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Sat May 26 to Fri June 1 Fresno CA–Sequoia NP-Fresno CA

Saturday- We were out the door early to take the dogs to Bethany’s Dog Grooming. We dropped off the dogs, then went to breakfast at Red Apple Café. We arrived at just the right time. We were immediately seated. When we left, the line was out the door.

They served us huge breakfasts and I took enough home breakfast for 2 more days and Bob for 1 more day. We went to Vineyard Farmers Market. It was located in an old, large, grape arbor. We purchased zucchini and strawberries.

We left and tried to find another farmers market, but when we arrived at the site it was an apartment building. We stopped at Von’s for some more items and Kohl’s for a couple of items.

Then we stopped and picked up the girls. The groomers did a really good job. We returned home, ate lunch, and had a quiet afternoon. We decided to go to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. We have been to one before and decided that we will not go to one again. The bread, while fresh, was very blah. Bob had spaghetti with a mushroom sauce which was okay. I had angel hair with a meat marinara. Hardly any meat and the sauce was mediocre. The salad was just iceberg lettuce with a few pieces of shredded carrot. They serve a 3 course meal, with the salad and ice cream for dessert. We both opted for the vanilla which was okay.

Sunday- We left at a little before 10 to go to Forestiere  Underground Gardens $15 ea. senior rate.

20180527_101231 (2)

The Garden, in 2016, was voted best underground attraction in the country by Trip Advisor. Also in 2016 it was voted a top attraction by Fodors.  The story was very interesting. The guy who built it, I am going to call him BF, worked on it for 40 years! He emigrated from Italy and wanted to start a citrus farm like he grew up on in Italy. He arrived in New York and worked at digging the subway. He earned the money to travel to California. He then dug ditches in California, earning the money to purchase 70 acres of land in the San Joaquin Valley.This valley grows almonds, pistachios, and raisins. The land has only a very shallow area of dirt before you hit hardpan, the third hardest rock in the world. He had 5 feet of this rock on his land.

20180527_112106 (2)

20180527_101732 (2)

So rather than sell the land, he decided to dig and build an underground garden, planting citrus trees underground. How did he pay for this you might ask? He worked his day job, digging ditches during the day, and digging the garden overnight!

This was a guided tour. We entered the underground garden and our first stop was this courtyard.

20180527_102744 (2)

20180527_103119 (2)

BF planted trees and plants underground. He used these openings in the roof for them to grow. Orange trees lifespan is 60 years, his trees are living much longer.

20180527_103316 (2)

These trees are all underground and thriving!

20180527_103427 (2)

He grafted various varieties of oranges, and other citrus,  to sour orange trees. The sour orange tree is very sturdy and resistant to infestation.

BF was very religious, so he put in a chapel.

20180527_103912 (2)

He even put in a bell above the chapel.

20180527_103925 (2)

20180527_104306 (2)

It is hard to see in the picture below, but this tree has two different kinds of oranges. The edible ones are on the left and the sour ones are on the right.

20180527_104346 (2)

He built his home in the garden. There were two of the them. The first one was small and the second was much better. Below is the dining room table. Notice the whole in the center of the table. He had a tree growing through the table.

20180527_104730 (2)

20180527_104756 (2)

The icebox in the kitchen.


Stove and the table in the back slid in and out.

20180527_105130 (2)

20180527_105150 (2)

20180527_105201 (2)

20180527_105237 (2)

There were two bedrooms. Not because he had visitors, one was a winter bedroom with a fireplace for heat and the other was a summer one which was more open,

20180527_105244 (2)

20180527_105312 (2)

20180527_105327 (2)

Then he also had a patio with a bath tub.


He put the water up on top of the garden and had a tubing running down into the bath tub. The water would warm all day, and he would then let the water run into the tub.

Below was his fish pond. He would go to the river and catch a lot of fish, keep them alive, then bring them back and put them in this pond in the garden. Then he would catch the fish in his pond, and cook it.

The next picture shows a peak hole. When someone came to visit, they would ring the bell. He would see who they were and might or might not visit with them.

20180527_105525 (2)

So how did he deal with rain? He had covers he could put over some of the roof openings. Others he let the rain in, but the floor slopes and the water can drain into a hole.

20180527_110013 (2)

He decided late in this process to open up to the public to make some money. He built an auto road into the garden.

20180527_110309 (2)

20180527_110326 (2)

I don’t think I mentioned how many miles of tunnel that he built! There were lots..

20180527_110657 (2)

BF really got into grafting and made this one tree with 7 varieties of fruit growing on the tree. The green fruit in the right lower corner was what the issue was. It is a very heavy fruit and it made the branch fall off the tree. This led to an infected tree, and the loss of many of the fruits. This is the tree, but it only has two varieties of oranges growing on it currently.

20180527_110702 (2)


Below is more of the road.


Below are the tools he used to do all this work.


Ant this piece of equipment is. ..


BF did not just grow citrus, he also grew carob, and grapes.

20180527_111517 (3)

And roses…


Towards the end, he built a ballroom. Below is the stage.



The floor is Italian marble which he imported.

So who owns this attraction? It is still in the family. BF, in 1940, contracted pneumonia post surgery, and never left the hospital after his hernia surgery.  He never married ( surprise surprise, he spent all his time working….). The family sold the land, and his brother bought back 10 acres, which is what is now left of the garden. The family maintains the facility.

20180527_111953 (2)

20180527_112056 (2)

20180527_112652 (2)

We were very impressed with this attraction. The hard work this man did…. he never married and had no children. IMHO, I think he was mentally ill! But then I never knew the man. He was obviously a genius, as he put really smart ideas to work in this facility. He did this whole enterprise, without a plan. No blue prints. He used, to support the roof, any items he could find. There are bed slats and box springs, any type of metal. He was also very religious. There are many instances of 3’s and 6’s incorporated into the building. If you are ever in the area, I would recommend a visit. The story is fascinating!

We stopped at  El Michoacano Mexican Restaurant for lunch. I cannot tell you how great our meals were! They were the best Mexican we have had in a long time!!

We went downtown to look at the Fresno Water Tower.

20180527_123558 (2)

And the historic Arch.

20180527_124607 (2)

Monday- We traveled southeast on Hwy. 41 to Hwy. 99. We exited the freeway onto Hwy. 198 and traveled to Three Rivers, just outside of Sequoia NP. We arrived at Three Rivers Hideaway RV Park to find that they did not have our reservation. The guy at the desk, said they could accommodate us. Huh, we made the reservation and had a confirmation! Thanks for doing us a favor…This is a small RV park with no amenities. We have no internet or phone service. We can get texts. The park has internet, open and free, but it is intermittent and very weak ATT. No Verizon.

We settled in and Bob took the towels to the one washing machine and dryer. I did laundry in the MH. We had a quiet evening at home

Tuesday- We left early and drove into the NP using our “Geezer” Pass. The pass is saving us $25 per day at each of the NP’s that we enter!

20180529_090555 (2)

Our first stop was at the Foothills Visitor Center. We immediately found that there is construction on the road, with up to 1 hour delays, and we had to leave in 3 minutes to make it to the construction site, way up the highway…

So we went back to the car and took off. The visitor center is at 1700 ft. The next area was at 6409 ft, so obviously, we traveled uphill! We reached the construction area and had to wait about 7 minutes. The road, on the outside, was being replaced/upgraded. It was a single lane for 2 miles. We drove through, then it was another 9 minutes to the Giant Forest Museum. We looked at the exhibits, but were not impressed by anything there with the exception of the trail of blocks which represent how big a Sequoia would be on the ground. It was impressive!

We found that they have a free shuttle, so we hopped on the #1 shuttle to the General Sherman Tree. The shuttle, which runs every 15 minutes dropped us off at the trail. We walked up to the tunnel tree.

20180529_105530 (3)

20180529_105542 (2)

Then continued on to visit the General Sherman tree. it is the largest tree in the world, by volume. The top is dead, so it will not grow taller.

20180529_110634 (2)



Its hard to get a picture of a tree which is so large, but the picture above shows it from a distance.

20180529_111655 (2)

We hopped back on the shuttle and went to the Lodgepole Visitor Center. On the way, the shuttle drove past the Lodgepole Campground. We had tried to get reservations there, but were unable to do so. We are really glad that we did not, as the drive in would have been terrible, although coming from the north, as they are not allowing longer RV’s through the construction. Also, they have had 8 bear attacks in the last 3 weeks, with bears trying to get into the cars, trucks, tents etc.….

We ate our picnic lunch at the table outside the Lodgepole building. We went in and watched the video on bears, which was very interesting.

Then we hopped back on the shuttle and returned to the Museum and raced to the car. We drove back down and got in line to go thru the construction. We arrived in time and waited about 5 minutes. We traveled through the construction area. Now we did all the sites that we had missed on the way up. Our first stop was at an overlook. We could see Moro Rock and the valley.

20180529_134715 (2)

20180529_134721 (2)

20180529_134757 (2)

Above is Moro Rock. It is hard to see, but there are people on the top of the rock.

20180529_134921 (2)

We continued to Hospital Rock. This was a site is where an Indian village was located. We walked across the highway to the rock. To the right, there was the kitchen. It was in the shade, and in the rock, you can see the holes where the women ground the wheat for flour. It must have taken centuries to develop these holes!

20180529_141209 (2)

20180529_141158 (2)

Under hospital rock there were petroglyphs.

20180529_141258 (2)

20180529_141326 (2)

20180529_141542 (2)

We left and traveled back to the Foothills Visitor Center and used the internet at the facility. Both of us checked our emails and FB. We left the park and traveled into town. We went to the local ice cream parlor/candy store for some ice cream. Everything is made there and it was excellent! It was 65 degrees in the park, but felt warm in the sun. It was 98 in Three Rivers at the RV park. We returned to the happy dogs and had a quiet evening.

Wednesday- Our destination was to be Kings Canyon NP which is north of Sequoia NP.

20180530_124050 (2)

Due to the construction, we decided to travel outside the park. We turned west and traveled about 5 miles to Hwy. 216. We traveled through orange and lemon orchards to Hwy. 245. We followed Hwy. 245 to Hwy.180 and the entrance to KIngs Canyon NP. I would never travel Hwy 245 again. So glad we were not in the motor home! The road surface was good, but the road zig-zagged up into the mountains. It was more twists and turns than what was in the park. The best explanation I can give you is it was many miles of curvy Lombard Street in San Francisco! It took less time, but more gas! The views were beautiful, if you had the time to look at them!

We arrived at the gate, passed into the park, and went straight to the Grant Grove Visitor Center. We stamped the passport, and drove east on the Kings Canyon Scenic By-way. We drove all 32 miles, out to the “Roads End”. It was a spectacular drive with rocky canyon sides, a fast flowing river and two waterfalls.

