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Sat. Oct. 16 to Fri. Oct. 22- Sun city AZ

Saturday- We put on our uniforms and left to be at the Posse a little after 8 AM. It was an open house for the Posse, with the Fire Department joining. MCSO (Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office) was supposed to join us, with their helicopter, but one of the officers was killed, so they did not attend. The Fire Truck had to leave early because of so many calls. Some people went through, but it was not the crowds they were anticipating. A number of people who came through put in applications to become volunteers. That is a positive thing!

We had a lunch afterwards with sandwiches, chips, coleslaw, potato salad and cookies, all from Fry’s. At the lunch table, Gene who is the uniform store guy and his wife Pricilla sat with us.  Pricilla asked Bob about his BAHA. Of course she had never heard of a BAHA. It turns out, that her brother was born without an ear, and Bob was the first other person she had ever met who had the same congenital defect. Bob told her all about the BAHA and the surgery. She was going home and calling her brother, as she does not think he is aware of the BAHA. She is also going to tell Gene’s brother about it, as he is profoundly deaf.

We returned home and had a quiet afternoon at home. After dinner, Bob went to an astronomy event for International Observe the Moon Day. He took pictures with his cell phone, then took pictures using someone’s 10” diameter telescope.

There were over 100 people attending this desert event.

Sunday- We did our usual run to Fry’s and Walmart, really early today. We returned home, did our financial stuff, and cleaned up a bit. I put out last week’s blog. We ate lunch.

At 1, MaryAnne and Ray arrived. Then Paula and Charlie. We had some snacks, then a birthday cake and ice cream for Charlie’s birthday this week. His kids are coming next weekend, so we won’t see them then.

We solved the world problems, then Paula and Charlie toured the condo, which they had not seen. They left about 4:45. We did not go to the concert tonight as we were tired.

Monday- I had my Diamond Painting workshop this morning. Bob dropped me off and went to the motor home, in the storage area, to try out a board that he is inserting to keep the mattress in place on the Murphy bed. It worked, so he brought it home to sand it and to apply varnish.

He picked me up at 11:15, and we ate lunch. Bob dropped me back off, and ran some errands. I had my afternoon card making class. We learned a new card. I made these two.

Bob picked me up at 2:30 and we returned home. I unpacked my card items and Bob went back to finish sanding. We ate dinner, then went to the Next Gen meeting. We forgot to make reservations, so they reminded us. Reservations, online, are requested because they need the numbers attending for RSCS (Recreation Sun City Services). We really need to remember to check the website every week. Had we done so, we would have known to bring nickels so we could have played the nickels game they had scheduled after the meeting.

Tuesday- Bob had Posse patrol this morning. I dropped him off and returned home. I returned for the 9 AM Operations meeting. I returned home and worked on a few projects. I returned at 11:15 to pick up Bob. We came home, ate lunch and waited for the next guy who was coming to give us an estimate, at 12:30. He arrived at 12:55. 1 point against him right there! Then he said he could not do the entire job, so we sent him rapidly on his way. We still do not have written estimates from the 2 other companies. So now we have to start on another list.

We left at 1:10 to go to the Best Friends Dog Club meeting at the Fairway Rec. Ctr. We arrived and explained that we had to leave early because I had a Doctor appointment. We were able to sign Koda up for a Level 2 Manners class. We wanted the agility class, but they are on Thursday, and that is our Posse day starting in November.

We left and now had some time to kill, so we walked into the Library. We both found a book. Then we went to my appointment with the Doctor for the Neuragenex evaluation. We arrived early and were taken into a room, by about 2:20 for my 2:30 appointment. Then we waited until 3:20 for the Doc. He came in apologizing, for keeping us waiting.

He did a quick physical and checked my meds and allergies. Then we discussed the treatment. I had given him a copy of the EMG from last year, as he is not in the same local medical group. I really liked the Doc.

He talked about the Neuragenex treatments, and said that he had been skeptical when they first were told about the machine. He says that they have seen results and he has been impressed. He also wants me to do Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO), first. The Neuragenex is covered by the insurance, but the HBO is not covered. The price was reasonable, so I am going to do 10, 1 hour, treatments. The Doc also took us over to the machine and showed it to us. I am claustrophobic, but I think I will be able to do this treatment. It is not as confining as an MRI machine.

We came home, ate dinner and had a quiet evening.

Wednesday- We both had Dermatology appointments at 9:50. Bob went first and had two biopsies and a lot of spraying. I had one biopsy, and only 1 spray. We went to Lowe’s and purchased two lights.

We returned home, ate lunch, and I went to my afternoon embroidery card class.

I was able to finish the teaching circle that Linda had me working on to learn how to do certain stiches. Because I had embroidered for years, I only needed to learn how to do a circle.

At 5:30, we went to the happy hour on the green here at the condo. There were 12 people there. The dogs enjoyed seeing their canine buddies! We enjoyed seeing folks we have not seen so far this fall also!

Thursday- Bob had Posse traffic this morning. He was helping with the traffic at the Pickle Ball Tournament. Sun City has the most Pickle Ball courts in the country! The tournament was held at the Marionette Recreation Center, which is north of us. I dropped Bob off, returned home, and at 7:40, left for my HBO treatment.

I did fine with the treatment. There is plenty of room in the machine, so my claustrophobia did not kick in. I cleaned out pictures in my phone, listened to an audio book and basically relaxed for the hour. The hardest part is getting in and out of the machine.

I ran to Costco and was actually able to get a package of paper towels. That should last us at least a year, as that is only the second package we have purchased while living in the condo. I also picked up navel oranges, apples, and Propel.

I stopped in at the Sundial Recreation Center, as the Calligraphy group was having an open house. Linda was there. I joined the group and am going to take a 4 session Calligraphy class.

Then I stopped at the weekly Farmers Market. I only purchased some Jicama (the crisp, white-fleshed, edible tuber of a Central American climbing plant of the pea family (Pachyrhizus erosus, family Leguminosae ), cultivated since pre-Columbian times and used especially in Mexican cooking.) Dad used to bring them home when he traveled to Texas in the winter.

From there I went to Walmart to pick up Bob’s prescription and two tomatoes for our lunch sandwiches.

I returned home and put away everything. I finished just in time to go pick Bob up at the Marionette Center. I returned home and we ate lunch.

I went to the Bell Center to play Ponytail Canasta with the Next Gen ladies. There were 4 tables of players. I had a great time with lots of laughter. Patty was my partner and we lost by 50 points. Not bad, as we are both new to the game. I had played in Colorado, years ago. I had tried playing at Paradise, but they were cut throat, and it was not fun.

I returned home and we had a quiet evening. We BBQ’d some ribs for dinner and watched some recorded TV.

Friday- We had another person come to do an estimate on the patio. We freaked when he gave us a top of his head estimate. It was very high. We were impressed with him, so we are working with him on the price. He is supposed to send a written estimate this weekend. We will see…

We ran to Floor and Décor to look at tiles. I found one that we think would work, but I want to look around some more. The tiles are for against the building.

We returned home, ate lunch, and I went to my next HBO treatment. I took along my iPad and read a book. I fell asleep in the machine! The tech had to wake me up when the session ended.

I picked Bob up and we stopped at Dairy Queen for two small chocolate cones. Mine was free, as I had a free one on the app. We ran to Lowes to get another light, but this Lowes did not have any. Then we were off to Walgreens. They had denied Bob’s Vitamin B 12 prescription. He had called them, but this time he went in to the store. The Doc had sent a new prescription to them, but for some reason they had not sent the correct prescription request to Caremark. So Caremark had denied the medicine. Bob said there were a lot of people in line for booster shots. He did get the issue corrected, and we can pick up the prescription tomorrow.

We returned home and had a quiet evening.

Sat. Oct. 9 to Fri. Oct. 15- Sun City AZ

Saturday- I had a massage scheduled for 9AM at the Bell Center, which is the closest recreation center to us. There is a new gal doing the massages, as there were two ladies and one had quit. So this is my birthday massage from September. It felt so good, and she really stretched me out.

That was the highlight of the day. We did nothing interesting the rest of the day. I did half the laundry.

Sunday- We were off early to Fry’s then Walmart for groceries. Do I need to tell you we are paying a lot more for groceries? About half again what we were paying just a few years ago. I only had one coupon also!

