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Sat Jul 9 to Fri Jul 15- Sun City

Saturday- I went to the pool in the very early morning. I returned and mopped the floors and cleaned the bathrooms. We did a few other tasks and had mostly a quiet day. Late in the afternoon, I suddenly had severe pain in my right side. I iced, used the massager, took Tylenol, and tried everything I could think of. Somehow, I must have pulled a muscle! I could not stand, sit, or lay down comfortably. It was awful.

Needless to say, I was unable to sleep very well and I was up a lot during the night.

Sunday- I was still in a lot of pain. Bob went grocery shopping and I stayed home. By the late afternoon, the pain had diminished, but was not completely gone, and I was able to fall asleep in the recliner for short periods. I thought I was pretty much over it, so I did not cancel my Posse training for the morning.

Monday- Well, I woke up during the night in excruciating pain, again. At 5 AM, I sent a text to the gal who was training me at the Posse at 5:45. I quickly made an online appointment at the Chiropractor.

Bob drove me to the office when they opened at 10 AM. Dr Gaylan took one look at me and went to work. I walked out with very little pain; of course, it came back. I continued icing throughout the day, even falling asleep in the recliner a few times. Finally, after the icing just before bed, I realized that the pain was mostly gone, but I still had soreness.  Oh, so much better. I slept through the night.

Tuesday- I took it easy, as I was still sore. I had a quiet day just watching Hallmark movies in the recliner, continuing to ice my right side. The Chiro did not open until 2, today, so I went at 2. Dr. Gaylen looked at me and said your walking a lot better!

Bob went to the rig and did some tasks he had wanted to complete, early in the morning before the heat got bad. Most days, it is at least 90 by 6am. By noon and into the afternoons, it was over 110. We spend most of the day inside the air conditioning.

Wednesday- I was so much better, with minimal soreness. Now it was Bob’s turn! He woke up with a large, oval floater in his left eye. He noticed it when he was walking the dogs. So he immediately made an emergency ophthalmologist appointment.  

They had him come into the office at 10:20 am. They have closed the office to anyone except the patients, due to the resurgence in Covid. All I could do was drop Bob off. The office is only 10 minutes away, so I returned home and waited for Bob to call me and let me know he was done. I had to drive because of course, they were dilating both of his eyes. This was not our regular Doctor; it was the one who had availability.

I picked Bob up, and we returned home. He was down for the day, due to the dilation. The Doc said he was at an increased risk of a detached retina. He told Bob the symptoms to watch for and sent him on his way, with another appointment n 6 weeks.

At noon, I went to my card embroidery workshop. When I returned to the car at 3:00, the car thought it was 118. The car was down to 116, by the time I backed into the garage. The rest of the afternoon was quiet.

Thursday- We were scheduled to take the rig into the Mercedes dealer for the “B” service. So we ran to the storage, Bob drove the rig and I drove the Highlander behind him. We arrived and Bob went in to meet with the service guy.

When Bob came out to the car, he said now he had lots of little floaters, all which had halos around them. He said about 500 of them. The big one was still there. So he called and tried to make another emergency appointment with the Doc. The office does that “call back”, if you press one. They called back in about 30 minutes. They sent an “urgent” message to the Doc’s assistant. We ran to Walmart while waiting. I would not let Bob lift anything. I told him no to eat or drink in case of emergency surgery.

An hour later, they still had not called back. At 1.5 hours, Bob called again. I had a Chiro appointment at 10, so I went to the appointment. They called back while I was gone. Both times they said that they sent an urgent message to the assistant. We still waited. I told Bob he could go ahead and finish his coffee.

After 12, Diane finally called. Bob said by this time his vision had improved. There were less of the floaters. The big one was still there. Bob explained all of this to Diane, and she said she would have to talk to the Doc. She called back in ½ an hour. She made an appointment for tomorrow at 12:30.

Bob continued to improve the rest of the day.

Friday- We had the Posse in the morning. 40 vacation watches again. Yesterday afternoon, the Posse had sent an email. Our DO on Friday, Courtney, had been exposed to Covid. They needed a DO for our shift.

We arrived early, and Dave Miller, was in front of us, opening the gate for the day. Dave was the prior Commander. We thought Dave was the DO for the day, nope he was doing an emergency shift in Dispatch. Rich Nanoni, the Commander before Dave, was the DO. He is usually the DO on the last shift of the day on Fridays. The newest DO, Arlene, who trains in CPR, and does Patrol, took over for Rich on the evening shift. There had been a lot of trading shifts to do coverage for today!

We finished our Vacation Watches at a little past 9:30. We were more organized today. We ran through the car wash, then stopped at Grand to visit with Theresa, for our break, then we patrolled until called in for the end of the shift. No medical calls, which is unusual! There had been one earlier, while we were doing the VW’s, but Rich took the call.

We raced home, changed clothes, walked the dogs, ate lunch, and I took Bob to the 12:30 appointment.  The first thing that they asked Bob was did he see any flashing lights. No, he has not, just the halos. The Doc did not see anything different, but he was still concerned. The Doc called a retinal specialist in Goodyear, not close to us, and made an appointment for the 20th. He made this appointment himself, not having the assistant make the call!

Bob called me and I went to pick him up. Poor guy, he spent another afternoon with dilated eyes. While I was home, I was checking with “Uncle Google” as to what they do for detached retinas. I now know more than I ever wanted to know about detached retinas!

We had a quiet afternoon watching Netflix. They called that the rig was ready, but with Bob’s dilated eyes, we could not pick it up today. We will pick it up in the morning.  

Sat July 2 to Fri July 8- Sun City AZ

Saturday- I went to the pool early in the morning. Bob takes the dogs for long walks in the morning before the pavement gets too hot. I was back in time to take items out of the refrigerator, as the guys arrived at 7:20 to install the new one and take the old one away. 

At 9:30, I picked up Mary Ann and we went to Walmart and Costco for fruit. There is a “breakfast” potluck tomorrow, with the NextGen group, strangely from 2-4:30 tomorrow afternoon.

We returned and had a quiet afternoon and evening. With me doing laundry.

Sunday- No pool today, as I am not sure what time it opens. One place it says 8 am and the other it says 9. We went to Fry’s, with some awesome coupons they sent us. Then Walmart and Bash’s. We had to stop at Bash’s because there was no distilled water at Walmart, again. Fry’s had plenty, for $1.29 / gallon, and Bash’s had plenty for $1.19. Walmart would also be $1.19 if they had any! We pass Bash’s on our way home anyway. We also had to pick up shredded carrots for the dogs and cereal for Bob as Walmart did not have either of those either!

