck dinner. I had put them in the refrigerator to rise overnight, then Bob took off half of the windshield cover and we put the 3 pans on the dashboard in the sun, to finish rising. Here are some of them…there were 36 in the package and we cooked them all. 

20190913_113443 (2)

They are Rhodes, and very easy to make. The first time I tried them, they did not raise right. So this time I tried the refrigerator method, and that really worked well. I had to bake them early, so unfortunately, they will not be warm for dinner. Oh well….

We went to the social at 4. Then we returned and dressed for in our 50’s outfits. Here are the tennis shoes I painted.


Here are Bob’s shoes. We bought both pairs at Walmart. I painted mine, but Bob’s are as is…


Here we are…


What was really funny, another gal in the group had the exact same outfit as mine. We both had the Disney scarf and had purchased the sneakers at Walmart and painted them!

We went to the pot luck dinner. We had 1 roll left; Bob thinks that no one wanted to take the last roll. When we left, we put our containers in the car, and walked over to look at the cars in the field for the Classic Car Show.

A gal from the Fair Board came to us and begged us to be in their costume contest. UGH,but she was desperate. So we went over and were judged. We won the adult contest, as we were the only entrants! We won a $25 Meijer’s coupon and a $5 coupon to Titus Bakery. Just what we needed, a bakery coupon, lol. Our picture is supposed to be in the local newspaper, but we cannot get into the paper online without a subscription, so we cannot see the article. There was a good band, playing 50’smusic.


We returned home and changed shoes. Actually, with the inserts, the Walmart shoes were not that uncomfortable.

We took our chairs and went to the campfire.

Lebanon campfire

Sat. Aug. 31 to Fri. Sept. 6-Cadillac MI to Hastings MI

Saturday- We drove 12 miles north to Manton for a little Fall Festival. We walked thru their Flea Market and then the Craft Fair. It was all the same things we see everywhere.

From there, we traveled back south to Cadillac and we went to the Thirteenth Street Market Restaurant. We both had the delicious Turkey Rubin. Bob had not had it before and was really impressed. I wanted one last one before we left. Both of us took half of our sandwich’s home with us, for lunch another day.

We returned to the rig and packed up some items getting ready to leave on Tuesday. We had a quiet rest of the afternoon, sitting out with the dogs. We ate dinner at home.

Sunday- We were working this morning. We were scheduled to clean the bathrooms this morning at 8. We cleaned both, and neither were very dirty.  I opened the store at 9. Bob went to work emptying trash, putting out the wood bundles, feeding the goats, pulling out the rental bikes and generally just catching up on what ever needed to be done.

The store was busy with selling ice cream, clothing and other items. We were off at 1 and returned to the rig. After lunch and walking the dogs, Bob took the sheets, towels, and bedding to the laundromat. I did laundry in the rig. Once that was done, we went to Tasty Treat for the last time. We are really going to miss Tasty Treat Flurries. We each had the kid size Dirty Turtle Flurry, which is chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, and pecans. Yummy!

We returned and took down the fence and packed it up, placing it into the back of the car. Bob put the bikes on the back of the motor home. Once all that was done we cooked a nice steak for dinner. It is becoming dark so much earlier, so we were inside much earlier.

Monday- We had prepared the rig as much as we could today, so that we will be ready in the morning to leave. We are watching the weather very carefully. They are predicting rain and winds for tomorrow.

We both worked from 4 to 8 today, cleaning the bathrooms from 4 to 5. They were very clean, as so many people had left the park today. I was so bored, I kept just walking around the store because I was so sleepy! You can only sit and read a book for so long.

At 8, we checked the bathrooms again and they were still clean, so we closed up the store for one last time and left. Since this was Labor Day, the store will not re-open until the spring. The park closes Oct. 15.

Tuesday- We are so ready to leave! When we woke up, the first thing we did was check the weather report. It was calling for rain this morning, with the winds picking up in the afternoon. So we decided to leave. Bob ran to the Farmers Market for another one of the delicious cantaloupes. He was only able to purchase a small one, not one of the large ones, but it is still tasty.

Meanwhile, I readied the inside of the rig. Bob returned and disconnected us and took down the portable satellite dish. We had not been able to get going early today, and we left at almost 11 today.