The door to into the garage broke. So Bob went to look for parts at Ace Hardware. They did not have what he wanted. When he returned, I was in the garage, taking laundry from washer to dryer, when the car lit up. Hmmm, that was odd, so I went and got Bob. He read the manual and played with the car, and could not find anything wrong, other than a red light was on, in the dash. Finally, he found that the light was supposed to be one. We have no idea, what was going on….

We left at 4:40 to go to the Sun Bowl for this week’s concert. We sat with the Next Gen folks. The band was Faded Jeans. Evidently they are a Sun City favorite. We actually liked the band last week better, but these guys were good also. Bob and I slow danced one dance, and then went into a fast dance. My feet did not bother me, but I did not want to overdo…I have been wearing the boot at home, and the wrap when I go out.

Faded Jeans at Sunbowl

Monday- Bob dropped me off at the Craft Room and he went to the Garden Club to see about getting a spot to garden.  He found that it would cost about $150. Not worth the money. He also stopped and picked up a few items. He was not having a good day, as he did not sleep well last night, so he returned home, picked me up at 11:25, ate lunch and took a nap.

My morning class was a diamond painting class. We made a few cards, which were really fun to make, using up left over diamonds.

After lunch my class was just regular card making, and there was not an actual class today. I had taken some partially finished cards with me and I finished them up. 

I arrived home early, so we went to JoAnne’s and Costco. JoAnne’s was a mad house. I had to wait in a pretty long line, but I bought everything I was looking for…Costco was much better, and we buzzed right through. We did stop on the way in to get gas, $3.15/gal.

We returned home and had a quiet evening. We are now going to bed at 9 pm, so that we are always on Posse time.

Tuesday- Bob had Posse this morning so we were up early. I dropped him off and returned. I read the local Sun City newspaper and saw that the Retired Nurses Breakfast was listed as the second Monday. I was dressed and ready to go there today. Hmmm, so I texted the gal who is assigned to get my RSVP. She called me. Yes, the breakfast is moved to Monday. She assumed that I knew that the day had changed. OOPS; they had lost the second Tuesday time slot to someone else, during the pandemic, and it is now the second Monday of the month. Oh well, there is always next month.

I picked Bob up at 11:45. We returned home and ate lunch. Bob went to the Wood Shop to sign up to monitor. Just as he was leaving, Barbara, the lady who cleans everyone’s condo arrived to clean ours. She is very inexpensive, so we are using her 1x a month.

We had leftovers for dinner and watched some recorded TV.

Wednesday- I was monitoring at the Craft Room this morning; I had to be there at 8:45. Bob was cleaning and repainting the shelfs where the washer detergent is kept in the garage.

The gal who had signed up to orient me had erased all of her Wednesdays. I did not get the story, but evidently something upset her. Linda, who teaches the card embroidery class, came in and oriented me. 

She also had a task she needed to complete. So after she showed me how to open up the room, we proceeded to spend until 10:30 sorting fliers for the Fall Craft Show which is on for this year. It is always the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving and is a huge undertaking. I have attended every year we have been here, except for last year when it was cancelled. I am really looking forward to it this year. No, I will not be selling there this year, but hopefully next year. The craft room found that they had to put a “membership in good standing for at least 6 months” into the rules, because people would join, just to sell and not to be active members. When I am monitoring, and someone wants to buy something in the craft room, I have to check the money for counterfeit bills. Seriously!

Once we completed the sorting task, I was able to start working on a craft I brought with me. I can work on small projects at the desk, as monitoring is pretty boring.  I was relieved at 11:45, so I ran home, ate lunch, and Bob drove me back to the craft room for my afternoon, card embroidery class. I had chosen a project that looked simple, but turned out not to be. Linda had to help me with the project. I only finished one half of the project and I am going to wait until next week to complete the rest.

Bob picked me up and we returned home. At a little past 4, we left for the Fairway Recreation Center for the Best Friends Dog Club. We signed up for the year. Then we went to sign up Koda for a class. We had not known that we needed to have her rabies vaccination record there to sign her up. So we paid our membership, but have to return on Tuesday to sign her up for a class. The classes are $60 for 7 weeks.

We returned home, ate leftovers and had a quiet evening.

Thursday- Bob had an appointment with the surgeon for his arm at 9 AM. I have an 11:00 Craft Club meeting. This is the monthly meeting and I have to attend 2 a year.  Bob wanted me to go to the surgeon appointment with him. We arrived and they made me stay in the waiting room. Bob went in and it took a while for the Doc to find his lump; then she did. Bob said she felt it all around and he was pretty sore afterwards. We are trying to schedule outpatient surgery for early November. We were going to Lake Havasu, AZ, with the Roadrunners, but we may have to cancel that. That leaves that week open for his surgery. We are hoping to schedule next week.

I ran to the meeting. They introduced me, as I was a new member. The club president is stuck in Canada, so the VP ran the meeting. It lasted until 11:50. I raced home and picked up Bob. Then we went to Chompies, at the mall, to meet up with Ray, MaryAnne, Paula and Charlie. (The other Gray’s). 

We met up with them in the outdoor seating. They had ordered, so we checked in and ordered also. We sat there talking until almost 2 pm. Paula and Charlie are staying at an RV park up I-17 for a month. The parks around us have gotten so expensive. They are visiting with us and other friends. We had a great time visiting!

We left and went to Total Beverage. Then home again. We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Friday- I was monitoring again in the morning. I have to monitor 4x in a year, so I am trying to get this year out of the way. Plus I was needed. Bob had to go to the Cardiologist, for him to clear Bob for surgery, before they will schedule his surgery. Bob picked me up at 11:45, and we ran home. I took off for the Posse Ladies Lunch at the Palmbrook County Club. We had a nice lunch at this very nice restaurant. I had a really good Honey Walnut Chicken Salad.

Bob meanwhile, cleaned the patio and did some other chores around the house.

I returned home and we had a quiet evening at home. BTW, the weather has been beautiful. We had a couple of cool mornings, then the weather went back into the 80’s.   

Sat. Oct. 2 to Fri. Oct. 8- Sun City Arizona

Saturday- We had received a call last evening from a second landscaping company, so we have her scheduled for 9 AM on Wednesday. We had another company yesterday. We are getting 3 estimates for the patio.

I did not sleep well again last night, as the right foot kept me up with pain, even with the tape on. I am going to have to do something different!

I took all the tape off to take my shower. Once I was able to get the bone back in line, we taped the area with exercise tape, making sure all of my skin was covered. Then Bob put duct tape over the area. Hopefully this will work!

I dropped Bob off at the Wood Shop for his orientation. Everyone has to undergo an orientation to the shop and the equipment. While Bob was there, I ran and picked up a 4 piece Black Forest Cake, at Fry’s for his birthday tomorrow. It’s his favorite.

We had a quiet day, with me keeping my foot elevated. Bob picked up prime rib for his birthday dinner, from Georges. We have enough for 2 days! It was very good.

Sunday– Happy birthday Bob! We went grocery shopping, with me in the boot. We started at Fry’s, then Walmart. We returned home and put everything away. Bob had a free burger from The Habit, so we ordered burgers for lunch. I had an impossible burger, which I thought was very good!

I did laundry and we had a fairly quiet day up until 4:45, when Diane and Jim picked us up to go to the Sun Bowl for a free concert by the band, Uncle Click. The band was great! We met up with the “Next Gen” group. This is a group of younger members of Sun City. Jim and Diane belong and we are planning to join. It was very hard not to dance, with my foot, but we enjoyed the music. We had taken our dinner with us. We ate our dinner, and decided to get some ice cream from one of the food trucks. By the time Bob got there to get us cones, the truck had left. Oh well, next week we will get ice cream first and eat dinner second!

Monday- I was off to the craft room for the Diamond Card Making. I worked on the Christmas cards. Bob had dropped me off and went to the storage unit to get a couple of items out of the rig. Then he went to Costco for a few items. He picked me up at 11:20. We ate lunch, then I returned to the craft room for the Card Making class. There were only 3 of us there, as the gal who was running the group, was showing a very difficult card. I decided I did not want to do that card, as it was actually a cute booklet. So I stamped a lot of cards that I will be working on in the future.

Just as I was leaving, my Orthopedic doctor’ office called me. I have an appointment for Wednesday to figure out what is going on with my right foot. I had gone straight to the Doc’s assistant to get the appointment and she squeezed me in. I stopped at the Library and returned a book and picked up a couple of books. We had been doing more laundry, and Bob had everything hung up.