20180530_104439 (2)

Our first stop was at the General Grant Tree. It is the third largest tree in the world, by volume. There was a 1/2 mile walk around the area. On the trail, first there were several exhibits prior to the General Grant Tree.

20180530_104811 (2)

Below is the same tree as in this exhibit picture. You can walk thru the tree!

20180530_104832 (2)

The Sequoias are very sturdy. The live through fires as you can see the damage in this tree.

20180530_105048 (2)

This is Centennial Swamp. The tree was cut down and parts were shipped to the World’s Fair. Easterners did not believe that there were such big trees in California. They thought it was a hoax, so the Californians sent the parts of this tree to the Fair to show them. The Easterners still did not believe them…

20180530_105154 (2)

You can see right through this tree!

20180530_105300 (2)

20180530_105348 (2)

20180530_105407 (2)

20180530_105748 (2)

20180530_105831 (2)

20180530_105852 (2)

20180530_105939 (2)


This was us at the far end of the tree you can walk thru. We traded taking pictures with some Canadians.

20180530_110621 (2)

The drive thru the mountains and canyons was spectacular.

20180530_112647 (2)

20180530_112649 (2)


Below you can see the road traveling thru the canyon.

20180530_113358 (2)

Below is 10 miles creek.

20180530_114127 (2)


We stopped at the Conflict Flat Campground and Picnic area for our picnic lunch. This was our view. It was a pretty little park. The Convict part of it was that they had convicts from Alcatraz who were brought here to work. They earned a dollar a day for 6 days a week. It was hard to escape this area, and they usually did not try because the cost of catching them was taken out of their pay. Also, they only used lifers and long term convicts for this work. 

20180530_120842 (2)

Below is the Kings River. It was a raging river!

20180530_122151 (2)

20180530_122216 (2)

Below is Grizzly Falls.


The end of the canyon.

20180530_125631 (2)

20180530_130131 (2)

Below is the second waterfall, this is Roaring River Falls. It was pretty loud!

20180530_130637 (2)

It was only 2 more miles to  Roads End. This is Grand Sentinel at 8518 ft.

20180530_131844 (2)

When we reached the end, we turned around and drove back. We turned onto the Generals Highway, and returned through Sequoia NP. At this point, we had used most of our gas, and we were getting a little bit nervous about fuel. We had started in the morning with almost a full tank, and now we had less than a quarter tank. There are no gas stations in the NP’s. Fortunately, the area between the parks is a National Forest, and there was a gas station. Gas was $3.99 gal, so we only bought 3 gallons, enough to get us back to Three Rivers.

We lucked out and arrived just in time to catch the 3:30 drive through the construction area. We returned to Three Rivers, (temperature 102!) and had a nice dinner at home. Then we took the dogs and my computer and went to Lake Keweah NP. It is right on the highway and since we have the geezer pass, it was free for us. There was phone service and we were able to connect to our Verizon. I was able to download all 196 pictures from my phone! We ran a little bit farther and stopped for gas. $3.65/gal. Gas in the town of Three Rivers was $4.09 gal. We returned and had a quiet evening at home.

Thursday- We left a little later today, but still caught the 10:30 trip through the construction. We went immediately to the area we had missed on Tuesday. We stopped at Auto Log. They used to park cars on this log.


Then continued on to Tunnel Log. There we are driving thru….

20180531_110012_001 (2)

We continued on to Moro Rock. We had looked at this from 3 sides. Bob walked up the 356 steps and took these awesome pictures. I went up the first 60 and looked right and left and said, no way, I don’t like heights!

I returned to the car while Bob continued up. Here are his pictures.


The steps farther up become very narrow and built into the rock.








We went to Crescent Meadow for our picnic lunch. It was about 12:15, so we raced down the hill to catch the 12:30 trip back through the construction. We returned to the MH, walked the dogs, then went in search of internet/phone connectivity. Bob called the Elks Lodge in Fresno and we are returning there tomorrow for one night. This give us a chance to grocery shop and get more (less expensive) gas, before we leave for Yosemite on Saturday.

We returned to the MH and stopped at the office. We asked for a refund for tomorrow and the gal gave us one. She said that she could sell the site tomorrow. When we returned to the MH, Bob noted that she had refunded us $49. We had only paid $40 for the night. So he went back to the office and told her, taking the receipts. She said that was okay, she would get it when she sold the site tomorrow, no problem. Wasn’t that nice!  We had a quiet evening at home.

Friday- June 1- We have been on the road for 8 years today! Wow, time sure flies!!

We packed up and got ready to leave. When Bob went to the tow umbilical, he noticed that it was broken. So I drove the car behind the MH. We wanted to leave early, as it was going to be in the high 90’s again today.

We back tracked west to Hwy. 99 and turned north on Hwy 41. It was an easy drive. We arrived at the Elks to find that our assigned site, site 9, was occupied. Hmmm. The guy Bob has spoken with at the Elks very obviously has memory problems and hearing issues. So we were not too surprised. Site 6 was open. So we went into the Lodge. The guy must have asked us 6 or 7 times the length of our MH. He walked out with us to take a look. Then told us to pull into site 6. It turned out, the folks in site 9 had just pulled in some time overnight and not paid or had a reservation. They were not there. The rig was a longer, 42 to 45,  than our 40 footer.

Site 10 was also open but we could not fit in that site as it was too short. So into site 6 we went, and it was reserved for someone else.

We set up, ate lunch and Bob worked on the umbilical, checking everything he could check. We went to Walmart, Total Wine, and Bank of America for quarters (laundry). Bob had looked at Walmart for fuses for the umbilical, but they did not have the one we needed, so we stopped at Auto Zone.

We returned ( the guy with the reservation had arrived in a smaller Class C MH, and fit nicely in site 10) and Bob put in new fuses. It still does not work. The MH lights work, so he does not know what is wrong. He looked for  some dealers in Sacramento, and they were already closed for the weekend. We will have to find cell coverage on Monday and schedule an appointment.

The Elks guy had invited us to the dinner at the Elks this evening. After last week, heck NO! We went to Texas Roadhouse for a cheaper, much better dinner, with good service and no wait!  We stopped at Costco for gas, $3.33 gal. This Costco also has diesel on a few of the pumps, with signs that say no trucks over 40 ft.

Sat. May 19 to Fri. May 25- Salinas CA to Fresno CA

Saturday- We stayed in Salinas today. Our first stop was at Walmart to drop off Bob’s prescription. We looked at Costco for gas, but they did not have a gas station. Too bad, with the price of gas being so high!

We went to Old Town Salinas. We were headed to the Steinbeck Center, but spotted a Farmers Market. Usually we find the markets listed on the internet, but we could not find one listed in Salinas. We parked in a 2 hour parking space for free and walked back about 2 blocks to the market.

They had all the usual stuff, but we only purchased romaine lettuce. We returned to the car and dropped off the lettuce. We walked over to the Steinbeck Center. Right across the street was this mural of the history of Salinas.

20180519_104955 (3)

20180519_105021 (2)

20180519_110444 (2)

We paid the $9 each, senior rate, and entered the museum. The museum combines history with his writing, and of course, there was a lot about the Salinas Valley.

20180519_120914 (2)

20180519_120906 (3)

This was the RV that Steinbeck and Charlie ( his poodle) traveled in. I think my father had gotten the idea for his first camper from this, as Dad’s looked very similar.

20180519_121052 (2)

Steinbeck was also a WWII news correspondent. They had some of his articles highlighted. My favorite was about ‘the girls”. In the article, the men were men, but the women were girls. But, the theme of the article was about how the women worked so hard and saved so many lives during the war. Okay, I will forgive him for calling them ‘girls’. It was the time period….

We watched the video about his life. He was married 3 times and had two sons. Both sons have passed also. His widow was featured in the video although I am not sure if she is still alive. He grew up in the Salinas Valley. The Grapes of Wrath is about the Salinas Valley. Cannery Row is about Monterey. I read the Grapes of Wrath in high school and remember that I hated it because it was so sad… Below is the downtown from the front of the museum.

20180519_121440 (2)

We left and went two blocks down the street to his childhood home.

20180519_122203 (2)

The home is a restaurant and you are only allowed on the first floor and in the basement gift shop.

We decided to eat lunch there. I had the crepe ( it was more like an enchilada). Bob had the Ruben. The food was very good. All the money goes to the upkeep of the home.

20180519_122244 (2)

20180519_124456 (2)

Below was our table.

20180519_124710 (2)

This was his postage stamp.

20180519_124744 (2)

After the family sold the house, several other families owned it. When it was purchased by the Not-for-profit, they found this fireplace grate in the basement. It is in family pictures, so they know it was the one that was there when Steinbeck was a child.

20180519_125124 (2)

We left and went down to the gift shop in the basement. A man in town decided to make this doll house for his daughter. He built it to scale. It took 17 years, and by that time his daughter was no longer interested in the doll house. She had graduated from college!

20180519_125935 (2)

The detail was incredible! The doll house was very interesting! The ladies in the gift shop were so nice that I felt guilty for not purchasing anything.

20180519_130026 (2)

We stopped for gas, 3.69 a gal. and returned to the MH. We decided to go out to dinner, so we ran and picked up Bob’s prescription. The gal wanted to give give him 25 lancets. Bob still follows his blood sugars. He explained to the gal that he gets 90 days worth. He had to argue with her about the number supplied. The prescription shows 90 days worth! She finally got them, then put them in the rack, knowing full well he was standing there waiting. He was not happy….

We went to dinner at a little seafood deli/restaurant. It was expensive, but everywhere in California seem to be pricy. I had the broiled scallops. Bob had the clams and chips. Both were excellent.

Sunday- We drove to Monterey. Our first stop was at Cannery Row. Because we were early, we easily found a parking place at a meter.

20180520_105134 (2)

20180520_111233 (2)

20180520_112021 (2)

The above monument pays tribute to the diverse people of the area. On the top is John Steinbeck due to his book Cannery Row. Eight other figures surround the monument, representing the bustling sardine canning days and other folks. Steinbeck’s friend, Ed Ricketts, who is one of the ‘fathers of marine biology’, a Chinese person who represents the Chinese fishing village, and two female figures “Madam Flora Woods” who was know for her generosity and one of her girls. Four boys sit together to represent the entrepreneurs who worked on the rebirth of the area.

Cannery Row, which has so much history, has been turned into a shopping mecca. Mainly, tourist stuff. We walked the length. At the end is the Aquarium. We stopped at the Toll House Cookie store and purchased two cookies for later today. We also stopped in at the Ghirardelli Chocolate store. We had a coupon. We purchased 2 pieces of chocolate each. I really liked this stained glass on a restaurant window.

