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Sat. Feb. 12 to Fri. Feb. 18- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We were frustrated with CarMax, as we had not heard back from them. Bob had called both Arturo and left a message for the sales manager. No one called us back yesterday or this morning. So we decided to drive to CarMax. We stopped first at Lowes to pick up some paint and other items. They did not have quarts of paint. The shelves were bare. Bob was able to get the other items he needed. The paint employee told us she had checked the other stores for what we wanted, but none had the quarts. We do not need a gallon.

Then we stopped in at CarMax. We asked for Arturo, but he was not working, so we asked for a sales manager. Brandon, who had moved the car the other day, remembered us. He checked on the car. While we were waiting for Brandon to look the car up on the computer, Arturo texted me. So they are still working on the car.

We returned home, ate lunch, and Bob went to Ace Hardware for the paint. Then he went and bought flowers for me for Valentine’s Day. (Big smile!)

We watched another episode of Reacher.

Sunday- We went to Walmart early, then stopped at Bash’s to get distilled water. They seem to have it every other week.

Bob worked on some tasks, I did laundry, and we worked on our travels. We watched Reacher in the evening.

Monday- I had the next NG appt. this morning at 8:30. Then a mani/pedi at 9:30. I did the Tangle Art at 1. I am missing my buddy Carolyn. She texted that she and her hubby had tested positive for Covid. So she is out at least 2 weeks!  Bob had been working on painting his sign for his work bench.

Tuesday- We had the Posse Operations Meeting. Wow, lots of great changes. Randy spoke again. We were really impressed with the meeting. We rushed back, Bob took the dogs out, and then he took Koda to her next class. He returned at about 12:15 and at 12:40 I picked up Diane and we went to Mahjongg at Dorothy’s. I won one time, but I had a great time playing and laughing. 

Wednesday- I had April’s next card making class. That was fun.

I returned home, ate lunch, and went to my card embroidery class.

At 2:45, I had a follow up appt. with the Doctor to find out about the MRI. I have a moderately torn hamstring, with some small tears in the muscle. Just to let you know what the hamstring is, “Three muscles run down the back of your leg, from your thigh to your knee — the biceps femoris, semitendinosus, and semimembranosus — and help you bend your knee and extend your hip. As a group, they are known as the hamstring.” Part of my tear is at the hip joint, where the muscle joins. The Doc asked me if that area hurt. Nope, just in the center of the back of my thigh. Needless to say, I carry a pillow with me at all times, as I cannot sit comfortably without it!The Doctor said absolutely no exercise until I see the PT. No more bike riding. Sigh….

Thursday- I had the Calligraphy Club meeting. Since I am publicity chair, I had to tell them what I had done over the month. Basically getting information up on the website and updating the flier for the room window.

At 1, I played Ponytail Canasta with the Next Gen ladies. We arrived to find ourselves locked out of the room. We have it booked for every Thursday from 1-4, one week we play Canasta and the other week we play Mahjong, except for the 5th Thursday in the month, when someone else uses the room. The Lawn Bowling group were given the room for a luncheon today.

The room was empty, but the long tables were set up instead of the square card tables. So one of the gals went to the lawn bowling group and asked them if they were done. They were, so we went in and played on the long tables.

Bob has been back and forth to the Wood Shop. He even put the basket on his bike and rides his bike over to the shop.

Friday- We had the Posse today. We had three medical calls, two right in a row. No Vacation Watches. We were a bit late going back to the Base, so I changed shirts at the Posse. Then Bob dropped me off for my next NG treatment.

Jose was running late, so finally, I just went up to the desk and had them delete this appointment and add it to the end of my treatments. Bob was still eating his lunch in the car. I had to run to the Calligraphy Class. We had a Master Calligrapher teaching this class. She is a certified professional. It was fun. Each class, we are trying different pens and different fonts. I liked this pen, better than last weeks. Trudy and John are going to purchase more pens for us to try. This was the last class of the series. I am still working on a free online class. I try to practice each day.  

Fridays are always so busy, I come back really tired and fall asleep in the recliner, but this week, while we were on our rounds, we stopped in and picked up a library book I had ordered,  that had just come in. I had finally gotten up to #1 on the 200 person list for the latest Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum book. Her books are always great for a laugh! So I started reading the book. 

This evening when Bob took the dogs for their after dinner walk, he had a big issue. There is a large, untrained, unleashed dog on 102 Ave. The owner just opened the door and let the dog out. It came after our dogs and Bob. Bob Actually took the dogs out in the street to get away from this dog. The dog was barking, growling and had the hair on his back up. That is a sure sign of a dog issue. Bob was angry and scared for our dogs. This is not the first time this has happened with this dog and owner. The owner just said, “oh he’s friendly, he won’t hurt anyone!” Bob has also had a problem with the wife, who is very petite and cannnot handle the big dog. Bob told the guy it is against Maricopa County regulations to allow a dog out without a leash to control the dog. He of course just ignored Bob.

Bob was still upset when he got home, so he called the Posse to intervene. We knew the gal who showed up, it was one of the Board Members, Toni. She went over to talk to the guy. We will see what happened over the next week. Bob was still so upset, he did not sleep well this night.

Sat. Feb. 5 to Fri. Feb. 11- Sun City AZ

Saturday- I had a MRI at 10, actually 10:30, but they wanted me there at 10. They let me know that several times a day for the last week! The MRI was for my left leg hamstring. As a result, I had to lay flat on the hard table/ without any relief for 1 hour. I was in pretty bad shape when I left there. I returned home. Bob wanted to go look at a small refrigerator that I had seen at the estate sale on Thursday, so we went to look. It had been sold. Oh well, we felt it was overpriced.

We returned home and I spent the rest of the day relaxing in the recliner. We were supposed to go today to CarMax to look at the car, so Bob called to find out why they had not set up the appointment. First they told him that it had not arrived. He told them that we received an email that it had arrived on the 25th. Next they said that they must have found an issue, and were fixing that. Call the service department on Monday afternoon. Okay, questions to ask!

Sunday- I am still recuperating from the MRI, as my back is a mess, as well as my pelvis. So still resting and icing.

CarMax texted and set up the appointment to see the car tomorrow. That works for us, as we will do the 24 hour test drive, picking up the car, and taking it to our mechanic to look it over.

We had a quiet rest of the day.

Monday- We were home on Monday morning. At 1, I went to the Tangle Art workshop. I could not stay long, as I had a 1:30 NG appt. So I was off to that. I am seeing significant improvement from the treatments!

After, I ran home and Bob and I left for his Doctor appt. It was 22 miles away. I waited while he went in, then we left for CarMax, which was 26 miles away, in the other direction,  at the intersection of I-10 and I-101. We arrived, presented our drivers licenses and our insurance, and signed  a 24 hour test drive form. By this time it was 5:30, so we went to the Café Zupas down in Tollison for dinner. Bob drove the car. I was driving the Highlander behind him and immediately noticed that the right rear brake light did not work. Hmmm, so it went on the list to be checked. When we arrived home and I showed it to Bob.

Tuesday- We dropped off the Kia at our mechanics. They also do the Posse work and are big Posse supporters. Bob dropped me off at the Posse Grand Office and I opened it up. Mary arrived at just about 9. There were a lot of visitors. Joe and Mike stopped in, there were patrolling District 1. One guy stopped by to ask if we had heard about tires being stolen. Evidently, some- one had loosened both of his front tires, and the tire guy said that they were preparing to steal his tires. We have had a lot of catalytic converters stolen in the area.

Then a guy came in who is having rock delivered on Thursday or Friday. So he is going to need the Posse to deliver cones to protect the area. So I took his information and called it in. 

Then we had a nut job come in. He was complaining about the homeless. We told him to talk to MCSO. He gave the Posse a donation.

Bob picked me up at 12:15, after Koda’s class. She is still a rock star in class. As soon as we left Bob’s phone rang and it was the mechanic calling. The car was ready. This is a small, family owned shop, so we were talking to the daughter. We made a U-turn and went to pick up the car. There was no charge for the check. They found that the right front tire was down to the wear bars. So that went on the list. Other than those two items, they though the car was in great shape. Bob had checked the heat and air so we know that they work. When he had checked the “hill assist system”, and that did not work. So there are three items on our list. Also, the CarMax sheet had listed cruise control, and there is no cruise control. Bob checked and an aftermarket kit is less than $300, so we may see about adding one. We drove for years without one, so we can manage. It is really hard to find a 2019 manual transmission that is in good shape.

