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Sat. Aug. 13 to Fri. Aug. 19- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We had a quiet day at home. Bob has been working on the can storage for the RV. I continued working on calligraphy.  I also did laundry. Bob went to pick up prescriptions at Walgreens and then he was off to Lowes for a few items to finish the can holder.

We started to watch Cedar Cove on Hallmark Now. We also finished watching series Reacher on Amazon Prime and also watched the Reacher movie on Prime.

Sunday- We did our usual grocery shopping this morning. The cost of the distilled water at Walmart, was down to $1.08 a bottle. It was still the Arrowhead, so we purchased 7 bottles. We tried to purchase a steering wheel lock at Walmart but could not find one. We have been trying to purchase Bob’s Bran Flakes for weeks now. The cereal aisle at Walmart has a lot of open space to fill! We cannot find bran flakes anywhere else either! We are spending over $100 a week on groceries. Our goal is to spend $100 or less each week. With the inflation, we are really noticing the increase of food!

Bob took the Highlander to Costco for gas and stopped at Auto Zone to purchase the steering wheel lock for the Kia. We have been having a lot of car thefts in the area, and we have seen on TV that there is some sort of challenge to steal cars, and they are stealing Hyundai’s and Kia’s. Of course, we have a standard transmission, but we could have a lot of damage to the car before the idiots figure out, they cannot drive the car!

Monday- I was off to the walking pool in the morning. I worked on cards in the morning. Bob went to the motor home to do some double checking his measurements for the can holder.

I had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon. We had decided to add Disney+, so we watched some shows that we had not seen.

Tuesday- I was off to the walking pool in the morning. The doctor yesterday had changed one of my medications, so this was the first day of the change.

We had the Posse Operations Meeting. When they closed the meeting, they opened a new meeting to vote on by-law changes. We voted, they counted, and the by-laws passed.

We returned home. I worked on some cards. After lunch I tried to read my book, but I fell asleep. I had a different doctor’s appointment at 2:15. The aide saw me first. Then a training Doctor from Poland saw me. She put in a lot of the information. Then my primary doctor came in to see me. I have started having the neuropathy pain starting, like it did before, in my arches. He is re-ordering the Neurogenix treatments. We hope that the insurance approved the treatments again. Sigh, a waiting game!

I returned home and I could really feel the medication. I basically sat watching TV as I was kind of loopy.

Wednesday- I did not go to the walking pool this morning. We stayed in bed until almost 6:30, late for us. I still felt a little bit off from the new medication. By 10, I was feeling better. I had to cook some brownies for the embroidery workshop, as it was Linda’s birthday, and we were celebrating. We had a nice potluck at the workshop.

We had our Zoom at 5 with our east coast friends. It was a quiet evening.

Thursday- We had the Posse in the morning. 40 vacation watches. Nothing exciting. I worked on cards in the afternoon. Our garage door is not working correctly. Bob has been talking to the company about it and rebooting it and the car.

Friday- We had Posse in the morning. Again 40 vacation watches. We were tried after our morning, so we took a nice afternoon nap. We have been watching Orville on Disney +.

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