20180520_105332 (2)

By this time, it was time for lunch. We left the area, and went to a breakfast place in Old Town Monterey. The restaurant, Breakfast All Day, was very popular. We lucked out, arriving in a lull. We easily found a table. I had an egg plate and Bob had an omelet. Both were excellent. As we were leaving, the line was out the door…

We drove south on Rt. 1. Our destination was Big Sur. South of Big Sur and north of San Simeon, Rt.1 is closed for repairs. Since it was Sunday, there was a lot of traffic.

This is Big Sur. We crossed over the famous Bixby Bridge 714 ft. long and 260 foot high wonder of engineering built in 1932.There was so much traffic and no place to park, so we did not get a picture. 

20180520_131907 (2)

We stopped at Safeway on the way back. Then we went to the Carmel Mission. The Basilica of Mission San Carlos Borromeo, Del Rio Carmelo Carmelo-By-The-Sea. Wow, is that a mouthful!

The mission was founded June 3, 1770.,by of course, Padre Junipero Serra. It was the second mission. The Padre was born in Petra, Isla del Mallorca on 11/24/1713. He was named the Presidente of the Missions of Lower and Upper California in 1767. He walked from lower California(Mexico) to San Diego where he established his first mission in 1769. Then he came by boat to Monterey. He originally founded the mission in Monterey, but moved it to Carmel, as there were more Native Americans in the Carmel area. Over 4000 were baptized between 1770 to 1836. He died August 28, 1784 and requested to be buried in the sanctuary of the Basilica.The present church was built of native limestone in 1793. The building fell into disrepair as the area changed over the years. Eventually, in 1924 they started to renovated the buildings. In 1961 the Basilica was designated a Minor Basilica by Pope John XXIII. In 1985 Pope John Paul II declared Serra venerable and in 1988 he was beatified in recognition of his heroic virtues. In September 1987 the Pope visited the mission as part of his tour of the US.  Pope Francis canonized Saint Junipero Serra on September 23, 2015. ( To become a saint you have to have a documented miracle. In Serra’s case, a woman who had Lupus prayed to Serra and was cured). Whatever the story, the Padre was the real deal. He lived as a Franciscan, in a small room with no ornamentation. He brought a lot of items with him to the area.

Mass had just ended when we arrived. We purposely scheduled our visit this way. The bell tower is unique as it has 9 bells.

20180520_142420 (2)

20180520_142613 (2)

  Below, to the left on the floor, the white square is the memorial of where Serra is buried. 20180520_142644 (2)

20180520_142735 (2)

Below is the Our Lady of Bethlehem. This is not a picture. It is a large doll, brought to the mission by Padre Serra. It fascinated me. It was awe inspiring!

20180520_142757 (2)

20180520_142806 (2)

20180520_145502 (2)

20180520_142937 (2)

Eagle eye Bob spotted this. It is hard to read, as when I try to highlight it goes back to normal. Can you see the issue??

20180520_143414 (3)

Yup, it says that this person lived to be 151 years old.

20180520_143623 (2)

We stopped in the little museum and watched the film. Notice the arched ceiling in the church. It is unique to this era.

20180520_144704 (2)

This ornate Nativity scene was in one of the back rooms.

20180520_144908 (2)

This is another small chapel in the Basilica.

20180520_145749 (2)

20180520_145914 (2)

The Padre’s Office. The Mission hosted the first Library in California.

20180520_150011 (2)

20180520_150026 (2)

Above, more relics that Padre Serra brought to CA. Below is his room.

20180520_150359 (2)

We left and returned to Salinas. No traffic back up on the road today! We had a quiet evening at home.

Monday- Moving day. We never saw the Camp Host at this Elks Lodge in the entire time we were here!

We drove north on the 101 past more vegetable fields. We exited onto Hwy 156 east and traveled to Hollister, where we turned south on Hwy 25. Now we were seeing cattle ranches and a few vineyards.  We only traveled 44 miles to the San Benito TT. It is a typical TT. We found a flat site with 50 amp, FHU. We had to pay $5 extra each day for the 50 amp, but it is worth it to have hot running water.

We settled in, ate lunch, I started a load of laundry, and we then drove back to Paicines. The town consists of a General Store/Café and Post Office. We picked up our mail and returned to the MH. On the way back in, we drove around the RV park, as it is very large. They have over 500 sites and the sites are not that close together.

We continued to settle in. I continued to do laundry and Bob took the sheets and towels to the laundry here at the park. It was fairly inexpensive, at $1.25 to wash and $1 to dry. That is the least that we have seen for awhile! We had a quiet afternoon.

Tuesday- At around 10:45, we left and drove 23 miles south on Rt. 25 to Pinnacles National Park. I had tried to look up the park in our Fodor’s National Parks of the West book, and it was not in there. When I Googled the park, I found that it had been designated a National Park in 2013. Our book’s copyright is 2009.  Before that the park had been a National Monument.

We stopped at the Visitor Center and I stamped our National Park book. We received the map of the park and proceeded to the Bear Gulch ranger station. There was a nice picnic table in the shade, so we ate our picnic lunch. There is no restaurant or many facilities. Surprisingly, there is a campground with 30/50 amp electric and a swimming pool. When I asked about it, the Ranger said that the RV park had been privately owned and that the owners sold the park to the NPS, along with the land, which has now extended the park. Also, they had running water in the restrooms. Usually most NP restrooms are vault toilets. That was a happy surprise! Although, the Ranger also said that the septic system had failed at the campground, so they were bringing in port-a-potties for the Memorial Day weekend.

We watched the movie and talked with the Rangers about the hikes. The ladies said that there was a moderate hike to the Bear Gulch Reservoir. In looking at the map and at the signs, it was only 0,7 miles to the reservoir. The gals suggested we take the left fork up and the right fork down. They lied! It was 1.2 miles uphill. Bob’s Fitbit told us we had climbed the equivalent of 3800 flights of stairs. Whew, it was a trip. Lots of rocks, tunnels etc.to climb through. I had to be very careful of my bad ankle.



This was the trail through the rocks. Below was one of the tunnels.





Above, we literally had to walk under this rock above.

DSCN8001 DSCN8002

When we exited one of the tunnels, we ran into these climbers. They were just reaching the top of the rock.


Right before the reservoir, there were small steps in the rocks. There was a metal railing to the left, but the steps were very narrow. There were about 70 steps. Then we finally reached the reservoir. .


Now we started the 1.2 miles back down the mountain. Below are the pinnacles.




It was very pretty, but been there done, that! Fortunately, no injury to my ankle.

We arrived back at the car and drove to the end of the road to visit Old Pinnacles. It was just a parking lot for the trails, so we returned to the MH. We had a quiet evening at home.

Wednesday-  We are having a quiet day at home. I worked on the blog and Bob did some tasks. Then we washed the poor car. It was filthy as there had been a slight rain in Salinas, which combined with being towed behind the MH made the car filthy!

So Bob cleaned the outside and I did some of the inside. The weather is perfect with a slight breeze and the temp in the 70’s with bright blue skies. We went to the Camp Store which is open Wed to Sat. Then we went to the Family Center and did a book exchange. We grilled a steak and had a quiet evening at home.

Thursday- Another quiet day for us.  We did basically nothing, a little laundry and relaxing!

Friday- Moving day again, and of course, it rained. So much for the clean car!. We traveled back north through Hollister, turning onto Rt. 156 to 152. We traveled through more citrus orchards and what looked like vineyards, but they were actually growing raisins.This freeway took us past the San Luis Reservoir, which was down about 30 ft.. We went through the pass in the Diablo Range. There was a lot of traffic, especially trucks!  We continued east to Rt. 99 and turned south to Fresno. At this point we  had entered the San Joaquin Valley. Now we were traveling through raisin, almond, and pistachio orchards.

We drove into the Fresno Elks Lodge. Bob went into the Lodge to sign in. We had a reservation. Again, we never saw the Camp Host while we were here, even though we were parked next to him! The guy in the Lodge was not real friendly either.

We ran to a car wash, $7, and washed the dirty car, again. We settled in and decided to go to dinner at the Lodge. We always try to support the Lodges when we use their Rv parks. Well, this was an experience! The dinner started at 6:30, or so we were told! The sign said $10. We paid $20 each. Bob had the steak and I had the steak and scampi. They included stale bread, a salad, and the meal. We waited 45 minutes to be served, and there were only 20 people there.We should have taken a clue from the fact that the place was not crowded. What a mistake! We could have gone to Texas Roadhouse, had a much better steak, better service, and the awesome rolls!

Sat. May 12 to Fri. May 18- Oceano CA to Salinas CA

Saturday-  We drove north again to San Luis Obispo. We went straight to the Farmers Market. This market has weird hours. It is open from 8:30 to 10:45 AM on Saturdays only. There is also a Farmers Market on Wednesday evenings.

It was a very nice Farmers Market. We purchased local Romaine lettuce, nectarines, oranges and cucumber. We left and went to the Mission. We wandered through the museum.

20180512_101030 (2)

Above, the alter is not the original, but the Tabernacle is the original. I thought that this dress was interesting. It is a black wedding dress.

20180512_101411 (2)

I originally thought that it was a mourning gown. For a second marriage, the custom was for the bride to wear black. The dress was very ornate with lots of beads.

The church was stark, compared to others we have seen. We did not stay long, as a Baptism was taking place.

20180512_102000 (2)

We had parked across from the Mission in a parking place where the meter was broken. So we hustled around town. We stopped at the Visitor Center. The gal said to move the car to the parking garage, as the first hour is free. Okay, so that is what we did. The garage is located in their one block long China Town. The area was under construction, but this was interesting. This mural was on the side of the parking garage.

20180512_110709 (2)

We walked back past the Mission, and through Mission Plaza, where there was an Environmental Fair going on. We passed through, and went to Bubble Gum Alley.When the gal at the Visitor Center told us about it, my first thought was that it was for kids. Well, sort of, there are over 1 million pieces of bubble gum on the walls. It is 15 feet tall and 70 ft. long. Gross, but fun….

20180512_105700 (2)

Since it was only 10:45, we decided to walk back the car and drive to the Madonna Inn. It is an interesting place. It is white on the outside, but pink on the inside.

20180512_124744 (2)

The picture above was taken from the 101. The area we went to is in another area.

20180512_111547 (2)

20180512_112009 (2)

We walked in and OMG, they were cooking bread! It smelled wonderful. We went downstairs to the gift and wine shop.I took these pictures of post cards of the rooms.

20180512_112851 (2)

20180512_112858 (2)

In the lobby.

20180512_113105 (2)

The main dining room.

20180512_113127 (2)

Okay, enough pink. We wandered into the very busy Copper Cafe, and went to look at the bakery. They are known for their cakes. The cakes were about  a foot high. They looked really good. We decided to pass, as they looked like they had way, way too many calories!