We ate dinner, then went to our first “Next Gen” meeting. We had joined online this morning and RSVP’d for the meeting, so they had our name tags there. The membership chair escorted us to a table and introduced us. Many people came up and introduced themselves. We were impressed as to how friendly and welcoming everyone is! We were a bit overwhelmed with the list of activities. They have a Wine Tasting this Friday night were there are already 73 people signed up! Bob would be allowed, and encouraged, to bring beer! Not sure we are going to attend, but it is outside.

Tuesday- We were up early, as Bob is doing the Posse. He is helping with one of the divisions. I dropped him off at 5:45 AM. I returned home and worked on some tasks.

At a little before 9 I went to the Posse General Meeting. At this meeting, the Fire Chief, the Police PR cop, and assorted management from Sun City attend. The community is also welcome to attend. There was a speaker who told us about the Sunshine Club, which is actually a warehouse with over a millions dollars’ worth of inventory. They loan out all sorts of medical equipment.  Bob met up with me at the Posse. He had been doing Vacation Watches and they only had one medical call.

We signed up to sit at the Posse table during the Fire Safety day on October 16. This is a big event that the Fire, Police and Posse do jointly for the community.

I returned home and Bob returned to his duties. MaryAnne came over at 10:30 to chat and we sat out on the patio until Bob texted me to go pick him up. I took the dogs with me, as we are trying to get them used to riding in the car, somewhere else besides the Vet or Groomers.

We had a quiet afternoon at home, taking a nice short nap.  After dinner, Bob went to the Astronomy Club meeting. They had a film about some students finding two stars that were circling each other. He said it was really interesting.

Wednesday- A really busy day for us! We had an estimator coming at 8 AM. He called to cancel, and change to tomorrow. Then we had another one coming at 9 AM. She showed up and did the estimate. Her ideas were a little bit different than the prior estimate, which we still have not gotten in writing. She is supposed to send the written estimate this evening to Bob’s phone.

I had a 10 AM appt. with the orthopedic Doc. I arrived to find a zoo in the waiting room. It was really crazy there. I checked in and found the last seat. Fortunately, they were moving people through, because there were people with walkers, crutches, canes etc. showing up for appointments. It was so loud, it was hard to hear the names being called up to the window. A little bit after 10, I was finally called up to the window. I was told that the Doc had an emergency this morning, so that he was running behind. The gal handed me an iPad to check in, so I filled out the information and made some changes. She had taken my driver’s license and insurance card, so that when I returned the iPad, she gave me those and the next paperwork. I was able to get a seat near the door that my Doc is behind. After about 10 minutes, I was taken back for X-rays.

When the X-rays were completed I said to the employee “guess I have lost my seat in the crazy waiting room”. He said no, and he took me to a different, smaller, quieter waiting room inside this area. Whew, that was so much better!

I waited another 15 minutes and was taken back into the exam room. The gal and I chit-chatted as she was taking my information on what had occurred. About 10 minutes later the Doc appeared. He apologized for the delay. I told him it was okay since Yolanda, his assistant, had squeezed me in for today.

He looked at my X-rays, and I have no broken bones. My pain is much better since I have been using the Athletic tape and duct tape. He said that he was glad that I came in, as people who have this injury usually wait too long and have more issues, resulting in surgery. My diagnosis is micro-tears in the planar fascia, from doing exercises for my planar facitis. I am to use the boot for 3 to 4 weeks, and he ordered steroids (ugh) and a lace up wrap for sleep. I was taken to another area, and told to sit there. I sat and a gal called me back to another room. She then tried on to different wraps, going with the medium size. She asked me if I had met my deductible, which I have. She said if I would take this home or order it online. The price to the insurance is $250. The price online is $16. Isn’t that ridiculous!

I headed back home. It was noon by the time I arrived home. Ate lunch and completed a few tasks. At 1, Bob and I left for my appointment with the neurologist. This is the same Doc Bob has seen in the past. The traffic getting there was unbelievable. All the snowbirds are not back yet, but it was still crazy!

The Doc came into the room, and looked at my wrapped foot. I said, nope, other foot! This Doc had done the EMG, in April, so he already knew I had the neuropathy in the left foot, probably secondary to the 2020 ankle surgery. He said that is as good a guess as anything else.

I have been trying to get into a facility which does the Neurogenic treatment. He was familiar with the treatment, as he had read articles about it. He said if my insurance pays for it, then get it done. There is limited data, but it sounds promising. At this point, there is no cure for neuropathy, which is a deterioration of the nerve. The Neurogenic treatment sends electric stimulation to the area, to increase blood supply to the nerve, to hope fully stop the degeneration or improve the nerve. Neurogenic treatment is approved by the FDA and Medicare does cover it, but we do not have Medicare B as our secondary, as Bob is retired federal government.

The Doc ordered Gabapentin, which is typical medication for this diagnosis. It is not a cure, it is a pain management, without using pain medications. I am starting on a low dose, and taking 1 x a day for 2 weeks, then increasing to 2x a day. I see him in 3 months, with increasing dosages in between. So I have 2 new medications.

We stopped for ice cream at Brusters, as it is really close to the Doc’s office. We returned home. I sat out on the patio reading a library book, after switching to the boot. When I heard from Walgreens that my two prescriptions, Bob ran to the Walgreens drive-thru to pick up my meds.

I started taking the Gabapentin with dinner, and will start the steroid in the AM, per MD instructions.

Thursday- I had a follow up appointment with the NP this morning at 9:40. I took the paperwork from the medications with me so that she could update my records. She spent a long time reviewing my lab work and medications with me.

While I was gone, the estimator, who had called yesterday to change times, arrived and met with Bob. He wanted to take out our concrete and add new concrete, so that was a no go, as our concrete is in pretty good shape.

At 12:40, Diane picked me up to go to Ponytail Canasta with some of the Next Gen ladies. We played until 3, and I had a great time. They mix up the tables, so I did not get to play with Diane. I will be going back again, as I really enjoyed the ladies. I have not played Ponytail Canasta since Denver, several years ago, but it did not take long to pick it up again.

While I was playing cards, I received a call from the Doctors office that does the Neurogenics. I was able to set up my intake appointment for 10/19.

We ate an early dinner, then picked up Jim and went to the Sun City Democratic Club. We joined the group and the speaker was a member of the Corporation Commission for the state. This is an important group, who regulates the corporations, such as water and power.

Friday- The alarm woke us at 4:45. Usually we wake up a little before the alarm, so we were hustling this morning. We made it to the Posse by 5:45. We were scheduled for Division 2, and also had 40 Vacation Watches. Whew, it was a busy morning.

Things were going along okay, until we arrived at one house where the garage door opened when Bob tested it. There was also a car in the driveway, which was not listed as being there.

Of course, right at the same time, we had an emergency call, so we had to ask for someone else to take it, as we had to find out what was happening at this house.

We called the Duty Officer, Courtney, and she said she would meet us there. The inside of the garage was a mess, with dirt, leaves, boards and a lot of junk mail and bills, on the floor. The cabinets were also pulled open. The door into the house was locked. Courtney, made sure that the door to the house was locked (the double check confirms our findings in case of problems with the owner of the house) and Bob called the owner in California. She said that she did not know why the garage door was open. She asked us for a referral of someone to fix the problem. Bob told her that we do not do recommendations. We just made sure that the house was secure, and that only her garage door was open. We did not mention the mess inside. Evidently, no one has been living in this home for over a year. It was up to her to take care of the issue. The strange car in the driveway was the neighbor’s car. Bob had gone over and asked him, as he had two cars in his driveway. We had suspected that was the case, as people do that all the time to make it look like someone is living in the home.

Since we spent so much time on this, we raced to do more of the Vacation Watches. We finally finished the last Vacation Watch at 10:45 and started our drive-by’s. We made it past one of the banks, when we received an emergency call. So we were off to that. It was at a Dialysis Center, almost next door to the hospital. We arrived at the same time as the fire engine and the ambulance. We stood guarding the fire engine and the ambulance. They loaded the person into the ambulance and turned out of the parking lot and into the hospital next door where the ER is located. Seemed like they could have just walked the gurney into the ER, but it is probably rules.

We were able to do 3 more drive-by’s before we were called to end our shift. That left 3 undone, but that happens sometimes. We told Courtney, and she said that was okay!

We returned home, changed clothes, ate lunch and fell asleep on the sofa. Bob was scheduled for Traffic Training at 2 pm, so he took off back to the Posse office. He was back by 3:45. I am not signing up to do Traffic Control, as it is all standing, and with my current feet issues, it is not something I want to volunteer for!

