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Sat. Aug. 20 to Fri. Aug 26- Sun City AZ

Saturday- It was a quiet day. I worked on cards. Bob is still working on the garage door. It is driving both of us crazy. Sometimes it works and sometimes if doesn’t.

I did laundry as usual. We read our books and watched some TV in the afternoon and evening.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday chores including grocery shopping, checking our accounts, and laundry. We continued to read our books and to watch Disney +.

Monday- I had a fasting blood draw at 8 am, so I went to the office. I was the first person there, but I ended up getting called in at 8:15. They seem to take their time. This is Sonora Quest Labs in the Doctor’s office.

At 11, I went to dispatch on the afternoon shift. I had to drive the Kia, as Bob was taking the Highlander in for service. He was going to have them check the garage door opener, as the portable one opens the door. He has still been working with the garage door company.

It was a crazy dispatch shift. We had a little lady who will not open her door or answer her phone and her son calls, from California, to have us check on her. She was okay, just some dementia. There were a number of other different types of calls.

Bob took the Highlander in to the Toyota dealership at 2:30. He found that the garage door opener was working, so he cancelled the garage door part of the appointment. He just had the oil changed. We still have free oil changes from the dealership for one more time, after this time. Then it will be off to Jiffy Lube!

Tuesday- I was off to the walking pool. I worked on cards all day. Bob continued to work on the RV can holder and the garage door opener, as it stopped working again.

Wednesday- I was off to the walking pool. Bob is now using the exercise bike in the condo.

I worked on cards in the morning. I had the embroidery workshop in the afternoon. We had the Zoom with our east coast friends at 5.  Bob is still going crazy with the garage door opener.

Thursday- We had our last Posse Thursday morning, yippee! Another 40 vacation watches. It was a quiet shift other than the vacation watches.

In the afternoon I had a call scheduled by the Nurse Practitioner from the doctor’s office to go over my blood work. It was all normal and no changes to my medications.

Friday- Our usual Posse shift. We had another 40 vacation watches. It was another quiet shift. We were tired again, so another afternoon nap.

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