We left and returned to downtown. We parked in an open lot, on a meter. It had 22 minutes left on it ( we sure have been lucky) and we just added time to make it an hour. We went to the SLO Brewery for lunch. Bob had a flight of beer with the Cali Weisse, A Blackberry Ale, the Nitro Oatmeal Stout and the Triclover Stout. He liked the Nitro the best. Lunch was just okay, nothing terrific.

We passed this Adobe on the way to and from the parking lot.

20180512_114709 (2)

20180512_114714 (2)

We left and went back to the MH. We took the dogs and went to Oceana State Beach. We parked in the lot outside the beach, and walked in for free. You can drive on the beach for $5 per car. We chose not to…

The dogs had a great time until they got bored. So we returned to the MH. Below, that is Bob walking the dogs….

20180512_150440 (2)

20180512_150414 (2)

We decided to go to dinner at Gina’s Italian Restaurant in Arroyo Grande, one of the local towns. We had seen it when driving by…. The food was awesome. Bob proclaimed it one of the top 5 Italian Restaurants we have ever been too. Their specialty is the ravioli. Bob had the chicken and spinach and I had the shrimp and lobster. I also had a glass of Castoro White Zinfandel . The wine was excellent and when we looked it up, it was from a vineyard in Pas Robles, and costs $10. We are going to try to buy some bottles of it…

Sunday– We left at 9 and went to Oceano Elks Lodge for the Mothers Day Breakfast. Actually, we just went for the Sunday breakfast, but it turned out they were having a special Mother’s Day breakfast.  $10 for a buffet breakfast, which included an egg casserole (full of bell pepper) potatoes ( also had bell pepper, I was getting worried that Bob was not gong to get enough to eat), Danish, biscuit and gravy, pancakes and scrambled eggs. Also bacon and sausage, and fruit. So he had plenty to eat.  Whew!

We drove south on the 101 to Santa Maria, where we went to Costco ( a brand new one), and then a Walmart Neighborhood Market.  We stopped at a car wash, as the car was filthy. $8 this time. Much more reasonable!

We returned to the MH and had a quiet afternoon and evening. We noticed that Roxie was licking her paw a lot. We checked and could not see anything, so we shaved the top of her paw. We found a bump and red spot. Hmmm

Monday-  Bob took the dogs for a walk and I called the local VCA Animal Hospital. I made an appt. for 8 AM. We packed up both dogs and ran over to the hospital. The very nice Vet looked at the red spot and decided that she needed to do a fine needle aspiration and needed to really clean the paw. So she kept Roxie. We returned to the MH and packed up a go bag. We took Karlie with us, since her separation anxiety is so bad.

We drove north to San Luis Obispo (SLO) and stopped at the Home Depot. I walked Karlie and Bob went in to purchase a new magnet for our bathroom door. It keeps the door open as our bathroom is small.

We drove north a couple of exits, and turned towards the coast. We turned north on Rt. 1 and drove along the coast. Our first stop was in Morro Bay to look at the Embarcadero ( just a bunch of beach stores) and Morro Rock. Morro Rock is 576 ft. high and is a Volcanic rock.  As soon as we left the car, we could hear the Harbor Seals.

20180514_102459 (2)

We also spotted this sea otter enjoying sunning his belly.

20180514_102515 (2)

Of course, we could not miss the rock. We could see if on the way into town from Rt. 1.

20180514_102526 (2)

We continued north on Rt. 1 to Cayucos, which is only 4 miles north. We looked at the town while driving through, and continued north. Our next area to view was Cambria. We turned off the highway to drive through this Welsh themed town. There were lots of little shops with arts and crafts. We did not stop, but did see this very large Fresnel Lens.

20180514_110837 (2)

We could see a little bit of Welsh in the buildings.

20180514_111038 (2)

We continued north driving along the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

As we were driving north, we saw people had pulled over and were standing on a hill looking at something. So we stopped to take a look and found a herd of Zebra’s. Well, that is not something you see everyday! They must be descendants of the Zebra’s at the Hearst Zoo. There were about 60 in the herd. How did we know that they were Zebra’s? We used the binoculars and saw the stripes!

20180514_111655 (2)

We turned right in San Simeon and drove up to the Hearst Castle visitor center. This is totally different than when I visited in 1975. At that time I had taken what is now the Grand Rooms Tour. There are now 5 normal tours and other special tours.

20180514_112356 (2)

Since we had Karlie with us, I walked into the Visitor Center and asked if there was a tour that we could take her with us. The Docent said no ( of course, but I had to ask). He said that she could come into the Visitor Center. So I texted Bob and he walked up with her. We wandered through the Visitor Center and took a quick tour of the Museum. We decided that we will just have to return at some point in the future. She was unbelievably well behaved! She walked between the two of us just strutting her stuff!

20180514_114938 (2)

We returned to Cambria and picked up two sandwiches at a Deli. Then we went to the state park and had lunch. Here was our view from the picnic table….

20180514_123701 (2)

20180514_124040 (2)

We left and returned south and turned east, traveling to Paso Robles. On the road was the Castoro Vineyard. We stopped in to purchase the White Zinfandel that I had at the restaurant on Saturday night.

20180514_134250 (2)

The testing room was packed with people. Evidently, this is a popular vineyard! There was a group ahead of us and we think that they purchased about $1000 in wine! I bought 3 bottles of the White Zin, $10 each, their least expensive wine. They purchased 4 cases of the very expensive wines….

We continued to the 101 and drove south to SLO, where we stopped at Costco for gas. $3.49 gal. We returned to the MH. We both fell asleep in the recliners.

At 5, we went to pick up Roxie. The Vet assistant showed us a whole bunch of stickers that they had retrieved from all of Roxie’s paws. With all the fur, they had to shave all 4 of her paws, even between the pads. We immediately realized that we were going to have to shave Karlie’s paws and clean them out. We thought we had gotten all the junk out of both of their paws, but these were little pieces that were migrating into the skin.

We returned home with poor Roxie in “the cone of shame”. She kept bumping into everything! She did not drink and did not eat. She also has a bandage on her left front paw.

20180514_204027 (2)

After dinner, we took the dogs outside and we shaved Karlie’s paws. She was not happy! We had problems with between the claws, and nicked one of the pads and she bled.

Then we brought them back in and used scissors to cut the hair out. While doing that I found lots and lots of the little pieces and even some of the round burrs. Ugh, I am not sure why she was walking normally!

We were all exhausted after that 1.5 hours of work! We settled in for the evening and watched TV.

Tuesday- I woke up at 2:30 and Roxie was sitting up on the bed. She was just miserable. She could not get down off the bed and could not sleep in the cone. So I got up and took her into the living room. She immediately drank a lot of water. I took off the cone, put her on my lap, with her paw under the blanket. She sighed and went right to sleep. I read until 6 AM, then put the cone back on and took her back into the bed. I went to sleep and Bob got up with the dogs. I slept until 8.

We plan to stay home most of the day with the dogs. But first, friend Barb Zielke had sent me a text about the Kong Cloud which looks like an airline neck pillow. So I had Googled it. We left, taking the dogs with us,and went to Petco, the only pet store in town. We purchased an inflatable neck collar, a different brand. We put it on in the store and it was so much better for Roxie. She could drink, eat, and was not bumping into everything.

We returned and had a quiet day at home, with me taking a long nap to catch up on some sleep. We were going Square Dancing this evening, but decided to stay with the dogs instead.

Wednesday- Bob refreshed the water filter. Then I went to have a mani/pedi. I returned and we ate lunch. Then in the afternoon I went to a hair appointment. Really good cut this time!

Karlie kept licking her paw, where we had nicked, so we put the ‘cone of shame’ on her. Roxie has one more day!

Since they were doing good, we decided to go to dinner at Splash.  Yummy! We both had the crab melt sandwiches, although Bob had his without the avocado. He also had a cup of their award winning clam chowder. The spoon stands up in the cup!

We returned and did a few tasks, then we took the dogs and ran to Oceana beach to watch the sunset. We left the dogs in the car, as we did not want sand in the wounds, and walked out onto the beach to watch the sunset. The wind was howling, so I did not do a Facebook Live.

20180516_195753 (2)   20180516_195913 (2)

20180516_200018 (2)   20180516_200039 (2)

20180516_200100 (2)

Thursday- We left as soon as we could, around 9AM. We wanted to be on the road ASAP to avoid the winds that pick up in the late morning or afternoon.

The Salinas Valley is notable for its produce. While the previous areas were famous for vineyards, the farther north we drove, the more farms we viewed. The Salinas Valley is known as the Salad Bowl. They grown most of the romaine lettuce. They also grow cabbage, cauliflower,pimentos, broccoli,  wine grapes, artichokes, and celery. We viewed lots of migrants picking the vegetables. It was interesting. They arrived in school buses, painted white, and we noticed different names on the sides of the buses. The buses pulled trailers with port-a-potties on them. The workers were working very fast. When they say ‘hearts of romaine’, they must mean that they pull off the outside of the lettuce, as we could see that they left those leaves on the ground. We could easily see the difference in the different vegetables, as the color would change of the fields. We also saw flowers being grown.

We continued to travel north on the 101, turning off in Salinas at a Pilot for diesel. $3.97/ gal UGH!. We drove back south one exit and turned into the Salinas Elks Lodge. Another MH pulled in behind us. Bob and the other guy went to the camp host’s rig. His truck was there but he did not answer his door. So they went into the Lodge and spoke with the bartender who gave them sign in sheets and told them to put them in the box out by the Camp Host’s rig.

Meanwhile, I was talking with the wife. We each chose spots. Bob checked to make sure that the electric and water were working and we parked. We settled in, walked the dogs, then drove to Carmel. There was a big art show this weekend in Carmel, so we wanted to get in and out of town quickly. We drove the 17 miles west to town.

We drove through the ritzy downtown, and out to the ocean. There was a Frank Lloyd Wright house. It is privately owned and a family is living there.

20180518_143915 (2)


20180518_144203 (2)

There were other really nice houses on the same street.

20180518_143956 (2)

We drove down the ocean a ways then, went to the 17 mile drive. They charge $10.25 per car to drive on the ocean drive. It had changed a lot since I drove this in 1975. There was no charge then!

They have built many mansions along the ocean. The trees were overgrown and it was difficult to see the ocean in many areas. Most of the houses had vegetation around the property.

Bob downloaded the App, which as we approached a site would give us some historical information. Their map showed 21 areas to view, but we only stopped at a few. The first stop was Spanish Bay. Spanish explorers camped her in 1769 while searching for Monterey Bay. We drove through the very crowded parking lot. Then we stopped at The Restless Sea. This vista point had a view of the unique offshore turbulence generate by the submerges terrain off Point Jo. They have been known to have 50 ft. waves at this point. Early mariners believed it was the entrance to Monterey Bay and  crashed on the rocks. My picture did not turn out, but the sea was fairly calm.  This was looking back on the area.