We took the car to CarMax and showed them everything. Arturo, who is our sales person, said he would call us in a day or two let us know about the repair of the items. We think that CarMax did not do their 125 point inspection. We think San Antonio thought Phoenix would do it and Phoenix thought San Antonio did it. Either way, it appears that it needs to be completed!

We returned home and had a quiet evening watching Reacher on Prime.

Wednesday- We had the Alfa breakfast at Tivoli Gardens. I love their omelets! Bob had pancakes. Linda, Mike, Gloria, Dave, Karen, John and Allen were there. Donna arrived late. It was nice to see everyone, who we had not seen in a long time. We had to leave by 9:30. We went straight home and Bob walked the dogs. Then we dropped the dogs off at the groomers. From there, I dropped Bob off at the Wood Shop for his next class. This is what he made. He has put it on his work bench.

Bob’s work bench sign.

I stopped at the Post Office to drop of Hoka shoes that I was returning.

I had embroidery class at 1. Jan, who was sitting next to me “lost” her needle. The entire class of 20 ladies were looking for it. Linda has a magnet with a light on the end. Someone else did also. Everyone was looking for this one needle, when Linda, who was on the floor, looked across the table and spotted it on Jan’s thread. We all howled with laughter! Jan is going to have to live that one down!

We had a quiet evening and night.

Thursday- I was off to the Calligraphy workshop. I had forgotten it was a class in making a folded card. That was a lot of fun. Here are what I made.

Birthday cake card inside.

From Calligraphy, I went to the Bell Craft Club monthly meeting. That lasted until 11:45 I returned home and ate a quick lunch. Then I was off to Mahjongg. Today it was at someone’s house, as the room was being used by someone else.  OMG, this house was something. It was overlooking a lake on the golf course. It was wide open inside, and the previous owner left very high end furniture. It was gorgeous. We all had a really great time playing Maj.

Bob was working on a wood project at home. He had purchased a file box to store his drill bits. So he had taken a piece of wood to put in the bottom of the box for the drill bits to stand up. He has not drilled the holes yet.

Friday- Posse morning. It was pretty quiet. We had 8 vacation watches. At one of them, there was an RV parked in front of the house and there was mail clipped to the mail box to go out. So Bob rang the doorbell to check to make sure they were home. The TV was also on. No answer. He did not hear anyone calling for help, so we moved on. We arrived at another house and there was an estate sale going on. We cruised the estate sale, buying 10 plastic hangers for $0.75. It was 25% off day. We called the son to check to make sure they wanted us to continue to do the vacation watches.

We finished the rest of the vacation watches; we returned to the one with the RV in front. Now there was a dog barking. They were home. They had been walking the dog. We always want to check, as someone could be unconscious on the floor. That happens more than you would think!

When we finished our shift, we raced home. We arrived to realize that one of my coffee mugs had fallen out of the bag and was still in the Posse car. Oops! So we quickly changed clothes and Bob took me to my NG appointment. While I was there, he ran back to the Posse, got the key for the car, and found the mug had rolled under the passenger seat. He returned to pick me up.

Jose was running late, the guy ahead of me was very slow. He apologized but as he said, it only takes 1. So I was running late. Bob took me straight to my Calligraphy class. The class applauded when I walked in, as I was the last person and they were waiting for me. Of course, I had to drop off my stuff and race to the bathroom!

This is class 3 of 4, and the focus was on dipped pens. The pen they gave us had a tip that was harder than I need, so they had me trying various tips. I will need a softer tip. Bob picked me up at 3, and I was exhausted. We had a quiet evening

Sat. Jan. 29 to Fri. Feb 4, Sun City AZ   

Saturday- We went to Estate Sales again today. We found 2 chairs for the eat-in kitchen area, to replace the ones we have with black duct tape on the seats. We found the old chairs in the trash area at Paradise RV Park, brought them with us, and put on the duct tape. We thought we would use them until we found something else. These chairs, which are suede, were priced at $14 each, as there were only 2 of them. It was 50% off day, so we bought them for $7 each. A real bargain!

We also found an exercise bike. It has been cold and very windy, so I have not been able to ride my bike. This was there for $60, so we only paid $30 for it. It is an older Proform. The battery was missing. We opened the battery door and found a spring missing, but the connections are good. So Bob has ordered a spring for the compartment. I am still using it every day, but I cannot increase the pressure or use the timer. It also has a fan in the front, which is nice! I turned the bedroom TV so it faces both the bed and the bike so I can watch TV while riding. Sure is cheaper than a Pelaton!

We did our usual Saturday tasks. I did laundry and Bob cleaned the coffee pot out, as one of his first of the month jobs.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Sunday- We did our usual early morning trip to Walmart for groceries. They did not have any distilled water, but we stopped at Bash’s again and they had them, still for 99 cents.

I continued doing laundry, and we did other tasks. We had our Zoom at noon with our friends. We were certainly busy today. I started a new jig saw puzzle.

Bob had painted the inside wall on the patio, so he returned everything to its usual place. We did the inside of the wall with the color approved for the outside, which is darker than what was up there before. The brighter color created quite a glare when the sun hit the wall. We BBQ’d dinner on the grill, as it was a little bit warmer today.

Monday- I was supposed to have my NG appt. at 8:30, but I was cancelled again. They tend to pull Jose to work elsewhere when they need him. l worked on cards in the morning.

Bob went to the Wood Shop for his second class on the machine. They had the same problems again. The internet did not work and they could not get the darn machine to work. Bob came home at a little past 10, for his one hour class which had started at 8.

I had a Chiropractor appt. at 10:30. At 1, I went to the Zentangle workshop. I monitored the room, so that was my second time for the year. There were only 4 of us there. But there are other tasks.

Bob continues working on the CNC class and he has been doing other tasks.

Tuesday- We had the Posse General Meeting. We both attended. I had protested saying to Cindy that I really needed to be at the meetings. She agreed that I could be late, and is going to switch my mornings in March.

We left right after the meeting and Bob dropped me off at the Grand Ave. office. I was with a gal named Mary, who could actually use the phone. It was very quiet with no one coming in. I colored several a Zentangle for cards.

Bob took Koda to her class today at 11. She did extremely well. The teacher called her a “rock star”! Bob said there was another dog there who should not be in the class, as the other dog was a real issue. He picked me up at about 12:15.

I was supposed to drive to Maj this afternoon, picking up Andrea and Diane, but both cancelled so I decided to stay home and read my book. I also worked on the blog and cards.

Bob did his first of the month tasks. He also had the Astronomy Meeting which he attended via Zoom at 7 PM. I watched a Hallmark movie that I had recorded.

Wednesday- Today was the bug guy day. So we had to leave the garage door and gate open for him to spray. I had a nail appointment at 10 AM. Then Card Embroidery at 12. Bob has been working on some tasks around the condo.  That included sodering the battery compartment on the ‘new to us’ exercise bike.  

At 1:30 I had my next NG treatment. I am definitely feeling a difference in my feet.

Bob had a Doctor appointment scheduled for 5 PM. He arrived to find that they had lost the appointment. So they remade the appointment and unfortunately, it is not right up the street, it is in Surprise, which is a short drive away. He was pretty frustrated!

Thursday- I had a Chiropractor appt. at 8 AM. I ran there, then returned. Bob drove me to the Calligraphy Workshop where I worked on the display window and some “Love Cards”, to go to the nursing homes.

Meanwhile, Bob had his blood drawn. He picked me up at 11. He brought Koda with him, as Roxie has decided she likes to stay home and sleep.

At 12 I dropped Bob off at the Wood Shop, as he is monitoring from 12 to 4. After I dropped him off and I stopped at an Estate sale, went to CVS to pick up 4 D batteries for the exercise bike, and stopped at Tuesday Morning for a cutter. They had a small one for $5.99. One of the gals had one at the workshop this morning. So I went looking for one.  I can carry that in my bag for use at the clubs.

I went to the Next Gen Ponytail Canasta at 1 and had a great time. We actually won this week. My playing is improving and I am now able to count the points. It’s complicated, as you count various cards twice and differently.

