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Sat Jul 14 to Fri. Jul 20- Vancouver, Tacoma, Concrete WA

Saturday- Last night we turned on the fan, the air conditioner, and the room fan on high, so that the ‘white noise’ drowned out the traffic noise from I-205. It worked very well and we did not have any trouble sleeping.

We left around 8:45 and drove south on I-205. We turned west on I-84 and drove straight to the Portland Farmers Market on the campus of Portland State University. We easily found a parking space on the street, right up from where we parked last week. We paid for 1 hour, and wandered around the Market. We sampled foods at the various vendors, but we only purchased  3 lbs. of Rainer Cherries $2.99 a lb .

We stopped at the Pine Street Biscuit  food truck and bought a biscuit to split. Kathy and Brian had thought we were crazy not liking the biscuit, so we were giving them a second chance. Actually, the biscuit was very good!

We left and went to Costco for gas, again, $3.08. We stopped to have crepes for lunch at a little bakery. They were very good with just the right amount of vanilla in the crepe. We think that the baked goods might have been good too, but we ran from them!

Total Beverage was next door and Bob stopped in to see if he could purchase some of the Tough Love beer that he likes so well. They will not have it until the fall.

We returned to the MH and watched people enter the Elks. We watched some of the Harry Potter movies we had recorded. We have seen them before.

We had seen in the Elks Lodge newsletter that they had burgers for dinner this evening. So we walked down to the Lodge. They looked at us like we were crazy. No burgers! Hmmm, so the bar tender went looking for their newsletter. It turned out, we had the Bellingham Elks Lodge newsletter, not the Vancouver newsletter. So no dinner and no breakfast in the morning. Oh well.

We walked back up to the MH and had leftovers from last night for dinner. We continued to watch the movies we had recorded from the Harry Potter USA channel weekend.

Sunday- We went to the Vancouver Farmers Market again. We wandered through and purchased from the same vendor as last week, a Blackberry/Ginger Balsamic Vinegar and a Lemon Zinger Balsamic Vinegar. We stopped at Chucks Farm Produce grocery store. We had seen another one of these and both of them had full parking lots.

We wandered through and now know why they were so busy. The place is like Trader Joes and Sprouts combined.

We went to lunch at Gustave’s Restaurant. We had been to the one in Salem with Tom and Diane. That one was ultra modern. This one looked like a German restaurant. The food was very good and we both took home leftovers, which we had for dinner.

After dinner, there was a knock on the door. Dave Olsen, from Roadrunners , had moved in with his Alfa. We invited him in and we chatted for awhile. He left and about 20 minutes later, his wife, Barbara arrived. We chatted with her for awhile. We will see them again in January, at Quartzsite, as they are the co-wagon masters with friends John and Karen Ratcliff.

Monday- Moving day-  We left at 8:30 and traveled north on I-5. Traffic was heavy the entire trip. Our destination was JBLM- Joint Base Lewis McCord. Bob had put the RV park in the GPS. We arrived and met up with the camp host. She said she did not have a reservation. Bob checked his phone and showed her the phone number. She said that that was not their number. We must be at the RV park at Ft. Lewis. So she gave us directions there. We went to the park at Ft. Lewis. Bob went inside the office and returned with directions to the McCord RV Park. Turns out that was where we were supposed to be…

So we followed the directions, entering McCord Base. We drove through the base to Holiday RV Park. This must happen enough that they have written directions to get to the other RV park. Bob had made the reservation through their main number for the three parks.

So we arrive at the correct park, and the office is closed on Monday’s. Huh? No directions on what to do. Just a phone number to call, the same number Bob has, and no one answered. So Bob walked over to the camp host’s rig. He was not home, but there was a different phone number there.

EVERY park we have ever been to, when the office is closed, has an envelope with your name and directions to your site, with a note to catch up with the camp host in the morning!

Anyway, Bob called this second number. The guy told Bob he was off today and the office was closed. Yeah, we know! He said he had the book in his car and would call Bob back. He did and we went to site 32. There were only 2 sites open. The camp host came by later to give us a map of the park, of course, after we had been parked and set up!

Meanwhile, Bob’s phone rang and I answered it. It was the doctors office calling about his medications. Our doctor had left the practice. Before she left, the office staff were supposed to forward Bob’s prescriptions to CVS/Caremark. The office did not do that. They did forward mine.

The gal said that the new Doc would not sign off on the prescriptions as he has not seen Bob. Bob is to come in for an appointment. I explained to her that we are in Washington State and he can’t go in for an appointment. She told me to have him see his doctor in Washington! AGAIN, I explained to her that we only have one primary Doc and he is in AZ. Not our fault that the staff did not do their job or that the old Doc left the practice. (Probably because of the incompetence of the staff!) She would put me on hold and ask the Doc again. Then she disconnected. She never called back and I was unable to get through to the office. I would be first in the que and they would disconnect.  Jerks!

So I went into Case Manager mode! I called our insurance Health Line. I spoke with the Nurse, explaining the situation. The insurance company has an MD Live program, free to us. So we signed Bob up for it. Then I gave the phone to Bob and he finished up with his history and medication list.

Then Bob went to walk the dogs. Of course, as soon as he left, his email alert went off. His phone was charging and he had taken mine. So I checked and went through the process of setting up the account. Then to ‘schedule an appt’. I chose schedule, not the right now option, and it went straight to right now. It would not let me change it.  So I texted Bob to return ASAP. He was just walking in the door when the Doc called! Interesting program!!

We left at around 3:30 taking the dogs with us to Judy and Fred Dillon’s home. They are Alfa owners we know from Paradise RV Park in AZ. The dogs were very happy to go and to meet up with their canine friend, Millie, the Dillon’s dog.

We had a great time catching up, and they served us a wonderful dinner. We arrived back home around 10.

Tuesday- We had to catch up on laundry, so Bob ran the towels and sheets over to the laundry room. The military bases are cheap, at $1 a load. Meanwhile, I washed some clothes.

At around 10, we left and went to the Glass Museum. We easily found parking in downtown Tacoma, 2 hr. minimum, $4. Our first stop was at Union Station. The former train station is now a Federal Courthouse. We entered and had to show the guard our drivers licenses. Then we were allowed to enter the first part of the building. It you actually want to go into the Courthouse portion of the building, you have to go through another security screening where they run you though metal detectors. Outside was this statue. There was no explanation of what the statue meant. Evidently a train traveler.


The area that we had entered had four Chihuly art works. There is an app that you can download which has a Chihuly walk, with info about the art works. We did not bother with the app.  In the center of the building was this piece hanging from the ceiling.

20180717_105742 (2)

Next to the stairs that we climbed to the balcony, was this plaque about the station.

20180717_105818 (2)

Up stairs, facing the bay, were these Chihuly sculptures. They were called The Monarchs. They looked more like lily pads to us than butterflies.

20180717_105846We continued to walk around the balcony. The next area was the “basket wall”. I had to take the picture from the other side of the room. These were actual drawings, not glass.

20180717_110213 (2)

The next stop was at the front of the building. These were called The Reeds.

20180717_110055 (2)

We continued walking towards the south wall to the back of this sculpture. It is called Lakawanna Ikebana. I have no idea why…

20180717_110201 (2)

All of this art has been donated to the government by Dale Chihuly and his wife.

We walked back down the stairs and left. We walked south and turned to cross the famous Chihuly Glass Bridge. First of all, so there is no misunderstanding, the bridge is not made of glass. It crosses over I-705 from the Federal Courthouse to the Glass Museum.

20180717_110450 (2)

The bridge is sort of a tunnel of glass in the ceiling. This is similar to the ceiling we saw in the Chihuly Museum in St. Petersburg FL.


This is looking back at the Federal Courthouse.

20180717_110657 (2)

20180717_110619 - Copy

Above are two other pieces of Chihuly.

We continued on to the Venetian Wall. The wall is facing south, still over the interstate,  and each piece has its own shelf.


There were a lot of these and each one was different. You could sit there and look at them for a long time!


We continued walking and descended the many steps to the street level of the Glass Museum. We paid the senior rate, $14 each to enter.


In the hallway on the way to the restrooms, there were numerous glass sculptures. The Museum has a program where they have children draw a design on paper, and they make the piece in their “hot” room. They make two and the kids get one and the museum keeps one. Here are a few…

20180717_111653 (2)

These were all designed by 9-11 year old kids! Above are Popsicle Man and Burger Man. Below is Flat Whale. What a nice program!

20180717_111843 (2)

 20180717_111916 (2)

We spent a short time in the movie, which was about the featured glass sculptor. Then we looked at the history of the museum. It was interesting!

20180717_112339 (2)

Albert Paley was the spotlight sculptor.

20180717_112630 (2)


20180717_112746 (2)

I was drawn to the one above.

20180717_112917 (2)

Here is the artist creating the piece above.

20180717_112927 (2)

They were interesting, but not something we would go out of our way to see again. There was also some Chihuly.

20180717_113117 (2)

20180717_113138 (2)

Then we turned a corner and saw this! It literally takes your breath away! The picture does not do it justice!

20180717_113416 (2)

These are some of the hanging objects.


Each of the blood draw tubes hold a different item. It was ingenious!


There were measuring tapes, tooth picks, tooth brushes, paper clips, pretty much any little item that you can think of…. below is a clothes pin with what appears to be a guitar pic…


Anyway, we were both fascinated by this!  So fascinated, I forgot to get the info on the artists!

We wandered through the “ Hot Shop”. They were hard at work….


This mural was outside the gift shop. It is made up of glass squares.

20180717_114230 (2)

The artist is Cappy Thompson, and she is in the center of the mural with her dog.

We entered the gift shop. This is of a glass knitting item. Look at the price! 


Here is a Chihuly for sale… just a measly $6500!


There was an expensive restaurant in the museum. We decided to try to find another place, and finally decided to go to IHOP for lunch! It was $0.60 for pancakes today. We each had the small stack of pancakes and turkey sausage. They even gave us the senior discount, so we paid about $6.50, total for the both of us! We gave them a good tip though!

We returned home. walked the dogs, did some laundry and prepared to leave. We drove back north on I-5 to I-705 to Dukes Seafood and Chowder House to meet up with my former business partner, Laurie Lamoureux. We had a great time visiting and an awesome dinner. The food was delicious!

We left at around 8:30 and returned home to happy dogs. It is always interesting getting on and off the base. Tonight there was a long line and they also asked for Bob’s drivers license, in addition to his Retired DOD Common Access Card.

Wednesday- I called and made an appt. for dog grooming for next week in Twisp. Bob was not able to do all the towels yesterday, so he did the rest this morning and I did another load of laundry. We left around 11 AM and went to Costco. Gas there is $3.03. We purchased Bob another pair of shoes. He had purchased some at the last Costco and he likes them so much, he bought a spare pair!

We went to Panera for salads for lunch, then went to Point Defiance Park. Judy had suggested that we visit this park.

20180718_131024We stopped at Owen Beach. Notice that there is no one in the water…the water temp is too cold! The air temp was in the high 60’s.


This was another view of Puget Sound from the overlook.



Now we were over at Gig Harbor on the other side of the peninsula.


We spotted sea lions playing in the water right below us.

20180718_132236 (2)


We drove the whole of the 5 mile drive, then went to the boat dock. On the left was Anthony’s Restaurant.

20180718_133943 (2)

Here is one of the Ferry’s. It was just loading.