We traveled south on M-131, thru rain storms, but luckily without any winds. We stopped at a rest area and ate a quick lunch. South of Grand Rapids, we turned east and traveled to Michawana Campground in Hastings MI for the Escapees SKP Chapter 6 Fall Rally.

The skies had cleared, and we arrived at the park in dry weather. We set up the rig, and the winds started. We had made it just in time. We were really glad that we had left when we did. We are in a 50 amp site with water. The sites where we are located, are long enough, but very tight, with our neighbors very close to us. Other sites in the park have much more room.

We went over to Jacque and Paul’s rig to say hello. Lavern and Connie were there also, and we were able to greet them in addition to Vernon and Donna.  We stopped in at the Social Hour at 4. Then a little after 5, we took our coleslaw for the pot-luck and returned to where the group had two canopy’s set up with picnic tables underneath. Dinner was Paul and Chris’s smoked ribs and Bruce’s Teriyaki chicken. Yummy! I asked for the Teriyaki recipe! I  think we will be making it in the crock pot in the future!!

We had a great time visiting with everyone. After dinner and sitting out talking, we returned to the rig and went to bed. 

Wednesday-  We had breakfast and at around 9:30, Lavern texted Bob asking him to come over for breakfast. There was a pot luck breakfast that we had not know about. We took our coffee and went over to visit with everyone, eating some french toast and delicious bacon.

We left and ran into Hastings to Walmart for a few items. I needed a dessert for tomorrow evening and some thing for breakfast.  We stopped at the local Farmers Market,  but there was not much there. The town of Hastings has some sculptures, below is the only one I liked. The rest were very weird!

20190906_190337 (2)

They also have a nice long walking trail along the river, but no dogs are allowed with in 20 ft. of the path, so that eliminated that activity!

At 1, Lavern had invited us over to lunch. He heated up some of his smoked chicken thighs and had sautéed some mushrooms and zucchini.Yummy!

I left Bob there to talk beer with Lavern and returned to make some Zucchini bread for breakfasts and the Chocolate Éclair Dessert for the evening. At 4 we went to the social hour, then went to the evening pot luck. We had another nice evening . Tonight’s menu was ‘staring’ Paul and Chris’s pulled pork.

We sat out until the mosquitos arrived, then we went back to the rig and watched Bosch on Amazon Prime.

Thursday- Bob thinks he had eaten some bell pepper last evening, so he had indigestion all night. I did not sleep well, so we were planning a nice nap.

At a little after 11 Lavern texted Bob asking if he wanted to go to lunch at the Walldorff Brew Pub. So we met them there. We had a great lunch and they had some good beer.

We returned to the rig and took our much needed nap.

At 4, we went to the Social Hour, which was the official beginning of the rally. The leaders had us all count out and go to tables with our number. Then we had to draw, in crayon, on the table cover. Then they decided that everyone won, so they passed out some candy.


At 5, we returned to the rig, fed the dogs, and went over to the pot luck dinner. There was some of Lavern’s awesome brisket this evening. They even had a campfire this evening, but we were so tired, we returned to the rig and watched another episode of Bosch; we finished season 5. We started watching Sneaky Pete on Amazon.

Friday- There was a breakfast this morning. $4 which goes to CARE. Paul, Chris, and  Tom(?) did the cooking. We sat at a table and the gal ( Linda) next to me and I started talking, as she also belongs to the SKP Genies. Her family is named Gray and from Iowa, so it was an interesting conversation.

We had a quiet day as neither of us had slept well last night. We took a nice nap in the afternoon. Below are the donations for the animal shelter.

20190906_160049 (2)

At 4 we went to the social. They drew for prizes. For each item that we had donated to the animal shelter, we had a ticket. We had donated 20 items, so we had 20 tickets. We won four prizes. When you win a prize, you can look at the prize, without showing it to anyone, and keep the prize or you return it and take a different prize. Bob won first,and he won 4 mugs. Then I won a $5 gift certificate to Mooville Ice Cream. We kept that and turned the mugs back in. All of the prizes were in paper bags so you did not know what you were choosing. Next Bob won again, this time a gift certificate to a local restaurant for $25. It was worth more, but we knew we could not use it so we returned it. Bob won again, this time a floral arrangement in a bag. We returned that. This whole thing took too long!  We left early and ran to feed the dogs. I guess we did not win the 50/50!