Since our games took almost until 4, I hung around waiting for Bob to complete his monitoring. We drove home and had a quiet evening.

Friday- Posse morning. We had switched from Division 3 to Division 2. We like that division better, as it is busier. Bob Lucas wanted to move back to Division 3, so it all worked out.

We were asked to call into Base, which meant it was something that they did not want to go over the air on the radio. It was a call to a house by a lady who was terrified to go out of her home.

At 4:30 AM, she got up and went into her garage to do a few tasks. She turned on the lights. Later when she went outside, she found a golf bag cart with a brand new generator on it, beside the garage. So she called the Posse, who sent us out, after telling her to call 911.

She also called her neighbor across the street, and he came over and found that it was his golf bag cart. He has a shed that has no lock, and he had left his golf clubs, money for poker, and other items of value in there. The guy said his golf clubs were worth more than the generator, and nothing else was stolen from him.

Anyway, we arrived and talked to them. No one touched the generator or the cart. We all left it alone. The sales tag had fallen to the ground and the woman had dropped the tag back on the generator.

A lady down the street’s shed was open, and Bob walked down to her house, and told her to check her shed. She had to get dressed but she did that. She had nothing missing.

Our DO arrived, saw that we were doing everything right and she left, after looking at the generator. MCSO arrived after about 25 minutes. They looked at the situation and called for the evidence technicians to come check the generator. MCSO released us to leave at about 8:40. We had been there about 45 minutes.

We drove by several more times to make sure everything was going okay. MCSO went door to door to have people check their sheds and garages. Yup, it was a crime spree. Several more homes had been hit, with lots of items taken. We also found out that the generator belonged to her next door neighbor. When we arrived back at Base, I wrote up work sheets for all the shifts to patrol this neighborhood more, even though we do not patrol past 9 PM.

As we were doing our drive-by at the banks, we came upon a young man and woman who have started living at one of the banks. There are a lot of homeless people in the area. As soon as they saw us arrive, they quickly picked up their belongings, or at least some of them, and took off. We parked and went into the bank to let them know that we would be following through with this issue. They said that the couple had arrived on Monday and stayed there each night. They told them that they have to leave before the bank opens. This time they over-stayed, as it was after 9:15. So I called our DO and let her know. She and her trainee came by several times and so did we. One time, Bob checked behind the dumpster, and found clothing and food. I also had to write that up so that the other shifts can drive-by more often. We are also having a problem with homeless sleeping behind another bank across Grand Avenue, in Division 1.

Then we had one medical call. We knew it was a real emergency, as we were going to the home, the Medic Unit was running lights and sirens. Many times they do not run the siren or the lights, as they are going to a fall or other non-life threatening calls. We park away from the truck and the Medic Unit but still watched the vehicles. They were really rushing. One guy had the family move one car from the driveway, so that they could get the gurney in and out quickly. Bob saw the patient, and said he really looked bad. They were really hustling. The hospital was about 3-4 minutes away, with lights and siren. Our job is to watch the emergency vehicles, make sure that a family member or neighbor locks the home, and if there are pets, that they will have someone to care for them.

By this time we had finished all our drive-by’s and were just waiting to be called in.

Once we were called in, I had to rush, as I had to do the paperwork, then change my top. We cannot go in uniform anywhere except from Posse to home. So I had taken a top with me. Bob did the drive-thru at Jack-in-The Box again for lunch, so technically, he did not get out of the car. I was out by 12:30. We had enough time for us to return home. I dropped off Bob and went to my 1 PM Introduction to Calligraphy class.

This class is very good. It is not about writing as much as it is about showing us the different pens, and how and why to use them.

I returned home and I was very tired. I worked on the puzzle some and read. We ate dinner and had a quiet evening.  

Sat. Jan. 22 to Fri. Jan. 28- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We went to pick up my Posse shirt from the gal who was adding the name badge. We went to the Oakmont Rec Ctr. to meet up with her as directed. She was not there, I called her and she apologized, as she had forgotten and she was not there. So we went to her home. We pulled into the driveway and she walked the shirt out and I paid her the $10. I have a receipt and I will see if I can get reimbursed. If not, it’s only $10.

We had the dogs with us, but we still stopped at some Estate sales. The dogs were bored, but Bob walked them once. We purchased some binders and a single hole punch.

I had discovered that April is positive for Covid. So I took a home kit, even though I have no symptoms. We are trying to stretch the tests out, so I took one and Bob did not. Our thought is if I have it, then he has it.

We worked on finding a car.

We returned home and had a quiet afternoon, and evening.

Sunday- We were off to Walmart for groceries. We could not get the distilled water at Walmart, so we stopped at Bash’s. They were sold out also. We will try during the week.

We had our Sunday Zoom with our friends at noon. We had a quiet afternoon and evening.  We did find a car in Oregon through Varoom. We lost out on the car while the gal kept asking us questions. She told us she would call us back and she never did.

We found another car, on CarMax that is in San Antonio. It has two cosmetic issues, inside. There is a stain on the ceiling of the car which cannot be removed and a stain on the back seat. A kid must have exploded an orange soda. The back seat will be covered with a dog cover, so no issue there. I guess I can put something over the ceiling if it bothers me.

We paid the transfer fee and the car will be put on the truck to be delivered to the West Valley Phoenix CarMax.

Monday- I had my NG treatment at 8:30, but it was cancelled.  I returned home and started a Calligraphy Zoom. This is a free 4 week course. At 1 I went to my Zentangle.  Bob was working on buying the car.

Tuesday- I had my hair cut at 9 AM. Bob had Koda’s training at 11. I have Mahjongg with Diane and MaryAnn. We took MaryAnn along with us. She had never played, and Dorothy is a very good teacher. The Maj was at Royal Oaks. Dorothy lives there and we played on the 2nd floor in a common area with just 2 tables. There were 5 of us, another gal, Sheryl, who has just learned the basics was there also. Royal Oaks is some place! Very expensive to live there. We had to check in and out, which was interesting, as they have a machine where you sign in and it takes your temperature, and spits out a name badge.

Wednesday- All of April’s classes are cancelled for the rest of the month, so I had a free morning. I worked on some cards. I had the card embroidery workshop in the afternoon. I left early to go to my NG treatment at 2:30. At 4:15 I had an appt. with a new Chiropractor. He is very close to us and someone had recommended him. It was an interesting treatment. He stretched my back, which felt really good! The he did everything with a shooter thing. It has a name but I can’t remember the name. A lot of Chiropractors use them, but he only uses it. He would press on a spot with the tool, and he did not do the usual treatments. I am not sure I like this type of treatment. I will see how it works.

A puzzle I have been working on for a few weeks.

Thursday- Bob dropped me off at the Calligraphy monthly meeting. We had the meeting and made a cute little box. Bob picked me up afterwards. He had run some errands. I learned more about what I needed to do as the Publicity Chair.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Friday- We had our usual Posse this morning. It was very boring. We only had 1 call. We are going to see if we can trade with Bob Lucas to Division 2, where it is busier.

I was on a race, to get to the NG treatment at noon. I had to change my top, but I can wear my Posse pants, as they have no insignia on them. Bob drove me to the NG, and while I was in there, we picked up lunch at Jack in the Box on the corner near there. I just had a bar for lunch.

Bob picked me up and took me to the Introduction to Calligraphy class. This is a 4 week class, given by the Calligraphy group. Each week we are introduced to new tools and processes. The class was really informative.

The various tools that they gave us at class.

Bob picked me up at 3. We returned home, and ate dinner at around 4. I just had a salad and Bob had a grilled cheese. We left to go to the Oakmont Rec Center to assist with a Beer Tasting.

We arrived to find that the people who were to run the activity had Covid, so someone else had taken over. The second issue, was the paperwork had been given to the staff at the facility, but the information never trickled down to the workers. The poor staff had no idea that 90 people were coming starting at 5:30. Everyone went into hurry mode. We managed to get everything set up before people arrived. Bob and Paul did the beer section. I helped some. We could not pour the beer, as we are not licensed to pour. Everyone who attended was instructed to bring a 6 pack, per couple. Last time they did this they said bring a 6 pack per person. Oops, that meant a lot of left over beer.

