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Sat. Jan 11 to Fri. Jan. 17- Sun City

Saturday- We had a girls lunch at the 5n;Diner. MaryAnne had organized it. Linda, Karen, Donna, and one of MaryAnne’s neighbors was there. They gave me a bag full of fun stuff for pre-surgery. Unfortunately, it included a lot of chocolate which Bob and I ate! It was a lot of fun and thank you to all of them!

Sunday-  We did our usual Sunday tasks. We took the dogs to the dog park. There were a lot of people and dogs there today. We have been binge watching ‘Anne with an E’ on Netflix, when we can get on Netflix. It is a great show! We have also watched the Irishmen.

Monday- I was off to a 9 AM OT appt. We ate lunch, then I went to another MD appointment at 2. Then we had our second hour of training for Koda.

Tuesday- I had the Retired Nurse’s breakfast at 9. Half way through, during the speaker, I had to run to the bathroom. Hmmm, I think I had food poisoning from the Eggs Benedict on Saturday. I have had worse food poisonings, but I had asked for the yolk to be partially cooked. So I only had a little runny yolk. Good thing.

I started having cold sweats and the room was fading in and out. I had to drive home, which was not good. Fortunately, it was close by. I made it home, but Bob had to assist me into the rig. I slept for 3 hours in the afternoon.

Wednesday- Yea, the stickers for our tags arrived! Bob changed them out, putting the SD tags on the car, with the 2020 date stickers. Our temp tags were scheduled to run out at the end of January. I had a 2:30 OT session.

Thursday- I played Maj in the morning. We had 4 tables playing. All that teaching the last 2 years has paid off! I had a mani/pedi scheduled for 1 PM. Bob went with me and waited in the car. From there we went to the Hawkins Movie Theater to see the new Star Wars movie. I love that theater! They have comfy recliners. We enjoyed the movie.

I ordered a nice fruit plate from Edibles for the OT office, to be delivered on Monday.

Friday- I had to change my Chiro appt. on Tuesday, so I went this morning at 8:30. Then on to the OT at 9:30. This was my last OT appt. He gave me some therapy putty and new instructions on what to do at home. I thanked everyone and said my good-byes.

At 1 PM, I had my hair cut. I had her cut it short in the back, so that it won’t look mushed when I am in bed so much. Then we ran to Costco, Sam’s Club,and Walmart. I forgot, somewhere in all these days, Bob and I went with Karen to Sam’s Club to buy new batteries for the rig. Bob put them in, and returned the old ones. While we were in Sam;s we found enough items that we cannot get at Costco, so we joined. The gas is the same price, but no line at Sam’s.

Bob had the beer pot luck at 4, no one showed. So he is not sure he is going to continue.

Sat. Jan. 4 to Fri. Jan. 10- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We went to the park craft fair. Bob rented a rug cleaning machine and cleaned the rugs. We picked up a walker, wheelchair and a really nice knee scooter for me to use post surgery. The park has two storage units with medical equipment that we can borrow.  We stored them in our storage shed.

Sunday- Another quiet day. We stayed home and relaxed after our usual Sunday tasks.

Monday- We had a phone meeting with Karen from Dakota Post, our mail forwarding service, about the tags for the car. At 2:30 I had my next OT appointment. The OT facility is away from us. We are on 109th street and it is on 59th street, a couple of miles to the south. So I spend a lot of time driving back and forth.

I  had to race back to pick up Bob as we had a training appt. at 4 for Koda. Petsmart, at Christmas, had a BOGO for training. So we purchased 1 hour, which gave us 2 hours. Koda did very well. We took Roxie with us. Roxie did everything also, which was really funny, but she wanted the treats!

Tuesday- I had my follow-up appointment with the GI Doc. He said the biopsy’s were normal, so I do not have to return for 10 years. Yea! Bob had Astronomy Club in the evening.