We returned home, completed our Sunday tasks, and started to cut up a seedless watermelon and some cantaloupe. We quickly realized we had way too much fruit. So we are going to be eating the really delicious fruit this week!

We picked up Mary Ann at 1:40 and went to the Sundial Center for the pot luck. There were no cars in front of Sundial, so we went around back. Everyone was parking in the shade from the solar panels. We parked and carted our stuff inside. There were about 40 people attending.

There were new people at our table, along with Diane and Jim. The club served OJ and Champagne (Mimosas). Bob had a bit, but I don’t like Champagne, it gives me a headache. I just drank water.  

The fun started with “cooking eggs”. Some folks signed up to cook; they had to use solar power to cook the eggs. They also could not cook them just on the pavement, they had to be in something.

The guys who were cooking, had come up with some unusual ways to cook the two eggs they were given. One cooked on aluminum foil, one cooked in a covered pan, one used a magnifying glass to direct the sun and one cooked just in a pan.

We voted on the best egg at the end of the program. The thought by the folks who organized this event, was that the eggs would cook in 3-4 minutes. Nope, it took almost 2 hours! 

So we started to eat our “breakfast” at about 2:45. On course, there was a lot of food, as always happens at pot lucks. Many egg casseroles, another bowl of watermelon, besides our grapes, watermelon, and cantaloupe.

There was a 4 layer red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, homemade. What was left of it, finally collapsed near the end of the party. The most unique item was halved strawberries and angel food cake squares, alternated on shish kebab wood skewers. There was also strawberry sauce to put over the skewers. They were delicious! Everyone was impressed with the idea! There was also a can of whipped cream, but I never saw anyone use the can.

After we ate, they told some “Dad” chicken jokes, which were pretty bad. Then they had folks dance to the Polish Chicken Dance song. It was a fun afternoon. We were all very glad that we were inside! 

Chicken dance, on right are Mary Ann, Bob and Diane

We left at about 3:45, dropped off Mary Ann and returned home to happy dogs. We did not eat dinner, but of the course the dogs let up know when they wanted to be fed!

 We finished watching the latest season of Mrs. Maisel. That went straight into Lucy and Desi on Prime. It was really a very good documentary.

Monday- Happy 4th of July! I went to the walking pool again this morning, increasing my time to 45 minutes. The pool was not crowded, but I am starting to recognize a lot of people who visit daily. One man uses an oxygen tank, in a backpack.

I returned home. We have ice finally. The directions told us that it would take 72 hours for the ice maker to make ice. Bob dumped it all out, and we are now going to be able to use the ice maker.

We went over to the Bell Center for lunch. They had BBQ sandwiches, Lays potato chips in individual bags, water and a cupcake. There were 3 choices for the cupcakes, chocolate, carrot, or vanilla. We both had chocolate. All for $8 each, $1 of which goes to RCSC.

A Republican woman, Susan Black, came over to the table. She put her flier down and said she was far right, I said we are far left (not that far left more towards the middle), and she politely took back her paperwork and moved on.

We returned home, I worked on cards and Bob worked on his iPad. We watched some TV.

Tuesday- We had the Posse General Meeting this morning. We stopped at the nail place, as the nail on my right thumb had partially come off. The gal repaired it in about 5 minutes.  Bob had waited in the car with the air conditioner running.

We returned home, eventually ate lunch. Bob left to go to his 3:30 hearing aid appointment. His hearing aid had not been working very well. We had stopped on the road at a Costco, and at that time he had made an appointment with our Costco.

Bob had an updated hearing test. The aid had issues, so it was sent for repair ($150), which is a lot less expensive than purchasing a new one. This will be the last repair, as they will no longer be repairing this model, but Medicare is starting to cover hearing aids, so we are hoping that will start by the time Bob needs a new one.

I went to the Posse at 4, to train for Dispatch on the evening shift. I have to do one training on each shift.   I came home at about 9:20, and we went to bed.

Wednesday- I worked on cards in the morning and went to the card embroidery from 12-2.

Thursday- we were contacted by the new area Democratic guy who is running our division. We went to a local restaurant for a meeting at 1 pm. The gal sitting across from us, we knew from the Sun City Democratic club and square dancing. Due to my leg/feet issues, we have stopped square dancing.

Terry told us that the Sun City West club was disbanded. They had too many folks from out of Sun City West attending the dances. We used to go all the time. That is a shame it was disbanded.

She also told us that the Sun City Club had fired the dance instructor. They felt that he was cheating the students by having too many classes in each level, as they paid by class. We both admitted that we thought that was true. They have a new instructor who also calls the dances.

The meeting was interesting, and we signed up to phone bank next weekend, to get Democrats out to vote in the primary. We received our mail in ballots, and found that there are not a lot of Democrats running for office.

Terry talked us into attending the Sun City Democratic club meeting in the evening.  We sat with Jim, Diane, Terry and her husband. The speaker was a gal running for the Corporation Commission. The Corporation Commission regulates the water and electric. They also work on the horrible air pollution we have in the valley.

She was very interesting. Our electric company, APS and the Water company have managed to get the laws regulating them overturned. This means that we are not saving water and of course with the lake levels so low, we are going to have electric issues due to the hydro-plants.  APS literally got the solar energy initiatives cancelled. We had noted that there are less solar power advertising, because it is not in APS’s interest.

They stopped the solar and water assistance on the reservations, which means that many of the native Americans still have no running water, as the water company took the water from the reservations, and they now have dry wells. Many of the homes do not have electricity, as APS doesn’t find it lucrative to set up electric to the reservations. They have also made it harder for them to get solar energy. Obviously, with so many days of sunshine in AZ, we should have more solar energy everywhere!

Because we live in a condo, with continuous roofs, we cannot have solar. Out association allows solar, but it would cost us $8k every 5 years to remove the solar, and re-install it, when they recoat the roof.

Friday- We had Posse this morning. We arrived, set up our Vacation Watch schedule, and hit the road. We didn’t finish until right after 11.

On our way back to Base, I was driving. Suddenly, a siren blared behind me. There were 3 MCSO vehicles (cops) racing to a call.  We followed them, as we knew the emergency call was going to come in. It did, right as we arrived at the scene.

A woman had been hit by a car and was on the ground in her driveway. Her husband might have backed into her, backing out of the garage. The fire engine was already there, but no ambulance.

Courtney, the DO, called the morning crew, in over the radio, to come in to base.  When we did not signify that we were coming, she called us on the phone. We told her we were on the call and needed to be relieved. She contacted the next shift supervisor, and he came. He arrived at about 11:35, (our shift ends at 11:15), right as the ambulance was leaving. It had taken a while for the ambulance to arrive, get the patient on the back board, and onto the stretcher.