We had a great time. Bob was able to taste any beers he was interested in purchasing at Total Wine and More. They also had people bring snacks. There were a lot of cheese plates.

The event ended at 8, we helped to clean up, which did not take long. Once we want to get started I just yelled, come and get some beer to take home. As one guy said, “I came with a 6 pack and I am leaving with a 6 pack!” We met a lot of people and we did one of our two times we are supposed to volunteer. I suspect we will do it again next month, as this is now set up for the last Friday evening of the month.

Sat. Jan. 15 to Fri. Jan. 21- Sun City AZ

Saturday- I started laundry and we went to some Estate Sales. We did not find much this week. We stopped at Costco, thinking that it was going to be very busy but we quickly found a parking spot and there was no one in the checkout line. We bought gas for $3.39/gal. It is $3.69 everywhere else.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Sunday- We ran to Walmart for groceries. We found everything except the distilled water. We stopped at Bash’s for the distilled water and bought 10 gallons at $0.99 a gallon. So far Koda is behaving and not getting into the trash. It was a quiet day for us. We took a nap in the afternoon and I rode my bike for the first time. It was a day that was warm, 72 degrees, and light wind.

Monday- Bob was off to the Wood Shop for his class on the using a CNC router. This is a one-on-one class and Bob is going for certification on the tool. Things did not go well. There was a problem with the software, as their software had not been updated and there were internet problems. Also, the machine would not take his flash drive. So the plan is for Bob to get a new flash drive and some router bits. They are going to try to update the software. This is three, one hour classes.

Meanwhile, I stayed home and worked on cards. I was able to finish some of them. At 9, I had a free Calligraphy Zoom which lasted until 10:30. While I was on the zoom, Jose called and set me up for an 11 AM NG. Bob had run some errands after his class, he returned, and I left for the NG treatment. I always feel really good afterwards. So far, we are back on course for the rest of my treatments. I hope there will not be any more cancellations.

In the afternoon I went to a Zentangle workshop. When I returned, I relaxed and started a Hallmark movie. Bob was working on the computer. At 4:10 he realized we were missing the Condo Social. So we packed up the dogs and went. It was chilly, so we only stayed until 4:50.

Tuesday- I have my second orientation to the Posse Grand Avenue Satellite office. What a waste of time this orientation is, but I guess I have to do it! Bob dropped me off and went to the Posse Ops meeting. We have a new timesheet and the new trainer, Randy, who is a cop, talked about dealing with the homeless. One of the things that he said was that all of the homeless have a weapon. Do not get near them! On patrol, if we see homeless we are to call the DO and get them to deal with the homeless person.

Bob arrived home, walked the dogs and took Koda to her next class. The instructor gave him this certificate from Koda’s last class.


He picked me up at 12:15. We went home and ate lunch. My Mahjongg session was cancelled for this afternoon. It seems like I am never going to be able to pay Maj on Tuesday afternoons!

We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Wednesday- We went to the Welcome to Sun City Seminar at the Sundial Center. They did not have this last year due to the pandemic. There were booths with a lot of the clubs, some we did not know about. The seminar part was very well done by the RCSC staff.

We left and stopped at the Dollar Store, then went looking at small cars to tow behind the RV. We settled on a Kia Soul. The 2022’s have a new transmission which can be towed, but we are not really in the market for a new car. Plus we are a little bit leery of a 2022 with a new engine and transmission design. We want them to get the bugs cleared out. The 2020 and 2021 cannot be towed, plus they seem to have a lot of issues, so we are looking at 2019’s with a manual transmission, which can be towed. It’s been a long time since either of us have driven a manual, but both of us were proficient with them in the past. The dealerships have not had any of the manual transmissions for a long time. We are looking online. We did test drive a 2019, with an automatic transmission, at the local dealership.

I left after lunch and went to my embroidery class. Bob worked on his drawing for the wood shop.

In the afternoon we looked at cars online. We found several. We are not in a rush, so we will wait to make a decision.

Thursday- I had an appointment with my new Doctor. I had a fall about a month ago. I thought I had just pulled a muscle in my left leg, but the pain has not gone away. So I finally gave in and went to the Doc. I have a torn hamstring. I have to have an MRI and PT. He could feel a lump in the back of my thigh. He also recommended a CBD roll on. So I am trying that, in addition to Voltarin!

I went to the Calligraphy room, as we had an open house and signed up a lot of folks for the classes. We also sold a lot of cards. Bob is pretty miserable from a treatment from the Dermatologist, so he is staying home and resting, as he has not been sleeping because his face is on fire. I went to Ponytail Canasta from 1-3. Diane and I were partners and we lost by a big margin.

Friday– Bob’s face is starting to be a little bit less red and he is feeling a little bit better. We had Posse this morning. We had no Vacation Watches today. It was pretty quiet and boring. We stopped at a garage sale and bought a picture for an empty spot on a wall. I will show it when we get it up on the wall.

Because it was our Condo Associating meeting this morning, at the Posse office, we were allowed by the DO to attend. We went too early, as the fighting started at about 10:15, we had arrived a 9:30.  We voted on a motion to have the landscaper’s contract given to all residents. We left before the end to get back on the road. On the way back to our division, we stopped at that one medical in Division 2, as he was already busy. They were short someone on the next shift, so we got off late from our day.

We returned home, ate lunch, and I went to my NG meeting. Bob is relaxing still, as his face is still pretty sore.

I went for a mani/pedi at 3:30. It was a quiet evening.

Here are the cards I am going to sell at the Calligraphy room.

Calligraphy cards for sale

Sat. Jan. 8 to Fri. Jan. 14- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We went to Estate Sales today. We found a few items to purchase. We returned home, ate lunch, and had a quiet afternoon. Bob worked on a project on his computer, setting up a sign to make at the Wood Shop. We had our Zoom with my high school friends.

Sunday- We did our usual dash to Walmart in the morning. Early Sunday morning is a great time to go to Walmart as no one else was there, although, they make it difficult to check out. They had the self-checkout open on one end, and two check-outs open, next to each other on the other end of the store.

We returned home to find that Koda had worked on trying to open the trash cabinet door. She managed to get out pieces of the trash bag. We did not greet her, we told Roxie what a good dog she was, and told Koda we were so disappointed in her. We showed her the door and told her it is a no-no. She seem to understand as she looked unhappy.

We discussed several options, and decided that Bob would put a heavy magnet on the door. We will see how that works.

The rest of the day was quiet with Bob still working on his sign and I was reading.

Monday- I had orientation at the Posse Grand Avenue satellite office from 9-12. I arrived just before 9 and opened up the office. The other gal, Barbara, arrived at 9:05. She does this every day so that she does not have to open the office. Seriously? All you have to do to open the office is call into Base to let them know that the office is open, open the door to the back office, move the flags outside the entry door, start the air purifier and check the mail box. You also start the sheet for the day where you write down who visited and why.

The other gal she usually with, usually opens up the office. I quickly learned that Barbara did not know how to work the phone. Guess that is why she doesn’t want to open the office! I had to teach her how to use the Android. She did not even know the pin code. Geez! She did know the password for the computer, although she was afraid to unplug the computer to untangle the cords. She still had a problem with the phone when she tried to call in to let them know we were leaving at 12. Now I know why she does not want to be at Grand alone. We had eleven visitors. According to Barbara that is a lot of visitors. 

Bob continued to work on his computer to build items he wants to make on the computerized equipment at the Wood Shop. I ran home, ate lunch and left for my Zentangle Art workshop. I arrived early so that I could sharpen my color pencils since I will need them on Wednesday morning for my card class.

I finished my third Zentangle Art piece. Here they are. I don’t know what I will do with the 2022 one, but the other two, I can reduce, color, and put on cards. Hmmm, I think I will color it, put it in plastic, and put it on the back gate!

I arrived home and read for the rest of the day. We ate leftovers for dinner and caught up on some recorded TV.

Tuesday- I had my next NG treatment this morning. It went well and I felt good when I left. The hyperbaric oxygen was also going at the same time. When the man got out of the machine, he said that he was doing the oxygen therapy because he had a huge scar on his bald head from cancer removal. When I saw him, he had a little bitty scab. Wow, it must have really worked for his scar!