We had a quiet evening at home, watching some recorded TV. We are glad that Call the Midwife is back on for another season!

Sat. Sept. 26 to Fri. Oct. 1- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We went to the RV storage and washed the rig. That took us about an hour and a half. It was pretty dirty. It is going to rain, but we wanted to get the road dirt off the rig. Bob will go back some-time soon to wax the rig.

We returned and continued putting items away in the condo. We had also taken some of the items we washed back to the rig.

Sunday- We went grocery shopping at Walmart. We found that they were missing a number of items, the most important being low fat cheddar and pumpkin, for the dogs. So we went to Target for those. They carry the cheddar, but no pumpkin. So we went to Sprouts and found the pumpkin. There is going to be a pumpkin shortage for Thanksgiving, so we are trying to stock up for the dogs.

We returned and put the items into the refrigerator. Bob then ran to Safeway to pick up Marsala cooking wine. We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Monday- I had a Diamond Painting class in the morning. Here is the card I made in class. There are several of these types of cards. I will be sending them to my elderly cousins, who are not on Facebook.

Bob did some tasks around the condo. In the afternoon, I had a Greeting Card class. Bob dropped me off and went to the Wood Shop to sign up for the orientation this Saturday. Then he went to the metal shop for a pole for our spinner. Here are the cards I made in the afternoon class.

He picked me up after class. The Sun Center is only about ¾ mile away, but it is a busy traffic area, so we do not ride our bikes over there.

Tuesday- I had an appointment in Scottsdale with a place that does neuropathy care. I am having a lot of pain for my left foot, secondary to my surgery on the left ankle January 2020. It turned out to be a Chiropractor office and it was definitely not going to help my issue. So I called another place and made an appointment where I think that insurance will cover the treatment.

Wednesday- It was an early morning. We went to the Posse to do Vacation Watches. We completed 40 of the Vacation Watches. Bob had downloaded a delivery route app. It was a learning experience. We had to work our way through learning how to use the app. So it took a little bit longer than we thought. That’s okay, we think it is going to work well. We found several people home, who had forgotten to notify us they were home.

I rushed home after duty, changed clothes, ate lunch and went to an Embroidery Card class. Since it was the 5th Wed. of the month, the teacher offered a class in what she called “paste cards”. I made four of them. Here they are…

Thursday- We had a quiet morning scheduled, so we did a lot of tasks around the condo, including calling landscapers to do our patio. We have two out of three scheduled to give us estimates.  Bob had an appointment to have our oil changed in the Highlander, so he went there after lunch.

Friday- Posse Vacation Watches again. We were at the Posse at 5:45 AM. On Wednesday, Bob had tried a delivery route app. It was a learning experience. We used it again today and it worked a lot better for us. We plan to continue to use it when doing Vacation Watches.

My right foot is really having an issue. This is not the foot that I had the surgery on in 2020. The right foot has a bone, at the bottom of the great toe, which is popping out of alignment. As you can imagine that is very painful. So Bob did all the walking. I drove and did the paperwork. I tried to get an appt. with the Doc, but could not get one. I have requested one and left a message for his assistant. I am taping the foot to try to keep the bone in align. I did not sleep well last night.

Once we arrived home I iced the foot and re-taped it. I also put on the “boot” I had from last November. That seemed to help some…

Sat. Sept. 18 to Fri. Sept. 24- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We were exhausted and decided to just keep putting items away in the condo and doing laundry. We took a nap in the afternoon. We ordered Chinese for dinner. Nothing exciting.

Sunday- We were off to Frys and Walmart for groceries. Our refrigerator looked very empty! We returned home, put away the groceries and went to get the RV. We brought it over to the condo and cleaned the inside of the rig. That took just about an hour.

We ate lunch and returned the rig to storage, stopping on the way in to dump the tanks. We went to In n’ Out burger for National Cheeseburger day. We each had one of their great burgers. We returned home and waited for Ray and MaryAnne to arrive. They stopped by to pick up some grape juice that MaryAnne wanted from the Finger Lakes. This was their first time in the condo, as MaryAnne has an autoimmune disease and cannot get the vaccination. She came through double masked.

We took a nap and had leftovers for dinner.

Monday- I had a mani/pedi scheduled for 10 AM. I went to the salon. They apologized, but there had been a car accident that had tied up traffic and they were running behind. Could I return in an hour?

I left and went to the Bell Center to the craft room. Due to Covid, the room had been closed until after we had left last spring. I toured the facility and received the paperwork. I saw some items the ladies were working on which were really cool!

I returned and had my mani/pedi, then I back home. We ate lunch and went to the Posse to meet with Tina, at 12:30, for a refresher course. It was only 1 hour, but she went over the changes made during the summer. The biggest one was that they moved from 2 divisions to 3.  So we received new maps. They also stopped the Patrol volunteers from doing the Grand Avenue office, until November when most people are back, because they are short staffed.

We stopped at the batteries store and picked up some new batteries for the living room ceiling light and fan. We ran to the storage unit to get a couple of items out of the rig. Then we stopped at the PO to drop off some items to mail.

We stopped at Ace Hardware for Bob to pick up an item. We returned home and did some more putting stuff away. We had a quiet evening.

Tuesday- at 9 am, we had the Posse Operations Meeting. We were welcomed back. Our Division Lieutenant welcomed back the “birds’ flying south including the Gray birds. The way he said it was funny

At 1, I had a hair appointment. Finally, I was able to get my hair cut! Bob went with me, as I was going to drop him off at the Laundromat in the same shopping center. We arrived and the Laundromat had new owners and was having their grand opening on Thursday. So they were not open. So Bob dropped me off at the hair salon and he went to Harbor Freight, which is just a short way down the shopping center.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Wednesday- I was out the door at 8:30, in uniform going to the Posse. I was scheduled to do the “Board” who meets with potential members to meet them and review their qualifications. It was fun and easy. There were 2 support service applicants and 2 patrol applicants. We were done by 11.

Bob had a doctor’s appointment at 1. He is changing doctors to the Doc at the Village Medical in the Walgreens just north of us. He is in the same practice, and the Doc that we both talked to when we had Covid. He like this Doc.

I have been working on some Ancestry again. I had a lot of hints, so there is a lot of catching up to do.

Thursday- I had my Doc appt. I am changing doctors also, as my doc moved to Scottsdale. I chose a FNP at the same location, so she is overseen by Bob’s Doctor. It was a good meeting.

I stopped at Bash’s grocery store to pick up a few items we had forgotten. We ate lunch. At 1, I had orientation at the Craft Room. To be a member, you have to monitor 4x a year, so I have 4x to get in, before December 1, so that I can attend the Christmas Party. This took about 1 ½ hours, as we talked a lot. The gal who was supposed to do the orientation, had to call 911 for her husband, so she had called a substitute. The sub had not done it for a while, so she had to go a little bit slower to try to remember everything. She had a list, but wanted to expand on items.

I picked Bob up and we went to Total Beverage and then to Costco. We ate dinner and watched some TV. The repaired item for the bed arrived, so Bob had to take apart the bed and put it back together again.

We went to bed at 9, instead of 10.

Friday- We were up early to head over to the Posse. We did just 20 Vacation Watches today. We wanted to take it slowly, as this was our first day back. Starting next week, we will do 40 each time.

We were done about 9 AM, so we returned to the condo. We saw Smitty’s bike in front of Mary Ann’s back door, so we walked over. Carol was also there. We chatted until about 10 AM, then returned home. We changed out of our uniforms and read until lunch.

Bob took the RV duvet to the Laundromat and I cooked some low calorie chocolate muffins. At 3:30, we went to happy hour over at Diane and Jim’s. Just the 4 of us. Bob gave Jim a beer, and Bob drank some of Jim’s beer. We had a great time visiting and returned home after 6, to the dismay of the dogs who like to have their dinner on time!

Sat. Sept. 11 Granite City IL to Fri. Sept. 17- Sun City AZ

Saturday- moving day. We left around 8:45 and drove out to I-70. We drove thru St. Louis, taking I-44 west. We drove to Springfield Mo. We arrived at the Elks Lodge at about 2:30, to spend the night. We have 30 amp electric behind the Lodge. It was in the high 80’s with high humidity, so we stayed inside. There was nothing going on at the Lodge.