We arrived back at Base and still had to organize the vacation watch cards in specific order, all 40 of them! We left the Posse at a little past 12. We ran home, ate lunch and Bob walked the dogs. I worked on cards in the afternoon. We have been watching the Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix this week.  

Sunday and Friday were the only days that I missed going to the pool in the early morning! I did check with the folks at the desk. The pool opens at 8 on Sunday!

Sat Jun 25 ABQ to Fri Jul 1- ABQ NM to Sun City AZ

Saturday- We left ABQ early and continued west on I-40. We stopped in Winslow AZ and stayed at a PA park for $19, FHU. We went into town and went to an ice cream shop. They had sweet crepes. I had a chocolate one and Bob had a blackberry. Both were excellent. There was a brewery next door, so we stopped in and Bob had a flight of beer.

The ice cream and brewery were both near the “corner in Winslow AZ”. We have stood on the corner several times. Since it was a Saturday, downtown Winslow was very busy. We returned to the rig and relaxed.

Sunday- We left later, as we were only driving for 2 hours. We continued on I-40 west to Flagstaff. This was the first time that we had ever driven through this area where there were no winds! Usually it is extremely windy. Also, there was no smoke from the northern fires.

We stopped in Flagstaff, at Sam’s Club, for diesel. $5.79/gal. Everywhere else it was $6.19.

We turned south on I-17 and drove to the Camp Verde TT. We checked in and found a nice flat site where we could get satellite. We spent a quiet evening.

Monday- We left at 7:30 and continued south on I-17 to Sun City. The temp went up the further south we traveled. We moved the Highlander out of the garage and we quickly unpacked the rig. The temp was in the high 90’s and humid, as we are in monsoon season.

We returned the rig to the storage facility and Bob dumped the tanks. We parked the rig, stopped at Good Cents for subs for lunch and returned home.

I went to the Chiropractor, as my left shoulder has been very painful. We spent the rest of the day putting items away. We bought dinner from Georges Café.  

Tuesday-.I went out and rode my bike. A very bad idea. It felt good to ride, but it was very hot and humid. I returned, took a shower and relaxed as it had taken a lot out of me. We continued to put items away.

Bob ran over to the rig to put on the tire covers and pick up a few items we had forgotten.

We discovered that the refrigerator freezer ice maker, in the condo, had broken. Water had dripped and frozen. Thankfully, Bob had turned the water off to the condo before we left. Unfortunately, there was a lot of ice in the freezer on everything in the freezer.

We cleaned out the freezer area. This is not fixable, as this is an old refrigerator with no parts available. A new refrigerator was on our to-buy list, but we had not planned to purchase one yet.

Wednesday- I went to the walking pool instead of riding my bike. It felt so good to walk in the pool. I spent ½ an hour.

Bob has been walking the dogs and he is checking the temperature of the concrete and the asphalt, so we do not burn the dog’s paws.

Bob worked on blowing the leaves out of the patio. He also went to Petsmart, Lowes and Costco.

I started looking for new refrigerators online. At noon, I went to the Bell Center for the Card Embroidery workshop. Linda was teaching a class today.

The car thought the temp was 112, just in the car, as the outside was 106, when I left at 2 PM. Whew, it is getting hot!

Thursday- I have been going to the walking pool every morning at about 5:30 or 6 AM.  I have been walking for ½ hour each day. PT had suggested that I do this exercise.

We both decided to go look at refrigerators. We left around 9, and went to Lowes, Home Depot (we stopped at the Chiropractors on the way by, as he is on vacation next week) and Spencer’s. Spencer’s is a local store which is employee owned. While at Lowes, we decided on the brand and model that we wanted. Home Depot’s selection was very limited, and the price was high.  Spencer’s had the best price, so we decided to go with them. They had exactly what we wanted, in the warehouse and they could deliver it tomorrow. We have the Posse in the morning, so we asked for it to be delivered on Saturday. So much for adding money to the savings account this month!

We stopped for lunch at Café Zupas, both having salads for lunch. We returned home and had a quiet afternoon, as it was very hot.

Friday- We were at the Posse at 5:35 am, and we had 40 vacation watches. We put the addresses into the program that we use on Bob’s iPad. Tina was the DO for today, as she and Courtney changed days. We were out the door by 6:10, and off to do our vacation watches. Because of my legs/feet, Bob does the walking and I do the paperwork. He drives and I do the writing and setting up for the next visit. The DO takes all of the medical emergencies, while we are doing the watches.

We finished the watches around 10, and stopped for our break, at the Sundial Center to check in with Calligraphy. The room is only open on Mondays and Fridays in July. It is closed in August. I said hi to everyone, and a call came in for our area. Even though we were on break, we were closer to the call, so we took it. It was at the high priced Life Care Center, and the person was transported to the hospital. We stayed in the car, watching the fire engine and the ambulance. I was now driving as Bob was exhausted.

As soon as we finished that call, we received a call at the Core PT facility, where I had done most of my PT. We beat the EMS folks there. Again we watched the equipment from the car. A guy, who looked familiar walked up to the fire engine. We both realized at this point, that he was the Fire Chief. He had been picking up his wife at PT.

By the time we left this call, it was almost 11, so we ran to the gas station to fill up the car, as it was below ½. While there, Posse Members, not on duty, stopped by to say hello. It was Danny and Fay. Fay schedules Dispatch and Grand Ave. We set up for me to train in dispatch starting on Tuesday evening. I have to do dispatch on each shift as part of my training.

Just as we were leaving, it was not 11:10, we received a medical call. So we started to go there. Tina requested that the afternoon DO take the call for us. We were told to go back to base to check in and head home.

We returned home, changed clothes, ate a quick lunch, and dropped the dogs off at the groomers. This was the groomers last day of work, before they went on vacation!

We picked up the dogs at 2. We returned home and had a quiet afternoon. Bob decided to grill dinner. We binge watched Castle on TV.

Sat Jun 18 to Fri Jun 24- St. Joseph MO to Albuquerque NM

Saturday- I baked brownies and we cooked the potatoes and eggs that we had, in the InstaPot, to make potato salad.

We ran to a car wash in St. Joe. Then to Sam’s Club and Walmart. We stopped at Ultra for me to buy some hairspray, then we stopped at Bo Peep for lunch. We had never been there before and we had really good food.

We returned to the rig and had a quiet afternoon. Joe arrived, with Alanna, Bonnie’s granddaughter, in the evening and we went to dinner with him in St. Joe at Olive Garden. It has been years since we had been to Olive Garden and our last experience had been very bad. This time the food was pretty good.