I returned home and worked on cards. Bob read, then took Koda to her first Manners 3 class. It would have been nice if the instructor taught the Manners 3. When it was over, Bob was talking to Mary about the plans for Koda. Mary said to him, then you should be in Manners 3. Bob said to her, you called my wife and had me switch to this class as Manners 3. She looked startled and realized that she had taught the wrong class! They had not had enough people for the Monday class, so they moved Bob and Koda to Tuesday. Oops!

He returned and I went to my manicure. I returned and Bob went to Walgreens to pick up his prescription. The rest of the evening was quiet. We had leftovers for dinner and watched some recorded TV.

Wednesday- Bob dropped me off at April’s card making class. She is so creative! There were 8 of us, which is the max for a class. Here is a picture of Carolyn and me. Carolyn and I are helping April with some of the gals who are just getting started with card making. Bob went to the wood shop to cut some wood.

I went home for lunch, then I was off to Card Embroidery. I have been busy with embroidering cards while watching TV in the evening. I copied a bunch of patterns.

We went to the social hour on the green. Most of the usual people showed up which was nice. We had a quiet evening.

Thursday- Whew, what a busy day I had! I had my NG treatment scheduled for 8:30, but they had called yesterday and I missed the call, that Jose had been exposed to Covid. I really need to check my phone more often! They were still on Covid restrictions at the office.

I had planned to go to the Calligraphy room to do some work, after NG. So I went early. Yesterday, our neighbor Sally gave me a bag full of cards to make “Love Cards”. These are cards we give to the Nursing Homes and Assisted Living residents for various holidays and birthdays.

I used the paper cutter and cut up the cards. Then I chose some cards and started making some Love Cards. I was able to make 6 of them. I took them home to do the calligraphy in them.

Love cards

At 11, I needed to be at the Bell Craft Club for the monthly meeting. The meeting lasted 25 minutes. Then I went to the club room, opened it back up, and monitored for the afternoon, until 3. I had taken my lunch with me.

I returned home. Bob had worked on the table on the patio. Because we have a cover over part of the patio that has a large weave for the rain. When we sit at the table, we get a lot of sun. We are not ready to change the cover yet, so we needed a solution, without having to remove the cover. We can’t put anything over the cover as it is straight, not slanted. So when we do get to this project, we will need to do a major change, as the new one will need to be slanted, to drain water.

We brainstormed for a while and finally came up with taking the patio umbrella we already have and shortening it so that it fits under the cover. So Bob worked on that project. He said it was not easy to saw the bottom off the heavy pole.

Bob went to Total Wine and More for a beer run. I went to the Tortoise and Hare for new black shoes for the Posse.

We had a quiet evening.

Friday- Posse morning. We had 10 Vacation Watches. We had two medical calls. We had finished all of our Vacation Watches. We were cruising a shopping center when we saw a fire truck heading by with lights flashing. So we followed it. We were almost to the home, when the Posse call came in. Obviously, we took the call. It took ½ hour for the Medic unit to arrive. Maggie, the dispatcher contacted us to make sure we were okay, as it took so long.

Sunrise from one of the golf courses

We returned home. My Handicap Placard had arrived. I really thought it would take longer to get here! We took it to the UPS store to have it laminated. It’s sort of curved, so I have it under books to get it to flatten out.

We had a quiet evening at home, BBQ’d chicken for dinner. So far since Sunday, Koda has not gotten into the trash!

Sat. Jan. 1 to Fri. Jan. 7- Sun City AZ

Saturday- Happy New Year! We had a Pot Luck brunch at 10 AM at Deanna’s, across the alley. She has the perfect party condo, as she has one of the large condos, like we have, and she has it set up for parties. There were 12 of us with lots of great food. I made chocolate croissants, with crescent rolls. They are always a hit! Deann had Kirkland Irish Cream. We both had a glass (or 2). It is as good as Bailey’s Irish Cream! We tasted that there also, and they tasted exactly the same!

Bill, Todd, Lee and Bonnie @ brunch
Deann had this sign on a table!

We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Sunday- We went shopping at Walmart. They did not have the distilled water again, so we stopped at Bash’s on the way home. They did not have any water either. We will check back tomorrow or Tuesday to see is they have restocked the shelves.

We arrived home at about 9:15 after grocery shopping. We walked into the kitchen to find that Koda had gotten into the trash. The trash is behind a cabinet door and on wheels. She had gotten ahold of the top of the trash bag and pulled it out of the trash can. The floor was covered with trash. We let her know that we were very unhappy with her. We have been crate training her since the last incident, so now she is going to have to go into the crate.

We cleaned up the mess which included a lot of items including coffee grounds. Bob started doing tasks on his computer and I went into the living room and started reading my book. I noticed that Koda was wandering around the living room sniffing. She left and then Roxie started doing the same thing. I realized that we had a chicken from Costco for dinner the last couple of days and the bones might have been in the trash can. I went to Bob and asked if he had taken out the trash with the bones. He was not sure so he went out and checked the outside trash can. No bones. Uh oh!

Chicken bones can cause gastric problems for dogs, which means that they can break up in their GI system and can do damage, or they can get stuck in the intestines.

Obviously both dogs participated in the crime! So I called the Vet office. They could not fit us in, but they gave us the names of several other vet offices. So I called them. No appointments available. So we called the Emergency Vet office. They took our information and emailed us forms to complete. We packed up the dogs and their Vet information and drove to the Emergency Vet office. They had to be dropped off, and they would be seen in 6 hours.

We arrived at the site, called into the office, and waited. There were other cars with people and pets in them waiting. After about 15 minutes, they came out and gave us more paperwork, and of course asking for credit card data.

They took the dogs in, but we were still to wait. They checked their vital signs, and then brought them back to us. The Vet had checked them and said that they would pass the bones. We were told to watch for blood in stools and trouble passing the bones. They did not charge us! Whew, our last visit at an emergency vet, back in Maryland, cost of $1000, and that was at least 28 to 30 years ago. We had visions of thousands of dollars, for their bill.

We returned home, picking up lunch from Good Cents on the way, arriving home at 12:30.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening with me finishing up the laundry. Bob has been on the computer reviewing information for the machine at the wood shop.

Monday- I worked on cards and Bob did his first of the month tasks around the condo. At 1, I went to Tangle Art. Bob dropped me off as he has some tasks he wanted to do.

Bob picked me up at 3, and at 4 we went to the Condo Social in the parking lot behind the courtyard. It was chilly, so we all moved into the sun.

We returned, ate dinner, put Koda in the crate, and picked up Maryann to go to the Next Gen meeting at 6:30. We arrived and sat at a table, just the 3 of us. Melinda and Paul came in and we invited them to join us. It was a really good thing we did. After the meeting, we played “Name That Tune”. We had to name the song name, the artist name and the year. Thank goodness, they knew most of the answers.

Melinda wrote our answers on a piece of paper, we had been given. Bob ran them up to the guy who was running the game. At the end, we had the most points, but they gave extra points to the losers, so one table by-passed us and actually won! STOP THE STEAL!  LOL

We have a camera that we can see what Koda is doing, the app is on Bob’s phone; she slept and just laid there. Roxie kept her company, most of the time.  She raced around the condo when we let her out of the crate.

Tuesday- We had to wear our uniforms to the Posse Meeting this morning. We were finally taking the oath, which was given by the MCSO Constable. He was very good at it. They swore in the Commander, the Board, the Lieutenants, Master Sergeants, and finally new members. Since it was for new members from 2020 and 2021, there were 20 of us.

Posse swearing in…

I have volunteered to assist at the Grand Avenue office, so I met with Cindy, the new Lieutenant for Support Services.

We returned home, as we cannot wear our uniforms anywhere when not on duty. We let Koda out of the crate. She went bonkers and raced around the condo.

We waited until Barbara arrived. She was cleaning the condo. We left to go buy baby locks for the cabinets. We started at Walmart, nope, we did not like those. They now had the distilled water for $1.19 gal.

We returned home. Barbara had left. We found that Koda had gotten the trash door open again, but she did not get anything out. She just shredded the trash bag trying to get to the trash.  Barbara called me later and told me she told her twice to stay out of the trash. Before Bob put the locks on, he caught Koda twice trying to get the door open.  So the baby locks went on the doors!