20180518_154948 (2)

This is bird rock. We could hear the birds and the harbor seals.

20180518_154857 (2)

We continued on to Crocker Grove. This is a 14 acre nature preserve. The largest Monterey cypress is located here.

20180518_160109 (2)

20180518_160115 (2)

Of course, we could not miss the Lone Cypress. This is one of California’s landmarks. It has been on this rock for over 250 years

20180518_160608 (2)

This is The Ghost Tree.  It’s supposed to be spooky looking….

20180518_161220 (2)

20180518_161245 (2)

20180518_161248 (2)

The route continued past the well known Pebble Beach golf course.They use the cypress tree as their logo.

Image result for pebble beach logo

The Lodge was built in 1919. We did not stop as there was lots of traffic,we continued on. The tour then circled and returned to the entrance we had come in. Much of the open land is sponsored by Del Monte. At this point, all of a sudden we noticed that the marine layer had started to come in with wisp’s of clouds covering us. We could no longer see the ocean. It was interesting how quickly this occurred! I can imagine this was why there were so many ship wrecks in the area!

We went to downtown Old Town Monterey. Then we returned to Salinas. The traffic was pretty bad, as there is only one road from Salinas to Monterey, and it is two lanes. A traffic light caused a 7 mile back up. We had a quiet evening at home.

Sat. May 5 to Fri. May 11- Rancho Oso to Oceana CA

Saturday- Happy Cinco Da Mayo! We had a very bad start to the day at 3 AM. Both of us were sleeping pretty hard, and did not wake up for Karlie vomiting on the bed. We both woke up when we heard her tag banging on the water bowl. Bob got up to help her back on the bed and realized what had happened. We turned on the light and Bob started cleaning up the bed while I comforted Karlie. Suddenly she took off. Bob grabbed shoes and clothes and took her out. That was when we discovered that she had diarrhea on the rug near the door. Poor baby, she was so upset!

I cleaned up the rug and pulled the quilt off the bed. When they returned, I comforted Karlie for awhile, before she had to go back out. I had to keep Roxie with me, both times, so that Bob did not have to deal with two dogs.

This time Karlie was able to settle back on the bed with us and we cuddled both dogs, as they were both upset. We finally fell back to sleep around 5 am and woke up at 8. We took quick showers and ran to breakfast. We decided it would be best for one of us to stay with Karlie all day, as she still had diarrhea.

Bob took the quilt over to the laundry room and washed the rug in the washer in the MH. We were out of the pill pockets for Karlie’s meds, so I ran to Goleta. I stopped at Ulta for hairspray, then Jersey Mikes for sandwiches for lunch. Then to Costco for the pill pockets. I ran through Costco, picking up chicken, ground turkey and pork chops also, and returned to the MH at around 1, as it was Saturday and everywhere was very busy.

We took a nap. Then went to the Ice Cream Social at 3. We bagged some of the items for the freezer. At 6 we went to the ”make your own” Tostada dinner at the resort. Just before bed, Karlie wanted to play, so she was feeling much better. We are not sure what caused her tummy issues….

Sunday-  We did our usual Sunday tasks, then around 11, we left to go to Goleta to the Farmers Market, as we had missed the one in Santa Barbara yesterday. This market was much smaller. We purchased cucumber, oranges, local Romaine lettuce, and strawberries.

We went to lunch at Pieology. We had a nice pizza for lunch. This was the first time at Pieology, and we would return.  We stopped at Ralph’s for groceries and returned to the MH. We bagged the rest of the meat from yesterday. We had a quiet afternoon and evening. Karlie is back to normal.

Monday- We have noticed that our shower water has not been very hot. So we used the Hydro Hot, instead of the propane Atwood water heater. The difference was really startling. So Bob investigated the issue. The Atwood website said that we might need a new thermostat for the water heater. So he checked with an RV Parts store in Buellton. They had what we needed, so we left and went to Buellton. They had the part, $13.

We drove through Flying Flags RV park in Buellton, per Glenda’s suggestion. It is a very nice park! We returned thru Solvang and stopped for lunch at one of the Smorgasbord’s. The guidebooks recommend that you go to one of the Smorgasbord’s during your visit to Solvang.

We looked at the Smorgasbord and were not impressed, but we did want to try the Danish sausages and meatballs. So we both ordered the Sausage/Meatball plate, with mash potatoes, gravy and red cabbage. The bread was interesting. We both enjoyed the plates.

We returned home and I took a nap. Bob had watched a YouTube video of how to install the thermostat. It was to take 30 to 45 minutes. It took him 1.5 hours! Guess if he had to do it again, it would only take the 30 minutes! The water heater water is now 120 degrees instead of 90 degrees.

We ate dinner at home and watched TV.

Tuesday- Finally, enough people have left the park, that I can now use the internet again. I was able to send my three articles that have been waiting until I had decent internet.

Around 10 we took the dogs and went down the mountain to Santa Barbara. Our first stop was at Arroyo Burro Beach, which was where we had been before. It is dog friendly. We drove through a really nice residential area on the way.

The marine layer was still over the area, but we still took the dogs out. The temp was supposed to be in the 70’s, but with the marine layer, it was in the 50’s. We keep some jackets in the car, so we took them out to wear.

We took the dogs to the ‘off lease area’ and let them run, play, dig, and meet up with other dogs. They had a great time. They let us know they were done, and we put the leashes on and walked back up the beach. I have no pictures, since the marine layer was covering everything.

We left and stopped at a McDonalds drive thru for lunch, since we had the dogs with us. We continued back down the mountain, off of Cliff drive, and went to Montecito. Montecito is an upscale area and there was supposed to be a beautiful scenic drive. We could not find the drive from Santa Barbara, so we took the freeway to the exit and drove into the town. I have no idea why celebrities and other rich folks want to live there. The roads are narrow, the area is crowded, and the houses are all surrounded by lots of vegetation, so you do not have beautiful views of the ocean. There had been a mud slide there in January, and much of the area was under construction.

We left, stopped for gas $3.53 gal, and returned to the MH.

Wednesday- We had a quiet day to day, getting ready to leave tomorrow. We ate lunch and dinner at home. We left and went to the Square Dancing in Santa Barbara in the evening. Our last drive up and down that horrible hill! We will not miss that drive!

Just before the bad road into the park, there was a tree down on half the National Park road. We were able to get by on the road. We turned into the park and when we arrive at the TT Ranger Station, we told the ranger about the downed tree. He said he would report it and have it removed.

Thursday- We packed up the MH and got ready to leave. We pulled out of the site at 9:15. I was nervous about the road, so I drove the MH. Bob drove in front of me in the car. This road is only 1 mile, but it is a very long mile in the MH with, ups and down,and the twists and turns. Right after the first sharp turn, Bob called on the radio to tell me that there was an RV coming my way. Huh? At 9:15 in the morning! This is why we were leaving early so that we would not meet anyone on the drive out!

Bob told the guy that his wife was right behind him driving a big motor home. The guy met me on the road. He got over as far as he could to his right. I managed to pass him with about 1.5 inches between his trailer and my mirror. Whew, was that scary!

By this time, Bob is calling me again! There were tree guys taking down trees on the park road. Bob had gotten out of the car and told the guys I was coming and that they needed to move the “bucket” and all the limbs out of the road. They did and Bob directed me through the mess.

We got to the end of the park road, and both of us were stressed! We hooked up the car and got the heck out of there. Next time, we will not stay at this TT. That drive is just too much! There is a nice Elks Lodge in Santa Barbara where we can stay if we come through this area again. Oh, and the tree had been removed from the park road and you could not even tell it had been there!

We arrived at the end of the National Park road and turned right, heading towards Solvang, and down hill on Hwy 154. There was no way we were going to go up the mountain from a dead stop on that highway.

We drove pass the exit for Solvang, and continued through Mt. Olivos, to the 101 freeway. We turned north and traveled to Oceana. We turned west towards the town. We drove into Pacific Dunes RV resort at about 11:15. We arrived just as a wind advisory was posted, so we were glad to be settled.

We set up camp in the 50 amp, FHU site. The sites are not great, although the nightly rate is $67. We only pay $23 as this is an Encore park.

We left and drove north to Pismo Beach. We had to drive around the block to find parking. We pulled into a parking place. As Bob was going to the meter, a car stopped and I guy leaned out and gave me his ticket. The ticket was good until 2:30. Talk about good luck!

We walked up the street to a little walk up restaurant called Splash. Bob had the clam chowder with steamed clams and I had the crab melt. Both were excellent! I see another time going there for lunch in our future!

We walked down to the beach and looked at the ocean.

20180510_130855 (2)

 20180510_130923 (2)

20180510_131003 (2)

We returned to the MH and continued to get settled into our site. We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Friday- We drove north on the 101 to Paso Robles. We stopped at the Visitor Center, where the girl was the least helpful of any that we have been to…They did not even have a public restroom! 

Evidently, there was one at the park, and most of what we wanted to see was located around the park. So we walked over to the park. They were really nice public restrooms, with outside hand washing and Dyson hand driers.

The town of Paso Robles was founded in 1889. El Paso de Robles means “The Pass of the Oaks”, The town was also  known as “Almond Town” due to all the almond orchards surrounding the town. Currently, the area around the town is producing Olives and Wine.

We stopped to look at the Carnegie Library-  We have now seen several of these libraries around the country. It is now the Historical Society. 20180511_105614 (2)

Below is the oldest bar in town.

20180511_110211 (2)

It was built in 1887 and now hosts a different bar. The building below was the Municipal Bath House, built by and for the city, the building made it possible for the residents to share the curative power of the hot sulfur water and the building was used for that purpose for 65 years.

20180511_110253 (2)

There were a number of other buildings on the walking tour, but none are still used for their original purpose.

We went to lunch at The Blue Moon Southwester Grill. We had found a flier for this restaurant at the RV park, and we liked the menu. Bob had a huge burrito, which he only ate half of. I had a shrimp chili relleno. Both meals were terrific.

We left and returned home. We ate dinner at home and had a quiet evening.

Sat. Apr. 28 to Fri. May 4- Rancho Oso/ Santa Barbara CA

Saturday- We went to the great breakfast again this morning. Around 10, we left and drove to Santa Barbara to the Farmers Market. We purchased strawberries, potatoes, and oranges.

We left and went to the Santa Barbara Mission. They have a nice parking lot, so it was easy parking. The cost was $7 each, senior rate. We had just missed the tour, so we did the self guided tour. This is a working parish, and known for being the only Mission which has continuously been used. It was the 10th Mission established by Padre Junipero Serra, the founder of the first nine missions. He died before it was built, but his successor, Padre Antionio Paterna built the Mission in the 1790’s. Some of the buildings still exist today, but the Mission has been through several devastating earthquakes. 