Sunday- moving day- We left Springfield and continued west taking I-44. We spent the night at a BW in Granite City, OK, just east of Oklahoma City.  We stayed in the driveway of a beautiful home in a very upscale neighborhood. The home had 50 amp service, as they had put in an outside socket to allow friends and BW members to stay overnight. We were their third BW. The home is located on 2 acres of land and it was very quiet. We could not get satellite, due to the house blocking us to the southwest. We could get over 60 “over-the-air stations”. We were able to run the dogs on their property.

Monday- moving day. We drove west towards OK City, turning south on I-35, then west on I-70. We will continued west on I-70 to Arizona. With the time change, we arrived in Amarillo and stayed at AOK RV Park. We have stayed at this park numerous times. I am happy to say that the park had been cleaned up a bit. It is an old KOA. We stayed for $14 under PA.  We were able to get satellite service, with FHU, in a flat site.

Tuesday- moving day. We continued west on I-70 to ABQ.  As we were driving west, we noticed strips of water on the road. They were intermittent. I was driving, and since I did not know what the liquid was, I tried not to drive over the spots. We eventually, caught up with a “Texas Friction” truck which was putting the water on the road, to determine the friction of the pavement. We had to look it up to discover what this was for…it’s to determine the friction of the concrete and to determine the quality of the pavement and its installation.

In ABQ, we stayed at Kirkland AFB. Again, the base was under strict admission. The MP had us turn around, he helped us, and sent us about 4 miles south to the Truman Gate Visitor Center, so that I could obtain a visitor pass. We arrived and went into the VC. Bob had to show his card and I had to show my driver’s license and put my Social Security number into their computer. They then gave us a pass for me, which has to sit in the windshield.

We drove 4 miles north, thru the base, to the RV park, which is just ¼ mile from the entrance where we were turned away. They no longer accept reservations, its 1st come, 1st serve, but the gal put us into a site near the office which had 30 amp. We could not get satellite in this site, so we asked to move. We traded sites with a pop-up camper who pulling in right behind us. They wanted the shade.

We pulled into the next site, and the electric did into work. So Bob went back and asked for another site. They moved us to another site, which had the sewer connection on one side and the electric on the other. This does not work for us. So Bob asked for different site. They finally sent us to the section of the park we had been in the last time we were here, after the Balloon Fiesta.  This was a good site. We settled in and it was hot, so we stayed inside. The sky became dark, and we anticipated rain but none arrived. The internet is not that great. We have 4 bars, but very slow service.

Wednesday– moving day.  Wow, we had a wind storm overnight with the motor home rocking. The gusts were allegedly 20 mph, but we think they were much higher than that. Neither of us slept well.

When we woke up, we checked the weather and the wind was going to calm down. Thank goodness, we were not going to travel with those gusts of wind!

We left just before 11, which is check out time. We continued west on I-40. We only traveled about 130 miles, to Red Rock City Park in Gallop NM. We have stayed there before. Bob had made a reservation for one site, but it was a terrible site. The park was much fuller, than the last time we were there because they have a lot of people living in the park. The office moved us to another site where we were able to get satellite. The park is 30 amp and water. They have upgraded with concrete pads under the picnic tables and new picnic tables. They also have put in two restroom/shower buildings. At about 8 pm, Bob’s phone rang. It was Kirland RV park staff, calling to check if we were staying overnight. Bob said no. The gal said that there was a cone in the site we left. Bob told her it was not there when we left and that we were long gone.

Thursday- moving day. Yes, we are getting tired of moving so much! We continued west on I-40 to Flagstaff where we turned south onto I-17. The winds on I-40 are always blowing, but they did not seem to be as bad this trip. We stopped in Flagstaff and bought diesel at Sams Club. The diesel was $2.97/gal. We left there and went to the truck stop to eat lunch in the rig. The diesel was $3.95/gal at the truck stop. Wow, it is so much easier and cheaper to purchase our diesel at a ‘gas station’ then at the truck stops we had to use with the larger rig.

We continued south on I-17 to Cottonwood, and turned into the Verde Valley TT. We had a struggle finding a site which was flat and where we could get satellite. We finally found a site and settled in for the evening. We were tired. We could have gone all the way to the condo, but we would have arrived in temperatures over 100 degrees, and we did not want to be unpacking the RV in that heat. We had a quiet evening.

Friday- moving day. We left at about 8:15, and drove south on I-17 to Hwy. 303, to side roads. We arrived around 10 AM and started unpacking before it became too hot. It was already in the low 90’s.

We were done by noon and after lunch we took the RV to the storage unit. dWhen we had arrived at the condo, the dogs were ecstatic! They raced around the condo, checking it out! Todd stopped by to say hello. Smitty said hi to us also. When we were trying to open up the condo, Bob found that the shower cartridges were frozen. He called our handiman, but he could not help us. Bob called Smitty, who has a plummer. Bob called the plummer. The plummer was out of town, but he called back and had one of his workers come over to fix the problem. Great, as we really needed showers after cleaning out the rig.

hWe took a nap, as we were both worn out. After our nap, we had to go to Costco, so when we arrived in the parking lot, we ordered dinner from Texas Rhode House. We shopped then stopped by to pick up our order. We ate, watched some TV and went to bed early.

Sat. Sep. 4 Amesbury Mass to Fri. Sep. 10- Granite City IL( East St. Louis)

Saturday- We went to a craft beer store and Bob purchased some beers. He was not really happy with the selection, the store had, but he liked the beers he purchased. We went to Walmart, then back to the restaurant we had been at the other day. I had the baked scallops again, with rice and coleslaw. Bob had the clam basket again, which came with French Fries. So yummy! We were able to sit out on the deck again!

After lunch, we went and did laundry. It was just an okay laundromat. We stopped for ice cream at a stand. It was pretty good. We returned to the rig and we had planned on going to the pot luck, but it was actually bingo.

Sunday- We had a quiet morning, doing our bills and budget. At 1, we went over to the pot luck for a late lunch. We were the only ones who showed up! So we returned and decided the heck with them. We had sandwiches for lunch and we had the brownies I had for the pot luck.

Monday- we had to change sites. It was really stupid, as they should have put us in that site at the beginning. Now we could get satellite and it was flat. We were able to ride our bikes today, as the roads had dried out. We sat outside, until it started to rain again. Bob was able to get the bikes up on the rack and the chairs inside before the rain started.

Tuesday- moving day. The traffic was not as bad as expected, but we think more than usual. We traveled thru Massachusetts and New York. We stayed the night at a Walmart in Dickinson City PA, just north of Scranton.

Wednesday- moving day. We continued thru Pennsylvania and stayed at another Walmart in Youngstown PA. You’re probably thinking we are crazy for staying in a Walmart parking lot, but there are truckers and other RV’ers there, so we feel pretty safe.

This parking lot had a retention pond which was fenced in. Then there was some grass, and then the outside property fence. Between the two fences , the area was about 30 yards wide. So Bob stood at one end and I stood at the other, and got the dogs to run. All this driving is hard on them, and they needed to get some energy out. Especially, Koda, since she is only 4.

Thursday- moving day.We traveled thru PA to Ohio. We stayed in a PA park, out in the corn fields, north of I-70. This was a really nice park. One of the nicest we have stayed at, ever! We paid ½ price, which was $32 for the night, FHU, pull thru. We did some more laundry, as we are not sure we will be at a park with a laundry. We did 5 loads, but they only had 2 washers, but they had 4 dryers.

Friday- moving day. We stopped in the office and paid for the night. The park owner’s mother-in-law had passed yesterday, so he had asked us to pay this moring, before we left. We also purchased propane, dropped off trash, and left.

Again, we had a long day traveling. We continued west on I-70. We stopped in Indianapolis at one of our favorite restaurants, The Tamale Shop, for lunch. It was only 6 miles out of our way, mostly interstate. We purchased 4 tamales for $16, including tax. Good Tamales are 4 for $20 in Sun City! These tamales are really good. We had found this on Triple D a few years ago.

We continued driving west on I-70. We finally decided we would stay at an Elks Lodge we had stayed at before. Bob left two messages, but he never got a return phone call. We just showed up. There are only 2 sites,. Bob went in and checked in and I backed the rig into one of the sites. We cannot get satellite, as we are backed up to trees. But we have over 50, over the air TV stations, so we can get the news. We also changed time zones today; we are now in the Central Time zone now. This always confuses the dogs!

We went to the Lodge for dinner. Bob had fried cod and I had fried shrimp. That is all that they had. Both of us had mac -n-cheese. I had coleslaw and Bob had french fries. As guests, we had 1 round of free drinks. I had wine and Bob had a Killian beer.