We left the park,  and went to dinner at the Walldorff Brewery, (spelled correctly), with a group. There were 12 of us. We had a great dinner. Lavern and Bob had some wonderful beers.

Sat. Aug 24 to Fri. Aug. 30- Cadillac MI

Saturday- We left and went to the Post Office to send a couple of items. Then we were off, traveling south on M-131, to Big Rapids. Our destination was the Big Rapids Summer Fest.

We first stopped for lunch at Crankers Brewery. This was a restaurant with a brewery. Bob ordered a flight of four 4 oz. beers which were all good. My lunch was not great. I had ordered the turkey sausage with my eggs. The sausage was terrible. I told the waitress that! Bob’s Ruben was good.

We walked over to the Summer Fest. It was not much. There were a few sidewalk sales, one at JC Penny’s. We stopped and Bob purchased one shirt and I purchased two.

We walked the entire two blocks. There was a little train traveling up and down the street.

20190824_125308 (2)


We saw this nice mural.

20190824_125733 (2)

Near the mural was this antique drinking fountain.

20190824_125757 (2)

That was it! We drove to a park on the river, but never found the rapids. Oh well….

We drove back north and went to Ebel’s General Store to purchase brats. We bought 4 pkgs. of cherry brats, 4 of Hawaiian brats, 2 of regular brats, some lettuce and a small loaf of fresh bread.

We drove back through Lake City and stopped at Tasty Treat. We both had the kid’s size Dirty Turtle Flurry. Yummy! We both said, we are going to miss Tasty Treat!

We stopped at the BBQ place and purchased the last rack of ribs with some of their delicious baked beans.

We returned home and re-packaged the brats, and freezing most of them. We kept some of them un-frozen, as they are fresh until the end of September.

We had a quiet evening. The weather is already changing here. The days are in the 70’s and the nights in the 40’s.

Sunday- Bob went to work in the morning while I did laundry. He returned for lunch, then came back at 2:00. I went to work at 4. Bob joined me at 8 and we closed up and cleaned the bathrooms.

Monday- Bob went in to work at 9:30. I was scheduled from 10 to 2. Bob returned home for lunch and to walk the dogs. It was a very quiet day. We were off at 2 and returned to have a quiet rest of the afternoon.

Tuesday- We went to Traverse City for the last time. We both love Traverse City and will stay closer to there next time we are in Michigan. We stopped first at M and P Crepes. They were okay. Then we stopped at The Beverage Store for Bob to pick up some beers for the rallies. At Costco the gas was $2.53 for gas, still 20 cents less than in Cadillac. Of course, we stopped at Moomers for our “Moomers”  fix!  We split another flight.

We returned home and there were thunderstorms in the evening.

Wednesday- I had an 8:30 hair appt. with Megan, followed right after with my mani/pedi with Heather. I said my good-bye’s to both gals!

I returned to the rig. Bob and I went to lunch at Blue Heron. We arrived just in time to get the last table. Then the line started to form. Bob had their chicken pot pie soup and I had the Michigan Ham and Cheese sandwich. Both were excellent.

We went grocery shopping at Aldi’s, Walmart and Meijer’s We stopped at the Chiropractor for my adjustment at 2, and returned home. We sat our with the dogs until it became to too cool.

Thursday- We worked 9 to 2. We started with the bathrooms. I have now read an entire book while working, it has been so quiet. At least it was a little bit busier with scooping ice cream and pouring slushies today.

Bobbie was having a health issue and asked if I could stay a bit later. I agreed and so we both left at 2:30 with Bob, making up his 1/2 hour for lunch. We sat outside with the dogs for a short time before thunderstorms hit. The temps today were in the 60’s

Friday- We left at 9:30 to go to the Farmers Market where we purchased another cantaloupe. OMG these cantaloupes are sooo good!

We traveled south on M-131 to M-115 east. We were traveling to Clare for the Yoder Amish Flea Market. We arrived a little after 11. We paid $1 to park in the field.

Even though it was advertised as an Amish Flea Market, I thought there would be some crafts and Amish foods. There were a few. We thought it odd to see the Amish selling new Honda Generators!