Wednesday- We had the Alfa Breakfast. There were 12 of us there. It was a lot of fun, of course. I raced back to set up for Maj. At 2, I had another OT appointment. I met up with everyone at 4, for the Welcome Back party given by the park. They serve us pizza and ice cream or cookies. We sat with our usual group. Linda and Mike had returned, but had left this morning to go to Yuma to have Dale put on new solar panels.

Thursday- During the week, I have been talking to the surgery scheduler, trying to get my labs over to her. Someone called about an ice machine, which I will be using. It will be delivered to the hospital. I also ran over to the Doctor office to pick up the form to get a handicap placard. We visited Cobalt, the rehab facility, that I want to go to, and we stopped at the DMV to pick up the handicap placard. It is a red, temporary placard, good for 6 months.

Friday-I had a 9 AM OT appointment. Since I have the Doc appt. this afternoon, he did all the measurements and wrote up his summary. He handed it to me to take to my Doc appt.  I had my follow up appt. with the PA for the hand surgeon. He was very pleased. I have one more week of OT.

At 7 pm, we had the first Beer Pot Luck that Bob is running. 3 other people showed up. We made plans to visit a brewery next Thursday. We have to call it a pot luck, due to the liquor laws.

Sat. Dec. 28 to Fri. Jan. 3 2020- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  A quiet day for us. We stayed home and relaxed, watching Netflix, when we can get on…Netflix is evidently very busy!

Sunday-  We did our usual tasks. Every day I am doing my PT exercises to strengthen my legs for surgery and my OT exercises for my hand. Those are 4x a day, so I stay very busy! We took the dogs to the dog park as the weather was nice.

Monday- I had a chiropractor appt. at 10:30. I returned, we ate lunch, then I went to my final, for the year, Physical Therapy appointment. They wished me good luck for the ankle surgery and I will see them again in February!

Tuesday-  I was off to my hand OT, at a 9AM appointment. We had a quiet afternoon and evening. It is New Years Eve, so at 10, we watched the ball drop and then went to bed.

Wednesday- Happy New Year! I went and played Maj in the morning. I returned in time to watch some of the dog show. At 3, we went to the Elks Lodge for the New Years Pot Luck. It was just okay…

Thursday- I played Maj at 10. We ate lunch and I went to my hand OT at 2:30. Since it is the new year, I had to pay for my therapy. Up until this appointment, I had met my deductible for last year, so I only had to pay $5 per visit before this. Since we have United Health Care(GEHA) as our secondary, the facility has a contract for $80 per visit. So that is what I paid per visit, for 2020. That all goes towards our deductible.

Friday- I had another OT appt. today at 10, then Bob and I went to lunch at Café Zupas. From there, I went for my lab work.

Dec. 21 to Dec. 27 2019- Sun City AZ

I am finally done with the 27 articles that my Editor had sent me to update, right after my hand surgery, so now I can temporarily get back to the blog!

Saturday- We went over to the craft fair at the resort. At 2, we had tickets for a play performed by a local group. It was a Christmas theme play. It was okay and the acting was pretty good. We had won the tickets last year.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday tasks. We had a quiet day at home. We took the dogs to the dog park in the afternoon.

Monday-  I had a pre-op appt. with the PA at my PCP office at 9:15. The poor assistant had to assist me with taking off and putting on my bra for the EKG. I already had my lab appointment scheduled, so I asked her to fax over the lab slip.

We ate lunch, and at 3 I went to my OT appointment.

Tuesday- Christmas Eve- I went to Maj in the morning. At 4, we had a party at the park model on the corner. The gal’s name is March, and her kids were there to assist. We had a nice time meeting more folks on our street. The kids had made hot buttered rum and hot cider. Yummy. Everyone brought something and the gal provided BBQ.

The party was outside on her patio. Guess you can tell the weather is fairly warm!  We left around 8:30.

Wednesday-  Merry Christmas. I went and played Maj in the morning at 10. There were 3 of us playing. We ate a lite lunch, then we had the park pot luck for dinner at 5. At 3 we went over to assist with set up. We arrived for the dinner at 4:45, sitting with MaryAnne and Ray.