Allana and Joe at Olive Garden in St. Joe

Sunday- Happy Father’s Day! We had a quiet morning. At about 2, Joe arrived as had Casey’s parents. By 3, many more people had arrived, they were all family, for a Father’s Day pot luck dinner. Our niece Brandy had arrived also, so we were able to spend some time with her. We started eating around 5. As usual, the food was very good.

All the dogs were out running around. Unfortunately, one of the kids let the Great Dane out. He immediately came to check out Koda. He terrified her, and she let us know by screaming. They had to corral the Great Dane and take him back into the house. Koda had fun with all the other dogs.

At one point Koda went behind the barn and we could not see her. Roxie barked, and she came flying back!

The little kids had a play pool to get wet. The older boys threw a football and later all the kids played volleyball.

Most everyone was gone by 8.

Monday- We left at around 8:30, heading through St. Joe to drive south on I-29. We turned onto I-229, then onto I-35 south.  Our destination was Wichita. Before we reached Wichita, there was a toll road, so Google took us onto Hwy. 60. We sailed down the road at 55-65 mph.

North of Wichita we moved back onto I-35. When we were in town, Google again took us off the interstate, due to another toll road. We easily drove through surface roads to McConnell AFB. We had changed our reservation from yesterday to today, so that we could attend the BBQ yesterday. So we had been moved from the full hook-up to the W/E. We stopped and dumped before we parked, since we only had 15 amp and water at Aaron and Casey’s side yard.

We dashed to Braum’s to buy some ice cream, then to Walmart. We returned and did 5 loads of laundry. We returned to the rig, ate dinner and watched some TV before bed.

Tuesday- We left McConnell AFB and stopped at Costco for diesel. Then we continued south on another surface road, into Oklahoma. Once we crossed over into Oklahoma, we went back onto I-35, as it had still been a toll road in Kansas. In Oklahoma City, the BW where we had stayed last year, was not available, so we stayed at another BW for the night. We had been in touch with the folks, as they were going to a movie for the afternoon.

We arrived and set up in their driveway, with 30 amp and water if we needed it. $10 for the electric, as we were using the air conditioning. It was very hot and humid, with the temp over 100.

We ran to the small town to Braum’s again and went to the small grocery store in town.

We returned and read our books. The folks, Stephanie and Dave came to talk with us and to see our rig.

We ate dinner and watched some recorded TV, as the house was blocking our satellite.

Wednesday- we left around 8:30 and traveled west on I-40. Our destination for the night was Amarillo. We stopped on the east side of Amarillo at AOK RV Park, as that is where we always stay when in Amarillo. We did not even disconnect the car.  We had a quiet evening with 30/50 amp FHU.

Thursday- We left early, driving out of the RV Park at about 7:30. We continued west on I-40 through town. The traffic was moderate, but there is a lot of construction in town. We were amazed, they had a newly opened Sam’s Club, where we stopped for diesel, at $5.07/ gal.

On the eastern side of town, the price of diesel was $5.49/gal. As we traveled west through town, the price went down. Sam’s was the least expensive. A short way out of town was the Cadillac Ranch. This used to be far out of town. The town is moving closer!

We continue west on I-40. As we drove into New Mexico, we had a time change to Mountain Time. We rolled our clocks back an hour.

This meant at 11 AM, we had an online hearing in Sun City, with the Maricopa County Board. This case has been going on for a while. The case is about a 96 yo. woman who has a 22 year old granddaughter and her 5 year old daughter living with the woman in her home, to take care of the woman.

This is against the Sun City rules. Everyone has to sign that they will not have any family members, under 18 years old, staying in their home for over 90 days in a year. The RCSC had told them last August that the people had to move out, so this had been going on for a while. We had both sent letters and had signed up to attend the meeting via a Zoom like app. There were over 1100 letters and I am not sure how many people attended. It actually got their attention. We won 2 to 1.

We then switched to the 1/6 Committee hearing. We continued on to ABQ. We arrived at the park at 1:15, after having to go to almost the farthest gate from the RV Park at Kirkland AFB. There was a sign on the door saying they were at lunch and would be back at 1:30. I grabbed the towels and we threw them into the washing machine, as we had not gotten them washed last time.

We requested to be in the open area so that we could get satellite. We pulled in and set up. We went out to dinner at Bosque Brewing Public House. Bob had two glasses of beer and I drove home.

Friday- I worked on my calligraphy and the blog this morning. A little after 9, we went to Rebel Doughnut, our favorite doughnut place in ABQ.

From there we went to the Kolach Factory to pick up lunch. Then we drove back towards the base. We stopped at Walmart and Costco on the way. We had a quiet rest of the day.

Sat. Jun 11 to Fri. Jun. 17- Lorton VA to St. Joseph MO

Saturday-We went grocery shopping at Food Lion and picked up lunch at McDonalds, just because it was there. Jackie and Mary picked us up at about 4 pm. Jackie has an Easy Pass Plus, that when there are at least 3 people in the car, there is no charge. We sailed right up I-95 in the Easy Pass lanes. 

We went to Arlington to the Bronson Bierhall.  Jackie, Mary and Bob had beer. I had water, as I don’t drink beer. We also had appetizers. We stayed until about 5:45, then we went on a cruise around Arlington, visiting each of our childhood homes, other friend’s homes, and our high school, which has been totally redone. We would not have recognized the school, as it looks so different!

From there we went to the Knights of Columbus, where our 51st, high school reunion was taking place. We walked around to the back of the building, to look at the swimming pool. Both Mary and I grew up in that pool! It looked a lot different from when we were there.

The reunion was held in the KoC banquet hall. To be perfectly honest, it was a waste of time. The food was not very good and there was no one there that I wanted to see. None of my HS friends, other than Mary and Jackie, were there. The 3 of us decided we will not attend any more of the reunions.

Jackie dropped us back at Pohick Regional Park, then dropped off Mary, on her way back to Fredericksburg.

Sunday- we had a quiet morning. We stopped at Food Lion to pick up some chips, and went to Mary and Beth’s for a combination birthday party and Father’s day celebration. It was Jackie’s birthday and Billy’s is on Tuesday, and of course the Fathers who were there.

We had a nice time. I even had a tour of the house, given by Beth. We left around 3:30 and went back to the park. We stopped on the way for gas, at $4.59/gal. We sat outside with the dogs in the evening.

Monday- We left at about 8:50. We traveled across the Fairfax Pkwy to Rt. 66 W. We turned north on I-85. We stopped at a Shell gas station for fuel in Winchester. $5.49/gal for diesel. We traveled some back country roads through West Virginia. We arrived at the Elks Lodge in Morgantown WV. They were not open and did not have any electric sites that we could see.

We continued about 8 miles to the town of Core. This was our back-up plan. We arrived at the Mason Dixon Historical Park, which is a WV state park. Bob went in to pay. The gal who was at the desk was the new park superintendent. She had no clue how to check us in, so she just gave us the site for free for the night. It was 30 amp electric but that was all we needed.