This was a very large event with about 20 rows of items with lots of ‘stuff’’. A lot of books for sale, Tupperware, and old items. There were several popcorn stands, as the Amish love popcorn. There was an old fashion ice cream maker, and the Amish were making ice cream as fast as it sold.

We ate lunch at an Amish stand with chicken and ribs. We each had a rib sandwich, on freshly backed rolls. Very yummy! We stopped at the quilt auction. I watched a Christmas table runner with 4 placemats sell for $17.50. I also watched at double size quilt sell for $60. I had to leave before I found myself bidding on a quilt!!

We left and drove into Clare to see the very small town. Not much to see, but they had a “Cops and Doughnuts” bakery. We had seen this on TV this morning. They have a contest where people take pictures of their kids at the bakery.The best picture of the month wins a gift card.  We parked and walked over. There was a line, but not too long. We purchased two brownies. By the time we left, the line was very long!

We drove back and Bob mowed our small lawn. While he was doing this, MaryAnne called me. We have been texting back and forth about our other friend Diane. She and her husband Tom are stranded in Lyman WY at a KOA. They have a larger slide than our big slide and their motor broke. Since it is Labor Day weekend, they have been told they have to move. They cannot move with the slide out. Tom has talked to Leisure Coach Works and they are shipping a motor too them that Tom can install tomorrow.

MaryAnne then told me that Leisure did not get the motor shipped. They had talked to Jon who said that they could move a short distance with the slide out, so they did. They are plugged into the side of the KOA building with 110 amp. With the temp in the 90’s they are pretty miserable.  The 110 is enough to keep their refrigerator running. The resort will probably not want them to use their generator due to the odor and noise. What a mess! They have our sympathy!

Bob and I took up our rug outside, sweeping, folding and putting it away. The dogs liked the time outside. We sat out until it became too cool in the shade.

Sat. Aug. 17 to Fri. Aug. 23- Cadillac MI

Saturday- We drove south, then west to Ludington to the Suds on the Shore Beer Festival. It was located in a Rotary Park. This was the best beer fest that we have been too…first, the designated driver only paid $5. Bob paid $30, but this time he got his money’s worth. He had eight, 4 oz. glasses of beer. He liked the Bells Official Hazy India Pale Ale, he does not usually like IPA’s. He liked the Cranker’sBrewery Aphrodisiac Stout which was a chocolate stout. He also liked the Perrin Brewing Co. Blond Porter. That was really different, as most porters are dark. He also liked the Walldorff Brew Pub Empire Block Stout. Yes, I have spelled Waldorf the way that they spell it….

The festival was in the shade and this time we took our chairs with us. There were a lot of people partying. The festival was held from 12 to 6. We arrived at 1, as we had stopped for lunch first at the Jamestown Brewery. Bob did not have any beer there, since we were going to the beer fest. But I was able to have my cherry bourbon dumplings and I brought home some of the sauce.


The designated driver, me, drove him back home!

We arrived back to the park and ate dinner. Since this was the second Halloween Weekend, they had a costume contest. We were walking the dogs, and Bobbie spotted us. She called us over and asked us to be the judges. So we did.


It was harder than you would think! They were so cute! We chose the Vending machine, the Truck as 1 and 2. One of the little girls cried when she did not win! That is Bobbie in the picture and that is the same shirt that we wear. I wear the green, Bob has a brown one.

The campers decorated their sites.



Below is our next door neighbor, who won the contest.


We had a campfire and gave candy to the “trick or treater’s”. There were a lot of kids!

Sunday- Back to work again. Bob worked 9:30  to 3 and I worked 10 to 3. Bob goes in 1/2 hour early so that he can come home for lunch and walk the dogs. It was pretty quiet,  but I dusted the room and the games. No bathrooms to clean today.

Monday- We worked again today, from 9 to 2. So we did have to clean the bathrooms today, in the morning. It was really, really boring today! I did not even need to fill ice bags! I read my book most of the day.

Tuesday- We went grocery shopping, ate lunch, then caught up on our budget and checking the accounts. Then we worked on our plans for travel in 14 days!

I was able to make a reservation at a COE park and we already have reservations for after the 1st rally and the 2nd rally. We are planning to leave Cadillac on Sept. 3, and go to Hastings MI for the Escapees Chapter 6 Fall Rally.