Thursday- I went to Maj in the morning. I had a mani at 1. At 2:30 I had my next OT appointment. At 5 we had a Vet appointment for Koda who was licking her paws and her butt. We think she has allergies. She had also been scratching her right ear.  That is also what the Vet said, she gave us some ear drops and a med for the allergies.

Friday-  We went grocery shopping and had a quiet day after that. We even went to Costco, early, and it was not too bad.

Sat. Dec. 14 to Fri. Dec. 20- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We had the “Holiday Bazaar” at the park, but it was actually the regular vendors. It was sad as there were so few vendors there. We left there, returned and picked up the dogs, and took them for their grooming. We ran to Costco for gas, then grocery shopping. We picked up the dogs after lunch.

We went straight to Petsmart for the free Christmas pictures, realizing that this was Karlie’s last Christmas with us.

Petsmart Santa 2019

Roxie in on the left, Karlie on the right, and Koda on the floor.

We returned home and had a quiet evening. The dogs were exhausted and slept most of the evening.

Sunday-  Ugh, my Colonoscopy prep day, so you know what I was doing! I stayed home and Bob did some tasks around the rig.

Monday- My procedure was at 7:45, so we left early to go over there. Of course, that was the easy part. Then we went to breakfast at Biscuits Café. We returned home with lots of leftovers. I took it easy most of the day. The biggest issue I had over the last two days was bilateral sciatic pain. So Bob drove me to the Chiropractor, since I was not allowed to drive today.

He found a huge knot in my left buttock. I have had 7 knots in my left leg, also. So this is all tied into my left ankle issue. I am anxiously awaiting my surgery day so that I can get this all taken care of…the Chiropractor was able to loosen the knot and the pain went away.

Tuesday- I had the OT this morning. At 2, we had an Vet appointment for Karlie. This was for her follow-up lab work. Over the last two days, Karlie has deteriorated significantly. The Vet thought that we should do the kidney labs, to check to see if it was that or whether it was arthritis. She had also had diarrhea this morning. So he gave us medication for the diarrhea and an NSAID for arthritis. She did not want to eat, but she did eat Milk Bones, so we gave her all she would eat.

Wednesday- I had an 8 AM visit with Dr. Gillespie for an H-wave treatment. It is like a Tens unit, but with two waves. I hope it helps the ankle.

We returned and Dr. Hummel, the Vet called. The kidney values had dropped. Karlie could hardly walk, so we set up her final appt. for 11:30. She had really deteriorated in the last 3 days.

I texted Linda to ask her to meet us there to help with Koda and Roxie. We had discussed this with the Vet, and we needed to have the other two dogs see Karlie, so that they would understand that she would not be returning home.

We walked the dogs around the park, letting Karlie sniff as she wanted too, and carried her, as needed.  We stopped at Linda and Mike’ s, and Linda fed her some of the food that she keeps for her. She ate some of that, since she thinks it is special.

We arrived at the Vets and turned Koda and Roxie over to Linda in the lobby. We went into the room with Karlie and stayed with her the entire time. After, Dr. Hummel, gently placed her on the floor, on a pretty pink quilt they have, and Bob went and brought Koda and Roxie into the room. They wandered around sniffing the room, they both sniffed her, and we left.

I was a sad afternoon for us, but the dogs did well. Roxie immediately took over the head dog duties, which we found interesting. The Vet had said that they might have a rough evening, but we believe that they understood. They both ate and played.

I had a PT appointment for my leg. It kept my mind off of our loss.


Thursday- I played Maj this morning.  I had OT this afternoon, then a Chiropractor appt at 5. My neck was really sore, and he found more knots, which he was able to knead out. Both of us are grieving.

Friday- I was back to OT this morning, then and I had my hair appt. in the afternoon, which I had moved from Wednesday. Kathy has 3 dogs, so she understood my grief.  She gave us a box of Russel Stover’s. She always gives me a present at Christmas. We had a quiet evening.

Sat. Dec. 7 to Fri. Dec. 13- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We had a holiday craft fair today. We both went and looked around. We did not purchase anything. It was a quiet day.