20180718_133945 (2)

We left and went to the Gardens.



Then there were the aromatic roses!



We returned home and did some laundry. We stayed in this evening.

Thursday- Yesterday and today there was a marine layer over the area. Yesterday the weather cleared around noon. The forecast is the same for today. Temps should be in in the 75-78 range.

We decided to go south to Olympia. We went straight to the Capitol building. We easily found parking in the visitor lot. $4 for 2 hours. We walked over to the building, about a block away. We could see this fountain on the lawn in the distance. It was quite a fountain!


Since we had some time before the 10 AM tour, we walked to the back of the building to take a picture. The building looks like it needs to be cleaned.


Note the dome. It is the 4th largest in the world and the largest in North America.


We walked inside of the building, following Capitol Tour signs to the front entrance. There we met up with the Docent, Mark. We talked to him until 10. There was only one other gal in the tour with us!

Here is one of the front doors to the building. There is no security in this building. They only have cameras. They had security right after 9-11, but took all the stations down about 9 months after 9-11.

There were three of these doors, each with different bronze sculptures. There are 42 steps to walk up to these doors, representing that Washington was the 42 state to enter the Union.


All of the light fixtures and much of the bronze works are made by Tiffany.


We were taken into the Governors office. We were allowed to take all the pictures we wanted to, but no pictures of the employees. Below is the Governors conference table.

His chair is ornamental.

20180719_101530 Here is the inside of the rotunda.


Looking towards the front of the building from the rotunda.


Below is the Tiffany Chandelier.

20180719_102111 (2)

This piece is very interesting. On the bottom, which you cannot see in the picture are faces. They are the actual size of a person’s face. The light bulbs are the size of grapefruits, so this piece is very deceiving in size. The piece weighs 10 tons. The cord hanging it, weights over 1 ton.

So they built this building standing on a hill over looking the end of Puget Sound. But there are 5 buildings in the complex, and the one directly in front of the building is the Supreme Court, blocking the spectacular view. Another error that they made was that this is an earthquake area. Not long after the building was completed, they had a 6.5 earthquake. It rocked the building terribly, with all of the light fixtures swaying significantly, except for the piece above. This piece never moved! After the earthquake the building was closed to 2 years, for repairs, and they installed rebar behind the marble. It cost much more to install the rebar than to actually build the building.

They only clean and replace the light bulbs in the Tiffany Chandelier every 10 years. They tried to have people lowered from the ceiling to clean it and that did not work. They tried other ways…Finally, they just close the building and put up platforms to clean it and to change the light bulbs.

The rotunda area is rented out for various functions, including weddings. The cost is $300, which is cheap for a venue. They also have a state room where they have the balls etc. Below is the part of the State Room.


The piano is antique and since it need to be used to stay in tune, they have to persuade people to come in and to use it.

20180719_102639 (2)

The carpet is original. The marble in this room is French, In the building is French, Alaskan, and Italian marble. The outside of the building is sandstone from the Washington gorge. The table below is beautifully carved.


From here we went to the House side of the building.



The ceilings on both sides were the same, but the carpeting was different, although similar.


This second one is the Senate.


The House has electronic voting. The Senate does not. The Senate is overseen by the Lt. Governor. They elected a blind Lt. Governor, so they installed Braille. When someone is to speak, the Braille pops up for the Lt. Governor to “read” the name so that he can call on the Senator. I thought that was pretty cool!

Below is the Senate.


This is the Seal of the State of Washington. When they went to design the seal, they came up with all sorts of ideas. Finally, the bronze worker said no to their ideas. So they pulled out a coin and went with George Washington.


So there is a picture of George behind the Lt. Governors chair.

20180719_104006 (2)

This building was completed in 1928. Right before the Great Depression, so it is the last Capitol Building built in the Neoclassical style.

Mark took us to a hall with pictures of them constructing the building. He left us at the Gift Shop ( shades of Disney where you always leave thru a gift shop!). He suggested that we go around to the back of the court building to view the end of Puget Sound. On many days, you can see the water and the Olympic Mountain range. Not today. First though, we stopped to take a picture of the front of the building.


Here was the view.


We walked back to the car and drove about a mile to the Farmers Market. It is open Thursday to Sunday. There were about 50 vendors.


We wandered through and Bob sampled and purchased some Eastern European OlyKraut raw sauerkraut. We wandered through and decided to go to a seafood restaurant for lunch. We walked over to Bud’s Cafe. It was 3 stars on Yelp. The food was outstanding! I had the pan seared scallops with fresh green beans and rice pilaf. Bob had the coconut shrimp and french fries. There were fresh, hot sough dough rolls.  I was ready to lick the plate is was soo good! I gave them a 5 on Yelp!

On the way back to the car, we walked along the marina to this overlook.

20180719_125216 (2)

We climbed the 32 steps up. The picture below is facing back towards the Capitol.



On the way home we stopped at Walmart and Costco for gas, $3.09. We had dinner at home.

Friday- Moving day- We left around 9:20. I drove the MH and Bob drove the car behind.me. We had found that at the back gate to the base, there were not the usual plastic barriers to dodge while driving through. Even though it was a little but longer, there was also a place to hook up the car. So we went out the back gate.

This way out had a circle, then a zig-zag, but it was much easier. Then we turned right, drove about 3/4 mile, and pulled over to hook up the car. We drove onto I-5 north.

The Tacoma/Seattle are traffic is notorious for being awful. It was! Fred had suggested that we not take I-405, as he said that was worse. He suggested we take I-5 north and stay in lane 2, the second from the right. The right lane and left lanes go away at various times on this drive. So that is what we did.

I drove, as I get to nervous in cities. We had a couple of slow downs, and we traveled at a slow speed, with the traffic, but we made it through. This was our first (and last) time driving this way. Last time we were here, we traveled the Olympic Peninsula, and took the ferry across. That is what we will do in the future when in this area. This trip we wanted to see Tacoma and Olympia.

We turned east onto Hwy. 20, the Scenic North Cascade Hwy. and traveled east about 27 miles to the Thousand Trails Grandy Creek. This is a combo KOA/TT. We are in the TT section, with 30 amp and water. We are not impressed with this TT.

We settled into our site, sat outside enjoying the nice weather, BBQ’s a steak and watched the next Harry Potter movie.

Sat. July 7 to Fri. July13- Vancouver WA

Saturday- I had a hair appt. at 9 AM in downtown Vancouver. I arrived and the gal was very nice. She did a good job.

I returned and picked Bob up and we went to downtown Portland to the Farmers Market. The market is located  on the campus of Portland State University. It is a large market with lots of vendors. Last time we were here I purchased a small bottle of some awesome Ice Wine. The vendor was not there this year. Bob had purchased a really nice Sassan, and there were no beer vendors there at all. We purchased some “Cherry Bomb” pepper jelly.

We went to Dot’s Café for lunch. I had seen a review about their awesome burgers. Huh, we arrived and on the weekend they only have a brunch. Darn! So we had mediocre breakfast.

We stopped at Walmart then returned to the MH. We took a short nap, then went to look at the Elks Lodge. Friends Tom and Diane were at the Chehalis TT, our next stop. They said no satellite, poor internet, and no sewer. So we went to the Vancouver Elks Lodge to look at their RV park. It is going to be noisy, but doable. So we are planning to move there if we cannot stay at Route 99. We are hoping they have a cancellation, as the park is full. We cancelled our reservation at the TT Chehalis.

We stopped for gas at the Portland Costco, $3.03 gal. Much better than the $3.56 near us! We ate dinner at home.

Sunday- Our usual laundry and budgeting. Then at around 11, we went to the Vancouver Farmers Market. There were many of the same vendors as in Portland, but this is a very large market also. Dogs are allowed, but we do not take our dogs to these places as they would get stepped on or accidently kicked. 

We purchased some Cranberry-pear Balsamic Vinegar for marinade. We have had this before and love it on chicken.

We stopped at Burgerville, a local hamburger chain. Their lines look like In N Out burger. The burgers were about a 7 on a scale of 10.

We returned to the MH, read, watched TV and ate dinner at home.

Monday- Bob called and got an appt. for the windshield to be repaired at 3 pm. The weather is cooler and cloudy.

The DOT closed the east bound entrance to  I-84 off I-5  in Portland for the next month. So traffic on I-5 was supposed to be bad. Everyone must have decided to move to I-205, then there was a broken down Oregon DOT truck, so traffic is at a standstill on I-205. We are not planning to go far today, which worked out nicely!

We did some tasks around the MH. Then we went to lunch at Ce La Vi, a French restaurant which features crepes. We had a nice lunch and returned to the MH, stopping in at the office on the way into the park. We were able to sign up for 3 more nights, but we have to change sites in the morning. We will move from site 79 to site 84. It is a little closer to I-5, but should still be okay.  We spent the afternoon reading and working on Genealogy. We had a quiet evening at home.

Tuesday- We moved the MH from site 79 to site 84. That only took about a 1/2 hour. We did not put everything away that we usually do when traveling. I moved the car, with the dogs in it, over to the new site. Bob walked the tubing and the water softener over. Then we just backed the MH up, and he drove it the few feet to the new site.

We set back up, then around 11 we left for Pine Street Biscuits. This is a West Coast  restaurant chain, and a staple in Portland. We arrived to find that the line was out the door and down the block. That is usually a good sign!

We walked up to the counter and ordered. They give you a number, you find a seat, and they deliver the food. Neither of us were terribly impressed with the food and we decided it was not worth the calories. Oh well!

Right next door was Great Notion Brewing. This was recommended to Bob by my cousin Mark, so it was on our Portland to do list. Since we had a nice parking place in this busy area, we stopped in for Bob to have a flight.


Bob enjoyed the flight. He thought that the dark orange beer in the front was very interesting. It was a Watermelon Gose. All of the beers had interesting flavor combinations. By the time he drank the 5, 5 oz. glasses he was done for awhile!

We returned to the MH. On the way back in the park, we noticed that our old site was already filled. We had a quiet evening at home.

Wednesday- It is getting very hot in the area with temps in the high 90’s. We left early and went south to Fort Vancouver. We stopped at the Visitor Center and watched the movie about the Fort. It was very interesting, and the Fort was not what we expected.

Fort Vancouver originally was the site of one of the the Hudson Bay Company’s fur purchasing centers. Fur traders would bring the furs to this location and the company would purchase them, giving them money and/or food as payment.

Eventually, they gave the site to the Army, who increased the size of the Fort. The Fort was used during all the wars, right through WWII. Which is how they now have a General George C. Marshall house, General Grant House, and a General Howard house. General Howard, is who Howard University in Washington DC is named for; it was the first African American College in the US. General Grant never lived in the Grant House, but he visited it while staying in the Fort.

After the movie in the Visitor Center, we went to “ Officer Row”. These houses were going to be demolished. People in the area decided that they should be maintained, so an Historical Society was formed to renovate and save the houses. The house’s overlook the river in the distance, as well as the Fort. The Historical Society has utilized a very interesting public/private concept. Only the 3 houses are open to the public. The Howard House, which we did not visit. The Grant House is a restaurant, and the George C. Marshall House, which we toured. The tour was free. All the other homes were are maintained on the outside as they were, but are rented. Some to business, some have been turned into residential; duplexes or apartments.

We arrived at the Marshall House. For some reason both of my pictures of the outside of the Marshall House did not come out… There were two tours already in progress when we arrived. The tour was only of the first floor, as the second floor is rented to two United States Senators,  Patty Waters and Maria Cantwell. They use the downstairs tables for meetings and see constituents upstairs.