We went to JoAnn’s as I needed some glue. They did not have any. We stopped at Walmart. Target and bought the baby locks there.  I have been making embroidery cards while I am watching TV, so I bought a better lamp so that I could see well when sewing. We stopped at Michaels and I picked up the glue I needed. We stopped at Bashs and they had the distilled water for $0.99. I guess they are a loss leader for them.

I had a 3 pm NG appointment. That went well. Here is what it looks like. Bob had the Astronomy Club in the evening. He attended on Zoom. I watched a silly, but cute movie, Patrick, on Netflix about a Pug that a gal inherited.

Wednesday- Bob was monitoring at the Wood Shop this morning. So I dropped him off at 8, and went to drop off a Posse uniform shirt I had purchased. I need my name put on. The alteration place we had been using closed, due to the pandemic. So this was a new gal. I dropped the shirt off at her house.

At 8:30 I had April’s card class. We made 3×3 cards and envelopes. I had a 10:00 appointment to be measured for orthotics for my shoes. I was done by 10:30. It will take a long time to get them, due to the pandemic. They have the usual employee shortage, and naturally their immediate focus is on prosthetics for amputees.

I returned and let Koda out of the crate. Bob could see the image of me opening the door and her running between my legs. She raced around the condo. Then I redressed her and took her outside. She immediately headed for the grass, urinated and had diarrhea. I brought her back in and went back and cleaned up the grass out front.

I picked Bob up at 12. He dropped me off at at 1, I went to card embroidery. We did not attend the social on the green, as it is chilly! During the day it’s been in the 50’s.

Thursday-Koda woke Bob up at around 3 to go out. She had gas the 1st time. At 3:30, he took her out again, as she was having diarrhea. Roxie had no problems. Koda must have gotten into something!

I had to meet up with Linda at the Calligraphy room before 10:30. I took four cards I want to sell with me, but they were all rejected due to the glue that I had used. I should be using two sided tape, inside, instead. April did compliment my calligraphy. She said I was doing really well. So I brought the cards back home to change the insides. Learning was why I had taken them, as I wanted the feedback. These are the cards.

I went from Sundial to the NG treatment. I arrived to find them checking temperatures outside. The staff were all wearing NK95 masks, shields, and disposable gowns. I asked the gal who took my temperature outside, what had happened? She said that they were suddenly inundated with Covid. The treatment went well. I was feeling really good when I left the office.

This is what the ttreatment looks like. There are sponges inside the suction cups. The session lasts 26 minutes. It feels like a TENS unit.

I returned home and had lunch, then I went to Sun City West to the Neurologist. He increased my Gabapentin to 3x a day. Then he gave me a form to go to the MVA to get a handicap placard, since it is so hard for me to walk distances.

I stopped at the MVA to pick up the placard. I had to stand in a line for 25 minutes and I was in severe pain when I left. The lady behind me had the same issue. They did not have a handicap line. They did have chairs, which we could not use and be in the line. You had to take a number, but they never called them. Typical MVA idiocy!

When I finally arrived at the employee station, the gal gave me a sheet of paper, that I can use until the actual placard arrives. I guess, another bureaucratic idiocy. The placard is supposed to arrive within 2 weeks. Hah, with the postal service still in delay mode! We will see….

I returned home and put Voltaren on my feet and put them up to rest. Bob stayed home all day with Koda to make sure that she could go out when she needed too…

We ate dinner and attended the Democratic Club meeting on Zoom. The session was about the Build Back Better bill. There is a lot that we do not agree with and are really sorry that the Medicare Dental and Hearing are not in the bill. There are two really good things in the bill. First is a cap on Insulin at $35 a month. Second, there would be caps on how high the pharmaceutical companies can raise the cost of medications each year.  We also took a survey based on the bill, so we were able to give our input to the items we did not like.

Friday- We had Posse this morning. We had NO vacation watches assigned to us today. We have moved to Division 3 for the month. The member next to us, who had been assigned to Division 2, this month, had 20 to do. So the DO took five and we took three of his to lighten his load. He thanked us profusely. I told him it was just payback for the folks who had helped us when we had Division 2. He is the new Patrol Lieutenant, so it’s a good idea to get on his good side anyway!

It was a very quiet shift. There were several calls in Division 1 and 2, but we only had 2 medical calls. One of which was at the same time we were on a call, so the instructor took the student to that one as a learning call.

While it was still dark, we went to cruise through the shopping centers. We arrived at the closest shopping center to our condo and we found all the lights off in the parking lot. So we called into the Posse, and the dispatcher called APS, the electric company. The DO also came to check it out.

Our last call of the day was to a house where the lady had passed away. The family had called the Posse, from out of town, to have us check to make sure that the house was secured. We went and found the gates on both sides wide open. The doors and windows were locked. We closed the gates. Bob found that flowers had been delivered to the house. So we were told to take them to the Posse and place them on the front desk, per the family request. So that was what we did. Our DO was laughing when we came in with the flowers! The gal covering the front desk was thrilled to have the flowers to look at. She put a card on the flowers so everyone would know who donated them.

After duty, we returned home and had a quiet day. We had not put Koda in the crate as she is still having very loose stools. Yea! She had gone out the doggy door and had the stools on the new artificial turf! That is what it is there for, so we were thrilled. The baby locks worked also! So unless she has any other episodes of ‘dumpster diving’ we will not be putting her into the crate.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening at home at home.

Sat. Dec. 25 to Fri. Dec. 31- Sun City AZ

Saturday- Merry Christmas. We had a very quiet day. We took our Covid tests, and both of us were negative.

We hung up my Diamond Painting pictures. We are really happy with how they look. Bob did a great job of hanging them.

I baked a Black Forest Dump Cake for dessert. I also cooked parsley potatoes.  Bob cooked the sour dough bread loaf we have from Costco. These are really good and they are shelf good for months. These expire in June.

MaryAnne and Ray arrived at 5:30, bringing the ham and carrots. We had a great time and talked until after 9. It was so nice to see them and be able to actually see their faces!

Sunday- We ran to Fry’s this morning. We returned and I ran to JoAnne’s when they opened at 9. I needed a few card making items and I was able to use my 50% off one full price item. I was able to do a BOGO on paper, buy 2 and get three on thread, and $5 off my total purchase.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening, with me finishing the laundry. We watched Stranger on Netflix. It is based on a Harlan Cobin book and kept our attention.

Monday- Ramon, who is doing the artificial turf for our patio arrived a little after 8:30. He and another guy are getting the dirt out of our yard. While I was working on the blog, Jose, called. He set me up for an appointment doing the Neuragenex, for my neuropathy. I am so excited! The insurance approved the treatment, but as usual, we start the January deductible, next week. I will run through that really quickly.

The guys worked on the patio until 3. They removed the excess dirt and then tamped down the dirt to flatten it. They are picking up our artificial turf in the morning then returning to finish the job.

Before the work
Dirt to be removed
Dirt tamped down

We had a quiet evening. I watched a little more of Virgin River. The guy from the Wood Shop had called Bob and gave him the info he needed to read and understand. Bob worked on completing what he needed to read and review.

Tuesday- Ramon arrived around 9, after picking up the artificial turf. They finished the job before is started to rain. We are happy with how it turned out.

I had my first Neuragenex treatment at 1 PM. Jose was being trained by a gal from the company. She had the treatment herself and said it worked great for her. It feels a lot like a Tens unit. It is similar, but has a higher dosage and impact. They took some wet sponges, put them in suction cups, and put them on my legs and feet. The treatment took 20 minutes.

We finished watching the Stranger on Netflix.

Wednesday- I had a mani/pedi today at 9. At 12, I dropped Bob off at the Wood Shop. He was doing his monitoring this afternoon. I went to the card embroidery class. Because it was the 5th Wednesday of the month, we made Valentine’s Day cards for the troops. These are for 2023. The club gave us all the supplies and we made a bunch of cards. We will do this again in the spring and the fall. They are turned into the local Buick Dealership, who then sends them to the Services for the active duty people to send to their loved ones at home.

We went to the grocery store for a few items. We picked up some items for Maryann also.