There is a huge grassy area in the back of the Lodge, so we ran the dogs again. Roxie only ran a few feet, but Koda took off, circling then running back and forth between us. We wore her out again!

Sat. Aug. 28 Bar Harbor ME to Fri. Sep. 3 Amesbury MA

Saturday- We did laundry this morning, hiking up to the laundry room. They have 4 working washing machines and 4 working dryers. Once we finished all the loads, we left and took the shuttle to the NP Visitor Center. We took the Jordan Pond shuttle to Jordan Pond. We got in line to sign up for lunch. It was a 90 minute wait. We got in line to go into the NP store. We finally wandered through the store, then we went down to the ‘pond’. We walked back up to the restaurant area. We checked the menu and decided it was a waste of time to just sit there.

Bubble Rock there are climbers on the rocks.
Joradn Pond with Bubble Rock in distance.
Jordan Pond view from overlook at restaurant.

We walked right out and boarded the shuttle. We took it back to the Visitor Center. We took the Village Green shuttle and went to lunch at the Side Street Café. By this time it was almost 3 pm. Bob had an appetizer and I had a piece of blueberry pie.

We took the shuttle back to the Visitor Center and then on to the campground. We had a light late dinner.

My 50th High School reunion was cancelled. We had already decided that we were not attending. I think there were a lot of cancellations, and the organizing committee decided to cancel. It is rescheduled for June 11, 2022.

We had already cancelled several of our reservations and we are returning to Arizona after Labor Day.

Sunday- moving day.  We traveled to the nearest town, about 15 miles away, Ellsworth. We went to their new Walmart for groceries. From there we worked our way to I-95 south. We had light traffic for about 2 hours. Then the traffic steadily increased until it took us 2 hours to go 26 miles. We moved onto Rt. 1, then I-295. We drove thru Massachusetts to New Hampshire. The park is right on the border of Mass and NH. Technically, it is in NH, but the mailing address is Amherst MA. We drove off the side road in Mass, entering NH on the park road.

We arrived at 2:30. We parked in our site and set up. We had requested a site where we could get satellite. The gal, Susan, was very nice and moved us to a premium site. This park is included in our upgrade, so it is already paid for. We still could not get satellite, but we have FHU, with cable, and the site is relatively flat.

Monday- We left and went to Costco. We completed our shopping and went to Yard House for lunch. We drove back to the RV Park and settled back in for the evening. We BBQ’d our dinner. By the time we finished dinner, outside, the mosquitos were out, so we moved inside and watched some TV on cable. 

Tuesday- We left around 10, and drove north, back into New Hampshire. We stopped by a Goodwill where Bob picked up some shorts and I purchased two books. Then we went to another shopping center where Bob went to Home Depot and I went into Kohl’s. I needed a new white top, as the one I had somehow developed a large stain on the back. I was able to buy almost the same top, which was on sale (isn’t everything at Kohl’s on sale?) and I had $5 in Kohl’s cash, so the top only cost $4.99. Good deal. It was less than anything at Goodwill.

We continued north to Hampton Beach. We traveled thru the beach, south to Salisbury Beach. We found a nice restaurant, called Tuna Strike Pub for lunch. Bob had his fried clams and I had my broiled scallops. These were on our list for this summer. It’s really hard to find scallops, and almost impossible to find broiled, rather than fried! This was the first time we could find them! The broiled scallops were not on the menu. I told the waitress that that was what I actually wanted. She said no problem! We were sitting out on their covered porch.

Restaurant view
Bob had a non-alcohol beer which he really liked!

We continued south, then turned west returning to the RV park. It was less humid and really nice out. So Bob got the bikes down off the back of the RV. I was able to ride my bike. I rode around a short distance and there was a “Little Library”. I stopped my bike to check the books and realized that I had lost my phone off the back of the bike. EEEK!

So I grabbed two books and rode back to the rig. I got Bob and we rode my route several times looking for the phone. We did not find it. We returned to the rig, and Bob called my phone. The guy who answered said it was in the office. I rode over to the office. Sure enough, Jason, one of the rangers, had the phone. He said he was driving the golf cart around the park, and there it was in the road. He picked it up and took it back to his office. I thanked him profusely for getting it and taking it to the office.

I continued my bike ride around the park, which felt so good to ride around!  Although, the roads are dirt and fairly bumpy. Which is why I lost my phone!

We sat outside reading our books and enjoying the weather. We grilled dinner. After dinner, we went inside, as the mosquitos came out for their dinners! We are able to stream here, so we streamed some movies.

Wednesday- Everything outside was wet from a heavy dew, so we did not pack up anything, yet. We are expecting the remains of Ida to arrive later today. We left and went to Walmart grocery shopping. Then we stopped at Petsmart for Koda’s food. They were all out of her food. So we looked for another Petsmart. We had to drive west to another Petsmart. We stopped at a Lowes on the way. We were able to get the last bag of Koda’s food, in the right size. We stopped for diesel.

We ordered a carry-out lunch at Benedetti’s Deli. We were glad that we both ordered the small size! The small was huge!

We returned to the RV Park. We settled in, and packed up everything and put it into the rig. We ate half of our lunch, saving the rest for tomorrow. Bob emptied the gray and black tanks, and filled the fresh water tank. Bob walked the dogs and we were ready for Ida to arrive. The rain was slow arriving. The local TV stations had predicted it would arrive at around 12 -1, PM. It started at about 6 pm and rained hard all night.

Thursday- We were fine after Ida passed thru. The RV Park has a lot of puddles and it’s muddy, so we are not planning to go anywhere. We will just wait for it to dry out.

I worked on the blogs all morning as we actually have internet, which we paid for, so I am able to transfer the pictures. We ate lunch, then read our books in the afternoon.

We had a quiet evening at home, streaming some movies.

Friday- The puddles are still here. They are only a little bit smaller. The ground is so saturated. It is so humid our towels are not getting completely dry after our showers.

We had a quiet day at home. It was too cool to sit outside, so we read our books, I worked on the blog, Bob did some of his 1st of the month tasks.

We walked over to the office and picked up a copy of the activity schedule for the weekend. There are quite a few activities, mostly for kids, right through Monday. We worked on our travel plans. We plan to arrive back at our condo on September 17th. I called the gal who is going to clean the condo before we arrive, and she will be cleaning on the 16th. We ate dinner and watched some TV over the air.

Sat. Aug. 21 Old Orchard Beach ME to Fri. Aug. 27- Bar Harbor ME

,Saturday- We drove north to purchase propane. What an issue that was! We went to a Tractor Supply, who had a propane for sale sign up and a big propane tank. They no longer fill RV’s. The employee told Bob to drive north to a Shell Station who sells propane to RV’s. We arrived and found that they only had one employee on duty, so that person could not go out and fill the tank. He sent us to a U-Haul. Bob called the U-Haul, and they said yes, they could fill the RV. So we traveled south to the U-Haul. They could not find their connector! We stopped to pick up Bob’s prescription at Walgreens. We arrived to find that the pharmacy is not open on the weekend. The recording had said that the pharmacy was not open on Sunday. It said nothing about Saturday! This was a major issue. We are leaving tomorrow. Our day was not going well….

 We decided to continue with our plans at that point. We drove north about 30 miles to Freeport for our visit to the LL Bean Factory Store. We had trouble finding the RV parking. We finally gave up and went to a regular parking lot that said no RV parking. We parked at the very back with the bikes hanging past the curb. This parking lot never filled up while we were there, as there were parking places closer to the buildings.

We went to the Café and had lunch. We were looking for shorts for Bob. We arrived to find that they had lots of shorts, just none in his size. They had sold out of his size yesterday. In addition, neither of us found anything in the sale area. Well, that was a waste of time!

We drove back south and stopped at Old Orchard Beach RV Park, near our park, which is another very large park. They also do not sell propane. We finally gave up and went to get some ice cream. We both purchased a small hot fudge sundaes. The small was the size of a large most places. I only at ½ of mine and took it back to the RV and put the rest in the freezer.

We parked and started doing the laundry. Fortunately, the laundry was almost right across the street from us. We did four loads.

We had dinner and sat outside enjoying the cool air, until it became too chilly. There was at 6 PM a happy hour, but it did not look like anyone attended.