Because the dogs will need grooming by then, we are going to stop at Gina’s in South Bend, so we have reservations for the Yogi Bear RV Park in Plymouth,IN. That is a Passport America park, so it is $20 per night. We have to stay 2 nights, because Gina is closed on Sunday’s and Monday’s. Darn, I am going to miss my birthday with family and friends, again…

We will have the dogs groomed on Tuesday morning, then drive directly to Lebanon IN for the Escapees Chapter 51 Fall Rally.

The weather was wonderful, so we sat outside with the dogs and had a campfire.

Wednesday- We left at 9 and drove north to Traverse City. We stopped at Petsmart and Target. Then we went to Costco where we met up with Tom and Sue Rodgers, who are Alfa Roadrunner friends. We took them in our car and toured Traverse City.

We stopped at the largest Cherry Pie Plate.


We drove to downtown and found the PERFECT parking place on State Street. A centrally located parking meter.  We parked and traded taking pictures with some other folks of the Traverse City sign.


We walked over a bridge to the Farmers Market where we purchased some corn and a zucchini. Tom and Sue purchased several items also.

We took them to Cherry Republic, which is always a treat. They have lots of samples. We purchased some Cherry Vinaigrette salad dressing. We spent about 1/2 hour there.

We kept dropping bags off in the car. We walked over to 7 Monks Taproom. Bob and Tom had flights.


We all had the grilled cheese sandwiches. From there, we went back to State Street and fed the meter some more quarters!

We were out of Blackberry Vinaigrette, which we use on pork chops, so I suggested to Bob and Tom they look in Fustini’s for some. They guys had a great time sampling the oils and vinaigrettes.

Meanwhile, Sue and I went to Nifty’s a really cute store with lots of stuff. I found two signs to put up in the rig. They are over the door.


Bob texted me to come to Fustini’s to sample. We ended up purchasing some cherry and cranberry vinaigrette. Bob was not impressed with their Blackberry vinaigrette. Tom purchased 4 bottles.

After loading the parking meter again, we walked down to the Grand Traverse Pie Company. Tom purchased a small pie for us and for them.

We left and returned to the car. We drove them to Moomer’s where we both had flight’s of ice cream.

Tom and Sue flight Here is Sue’s picture of Moomers’ farm.  Doesn’t’ t it look like a painting?

Sues pic of Moomers farm

We dropped them back at Costco, and we did our shopping. Gas was $2.33, which is a lot less than gas in Cadillac at $2.64!

We returned home, ate our Costco roasted chicken and had a quiet evening.

Thursday-  We worked again. It was so quiet. I did speak with one lady who told me about an Amish Flea Market on Labor Day weekend, so we may be attending that!

We worked from 10 to 3, again, with no bathrooms.

Friday- We went to the Farmer’s Market. There was actually a lot of vegetables. We purchased a large, heavy cantaloupe, a cucumber, and two ears of nice corn.

We returned and Bob did some work around the rig and I did laundry.

Sat. Aug. 10 to Fri. Aug. 16- Gladwin MI to Cadillac MI

Saturday- We went to the rally breakfast. It was really good again. Then we stayed for the meeting. We joined the Chapter this morning, for a whopping $5 for the year. The meeting was fairly interesting with lots of discussions about the places that they are going to have rallies next year.

We left and went to the Farmers Market, where we were able to purchase 2 new belts for Bob. They were made and sold by the Amish,  $16 each, for really nice leather. We returned to the rig and ate lunch at home.

We went to the Social Hour at 4 PM and were adopted by Connie and Lavern. The Chapters have adoption policies for new members. When we joined Chapter 20, years ago, we were not adopted, so it was nice to be adopted this time. Thank you Connie and Lavern! Also, this makes Bob’s cousin, Jacque his  adopted “grandmother”, as she and Paul had adopted Connie and Lavern! Adoption photo

We had a large pot luck dinner. The meat was provided by the chapter, and members brought salads and desserts.

Sunday- There was coffee and doughnuts this morning for a “good-bye” time. Many people had left early this morning.

We left around 10 and arrived back in Cadillac a little after 11. We set up, ate lunch, and did lots of laundry. The weather was nice, so we sat outside with the dogs.

Monday– Back to work again this morning. We started work at 9, with cleaning the bathrooms. Then I opened the store at 10. It was fairly busy with reservations for next year. Lots of folks wanted the same weekend next week. The theme this past weekend was Halloween. This theme is so popular, they do it two weekends in a row, so we will be here for this weekend, although, we do not work. Bob cleaned some of the cabins and cleaned up sites.

Tuesday-  We went grocery shopping, did the usual bills and budgeting, as we did not get that done on Sunday. We went up to the store and sat in there working on our plans for travel when we leave here in 22 days! We are down to counting days….

We sat outside with the dogs, as the weather was really nice.

Wednesday- Bob headed out to work at 9:30. Today is out 4 hour day. I do not work until this evening, so I worked on two articles that my Editor had sent to me.

I went to the store at 5, and relieved Bobbie, who had worked from 10 to 5. I immediately started filling ice bags, as they were low. Bobbie has started to condense the store, as the store closes right after Labor Day.

There were a lot of phone calls from folks asking for reservations for this weekend. There are no openings. I scooped a lot of ice cream and poured a lot of slushies. There were a lot of bike rentals.

Bob joined me at 8 and we closed the store and cleaned the bathrooms. There were 3 gals taking showers, so that slowed us down a bit. I cleaned the ladies room and Bob started on the men’s room. By the time I was ready to head to the men’s room, the guys taking showers were gone, so I was able to clean the mirrors, counters, urinals and toilets. Bob does all the floors in both bathrooms, as that much sweeping and mopping sets off my torn rotator cuff. Once we were finished with the men’s room, we went to the ladies room again and Bob did the floors. It took us about 35 minutes, which is still pretty fast. We have this down to a science and can get through very quickly, while still doing a good job!

Thursday- We left just before 10 AM and drove north for an hour and half to Charlevoix. We had wanted to go to a Festival in Petoskey, but it did not start until tonight. So we changed and went to Charlevoix.

We arrived to find a traffic jam, backing up M-31 thru town. I found a route on a side street on Google Maps, so Bob turned and we went one block over. Our original plan was to head straight to the Farmers Market, but Google could not seem to find it.

We saw a sign pointing to the Lighthouse, so we headed there. I jumped out and took a picture.

20190815_115833 (2)

Then we continuing looking for the Farmers Market. Bob turned into the Library. I spotted some folks on the next street with white bags. So we left the car there.

We walked over a block and there was a couple with bags of vegetables, so I asked them where the Farmers Market was located. They gave us directions, for about a block away.

The market was on M-31, in Eastside Park. The traffic in all directions was at a standstill, due to the bridge being raised for a boat to cross into the bay. We crossed to the market and walked the two blocks along the bay. There were the usual items plus a few vegetables.


We stopped for lunch at the Great Lakes White Fish and Chips. Bob had the fish and chips, which were excellent and I had a nice BLT.

The town was having their sidewalk sales, so we wandered through the crowds, sort of looking at the items for sale. One vendor had Sonoma t-shirts. Since Sonoma is a Kohl’s brand, I think they bought excess from Kohl’s and was selling them for this sale.

There was this pretty mural.

20190815_130420 (2)

We returned to the car and went in search of the famous Mushroom Homes. Here were the ones that we found.

20190815_131324 (2)





We returned home to happy dogs.

Friday- We worked again. We were very tired after work, but we spent the evening with the dogs outside, enjoying the nice weather.

Sat. Aug. 3 to Fri. Aug. 9- Cadillac MI to Gladwin MI

Saturday-  Bob woke up to find that his hearing aid was not working. So we changed plans and drove back to Traverse City, to Costco. First he called them, to make sure that we were not going to drive there in vain. The guy in the hearing dept. said that they were totally booked for the day, but come in and they would take a look at the hearing aid.

So our first stop was at Costco. Gas had dropped to 2.54 since Thursday. Bob went straight to the hearing dept. and I wandered around the warehouse. It turned out there was a loose wire, which they fixed. Bob said he was hearing much better, as he thinks he did not realize that he was having problems with the hearing aid, having diminished output.  He eventually texted me, and we left, traveling to downtown. We easily found a parking place, which was surprising, since the Traverse City Film Fest was going on. We wandered into some shops, then weaved our way through the lines for the State Theater. We missed seeing Michael Moore and Lily Tomlin, who were receiving awards.