We settled in for the night. Once everyone left, Bob ran Koda around the park, getting her energy out. After we went to bed, there were thunderstorms.  Lots of lightning and thunder. Very, very heavy rain! We were parked on grass, and were afraid we were going to get stuck.

Tuesday- It was still cloudy when we woke up. We were able to drive out of the grass without any issues. We hooked up the car, and drove back to Morgantown to the Sam’s Club for diesel. $5.59/gal.

We stopped at the Walmart next door. It was lightly raining, until we were back in the rig, then the skies opened up. We drove through heavy rain. Then the rain cleared for a while, then it rained again.

We traveled on I-79 N to I-70 W. At Columbus, we turned southwest on I-71. We stopped for diesel on the way, at a Speedway. This time the diesel was $5.99/gal.

We continued a few more miles south to the Wilmington TT. This is a very nice TT park. We were looking for a flat site where we could get satellite, when I noticed an Alfa. I looked at the car, and thought I had seen a Paradise sticker on the windshield. Sure enough, it is Donna and Allen.

Bob talked to them, as they were leaving to go to their son’s home for Allen’s birthday, today.

We did 4 loads of laundry and settled in for the afternoon. When the Vore’s arrived back at the park, Donna sent me a text and we went over to their rig. We sat and talked until 10 pm, when we returned to our rig and went to bed.

Wednesday- We drove only 132 miles to south of Indianapolis. We stayed in the driveway at a BW home. We arrived at noon, parked the rig, and drove about 10 miles north to Indianapolis, to our very favorite restaurant, in the city, The Tamale Place. This is a triple D (Diners, Dives and Drive-In’s). This is our 4th or 5th time there!

Bob had a red chicken tamale and a bean and cheese tamale. I had a red chicken one. We took some home with us, as we like them so much.

From there we went to The Tap, which has 50 beers on tap. Bob tried several, and finally purchased a Schlafly Hazy Punch IPA, which he really liked. He only had one, but I drove anyway.

Bob and his hazy IPA

From there, we went to Sub Zero ice cream. We both bought a small. Neither were as good as the one we had at the Creamery in Glendale AZ. I don’t think we will waste time (and calories) going there again.

We returned to the rig and had a quiet evening.

Thursday- We continued east on I-70 to East St. Louis, where we stayed at an Elks Lodge. We have stayed at this Lodge 2-3 time before. They were not open when we arrived, so we just parked the rig and waited for someone to arrive.

A little bit after 3, the bartender arrived. At 4, Bob went over and paid. He received a token for a free beer.

We went to Walmart for groceries, ate dinner, then Bob went over for his beer. He had a Kilian’s Irish Red.

Bob was walking the dogs and noticed that there was food next to the dumpster in the parking lot of the church next door. When we had arrived, there was a food pantry going on next door. Cars had been lined up to get the food. There was a lot left over. So Bob brought back two bags of potatoes and several sweet potatoes.

We watched the rest of the newest James Bond movie. We were not really impressed with the movie, but the ending was surprising!

Friday- We were awakened by the rig rocking really hard. Bob immediately checked to see if there was a tornado watch. There wasn’t, but we really rocked, the worst we have every rocked, from the severe winds. Finally, the rain and lightning started. When the worst of the storm was over, we packed up to leave. We saw that a large branch had fallen off one of the trees along the Elks parking lot. We were lucky a branch did not fall on the rig.

We drove out of the lot and turned east on I-70. We went one exit and went to a Flying J to dump our tanks, $5.

We turned back west and drove on I-70 to St. Joseph Mo. We are spending the weekend at our nephew’s house. We had only planned to stay 2 nights, but they are having a Father’s Day BBQ with all the family, so we changed one of our reservations and are staying 3 nights.

We arrived just as Aaron returned home from work. His wife, Casey, is a professional baby photographer, with quite a business. She was in the yard doing pictures when we arrived.

Casey doing a baby picture shoot.

Aaron showed us where to park, when Casey and her customers went inside to do some indoor pictures. This was Casey’s sixth session of the day!

The great chicken escape. The middle girl let the chickens out of the coop. The tall girl is my great neice Rory, who was corralling them back to the coop!

We set up and relaxed for a while. Aaron had some errands to run, so he took off. When he returned, they took down all the set up Casey had for the photo shoots. We sat and talked to them. At 6, we returned, fed the dogs, and ate dinner.

At 8:30, Aaron knocked on the door and we went over to the house to play Canasta with Casey’s sister Katherine and her husband Chris. Most of the kids were there, but Jack their son had gone to spend the night with a cousin. Their daughter Rory and foster child were there.

We played until 10, then we left and went to bed. Evidently they have game night,  every Friday night.

Sat. Jun 4 to Fri. Jun 10- Williamsburg VA to Lorton VA      

Saturday- Other than grocery shopping we had a quiet day. We sat outside reading, as the weather was nice. We started watch Bosch on Prime.

Sunday- Another quiet day for us. There were activities on the weekend in the park, but nothing of real interest for us. Most of the activities are for the kids.

Monday- We went grocery shopping at a Publix. Nothing else exciting. We are still able to sit outside enjoying low humidity and temps in the low 80’s.

Tuesday- We went to lunch again at Honey Butter. The food was just as good as last time. Bob had sausage biscuits this time, with scrambled eggs. I had the same as last time, scrambled eggs, the really good cornbread with honey butter, and the awesome grits.

In the late afternoon, Bob had received a message on Messenger, while walking the dogs that a friend of ours from the Ski Club in Maryland had died in a car accident. We freaked out, feeling sorry for him and for his wife and daughter. It was on my phone also. We both went to his FB site and someone had asked if it was a hack. We went to his wife’s FB site and she had been at a birthday party 6 hours before. So now we were thinking it might have been a hack. So I contacted Nancy to see what she thought. She had received the message also, so she texted the wife. Thank goodness it was a hack. So we both changed our FB passwords. Turns out this was the second time this had happened to us. We had received a message that one of the Roadrunners had died. That was on FB. Then I saw that he was driving somewhere. At least our passwords are changed!

We had a quiet evening sitting outside reading and watching Bosch on Prime again.

Wednesday- I worked on the blog, as I have been having a lot of problems with the pictures. I have not been able to do a “gallery” with the pictures. I had a lot of trouble getting them from my phone to my computer, also. I finally gave up and put the blog out with individual pictures.

At 10, I had a dip mani and a pedi. I dropped Bob off at the laundry and he did some laundry when I was gone. I picked him up on the way back. Bob ate lunch and I had some cheese and crackers, as I am having lunch in Colonial Heights with Nursing School classmates.