Sunday- Moving day. We drove north on I-95 to Waterville, where we turned east onto Hwy 178 which we took to Rt. 1. We turned onto Rt. 3 and went to Bar Harbor. We turned into Mt. Desert Narrows RV Park. They put us into an uneven site where we could not get satellite. We were also next to a young large dog who barked every time our dogs went out. We settled in and had a noisy evening.

Monday- We went up to the office to ask for a different site. The gal was great. She moved us to another site. The site we moved to was flatter and we could get satellite. We were glad to be away from the dog who barked at every dog that went past. The owner was trying to train the dog not to bark.

Since we were moving, we went to the Post Office to pick up our mail. Then we stopped at a hardware store for some items. From there we went to Mt. Desert Narrows Too, the sister resort of where we are staying. We were able to purchase propane there, by showing our pass from where we are staying. The resort where we are staying also did not sell propane.

On the way back, we stopped at the Bar Harbor Visitor Center to obtain the schedule for the shuttle and brochures about things to do in town. We settled in at our new site. We ate lunch, then walked up to the office to catch the shuttle to the Acadia NP Visitor Center. This is where all the shuttles merge. We took the green shuttle into Bar Harbor.

Our first stop was at the Walgreens. Bob explained about his two medications. When we picked up the mail this morning, I found all of my medications had arrived. Bob’s had not. Bob had a confirmation of when his medications were sent, and he called our mail forwarding service and they did not have the medications.  So Bob got online with the Postal Service and put in a lost mail notice.

The Walgreens staff were great. They started working on the medications. By the time we finished wandering around town, they had texted Bob that they had one of the medications ready to be picked up.

While we were wandering we stopped for some ice cream, at Jordan Pond Ice Cream and Candy shop. Now knowing that small in Maine is large, we ordered one small that we split. It was delicious! Half each was perfect.

We returned to the Village Green to catch the shuttle back to the Acadia Visitor Center. The shuttle is interesting. It is also very confusing! Because of Covid, there are only four shuttles running, except when they are not! There is a campground shuttle which runs every ½ hour, except when it runs every hour. Of course, they don’t communicate any of the changes, and they don’t tell you that some of the buses close down for lunch. It would be hard to complain, as the shuttle is free, as it is sponsored by LL Bean. They started the summer with about 140 drivers. They are down to about 30. At this time of year, school bus drivers leave to return home. We have to take the campground shuttle to and from the Visitor Center at Acadia NP. We caught the return shuttle and walked back to our site.

We sat outside and enjoyed the nice weather.

Tuesday- We went back downtown to Bar Harbor for lunch. We stopped at a breakfast place, because I wanted blueberry pancakes. They were closed because it was Tuesday. So we went to Bar Harbor Beer Works. We arrived a little bit early, as they open at noon, so we wandered the shops again.

Just before noon, we joined the line. We were taken upstairs. I asked how much a lobster roll was. $35!!!!!! We have been paying $22. Yes, $22 is outrageous, but the current going rate. Lobster prices have skyrocketed. I had a chicken salad sandwich and Bob had a Rubin. He also had a nice Porter.

Bob had gotten a text from Walgreens and we wandered back down to the store. Bob had to get a new prescription and authorization for the missing medication., which was crazy, since he just had the one mailed, which is missing He had spoken with Caremark, but he still had to do more. So he texted his Doctor and asked them for the authorization and another prescription. We did the shuttle ride back to the Visitor Center and then on to the campground.

Wednesday- Since we were still dealing with the prescription, we went downtown again. We went back to the breakfast place for lunch. They were closed again today. So we went to another place, Jason’s Restaurant. Bob had a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich and I had my blueberry pancakes. I took ½ back with me.

We went next door to Hannaford’s and bought some groceries. Then we tried to catch the bus at the end of the street. That did not work, so we walked back to the Village Green and took the bus back to the Visitor Center. There was a car accident on the road, so the driver turned around in the Holiday Inn parking lot, and we took a different route back to the Visitor Center. We missed our shuttle to the campground, so we ended up waiting an hour (lunch break for drivers), and finally return to the campground.

We sat outside and enjoyed the nice view and the warm breezes of the water. We BBQ’d chicken for dinner and ate outside on our picnic table. I took this picture of the sunset.

Sunset from Desert Narrows RV Park

Thursday- We took the 9:45 shuttle to the Visitor Center. We climbed up to the Visitor Center (52 steps) and I stamped a piece of paper to put into our NPS Passport Book. There was a line to go into the shop, but the stamp was on a table outside the door. The NPS employees had also set up a tent outside to answer questions and there was a long line for that. We had no questions so we moved right along.

We entered a long line for the #4 bus, which is the Loop Road shuttle thru Acadia NP. We knew to get a seat on the driver’s side, as that is the side the water is on. The road is one way, most of the way.

Just after we left, the driver’s radio went off with a message that there had been a shuttle bus accident on the Loop Road. Evidently some people who were driving the one way road, had turned the wrong way and run head on into a shuttle. No injuries, but the driver was reporting it to his supervisor.

The shuttle moved so quickly I could not get pictures on the way. One stop was at Sand Beach. People are so stupid. A car and an RV (which was not allowed in this parking lot), were fighting over a parking place. The shuttle could not get through. The driver honked. Then he got out and yelled at the RV driver. Boy, was he mad! The RV got the parking place.

We got off the shuttle at Thunder Hole. There was no ‘thunder’ today. The last time we were here, we were able to see/hear some thunder.

We hopped on the next shuttle and got off at Otter Cliff. That was a BIG mistake! We looked and took pictures. The shuttles run every 15 minutes. We waited 45 minutes. A #3 bus to the Village Green came. At 55 minutes a #4 bus, the one we wanted arrived. The driver opened the door, closed the door and took off. There were about 10 of us there waiting. The shuttle was full! So we waited. At one hour, the next Village shuttle came.  We got on, and rode into town. By this time it was afternoon. We went to a deli where we had seen lines. We purchased lobster rolls ( $21.95) for lunch and ate them sitting on a bench, watching traffic go by on Main Street.

We walked down to the bay and took these pictures.

We walked over to the Walgreens to check on Bob’s prescription. They said it would be ready tomorrow. We walked down to the Atlantic Brew Company, and Bob had a flight. On the way we passed this stuffed Puffin.

 We returned to the Village Green and took the shuttle back to the Visitor Center. We arrived at the wrong time and had to wait 45 minutes for the shuttle back to the campground. At least here, we can sit on a rock in the shade. I have been reading a book on my phone while doing all this waiting!

A nice worker walked up to us and asked how our day was going. We told her what happened. She was very concerned. She reported our experience to the supervisor. They have already put in some extra shuttles (we saw one) for the loop road. Her husband was the driver for the campground shuttle. We talked all the way back. They are full-time RV’ers.

We returned and semi-packed up the rig and went to dump the tanks. We returned, set back up (that all took about 20 minutes), and we sat outside enjoying the nice weather. There is a nice warm breeze!

We BBQ’d pork chops for dinner and ate outside. We then sat and read a bit after dinner, until the breezes turned chilly. We have been able to stream off Netflix in the evenings. When I get the chance, I download some movies to watch when we do not have good internet. This park does not have paid internet, so what we have is not great.

Friday- We took the trolley to town to go to lunch at the Sunrise Café. If you routinely follow the blog, you know that my French Canadian ancestry takes over and I look for crepes. I found an awesome one at the Café.

From there we went to get Bob’s prescription. While we were at the Café. Bob received a text that Walgreens had received the medication approval. BUT, of course that was not the end of the story! The text also said that they did not have the medication. This is day 5 of the saga, and they don’t have the medication?? So we walked to Walgreens and checked in with them. They did have the medication! It took about 10 minutes, but they got the prescription ready. Finally, we have the needed medication, as Bob has been having symptoms. It was a good thing we were able to get the prescription, as this pharmacy is also closed on weekends.

We walked back to the Village Green and took the shuttle back to the Visitor Center. We then took the Loop Road Shuttle 4 around the park. We did not get off the shuttle this time, as we did not want to get stuck somewhere for hours.

We arrived back at the Visitor Center and took the Campground shuttle back to the RV. We sat outside enjoying the nice warm breeze of the bay.

Sat. Aug. 14 Addison VT to Fri. Aug. 20 Old Orchard Beach Maine

Saturday- We left and went to Middlebury VT to a laundromat. The RV Park had only 2 washers and 2 dryers, and one of the washers was broken. We spent about 2 hours in the laundromat. At least it was not as humid as the last time we did laundry, so it was comfortable.