Marshall lived in the house only for 22 months. We entered and started to wander around. We started in the living room.




The room holds 50 people. I would imagine they need to be very close friends or family as it would get pretty cozy with all that furniture!

Next we went to the visiting room. This room has the table that the Senators staff use.

20180711_111106 (2)

Take out the table and this would be my favorite room. The docent caught up with us and we joined one of the tours. The next room was Marshalls office.


Notice the door to the right of the picture of Mrs. Marshall. She was a heavy smoker. This was originally a window, and he had it replaced with a door to have her step outside to smoke.

The next room was a small museum about Marshall.


The house is the first in the area to have stain glass windows. You can see some of them in the office above and on this door.


This is the hallway with the stairs to the Senators offices.


We went to lunch at the Grant House. This picture came out.

20180711_115655 (2)

After a nice lunch, we went to the Fort reproduction.

20180711_124614 (2)

20180711_124652 (3)

In front of the entrance there was a fairly large garden with all sorts of flowers and vegetables.

The entrance would have been $7 but we used our Geezer pass and it was free for us. Our first stop was the housing for the Hudson Bay Fur Traders upper management. There were two families that lived in this house, each having half of the house. The top floor was a storage/ballroom.

The first floor was the housing.


The bedrooms are painted in bright colors. These are replicas of the original colors.



In between the two sides of the house, there was a large dining room table. This is where the men ate, as they had working meals. The women and children had their own dining room.


Because the rooms were small, the kids rooms had beds that rose out of the way and the room was then used for other purposes.


Below was the kitchen, which was connected to the management house.


Below is the workers areas.


Below was a volunteer Blacksmith who was demonstrating his trade. It was interesting and the kids in the room got a real kick out of it.


There was also a woodworking shop with a volunteer demonstrating. We arrived just as he finished.



We left and went to an Amazon Lockbox at a Whole Foods to pick up a package. It was our new salad spinner.

We returned to the MH, quickly walked the dogs, and ran to a Brewery in the City Center of Vancouver. We were meeting up with friends Kathy and Brian Mungar. It has been awhile since we have visited with them. They are friends from Breckenridge and still work at the resort. They started the first year we did, now both are paid employees. Brian works in Safety and Kathy works in the ski check.

We had a great time catching up. I had a small cider and they all had beer. We ate dinner there from the food trucks in the parking lot.

Thursday- We decided to go downtown to Blue Star Doughnuts. Everyone kept telling us we had to sample their doughnuts. There was an accident on the bridge, so we had a long line of backed up traffic.

We finally arrived and I dropped Bob off to pick up the doughnuts. I went around the block and found a parking place. I paid the $0.50 for 15 minutes. Bob found me and we ate the doughnuts. To be honest, we thought they were overpriced and not all that great. They were also very runny, so we had chocolate ganache everywhere. Fortunately, we keep napkins and hand sanitizer in the car.

We continued on to the Candy Basket to view the chocolate waterfall. The Candy Basket has been in business since the 1920’s.


We stopped at Costco for gas, $3.06 gal, then went to Killer Burger for lunch. I guess many folks would like these burgers, but we were not impressed. They were messy and the selections were not what we would like.

We returned home to walk the dogs and relax. We had wanted to go to Joe’s Crab Shack, as it is right on the river, overlooking the I-5 bridge. So we went there for dinner, thinking the view would be awesome. There were a lot of cars in the parking lot, but we are not sure where the people were! The restaurant was mostly empty. Hmmm, not good!

The view of the river was awesome, watching the cars cross the I-5 bridge and the barges travelling upstream. Unfortunately, dinner was pretty bad. The service was excellent, mainly because Rebecca, our waitress, was bored silly. I had shrimp skewers and the shrimp were over cooked. Both meals came with white rice and steamed broccoli, neither of which had any seasoning. It was a very boring meal. Bob had stuffed shrimp and it was okay. We would not return.

Friday- Moving day. We could not purchase any more nights at 99 RV Park, so we left around 9:30 to travel the  7 miles south to the Vancouver Elks Lodge. We arrived around 9:50 after a very easy drive. We parked in a site with 50 amp/water, $20 night. We have good internet and can get satellite. The site was partially under a tree to the west, which is  very good. The temperatures are going to be in the high 90’s while we are parked here. We are staying until Monday.

The primary problem with this Elks Lodge is the location. We are backed up to I-205 so it is very noisy. That is not a problem during the day, but at night, well, sleeping may be a problem.

We ate leftovers for lunch and took a short nap. We walked down to the Lodge for dinner. We stopped in the bar and I had a glass of wine and Bob had a beer. We paid for the Rib dinner, $20 each. That seemed high until we saw the meal. We had enough food for two meals each. The meal consisted of well cooked ribs, potato salad ( no bell pepper), baked beans ( no bell pepper), a large slice of watermelon, and a brownie. We took half of everything (except the brownie, lol) home for another meal.

There are 15 sites at this Elks Lodge and most nights there were 6-8 rigs parked here. We are in site 15.

Sat. June 30 to Fri. July 6- South Beach Or to Vancouver WA

Saturday- We went to breakfast at the park at 8:30. They do a nice breakfast for $6.75. We returned, gave Karlie her 9AM pill, and drove north to Newport. where we visited the Farmers Market. It was large, with about 60 vendors, about 10 being food trucks. We did not purchase anything.

We drove through town and spotted a sign for the “Pick of the Litter” thrift store, a non-profit for the local Humane Society. We looked for the Pyrex bowl. They did not have one, but they had a metal container, 7” for $1. So we purchased it.

We went through Nye Beach, coming up to a curve, we drove around the curve and this was our view!


We stopped on the way back and purchase some more Rainer cherries. They guy said they were picked yesterday!

I had woken up this morning with the Vertigo. Bob assisted me with the exercises, but I was worn out. So I took a 2 hour nap, waking up just in time to go to the Ice Cream social. They had many flavors of the Tillamook ice cream in big canisters. We did the same thing that we did at the Creamery, we split one scoop of the Oregon Dark Cherry and 1 scoop of the Mudslide. Again, they were delicious, tasting like Black Forest when combined.

We returned to the MH and sat the rest of the afternoon outside as the weather was really nice. We went in right before dinner. We had decided to have some boneless beef short ribs for dinner. We put them in the Instapot using a recipe from Pinterest. Basically, we just added 1 C water and 1/2 C Apple Cider Vinegar. We cooked for   25 minutes, let the machine rest for 10 minutes, and then let off the steam. We were able to cut the ribs with our forks! Oh, were they good…..

Sunday- We went to breakfast again this morning at the resort. We cannot get any internet today at the MH. We stopped on the way to breakfast to put the towels into the washing machines. I was already washing the sheets in the MH.

We had a great breakfast, with enough leftovers for lunch. We were pretty bored, watching TV, as it was cold and windy outside. Finally we had enough and went to Nye Beach.

We returned, walked the dogs and eventually went to dinner. We went to Nye Beach to Georgie’s Restaurant. We walked in and realized that we had eaten at the same restaurant the last time we were in this area. Bob even checked his Yelp review!

We were seated in the bar at a table right by the window, overlooking the ocean.. The scenery was spectacular. I could see the lighthouse in the distance. Bob saw a whale breach and I watched a whale blowing several times.



My dinner was excellent. Bob was a little disappointed in his. He had really wanted razor clams. That was what he ordered, but it was covered with a lot of Panko, and even with scraping that off, he said that the clams did not have a lot of taste.

Monday- We had a quiet day at home. Nothing special. We went to the beach in the evening with the dogs, so that they could run and play. I turned my bad ankle, slightly, when walking over the rocks. It bothered me for a few days.

Tuesday-  We went to the Family Lodge and used the internet.  We decided to drive north to Lincoln City. Bob had found a German Restaurant for lunch, so we stopped at Autobahn 101. Bob was really excited, as they have one of his favorite beers, Old Rasputin, on tap.; he has never had it on tap. The German food was okay. Not the best, but definitely not the worst. We would give it a 6-7.


Since we were in town, we stopped at the Outlet Mall. It was a very interesting mall. The shape was interesting. It was shaped like a pyramid with the top chopped off and stores there. There were stores in the center. The parking lot was at the bottom of the pyramid, with shops behind the lot. Then there was also a parking garage at the very bottom.

We parked and wandered around the mall. We went to the Kitchen Collection and purchased a new meat thermometer. We also need a collapsible salad spinner, but they did not have one. Both items have bit the dust!  We also stopped in the candy store for a piece of chocolate for dessert. Bob found this piece.


We stopped at some of the pull outs to look at the scenery on the way back south.


20180703_141953 (2)

We returned to the MH, ate dinner, then took the dogs to the beach to let them run and play again. They had a great time.

Wednesday- Happy 4th of July! Another quiet day for us. We went to the Crab Shack for lunch. We had been there the last time we were in the area.  I had a shrimp sandwich. Bob had the clams. Again, he felt the clams did not have much flavor. We watched some movies. They had fireworks at 10 pm over the bay in Newport, but we just could not get motivated to go to view them. We could hear them in the distance. The weather was cold and rainy.

Thursday- Moving day. The weather improved today. We left around 9 AM hooking up on the road out of the park. We turned north on Hwy. 101 and turned east onto Hwy. 20 in Newport.

We traveled this nice road out to I-5 where the traffic was pretty heavy.  As we were traveling at mile maker 34, we were hit by a rock on the passenger side of the windshield. I swear I levitated, as it was so loud! Whew, it was scary! At least it did not crack the windshield, we just have a ding. Of course, it is 4th of July week, so getting someone to fill the divot is going to difficult.

We stopped at the Flying J just north of Salem. We topped off the tank with diesel as the price of diesel is much higher in Washington. We stopped at the rest area for lunch.

We drove to Portland, turning east onto I-205, the by-pass. The traffic was very heavy, but better than remaining on I-5. Google maps showed lots of bad areas on I-5, and only one small one on I-205. This was a little longer drive, but worth the effort.

We arrived at our destination Route 99 RV Park with is in Salmon Creek,  a part of Vancouver Washington. It is located pretty much at the intersection of I-5 and I-205.

We pulled in and paid  $28 a night for FHU 50 amp pull-thru with our discounts. Normally the price is $34. The park is full! We have stayed at this park in the past. We settled in. We went to little Italian Restaurant in downtown Vancouver for dinner. Bob put his card into the parking meter. It charged 60 cents. He tried again, again it would be 60 cents. Hmmm, the meter said 2 hours. Then we realized we were only paying until 6 PM. Duh! The food was okay.

Friday- We ran south on I-205 to visit the famous Voodoo Doughnuts. There are two of them, but the original is in downtown Portland and has no parking. We went to the second one, which has a parking lot.

We stood in line about 10 minutes. We had read that they have long lines, but that they move fast. It is an interesting place. The doughnuts are pricey, and large. They were okay, but not the best we have had.




We went to the Portland National Cemetery to visit Bob’s Uncle Gary’s grave. He had passed away last November.

20180706_111322 (2)


Our next stop was at Costco. It was pretty close to the cemetery. We wanted to shop in Oregon, as there is no sales tax.

We returned to the MH to put the groceries into the refrigerator. We walked the dogs, when drove back into Portland to the Eclipse Brewery for Bob to sample some beer and for lunch. Bob had a burger and I had the grilled cheese sandwich, both of which were pretty good. We left there around 2 pm.