20180428_121415 (2)

The tour starts in the garden. Due to the drought, the fountain is not working and the plants/flowers are being traded out for water conserving plants.

20180428_111929 (2) 20180428_112038 (2)

20180428_112052 (2)

20180428_112101 (2)

Below is the closed area where the Jesuits live.

20180428_112129 (2)

Below is the entrance to the cemetery. The far building houses some graves.

20180428_112233 (2)

Below is inside that back building.

20180428_112402 (2)20180428_112407 (2)

Below is an old external entrance to the cemetery.

20180428_112552 (2)

This was quite a tree in the center of the cemetery.

20180428_112631 (2)

20180428_113013 (2)

With the picture below I am trying to show how empty the cemetery looks. There were mausoleums around the outside walls and a few in the center.

20180428_112240 (2)

Yet, over 4,000 Chumash Native Americans are buried in the cemetery, in addition to others.

20180428_113002 (2)

Next we entered the Mission Church.

20180428_113110 (2)

20180428_113226 (2)

On the left above is St. Francis of Assai and on the right is St. Clare of Assai. This was on the right side of  the church. In the back was the baptismal font.

20180428_113406 (2)

On the left side were these statues of Jesus, post resurrection and Mary Magdalene.

20180428_113529 (2)

Below is the history of the growth of the Mission.

20180428_113747 (2)

We moved into the museum.

20180428_113902 (2)

20180428_114539 (2)

20180428_114619 (2)

Below is a traveling Tabernacle which they used to take to various areas when saying Mass.

20180428_115347 (2)

Back out front, there is this Moorish Fountain.

20180428_120330 (2)

The Lavanderia. 20180428_120349 (2)

20180428_120340 (2)

On each end were statures which are deteriorating. The Chumash used a lot of concrete! .

20180428_120445 (2)20180428_120806 (2)

The cross below is to honor Padre Sierrra.

20180428_120555 (2)

We went across from the Mission to the Mission Garden, This was a hopping placed with parties and picnics.

20180428_121527 (2)20180428_121537 (3)

We left and went to lunch. We found a seafood restaurant at Henry beach. We arrived to find a 1.5 hour wait, so we left. Too bad, as the restaurant was right on the dog friendly beach. We went to lunch at a small restaurant downtown, nothing impressive.

20180428_125620 (2)

20180428_125630 (2)

We stopped at Ralphs for groceries and returned to the MH.

Sunday-  We went to the park breakfast then did our usual Sunday tasks. Checking accounts, sheet and towels, and filling pill boxes. We left and went to In n Out burger for lunch, then to the Santa Barbara Arts and Craft Show at Chase Palm Park, right on the ocean. We skipped the arts part, and just cruised the crafts. They had some interesting items, but living in a MH, means we don’t buy that sort of “stuff”. Below is Stearns Wharf from the street.

20180429_135109 (2)

We returned to the MH and had a quiet evening.

Monday- Bob was supposed to take the car in for repair, but we have not had the issue with the transmission. So he cancelled the appointment. We did need the oil changed. I was having massive problems trying to work on articles as the internet was so slow. So I went to Santa Barbara with Bob. He found a Jiffy Lube and dropped me off at a Starbucks close by to work on the internet. I was able to download what I needed and was very surprised when Bob returned quickly after the oil change.

We went to little Mexican Restaurant in a shopping center near by, which had excellent lunch specials.

On the way back, we decided to drive onto Stage Coach Rd. This road winds through the entire area, up and down some interesting hills. Those poor horses, having to drag the stagecoach over these mountains. On Stage Coach road in this area is the historic Cold Spring Tavern.

20180430_124118 (2)

20180430_124211 (2)

20180430_124057 (2)

20180430_124229 (2)

On the weekends, they have a band and the place gets very busy. I guess here is where the action is. They also had an outside BBQ cooking kitchen.

20180430_124323 (2)

We checked out the menu inside and decided we would return for lunch on Saturday. We returned to the MH and had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Tuesday- The internet was better today since so many of the weekend folks have left. So I was able to work all morning. We decided to go out to lunch, but most of the restaurants in Solvang are closed on Monday and Tuesday, so we went to Buellton for lunch at Anderson’s Restaurant. This restaurant is famous for creating Split Pea Soup.

20180501_130652 (2)

We did not have the soup, but did have a nice meal. We drove back through Solvang, and stopped at the Hans Christian Anderson Museum. The Museum had been closed the last time we were in Solvang. He certainly wrote a lot of famous books! He never married and did not have children. His books are in the public domain, which is why Disney is able to make so many of the books into movies.

20180501_132234 (2)

20180501_132207 (2)

We returned home and it started to rain. The first rain we have had. It is cold and damp, with temps in the 50’s. Solvang was in the 60’s and sunny!

Wednesday- We stayed home most of today, having leftovers for lunch. We had a quiet day with me working on articles and Bob working on Genealogy. I worked on Genealogy in the afternoon. We ate dinner at home and drove to Santa Barbara. We stopped for gas, then went to the Square Dance. It was the club’s 49th anniversary, so they had a small party. There were two squares all evening. The last dance, we dance with two squares of 6, which was interesting, as the caller joined the two squares, into a rectangle, and we danced that way. It was fun.

Thursday- I worked on articles again today. We decided to go to lunch in Solvang. We had seen on the menu outside the Belgium Café that they had crepes, so we went for crepes. Bob had a chicken crepe and I had a shrimp.

We went to Los Olivos to a brewery for Bob to sample some beers. Los Olivos is a pretty little town with lots of restaurants.

20180503_131430 (2)

Friday- We went to breakfast at the resort. Then at 10, we left and drove to Ventura, about 1 hour and 10 minutes away. We stopped at Andrea’s Seafood and met up with my friend Glenda for a nice seafood lunch. We sat and talked until the restaurant became very busy, and we left and wandered down the wharf.

20180504_110919 (2)20180504_110946 (2)

Above are both sides of the Fishermen’s Memorial. Below is the restaurant. That is Glenda walking into the outside area. Forgot to get pic’s of us all together….

20180504_112502 (2)

Below is the wharf. It was a beautiful day!

20180504_110935 (2)

20180504_110939 (2)

Thank you Glenda for showing us the Ventura Wharf and suggesting a great restaurant!

We stopped at Walmart, then returned to Santa Barbara. The ride back was not fun, as the traffic picked up. No accidents, but it was slow and bumper to bumper thru Santa Barbara. It was heavy traffic crossing the pass, but at least it was moving.

Sat. Apr. 21 to Fri. Apr. 27 Rancho Oso /Santa Barbara CA

Saturday-  We went over and had breakfast at the resort. I had the blueberry pancakes and Bob had the Mini Oso. We left and traveled into Santa Barbara. Our first stop was a car wash, as the car was filthy. It was the most expensive car wash we have ever done at $20. It was a hand wash, then they run you through a short car wash, then a hand dry. The car really looks awesome, but wow, was that pricey!

We went to the Farmers Market. At least that was what Bob put into the GPS. It took us to the corporate office of the Farmers Market. So we tried again!

We eventually found the market. Then it was time to find a parking place. We found a city parking lot, on the next block, which was free for 75 minutes. Perfect! We parked and walked over to the Market. It was about 3/4 of a block, with 4 two sided rows, plus the ends, so it was fairly large. It was also a real farmers market, with just fruits,  vegetables, and baked items.They also had some honey stands but everything was food oriented. There were two jewelry stands, outside the Market on the street. There were also musicians on each row.

20180421_110953 (2)

There were so many great items, we had to make a decision on what and where to buy. We bought some Romaine lettuce, as it was from the local farms, not the recalled Yuma AZ Romaine. We bought some fresh California strawberries and oranges. 

We left and drove a few blocks to a Crepe restaurant where we had crepes for lunch. This time, we parked on the street for the free 75 minutes. We stopped at a gas station and purchased gas for $3.69 gal, better that what they were saying on TV about gas being almost $5 a gallon in the LA area. There is a Costco just north of Santa Barbara, but it does not have a gas station.

We left and returned to the RV park. We ran over to the camp store and signed up and paid for the BBQ dinner this evening. We went to the Stone Lodge at 3 for the ice cream sundaes.

At 6, we went to the Stone Lodge for the BBQ dinner. Bob had the chicken and I had the tri tip. The dinners came with a slice of garlic bread, baked beans and  a half corn cob. While it was tasty, we felt that the price was too high for what we were served, on paper plates with plastic utensils. Almost $30 for the two of us. So we will not do that again. We returned home and watched some TV. 

Sunday- A quiet day. We went to the breakfast, and both had the Mini Oso. Bob had the hash browns ( never again, he did not like them) and I had the biscuit.

We did laundry, our budgeting and filled our pill boxes. Because the internet was so slow, I took my laptop and went over to the Adult Center and used the internet there to download the information that I needed.

We stayed busy all day and ate dinner at home. We watched Hacksaw Ridge, which we had downloaded on the free HBO/Cinemax weekend. It was an excellent movie! Wow, the conscious objector had saved 75 soldiers, all by him self. What a hero!

Monday- I am having to vacuum almost every day because there are briars all around and the dogs keep brining in the thistles on their fur and paws. We have to clean them off every time that they go out.

We left around 10 and drove to Santa Barbara. Our first stop was at the Post Office to pick up two packages. One was our mail and the other was pills for Karlie. What a mess! I dropped Bob off and tried to go around the block. There was lots of  construction and many one way streets, going, of course, the wrong way!

Bob walked into the PO and said to the employee, we have 2 packages for General Delivery. The guy said yes you do and retrieved them. Guess they do not get a lot of General Delivery packages, so we stood out!

I picked Bob up and we went to Trader Joes. Then to a car repair place. Bob had looked at the Ford dealership, and the reviews were very bad. So he found a facility which had good reviews. We stopped in and he made an appointment for next Monday, the first appointment they had available.

For quite awhile, when you hit the button to turn the car off, intermittently, you get an alarm. The car does not recognize that the transmission is in park.  Over the last few days, it was every time either of us went to turn the car off. Of course, today it did not do it at all. What a pain! So hopefully it will be an easy repair.

We decided to go to lunch. We chose the Santa Barbara Seafood Company. The restaurant had excellent reviews. It turned out to be a good choice.The restaurant is on Stearns Wharf, one of the places we wanted to visit. We drove the car right out onto the pier. Free parking for 90 minutes. Below is the view from the pier.

20180423_120725 (2)

20180423_120750 (2)

We had an excellent meal! Bob had an assortment of fried seafood. I had the lobster roll. Both came with coleslaw and two onion rings. After lunch, we wandered around the pier. There were some nice little shops. I saw this on a T-shirt in one of the shops and thought it was a hoot!