Sunday- Bob did the sheets and towels. He also went to Target for their Gift Card sale. We picked up $30 worth of gift cards, at 10% off. We will use them when shopping at Target. I stayed home and relaxed .

Monday- I was off to OT at 11 AM. Adam changed some of the exercises, so I have more to do there. The OT office is very busy, but it moves like clock work.

Tuesday- I had the retired Nurses Breakfast Meeting this morning from 9 to 11. At 1:30 I went for the stem cell injection. It was a pretty easy injection, much easier than the steroid injections. Bob of course had to go also, as he has to help me get into and out of the ankle brace.

Wednesday- We had the Alfa Breakfast. Mike was having his colonoscopy today, so Mike and Linda were not there. Alan and Donna have left for Oregon, and MaryAnne is sick with a cold. Ray is back, but he stayed with her. 

So it was only John and Karen with us, but we had a great time catching up with them. I returned and set up Maj. Bob picked me up at 11:45. We stopped at Good Cents for lunch, then traveled on to our annual Dermatology appts. Bob had a couple of areas sprayed, but I was okay. At 3:30 I had my next OT appt. Another busy day!

Thursday- I had a pre-op appt. with the surgeon for my ankle at 9:15. We stopped at Costco and had lunch at Café Zupas. I had a 2 PM mani/pedi. I returned home and Bob put my brace back on. At 4, we had the residents meeting.

Friday- I had my OT appt. at 11 and returned in time to speak with Karen from Dakota Post, our mail service, about our car registration. We are still working on that. The temporary tags do not expire until the end of January, fortunately! Karen will take care of the SD MVA in Sioux Falls.

Sat. Nov. 30 to Fri. Dec. 6- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We moved very quickly this morning. We went straight to Costco for gas, arriving at 8:44. As a result, we drove straight into the gas pumps. We purchased the gas, $2.89 gal, and left. We went straight to grocery shopping from there. We were in and out of Walmart in record time, with no one ahead of us in line.

We returned home, ate lunch, and Bob went to a metal place for a piece for under the bedroom slide. I stayed home and rested my ankle, which had been bothering me. We ate lunch and it was a quiet afternoon..We had a vet appointment for Roxie, who has been having an upset tummy. The Vet gave her a shot and medications.

Sunday- Roxie was better. We did our usual Sunday tasks. It was a quiet day for me. Bob put on the piece of metal, under the bedroom slide. 

Monday- I had a 9:30 appt. at OT. I go three times a week to OT along with my 4x a day exercises. I am doing really well, so far. At 1 PM, I had an appt. with a Dr. Gillespie  at Arizona Ankle and Foot. My CORE Doc had sent me there for a stem cell injection. Bob and I were both skeptical about this, but when we med with the Doc, he explained that the stem cells come from amniotic fluid, taken from mothers who are having scheduled C-sections. The fluid is with drawn immediately prior to the C-section and there is no danger to the mother or baby. The mothers have all been screened prior to the procedure, so there is no risk of Hepatitis or HIV. We sure have come a long way…I will have the injection next Tuesday.

Tuesday-  Roxie was still having issues, so we went back to the Vets for more medications. I had a Chiropractor appt. in the afternoon. and at 4, I had my OT.Bob had the Astronomy Club mtg. at 7, and I stayed home and watched Hallmark movies.  It was a busy day!

Wednesday- I played Maj this morning. In the afternoon, I had PT to strengthen my legs for the ankle surgery in January.

Thursday- Back to OT again at 9AM. I have really been busy with appointments! The rest of the day was quiet.

Friday- I had a quiet morning. At 1:45 I had an appointment with the PA to have my stitches removed from my thumb. I had 5 stitches on the thumb and 2 on the arm, where they removed the tendon. They came out easily. The PA had me move my fingers, touching my thumb to my little finger. He was impressed, as that was a 6 week goal, not a two week goal. He also apologized for the fact that the 1st OT appt. was so early, it was not supposed to be until after today’s appointment. Oh well, I am really ahead of the game!