We returned home and digested lunch! We fed the dogs, then went to Panera for salads for a late dinner. The weather is perfect here, 70’s and sunny!

Sat. Jun. 23 to Fri. Jun 29- Tillamook OR to South Beach OR

Saturday- We left to go downtown for the Tillamook Dairy Parade. The theme was “Party in the Pasture”. We easily found a parking place and walked about 1/2 a block up to Main Street. We put out our chairs and waited about 30 minutes for the parade to start. We thought, oh, an hour, tops. The parade was 1 hour and 45 minutes with at least 110 exhibits. I hesitate to call them floats, as most were not. Even the number is deceiving, as the Shriners had about 10 different exhibits in their number.

There were the usual vendors who wandered with junk for the kids and a away for the parents to part with their money for that junk. Of course, the participants threw out the usual candy. One group came by and gave away free water bottles and others gave away pamphlets. The Tillamook Creamery gave us individually wrapped Colby cheese slices.  There were the usual candidates for the various offices.

Below is the Honor Guard.

20180623_111315 (2)

20180623_111412 (2)

The Swiss in honor of their ancestry. Did not know about them settling here.

20180623_111444 (2)20180623_111537 (2)


Below is the Idaho Potato…


Of course there were many fire trucks. Here is the oldest one.

20180623_114256 (2)

Here is Smokey the Bear…

20180623_114423 (2) Below is the Hispanic float. is i20180623_114511 (2)

Here are the dancing horses, ridden by the Caballeros.

20180623_114513 (2)

This is one of the many bands. They only had one marching band and that was the military band.


Here are the Shriners. There were a lot of them!

20180623_115056 (2)

20180623_115157 (2)

And more Shriners.

20180623_115319 (2)

And more…

20180623_115555 (2)

And of course, you can’t have Shriners without their little cars….

20180623_115634 (2)

Whew, done with Shriners…The interesting thing about the bands, is they all seemed to be playing “Wooly Bully”

20180623_120116 (2)

Cool old cars…

20180623_121527 (2)

An the Native Americans…

20180623_121945 (2)

Like I said, the theme was party in the pasture.

20180623_122734 (2)

20180623_123406 (2)

Once the parade ended, and we weaved our way through the traffic, we parked in the Safeway parking lot and walked over to the Elks Lodge for lunch. They were grilling hamburgers and hot dogs. We each had a surprisingly good cheeseburger with potato chips and water.

We went to the Farmers Market, which was more market and less foods. We didn’t purchase anything.

We returned to the MH. It was about 2 pm at this point. We took the dogs and went to the beach. It was a long drive, as we had to pass over the mountains to get there. We arrived to find the wind so strong it tipped over the the chair. Bob took the dogs for a short walk on the beach.

We went out to dinner at a Mexican Restaurant that friend MaryAnn suggested. We had a nice dinner. The weather was beautiful today with temps in the 60’s and bright blue skies.

Sunday- We woke up to fog. Ugh, we thought! By the time we were ready to leave at about 9:30, the fog had cleared and there was not a cloud in the sky. We drove out of the Elks Lodge RV Park and turned south. We are having to back track due to our having to go for the repair in Salem.

We drove south and at Lincoln City, the RV GPS and Google Maps, told us to turn left to go on a road around the city. We turned left onto an awful road. It was two lanes, winding with a lot of up and down. There was no shoulder! It was about 5-6 miles of this awful route!

We eventually turned back onto Hwy.101 and continued south. Now we were in and out of the fog. It’s called a marine layer, caused when the air is warmer than the pacific ocean.

When we went up in altitude, we had bright blue skies, and down closer to the water we had fog. This continued to Newport. We drove a few miles south to South Beach and turned into Whalers Rest TT. We were lined up to go into the park at about 11:15.

Finally it was our turn. I asked the ranger for a site with internet and satellite access. She assigned us to site 93. We continued on the one lane road around the park. We caught up with the two rigs ahead of us. While we waited for them to park, we disconnected the car. I passed Bob at a wide spot in the road, and went to the site. The first rig ahead of us had parked. The second, who blocked us from our site, took 20 minutes to disconnect their car. We are not sure why, as it took us about three minutes. Finally, they backed into the site, clearing the way for us to park.

We ate lunch and checked for satellite. Nope no satellite and minimal internet. So I went to the office to see if we could change sites. There was only one site, on the north side, where we stayed last time. I returned and we drove over to the north side to look at the site. It was too un-level for us to use. So we are stuck in the first site, #93, for the night.

Bob went down to the Ranger Station to sign up for 1 night of cable TV. The guy said it was too much trouble for one night and gave us the night of cable for free. We walked around the park and checked for who was leaving in the AM. Nothing on this side that would help us. At a later walk, Bob walked over to the north side and found one site where the folks were leaving in the morning, site 146. We need to be at the Ranger Station at 8:30 in the morning to request that site. We had a quiet evening at home.

Monday- We woke up to rain. At 8:30 we went to the laundry room and started the towels. Then we checked with the Ranger. The site Bob had chosen was filled last evening, but the gal said go take a look at 119. We did and decided to take it. It is listed for a 35ft rig, but the Ranger said that she has put 40 ft rigs in there.

We packed up and moved. It was a very tight fit getting into the site. Bob did an awesome job of backing in with me directing him with the radio. At one point, the lady in the 5th wheel across from us was inside her rig, screaming stop. Of course, I could see what she could not, and we had several feet between the front of the MH and her rig. Once Bob was past the trees and somewhat straight, we had to do some back and forth to get the rig situated. Now we have FHU 50 amp with satellite access for the next 9 days. Bob put up the WIFI booster and so we have some WIFI, through the park, but not through our Verizon.

We settled in and went to lunch in Nye Beach at Samantha’s Café. We had a nice lunch, then stopped at Walmart for some groceries. We stopped at Builder Supply for an item Bob needed and returned to the MH.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening. The skies had cleared and it was bright blue without any clouds! We sat outside for awhile, BBQ’d dinner, and had a quiet evening.

Tuesday- We woke up to a temp of 61 with bright blue cloudless skies. The high temp is supposed to be 64 degrees. Hmmm, quite a head start…. it never got above 64 degrees, although it remained beautiful. Later in the day the winds pick up.

We left around 11:30 to go out to lunch. We stopped at a seafood restaurant. Bob had fish tacos and I had a crab po’boy. Both were really good, but for lunch, with tip, it was $36. Over our lunch budget!

We went to a car wash, as the car was filthy, $11 for a minimal wash and a very poor dry. Then we drove a little bit north. When we were coming into town, Bob had seen a sign for RV sites for sale, right on the ocean. So we drove up to take a look. It was gated but we picked up a flier. It is basically a time share of 6 sites, directly ocean front. They had paver stones and even glass/plastic wind block at each site. They had FHU and we assume with 50 amp.  We could not get in but it looked really nice. Bob looked up the name and it is a “boutique” RV park. I am not sure what you pay for the site, but you pay for three months a year, and the months are January, June, Oct or Feb, July, Nov, or March, Aug, Dec. So you are paying for months that you would not use the site due to the very cold, windy weather in this area. They are not rentals and can only be occupied by a non-owner for 3 nights. We had no plans to purchase one, but were just curious.

We stopped for gas at a Mobile station, $3.19 gal. Surprisingly, the cheapest in town! We returned to the MH and took a short nap. We had a quiet evening at home, BBQ’ing chicken for dinner.

Wednesday- Bob worked on getting his medications. Before we left AZ, we both went to the PCP to get our prescriptions sent in to CVS/Caremark. Mine were sent and and Bob’s were not. So when Bob went to order the meds, his prescriptions were all out of date. Our Doc has left the practice, so they assigned a new Doc. Bob has an appt. with the new Doc for when he gets back, for his pre-op tests and authorization.

He called the office and they were to send over the prescriptions. CVS /Caremark has said that they have been requesting them. So 3 of the 4 medications went through. The fourth has been an issue. Bob had called yesterday to get the order faxed over and rec’d an email this morning that CVS still does not have it. So he called the office again. The gal said that he could not get it as our Doc had left. He pointed out we are traveling and that they had sent the other 3. We think we may go ahead and change offices, as we have been having problems with this office! Anyway, the other 3 meds are being sent overnight. What he really needs is, of course, the one that he can’t get the prescription over to CVS!

We left a little after 11 AM and went to the Whalers Rest office area, to the internet room. We are having difficulty getting online and staying online in the MH, even with the booster up. We can get on in the early AM, but not the rest of the day.

At the internet room, I was able to renew my Nursing License with the SD Board of Nursing. Bob did some internet tasks. We spent about 1/2 hour there, then we drove north on Hwy. 101. 

We stopped at a stand selling cherries and bought some Washington red cherries. We went to the Pig ‘N Pancake restaurant for lunch. Bob had a sandwich and I had a half eggs benedict with Dungeness crab.  Both were good and everything was much less expensive than yesterday.

We went to Walmart shopping, then tried stopping at a thrift store. We are looking for a Pyrex bowl, 8”, to use in the Instapot. We did not find one at Walmart or at the thrift store. We will keep trying….

When we left the RV park it was 58 degrees. The temp was 64 in town, and 60 when we arrived back at the resort. Bright blue sunny skies, so it is just going to be chilly while we are in this area. Then, it clouded over. Bob went out to grill our pork chops and it started to rain. Well, Oregon coastal rain… that means just enough to be annoying!

Thursday-  We woke up to bright blue skies, without any clouds. I was able to do some work on the internet, including some Genealogy, up until 8:15 Bob was back on the phone with CVS/Caremark and the Doc office. CVS still does not have the 4th prescription, AND Caremark is waiting for it to send all the medications. So he called the Doc office again. He has now run out of the med, the dogs pills arrived via General Delivery at the local Post Office, but we can’t get Bob’s medications from a Doctor and CVS/Caremark. SAD!

At 9:30 we went to the internet room. We both did some internet tasks, then at 10 AM we had a large fresh cinnamon roll home make, at the park. They were very good!

We went south for lunch to a little café in Waldport.   Neither of us were thrilled with our sandwiches. On the way back, the Edge was complaining about a low tire. It was the front passenger side, again. We stopped at a gas station and filled the tire with air, again. This has been going on for awhile. We discussed getting it fixed at Les Swab in Newport. Bob noted that we were almost ready to replace the tires. So we decided to go ahead and replace them while we are in a no sales tax state.  Bob dropped me off at the MH, he walked the dogs, and  he took the car to Les Swab. They ordered the new tires. He returned and we read books, watched TV and walked the dogs.

We ate dinner at home. At 8:30 we left and went over to the state park to watch the sunset.

Sunset, South Beach OR

Sunset, South Beach OR, whale

It is hard to see, but that black area is a whale. I could not catch him blowing but we watched him do is several times.

Bob had taken the dogs out on the beach and took them off leash. They ran and played for over 5 minutes.

Friday- We went over to the office to use the internet, as even with trying to get online early in the morning was not working. At 12, we walked down to the office area and purchased hamburgers at the grill. They grill on Fri and Sat. We had a very good cheeseburger.

We returned and Bob went to Les Swab for the new tires. He returned and we had a quiet afternoon, as the wind had picked up and it was chilly.