I was meeting up with the gals at 2, so I left around 1 to get there. We had lunch at Vincenzo’s Italian Restaurant in Colonial Heights, north of Petersburg. Hannah, Valerie, Brenda and Debbie were there. We had a great time reminiscing. I am so glad that I went to a 3 year program, then went back to get my BSN. We had much more clinical training than the nurses get now. The school is still there, but is now a 2 year AD program. I forgot to take pictures!

I returned and we had a quiet evening watching more Bosch. You might notice that we did not do any of the historical places in Williamsburg while we were there. We have both been to Williamsburg numerous times and “have been there, done that”!

Thursday- We worked on our travel plans for the next 2 weeks. Some of the places that we had planned to stay were booked, so we had to make some changes.

We left around 10:30 and drove north on I 64 to I 295 to I 95 north to Lorton VA. We arrived at about 1:15 at Pohick Regional Park campground. We have water and electric.

The sites are nice and big, with plenty of room between the sites. We paid $52 a night to stay here. We could not get satellite due to the trees. So we tried for local TV. The only channel we could get well was PBS. We watched the January 6 Committee hearing on PBS.

Friday- Bob took some clothes and towels over to the laundry and did those two loads. A little while after he returned with the laundry, we found that we had no water. We switched on the RV water pump. Bob walked up to the office to let them know that there was no water. He was told that the whole park was without water, as the construction guys had broken the pipe. We are supposed to have water by this evening.  

We worked on some tasks and left at 12:15 to go to Jackie and Bob’s new home in Fredericksburg. Before we left, Bob turned off the water pump, in case we had a leak or that the pressure when they turn the water back on is too high.

Traffic was horrible on I95 south. We took Rt. 1 for part of the time. We stopped at a Walmart in Fredericksburg to get a new water pressure monitor, as ours had broken. We had just bought a new one, so he is returning that one and getting a new one.

Bob’s college roommate had lived in Fredericksburg years ago, so we drove past the house and took pictures for Carl and Juanita.

We arrived at Bob and Jackie’s at about 2:15. We had the tour of the new house, which is very nice. They have a huge basement and his and her offices!

The dogs had a big fenced back yard to run around and a doggy door to go in and out. Roxie and Trixie had no interest in running, but Trinity and Koda raced around running and barking at each other. They got their energy out.

We had a nice afternoon. We finally met Alan and Nancy, who many years ago, had taken over our Redskins tickets, back when only family could use tickets. I suspect we could be very good friends with them if we saw them often enough! They had brought their two grandsons, and they played with Bob H’s pinball machines in the basement.

Everyone bought something to munch on and Jackie ordered pizza for everyone. I went with Jackie to pick up the pizzas. We had a great time visiting. The drive back was not as bad as the drive down, but it still took almost 2 hours to get back. I think next time we will stay nearer to Fredericksburg, if we can find a place. Jackie and Bob have a trailer and a 40 ft. motor home, so there is not room for us to stay with them.   

Sat May 28th to Fri. Jun 3 Ashville NC to Williamsburg VA

Saturday- We went over to Nancy and Dave’s home in Canton, which is a suburb of west Ashville. We spent the afternoon talking and using their internet to complete some tasks that we needed to do online. The RV Park has terrible internet reception.

We went to a great dinner with them at Stone Ridge Tavern.

Sunday-We met up with Nancy/Dave and Lorrie/John at the Arboretum for a rose program at 1. Lorrie and John had arrived back in Ashville yesterday from a European Jazz cruise. Their plane had been delayed and so they slept yesterday.

We enjoyed the rose display, looking and sniffing the fragrances. We also walked through the Bonsai area. The displays were impressive.

Lorrie and John Anderson

From the Arboretum we went to Hendersonville where John and Lorrie are building a house. We met up at the Mast General store where we had a couple of items we wanted to purchase.

We left the store area walking through a festival on the street. We walked back to the cars. When we were traveling to dinner at a German Restaurant, we rec’d a call from Wilson RV Park. I had messed up the dates. We thought that we were supposed to leave tomorrow. Our reservation was actually through today. We had to leave our friends and race back to the park and pack up the RV as people were waiting for the site. While driving back to the park, I called the other RV Park that we had looked at last week. They had a site available.

The other RV Park, Bear Creek, was only about 2 miles away. We arrived, paid with our Good Sam discount, and settled into the site. This is a much nicer RV Park, with good internet; we will stay there next time we are in town. Bob walked the dogs, we fed them, and then he walked them again. We ate some sandwiches for dinner, and took back off to Nancy and Dave’s home.

Nancy and Dave had stopped at a grocery store and picked up dessert for everyone. We arrived and everyone was sitting on the deck in the back. We stayed until 9, visiting with our friends. Thank you Nancy and Dave for the excellent cheese cake and ice cream. We hope to visit again next year!

Monday- We left the park in the early morning. We traveled north on I-77 to I -44. We had a two night reservation at Mayberry RV Park. This was a very nice park. We had a Good Sam discount. The internet, which was very good, was included in the price. $38/night

This was a very interesting place. The land had been owned by Eng and Chan Bunker. They were the famous Siamese twins. They are the reason that conjoined twins are called Siamese twins. Eng and Chan were originally from Siam, which is now Thailand. The park is owned by direct descendants of the twins.

Eng and Chan Bunker story

We arrived around 1:30, so we went into town to the Visitor Center to see what we wanted to visit while we were in town. As it was Memorial Day, many of the stores were closed. We did stop and have some ice cream at one store. I had a scoop of chocolate brownie which was okay. Bob had chocolate and declared it was the worst he has had.

We returned, ate dinner, and sat our reading our books outside, enjoying a nice evening.

Tuesday- We stopped at a UPS store for me to return an item to Amazon. Then we had Google try to find the museum. Google kept sending us to the Andy Griffith Playhouse. So we went to the Visitor Center for directions.

The gal told us it is hard to find, as it is behind the trees, that are behind the statue of Andy and Opie, as there is no sign. So we went back to the Playhouse and parked in their lot.

We went into the museum, $17 for the two of us. It is a small museum but very interesting. I did not realize how many movies and record albums that Andy Griffith had in his career.

There were exhibits about Don Knott’s and the other cast members.

Barney’s suit

When we left, we were told that there were other exhibits in another building. There we found “Betty Lou’s” information. She was a very well-known actress.

Bob’s kiss

There was also a Siamese Twins exhibit. We learned a lot more about them. They were born in Siam to a poor family. Since they were an oddity, they were taken to meet the king of Siam. Eventually, they started touring around the world, some of the time with the Ringling Brothers circus. They learned to read and write while touring. A friend, named Bunker, suggested they visit Mt. Airy. They liked the area so much that they bought a large parcel of land and settled there.