Thursday- We had the Posse at 6 AM. It was chilly out, with temps in the 40’s. We completed 11 Vacation Watches and had 5 medical calls. We would have had 6, but we were already on one when the other one came in, and the Duty Officer took that call. This week they were all on the western side of the division. They were a mixture of different calls, none specifically for Covid. One house we had been to a few weeks ago. One was just a fall and they picked the person up off the floor and did not transport them to the hospital.

We were tired when we arrived home. I had my hair appointment at 1 PM. Then I was supposed to have my NG appt. at 2:30. I arrived to find that they had forgotten to call and cancel me. Oh well…I am glad it is close to the condo! I returned and took a short nap. Bob had already taken one!

We watched some recorded TV in the evening.

Friday- I went for breakfast at Tivoli Gardens with Melody, my friend from Del Webb Hospital. We spent 2 hours catching up. We had not seen each other for a long time with the pandemic.

I returned and we put the flower pots on the patio, putting the spinner in one of them. They are not where I want them, but we are trying them there. Bob wants the artificial turf to settle before we move them closer to the walls.

Completed project. The spinner is flying due to the wind today.

Maryann came by to pick up her groceries. We had all been at the Posse yesterday and she was there today, as there was the Executive Board meeting, where they decide what roles the officers serve. She took notes at the meeting, as she has been tapped to be the assistant to Vickie, the Administrative Assisstant.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening. We were in bed at 9 pm, so we missed all the New Year’s celebrations.

Here is Bob’s completed work bench.

Sat. Dec. 18 to Fri. Dec. 24- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We were out of milk bones for the dogs, so we went to Walmart this morning instead of tomorrow and we did our shopping. Walmart was out of distilled water again, so we stopped at Bashes on the way home. They had gallons of distilled water for $0.99, which is less expensive than Walmart at $1.29.

I had a massage scheduled for this morning. I arrived and Julie was not there. I waited, and unfortunately, she never showed up. I called her and sent her a text. After I returned home, she texted and called me. She was sick and she thought that she had let everyone know that she had to cancel. She sounded awful on the phone, so I believed her. I am going to give her another chance, as this is the second time there has been an issue.

I returned home and we had a quiet day up until 4:30 when we had the Zoom with Mary and Jackie. Bob did not have time to stay on, as he had to feed the dogs and walk them. I had to leave a little early, as I had to get ready for the Posse party.

We arrived at the Posse Christmas party at the Fairway Center. We took up the entire 3 rooms, with the barriers open. The dinner was catered and pretty good. Unfortunately, Bob could not eat the chicken as it was covered in bell peppers, but he happily ate the beef.

The Ukulele club played at the dinner. Trudy, the leader, is also the outgoing President of the Calligraphy club; she sent a kazoo over to me. Bob got pictures of me playing the kazoo with the others who were called up to the front.

We did not win any of the door prizes. There was a lot of donated canned food brought by members for the food bank. There was a lot of catered food left over, so we took a container and brought dinner for tomorrow night.

Sunday-We had a quiet day. I had done a lot of laundry yesterday; I did the rest today. After lunch, we fell asleep on the recliners. I worked on an embroidered card. We watched TV and read our books.

Monday- Bob dropped me off at the Diamond Painting workshop. Darlene, the instructor was back from Ohio, where she went to visit her fiancé from 56 years ago. She came back acting like a teenager. She is returning and staying with him until March. It was nice to see someone so happy!

Unfortunately, that leaves the Diamond Painting without an instructor. I have the feeling this group is going to fall apart.

Because Darlene was gone, we had our cookie party today. Because I brought a big plate, when I was not looking, people put their leftover cookies on my plate. I came home with more cookies than I took there! That was okay, I had two more places to get rid of them.

I returned home for lunch, then I went to the Tangle Art workshop. The number is growing. We went from 4 to 5 people. It is a form of doodling which is fun and restful.

I had talked to Lisa, who was sitting next to me at the Diamond Painting about Calligraphy, and she showed up in the afternoon and joined the club and signed up for April’s next class. We need 50 in the club, so I am trying my best to recruit new members. We are now at 41 members!

I returned home, we ate dinner, and we went to the Next Gen club meeting. Only 20 people showed up. We had the meeting then played a game where we had to find, sort of like bingo, answers to Christmas questions. It was fun. I have no idea who won, but it was a way to meet folks and learn about them.

As we were leaving to go to the meeting, we noticed a car in front of our next door neighbor’s condo in the alley. It was unusual. This is the lady with dementia. When we returned home, Mary Ann texted me that she had fallen again. She called her friend to come and get her up off the floor. The friend declined, as the neighbor is a heavy woman. She called 911, against the neighbor’s wishes. Of course, the lady could not get into the house, as the neighbor did not have the key put in the emergency box, and no one has a key, so the emergency folks had to break into the house again. They got her up, and evidently there was quite a scene as she was adamant about not going to the hospital and she was upset that they had to break in again, even though it was her fault. It is extremely frustrating that there is nothing we can do to assist her, and this is going to continue to happen over and over…

Tuesday- We went to the Operations Meeting at the Posse. We ran to Costco to get gas, $3.29 gal, before we went to the Posse. Before Costco opens is the best time to get gas, as there are no lines.

We had a 50 minute meeting. We left and went to Petsmart for Roxie’s food. From there we went to the Bell Maricopa Library for a Covid test kit. They did not have any, but they said that Fairway had a few. We arrived and they brought the kit out to us. There are two tests in the box. We are planning to take the test before we see MaryAnne for Christmas, as she has an autoimmune disease and cannot, under Doctors orders, get the vaccine.

It was lunch time, so we stopped at Mercers Restaurant for lunch. When the waitress brought us the check, she asked us if we wanted the free ice cream. Huh, free ice cream? Yup, on Tuesdays they give our free ice cream. So of course, we said yes. She brought us each an 8 oz. glass of very good chocolate ice cream. It was even at the right temperature. We brought home enough left overs for lunch tomorrow.

While we were eating lunch, the gal Bob had ordered fresh, home-made tamales from, called and gave Bob the location to meet up with her at 12:15. We were fairly close, to the Walmart in El Mirage, where we were to meet her.

We arrived and gave her the $17 for a dozen, still hot chicken tamales, with green sauce.

We returned home. Bob had also gotten a call from the Wood Shop, that before he takes the machine class he has signed up for, he needs to download and read a lot of material. So he returned the guys call. He went over to the wood shop, but the guy had already left, even though he told Bob to call his back after 2. On the way back, he stopped at Walgreens to pick up his medication.

I finished my Diamond Painting project. There are four season trees in the series I completed, so I am going to have to get some frames and frame the series to hang on the wall.

When Bob returned home, he checked his phone and found notice on FB, that at the Best Friends club meeting last Tuesday, we had been exposed to someone who had tested positive. It is 7 days from our exposure. I immediately called Mary Ann, and told her. She was exposed at the meeting and also at the classes on Tues, Wed, and Thur. Bob was not exposed on Fri, as that class was not on the list. I guess it was the other instructor. ( It turned our no one tested positive or was ill.)

We had the RV Club pot luck dinner tonight, but we decided to stay home. We had tamales for dinner with the glazed carrots we were planning to take to the pot luck. We are past the quarantine time for our exposure, without any symptoms. Hopefully, we are not carriers.

Wednesday- I went out on the patio to take a picture of new epoxy. I heard Todd calling my name.

The fire department and ambulance were on the way for my neighbor next door. She had fallen sometime last evening and stayed on the floor all night. Someone came to deliver food to her, and she could not open the door, so the gal called 911. Bonnie and Todd were there, and she likes Bonnie, as she has not been around as much as Todd or Mary Ann. She doesn’t know who Bonnie is or who we are.

So the emergency crews arrived. I spoke with the ambulance driver and told her it was their second time here this week. Bonnie was able to convince her to go to the hospital. She also flirted with the young fire department guys. She did not remember anything and could not give dates, times, or where she was!

She was transported to the hospital. Everyone was out there. I told them unless she has a medical need, she will be right back. Sure enough, she was! Carol had found a person, who it turned out had the Medical POA and is executor on her will. So she called that gal. The gal had brought her home from the hospital, but could not get her out of the car. So they called 911 again. When the fire truck arrived, they said just take her back to the hospital. This time they kept her. For how long, we do not know. But the POA’s mother is in an Assisted Living, and she is going to try to get our neighbor sent to one. Whew, we were all glad of that. Of course, the house is a total wreck with strong odors.