20180423_122402 (2)

We left and went to the Visitor Center. We had wanted to stop in before lunch, but there was no parking. This time, as we went by, there was a free parking spot. So we stopped in. The gal gave us suggestions. We decided to head home from there. So we drove back to the MH.

We sat out reading until the wind picked up. For some reason, around 4, the winds pick up and we end up going into the MH. We had dinner at home and watched some movies we had recorded.

Tuesday- We decided to go to Solvang. This is a Danish tourist trap nestled in the mountains between all the vineyards! It is 35 miles from Santa Barbara. The town was founded in 1911, when some folks of Danish ancestry were looking for a place to settle. In 2017, Expedia named the town of the 50 cities to visit in North America.

We stopped at an overlook, on the way, of the Cachuma Lake and dam.

20180424_093324 (2)

20180424_093353 (2)

20180424_093625 (2)

As you can see above, the lake is low and the dam has no water in the spillway. The drought is very bad in this area. We even drove through areas that had some fire damage.

We continued on to Solvang. We stopped at the Visitor Center and were given some directions. Our first stop was at the Solvang Restaurant / Bakery to try the Aebleskiver. They are described as ‘light and airy Danish pancake balls dusted with powdered sugar and served with raspberry jam”. A serving is 3 of the balls.  They were delicious!

There are numerous wine tasting rooms. We tried two of them, and I found a wine that I really liked, but I was not paying $28 for a small bottle of wine. It was not even a regular size bottle! Of course, I can pick the expensive one!

We walked around the town, and over to the Santa Inez Mission.( It is interesting, the Mission is spelled Inez and the valley and river are spelled Ynez).  This picture of the stage coach route was there. We cross Stage Coach road every time we leave the park. More on that later!

20180423_131609 (2)

20180424_100220 (2)

Above is the trolley tour, which we did not take. This shoe was outside the shoe store.

20180424_100424 (2)

20180424_101114 (2)

20180424_101121 (2)

20180424_104536 (2)

Bob in front of the “Little Mermaid” bronze statue. 1/2 the size of the original in Denmark. We walked to the Mission.

20180424_104924 (2)

20180424_105019 (2)

20180424_105222 (2)

20180424_105313 (2)

20180424_105346 (2)

Out in front of the Mission was this reservoir.

20180424_105428 (2)

This is the view from the Mission. It is a very pretty area.

20180424_105404_010 (2)

20180424_105441 (2)

The Confessional and Bell.

20180424_105924 (2)

Inside the church.

20180424_110924 (2)

The gardens.

20180424_110953 (2)

20180424_111502 (2)

Flower arbor. Those are not grapes…

20180424_111919 (2)

20180424_111937 (2)

This is the cemetery.

20180424_112018 (2)

20180424_112125 (2)

We walked back into town.

20180424_114007 (2)

We wandered into the Amber Museum.  This guy was sitting there!

20180424_120333 (2)

20180424_120341 (2)

20180424_120549 (2)

20180424_120751 (2)

This lizard is in this piece of Amber.

20180424_120804 (2)

20180424_120839 (2)

20180424_120833 (2)

20180424_120929 (2)

20180424_120954 (2)

Here are carvings of the founders of Solvang.

20180424_121250 (2)

20180424_121457 (2)

Lunch was at the Brewery.

20180424_131840 (2)

After lunch we went to the Wind Harp. Oddly, it is located in a retirement facility parking lot.

20180424_134117 (2)

20180424_134449 (2)

We drove back to the MH. We tried to sit outside, but the winds are too bad. WE watched NCIS LA tonight. The plot of the episode was located in the Los Padres National Park, which is right what we drive through to get to the Thousand Trails park.

Wednesday- We had a quiet day at home.I worked on articles and Bob worked on Ancestry. We took a short nap, ate dinner and went to Santa Barbara to Square Dance. We were welcomed by the dancers. Originally there were 7 clubs in Santa Barbara, now they are down to just one.

There was a Mainstream class from 6-7:30, and then dancing from 7:30 to 9. We had 2 squares to start, but dropped to one square. The caller was a substitute, and not all that great. But we still had fun. The drive back after dark was not too bad. We are getting used to the road.

Thursday- We drove down the hill to Santa Barbara. Our first stop was at the Historic Courthouse. This is still the Courthouse for Santa Barbara county. Below is the entrance.

20180426_104326 (2)

We arrived at 10:45 and the tour started at 10:30, but the gal at the desk said just join it up the stairs. So we ran up the stairs and joined the free tour. The Docent, Diane, was very knowledgeable. We joined them in the stairwell, looking at the tile walls and lamp.

20180426_104732 (2)

Below is the Rose Window.

20180426_104737 (2)

Below is the old jail. It is 4 stories, with the first floor for the office, the second floor for the Sheriff and his family to live in, then the 3rd and 4th floors were the jail. It is connected to the courthouse.

20180426_105132 (2)

The floor below was interesting. When the Courthouse was built, they took dirt and rock from all areas of the county, so that they were represented in the Courthouse.


These maps were in the law Library.

20180426_105809 (2)  20180426_105834 (2)

I thought it was interesting that they were still using these original pieces of furniture.

20180426_105830 (2)

20180426_105843 (2)

Some door!

20180426_105904 (2)

This door, below, was directly across from the Library. If you look closely, you can see a door within a door, on the right lower area. This door leads to the courtyard, and is where “Santa Barbara”, the patron saint, goes out into the courtyard, during their yearly celebration. It leads to a balcony.

20180426_105926 (2)

They seemed to do that a lot, putting a smaller door within a large door. The tile floor below is original, and seems to be holding up well.

20180426_110454 (2)

All of the lamps had dragons on them. This one was from a local area,. On the ones from Italy, the dragons do not have wings. The local dragons have wings.! Or I might have that backwards…

20180426_110536 (2)

We went outside. This is the back of the Jail, with the walkway where the prisoners would walk to court. They no longer have prisoners here.


This is the main entrance from the courtyard.

20180426_111037 (2)

Entrance to the tax office.

20180426_111624 (2)


The planter above is the heater and air conditioner. Below is another old piece of furniture while they still have in use.

20180426_111652 (2)

Below is the glass roof.

20180426_111702 (2)

Below are plaques on the wall outside. The one on the far right was for Queen Elizabeth, who visited with the Reagans in 1983.

20180426_111951 (2)

Below is the compass near the front of the building. The arrow is pointing north.

20180426_112144 (2)

This is a map of the area. Santa Barbara is unique, as the mountains run west to east rather than north to south.

20180426_112409 (2)

Court was going on while we were there. But this was an empty courtroom. It was very ornate!

20180426_113121 (2)

The tour ended, and we rode the elevator up to the Bell Tower overlook.

20180426_113404 (2)

20180426_113407 (2)

20180426_113431 (2)

20180426_113434 (2)

In this final picture, you can see the mission to the right in the back.

20180426_113553 (2)

Here is the jail and the balcony. None of the fountains are running due to the drought.

20180426_113645 (2)

Our selfe with the ocean in the background.

20180426_113740 (2)

Then we went down the stairs, one floor, to the clock room. The clock rang every 15 minutes.

20180426_113938 (2)

20180426_114005 (2)

20180426_114428 (2)

We left and went to lunch at La Superica Mexican take out. This was an authentic Mexican taco stand and was a  favorite of Julia Child. It was okay, but we would not go there again.

20180426_122446 Then we went to the Ronald Reagan Ranch Museum.

20180426_123828 (2)

We expected more about the ranch and less conservative politics. There was a terrible movie, which took the events of the 80”s completely out of context. It was by Steve Bannon, need I say more?

The parts about the ranch, where interesting.

20180426_124212 (2)

Ronald Reagans boots.

20180426_124218 (2)

20180426_124937 (2)

A piece of the Berlin Wall.

20180426_125011 (2)

20180426_133316 (2)

20180426_133345 (2)

This is a privately owned museum, which is free, but be prepared for the propaganda if you visit. I do not think that President Reagan would like what is being said or done at this facility in his name. We do not recommend a visit. The Reagan Library was much better and much larger.

We returned to the MH and had a quiet dinner at home. The weather has been windy and temps during the day are in the 70’s. It is 40’s to 50’s at night.

Friday- We went to the park breakfast, both having the Mini Oso. We decided to visit the other towns in the Santa Ynez valley. The Valley is interesting. The drive from Santa Barbara takes us up through the San Marcos Pass, and into the valley. The Reagan Ranch, which you cannot visit, looks down on the valley. Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is in the  valley foothills somewhere.

We looked at the map and tour books for a scenic drive, so we went down the mountain to Santa Barbara and turned north on I-101. We traveled along the coast to the town of Los Alamos. There was not much there. So we decided to drive through the valley, to Buellton. We took a back road, which rapidly deteriorated. When we came to a spot in the road to turn around, we did and back tracked. We took the interstate back to Buellton.

20180427_114643 (2)

We stopped for lunch at Ellen’s Danish Pancake House in Buellton.  Ellen’s is an old restaurant in the valley. I had the Danish Pancakes, which were excellent. They are much thinner, but larger than American pancakes. Bob had a triple decker,which he thought was going to be a club sandwich, which turned out to be a triple burger.

We stopped at the Firestone Walker Brewery. Bob sampled 3 beers. Only one that he would buy, which was the milk porter. Since it only came in a six pack, he did not purchase one.

We drove back through Solvang and drove through the town of Ynez. There is a brewery Bob wants to try there. We returned home and had a quiet evening.

Sat. Apr. 14 to Fri. Apr. 20- Hemet CA to Santa Barbara CA

Saturday-  We walked,  then I went to make a Lanyard. It turned out very nice, but the grommet  is facing the wrong way. So I need to buy a new grommet and take some of the beads off so that I can make a tail.


Bob came over and met up with me at 12:30 and we went to the patio to have steak and cheese subs. The cooks come on Saturdays to cook these really good steak and cheese subs.

We left and went to the Escapees Joba Hills Resort. We are always looking for a place to settle, when we need to, and we wanted to look at this resort. We had heard great things about this resort.If you want to move in there, there is about a 10 year waiting list. It is a beautiful park! There was a wonderful activity center; there were even women playing Maj. They have Maj daily, which is a plus. A nice pool, an outside BBQ and Bar, and all the normal amenities, including a wood shop. There are several negatives though, 1. California- so very expensive. 2. Built on hills. We would not be able to ride our bikes or walk. The place is so hilly, you would need a golf cart to get around. 3. It is 13 miles to town and 5 miles from the nearest fire station/ EMT’s/ Paramedics. So as much as we liked the resort, it will not be on the list.

We returned for social hour. At 5, we went to the Leisure Coach Works dinner. They always serve hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans, pasta salad, and chips. It was a buffet. They are sponsors of the rally every year!

John, the CEO,announced that they were fund raising for one of their employees. The poor guy had just lost his 17 year old son. The kid was riding his skateboard and was hit by a car. They needed money for the funeral. So he was asking everyone to donate. I don’t know how much money they collected, but folks were shoving money into the box. ALFA stands for A Loving Family Affair. Leisure Coach Works used to be Alfateers, and the company is made up of the guys who built the ALFA’s, so it is all family….

We went over to a street party on the next block, taking the dogs with us. Since we were all sitting in a circle, we let the dogs off their leashes, which they really enjoyed. They were of course fed lots of treats and got lots of petting They were two very happy canines!

There were several other dogs there. All of them sniffed butts, and generally enjoyed their time together. A lady drove down the street, in her golf cart, not from our group, with her dog in the cart. All of the dogs gave that strange dog a good barking! We have a Roadrunner dog pack!

Sunday- I woke up this morning thinking about the fact that we did not have a costume for the dog show. So I got up and made one for each of them. They were “First Aide” dogs. We made signs out of paper with a red cross on it, and put some tape, hand sanitizer, 4×4’s and band aids on them. I forgot to take a picture. We did not win a prize, as they only gave away 1st prize this year. The pet show is always fun. Harley, who is a professional dog, did not win the best performance category. Rudy and Beth’s dog, Noah, won! Yea, the 10 year run was broken! He has always won this category.

20180415_194055 (2)

It always amazes me how well behaved all the dogs are. This year it was held inside, and there were no fights, arguments, barking, or carrying on. All the dogs behaved very well.

We returned to the MH and I worked on another article.  We went to brunch at a little local restaurant. We took home enough for two more breakfasts, each!

We stopped at Sprouts then returned to the MH. We went to the final social hour and took our chairs home with us this evening. We always to just leave them at the site of the social time during the rally.

We went to dinner at the Ballroom for the final dinner. We were the second to the last table called. Usually, they draw table numbers, which is fair. This year, some guy just walked around telling tables to go. His friends came first, of course.

We did not win any of the prizes, but I did win the center piece, which is a napkin holder.

20180418_082804 (2) 

We returned and said farewell to some folks. Two of the MH’s are already gone, They left and went to Redlands for some repairs, although the owners returned for the dinner.

CeeAnn and Ray’s MH had 4 broken jacks. When Redlands was repairing the valve stems for their tires, the workers broke all four of the jacks. Ray had spoken to the owner of Redlands and they are replacing the jacks, free of charge, as they should. Glad we did not use them for our repair!

We stopped at the social hour site and picked up our table which the group used during the rally. It is a slightly rectangular table which rolls up  and is stored in a bag. We are starting to get ready to leave in the morning. 

Monday- We had been watching the weather and the winds,are going to be 25 mph, in the Hemet Valley. We had  planned to go up to the Soledad Canyon TT near Palmdale and Lancaster. The drive is through several canyons and up in that area the winds are to be 45 to 60 mph. So we decided to stay at the resort.

At 9, we went over to the office to see if we could get the Passport America rate. It was $28, as this park is very expensive. For the Rally, we were paying $44 per night, with the rally discount. We would have to move from our pull thru site to a back in. That would not be a big issue, but if we have to pack up the MH to move, we might as well move to Wilderness Lakes TT, 13 miles away, and near the interstate we are traveling tomorrow. Our stay there is free. So we decided to move. 

I called TT and they said they did not have any sites available at Wilderness. Barb suggested that I call the Ranger at Wilderness and ask them. Sure enough, they had a site for us. So we packed up, went around saying good-bye to friends, and drove to Wilderness Lakes, before the winds picked up.

We arrived and settled in. This is our third time at this park. So we were very familiar with the place. We had found a nice, FHU, 50 amp site. We ate lunch, and went to Costco in Temecula for gas, $3.35 gal. It was $2.36 gal in AZ before we left! We went to JoAnne’s and Total Wine. We returned and ate dinner. We had a quiet evening.

Tuesday- The winds were gone for today! So we left around 10 AM for  the Soledad Canyon TT. We traveled through several canyons and there was some wind, funneling through the canyons. We were very glad that we waited to move!

We traveled through some NP land and state land. We arrived and checked in at 12:30, for a total of 102 miles. I had already checked on RVParkReviews.com, to see where we wanted to park. The park is in the mountains, and to obtain internet, we need to be up high. So we knew we needed to go to the ‘N” section. TT parks are first come/first serve for parking, so we always disconnect the car, and run around looking for a site. We found one where we could get satellite and 4 bars of 4 G Verizon internet. This park has free internet, at the Family Center and at the Adult Center, but you have to sign up for a specific 1 hour time period, and use a code. Luckily, we found the site with good internet access using our MiFi.

We set up, then drove around the entire park just to check it out. This is a very large park, located in Los Angeles county. I imagine the place is packed on the weekends! We ate dinner at home and had a quiet evening.

Wednesday- We had several places we wanted to visit while in this area.  Our first destination was the Musical Road.


This was pretty cool! It was originally built, in a residential neighborhood, for a Honda commercial. They had to move the road due to the noise. It is now located out of town in a commercial area.

If you drive over the road, at 55 mph, you hear the William Tell Overture. (The theme for the Long Ranger). We did it three times! Just something different…

We continued on to the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. The Poppy Festival is this weekend in Lancaster, so we thought they would be in bright bloom.

20180418_100743 (2)

Well, we were wrong! The lack of rain and the poor winter weather meant that they did not bloom at all this year. The guard said that there was nothing to see. So we turned around and headed back to Lancaster.

Our next stop was at the Boing Plaza.

20180418_110611 (2)

Well, this was a whole lot of nothing! They had the one plane and several homeless people. So we continued on to JoAnne’s, Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. I am still looking for the grommet, which I did not find.

We went to lunch at a little Mexican Restaurant, which had really good ratings. We were not impressed. From there we stopped at Walmart and returned to the RV park.

We ate dinner in and had a quiet evening.

Thursday- The weather forecast was for winds to pick up in the mountains after 12. So we tried to get moving quickly and drove out of the park at 9:15. We decided to take a longer route, rather than drive through LA traffic, so we drove north to Lancaster. Unfortunately, the winds picked up in Lancaster and were a side wind. So we had to slow down a bit.

We turned west and now had a headwind. That slowed us down some and with the twists on the two lane road, we traveled slower than anticipated.

We eventually reached I-5, and drove south, with a tail wind, and down hill, which helped with our mpg. We turned west and traveled out to the coast. We turned north on the 101 and traveled  north through Santa Barbara, and turned east on Hwy. 154 through the mountains. We traveled UP, UP, UP! What a zig-sagging, two lane road! All of the pull outs for slow moving vehicles were on the uphill, so it would be impossible to get moving again! It was 11 miles.

On the first real downhill, we went about 1.5 miles, and turned right onto Paradise Road, which took us further into the mountains, in the San Padres National Forest. This was a 5 mile road in, and not a bad drive. THEN, we turned onto the road into the TT. It is 2.5 miles.

We had heard about this road. UGH! it is basically a little bit wider than a single lane with small turn outs where the MH will not fit. As we turned in, there was a MH hooking up to leave and a pick-up truck leaving. We took a deep breath and started in on the road. About 1/2 way through, we met a small car, that was leaving, The driver backed up into a slightly wider part of the road. We were able to squeak by the car.

As we came around the last curve, we could see down into the valley where the resort is located. We could also see a delivery truck headed our way! Good timing, because he spotted us on on the road and pulled over in the parking lot near the Ranger Station. Whew, we made it through!

We disconnected and ran around the park looking for a site where we could get internet. At most sites, we knew we could get satellite.  We found one, and backed the MH in, but could not get level. The park is located on a hill, with terraces, where the FHU sites are located. We moved to the second road from the bottom. We wanted to be near the WiFi booster. We initially have a very poor signal, but with our Wilson Booster, we are getting a moderate signal.

We set up, and walked over to the Adult Center. I picked up a couple of books and will replace them with books we have read. We went to the store, and checked that out. There are two pools and a spa.

We settled in, ate dinner and had a quiet evening.

Friday- We are planning a quiet day. We went to the breakfast at the park. They have a nice breakfast on Fri, Sat, and Sun mornings. We checked with Tammy, the cook, to see if tonight’s spaghetti dinner had bell pepper. It did, so no spaghetti for us!

I had the Oso mini breakfast, which was plenty. Two scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of bacon ( or sausage) and a fresh biscuit( or hash browns). Bob had the pancakes, which he declared very good!

The breakfast and all the other meals are located in the Family Center. The Family Center resides in The Old Stone House. This ranch and RV park has quite the history. The land was originally occupied by the Chumash Indians, and there is a Chumash reservation in the area. Then a land grant was issued by Governor Pio Pico, while California still belonged to Mexico. The property passed through a number of individuals and was a Morgan horse ranch and an Arabian horse ranch. It was purchased by the Jameson family who opened a horse/camping dude ranch. The first of it’s kind! They were the ones who designed and implemented the terraced sites that we are staying in today. They lived in what is now the Adult Center. The Family Center is located in the original adobe. In the building below, to the right is the kitchen and activities office, to the left is the ping-pong room, and straight ahead is the actual living room/dining room and behind the building is a large porch with picnic tables. No bathroom, there is a porta-potty outside. 

Rancho Oso

Rancho Oso

The ranch was eventually sold to American Trails in 1984, then purchased by NACO in 1986. NACO was purchased by Equity Life, which owns Encore and Thousand Trails. NACO is part of our Thousand Trails membership.

We did laundry and worked on Ancestry.  I had several hints for Bob’s tree, so he signed up for Ancestry on his own so that he could add to his tree. Each person has to have their own Ancestry account. I hooked up with another distant cousin who is on my fathers side of the family. We share a great great grandfather..

At a little before 5, we walked over to one of the paddocks. This is a horse ranch which has horse boarding and trail rides. They had the OSO Rodeo Shindig, which they do every Friday evening. It was not much of a show and the horses were not cooperating! .

Below is the Thousand Trails logo flag.

 TT Ranco Oso Shindig

This is the California state flag.

Rancho Oso Shindig

They rode the horses around the paddock with the three flags. They are training them(or trying too) to do a flag routine.

Rancho Oso Shindig

Then they took 15 minutes to set up an obstacle course. The horses did not cooperate, so it was a bust. We were getting cold, as the wind had picked up, so we left and returned home to eat dinner.

At 7 we went to the Pavilion/Chapel to watch a slide show of the history of the ranch. It was interesting. One of the Jameson children had given the resort a scan disc with a lot of pictures. One to the employees had put together this presentation. Afterwards they had a trivia contest on the slide show. I won a pair of sunglasses for knowing that Pio Pico was the Governor who gave the first land grant.