Siamese twins

They married sisters, and changed their last name to Bunker. They spent 3 nights in one home and 3 nights in the other. They had a lot of children between them. They owned slaves and were staunch supporters of the south in the Civil War.

At age 62, one of the twins contracted pneumonia, and died. The physician was called to separate the twins, but arrived too late, and the second twin had died also. The twins and one of the wives were buried in front of one of the houses. The second wife lived for 25 more years. When she died, she wanted to be buried in the White Baptist Church cemetery. So they dug up the twins and the other wife, and buried them all at the Baptist Church.

While still in town, we visited Wally’s Garage. The owner, who was working there asked us where we were from; we said Sun City AZ, and she said she used to live in Lake Havasue. It’s a small world!

Andy’s desk
Wallys garage

Above is a patrol car. Tours are done in the parol cars. It cost $50 for a trip, for the car. So it was $50 for 5 people or $50 for 2 people. $10 per person when you have 5 people was good, but it was $25 each for the 2 of us, so we declined.

Above is Andy Griffiths childhood home. It is a 4 room house, which is currently a B&B.

We stopped at Walmart for groceries and checked the Sheetz, to make sure we could easily get diesel there in the morning. We returned to the RV Park and had a quiet evening inside, as it had become more humid.

Wednesday- We stopped at the Sheetz for diesel, $4.29/gal. We continued east on I-74 to Durham, where we turned north on I-85. We had stopped for more diesel in a small town after Durham, as the price of fuel is higher in Virginia than North Carolina. We paid $4.59/gal.

We crossed into Virginia. Google wanted us to stay on the interstate, so we took I-95 in Petersburg, where I went to Nursing School. We moved onto I-295, then I-64 south, taking us to Williamsburg. We drove into the Thousand Trails where we stay for free with our membership.

I asked for a site where we could get satellite. The gal gave us two choices and we moved into A-26. We settled in and had a quiet evening watching Ozark on Netflix. Surprisingly, the internet is free at this park, and pretty good!

Thursday- We went to lunch at the Honey Butter café, in Norge. The food was very good, and I had the best grits I have ever had! We went to Walmart. We wanted to go to the Pottery Factory, but it is sort of gone.

This was one of our favorite places in Williamsburg. Unfortunately, they had closed the original Pottery Factory and opened an upscale place. At the old factory it was hard to find a parking place. At the new one, there was no one there. It’s a shame, we were both so looking forward to our visit there.

We had a quiet evening at home watching Ozark on Netflix, once the thunderstorms passed.

Friday- Laundry day. We were going to the park laundry, but the machines were in use, so we went to a Laundromat we had seen on Hwy 60. It was small. We were only able to get 4 machines. So we washed and dried most of the items.

We returned to the park, ate lunch and went up to the park laundry to finish our laundry. We had forgotten the sheets, so it was okay. We found that two of the washers were not in use, there were only 4, and 2 driers, so we did the rest of our laundry. While we were there, I extended our reservation by one day.

We returned to the rig and had a quiet afternoon, reading our books. We had decided to go out to dinner. We went to Ocean and Ale for dinner. I had tried to get a reservation, but the gal said just show up. We did and were seated right away. Bob had a crab cake dinner with onion rings, which were excellent. I had the crab taco’s, also excellent.

We returned to the rig and sat out watching so many weekenders arriving and setting up their rigs, while reading our books.  We finished watching Ozark on Netflix this evening.

Sat. May 21 to Fri May 27- Hilton Head SC to Ashville NC

Saturday- We returned to Bluffton to pick up the dogs. They were very happy to see us. We did not see Kim, the Rover person, as she was positive for Covid. Her husband let the dogs out the door and they ran to us. We attached them to their leashes. He brought out the items that we had left with them, and he put them in the car. All of us were wearing masks.

We returned to the rig parked at Hunter Army Air Base in Savannah. We unpacked the stuffed car. We ate lunch, then went to Costco. Bob’s hearing aid was not working well. The gal there replaced some items and turned up the volume. She said that since Bob had gotten the aid in 2017, it needs to be re-programmed. So Bob needs to set that up for when we get back to Arizona. He will need another hearing test at Costco.

We went to Walmart and Target. We returned to the rig and relaxed. We wanted one more seafood dinner, so we ordered from a restaurant very close to the base. They did not get the order right, so Bob had to take it back and have them correct it. The food was good.

Sunday- We left and drove up I-95 to I-26 west. It was a long drive for us to Ashville. We are self-quarantining and not visiting our friends until we have a negative test, since we might have been exposed to Covid. Our friends have a very busy week. Dave is having shoulder surgery on Tuesday. Our other friends, Lorrie and John are on a cruise, but will be back before we leave on the 30th, so we should get to see them.

We arrived at Wilson’s Riverfront RV Park. We knew our site number, 25. We parked and it started raining. We settled in, but this site is very uneven. We could do well with leveling right to left, but not front to back. It is pretty awful. I left a message at the office, as no camp host was in the park. We are able to get satellite. It rained hard all night.

Monday- No Covid symptoms today. It was raining again today. The rain would pause for about 5 to 20 minutes and Bob would rush out to walk the dogs. They would come back drenched and we would dry them off with a towel.

We stopped in at the office on the way out of the park, as there are a lot of open sites. Unfortunately, they will be filled during the week. It was still raining hard, and it is to rain hard all day.

The GPS took us through little, narrow, city streets to the UPS store. Bob had purchased a new CD player for us online. We could not get it to hook up to the blue tooth, as it was supposed to. So we were returning it to Amazon.

We went from there to the Twisted Crepe restaurant in downtown Ashville for lunch. We easily found a parking place at a meter. I have to say, the crepes were lousy, even though they had good ratings on Yelp. They were more of a burrito, than a crepe. That is what you get when a Hispanic couple are the owners of the restaurant now. I gave them a poor review, as they were not really crepes.

Then we went to French Broad Chocolate. They mainly had truffles. They also had ice cream, but it was cold and rainy. So we had a $7 piece of chocolate cake which we split. It was delicious!

We drove through another RV Park in Ashville, and we plan to stay there on our next visit. We will not go back to Wilson Riverfront RV Park due to the leveling issue and it is extremely noisy, as it is too close to the interstate. Plus it is very close to the river, and with all the rain we are watching the river closely to make sure that we don’t have to evacuate.  

Tuesday- No covid symptoms. It was still raining. We went to lunch at Hillman Brewing. Bob had a flight of beer; he liked all the beers, but said that the Stout was very good. Our lunches were also very good. I had a patty melt and Bob had a club sandwich.