Sat. Jun 16 to Fri. Jun 22- Eugene OR to Tillamook OR

Saturday-  We went to the Saturday Market in Eugene. This is one of my favorite markets! Just so different from other markets. It  had changed since the last time that we were here in 2011. It is still 4 blocks long. The first block, which is not actually a part of the market, and there are signs saying that, was a marijuana fest with lots of pot paraphernalia. Last time we were here this was the religious area, with people preaching fire and brimstone from a soap box.


The second area had also changed. It was still a lot of crafts, but there was also a food court in the center with a stage for performances. We only saw one tarot card reader and no palm readers this time. There were many of these last time. Last time there was tie-dye everything, even diapers! This year there were only a few stands with the tie-dye items.


The third block was more of the craft artists with some food sampling. The final block was the farmers market with food carts, samples, fruits, vegetables, cheese, bakeries etc. At the back, where last time there was a beer garden, this time there were several beverage carts with wines, ciders and beers.

We wandered through the areas at a leisurely pace, even with the crowds. We found the strawberries to be over priced at $5 a small carton. We purchase two heads of Romaine lettuce. I purchased a glass item of jewelry.

We ate lunch at the food court. Bob had a tamale and I had a crepe. We had put 2 hours on the parking meter, and used 1:45 of the time. When we left, we went to Ninkasi Brewing Company for Bob to have a flight of beer.

20180616_122557 (2)

We returned back to our part of town and stopped at a Fred Meyers grocery store. Bob found that they were doing beer tastings and he had another beer, the Elysian Dagonstooth Stout, which was so good, he added it to his purchase list. I shopped while he was having his beer,then I drove Bob back to the MH!

We had a quiet rest of the afternoon before we went to Panera for salads for dinner.

Sunday- The neighbor on our right had asked us, yesterday,  when we were leaving because they did not think they could get out around us. I had told them between 9 and 10. It was Fathers Day, so we went across the street to the Old Time Pancake House for  breakfast. We returned, finished getting ready, and drove out of the site about 9:30. We drove back to the I-5 and north to Salem. It was only 61 miles. We stopped at the Pilot for diesel. While Bob was pumping the diesel, $3.65/ gal, I ran over to the Freightliner. It was closed and the gate was locked. There was no way to get into the facility to spend the night. When Bob had originally checked, they were open on Sundays, but when he checked last night the website said that they were closed. There was a new sign on the gate giving the hours, saying that they are closed on Sundays.

We backed into a site at the truck stop to eat lunch and to decide what we were going to do…. On the far side of the site next us, there were yellow lines, as we were on a curve. So we decided to just stay at the truck stop. Bob moved the MH into the next site,and he crowded the line on the left side, so we could also open the back slide on our right, without encroaching on the site next to us on the right. We are going to spend the night at the truck stop.

I have been back and forth with friends Tom and Diane Johnston and so I sent a message to Diane letting her know we had arrived. We decided to meet for lunch at the Gustave’s Biergarten Restaurant, about 2 miles south on I-5.

We met up with Diane and Tom and had a delightful German lunch. Bob had a brat plate and I had the Jager schnitzel . Bob also had some beer. We sat catching up leaving around 2 to return to the MH. We took a short nap, and worked on some tasks around the MH.


It is going to be a loud night, as the trucks all have their generators running and we are backed up to I-5.

Monday– We were packed up and ready to enter the Freightliner at 7AM. We drove in and signed in for the repair. We had the dogs with us in the car, so we stopped at McDonalds for Egg McMuffins for breakfast. We decided to check out the Fairgrounds to stay at this evening. We drove through and discovered that you have to make a reservation through Reserve America for $8, plus the cost of the night, $25. So we went to the Elks Lodge, where they are first come first serve. There were a couple of empty sites, so Bob paid the camp host for one night, $28 FHU 50A.

We stopped at Costco for gas then returned to the Freightliner. They said they could not find an issue. Electrical issues can be tricky. We might have a loose wire that is causing the issue, and until it goes out completely, we just have to live with the problem.

So we paid the outrageous $362 dollars($160 hr. labor, the highest we have ever seen) and took the rig to the Elks Lodge. We ate lunch and then Bob used his electrical meter to check the hook up again. It worked perfectly. Grrrr!

I have a first cousin, once removed (second cousin) Mark Redmond, here in town, so we went over to his house to visit. He is also a craft beer connoisseur, and he and Bob have very similar tastes in beer. Mark has four barrels of beer on tap in his house! So Bob was in heaven…

We sat talking for several hours. Mark’s home is dog friendly, so we had taken the dogs with us. His dog, Winston, and our girls got along really well. I packed Bob up and took him home, post lots of great beer!

We ate a dinner of leftovers, and Bob walked over to the Lodge and paid for another night. We had decided to stay another day just to relax. We are off our schedule, so now we have to re-group and change plans. We are trying to figure out where to go next. Of course, since we have FHU, I am doing laundry.

We received an email today that friend ,and fellow Roadrunner, Terry Noble had passed away unexpectedly post surgery. Too many losses….

Tuesday- We worked on various tasks around the MH. We ran to Costco to check out vacuum cleaners. Ours was dying, so it was time. Oregon has no sales tax, so we decided to take advantage of this fact. We purchased a Shark Ion cordless vacuum. I had checked on what kind to purchase. It was a little more expensive than we usually pay for a vacuum, but it folds up small and is very powerful. The reviews were very good.

I also picked up two bottles of Tropical Mango Moscato. I had purchased one bottle at the last Costco and really liked the wine. It is a larger bottle for $9.99. As we were checking out, the guy who was loading the cart raved about the wine. I agreed with him!

We returned to the MH, walked the dogs, and left to meet up with Mark at Vensis Cafe. It is a brew pub with interesting food. Bob and Mark had beer, and I had a Cider Boy Strawberry/Apple hard cider. Yummy! We both had interesting ‘bowls’ and Mark had a Quesada.

20180619_150634 (2)

We returned to Mark’s house, where he has a huge chest refrigerator that he had put in several years ago. He has 4 kegs of beer on tap!

20180619_151201 (2)

BUT, Mark had found a large bottle of Grand Crew Tough Love, it is a bourbon barrel age stout. Evidently it was yummy, as we had to go in search of it at a liquor store to purchase a bottle. While there, I purchased a six pack of the cider! 

We decided to purchase some ice cream as it was in the 90’s. We stopped at an ice cream store called 22 Below. It was a rolled ice cream store. Okay, so what is rolled ice cream? We chose a flavor, and they take an amount of basic liquid cream and the ingredients. In my case, I had ordered chocolate Oreo. The guy took 2 Oreos and put them on the very cold ( I guess 22 below) flat surface. Then he chopped up the Oreos and pushed around the cream, which was freezing, chopping up the Oreos, mixing them up. Then he squirted chocolate syrup on the mix. He flattened it all out, then scraped it up into rolls. Then he put them into a cup, in my case a small cup, standing up. Then he put on whipped cream,and any 3 toppings I requested. It was interesting, but been there, done that! We liked the Ice Cream puffs we had last week much better.  Below is someone else’s large order.


We returned to the MH, walked and fed the dogs, then went to Taco Tuesday at the Lodge. Bob had a chicken Quesada and I had a Taco Bowl. We walked back over to the MH and watched TV while doing more laundry.

Wednesday- Another moving day. We drove out of the Lodge RV park at about 9:30. We traveled on Hwy. 22, right thru the town of Salem. Salem is the Capitol, but is is not that busy. We were not happy about traveling thru town but it was the only route.

We continued on Hwy. 22, until we reached Hwy. 18. Mark had said not to take Hwy, 22 all the way to Tillamook, as it becomes very curvy, so we turned onto Hwy. 18. A little way down the road, there were accident signs posted. We ended up stopped in a line, waiting to go past the accident.

We eventually turned onto Costal 101 and drove up to the Tillamook Elks Lodge RV Park. It is not located at the Elks Lodge, it is several miles south. They had recently upgraded their sites, and we pulled into a very nice 50 amp/FHU site. $25 night for 4 nights.

We settled into a site, set up, and ate lunch. We did some tasks, then took a short nap. We had a quiet evening at home.

Thursday-  We were out the door by 8:30 and we traveled to McMinnville. Our destination was the Evergreen Aviation Museum. We arrived at almost 10:30, as the road had been wet with rain. So far, the weather has not cooperated!

We entered and paid $24 each, senior price. I though that was a little expensive, but it includes several movies, none of which interested us. Below is Howard Hughes Spruce Goose, from the rear. It is so large it is almost impossible to get a picture of the whole plane!

20180621_100435 (2)

We walked around to look at the exhibits. At 11:00, they were having a free guided tour. It was to last 2 hours. I listened for awhile, then I went over and sat by the Goose. We had watched to short movie about the plane and Howard Hughes. If you have seen the movie, The Aviator, it tells basically the same thing.

Bob went to the very end of the tour. Lee, the tour guide was excellent, but a little long winded. By the end, there were only 3 people left in the tour. It actually, only went to 12:15. Bob came and got me and we went over to the café and ate lunch.

Here are a few other of the planes.


Below is the miniature of the plane, which was used in the film the Aviator.

20180621_103141 (2)




Below is a picture of the whole Spruce Goose, as best as I could get the whole thing. You can see how it is so large, in comparison to the rest of the planes.


Below is a Huey Helicopter.


Below is a replica of what could be considered the first airplane. It is from a conceptual model be Leonardo DaVinci. It could not fly, due to the weight to lift ratio,  but he had the right idea, just not the tools or materials. Flying could not really occur until we had engines.


Of course, there was info on the Wright Brothers. and their plane and flight.

20180621_110613 (2)

When we went back to tour the Spruce Goose. When we were first there, we watched the movie, and then a school bus full of kids has shown up, so that was why we went to the tour.

Now we had it almost to ourselves. To be honest, they do not give you much to see inside. It was disappointing.



You can purchase a tour of the cockpit, 4 people for $30. Another guy was there and asked if we wanted to split the tour. Sure we said, so the four of us went to get tickets. The next tour was at 2:45, too late for us, so we left and went to the Space Museum. There was a plane there that Bob wanted to see.  It was a Lockheed SR 37 A. It was big…


We stopped at the town’s Farmers Market, which was larger than it first appeared. It was about 2 blocks long.

20180621_132107 (2)

By this time the weather had improved inland, but when we returned to the coast, it was still raining. We had a quiet dinner at home.

Friday- We did some tasks around the MH. At about 11:30 drove about 6 miles north to Tillamook. We stopped at a seafood dive directly across Hwy. 101 from the Tillamook Creamery. We had an excelled lunch. I had shrimp tacos and Bob had the Fried clams and fries. He said both were delicious.


We stopped at a store that advertised camping/RV  supplies. The fan over the bed had died, and we are going to replace it. They did not have one. So Bob dropped me off for a mani/pedi, and he returned to the MH. I had a very basic mani/pedi, and texted Bob to pick me up. We drove a little bit north to the Creamery.

Since we had visited in 2011, the place has changed. This week, they opened a new Visitor Center, with an enlarged parking lot and a new overflow parking lot. The facility was mobbed! We walked through the gift store, and did not purchase anything. Even if we wanted to, the line was very, very long.

We went up the stairs and viewed the exhibits and watched the workers making the cheese. Then we moved into the very long tasting line. We tasted 4 different cheeses.

We returned back downstairs and moved into the next very long line for ice cream. We purchased 2 scoops to split, 1 of Mudslide and the other of Oregon Dark Cherry. Both were excellent, and when you combined them you had Black Forest flavors.