We ate lunch at the Grand Traverse Pie Company, taking home a small cherry pie. We drove home to Cadillac, arriving just in time to walk the dogs and to go to the Chocolate Slip and Slide.

It is “I love Chocolate” weekend at the park. They have had several chocolate related events.


The kids lined up and slid thru the chocolate. It was chocolate syrup, soap and water. The kids were having a great time!

We stopped in to see Bobbie, as she had our schedule short an hour. She had given us one five hour day, and two 4 hour days. So she added an hour to one day.

We went grocery shopping at Aldi’s, Walmart and Meijer’s. We returned and both fell asleep in the recliners. We ate the tamales we had purchased yesterday for dinner with a salad .

Sunday- Bob went to work in the morningMy hours were 4 to 9, so Bob worked for 4 hours, then did the last hour with me, doing the bathroom floors.

Monday-  We both worked early. Bob and I did the bathrooms at 9, and I opened the store at 10. It was a quiet day. Bobbie was late relieving me, so Bob left and returned home for lunch. Courtney finally relieved me at 1:30. I think Bobbie had the scheduled messed up. We had a quiet evening, up until it started to rain. It rained very hard, most of the night.

Tuesday- I took the dogs to the groomers at 8:30, then stopped at the nail salon for a mani. I stopped at Walgreens for Bob’s prescriptions, then returned home to a very quiet rig. Bob was at work from 10-1 and I go to work at 4.

They called at around 11:30 that the dogs were done. I went to pick them up. I was not happy with the inside of Karlie’s ears, so I had them do them again. Meanwhile, I walked the other two and put them in the car. I paid and took Karlie for a short walk, then placed her in the car. All the dogs slept on the way home.

I arrived home just as Bob was coming home for lunch. We ate lunch, and Bob went back to work to complete 4 hours. I went to work at 4. It was actually busy today, not like on Monday when it was really quiet. I dipped lots of ice cream, poured slushies, and taught some kids how to count money. Lots of kids have no idea how to count money.

Wednesday- We packed up and drove out of the park around 10:30. We drove south on M-131 to M-115 east. We turned east on M-61 and arrived in Gladwin at around 11:50. Our destination was the Escapees Chapter 6 Summer Rally, at the Gladwin Fairgrounds. 

We arrived  to find that we were not on the list. A lot of people were not on the list! I had sent 2 emails. Bob’s cousin, Jacque had said not to worry about it as the guy, Bob, never responded. I turned out that she was not on the list either!

Anyway, they had a site for us, and we parked near Jacque and Paul. Connie and Lavern were on our other side, in back of us.

We went over to Jacque and Paul’s to meet folks. At 3, we went to the building where  the events were going to be held, and registered.  At 4, we went to social hour at the pavilion. We went to dinner at 6, at The Family Diner, where we all had very nice dinner. We met two other couples.

Thursday- A lot of folks were arriving this afternoon, as the Rally actually starts tomorrow. We went with Connie and Lavern to lunch at a place called Mac’s on Main for lunch. Wow, was the food good! The also had a homemade strawberry jam which was awesome! We had another social hour at 4 pm. At 6 we had a pot-luck that Jacque had organized. Before the pot luck, there was Lavern’s famous salmon dip. It was delicious! There were 24 folks there, so we met a lot of new friends.

The dogs had a great time meeting other dogs and getting petted. We returned them to the rig, while we were eating. Bob fed them and after an wonderful dinner, they came back over with us.


Below is where the guys were smoking pork chops, which were delicious! 


We put them into the pen with Jacque and Paul’s dog, Stewie. That did not last long, as Karlie went over and sniffed Stewie’s food. We do not think that she ate any, but oops, that really upset Stewie! We took the girls out of the pen, and I don’t think Karlie is one of his friends any more! Never get between a dog and his food!


Friday- We had a breakfast scheduled this morning. Paul was one of the cooks. It was five guys cooking a delicious meal. We had scrambled eggs, sausage, and pancakes. There was a $4 extra charge for the breakfasts. This is a fund raiser for CARE, the Assisted Living at the Escapees Park in Livingston Texas. We are supporters of CARE and have been since we became members of Escapees in 2005.