We did some tasks around the condo. At 12, I went to my card embroidery class. We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Thursday- It was Posse day, so we were off early in the morning to do our patrol. Neither of us slept well, so we were very tired. We had 22 Vacation Watches, but Tina took 5, as she was training someone. It was very busy with emergency calls. Of course, they would call us to go to the opposite side of our division, just as soon as we finished one call, we had to go back across Sun City.

We got all but one of our drive-by’s done. We missed it as we had to stop for gas. We finally called in for a break at 10:45. We get off at around 11 to 11:15, and we both needed a potty break!

We turned in all of our paperwork and headed home. Mary Ann had asked me to give Carol the information on the neighbor that I had typed up, so I added the falls and 911 calls, printed it out, and took it over to Carol.

Bob and I both took a long nap. At 4, there was a girls social at Deanna’s. A lot of folks attended. That was my dinner. Bob ate a brat for dinner and left overs.

Friday- IT’s RAINING! A real, nice, soaking rain! Not a monsoon type rain. That is awesome, as we need the water so badly. It is going to rain all day. Of course, people in Arizona do not know how to drive in the rain. They fly down the road and skid. Others treat it like snow, they stay home, because it is raining!

We ran out early and did a couple of errands, then returned home. We were back by 7:30. We found out that the neighbor was transferred from the hosptial to an Assisted Living, exactly where she belongs. We also heard that she is very angry at everyone.

Sat. Dec. 4 to Fri. Dec. 10- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We went to the Posse at 10 AM to assist with decorating the building. Bob and I, worked with Dick our Thursday morning DO to put up the tree in the auditorium. We took a picture of it, as we know someone is going to make changes to the tree! Each of us broke at least one ornament. Some of the ornaments need to be replaced because they are getting so old and losing their luster.

We had lunch at the Posse, as a group activity. It was very nice.

We returned home and Bob went to Lowes for some other items. He is still working on his work bench. I have also asked him to put up some holders on the walls to put items off the floor to give us more room.

I have also been helping Bob with Koda’s training, as one person has to sit, and Koda has to stay with me until Bob calls her. She is doing really well with her training.

It was a quiet afternoon. At 4:30 we had our Zoom with Mary, Jackie and Dr. Bob. It is so nice to see them again!

We ordered some Chinese food for dinner and watched some TV in the evening.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday shopping. We were later today, so there was more traffic and people in the stores. We tried to do our budget, but for some reason Quicken was down. We had joined Ibota a few weeks ago. So far we are at $36.00 to be refunded. Wow, and we also are getting some free items!

We met up with Linda and Mike at Brusters for ice cream at 3 pm. We had a great time chatting.

Monday- I had my Diamond Painting workshop. The instructor is out of town, so someone else was leading the workshop. I sat at my usual table and no one else showed up. The other tables are really “clickish”. I texted Bob, and he was just leaving the Wood Shop, so I asked him to pick me up. I can sit at home and work on my project.

Bob dropped me at home and went to Walmart. He returned a small trash can that we had purchased. It was missing the inside, which we had not realized until we got home. We put it right outside the door on the patio, for the dog poop bags.

He returned and we ate lunch. I went to my afternoon advanced card class. We made some really messy cards, but the backgrounds are nice. I came home and scrubbed my hands to get off the dye.

At 4, we had the Condo Social Hour in the parking lot. We chatted a lot with lots of neighbors. It ended at 5.

We returned home, ate dinner, and went to the Next Gen Dirty Santa party. There were 110 people signed up for the party! We sat with 4 people we did not know and made some new friends. The Dirty Santa was giving gifts that, while under $10, are funny. We had a good time. The gal who was running the program moved us right along. She would stop and we would all sing a Christmas song. Bob won a big mug and I won a Christmas hat that lights up and some stupid game, which is going back next year. One guy won a pregnancy test. That got a lot of laughs!

Tuesday- We had the Posse voting this morning so we left early for the General Meeting. All voting ended at 9 AM. We arrived about 8:20, voted, and then talked to folks. All 5 of the folks that we both voted for won!

I had been working with Anthony, the Plummer, to install some hot water circulating pumps, here in our condos to save water. Last night I had sent the list, addresses, and phone numbers. So we stopped in at the first condo on our way back. He got them all installed really rapidly. Each cost $325, which is dirt cheap! I am hoping that more of our HOA members will get them to save our water bills.

Barbara arrived to clean our condo. I had a Mahjongg Christmas Party, so Jan and Diane picked me up and off we went. We had a great time. The gal provided an awesome lunch, then we played Maj at one table. We stopped and had cookies for desert, then moved to another table.

At the second table, Marleen who I had just met, talked about that her husband was named for an ancestor who arrived at Plymouth MA. The ancestors name was Robert Lucas. I asked her, is your husband a member of the Posse? Yup, Bob Lucas. When I said we were Posse, he had told her that there was a new couple that worked a Friday with him.

I returned home. Bob is still working on his work bench. It is an interesting project! I will post pictures when he is done.

The doctor had doubled my Neuropathy medication and it is causing some fatigue, so Bob cooked dinner and I read while trying to stay awake. Bob left for the Astronomy club, where he was a winner 3x in raffles. He stopped on the way home to purchase lottery tickets, unfortunately he had used up his luck! I watched a lousy movie on Netflix staring Brooke Shields called something castle. I kept falling asleep.

Bob arrived home and woke me up to go to bed.

Wednesday- We had our monthly Alfa breakfast, at Tivoli Gardens restaurant. At 11, we dropped the dogs off at the groomers. At 12, I had my embroidery card class. We had the social hour on the green at 5, but no one had told us they had moved it to 4, so we arrived just before it ended. That’s okay, it was getting dark anyway.

Thursday- We had our usual Posse patrol today. We had 17 vacation watches and 3 had returned home. As soon as we arrived back at the Posse office, I ran and changed clothes in the ladies room. Our paperwork was complete, so we were able to leave by 11:30. I dropped Bob off at the condo, and raced to Tivoli Gardens Restaurant for the Bell Center Craft Club Christmas holiday party.

The party was a lot of fun. We sang carols and the ukulele club was the entertainment, so they gave some ladies bells to ring, some kazoos, and I was given a bubble maker. We did our parts during the corresponding songs. There was a lot of laughter.

We were given choices of 6 different meals. We paid $15 for the lunch, but the club paid $10 for each attendee, also. The lunch menue was a salad, entrée and dessert. I won a $25 gift card to Abuelo’s Restaurant, an expensive Mexican Restaurant. We never go there as they only have one sauce that Bob can eat.

Friday- We had the HOA association meeting. I rode with Mary Ann to the meeting. The meeting was very verbally combative. Unfortunately, no one will run for the board, so we are stuck with the same President. Oh well….lots of people left in frustration during the meeting.

At 10:30 Bob took Koda to her next training class. The instructor was not there, they had a different gal who ran the class. Koda is still doing really well. Bob thinks she really loves the training as she has Bob all to herself and she gets lots of treats. She starts getting excited in the car as they get closer to the Fairway Recreation Center where the classes are held.

I went to lunch with Mary Ann, Todd and Bonny at Mercers Restaurant. That was a lot of fun and the food was really great and very inexpensive.

When I arrived home, I finished making deviled eggs for tonight. Diane and Jim picked us up at 5:10 for the pot luck at a Next Gen home on the lake. We were going to the boat parade.  The house where the party was located was gorgeous! Right on the lake, huge rooms, a huge patio, and a pool. Linda, the owner said that she walked in the door, and said this was her house! They immediately bought the house.

She is an avid quilter and she had lots of quilts stored and on the walls. She also had an antique small sewing machine collection. As with all pot lucks, there was a ton of food. Linda has started playing mahjongg, so we invited her to join us at the Thursday Maj games. She said she is joining us in January.

After stuffing ourselves with delicious food, we sat outside watching the sunset and the lake. Across the lake is the Lakeview Rec Center, and there was a party going on which we could hear across the lake. There were a number of parties at other homes on the lake. Here are some pictures.

Did you know that the term “Swan Song” comes from the fact that swans do no make any noise until the die, then they make a noise! I did not know that…. That is Bob, Diane and Jim in the one picture. There were between 50 and 60 folks at this party!