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Sat. Aug. 27 to Fri. Sept. 2- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We went to Petsmart for Roxie’s prescription food. We have decided on where we are staying on our trip this month, but we have not made reservations yet, due to the weather. Since we are going to Big Bend NP, in southwestern Texas, for a week, we are watching the weather between Sun City and Texas. Plus, we are watching for hurricanes.

I worked on cards and Bob continued to work on the garage door opener.

Sunday- We went later to grocery shop, as Aldi opens at 9 am. We picked up a number of items, then stopped at Walmart. It was now close to 9:30! This was a big mistake. Walmart was mobbed with long lines. We will not do that again! We will go to Aldi’s on Saturday and Walmart very early on Sunday morning!

We did our usual other Sunday tasks, including checking our accounts, laundry, and cleaning.

We read our books and watched more Disney+ shows.

Monday- I had early morning Posse dispatch. Because I was going in, Bob had signed up for 40 vacation watches. I am getting a reputation for having crazy dispatch shifts!

The DO, Keith, kind of does his own thing. The DO is in charge of the shift, so he can do things his way. There were a lot of crazy calls. One was for a medical alarm going off in a home. The call came in from the 911 office. We sent Keith to the call, as everyone else was doing vacation watches.

The house was empty, and it was for sale. We ended up calling the agent, whose cell phone was disconnected. We called the national company, who called the agent, and she called in to the Posse.

Meanwhile, Bob was doing his vacation watches. He was flagged down by a resident on the street who was worried about her neighbor. Bob stopped, called it in, and went to check on the lady. Bob could not get the lady to answer her phone or to get her to answer the door.

We wanted to send Keith, as the house he was at, was empty. The fire truck and the medic unit did not arrive. Keith made decision to stay until the agent arrived. We are now at an hour, of Bob waiting for Keith to arrive, as we cannot go into the house and Bob could not leave.

Meanwhile, we were pulling the other Posse folks, off of vacation watches to go to the medical calls, as Keith was not available. Finally, the agent arrived, the house was empty, and no one knows why the alarm was going off.

Keith finally left and went to Bob. This was now after 11 AM. Both of us were supposed to be off at 11, but I was continuing because the calls were flying into the Posse office. The 11 am phone gal arrived and realized that this was the same lady from last week, who refuses to open the door or answer her phone.

The lady had now moved to a chair; Bob and Keith could now see her, but she still would not answer the door or the phone. They banged on the door until she finally answered the door. Bob was finally released to return to base. He did not get his 40 vacation watches completed, as he had spent so much time on this waste of time.

I have finished my orientation to dispatch, but since they do not have a shift for me, I am still sitting in so that I can learn and remember what I am to do…

Fay, who is in charge of dispatch, was really upset about Keith wasting so much time, so she reported him. Fine with me, as it was crazy for Bob to have to wait for so long, when the 911 folks decided that it was a waste of time!

I left the Posse at 11:30 and Bob ended up leaving at 11:50. I returned home, walked the dogs around the courtyard, and ate lunch. Bob returned, ate lunch, and did the dogs longer walk.

In the evening, we took Smitty and Mary Ann to Mercers restaurant as a thank-you for watching the condo while we were gone. Smitty had never been to Mercers, and he was very impressed and is planning to return!

Tuesday- I went to the walking pool in the morning. I was scheduled to monitor at the Bell Craft Club from 9-11. I arrived and no one was there to open the door. That was annoying, as it is hot and humid. While waiting I took a picture from up above the walking pool. There is more pool to the left side.

The class instructor arrived 10 minutes late and apologized. I had a quiet morning doing the monitoring and embroidering some cards.

Bell Center Walking Pool

I arrived home at noon, after I had been relieved by the afternoon person. We had a quiet afternoon. Bob had gone this morning to Lowes to purchase a new garage door opener. He will be working on replacing the opener this week, early in the morning, when it is a little bit cooler.

Wednesday- I went to the walking pool this morning. I had stupidly signed up to monitor at Bell again. I had not realized it was 2 days in a row. Ugh! When I arrived today, no problem. Linda was the instructor who could open the door, and she was there early.

I had the card embroidery at 12, so I took my lunch with me.

Thursday- I went to the walking pool. Bob started working on installing the garage door opener. I assisted a couple of times, before I left for the opening of the Calligraphy room. We were closed for August, although, there was a hard class in August, as the instructor is moving back to her original home to care for her mother. I had decided not to take this class, as I am still working on the two other calligraphy classes that I have taken. We worked on cleaning and organizing the room.

Bob was able to install the new garage door opener, and when I arrived back, he opened the door for me, and then programed the Highlander. It works!

We had a quiet afternoon,

Friday- We had our regular Posse shift. We had 40 vacation watches.

At our second house, at 6:35 am, we thought that the person was home. The flag was out, and some items were on the back table. We knocked and rang the doorbell. No answer. We put that card aside, and we continued on our way. We completed the rest of our watches and returned to the earlier house.

There were more items out back of the house, The computer was on the island in the kitchen, and there were shoes on the floor behind the coffee table. We could tell this from looking in the windows. I opened the mail slot, and I could see a car in the garage.

We had called the key holder/emergency person and Bob left a message, on our first trip to the home. We checked with the neighbors. One was home, the other has not returned yet.

We called Courtney, who was dealing with the same situation in Division 3. We are Division 2. She was finally going to get to us. We waited. The emergency contact person called us back. She laughed and said that the guy, who lives alone, was probably out on the golf course and was notorious for forgetting his phone. We cancelled Courtney and went on our way. The guy did call later to apologize. We went and washed the patrol car and added gas.

We finished our tour of duty, returned home, ate lunch, and went to Costco for gas and items. Gas was $3.49/gal.

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