We sat talking to other folks. We returned to the rig, walked the dogs, and went to the local Lutheran Church, which was having a rummage sale and bake sale. Not too many baked goods, but a big room with lots of other stuff. We did not find much, but as we were leaving, one of the ladies said that the books were free. So I grabbed 3 books. Bob did not find any… We ate lunch at home, took a nice nap, and went to an abbreviated social hour at 3:45.

At 4:30, we drove caravan style, to a Family Style Amish Dinner about 1/2 hour away. We pulled into the parking lot, parked and went into a room with 60 seats, in family style, for dinner.  There are 46 rigs at the Rally, and about 80 something RV’ers. Only seating for 60, so some of the folks went to dinner at The Family Restaurant, where we went to dinner on Wednesday evening.

The Amish dinner center is for groups only, reservations only. We said grace and the Amish family started passing delicious food down the tables. It started with fresh white and whole wheat bread, with butter, apple butter, and peanut butter. The peanut butter has a marshmallow cream in it, and boy, was it delicious. The apple butter had a nice cinnamon taste. I had to sneak pictures, as the Amish do not like to have their pictures taken.


Next they passed salad around, then the dressings, Ranch and French. Next,  the mashed potatoes,  then a mix of peas, carrots, and green beans, followed by broaster chicken and ham. I had to loosen my belt buckle!

Dessert was either  freshly backed apple pie or angel food cake with fresh strawberries(they were like a strawberry preserve)! Yummy, yummy, yummy, I had too much in my tummy!!

We drove back, and since we had really good internet, not like at Camp Cadillac, we watched Bosch on Amazon Prime. The group were supposed to have a campfire, but the winds were really howling!   

Sat. Jul. 26 to Fri. Aug. 2- Cadillac MI

Saturday- We both woke up at 5 am when we had a really bad thunderstorm.  We were off today, so we went to the Farmers Market, then Aldi’s, Walmart and Meijer’s. We stopped at Burger King for one of the impossible burgers. These are the veggie burgers. They do taste a lot like ground beef!

We had a quiet afternoon, taking a nap, since we had been up so early this morning. We woke up again, to another really severe thunderstorm. We went to Bob’s Big Boy for dinner. There are not a lot of places to eat in Cadillac. 

Sunday- The weather was a little better today. Bob took the sheets and towels to the laundry and I did a lot of laundry at home. We had a quiet day.

Monday-  We were working again today. We cleaned the bathrooms this morning at 9, then I opened the store at 10. A little past 10, we had a really bad thunderstorm. The phone rang and it was one of the campers. There was a tree down in the exit road.  I told Bob, who was in, filling ice bags, due to the rain. He could see the road and the back up of people trying to leave. He called Bobbie and Dan. He met Dan, as Dan was just coming back into the park. They moved the tree trunk ,out of the road, in the rain. Then another camper let us know another tree was down. Fortunately, all of the sites were empty, where the tree fell. The rest of the day went better!

Tuesday-Bob went in this morning to do 4 of his 5 hours. He will do the final hour with me at 8 pm. I work from 4 to 9. It was a steady, busy evening.

Wednesday-  I went to have a hair cut at 8:30. Bob was still home when I returned a little after 9. He went in early again. I made a casserole for dinner. Bob will cook it, then join me for dinner on the picnic table in the office. I had a quiet evening.

Thursday-  We went to Traverse City.  Our first stop was lunch at the Omelet Store. I had the Traverse City Cherry Salad and Bob had the BLT which he declared excellent. Our next top was at the liquor store, where Bob loaded up on some beer. Then we went to Costco. Gas was $2.55. It was $2.69 in Cadillac. We purchased some items, then returned to Cadillac.

Friday- We drove north, to about 15 miles north of Traverse City, to the town of Elk Rapids, for their Harbor Fest. Our first stop was at the Farmers Market, located at the Rotary Park. We purchased some pork tamales.

We traveled a little bit farter north and turned west into the downtown. We drove through the downtown, and found a parking place on the street, just past the craft fair. We went to the craft fair, which was a little disappointing. There was not much to it.


We walked over to the Library, which was also holding a book sale. I purchased two books. Bob did not find any.  Then we walked thru town and back to the Food Truck area. We both purchased a crepe, from the same gals who were at the Holland Festival back in May.

After eating our crepes, we drove about a mile north to Shorts Brewing Company. Bob had a stout. They did not sell flights.

We drove back through Traverse City and back to Cadillac.