We stopped at Fred Meyers and purchased a few items. The cherry’s are very good right now, as are the strawberries.

We returned to the MH. I went over to the book exchange and picked up 2 DVD’s and 1 book. I will be returning with 3 DVD;s and 2 books.

We went to dinner at the Elks Lodge. They had a nice menu, but their prime rib was $21.95, which we thought was pricey. We opted for the ribs. OMG, they were the best ribs I think we have ever had! The meal was a small salad bar, roll, ribs, potato salad, and baked beans. The ribs literally fell off the bone, without any burned areas! The potato salad and baked beans were excellent also and the roll was a nice hot yeast roll. We ended up bringing home over half of each of our potato salad and the beans. Good cook!

Sat. Jun 9 to Fri Jun 15- Sacramento CA to Eugene OR

Saturday- We went to downtown town arriving around 9:40. We parked at a meter for $5.50 for 2 hours. We walked over to the Capitol building. Below is the side of the building.

20180609_094123 (2)

Below is the front. The entrance was on the “N” street side on the weekend.

20180609_094256 (2)

We had to go through a security screening. Of course, my bionic knees set off the machine, so I had to stand with my arms raised to the side while the gal ‘wanded’ me. We asked the guards where to go for the 10 AM tour. He sent us to the statue of Columbus in the rotunda on the first floor. On the way we saw this interesting floor covering. This is actually made of mesh tiles.


We walked past the 1906 Governor’s offices. Below is his secretary’s office.

20180609_095144 (2)

The next office to the right was a larger meeting room where the Governor met with folks.

20180609_095219 (2)

Turning the corner was the actual Governor’s Office. The table is a dining room table that he used as a desk.

20180609_095240 (2)

Not in the picture, to the left was an ice box where the Governor kept his beer!

The next room to the right, was a history of California room. They followed the history through the dawning of the automobiles and their impact on California society.



We moved along past the Secretary of State’s office, then the Attorney General’s office. We finally reached the statue of Columbus.

20180609_095721 (2)

In the statue, carved in the 1800’s, of one solid piece of marble which weighs 9 tons, Columbus is asking the Queen of Spain to sponsor his trip across the Atlantic. The queen is holding her pearl necklace to demonstrate that she will pay for the trip. The statue was donated by a rich Californian who was thanking the state for his making his money.

The gal who was in the lobby to direct us, told us about the statue and sent us all, about 10 of us by now, downstairs to the Tour Office. Okay, now we were late for the 10 AM tour only because the gal kept us telling us info we would discover on the tour.

We arrived at the tour office, were counted and sent to the gift shop where the tour, with only one lady, was already in progress. Obviously, they did not have their act together!

Our tour guide, Dick, was excellent. We met up with Dick at the statue of Ronald Reagan in the area under the rotunda.

20180609_100249 (2)

Here is Dick pointing out the original Capitol building.


The first capital of of California was in a small town elsewhere. Sacramento at this time was a larger city with lots of hotels and restaurants. The businessmen bought the land and donated it to the legislature, if they would move the capital to Sacramento. So that is what they did. Below are the light fixtures.

20180609_100551 (2)

Originally all of these were gas. There was a guy who would arrive at 4 AM and he would light all of these. He would barely get them all lit when the employees arrived, so they were converted to electric as soon as possible. Below is the spectacularly designed ceiling.

20180609_101133 (2)

Now we walked back up the 40 steps to the first floor. Below is looking up into the rotunda.

20180609_101530 (2)

Here is one of the ornate doors. These are original.

20180609_103118 (2)

Below is the Great Seal of California. It, and bears where everywhere!

20180609_103142 (2)

20180609_103557 (2)

Along with the American Eagle.

20180609_103611 (2)

Below is the Assembly room. The picture in the center is of Abraham Lincoln. Since the state is so large, and so densely populated in some areas and less populated in other areas, the Assembly districts are designated by population, not by counties.


Here an example of  the Assembly room ceiling.


We moved to the other end of the building to the Senate.

20180609_105455 (2)

The picture in this room is of George Washington.  The story of the state is that it had its governmental structure, based on the English system, as is our national government. Because they were already set up to go when they requested to join the US, they did not have to wait, like most states, by becoming at territory first. They were admitted as the 35th state. Below is the ceiling in the Senate. The entire room was pink and red.


We returned to the picture gallery. Below is the official portrait of Arnie.

20180609_110035 (2)

Here is Gerry Brown. This is the picture from his 1st time as Governor. There is no  picture from his current tenure, yet.

20180609_110103 (2)

Here is Ronald Reagan.

20180609_110111 (2)

We walked back down the steps from the 3rd floor.


We walked thru the rotunda and down to the current Governors office. In front of the office is the ‘”bacteria bear”. That is what the staff call the bear as kids love to pet it!

20180609_110644 (2)

The office is on the first floor. The bear was donated by Arnold Schwarzenegger, using his own money.  We walked back out thru security. We still had some time on the meter, so we walked over to the Cathedral  of the Blessed Sacrament.


The Church was originally built in 1886 a block away from the Legislature. It was renovated in 1946.

20180609_111614 (3)

There was an interesting Baptismal Font, it had a small water pond behind it.


The two chairs in the front of the church were for a wedding. The bridal party was just arriving, so I ran through the church, leaving just as the ushers were entering the church.

20180609_111713 (2)

We left and went to the Gold Bridge. In 2002, the residents in the area voted on the color of the bridge, choosing the gold. This is a vertical lift bridge over the Sacramento river with the Capitol building in the background.

20180609_113631 (2)

We crossed the bridge and went to Old Town Sacramento. This area was much larger than we though it would be. Most old town areas are smaller. It was 4 blocks long and 2 blocks deep.


The buildings were all labeled with their original names/uses, but now there are shops and restaurants in each of the buildings. There was  ‘boardwalk’ side walk along the streets.

20180609_114003 (2)

Below is the Firehouse, which is now a restaurant.


20180609_114455 (3)

We walked the length and then the width of the town. We stopped for lunch at a hamburger restaurant and both had excellent burgers. Bob had a nice beer.

We stopped for ‘dessert’ at Rocky Mountain Chocolate. They had these cool signs.

20180609_123127 (2)

20180609_123130 (2)

We returned to the MH. Roxie was licking her paw, the same one that she had the issue with about 3 weeks ago. She was licking the same spot. There was also a hard knot under the fur. We think that when she was groomed last Saturday, that they might have accidently shaved the scab off and started another infection.

So I started calling trying to get a reasonable Vet appointment. VCA, where we took her the previous time, in southern California, wanted $149 just to walk in the door! I started calling the Banfield’s. Finally, I found one who would take us as a walk-in, at the usual price of $49 for an exam. Since she had been to one or two before, we got this price.

They said come in around 5 pm, and they would work us in. We drove over there through the horrible traffic. What was supposed to be a 23 minute drive, was almost 45 minutes due to traffic delays. The delays were not accidents, they were just heavy traffic. I think Sacramento area traffic is worse than LA traffic!

We arrived and had to wait a short time, then the Vet saw her. He did not think she had another foxtail, but he put her on antibiotics. So total, the price was a more reasonable $69, including the medication.

There was a Buca de Beppo about 1 mile away, on the way home, so we ordered carry out. It was almost 6:45 by now. So we stopped in and picked up the order. Bob had a $25 off offer, so that was really nice! We returned home.

Sunday- Because of the horrible traffic, we decided to leave today. So did our neighbors! We went to breakfast at the lodge at 8:30. This was the only meal that they were offering that we were interested in eating. They had Chicken fried steak one night and pub food another night.

They were not ready at 8:30, as this was the first time that they had done this breakfast. They had a nice buffet and a waffle bar. We both had the buffet and were done by 9AM. I stopped at the office to return the key to the electric box and get our refund of $25. Bob returned to the MH to work on disconnecting our utilities. We were mostly ready to go.

We drove out of the park at about 9:35, traveling on I-80 west to I- 5 north. Still lots of traffic, especially on I-5. We could not change our reservation at the Casino, so we went to the Elks Lodge in Red Bluff CA. We pulled in and set up. $18 for 30 a /w. It was very noisy, as it was located right next to I-5. We set up and ran around town, just taking a look. We stopped for gas, $3.49/gal.

Monday- We left around 10:30 and drove the 27 miles north to Redding CA. We turned off just south of there and drove to the Win-River Casino. The RV park was empty at 11:30, which was good. We pulled in and set up. One of the employees arrived with a golf cart and drove Bob over to the Casino to pay. $26 per night for 2 nights, FHU 50 amp..

We ran about 7 miles south to a sandwich shop. This had really high ratings on Yelp. It was located attached to an AM/PM gas station. The restaurant, BLSS- Best Little Sandwich Shop, lived up to the ratings. Excellent sandwiches

We stopped at the Post Office and dropped off a letter, then returned to the MH to relax. I needed a nap, as I did not sleep well the night before due to the noise. I was up at 4 AM. On the way back, we pulled over at the exit to take this picture of  the south side of Mt. Shasta.

20180611_130956 (2)

We had a quiet evening at home, except for the two German Shepard’s in the Class C next to us who barked a lot.

Tuesday- There is not a lot to do in Redding. Plus, the temperature is to be 106 today! We left early to go to the Sundial Bridge.



The bridge is over the Sacramento River which is a very fast moving river!

20180612_090308 (2)

These are starling nests under the sundial fin.




Above, at the far end of the bridge they had this rock. There were a few of them, showing what that the sundial would cover them on June 21. We walked back over the bridge and returned to the car.

We had filled a milk container with syringes from Bob’s every 3 week Vitamin B12 shot. So we needed to dispose of the sharps. Bob had found an app which shows where there are places to safely dispose of the sharps, so we went in search of the spot. It was located behind a grocery store in a recycling center. The center was closed, but the bin was unlocked for depositing small containers. Ours fit!


We returned to the MH. The temp was 84. We left again at 11:45 to drive into downtown Redding. It was a typical city with nothing interesting. We stopped for lunch at the Brasserie, a crepe restaurant for lunch. We had excellent crepes. We returned to the MH and the temp was 88.

We had been unable to wash our towels so far this week, , so we drove south to Anderson and to a Laundromat. We washed/dried the towels. We stopped on the way back at  Parlor Ice Cream Puffs. We did not know what that was either! It is a scoop of ice cream, mashed inside a solid doughnut type puff. EXCELLENT! So glad there are only 3 of these ice cream stores in this area!

I had the strawberry shortcake ice cream. Bob had the mint with Oreos ice cream. You can also add toppings, but we did not see any reason to…. they were super yummy!

20180612_141906 (2)

We returned to the MH. It was 100 degrees! We had a quiet evening at home with all three compressors running!

Wednesday- We did some tasks around the MH and got ready to leave. We drove out at about 10: 40. We traveled to I-5, then north on I-5. Once we left Redding, we started to climb. What beautiful scenery! We could see Mt. Shasta approaching. We saw it for most of the day, first from the south, then the west, then looking back at the north side.

We stopped for lunch at a Pilot in the town of Weed. I ate the left over half of my sandwich and Bob went to make his and found that the bread was moldy. So he walked into the Pilot and ordered a sub from their Subway. While he was eating, I ran to the grocery store across the street and purchased bread and bananas. The bananas were 4 for $1. Below is our view of Mt. Shasta at lunch.