We went to lunch in Middlebury at Mr.Ups, a nice little restaurant on the river. Bob had a Ruben and I had a grilled cheese. Both were very good.

We returned to the RV Park. We would have sat outside, as the weather was better, but there were too many mosquitos and bees.

Sunday- Moving day. As we were leaving, we dumped the tanks. On the way, we passed the Crown Point Lighthouse, across Lake Champlain.

We crossed the bridge over Lake Champlain, and drove back into New York to Ft. Ticonderoga. We paid $22 each, senior rate to enter. The entry road, the exit road was also tree lined.

We parked on the grass, as instructed, and we were able to get a spot in the shade, although that would not last long.

We had been given a map and program for the day. We walked over to the Visitor Center, and waited for the 10:15, 30 minute, Key to the Continent Guided Tour. The tour guide was excellent. He was a 22 y.o. History major from Tidewater VA. From the brochure, “In this entertaining tour, discover the incredible story of Ticonderoga and all the great experience Fort Ticonderoga offers today. Learn about the iconic battles of Carillon and Ticonderoga that occurred in the French & Indian War and the Revolutionary War. Explore groundbreaking preservation and reconstruction efforts that allow Fort Ticonderoga to bring to life its heroic tails.” It was a great presentation.

View of Lake Champlain from the fort.
Bob with the cannons
The drummers, bringing in the docent
Upper fort

We wandered into the downstairs of the fort and up on the walls. At 11, we went back down to the 25 minute Musket Firing Demonstration. This took place in the Demonstration Area. “Meet British soldiers in 1774 armed with muskets and bayonets. Go beyond loading and firing to discuss how the British Army in North America adopted tactical innovations after the French & Indian War.” From their brochure.

After, we went through the various exhibits in the buildings. We left and went to the Ft. Ticonderoga Café for lunch. The food was pretty good.

We returned into the Fort and looked at more exhibits. During this time, while we were upstairs in the soldier’s barracks, the “Fifes & Drums of Fort Ticonderoga” took place in the courtyard. “Listen to stirring tunes that eased the drudgery of a long march, or the many calls that regulated activity in the fort. Explore how drumbeats, trilling fifes, and songs created an 18th century world of military music.” From the brochure.

The Waggle showed that the temp in the RV was getting to 85, so we left, walked the dogs and started our journey to Croydon NH. On the way, we stopped in Woodstock at an ice cream place for Maple Creemees. Maple Creemees are soft serve maple ice cream. We had small ones in cones. They are so good and a nice change from chocolate. I think you can only buy them in Vermont!

We arrived at the BW in Croydon, which is about 5 miles off of I-89. We settled in for the night, after being greeted by Norma, the owner of the farm there we stayed. We used her internet and 15 amp electric. It was very quiet at her farm.

Monday- moving day. We left at about 10 am, to head to Camping World in Concord. We have a couple of items that we needed. We rarely go to Camping World, as they are known for being awful! Then we stopped at Home Depot for a couple of items. From there, we went to lunch at Beefees, a beef and seafood restaurant. We both had Lobster rolls, which were very good and piled high with fresh lobster.

After lunch, we went to Walmart. That was an experience! We have never seen a Walmart with mostly empty shelves. We talked to the gal in front of us in line, and she said it is always like this. She also said that the Dollar General and the Dollar Tree are both the same way. So after we arrived at the RV Park, we asked the neighbor about the Walmart. Nancy goes between Florida and here, and she said it is like this all the time!

We settled in to a site. We have FHU 30 amp. We cannot get satellite. We have 3 to 4 bars of internet.  We BBQ’d some chicken for dinner.

Tuesday- Nancy, in the site next to us, offered to drive us to downtown Concord. She did not feel that we would be able to get parking, with the rig, to visit the State House. We took her up on the deal. So at 9:15, we left to go downtown. It only takes about 20 minutes to get there. She dropped us off right at the entrance. I went and took pictures of the Daniel Webster Statue and the State House.

We went in and looked at the dioramas. We also looked around the Visitor Center. I stamped our Capitol Building passport.

The tour took about an hour. Astronaut Alan Shepard and Christa MaAufflee were both from New Hampshire. They had both of their pictures up on the wall in the Visitor Center. They also have all of the Presidential Canidates come in and autograph one of their bumper stickers. That was on the wall in the Visitor Center also.

Above on the left is the Senate Room with the nice murals. On the right is the Secretary of State’s office. This is where anyone who runs for President goes, in person, to sign up to run in the NH primary. It a very small office!

The House was closed for renovations. Interesting point is that every Senator or Respresentative, even those with more power, get $100 a year to serve. They do get gas milage reimbursement. Basically, they are all volunteers. One of the Respresentatives was on our tour, with her mother in a wheelchair.

We left and crossed the street to have lunch at Tandy’s Pub. I had a veggie wrap and Bob had a burger and a pint of Guinness. We walked down to the CVS to get some bug spray for the mosquitoes. They did not have any. So we returned to where Nancy dropped us off and she picked us up there.

We arrived back at the park at about 2:30. I worked on the blog and Bob walked the dogs. We grilled pork chops for dinner.

Wednesday- moving day. We traveled back roads to the Walmart in Somersworth, including a street called Ricky Nelson Drive (I’m sure there is a story). We laughed at that!

We stopped at Walmart, which actually had full shelves! We went to lunch at a restaurant called, Tuckers, it is a local chain and the food was very good. We stopped at Hannaford’s to supplement the groceries from Walmart. We stopped at a Sunoco for diesel, $3.09/gal.

We continued on back roads. We followed the GPS again and it took us under two bridges which were 12’1” and 12’0’. That made us nervous! Then we ran into a bridge that was 11.0”. Fortunately, the sign was just before a golf course parking lot. We turned in and turned around to back track about 1 mile. We went around the railroad bridge, getting on Rt. 1 north. We drove thru Old Orchard Beach to our destination, Pinehurst RV Park. It is an RV on the Go RV Park. We are staying 4 nights, $20 per night, with FHU, 30/50 amp, and cable TV. There are too many trees to get satellite.

We settled into our site a little after 3 PM. This is primarily a long term park. There seem to only be just 11 transitory sites. The roads are asphalt, so I was able to ride my bike all around the park.

Bob had trouble with the cable TV. So he contacted the office. The gal sent the park guys. There were two different cords present. Bob had hooked up the black one, which was logical. The black one is dead. He should have hooked into the orange one. They have just installed new cable TV.

The guys left, and Bob found that the cable still did not work. So he worked on it, and found we have a switch in the rig, that sends the signal to the satellite. Once he flipped the switch, we had perfect cable TV with 50 channels.

It started to rain, so we went into the rig for the evening. Bob signed us up for the internet, $15 for a week. The options are 1 day $5, 2 days $10 or a week. We were able to stream Grace and Frankie on Netflix.

Thursday- Watching the weather, we knew it was going to rain. Tropical Storm Fred was heading our way. So I went out early and rode my bike around the park. There are so many speed humps, that it was not pleasant. So I rode out of the park, hoping to get to the housing development next door. I could not get there, without riding on the narrow, very busy road. So I just rode down to the busy road, and around a storage facility. There is no office at the facility, so I just did a lot of loops. I rode back into the park 2 times, and back to the storage facility. I still managed to ride for ½ hour. It was very humid, but the temp was 72.

We ate breakfast and had a quiet morning, at lunch time the rain started. It really poured! I felt sorry for the folks on both sides of us, who have kids. The kids must have been going stir crazy, trapped inside. The rain continued all afternoon.

I took the opportunity to work on the blog. Wahoo, I am finally caught up!

Friday- We waited until 10:30 and walked to the RV Park entrance. We took the Trolley into Old Orchard Beach. The Trolley was $2 per person each way, cash only. We only had a $5 on the way, but the driver did give us a $1 back, although he did not have to make change, according to the directions. (He eventually got it back in the tip.)The Trolley goes to 5 different RV Parks, dropping everyone off at the Visitor Center in downtown. We went into the VC and asked a few questions. Then we walked 2 blocks to the downtown and walked up one side of the street and down the other side.

We stopped in one very nice store and I purchased this band type mask, which I put onto my hat, which had lost its band.  

We went to lunch on the pier, having lobster rolls for lunch. Lobster has gotten very expensive! Surprisingly, the restaurant at the end of the pier was less expensive than some of the restaurants in town.

We returned to the Visitor Center and took the Trolley back to the RV Park.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening.