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Sat. Aug 18 to Fri. Aug 24- Salt Lake City to Grand Junction CO

Saturday- We were off to the very large Farmers Market in Pioneer Square in downtown Salt Lake City. Pony Express RV Park is right between I-15 and – 215, so it is a quick drive to downtown, only about 15 minutes. We easily found a parking space right across from the market and walked around. The FM is an entire square block, with vendors on both sides of the sidewalk around the block and then a food court in the center. We saw this and thought it was a hoot!


We did not buy anything, but it was fun shopping! Lots of craft vendors and of course, vegetables and fruits. We were able to taste a lot of peaches.

We left and went to Costco and Walmart. We returned to the MH and had a nap. There is still a lot of smoke in the area, so we are staying inside much of the time.

We ate dinner at home and watched some TV.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday morning tasks. I washed the sheets and Bob took the towels over to the park laundromat. After I finished the sheets, the washing machine started the blinking again. Bob ran the water cycles to try to clean the lint out again. We are trying to keep it working until we get back to Paradise in September.

We ate lunch at home and left at 1:40 to go to the State Fair Grounds to attend the Utah Beer Festival. It had popped up on Trip Advisor and I told Bob about it. He had purchased tickets. $5 for the designated driver and $10 for the beer drinker. We also had to pay $7 for parking and then Bob had to purchase beer tokens at the token booth once we entered.

Since the Festival started at 2 PM, we were able to walk right in, as we easily found parking right at the entrance.

20180819_140152 (2)

We were each given bracelets. Both had an electronic square on them. When Bob purchased the tokens, he “loaded” the money onto his square and he used it at each of the vendors.

20180819_140155 (2)

Bob had a list of beers that he wanted to try. The beers were supposed to cost between $1 and $5 for the tasting. We were each given a small mug. There was also a big water tent for me, and lots of water kegs around the area.

The festival was not very busy when we arrived, but as we were leaving it had become very busy. This was a 2 day festival, and Saturday had been sold out. Odd that they are having a beer festival in Mormon country, and very odd that it was on a Sunday! They had Mormon Beer Drinkers T-shirts for sale…

Anyway, some of the beers were a $1, many were $2, and even a few for $5. The tastes were small, so Bob did not get tipsy. He did not find many of the beers that he wanted to try, as they had a lot of the IPA’s. He found enough though.

Lots of people had brought chairs and put them out around the area, in the shade. They would drink, eat, and listen to the bands. There were about 10 food vendors.

There was also a Hard Cider room, in the Grand Hall, which was inside and air conditioned. There were not a lot of ciders although we saw other vendors like State Farm and some outside RV vendors.

It was very hot, code orange air quality, the temp was in the 90’s, humid, and by 3:30 we were done. We decided to stop at a car wash, but they were all the “do it yourself” variety. So we ran back to the MH. We had a quiet evening at home.

Monday-We left at 8:40 to travel to downtown to the LDS Family History Center. Since we had been here before, in 2011, we knew the area. We easily found parking in a lot half a block away, $5 for the day.

We walked over to the Center. Both of us were interested in the British Iles, so we went to that floor in the Center. The Center has 5 floors. B1 is British Iles, B2 is International, M if Main floor where there are different exhibits, 2 is US and Canada films, and 3 is US and Canada books.

We set up and started to work. I was looking for my maternal 3rd great grandfather. He had immigrated from Ireland. Poor Irish documents are very hard to find, if they even exist.  The volunteers are very helpful. I tried looking for Confederate War info. We found his name, but Martin Lawlor is a very common name. The volunteers tried for me. Eventually, I had 3 ladies (they are called Sisters, the men are called Elders).  We think we found him in the Massachusetts Infantry. He did one year of service. I also had a will for him, which contradicted the other info that I had. I finally decided that it was not his will, as the probate ( which is what they helped me find) lists my 3rd grandmother as deceased in 1890, and I have her departing in 1896, and him in 1904. We ate lunch( which we brought with us) in the Main floor vending room. It is the only place for food in the building. We could have water bottles with us, as long as they were in secure top containers. Bob has been working on re-building his tree, after the loss of his computer and scan disc in Montreal.

We stayed until about 2:30, then returned home and Bob walked the dogs. We had to run out to pick up mail . We decided to stop by Bucca de Beppo and picked up carry out for dinner tonight and tomorrow night.  Bob went to Walmart to get Karlie’s dog food. We were both tired and had a quiet evening at home. It rained hard this evening. Hopefully, this will clear out the air a bit!

Tuesday- We were awake at 2: 30 this morning due to a thunderstorm and hail. Not much we could do about protecting the MH and car. At least it did not seem as bad as it had been in Denver last year!

We returned to the Genealogy Center. I had decided to work on my paternal grandmothers family today, so I went to the 3rd floor to the books. There are lots of books on the areas in Quebec that the family lived in, although they are in French. I have Google Translate on my phone, so I am able to look at typed info.  Bob went back to the British Isles. He had found some issues with dates ( the guy was born 2 years after his fathers death). Anyway, we met up for lunch. We continued working in the International area. I am not sure why. But one of the sisters assisted me with 5th grandparents marriage info. It was written with horrible handwriting, in French. She ended up calling over another gal, and I found where they lived and the corrected names.

We stopped at Costco for gas and Walmart for a few items, on the way home. We had a quiet evening at home. More storms this evening.

Wednesday-  Off to the Center again today, for our final day this trip. We split in the morning, I went to the 3rd floor books and Bob went to the British Isles. I found a book, a census, that I wanted to check out. I went looking for the book and could not find it on the shelf. So I went to one of the Elders. He was confused with the number, thinking I was wrong with the number. We went to where I was looking, and it was not there. Then we went back to the office and he looked it up on another system. He said follow me…. he was late 80’s, so following across the room to the last row, to the very back, was a slow process! I was right with the number, but the book was oversized, so it was located in a different section. I took it and found what I was looking for…

I looked for more info, then joined Bob in the British Isles. I continued in Family Search, looking for more relatives. I found an error, in which one of my grandparents marriage form was listed. When I went to look at it, the search took me to some one else’s information.  I checked forward and backward, and finally went looking for help. They sent a Sister over to assist. She found the same thing, and she walked me through sending in an error message to the Indexing Dept.  so that the issue can be fixed.

We left and returned home. Bob quickly walked the dogs, as the sky was turning ugly. We ended up having a severe thunderstorm, with awful winds ( the MH was rocking) and more hail. The hail was pea size, so we did not note any damage. Whew!

We decided to go out to dinner as the sky was clearing. We went to Black Bear Diner, along with a lot of other folks, as it was pretty busy. We were quickly seated. It is a large menu, so we did not notice how long it was taking for the waitress to show up.

The manager arrived and apologized. She asked us if we would mind moving to a different table, and she would comp us dessert. Okay! So we moved a few feet away, and they used the old table for a group. We had good service at the new table. We ate dinner, taking half of each of our meals home with us. We each ordered a dessert to go.

Thursday-  Moving day. We left the park around 8:45 and drove south on I-215. We turned onto I-80 west, and went to the next exit to stop at a Flying J for diesel. We purchased the diesel and the GPS said to go to I-15. Bob checked on Google Maps and no traffic back up, so we took I-15 south. The traffic was moving, but it was extremely heavy traffic. The problem was the lanes kept coming and going. You could not just pick a lane and stay in it.

We traveled about 40 miles and stopped at what was supposed to be a Flying J rest area. No rest area and difficult to get around in there! We ‘rested” and took off. At the next exit, we turned onto Hwy. 6.

Here is some scenery…

20180823_140048 (2)


20180823_143825 (2)  We traveled through the mountains and canyons, stopping at an overlook to eat lunch. We continued on to I-70 west, traveling to Grand Junction CO. We drove into Junction West RV Park at about 3:15. We settled into a FHU 50 amp site, $48 night, for 4 nights. Expensive, but a nice park. We are here for the Annual Peach Promenade Square Dance Festival. We have clean air finally!!!!

We had a quiet evening at home.

Friday- I was finally able to get out and do my early morning walk! Yea! It felt good!! We have the windows open for the first time in a long time! Cool clean air!

We did some tasks around the MH. I did laundry and we updated some of the Genealogy that we found in Salt Lake City. We went to lunch in Fruita, a town just to our west at a place called Camilla’s Kaffe. We both had excellent food.

I took these pictures in Fruita.. the next two pictures are in front of a car supply store.


20180824_115511 (2)

This next picture was across the street. You don’t see this every day!

20180824_124205 (2)

We returned to the MH and took a nap in anticipation of dancing this evening. We ate dinner at home and left to go to the address on the form for the dance. We ended up at a warehouse in a not so great part of town. So we put in the middle school where the dance was being held, which turned out to be about 2 miles away.

We arrived and checked in. Hmmm, this Festival is smaller than our usual dances! We were disappointed, and it got worse.

Friday night they did not have the national caller, Tom Roper, attending. They had four local callers. These guys not only could not sing, we had trouble understanding them. It is always difficult to dance to a new caller, since you do not know their rhythm, calls and tone. They switched callers for each tip. Bob had problems with his hearing aide, as he had to re-adjust the aide at each tip, and could not do it until after the first dance of the two dance tip. We were not having fun! .

The last tip we danced, broke up constantly, and it was not our fault. Somehow we ended up in a square that had a lot of issues. It was amazing, as the previous tip danced perfectly. So we left early, about 9:45. We still have tomorrow afternoon and evening with Tom Roper.

Sat. Aug. 11 to Fri. Aug. 17- Lolo MT to Sunset UT

Saturday- We had another workshop this morning at 11. Before then, I did laundry. We had a great time dancing, then returned at 12:30, ate lunch and took a short nap in the recliner. The temp was 97 today, so we stayed in and had a quiet afternoon.

There was a pot luck dinner at 5:30, so we walked over and stood in line. Of course there were lots of great dishes. My dessert pan was completely wiped out! We returned and changed into our dance clothes and went to the next dance from 7:30 to 9:30. We returned exhausted and went to bed.

Sunday- We had a pancake breakfast at 8. Then the dance started at 9. There are a lot of other callers here, and they had them call for us. Changing callers is always difficult, as you have to get their rhythm and voice. Changing each tip was hard and we all messed up a lot.

I started to not feel well, so during one dance, I called another woman in to sub for me. After that dance, Bob and I walked home.

We had a quiet afternoon and ate dinner at home. I felt better, so we went to the dance this evening. This was not part of the festival, but the caller, Jerry Junck, was calling Mainstream. The festival had been Plus dancing. We had a great time, as we were used to Jerry and could both understand him. It was also from 7:30 to 9:30.

Monday- We got up late and did some tasks around the MH. I have the Roadrunner Newsletter to get out before the 15th, so I was working on that. Then we went to Missoula. We stopped at the grocery store, Costco, and Walmart. We stopped for lunch at Big Sky Brewery. They had a food truck, as they do not serve meals. Bob had another flight. We drove back to the MH.

We changed clothes and went in search of the Lolo Hot Springs. We were not interested in going to the resort, Lolo Hot Springs resort, we were looking for the local free hot springs. I had asked the gals at the RV park where it was located, they gave me directions, but we never found the hot springs. We returned, ate dinner, watched some TV and went to bed.

Tuesday- Moving day again. We traveled the two miles out to Hwy. 93 and turned south. We noticed that we could see the close mountains, but the range to the back was entirely covered by smoke. The smoke was heavy all day.

20180814_101830 (2)



We traveled through a canyon.



Once through the short canyon, we were driving along and we started seeing a lot of volcanic rock.

20180814_160324 (2)

We spotted this old volcano. You can see where the top of the mountain blew off!

20180814_155941 (2)

Our destination had been Craters of the Moon National Reserve, where we planned to boondock for the night. Unfortunately, there was a fire to the north west of there and the park was down wind of the fire. As we were driving, the smoke kept getting worse.  We also saw signs stating that the natural areas were closed to camping, so we re-routed more to the east. Our new destination was Blackfoot ID.

We found a casino, about 9 miles south of Blackfoot in Ft. Hall, on I-15. It was the Ft. Hall Casino, Bison RV Park. We were able to get a reservation, and drove there, arriving at around 5 PM. $27 for FHU 50 amp.

We were exhausted, as we had traveled about 8 hours. Under 300 miles, but through rough terrain. The MH even heated up going over a 7000 ft. pass, and we had stopped at the rest area at the top to cool the engine.

We ate a quick easy dinner, watched TV and went to bed.

Wednesday-  We did not have to leave the park until 1 PM, so we got the MH ready to leave, and then ran back north on I-15, to Blackfoot. We visited the Idaho Potato Museum, located in an old train station. 

20180815_094058 (2)

The museum was small, and only cost $3 each. They talked about the origin on the potato. Potatoes were taken from South America to Spain in the 1500’s. 20180815_094644

20180815_094854 (2)

The potato them migrated to Ireland, and the immigrants brought them to New England. Interesting, as I always assumed that the potato was native to Ireland…

20180815_094913 (2)

20180815_094937 (2)

20180815_095015 (2)

A woman locally collected lots of kitchen memorabilia, and she donated the “potato” items to the museum. We had the potato nails when I was growing up…


And here are the Pringles. Pringles are dehydrated and are not potato chips, they are crisps. Here is the world’s largest.


Below are the Idaho Potato farming percentages by areas…



As we headed to the back of the museum, they had these silly guys talking to us…


Below is an old fashion potato picker.


Around the time of the Russian Spaceship Sputnik, two Idaho brothers came up with a new machine, which they named Sputnik. They started a company by that name, and the machine is still used in the harvesting of potatoes. This is a huge machine and you are only seeing one part of the machine.


There was a kiddy area, and I made a Vader Tater… With a Mr. Potato Head.

20180815_100851 (2)

We watched 4 short films about potatoes. the first one was about a guy who makes various toy tractor replicas, a marketing film for a potato distributor which showed how the potatoes are harvested, a stupid cartoon, and an interesting film about McDonald’s Potatoes.

All of the McDonald’s potatoes go to one company which prepares them. The film went backwards, from the potatoes at a franchise being deep fried, to their production. The company, whose name I forget, takes the potato, shoots it through a slicer, it has a chemical put on it, the fries are then lightly fried, then frozen for transportation. They are then deep fried at the franchises. It was interesting…

Basically, if the potato is not a russet, it is not an Idaho Potato. ALL Idaho Potatoes have the Idaho emblem stamped on them. If the stamp is not on the potato, it is not an Idaho potato! According to the museum, the volcanic rock landscape is ideal for growing potatoes.

We enjoyed the museum, then ran through town. They have 12 murals in town. Here are some…

20180815_103522 (2)

20180815_103728 (2)

 20180815_103817 (2)

20180815_094111 (2)

We stopped at Subway to pick up two subs and returned to the MH. We packed up and left about 11:30 to eat lunch. We drove south on I-15 to the ID Island Rest Area. Huh? It was a Flying J which had public restrooms. Okay…

We continued on I-15 south, into Utah, to Charlie’s Service Center in Sunset, About 40 miles north of Salt Lake City. We are having Justin and his crew do the routine maintenance on our air conditioning.

We pulled into the parking lot at about 3 pm. When Bob went inside to sign us in, the gal said she thought we were going to be there this morning. Nope, we have on our schedule, for the work to be done tomorrow. Oh well, a mix up. They will not get to us until tomorrow morning, which was what we planned anyway.

Justin came out and parked us, then we settled in for the evening. They have FHU 50 service, included in your service package!  We went to dinner at Holy Smokes BBQ. The meat was good, but we were not impressed with the sides. We returned home, watched some recordings, and went to bed.

Thursday- We were up early, taking quick showers, eating breakfast and waiting to see what time they would come to do the service. Enrigue arrived at about 8;30. He did our maintenance last time we were here. He started the work and we used the roof air while he was working on the basement air. The temp when we woke up was 78 degrees. I sent out the Roadrunner newsletter.

Enrique checked everything and found that we have no issues. Bob had been concerned because when the temp hits 50, the heat does not switch over to propane. Justin called the manufacturer of our thermostat ( installed May 2017)  and no one can figure out the issue.

We asked Justin if we could spend the night here and he said yes, they do not need the site overnight. So we added a night to our reservation at Pony Express RV Park for Friday. We are going to have to move on Saturday to a different site, but at least we have a place to stay tomorrow evening. We had put in several days here in case of additional problems.

We had a 2:15 appt with a Vet at Banfield in a Petsmart just a little south of here. We have been trying to get Karlie in to see someone for quite  awhile. She has been licking her sides. The Vet thinks it is the change in air or water. She ordered a medication for her. It is a cream that we have to put on 3x a day. So Karlie is wearing the neck pillow type item to keep her from licking.

We returned and went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Ogden, just north of Sunset. The food was okay. We stopped at Costco for gas, $3.03 gal.

Friday- We took our time leaving as we cannot arrive before 12:30 at Pony Express. We arrived and they charged us for the one night, then for the rest of the nights. Crazy system! They could not just add the one night to the current reservation.

The gals at the registration desk were great. They re-arranged and placed us into one site for the whole stay. We do not have to change sites tomorrow morning.

Unhappily, this resort was purchased by Sun Resorts.It was already expensive, and is going to become more so. We paid $57 per night for 6 nights, with our Good Sam discount. Sun is buying up a lot of very nice resorts, then they raise the prices. We already see changes as they have put in a lot more cabins.

There are only 2 RV parks in the area, giving them a monopoly. Since we do the Genealogy, and this is where you need to be for great Genealogy, we are stuck with the KOA or here. This is a nicer park than the KOA, in a safer area. The advantage at the KOA is that you can take the light rail downtown. The price is about the same, right now.

We met our neighbors, who are also full time RV’ers from Sioux Falls SD. We had a quiet evening at home.

Sat. Aug. 4 Coeur D’Alene ID to Lolo MT

Saturday- We were able to move at around 9 to a W/E 50 amp site, $20 night. We barely put away anything with such a short drive. Bob backed the MH into the site and we set back up. We turned on the air conditioner as it is going to be hot today, in the 90’s.

When I opened the cabinet door to start up the satellite, the ‘grabber’ dropped down. I caught it, and put it back. A little bit later, I picked up my phone and the screen was broken. It is hard to see, but the cracks go all the way to the top of the phone. Evidently I had caught the ‘grabber’ on the re-bound, as I did not even realize it had hit the phone.

Image may contain: phone

We ran  to Best Buy to have the phone repaired. We arrived and went to the Verizon booth. They sent us to Geek Squad. We pay $11 and change, each month on each phone. Over the many years that I have had a cell phone, I have never had to do a repair!

Anyway, it would be $150 to repair the phone, WITH the repair plan. We have already paid, since we purchased the phone, $130 for the plan for both phones. We were not happy! The guys said that if you break/lose the phone where it is new, the plan is worth it, but when the phone is worth less than $200, you should cancel the plan. Hmmmm…..

Anyway, so we walked back to the Verizon booth and found out that it would cost $175 for a new phone. The Best Buy guy said they had a Galaxy S8. I asked about the S9, oh yea, they have those and they cost less…Huh? So I purchased an S9 for less money. Of course, with everything else, like new cords ( S7 cords do not fit the S9) and a new cover ( old cover does not fit) we of course spent more than $175. Grrrr…. Anyway, I have a new phone to set up and learn….

We ran around town doing other various tasks. Bob wanted some beer, so we went in search of a store which sold beer. Idaho has state liquor stores, but they only sell the hard stuff. We never found a place to purchase some craft beer. They have the drive thru places which sell Budweiser etc.  We needed dog food which we can purchase at Safeway, so we were off to the store. Across the street was a Panera, so we had salads for lunch and there was a Farmers Market on the corner. This was a very nice FM under trees.


They had 3 rows of items. We did not purchase anything, but enjoyed walking around .

We also saw this nice mural.

20180805_110255 (2)

We returned to the Elks Lodge and settled in. In the evening we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.

Sunday-  We did out usual tasks, except for laundry. We left around 10:30 for downtown,Coeur D’Alene, about 5 miles away. This weekend was the Coeur D’Alene Street Fair, the Taste of Coeur D’Alene and the Art Show at the College.

We found street parking about 2 blocks away from the Street Fair. This fair was HUGE! It went 7 street blocks! We walked up one side and down the other. Then we walked over to the park along the lake for another, about 2 blocks, of the fair.

20180805_110314 (2)

On the other side of the park, they had the food vendors for the Taste of Coeur D’Alene. We wandered through the food vendors. Bob had a brat and I had a shrimp taco. Bob’s brat was faster than my taco, so he went into the Beer Garden. I met up with him there. He was busy tasting beers, so I went to a picnic table and asked some folks if we could join them. They said yes and we chatted. Bob caught up with me and we ate lunch. He drank one beer, which he was not impressed with…

The folks we talked with where waiting for the band to play. They suggested that we visit the Art Show. So we walked over to the college campus to the very large Art Show. The walk took us along the lake.

20180805_123636 (2)

20180805_123929 (2)

The Art Show was under trees on the campus. Most of the vendors would not allow pictures, which was a shame. The cost of most of the items was very high. We saw a really interesting metal fire pit that was very well done, but cost $1500.

There were beautiful items, but my very favorite was the embroidery art. The woman who designed and embroidered these items was phenomenal. Most of the works were of birds. They were indescribable! I wish I could have taken pictures. Also, the majority of them cost $450, which was reasonable for what the items were…




We also saw this sand art.



We stopped for ice cream, as it was getting very hot. The temp at this point was high 90’s. At least there is not a lot of humidity. The ice cream was sponsored by the students. 2-3 scoops for $5. We split a bowel. We also at this point purchased some water.

There was a band in the center and another beer/wine/cider garden. We did not see any that we were interested in drinking.

20180805_130407 (2)

We decided that we did not want to walk all the way back to the car, about 2 miles, in the sun, so we took the free shuttle bus. It dropped us about 2 blocks from the car. We returned home. We did not plan for visiting Coeur D’Alene on this weekend, but we really lucked out. This was very interesting and a lot of fun.

On the way back to the MH, we saw these statues.

20180805_142052 (2) 20180805_142058 (2)

Monday- Moving Day- We drove out of the Elks Lodge at around 9AM. We stopped at the Exon on the corner for diesel. $3.28 /gal. We only purchased 25 gallons, as the diesel is less expensive in Lolo MT.

We drove east on I-90.

20180806_131826 (2)

20180806_131915 (3)

We turned south in Missoula MT and drove thru horrible traffic in town to turn onto Hwy. 12 towards Lolo. At the turn to the RV park, on the left, was a Town Pump which is associated with Flying J. We turned in and filled up the tank. $3.18 gal.

We drove about 3 miles out of town to Lolo Montana Square Dance Center and Campground. We arrived and we were greeted by Barry Bartlette the co-owner. Barry and Bobbie Bartlette inherited the campground from Bobbie’s parents who were avid Square and Round Dancers, in addition to her father being a Caller and mother a Cue’r. Bobbie’s parents, Ray and Afton Granger, built the dance center  in 1978. The facility is located on 27 acres on the Lolo Creek. The dance hall has a cushioned maple floor and is air conditioned. There is also a mile long path around the park, and along the creek.

This area is on the Lewis and Clark trail, and the duo walked along this land on their travels to explore the Louisiana Purchase. We settled into our FHU 50 amp site. We were thrilled, that even through the beautiful pine trees, we were able to obtain satellite. The park has cable TV also. We settled in and had a quiet evening.

Tuesday- We traveled into downtown Missoula and looked around, as we have not visited Missoula before. We stopped for lunch at Edelweiss Café, which is on the second floor of Bayern Brewing. Bob had a flight of beer.


We had a nice German lunch. Bob had a brat and I had Jager Schnitzel. Both were okay. Not the best, not the worst, pun intended….

We left and continued our tour of the town.We visited the Missoula Carousel.  It is advertised as being the fastest in the world. I can agree with that, it was really moving. Notice that the kids are all wearing seat belts!



I put a video up on Facebook of the carousel moving. So you can go to my feed and look at it. It really is impressive, how fast this was moving! Here is the history of the carousel:


“If you will give it a home, and promise no one will ever take it apart, I will build A Carousel for Missoula.”  That was the promise Missoula cabinet-maker Chuck Kaparich made to the Missoula City Council in 1991.  Kaparich, who had spent many childhood hours on the carousel at Columbia Gardens in Butte, Montana, had already carved four carousel ponies and had purchased an antique frame in thousands of pieces.  The Council agreed and Kaparich’s dream of A Carousel for Missoula became the dream of a community.

A board of directors was formed to facilitate organization and fund raising, Kaparich taught others to carve, mechanics began the process of restoring 16,066 pieces if the antique frame and motor, painters were recruited, and Missoula began working together to create a treasure.

By Opening Day, May 27, 1995, over 100,000 hours of volunteer time had gone into the construction of 38 permanent ponies; three replacement ponies; two chariots; 14 gargoyles, gargoyle frames and mirror frames; and the largest band organ in continuous use in the United States, all within a jewel box building.

Community members donated time, services, materials and encouragement.  School children collected over one-million pennies to adopt four ponies; stained glass artists constructed shimmering windows; mechanics poured Babbitt; majestic horses’ heads emerged from blocks of wood; and people found lasting friendships among the woodchips.  The community extended as far as Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where the Midnight Rose Carvers built a friendship horse for Missoula.  The story of the Carousel includes wood and metal, concrete and colored glass, hearts and hands, and countless hours of loving labor” http://carouselformissoula.com/our-story/

There is a nice park next to the carousel. It is located over a berm from the river and there is an amusement park next to it.

We drove through town. Here is the courthouse.


We stopped at Costco and Petsmart. We were hoping to get an appointment at Banfield for Karlie, but they did not have a Banfield at this location. It is the only Petsmart in town.

We returned to the MH and had a quiet evening, sitting outside reading. For some reason the dogs like this dirt and want to eat it! We had to keep a close watch on them trying to keep them from eating it. Yuck!

Wednesday- We left and went downtown to Missoula again. Our destination was near the carousel. The town has an “Out to Lunch” in Caras Park. It is a food truck park on Wednesdays. We easily found a parking space in the shade!

They have a list of the trucks in the Official 2018 Missoula Area Visitor Guide. Unfortunately, the trucks listed that we were interested in were not there today. We watched to see which truck had the longest line. So we ended up eating Chinese. It was okay.


We were asked to complete a survey of the “Out to Lunch”, which was a very busy place. There was a band playing on the stage.


So we completed that while we were eating. Then we went over to the overlook to view the river. There were folks swimming in the river. The temp was in the high 90’s.


We stopped at Walmart and returned to the MH for a quiet evening.

Thursday-  Bob wanted to visit the Lolo Brewery, so we went there for lunch. He had a flight. He really liked the light color beer in the front. It was a Huckleberry Beer. He liked it enough he ordered a pint of it….


We had a really nice lunch! The pub food was very good.

We returned to the RV park and ran into friends Helen and Jeff, from our SQ. Dance clubs in Sun City and Sun City West.  We spoke for a few minutes and Helen said she was going to the SQ. Dance Clothing store. So Bob and I dropped the car off and walked over to the main building. I was looking for two belts. I found them and purchased them for $6 each. We picked up a couple of books at the book exchange, returned to the MH, and took a short nap.  We ate dinner at home, then dressed to go to the dance. We walked over, taking 3 books with us for the book exchange. We met up with Gordon and Yvonne, other friends from our clubs in AZ. They are from Canada and drove 11 hours to be here. They are staying in a motel in Missoula.

We danced to Jerry Junck and Daryl Clendenin for 2 hours, from 7:30 to 9:30. We had a great time. We had 10 squares dancing. Interestingly, about 1/3rd of the folks here were familiar faces from Sun City and Sun City West. Many of them are both Sq. Dancers and Round Dancers. We even knew the Round Dance Que’ers, Larry and Susan.

Friday- I made a dessert for the Pot Luck tomorrow evening. At a little before 11, we walked over to the dance workshop. The Round’s workshop was from 10 to 11. Then the SQ Dance workshop was from 11 to 12:30.  This was not like a class. The Callers called the moves and they kept us going until they noted a problem. This entire Festival is Plus Level, so everyone has been through classes. In a class, the Caller teaches you the moves. In this workshop, they walked us through problem moves. Then repeated. It really helped!

We returned to the MH , ate lunch and took a nap. To give you an idea, I had walked over 6,000 steps in that 1.5 hours. Now we wanted to rest and be ready to dance for 2 hours this evening.

I did some laundry, we walked the dogs, ate dinner, then dressed to go to the dance. We again danced for 2 hours. We returned and went to bed.

Sat. July 28 to Fri. Aug 3- Spokane WA to Coeur D’Alene ID

Saturday- We left early again due to the heat, and  traveled to  just a little west of Spokane, to Cheney.  The drive was uphill and through some more smoke in the area. It was an easy drive on Hwy. 2.

We entered Pondarosa Hills RV Park. The is the first KM resort that we have visited and we will look at more of their resorts! We ended up, through RPI, paying about 12.50 per night for FHU 50 amp.

I requested a site where we could obtain satellite. The gal asked if we were RPI Plus (we are) and she put us into a very nice site. Unfortunately, even with moving the MH back and forth, we could not find a spot where we could get satellite using the roof mounted dish. The site had cable, so we used that overnight.

They were having a pot luck this evening, so we ran to Walmart and picked up a couple of items. I made a nice pasta salad for the dinner. We went over at about 5:20. It was to start at 5:30, but there were only 6 people there. A few more came in and we ended up with 10 people. We had a nice time chatting with folks. One was a newly retired male Nurse, who is also an Escapee. We returned to the MH and watched some TV.

Sunday- Our usual laundry day. Bob took the sheets and towels over to the laundry. I did some clothes, but the dryer is still not working right. So Bob is contacting companies to see if anyone can clear out our lint.

Bob also worked on setting up our portable satellite dish. He found that the app on his phone was not giving him the correct position of the satellite, so once he discovered that, he was able to find the right place to set up the portable.

We sat outside enjoying the the awesome weather. We had a quiet day at the home.

Monday- Bob got on the phone to the various repair centers in the area for the washer/dryer. He finally set up an appointment for Thursday at 12;30. We ran into town to look around and found a crepe restaurant for lunch. It was a little early, so we took the food home with us. We took a nice nap, ate dinner, and went Sq. Dancing at the Western Dance Center.

This was not an actual dance, it was a Mainstream workshop, which was fine with us. We are a little rusty but we had a great time dancing. We have danced before at the Western Dance Center. It is used be all of the clubs in town and is unique. The disadvantage, is that it is not air conditioned. They have exhaust fans and HUGE floor fans, plus ceiling fans. It was warm, but not too bad… the people in the picture below are round dancing.


Tuesday- We went to downtown Spokane to visit the falls.



We went to Costco and Camping World. At Camping World we were looking for either a lens for the light fixture or a new light fixture. We did not find what we are looking for… We stopped at in at a My Fresh Basket, which is a store like Whole Foods. We just purchased some spring onions.

We returned home, ate lunch and had a quiet rest of the day. We spend a lot of time sitting outside enjoying the nice weather.

Wednesday- We spent the day doing tasks around the MH. I have three articles to update and need to work on the Roadrunner Newsletter. Bob worked on a few tasks. We ate lunch and dinner at home.

Thursday- I went for a mani/pedi at 9. Bob continued doing tasks at home. The guy from the washer/dryer repair arrived at about 12:30. He was a ‘duct’ cleaner. He had never worked on a motor home or a Splendide. He blew air into the pipes and we are hoping that will get us to Arizona where we can has our usual RV repair guy work on the issue.

We sat outside enjoying the weather. Mark Fingard stopped by on his way out of the park. We had met the Fingards in Minnasota last year. They also own an Alfa.

Friday- Moving Day- We decided since it was not a really long drive, that we would not hook up the car. We left at 8:45, driving east on I-90 thru Spokane and into Idaho. We drove directly to the Elks Lodge in Coeur D’Alene. We pulled into the Lodge parking lot and met up with the Camp Host. It was about 9:50. We had been told to be there early if we wanted a site. The CH said that he had one site where the folks were leaving. They had gone out so he had us just park and sit. Bob walked the dogs and I read my book. Check out is 11 AM. The people in the site returned at 10:55 and signed up for 2 more nights!

So we moved into the boondocking area. We are first on the list for a site in the morning. Fortunately, we are having a break in the weather and the temp is lower. The high for today was going to be 76 degrees. So we opened the windows and turned on the roof vent fans.

We set up and went to lunch at Cheeze, a grilled cheese cafe. We each had half a sandwich. Both were very good. Then we went to Costco for gas and Walmart .

We returned and had a quiet afternoon.

Sat. Jul. 21 to Fri. Jul 27- Concrete, Twisp and Spokane WA

Saturday- We had a bad night. Roxie woke us up at about 4 AM. She Sat up on my shoulder. Hmmm, I said to Bob I think she wants to go out. She moved and Bob turned on the nightlight. She was sitting at the end of the bed, looking towards the front of the MH. Bob quickly got dressed and took her out.

On the way back in, he did not turn on the light and stepped in a mess. She has loose stools. So he cleaned that up, while I comforted the dogs. Roxie was really upset. We had a problem getting back to sleep, but finally both of us did.

We got up around 8. We went to breakfast at the park at 8:40. They had sausage, pancakes and scrambled eggs for $6. It was basically serve yourself and eat all you want.

We walked back to the MH and worked on various tasks. We have internet  and phone but no satellite. Originally we planned to drive to the North Cascade National Park. But there is not a lot to do there and we will be driving through on our way east on Monday. Surprisingly, my Fodor’s National Parks of the West does not have the park listed. Strange, as Cascade has been a NP for over 50 years.

We decided to go into Concrete, the closest little town. We drove past their Saturday Swap Meet and went to the Concrete Saturday Market. They had one fruit and veggie vendor, one bakery with the money going to the local Blood Bank, and the rest was various crafts. They had some nice stuff. We left and went to lunch at the bakery, 5b’s. We each had an excellent sandwich with carrots and celery. Bob;s came with a very small salad. Both had an oatmeal cookie. Each cost about $9. We stopped a the Red Apple grocery store for some scallions. We returned to the MH and no dog issues.

We had a quiet afternoon At 3 we went to the ice cream social. We were glad we went over at about 2:50. We arrived and there was a pretty long line, inside the family center. We paid $2.50 each for a nice sundae with vanilla ice cream and your choice of toppings. By the time we got our ice cream and went back outside to sit at a picnic table to eat the ice cream, the line was out the door and weaving down the road! Obviously a very popular activity!

We had a quiet evening BBQing some chicken for dinner. The weather was a bit windy, but the temp was in the upper 70’s.  We watched the second to the last Harry Potter movie.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday tasks. Bob took the towels and sheets to the laundry. His first trip over at 8 AM, he found all of the washers in use. So he returned about 20 minutes later to be able to put in our 3 loads.

We left around 11:30 to drive to Bellingham to Bob’s Burgers and Brews. We were meeting up with our friend Audrey Lamoureux Parks. The restaurant has a breakfast buffet, with fresh, cooked to order, omelets. Plus of course lots of other stuff. Senior rate was a whopping $11! What a deal! We had a nice brunch and sat talking for almost 3 hours, catching up on our lives.

We finally left and went to Walmart for a few items then back to the resort for dinner. We watched the final Harry Potter movie.

Monday- Moving day…. We drove east on Hwy. 20 crossing into North Cascade National Park. It was a beautiful day and a nice drive. We stopped at a rest area as it was time to give Karlie her pills. This was the view.

20180723_092349 (2)

20180723_095507 (2)

Our first stop was at the Visitor Center. We parked the MH, walked the dogs, then went into the center. I stamped the Passport, and we wandered thru the little museum. Then we went out to the overlook to check out the view of the glaciers.


Glaciers 2

We left and continued on our journey, driving east and up, up, up. We went from 260 ft. above sea level to over 5,000 ft. We stopped at several of the overlooks, including Diablo Lake. The picture below is looking towards Diablo Dam. Note the color due to the glacial silt.


Now looking towards the Skagit River.


We stopped for lunch on the side of the road. This was our view.

20180723_121906 (2)


20180723_122437 (2)

20180723_122648 (2)

Then we continued on to Washington Pass.  We drove around a curve and the entrance to the overlook was right there. We could not slow down fast enough, so we continued on. We stopped about a hundred yards further down the mountain and stopped at a wide place in the road to look at the view.



As we were driving downhill from the pass, there was a large KABOOM with the sound of glass breaking. I was driving, so Bob went back in the MH and discovered that the light fixture over the table had fallen off. So what should look like this….


Looks like this….


So when we arrive in Spokane, we will go hunting for new light fixtures. They are 12 volt, so they have to be RV fixtures.

We eventually left the NP and continued on through the town of Winthrop. We called Barb while driving through Winthrop and met them in Twisp. Sid was standing by the side of the road signaling for us to pull over. Gee, right in front of the Quilt Shop. Barb is a quilting fanatic/genius/expert! She does awesome quilting and other sewing.

We disconnected the car and Sid joined Bob in the MH. I followed Barb in her car. We went a different way and Bob went in the MH to their 3.5 beautiful acres on the river.

We pulled into their FHU 50A site. They are far enough out of town that the internet and phone service is spotty. We also could not obtain satellite service in their guest site, but hey, who is going to watch TV when you have these views?

Once we set up, we walked over to the river and soaked out feet in the freezing glacier melt water. The dogs are having a great time being off leash and running with Mandy their dog.

We sat outside their rig, overlooking the beautiful scenery. Barb and Sid cooked a delicious meal. We had brought coleslaw and watermelon. After dinner we played Pegs and Jokers. Ladies won!

Tuesday- Barb wanted to cook breakfast for us, so at about 8:30 we wandered over to their rig. She had cooked an awesome Soufflé with raspberries and blueberries. After we returned to the MH, I was doing some laundry. Our mail had arrived yesterday. Wow, my Medicare card arrived! EEEK, that makes me feel old! It starts September 1.

At about 11:15 we walked over to their car and they took us on a tour of Twisp. Twisp is a small town with just a few services. Then we drove about 8 miles west to Winthrop Winthrop is a western theme town with lots of visitors.

20180724_130053 (2)

We ate lunch at a nice Mexican Restaurant. The food was pretty good! After lunch we wandered through the shops. Barb seemed to know quite a few people!

Barb insisted on taking this picture!

20180724_130010 (2)


We stopped in some of the stores and looked. There was a very interesting art gallery with some different kinds of pictures. The artist really has an imagination! We also stopped at the glass store. The owner was blowing glass. He had some beautiful pieces. Good thing we live in a motor home and I can’t buy any of that kind of stuff!

We stopped a the ice cream/candy store and each had a kid size ice cream, which consisted of a regular size scoop of ice cream. While we were sitting eating the ice cream, the fire department took off with sirens blaring. They were headed east.

We left town and drove back east about a mile when Sid turned off to drive us up the mountain to the Sun Peak Resort. It is an upscale hotel with awesome views of the valley. We could see Winthrop in the distance. There was a fire, so the view was pretty hazy. We could not see the fire, but it was at the corner of Hwy 20 and Hwy 135, which is the way we will be going on Thursday.Barb looked online later and found that they had gotten it out; yea firemen!

Here are some deer who live near the resort.

20180724_145950 (2)

20180724_145959 (2)

On the way back down the hill, Sid stopped so I could take a picture of one of the local lakes. There are no homes on this lake!


Right after the lake, we turned onto a short cut, back to their property. It was a 5 mile dirt/gravel road. We traveled through an area which had a fire about 3 years ago.

We arrived on the road that goes past their land, out of the town of Twisp. We stopped on the road, above their property to take pictures of their land.

Yup, that is our motor home!


In this picture, you can sort of see Sid and Barb’s awning. They are parked right overlooking the Twisp River.



Unfortunately, I could not get a picture of the river. The land on this side of the river is owned by they conservancy, so it will never be developed. Sid and Barb are co-owners of the land. Originally, 42 years ago, four families went together to purchase the land. The guys wanted it for hunting. They built a cabin and hunted for many years. Eventually, as lives changed, the two couples bought out the other two couples. They add a well, sewer and electric. A few years ago a fire took out the cabin and they regraded the area. They have several RV sites.

We returned and Bob worked on trying to clean out the lint in the washing machine/ dryer, which has accumulated. This means that I cannot dry anything as the machine just blinks at me. I can wash, just not dry. I don’t dry a lot of items, only underwear, socks and sheets.

Bob took the front shade for the MH over to Barb and she attempted to sew the outside border back on. It did not work. Her machine kept grabbing at the magnets. Our shades are 8 years old and the sun has destroyed the thread. The material is still in good shape.

The dogs accompanied me over to Barb’s and we went down to the river to soak our feet. Mandy, their dog, loves to jump in the water and catch rocks that Barb throws. Mandy even puts her head down in the water and blows out bubbles!

Roxie got her feet wet, but Karlie won’t get into the water. Our dogs are not going to want to leave, as they can run free here! We had a nice Copper River Salmon for dinner and we sat out playing Pegs and Jokers again. The Guys won!

Here is Barb. What a view behind her!


Here is their view including their nice vegetable garden. They also have about 9 humming birds who visit their feeders.


Wednesday- Barb went to teach a class at her quilt shop in town. We took the dogs to the groomers then we stopped at the famous Cinnamon Twist bakery. Bob had a bear claw and I had a peach pecan muffin. We stopped by the quilt store and I gave half the muffin to Barb.

We returned to the rig and Bob set to work on the washing machine. He tried putting water back through, which is what we are supposed to do when the machine clogs with lint. The water leaked into the cabinet below. I was the look out for that to happen. So my Mechanical Engineer thought about it and decided he might try air. Then he had to design a system.

We ate lunch and right as we finished, the gal texted me that the dogs were ready. So we took off back to town. We picked up the dogs. The gal cut them really really short, so we are going to have to make sure they do not get sunburned. Karlie’s face was not done very well, so in the evening, Bob held her and I took a pair of scissors to her face and cleaned up the area. Roxie looks okay, but then she has a schnauzer face.

We stopped at the hardware store for Bob to pick up a plastic ring for the washer. If the water treatment fails for the washer, he is going to try putting air through using the ring. 

Sid came over to assist with the washer and I cleaned out the soap dispenser. Even with stuffing towels in the area where the water leaked, we developed a worst leak. So Bob tried pushing air through. That seemed to work. He ran the washer and the water ended up cloudy with lint which should drain out. Then he ran the washer two more times to clear everything out. We will see how this works. The last time we had an RV tech come out to do this was in March, so it did not last long.

Barb arrived back just as Sid was leaving to go play golf. Barb has a friend in town, Chris, who she had spoken with about the shade. Chris is an upholsterer and she even sews up torn RV cushions and makes boat covers.

So we took all the dogs and ran over to Chris’s workroom. Both of us forgot to take our phones with us, so no pictures. But Chris was awesome and she was able to sew two of our shades. The only issue was the magnets getting attached to the sewing machine. Chris said that the company that makes the Magna Shades probably has sewing machines without metal.

We returned and got dinner ready cutting up the rest of the watermelon. Chris joined us for a nice dinner of ribs,corn on the cob, potato salad and our watermelon. We sat out talking to Chris. Sid arrived back at around 8:30 and ate the leftovers. Last night and tonight the temperature dropped into the 60’s so it became a little chilly sitting outside.

Thursday- Moving day. We wandered over to Sid and Barb’s rig to say good-bye to Barb. She is leaving to go to a quilt retreat. Once she left, we went back to the rig and prepared to leave. We went back over to say good-bye to Sid and pulled out of their lovely land. We hooked up the MH up the road at a wide spot and drove out to Hwy. 20. We turned east and continued thru Washington state. We drove through some beautiful scenery, but it was smoky from a fire in Wenatchee, far south of us.

We stopped at a rest area for lunch. The rest area was at Chief Joseph Dam. Here is some info about this Dam. 


20180726_114752 (2)

Here we are parked while walking the dogs.

20180726_114759 (2)

Here is the dam. You can see how the air is holding some smoke.


We continued to Coulee RV Park in Grand Coulee WA.  Dennis, the owner/manager of the park checked us in and took us to our site. He said since we are staying 2 nights, we should plan to visit Dry Falls in addition to the Dam.

So we decided to go to see the Dam today. We set up,  walked the dogs and took off for the visitor center. the Visitor Center is designed to look like a turbine.


We wandered through the visitor center. This is the wheelchair that FDR used when he visited the dam. The lake created by the dam is FDR lake.



We drove around the dam, through the town of Coulee Dam. We went to where the free tour starts. As we were getting out of the car, one of the guides stopped us and said that we could not take anything into the building except a clear water bottle. We had to get rid of everything, including my itsy bitsy purse. So I put my purse back into the car ( they are not responsible for anything stolen; covering their behinds!) We entered the air conditioned waiting room. We were glad for the air conditioning as it was 100 degrees!

The guide did another lecture on safety and what you can take on the tour, and then they ran a movie re-hashing everything they had already said. The guide had asked if anyone had any bionic parts and I was the only one. We had to walk through the metal detectors. Surprisingly, I did not set off the metal detector. Our pocket items were returned to us and we loaded onto a small bus for the tour. They drove us back around through the town, telling us the history, and to the entrance to the top of the Dam.

Needless to say, since 9/11, no one is allowed to drive across the Dam. The citizens of the city miss being able to go out on the Dam, as it had been a popular roller blading spot.

We stopped first at the power room.



This dam is larger and more powerful than Hoover Dam. It also has room to expand and is not working at full capacity. They only run the turbines at night, as they use a lot of electricity and they use stored electric for the area. They talk a lot about the environmental issues. The reason for the dam is for irrigation.

We went back up an elevator and back out to the bus. They drove us across the top of the dam, doing a U-turn and stopped to let us out to look at the dam.

20180726_143201 Below, a very small part of Lake Roosevelt.

20180726_143621 (2)

This is looking down from the dam.

20180726_143826 (2)

Looking down river. The Visitor Center is on the left.


Water goes out of the dam and uphill thru the pipes to a canal. That canal then goes to Lake Baker which goes past the city of Coulee. There are four towns in this area. Grand Coulee where we are staying, Coulee Dam, where the dam is located, Electric City, which is on Lake Baker and the town of Coulee about 28 miles away. More on that tomorrow!


The tour was about an hour. We returned to the car and drove back towards the MH. We had passed an overlook on the way into town, so we drove past the RV park about 1 mile and drove out to the overlook.


We returned to the MH, relaxed for a bit, ate dinner, watched some TV, and at about 9:40 we left to return to the Dam for the laser light show.


The show was about 1/2 hour. It was okay, but been there, done that…The temperature had dropped to about 88 degrees.

Friday- Since Dennis had told us about Dry Falls we thought we would drive out there early, since it is so hot. We drove along scenic Lake Baker. The lake is formed by the Coulee Dam. Water is run thru the turbines and some of the water is shifted uphill to Lake Baker. The city of Coulee is 28 miles from Grand Coulee where we are parked and the lake goes to the other side of the city.

Once we passed through Coulee, we turned and traveled to Dry Falls State Park. The park visitor center was right on the highway, and is free. We turned left to drive into the parking lot and parked. Ahead of us was a huge canyon.



I walked thru the parking lot and took this picture.

20180727_093314 (2)

Well, isn’t this interesting! While driving to Grand Coulee from Twisp we had noted a lot of volcanic rock on the hill sides. We noted that there were no volcanos in the area. So now we are discovering why the rock is in this location.

We entered the Visitor Center and climbed a flight of stairs. We entered the museum and gift shop. We stopped in at the movie. The guy who is the host of the 6 short movies was a hoot. One of the moves had a “blooper” where he was sitting on the top of a group of circular formations. He dropped his screw driver down between the circular formations, where it will remain for eternity, and he said “Oh sh….!” (They bleeped it) and we burst out laughing. This was actually the last movie that we had seen in the short series and by this time we were kind of fond on him….the movies were about the various geological formations in the area. 

Anyway, we wandered through the exhibits. This whole story is so interesting! There was an ice dam in Montana, which built up melted glaciers for a long period of time. when the ice dam broke, the water traveled for miles at about 60 mph flooding everything in its path.


 20180727_093935 (2)

So the water raged over the land and this lasted for weeks. A geologist came up with this theory and other scientists did not believe it. For 20 years, the scientists argued about this before they came to the realization that this is what has occurred. So they have all now decided that this is what occurred. Here is what occurred with what you see today.

20180727_101532 (2)

The backward erosion is what has formed the ‘lake’ in the middle of the canyon.


So the water formed the “Coulees”.


So these are lakes are called plunge pools, which are now fed by ground water.

Here is the path of the floods.

20180727_101631 (2)

We went back outside to look into the canyon. We were standing on top of the canyon and it is hard to even imagine that the water would have been 300 ft. above our heads!

20180727_101731 (2)

We left and returned. Coulee City is not much, although there looked like a very nice city park for RV’s right on the lake. Here are some pictures of Lake Baker that we took on the way back.



Bet by this time you are wondering just what a Coulee is?  Well, there are valley’s which are V shaped. Then there are valley’s that are U shaped. Then there are Coulee’s which are box shaped. l_l. Yes, this looks like a U, but a Coulee has straight down walls which the U shape does not, then a flat bottom, like this lake, then sharp straight up and down walls like you can see in the second picture above. The walls are formed of basalt.

We returned to the MH, walked the dogs, then went to lunch at a local  restaurant called Flo’s. It was just okay. We stayed in in the afternoon as the temp was over 100.

Sat Jul 14 to Fri. Jul 20- Vancouver, Tacoma, Concrete WA

Saturday- Last night we turned on the fan, the air conditioner, and the room fan on high, so that the ‘white noise’ drowned out the traffic noise from I-205. It worked very well and we did not have any trouble sleeping.

We left around 8:45 and drove south on I-205. We turned west on I-84 and drove straight to the Portland Farmers Market on the campus of Portland State University. We easily found a parking space on the street, right up from where we parked last week. We paid for 1 hour, and wandered around the Market. We sampled foods at the various vendors, but we only purchased  3 lbs. of Rainer Cherries $2.99 a lb .

We stopped at the Pine Street Biscuit  food truck and bought a biscuit to split. Kathy and Brian had thought we were crazy not liking the biscuit, so we were giving them a second chance. Actually, the biscuit was very good!

We left and went to Costco for gas, again, $3.08. We stopped to have crepes for lunch at a little bakery. They were very good with just the right amount of vanilla in the crepe. We think that the baked goods might have been good too, but we ran from them!

Total Beverage was next door and Bob stopped in to see if he could purchase some of the Tough Love beer that he likes so well. They will not have it until the fall.

We returned to the MH and watched people enter the Elks. We watched some of the Harry Potter movies we had recorded. We have seen them before.

We had seen in the Elks Lodge newsletter that they had burgers for dinner this evening. So we walked down to the Lodge. They looked at us like we were crazy. No burgers! Hmmm, so the bar tender went looking for their newsletter. It turned out, we had the Bellingham Elks Lodge newsletter, not the Vancouver newsletter. So no dinner and no breakfast in the morning. Oh well.

We walked back up to the MH and had leftovers from last night for dinner. We continued to watch the movies we had recorded from the Harry Potter USA channel weekend.

Sunday- We went to the Vancouver Farmers Market again. We wandered through and purchased from the same vendor as last week, a Blackberry/Ginger Balsamic Vinegar and a Lemon Zinger Balsamic Vinegar. We stopped at Chucks Farm Produce grocery store. We had seen another one of these and both of them had full parking lots.

We wandered through and now know why they were so busy. The place is like Trader Joes and Sprouts combined.

We went to lunch at Gustave’s Restaurant. We had been to the one in Salem with Tom and Diane. That one was ultra modern. This one looked like a German restaurant. The food was very good and we both took home leftovers, which we had for dinner.

After dinner, there was a knock on the door. Dave Olsen, from Roadrunners , had moved in with his Alfa. We invited him in and we chatted for awhile. He left and about 20 minutes later, his wife, Barbara arrived. We chatted with her for awhile. We will see them again in January, at Quartzsite, as they are the co-wagon masters with friends John and Karen Ratcliff.

Monday- Moving day-  We left at 8:30 and traveled north on I-5. Traffic was heavy the entire trip. Our destination was JBLM- Joint Base Lewis McCord. Bob had put the RV park in the GPS. We arrived and met up with the camp host. She said she did not have a reservation. Bob checked his phone and showed her the phone number. She said that that was not their number. We must be at the RV park at Ft. Lewis. So she gave us directions there. We went to the park at Ft. Lewis. Bob went inside the office and returned with directions to the McCord RV Park. Turns out that was where we were supposed to be…

So we followed the directions, entering McCord Base. We drove through the base to Holiday RV Park. This must happen enough that they have written directions to get to the other RV park. Bob had made the reservation through their main number for the three parks.

So we arrive at the correct park, and the office is closed on Monday’s. Huh? No directions on what to do. Just a phone number to call, the same number Bob has, and no one answered. So Bob walked over to the camp host’s rig. He was not home, but there was a different phone number there.

EVERY park we have ever been to, when the office is closed, has an envelope with your name and directions to your site, with a note to catch up with the camp host in the morning!

Anyway, Bob called this second number. The guy told Bob he was off today and the office was closed. Yeah, we know! He said he had the book in his car and would call Bob back. He did and we went to site 32. There were only 2 sites open. The camp host came by later to give us a map of the park, of course, after we had been parked and set up!

Meanwhile, Bob’s phone rang and I answered it. It was the doctors office calling about his medications. Our doctor had left the practice. Before she left, the office staff were supposed to forward Bob’s prescriptions to CVS/Caremark. The office did not do that. They did forward mine.

The gal said that the new Doc would not sign off on the prescriptions as he has not seen Bob. Bob is to come in for an appointment. I explained to her that we are in Washington State and he can’t go in for an appointment. She told me to have him see his doctor in Washington! AGAIN, I explained to her that we only have one primary Doc and he is in AZ. Not our fault that the staff did not do their job or that the old Doc left the practice. (Probably because of the incompetence of the staff!) She would put me on hold and ask the Doc again. Then she disconnected. She never called back and I was unable to get through to the office. I would be first in the que and they would disconnect.  Jerks!

So I went into Case Manager mode! I called our insurance Health Line. I spoke with the Nurse, explaining the situation. The insurance company has an MD Live program, free to us. So we signed Bob up for it. Then I gave the phone to Bob and he finished up with his history and medication list.

Then Bob went to walk the dogs. Of course, as soon as he left, his email alert went off. His phone was charging and he had taken mine. So I checked and went through the process of setting up the account. Then to ‘schedule an appt’. I chose schedule, not the right now option, and it went straight to right now. It would not let me change it.  So I texted Bob to return ASAP. He was just walking in the door when the Doc called! Interesting program!!

We left at around 3:30 taking the dogs with us to Judy and Fred Dillon’s home. They are Alfa owners we know from Paradise RV Park in AZ. The dogs were very happy to go and to meet up with their canine friend, Millie, the Dillon’s dog.

We had a great time catching up, and they served us a wonderful dinner. We arrived back home around 10.

Tuesday- We had to catch up on laundry, so Bob ran the towels and sheets over to the laundry room. The military bases are cheap, at $1 a load. Meanwhile, I washed some clothes.

At around 10, we left and went to the Glass Museum. We easily found parking in downtown Tacoma, 2 hr. minimum, $4. Our first stop was at Union Station. The former train station is now a Federal Courthouse. We entered and had to show the guard our drivers licenses. Then we were allowed to enter the first part of the building. It you actually want to go into the Courthouse portion of the building, you have to go through another security screening where they run you though metal detectors. Outside was this statue. There was no explanation of what the statue meant. Evidently a train traveler.


The area that we had entered had four Chihuly art works. There is an app that you can download which has a Chihuly walk, with info about the art works. We did not bother with the app.  In the center of the building was this piece hanging from the ceiling.

20180717_105742 (2)

Next to the stairs that we climbed to the balcony, was this plaque about the station.

20180717_105818 (2)

Up stairs, facing the bay, were these Chihuly sculptures. They were called The Monarchs. They looked more like lily pads to us than butterflies.

20180717_105846We continued to walk around the balcony. The next area was the “basket wall”. I had to take the picture from the other side of the room. These were actual drawings, not glass.

20180717_110213 (2)

The next stop was at the front of the building. These were called The Reeds.

20180717_110055 (2)

We continued walking towards the south wall to the back of this sculpture. It is called Lakawanna Ikebana. I have no idea why…

20180717_110201 (2)

All of this art has been donated to the government by Dale Chihuly and his wife.

We walked back down the stairs and left. We walked south and turned to cross the famous Chihuly Glass Bridge. First of all, so there is no misunderstanding, the bridge is not made of glass. It crosses over I-705 from the Federal Courthouse to the Glass Museum.

20180717_110450 (2)

The bridge is sort of a tunnel of glass in the ceiling. This is similar to the ceiling we saw in the Chihuly Museum in St. Petersburg FL.


This is looking back at the Federal Courthouse.

20180717_110657 (2)

20180717_110619 - Copy

Above are two other pieces of Chihuly.

We continued on to the Venetian Wall. The wall is facing south, still over the interstate,  and each piece has its own shelf.


There were a lot of these and each one was different. You could sit there and look at them for a long time!


We continued walking and descended the many steps to the street level of the Glass Museum. We paid the senior rate, $14 each to enter.


In the hallway on the way to the restrooms, there were numerous glass sculptures. The Museum has a program where they have children draw a design on paper, and they make the piece in their “hot” room. They make two and the kids get one and the museum keeps one. Here are a few…

20180717_111653 (2)

These were all designed by 9-11 year old kids! Above are Popsicle Man and Burger Man. Below is Flat Whale. What a nice program!

20180717_111843 (2)

 20180717_111916 (2)

We spent a short time in the movie, which was about the featured glass sculptor. Then we looked at the history of the museum. It was interesting!

20180717_112339 (2)

Albert Paley was the spotlight sculptor.

20180717_112630 (2)


20180717_112746 (2)

I was drawn to the one above.

20180717_112917 (2)

Here is the artist creating the piece above.

20180717_112927 (2)

They were interesting, but not something we would go out of our way to see again. There was also some Chihuly.

20180717_113117 (2)

20180717_113138 (2)

Then we turned a corner and saw this! It literally takes your breath away! The picture does not do it justice!

20180717_113416 (2)

These are some of the hanging objects.


Each of the blood draw tubes hold a different item. It was ingenious!


There were measuring tapes, tooth picks, tooth brushes, paper clips, pretty much any little item that you can think of…. below is a clothes pin with what appears to be a guitar pic…


Anyway, we were both fascinated by this!  So fascinated, I forgot to get the info on the artists!

We wandered through the “ Hot Shop”. They were hard at work….


This mural was outside the gift shop. It is made up of glass squares.

20180717_114230 (2)

The artist is Cappy Thompson, and she is in the center of the mural with her dog.

We entered the gift shop. This is of a glass knitting item. Look at the price! 


Here is a Chihuly for sale… just a measly $6500!


There was an expensive restaurant in the museum. We decided to try to find another place, and finally decided to go to IHOP for lunch! It was $0.60 for pancakes today. We each had the small stack of pancakes and turkey sausage. They even gave us the senior discount, so we paid about $6.50, total for the both of us! We gave them a good tip though!

We returned home. walked the dogs, did some laundry and prepared to leave. We drove back north on I-5 to I-705 to Dukes Seafood and Chowder House to meet up with my former business partner, Laurie Lamoureux. We had a great time visiting and an awesome dinner. The food was delicious!

We left at around 8:30 and returned home to happy dogs. It is always interesting getting on and off the base. Tonight there was a long line and they also asked for Bob’s drivers license, in addition to his Retired DOD Common Access Card.

Wednesday- I called and made an appt. for dog grooming for next week in Twisp. Bob was not able to do all the towels yesterday, so he did the rest this morning and I did another load of laundry. We left around 11 AM and went to Costco. Gas there is $3.03. We purchased Bob another pair of shoes. He had purchased some at the last Costco and he likes them so much, he bought a spare pair!

We went to Panera for salads for lunch, then went to Point Defiance Park. Judy had suggested that we visit this park.

20180718_131024We stopped at Owen Beach. Notice that there is no one in the water…the water temp is too cold! The air temp was in the high 60’s.


This was another view of Puget Sound from the overlook.



Now we were over at Gig Harbor on the other side of the peninsula.


We spotted sea lions playing in the water right below us.

20180718_132236 (2)


We drove the whole of the 5 mile drive, then went to the boat dock. On the left was Anthony’s Restaurant.

20180718_133943 (2)

Here is one of the Ferry’s. It was just loading.

20180718_133945 (2)

We left and went to the Gardens.



Then there were the aromatic roses!



We returned home and did some laundry. We stayed in this evening.

Thursday- Yesterday and today there was a marine layer over the area. Yesterday the weather cleared around noon. The forecast is the same for today. Temps should be in in the 75-78 range.

We decided to go south to Olympia. We went straight to the Capitol building. We easily found parking in the visitor lot. $4 for 2 hours. We walked over to the building, about a block away. We could see this fountain on the lawn in the distance. It was quite a fountain!


Since we had some time before the 10 AM tour, we walked to the back of the building to take a picture. The building looks like it needs to be cleaned.


Note the dome. It is the 4th largest in the world and the largest in North America.


We walked inside of the building, following Capitol Tour signs to the front entrance. There we met up with the Docent, Mark. We talked to him until 10. There was only one other gal in the tour with us!

Here is one of the front doors to the building. There is no security in this building. They only have cameras. They had security right after 9-11, but took all the stations down about 9 months after 9-11.

There were three of these doors, each with different bronze sculptures. There are 42 steps to walk up to these doors, representing that Washington was the 42 state to enter the Union.


All of the light fixtures and much of the bronze works are made by Tiffany.


We were taken into the Governors office. We were allowed to take all the pictures we wanted to, but no pictures of the employees. Below is the Governors conference table.

His chair is ornamental.

20180719_101530 Here is the inside of the rotunda.


Looking towards the front of the building from the rotunda.


Below is the Tiffany Chandelier.

20180719_102111 (2)

This piece is very interesting. On the bottom, which you cannot see in the picture are faces. They are the actual size of a person’s face. The light bulbs are the size of grapefruits, so this piece is very deceiving in size. The piece weighs 10 tons. The cord hanging it, weights over 1 ton.

So they built this building standing on a hill over looking the end of Puget Sound. But there are 5 buildings in the complex, and the one directly in front of the building is the Supreme Court, blocking the spectacular view. Another error that they made was that this is an earthquake area. Not long after the building was completed, they had a 6.5 earthquake. It rocked the building terribly, with all of the light fixtures swaying significantly, except for the piece above. This piece never moved! After the earthquake the building was closed to 2 years, for repairs, and they installed rebar behind the marble. It cost much more to install the rebar than to actually build the building.

They only clean and replace the light bulbs in the Tiffany Chandelier every 10 years. They tried to have people lowered from the ceiling to clean it and that did not work. They tried other ways…Finally, they just close the building and put up platforms to clean it and to change the light bulbs.

The rotunda area is rented out for various functions, including weddings. The cost is $300, which is cheap for a venue. They also have a state room where they have the balls etc. Below is the part of the State Room.


The piano is antique and since it need to be used to stay in tune, they have to persuade people to come in and to use it.

20180719_102639 (2)

The carpet is original. The marble in this room is French, In the building is French, Alaskan, and Italian marble. The outside of the building is sandstone from the Washington gorge. The table below is beautifully carved.


From here we went to the House side of the building.



The ceilings on both sides were the same, but the carpeting was different, although similar.


This second one is the Senate.


The House has electronic voting. The Senate does not. The Senate is overseen by the Lt. Governor. They elected a blind Lt. Governor, so they installed Braille. When someone is to speak, the Braille pops up for the Lt. Governor to “read” the name so that he can call on the Senator. I thought that was pretty cool!

Below is the Senate.


This is the Seal of the State of Washington. When they went to design the seal, they came up with all sorts of ideas. Finally, the bronze worker said no to their ideas. So they pulled out a coin and went with George Washington.


So there is a picture of George behind the Lt. Governors chair.

20180719_104006 (2)

This building was completed in 1928. Right before the Great Depression, so it is the last Capitol Building built in the Neoclassical style.

Mark took us to a hall with pictures of them constructing the building. He left us at the Gift Shop ( shades of Disney where you always leave thru a gift shop!). He suggested that we go around to the back of the court building to view the end of Puget Sound. On many days, you can see the water and the Olympic Mountain range. Not today. First though, we stopped to take a picture of the front of the building.


Here was the view.


We walked back to the car and drove about a mile to the Farmers Market. It is open Thursday to Sunday. There were about 50 vendors.


We wandered through and Bob sampled and purchased some Eastern European OlyKraut raw sauerkraut. We wandered through and decided to go to a seafood restaurant for lunch. We walked over to Bud’s Cafe. It was 3 stars on Yelp. The food was outstanding! I had the pan seared scallops with fresh green beans and rice pilaf. Bob had the coconut shrimp and french fries. There were fresh, hot sough dough rolls.  I was ready to lick the plate is was soo good! I gave them a 5 on Yelp!

On the way back to the car, we walked along the marina to this overlook.

20180719_125216 (2)

We climbed the 32 steps up. The picture below is facing back towards the Capitol.



On the way home we stopped at Walmart and Costco for gas, $3.09. We had dinner at home.

Friday- Moving day- We left around 9:20. I drove the MH and Bob drove the car behind.me. We had found that at the back gate to the base, there were not the usual plastic barriers to dodge while driving through. Even though it was a little but longer, there was also a place to hook up the car. So we went out the back gate.

This way out had a circle, then a zig-zag, but it was much easier. Then we turned right, drove about 3/4 mile, and pulled over to hook up the car. We drove onto I-5 north.

The Tacoma/Seattle are traffic is notorious for being awful. It was! Fred had suggested that we not take I-405, as he said that was worse. He suggested we take I-5 north and stay in lane 2, the second from the right. The right lane and left lanes go away at various times on this drive. So that is what we did.

I drove, as I get to nervous in cities. We had a couple of slow downs, and we traveled at a slow speed, with the traffic, but we made it through. This was our first (and last) time driving this way. Last time we were here, we traveled the Olympic Peninsula, and took the ferry across. That is what we will do in the future when in this area. This trip we wanted to see Tacoma and Olympia.

We turned east onto Hwy. 20, the Scenic North Cascade Hwy. and traveled east about 27 miles to the Thousand Trails Grandy Creek. This is a combo KOA/TT. We are in the TT section, with 30 amp and water. We are not impressed with this TT.

We settled into our site, sat outside enjoying the nice weather, BBQ’s a steak and watched the next Harry Potter movie.

Sat. July 7 to Fri. July13- Vancouver WA

Saturday- I had a hair appt. at 9 AM in downtown Vancouver. I arrived and the gal was very nice. She did a good job.

I returned and picked Bob up and we went to downtown Portland to the Farmers Market. The market is located  on the campus of Portland State University. It is a large market with lots of vendors. Last time we were here I purchased a small bottle of some awesome Ice Wine. The vendor was not there this year. Bob had purchased a really nice Sassan, and there were no beer vendors there at all. We purchased some “Cherry Bomb” pepper jelly.

We went to Dot’s Café for lunch. I had seen a review about their awesome burgers. Huh, we arrived and on the weekend they only have a brunch. Darn! So we had mediocre breakfast.

We stopped at Walmart then returned to the MH. We took a short nap, then went to look at the Elks Lodge. Friends Tom and Diane were at the Chehalis TT, our next stop. They said no satellite, poor internet, and no sewer. So we went to the Vancouver Elks Lodge to look at their RV park. It is going to be noisy, but doable. So we are planning to move there if we cannot stay at Route 99. We are hoping they have a cancellation, as the park is full. We cancelled our reservation at the TT Chehalis.

We stopped for gas at the Portland Costco, $3.03 gal. Much better than the $3.56 near us! We ate dinner at home.

Sunday- Our usual laundry and budgeting. Then at around 11, we went to the Vancouver Farmers Market. There were many of the same vendors as in Portland, but this is a very large market also. Dogs are allowed, but we do not take our dogs to these places as they would get stepped on or accidently kicked. 

We purchased some Cranberry-pear Balsamic Vinegar for marinade. We have had this before and love it on chicken.

We stopped at Burgerville, a local hamburger chain. Their lines look like In N Out burger. The burgers were about a 7 on a scale of 10.

We returned to the MH, read, watched TV and ate dinner at home.

Monday- Bob called and got an appt. for the windshield to be repaired at 3 pm. The weather is cooler and cloudy.

The DOT closed the east bound entrance to  I-84 off I-5  in Portland for the next month. So traffic on I-5 was supposed to be bad. Everyone must have decided to move to I-205, then there was a broken down Oregon DOT truck, so traffic is at a standstill on I-205. We are not planning to go far today, which worked out nicely!

We did some tasks around the MH. Then we went to lunch at Ce La Vi, a French restaurant which features crepes. We had a nice lunch and returned to the MH, stopping in at the office on the way into the park. We were able to sign up for 3 more nights, but we have to change sites in the morning. We will move from site 79 to site 84. It is a little closer to I-5, but should still be okay.  We spent the afternoon reading and working on Genealogy. We had a quiet evening at home.

Tuesday- We moved the MH from site 79 to site 84. That only took about a 1/2 hour. We did not put everything away that we usually do when traveling. I moved the car, with the dogs in it, over to the new site. Bob walked the tubing and the water softener over. Then we just backed the MH up, and he drove it the few feet to the new site.

We set back up, then around 11 we left for Pine Street Biscuits. This is a West Coast  restaurant chain, and a staple in Portland. We arrived to find that the line was out the door and down the block. That is usually a good sign!

We walked up to the counter and ordered. They give you a number, you find a seat, and they deliver the food. Neither of us were terribly impressed with the food and we decided it was not worth the calories. Oh well!

Right next door was Great Notion Brewing. This was recommended to Bob by my cousin Mark, so it was on our Portland to do list. Since we had a nice parking place in this busy area, we stopped in for Bob to have a flight.


Bob enjoyed the flight. He thought that the dark orange beer in the front was very interesting. It was a Watermelon Gose. All of the beers had interesting flavor combinations. By the time he drank the 5, 5 oz. glasses he was done for awhile!

We returned to the MH. On the way back in the park, we noticed that our old site was already filled. We had a quiet evening at home.

Wednesday- It is getting very hot in the area with temps in the high 90’s. We left early and went south to Fort Vancouver. We stopped at the Visitor Center and watched the movie about the Fort. It was very interesting, and the Fort was not what we expected.

Fort Vancouver originally was the site of one of the the Hudson Bay Company’s fur purchasing centers. Fur traders would bring the furs to this location and the company would purchase them, giving them money and/or food as payment.

Eventually, they gave the site to the Army, who increased the size of the Fort. The Fort was used during all the wars, right through WWII. Which is how they now have a General George C. Marshall house, General Grant House, and a General Howard house. General Howard, is who Howard University in Washington DC is named for; it was the first African American College in the US. General Grant never lived in the Grant House, but he visited it while staying in the Fort.

After the movie in the Visitor Center, we went to “ Officer Row”. These houses were going to be demolished. People in the area decided that they should be maintained, so an Historical Society was formed to renovate and save the houses. The house’s overlook the river in the distance, as well as the Fort. The Historical Society has utilized a very interesting public/private concept. Only the 3 houses are open to the public. The Howard House, which we did not visit. The Grant House is a restaurant, and the George C. Marshall House, which we toured. The tour was free. All the other homes were are maintained on the outside as they were, but are rented. Some to business, some have been turned into residential; duplexes or apartments.

We arrived at the Marshall House. For some reason both of my pictures of the outside of the Marshall House did not come out… There were two tours already in progress when we arrived. The tour was only of the first floor, as the second floor is rented to two United States Senators,  Patty Waters and Maria Cantwell. They use the downstairs tables for meetings and see constituents upstairs.

Marshall lived in the house only for 22 months. We entered and started to wander around. We started in the living room.




The room holds 50 people. I would imagine they need to be very close friends or family as it would get pretty cozy with all that furniture!

Next we went to the visiting room. This room has the table that the Senators staff use.

20180711_111106 (2)

Take out the table and this would be my favorite room. The docent caught up with us and we joined one of the tours. The next room was Marshalls office.


Notice the door to the right of the picture of Mrs. Marshall. She was a heavy smoker. This was originally a window, and he had it replaced with a door to have her step outside to smoke.

The next room was a small museum about Marshall.


The house is the first in the area to have stain glass windows. You can see some of them in the office above and on this door.


This is the hallway with the stairs to the Senators offices.


We went to lunch at the Grant House. This picture came out.

20180711_115655 (2)

After a nice lunch, we went to the Fort reproduction.

20180711_124614 (2)

20180711_124652 (3)

In front of the entrance there was a fairly large garden with all sorts of flowers and vegetables.

The entrance would have been $7 but we used our Geezer pass and it was free for us. Our first stop was the housing for the Hudson Bay Fur Traders upper management. There were two families that lived in this house, each having half of the house. The top floor was a storage/ballroom.

The first floor was the housing.


The bedrooms are painted in bright colors. These are replicas of the original colors.



In between the two sides of the house, there was a large dining room table. This is where the men ate, as they had working meals. The women and children had their own dining room.


Because the rooms were small, the kids rooms had beds that rose out of the way and the room was then used for other purposes.


Below was the kitchen, which was connected to the management house.


Below is the workers areas.


Below was a volunteer Blacksmith who was demonstrating his trade. It was interesting and the kids in the room got a real kick out of it.


There was also a woodworking shop with a volunteer demonstrating. We arrived just as he finished.



We left and went to an Amazon Lockbox at a Whole Foods to pick up a package. It was our new salad spinner.

We returned to the MH, quickly walked the dogs, and ran to a Brewery in the City Center of Vancouver. We were meeting up with friends Kathy and Brian Mungar. It has been awhile since we have visited with them. They are friends from Breckenridge and still work at the resort. They started the first year we did, now both are paid employees. Brian works in Safety and Kathy works in the ski check.

We had a great time catching up. I had a small cider and they all had beer. We ate dinner there from the food trucks in the parking lot.

Thursday- We decided to go downtown to Blue Star Doughnuts. Everyone kept telling us we had to sample their doughnuts. There was an accident on the bridge, so we had a long line of backed up traffic.

We finally arrived and I dropped Bob off to pick up the doughnuts. I went around the block and found a parking place. I paid the $0.50 for 15 minutes. Bob found me and we ate the doughnuts. To be honest, we thought they were overpriced and not all that great. They were also very runny, so we had chocolate ganache everywhere. Fortunately, we keep napkins and hand sanitizer in the car.

We continued on to the Candy Basket to view the chocolate waterfall. The Candy Basket has been in business since the 1920’s.


We stopped at Costco for gas, $3.06 gal, then went to Killer Burger for lunch. I guess many folks would like these burgers, but we were not impressed. They were messy and the selections were not what we would like.

We returned home to walk the dogs and relax. We had wanted to go to Joe’s Crab Shack, as it is right on the river, overlooking the I-5 bridge. So we went there for dinner, thinking the view would be awesome. There were a lot of cars in the parking lot, but we are not sure where the people were! The restaurant was mostly empty. Hmmm, not good!

The view of the river was awesome, watching the cars cross the I-5 bridge and the barges travelling upstream. Unfortunately, dinner was pretty bad. The service was excellent, mainly because Rebecca, our waitress, was bored silly. I had shrimp skewers and the shrimp were over cooked. Both meals came with white rice and steamed broccoli, neither of which had any seasoning. It was a very boring meal. Bob had stuffed shrimp and it was okay. We would not return.

Friday- Moving day. We could not purchase any more nights at 99 RV Park, so we left around 9:30 to travel the  7 miles south to the Vancouver Elks Lodge. We arrived around 9:50 after a very easy drive. We parked in a site with 50 amp/water, $20 night. We have good internet and can get satellite. The site was partially under a tree to the west, which is  very good. The temperatures are going to be in the high 90’s while we are parked here. We are staying until Monday.

The primary problem with this Elks Lodge is the location. We are backed up to I-205 so it is very noisy. That is not a problem during the day, but at night, well, sleeping may be a problem.

We ate leftovers for lunch and took a short nap. We walked down to the Lodge for dinner. We stopped in the bar and I had a glass of wine and Bob had a beer. We paid for the Rib dinner, $20 each. That seemed high until we saw the meal. We had enough food for two meals each. The meal consisted of well cooked ribs, potato salad ( no bell pepper), baked beans ( no bell pepper), a large slice of watermelon, and a brownie. We took half of everything (except the brownie, lol) home for another meal.

There are 15 sites at this Elks Lodge and most nights there were 6-8 rigs parked here. We are in site 15.