At the next exit, we turned north on Hwy. 97. OMG, this was one of the most scenic drives that we have ever taken! I was driving the car, so I could not take pictures. To the left side was a beautiful valley, full of lots of color. To the right was Mt. Shasta. What views!!!

At one point, all the fields to the left were orange, yellow and green. To the right of the road, the prairie grass was all green.  We continued north on Hwy 97 to Klamath Falls OR. We celebrated getting out of very expensive California!!

The road ran right next to the very, very large Klamath Lake. We followed Hwy, 97 to the little town of Chiloquin, and Collier Memorial State Campground.  We had a reservation for site 23 B and went directly to our site. $33 per night with the ridiculous $8 Reserve America fee.( you pay the fee for each reservation, no matter how many days you stay). This the reason we do not stay in very many state parks!  We have FHU 50 amp. We could not get satellite. Oh well! We sat outside as the temp was 72! After the heat that we have been experiencing, this was heaven! This was a very nice state park. We grilled some chicken for dinner and watched some DVD’s that we had a a drawer.

Thursday- We left around 10 driving to Crater Lake, about 35 miles away. We took the dogs with us on this field trip. The gate was way into the park when you take Hwy. 62 from the south. We stopped at Annie’s Falls, and saw through the trees what looked like cascading water. Not worth taking a picture. We continued onward and upward to a pullout overlooking where fossilized steam vents had formed the formations below when the mountain was erupting. It is hard to see in the picture, but the depth of the formations is really huge.


We showed our Geezer pass at the gate and saved $25 for the day. We stopped at the Steele Visitor Center. We used the facilities, walked the dogs, and left the dogs in the car. We do not usually do that, but the temperature was 57, so we did not think that they would get overheated.

The movie was 22 minutes long and pretty interesting. The volcano erupted numerous times over around 4,000 years. Finally, 7,700 years ago, the activity about 1.5 miles below the surface became so intense that around the bottom of the mountain the steam vents, like in the picture above, made a circle around the base of the volcano. The steam escaped, and the mountain fell in on itself creating the caldera which is now the lake.  All of the water in the lake is from melted snow. There is no water entering or leaving the caldera.

The lake’s surface elevation is 6,173 ft. The lake is 6.02 miles across at the longest part and 4.54 miles at the shortest. It is 1,943 ft.deep. The lake holds 4.9 trillion gallons of pristine water. They get a lot of snow here. The last time we were in the area and had planned to visit the lake, the only part of the lake open was the visitor center, and you had to walk thru a tunnel dug thru the snow. This was our first visit to the park and only the west rim was open. 4 miles of the east rim was open, the rest was closed, due to snow.

We continued to the Rim Village Visitor Center. We were looking for the picnic area to eat our lunch. Bob went to the Ranger and asked where is was located and was told that it is still snow covered. So we ate in the car.

Then we went and walked along the rim of the Caldera.

Crater Lake

Crater Lake

Above is Wizard Island. It is a volcano in the lake. There are several more, but they are under the water. Yes, the water is really that blue! It is hard to see, but there is still ice on the water!


Crater Lake

We returned to the car and drove over to the Crater Lake Lodge. It was built in 1915. Crater Lake Lodge

It is not as ornate as the inside of many of the other National Park Lodges. Note the décor, with the stone and wooden walls. Plus the very large fireplace. On the side of the building facing the lake, there is a deck and people sitting outside having drinks from the bar and viewing the lake.

Crater Lake Lodge

This was their view!

Crater Lake Lodge

We walked back to the car, and turned onto the west rim drive. We stopped at an overlook. This brought us closer to Wizard Island. We used the binoculars to see some of the island.

Crater Lake

To the right side is a boat dock. Along the shore what looks white, is actually yellow tree pollen which has accumulated along the shore. At the inlet the water color was more aquamarine.

In this next picture, you can see the ice still on the water.

Crater Lake

As we were driving along the rim of the caldera, we passed a lot of snow covered areas. The road was clear, and some areas were clear, but there was still a lot of snow coverage.

Crater Lake

Below, it is not showing up, but someone had skied down this hill.

Crater Lake

We could only go as far as the north entrance turn off, so we back tracked and went up the 4 miles of the east rim, that were open. We arrived at Vidae Falls. The falls was much steeper than it appears in the picture.

Crater Lake

We continued to the barrier and parked. Two snow plows left while we were parked there. This was the Sun Notch area. Bob hiked up the 1/2 mile, moderate trail, to take pictures of the Phantom Ship.  From Wiki:”Phantom Ship is a small island in Crater Lake in the U.S. state of Oregon. It is a natural rock formation pillar which derives its name from its resemblance to a ghost ship, especially in foggy and low-light conditions.”

Crater LakePhantom Ship is a small island in Crater Lake in the U.S. state of Oregon. It is a natural rock formation pillar which derives its name from its resemblance to a ghost ship, especially in foggy and low-light conditions.

Below was part of the 1/2mile walk.

Crater Lake

Crater Lake

It had gotten warm, so I stayed in the car with the sleeping dogs.

We drove back to the State Park and sat outside until it clouded over. We grilled some pork chops and ate dinner.

Friday-  We left a little after 9, traveling north on Hwy. 97 to Hwy 58 and traveling mostly downhill, to Eugene. We drove through town to the Elks Lodge. We arrived to find only 1 site, out of 6, available. First come, first serve. Wow, are these sites narrow! Bob went in and paid the $15 each for 2 nights. That was a whole lot less expensive than all the RV parks in the area.

We backed into the site and the large motor home on our right had all his slides in. If he had not, we would not have fit in the site. We maneuvered so that we could open the bedroom slide and the living room slide only about 1 foot. That at least gives us room to move around. It’s only for 2 nights! We ate a quick lunch, as it was now after 1.

We walked out of the MH and met our neighbor on the left, Polly, and the people just past her, Lisa and Larry. We went to Costco for gas. $2.99! What a difference from California. It might be even cheaper if we could pump our own gas. Oregon requires attendants pump gas.

The Costco was wild, and this was a Friday! We lucked out and found a parking place. We shopped then left and went to Walmart. As usual, we had forgotten our bags, like we kept doing in California. In California they charge you for the plastic bags, which we never purchased. In Oregon, there were no plastic bags, just paper bags that you could purchase. We chose not to, put the items into the cart, and went to the car and put them into bags in the back of the car. I am starting to run short on plastic bags that I use in the trash can in the bathroom!

We stopped at a Napa on the way back to replace the light bulb for the Edge rear light that Bob had just replaced.

We returned to the MH at the same time that the folks on our right arrived back at the Lodge. They took one look at the situation and decided to move their MH over to their right. There was a lot of room to do that, so now they were able to open their slides.

20180616_091934 (2)

We decided to go out to dinner. The dinner at the lodge sounded good, shrimp in an alfredo sauce, bread, salad, drink for $8. There were 5 cars in the parking lot. Never a good sign! So we decided to go out to a seafood restaurant. We wanted to go somewhere for beer, since this is a craft beer mecca, but could not find a place with a decedent menu. We finally decided on McCarthy’s Sea Food. I had the shrimp and scallop skewers and Bob had the fried fish plate.

We stopped at ColdFire Brewing Company on the way back for Bob to have a nice beer. Bob had the “Beans of Wisdom” Imperial Coffee Porter. The brewery was very busy. They had a 3 person band, who were very good, even is they were too loud!

We returned and watched some TV. Bob called Direct TV and changed our ‘address’ to Portland and off of Fresno. Up until here, we had been watching Fresno local channels. The next change will be in Seattle.

Sat. June 2 to Fri. June 8- Fresno CA to Yosemite CA

Saturday- It was going to be very hot today in Fresno, 96 degrees, and hot at Yosemite, 90’s, so we left at 8:30 after dumping at the Elks Lodge. I still drove the car and Bob drove the MH.  We drove north on Hwy. 99 to several roads northeast. OMG, the first road thru Merced, Hwy 140,  said, once we were too far to turn around, that the road was closed. EEK! We ended up driving thru the construction area. They were working, but the road was not closed. We turned onto Hwy 49, following the GPS. It was thru ranch country. AGAIN, we were way down the road when we saw signs that the road was closed. This time they were not working on the road and there was absolutely no where to turn around. We turned onto Hwy 53. EEK! This road was thru the mountains. Two lane and very, very narrow. No closed signs, and no signs saying do not take a large rig thru! Three times on turns, the back wheels were off the road into the dirt/rocks. I really thought that the rig was going to scrape on the rocks sticking out into the road. Bob did an excellent job of driving this very difficult road. Both of us were grinding our teeth!

Whew, then we turned onto Hwy 120. The road was better, but up hill several thousand feet. Lots of traffic. Bob had to pull over into pull outs 3x to let cars pass. We were worried that he would not be able to get going again up the steep climb, but the rig did it really well, without overheating! The highest the temperature gage climbed was half way! We would never had made this climb on this two lane road before we had the MH repaired last year!

We traveled through the little town of Groveland, where the TT address is listed, but it is about 20 miles farther east towards Yosemite. We drove into the RV park at about 12:30. Signed in, ran around the park and found a nice 30 amp FHU site. It was either a 50 amp site under the trees, or a 30 amp FHU site with a clear satellite view. We chose the satellite. The temp was in the 90’s. We parked and set up. We had to run the roof air conditioner to get the rig cooled off.

We went over to the office and the Family/Adult Lodge to check them out. The Family Lodge is on the first floor, and the Adult Lodge on on the second floor. There are pool tables in the Adult area and a very large TV in the Family area. There was a nice deck with chairs and tables. There is no swimming pool or spa, which is unusual for a TT. They usually have both. There is swimming in the river which passes right by the resort.

We ate dinner and at around 8 we walked over to the Pavilion. They had a band and s’mores. That was a hoot. There are a number of rented, small Class C MH’s in the park. They are rented by Oriental folks touring the USA. The resort does not rent them. The folks had never heard of s’mores. So it was a hoot to watch them figure out how to roast marshmallows and put together the s’,mores. They had a great time. We roasted and ate ours. First time in years we have had them!

Sunday- We walked back over to the Pavilion, for the Pancake Breakfast. It was pretty good, $5 for two good size pancakes, two sausages links, OJ and coffee.

We returned to the MH. We are having a quiet day. No sense in going to the NP on the weekend fighting with the weekend crowds. There is a YARTS bus that stops in the park to take people to Yosemite, ($10 each round trip) but it stops here at 8:47 in am, but does not return until after 5 PM. We will not take it because of the dogs. There are shuttles in the park that we will use.

At lunch time we decided to drive to Groveland to use the internet and to eat lunch. We hopped into the car and drove the 6.6 miles to the overlook where they were supposed to have 4G internet. We tried to connect but there was only minimal 3G. I took some pictures on my phone of the valley and I have to wait to transfer those pic’s as I need internet to do that.

We continued the other 14 miles to town. We traveled through Groveland to Oak Flats and at the top of the worst part of the climb on Hwy 120, there was a restaurant called Priest Station Café and Store. It was at the intersection of Priest Station Road and Hwy 120. Priest Station Road drives up the mountain, parallel to Hwy 120. There were huge signs on both ends of the road  saying not to drive RV’s, trucks, or buses on this road. I think the road is shorter, so of course, steeper.