Wednesday- No covid symptoms. The CDC had said that unless your are in contact with someone, in a closed enviornment, you would not test positive. The website also said that we could not catch it from the dogs, so we knew we were going to be negative.

It was still raining. Bob went and picked up his medicine at a Walgreens and the new CD player that he had ordered from an Amazon lock box.

I stayed home and worked on some card embroidery. Each morning I have been practicing my Calligraphy. After lunch, we went to Walmart.

Thursday- It was still raining! We did laundry. We went to Ingles grocery store and Sam’s Club for gas $ 4.25/gal. That was all we did. I worked in the afternoon on more card embroidery while we had some old TV shows running in the background.

Bob took the Covid test and it was negative. Neither of us have any symptoms.  Here is the river. You can see how the steps to the river are covered with water.

Steps to high river

River from the rig

Friday-Our first stop was at Vortex Doughnuts. They were different and very good. They have each of their doughnuts in cake or yeast/raised and they have some interesting flavors. We would go there again….

Bob had the blackberry and I had the chocolate cinnamon

In the shop they had a linear clock. We both thought it was pretty cool. So Bob looked it up online. Depending on the wood, they start at $1400 for maple or walnut and $1925 for olive inked maple!

Linear clock

Sat. May 14 to Fri. May 20- Savannah GA to Hilton Head SC

Saturday- We originally were supposed to arrive at the beach today, but we had added a day, as Jackie and Bob had a memorial service to attend next Saturday. Since we did not have the chairs and umbrellas we ordered, we stayed and sat around the pool and enjoyed both, including the hot tub. We also went grocery shopping, early in the morning.

Sunday- We went to the beach today. Bob H had ordered chairs and umbrellas for all of us. It was worth every penny we paid, as it was a tough walk to the beach with down and up over the dunes.

Beth cooked dinner and we had chicken tacos. We went out for ice cream, and Sage had two scoops of Superman.

Sage 2022

Monday- We went to the beach again today. We went out to dinner at Poseidon Restaurant. The food was awesome. Beth and I both wanted the scallops. Dinner was expensive, but everywhere in Hilton Head is very expensive.  This was a seafood restaurant. Then we stopped for ice cream on the way back.

Sage.Beth and Mary
Posiedon Resturant L to R me, Sage, Beth, Mary, Bob H and Jackie

Tuesday- We were off to the beach again. Today was our day to cook dinner. Bob grilled a pork loin.

Wednesday- Another day enjoying the beach, the pool and the hot tub. The house was very nice, we three large master suites and one room with twin beds. All of the beds were comfortable this year.

We went to play miniture golf. That was a lot of fun, but it was very hot and humid.

Beth, Sage and Jackie
Sage age 5

It was Jackie and Bob’s turn to cook dinner and we had beef tacos. All the meals had been excellent.

Thursday-Bob and I went to breakfast at the French Bakery and Restaurant. We had stopped by another day, and found the place mobbed. This morning, it was quiet. We had crepes for breakfast.  Another beach day. We were all very glad the Bob H had ordered the chairs and umbrellas for us. It was so much easier! Dinner was leftovers. We went for ice cream at a different place.  The Bob’s went to a shop which was still open and they both had beers.

Friday- Unhappily, Bob and Jackie had to leave today to make it to the memorial service tomorrow in Richmond.  The rest of us went to the beach. This was the first day that I stayed all day at the beach.

We went to dinner at a restaurant that was pretty awful. None of us will go back there. We originally went there because they had scallops, listed in the online menu. They were crossed off on this menu when we arrived. The waiter said that they had stoppd selling them a long time ago. Sage had a PBJ, which she hated and refused to eat.

We all went for ice cream. Sage was only allowed 1 scoop of ice cream. She liked the Superman flavor, which is blue. Basically it’s colored vanilla ice cream.

Sat. Apr 30 to Fri May 6- Sun City AZ to Calhoun LA

Saturday- We went over to the rig with a lot of items. Then I had a haircut at 11. We continued packing.

Sunday- We went grocery shopping, picked up the rig, packed the groceries, refrigerator items, and freezer items. We left after lunch. We traveled south on the 101. The tire pressure monitor alarmed, so we pulled into the Costco parking lot in Tollison. This was not very far into our trip! Bob added air to the tire and we continued our trip to Tucson.

We stopped in a Walmart parking lot and disconnected the car. Bob went to El Charo to pick up dinner for us. We met up in Benson AZ at the TT there which was free for us.

Monday- Bob checked the tire and found it was low again. When I went into the office to turn in the paperwork, as we had arrived after they had closed yesterday, the manager said they had a tire repair facility in town. So she called them to find out if they worked on RV’s and they did. So Bob took the RV there. I stopped in at Walmart on the way.

They fixed the tire for $29. It was an air leak around the valve where the glue had not sealed completely. This was an inside tire, so they had to put th RV up, to take the tire off. These are brand new tires!

We left around 10:30 on I-10. We went to a BW just west of El Paso, called El Rancho Seguro. The owner, Andy was a hoot. We talked with him for quite a while. The spot was flat and very dark at night, out in the desert. We had 15A service.

Tuesday- We said good-bye to Andy, paying him $5 for the electric. We stopped in El Paso at the Walmart for diesel at $4.83, a lot less expensive than anywhere else in town at $5.39!

We continued east to Ft. Stockton TX. We stayed at a PA park for $25 a night. It was not much, but we did not need anything else.

Wednesday- We continued east on I-10 to San Antonio. We stayed in my cousin’s driveway, visiting with Diane and her hubby Vic. We went to dinner at a Mexican Restaurant, which had ½ price appetizers. We all ate the appetizers. Bob had a beer and I had a strawberry margarita. The first one of those I have had in years!

Thursday- We continued east on I-10. We stopped in Shulenberg for Kolaches. They were very good! We are adding this restaurant to our stopping-by list!

Kolaches in Sholenberg

Then we stopped at another place for Kolaches. We are on the Kolache trail. This was actually a gas station. We had those Kolaches for dinner.

Our plan had been to visit the Blue Bell factory, but it was 40 miles out of our way. So we decided to stop at the George Bush Presidential Museum. The weather changed! It became stormy with lightning and heavy rain. So we went straight to the RV Park, Primrose Lane, and another PA park where we paid $20 for FHU.

Friday- We drove north on back roads to I-20.We went through a lot of heavy fog. About every third vehicle did not have their lights on! Very dangerous!

We turned onto I-20 and continued east. We stopped at another PA park at mile post 101. This was behind a Chevron station. $12.50 for a FHU site! It was flat and we parked on new gravel.

We could not get the stove to work, (operator error), and we went to dinner at the Huddle House in the Chevron.  The food was actually pretty good!