We had an excellent lunch. Bob had the brat plate and I had the turkey sandwich. We stopped for gas, $3.69 gal vs $4.09 on the rest of the road. We stopped on the way back to the resort, at the overlook,  and I tried to load last weeks blog. No way, there was not enough service. We returned to the park and had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Monday-  We left early, about 8:15, and traveled the 5 miles to the entrance to Yosemite. We stopped and took a picture of the sign.

Yosemite sign

We again saved $25 a day using our Geezer pass. From the Big Oak Flat  entrance, it is 24 miles to the Yosemite Valley Visitor Center and Theater. We had to drive thru 3 tunnels. The first of which was about 1/4 of a mile long.

Yosemite NP

We stopped at a pull out to take a look at one of the valleys.

Yosemite NP

We stopped to take a look at El Capitan. On Saturday, 3 experienced climbers had died climbing this rock.

Yosemite NP

We returned to the car, and were ready to leave our parking spot and Bob noticed a large waterfall. We got back out of the car and walked over to the famous Bridal Vail Falls. (The map that they give you is not very good!). It was a 1/4 of a mile walk into the falls.

Yosemite NP

Below is the water coming from the falls that we saw along the walk.

Yosemite NP

The last part of the walk is uphill on asphalt. There were a lot of people there, including a bunch of kids, who were not looking at the falls, just hanging around chatting with each other and standing in the way of the rest of us who wanted to take a look.

Yosemite NP

We walked back to the car and continued on our way.

Yosemite NP

We arrived at the Yosemite Valley Visitor Center parking lot. It was a long way from the Visitor Center. We parked and took our backpack and lunch bag with us. We walked over to the Visitor Center, past a lot of buildings and some construction. We arrived and went to the Theater for the 20 minute film about the history of the park. Thank you John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt who saved this treasure from development!

We spoke with the ranger at the information desk and she suggested that we walk over to the Yosemite Falls. The walk was about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile to the entrance to the trail to the falls. We turned into the trail, which was 1.1 miles and walked the 1/2 mile to the lower falls overlook.

Below is the upper part of the falls.

Yosemite NP

Below is the lower falls from the viewing area.

Yosemite NP

We sat and looked at the falls for awhile and took a selfie.


Then we continued on the trail.  We saw this Native American type monument. The Native Americans leave these rock formations all over the country.

Yosemite NP

We stopped at a spot and could finally see the entire falls.

Yosemite NP

Yosemite Falls is the tallest waterfall in the USA. It is the third tallest in the world. It is actually 3 falls. There is a 4 mile trail that goes up to the top, but we were not going to do that difficult hike!

We continued on to the rest room area where there were picnic tables. We ate lunch, but could not see the falls from the picnic area. We then went in search of Sentinel Bridge. The signage is poor everywhere! We found a bridge in an field and looked up to see Half Dome. Guess we found the right bridge!

Yosemite NP

We walked through the meadow on the meadow trail.

Yosemite NP

We returned to the car and dropped off the backpack and lunch bag. We took the #1suttle back to the Visitor Center. We visited the gift shop and the very expensive Ansel Adams Gallery.

We went to hop on the #10 shuttle and found that the line was very long. So we hopped on another shuttle and went to the #3 stop. It was the Majestic Yosemite Hotel (formerly known as the Ahwahnee Lodge).  This Lodge was commissioned by the then head of the NPS in 1925. The building is made of stone, brick and concrete, using very little wood to prevent fires. Currently, the building is 150,000 sq. ft. with 93 rooms. The cornerstone was laid August 1, 1926. The building was converted to a hospital for the Navy during WWII.

Yosemite NP

Yosemite NP

We hopped on the next shuttle which took us back to the gift shop area. We walked over to the Grill and both ordered chocolate ice cream cones. We enjoyed the cones on the patio, hearing a lot of sirens. We also noted a faint smoke smell.

We walked back to the car and turned right out of the parking lot following the exit signs. It was about 2:30. We drove towards the Yosemite Lodge and ran into a vehicle standstill. We ended up spending almost 1/2 an hour circling as they Rangers had closed the exit road and the line up of cars was miles long. We quickly realized that there must be a fire somewhere.

The road in and out in this area is one way each way, but a two lane road. They had us circle back around to the entrance road and sent us out the entrance, staying in the right lane. There was only a few cars coming in on the other side, who must have been in the area. We then saw the smoke.

Yosemite NP

We were glad to be leaving!  As you can see, we had to pass by where the fire was located. We traveled along with the traffic, away from the smoke. When we arrived at the fork, they were routing everyone away from the Yosemite Visitor Center area. Many people had pulled off on the side of the road to wait for the park to re-open. We raced out of there!

We traveled the 30 miles back to the TT park, arriving at 4:30. We had a quiet evening at home.

Tuesday- We decided to have a quiet day again. We still have no internet or phone service which is driving us crazy. Bob needed to post on the Roadrunner FB group about the problem with the umbilical. I did some laundry and Bob worked on trying some of the suggestions from friends on how to get the umbilical to work. We left around 11 and drove to Groveland, stopping in a little park and connecting to the internet. Bob looked at what people had posted about the problem. Bob then called Freightliner for assistance. They suggested a specific fuse, #27.  I texted some friends and looked at various posts on FB. Bob called the Freightliner in Sacramento and attempted to make an appointment. We could not get an appointment for 2 weeks. Then we went to lunch at a little deli. From there we went to a Napa Auto parts to purchase a 30 amp fuse. We stopped for gas again, and returned to the RV park.

Bob tried the changing the fuse and this did not solve the problem. I continued with laundry and we decided to redo our plans. So now we had a different problem. Bob left and went back to Groveland and found a different Freightliner in Salem OR, the next Freightliner Oasis dealer. Oasis dealers specialize in motorhomes.

The washing machines at the RV park were finally working, so Bob took the towels over and washed them. We ate dinner and sat outside enjoying a campfire. Our neighbor, Steve, next door, had left us some firewood. Just as we were getting ready to go back in the MH, our neighbors on the other side returned home. The husband came over and asked us about being residents of South Dakota. Then he went and got his wife. She came over and we spent an hour talking with them. We finally went into the MH around 9:30.

Wednesday- We were out the door at 8:30. We took phone numbers with us and also took the dogs. We went straight into Yosemite, and drove to the Yosemite Visitor Center area. We parked and taking the dogs for a walk with us, went over to where the restaurant went to the picnic tables outside. We started making phone calls. Bob made an appointment for the 18th at the Salem Freightliner Oasis repair facility. Then he called the Casino in Redding, and made a change to our reservation with them. Then I called the RV park at Crater Lake. They could not accommodate a change, so we had to cancel the reservation.  I got online and found a state park. I called them and made a reservation for Crater Lake for 2 nights. That was all they could accommodate, not the three nights that we wanted, but at least we will finally be able to view Crater Lake. We have tried 3 times in the past!

We left and drove to Glacier Point. This first picture is from the Tunnel View overlook, looking back over the Valley. The waterfall on the right is Bridal Veil Falls.

Yosemite Glacier Point

We drove through the 1/2 mile tunnel and continued on Hwy. 41. We climbed several thousand feet in elevation and turned left onto Glacier Point Road. We continued to the overlook at  Washburn Point. This drive took an hour from the valley.This view is of Half Dome.

Yosemite NP Glacier Point 
Yosemite NP Glacier Point

This view is of Yosemite Falls and the glaciers in the background.

Yosemite NP Glacier Point

Below is Vernal Falls.

Yosemite NP Glacier Point

Here are the glaciers is the distance.

Yosemite NP Glacier Point

The views were spectacular! The temperature had also dropped at this elevation to 59 degrees. We continued on the road to Glacier Point, evidently along with everyone else! We ended up in a long line, cruising the parking lot for a place to park. We finally found one and sat in the car eating our picnic lunch. Supposedly there is a picnic area, but we could not find it. Then we took the dogs and walked up to the point. The elevation is 7214 ft. Below is Nevada Falls.

Yosemite NP Glacier Point

We walked up to the Geology Exhibit.

Yosemite NP Glacier Point

At the edge, looking down at Yosemite Village.

Yosemite NP Glacier Point

This picture below is of the with Mirror Lake. There is a 4 mile, each way, hike to Mirror Lake that we did not do.

Yosemite NP Glacier Point

Again, the views were spectacular, from across the valley from where we had been on Monday. We returned to the valley and back through the park. We exited the park and returned to the MH.

We had a quiet evening at home watching The Freestate of Jones. What an interesting movie!

“Is State of Jones a true story?

Premise. The story is based on the history of Jones County, Mississippi during the Civil War and the immediately following period. Although the plot of the movie is fiction, the overall story follows the history of Jones County, and many of the events portrayed are true. “From Wiki..  Neither of us knew that after the war, that the plantation owners would kidnap black children and forge paperwork claiming that they were apprentices, thereby putting them back into slavery.  Congress had to pass a law against it.. 

Thursday-  Moving day! We left at around 10 AM, with Bob driving the MH and I was driving the car behind him. We traveled Hwy. 120 back down the mountain. We luckily did not have any cars behind us on the zig-zag down the mountain. It is a 5 mile drop in altitude and we took it very slowly. When we hit the bottom Bob radioed that he hoped to never have to do that again!

We continued on Hwy 120 until we turned north on the 99 Freeway. We traveled north to Sacramento. Sacramento traffic was awful! We turned onto I-80 and went to a Pilot. We ate a late lunch there, and called the Elks Lodge in Carmichael. The volunteer at the Lodge told us that they had 4 available sites. We traveled about 13 miles to the Lodge, checked in, and parked. We have 50 A/W for $30 per night.

Bob had a $5 coupon for Texas Roadhouse, so we went to dinner there again. We had a nice dinner and stopped at the Costco for gas, $3.33/gal. We returned home and watched Hidden Figures which we had recorded. We had listened to the book on CD, but had not seen the movie.

Friday-  We slept in until 7, late for us. Then we did some tasks around the MH before leaving. We ran through Bubba’s Car Wash. Nice wash, but interesting name! We went to Kohl’s, then Best Buy for a new filter for the refrigerator. We stopped at Costco. From there we went to lunch at TOGO, which is a sandwich restaurant chain. They had nice subs. We both opted for a ‘mini’ which is half of a 6”sub. Then we went to Walmart Neighborhood Market. We returned to the MH to put away the groceries.

Bob took the dogs for a walk, and I had a knock on the door. The guy next door, Gary, came over asking about South Dakota residency. I invited Gary in and we sat and talked. Then Bob arrived and we continued the conversation. We talked for about 1.2 hours. Gary is from California, and the state is eating them alive, so they are seriously looking at ‘moving’ to South Dakota.

We went to dinner at the Fair Oak Pub. They had great beers. Bob liked all of the ones that he tasted. BUT the service was awful! First, they delivered the wrong beer Flight to the table. So they had to take that back and bring the correct one. We had ordered a pizza. It took about 1.25 hours for it to arrive. First they delivered the wrong pizza, then we think they had to re-cook the pizza. We know the waiter had the order right as he put it into an I-pad and repeated it to us. We spoke with several people including the manager about the situation. Finally, they brought the right pizza, which was not worth waiting for! It was pretty lousy. So we paid, and were getting up from the table when a waitress arrived with a cheesecake. It was a reward for their terrible service. Even it was mediocre. It was cheesecake on top, with yellow cake under, and raspberry on the bottom. There was a lot of whipped cream surrounding the cake, with a chocolate drizzle. Sounds good doesn’t it, but it did not taste all that great….