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Sat. Dec. 23 to Fri. Dec. 29-Sun City AZ

Saturday-  Since the winds had died down, Bob started putting up the Christmas lights back up. We went to Walmart to pick up a few items and went to lunch at The Haymaker. We had been there once before, several years ago, for dinner. This time it was lunch and the food was excellent. We stopped at Fry’s for a few items.

I am not sure what it is about this Fry’s. The place was a mad house. We pulled up and someone pulled out of the 2nd parking space in front of the store. This seems to happen to us each time we go to this Fry’s! As we were walking into the store, there were NO SHOPPING CARTS. They were all in use or still out in the parking lot cart corrals. A man was just leaving with a few items in one of the small carts. I asked him if I could have his cart. He gave it to me and wished us a Merry Christmas.

We stopped at the Honeybaked Ham kiosk. There were 12 people in line in front of us. We entered the line. Since I did not want to wait in the line to find out they did not have ham salad, I walked up to the gal, to ask if they had any of the ham salad. She said yes, how many do you want, I said one, she handed it to me and said pay at the front! The gal behind us had asked me to ask her if, since she had not made a reservation, could she still get a ham. The lady said yes. So I returned to Bob and cart, told the lady yes, and we were on our way. One less person in the long line.

We picked up the rest of the items we wanted and went to the checkout line. We moved right along and left to drive home, weaving through the crazy traffic. On the news this morning they were talking about the heavy traffic going out of town. Hump! Seems like everyone was in the stores!

We returned home and had a quiet evening.

Sunday- Christmas Eve. We had a quiet day at home. We started with doing laundry and our budgeting. Then we watched the Redskin game. They are out of the playoffs, so of course, now they are winning! Too late…

We watched some movies on Netflix. Ate lunch and dinner at home, and generally relaxed.

Monday- Merry Christmas. We ate a nice breakfast and started cooking our lunch. We made some of our favorite items, ate a nice lunch, while watching some movies. We watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 , Florence Foster Jenkins, and Our Souls at Night. We enjoyed them all.

Of course, in the afternoon, we went over to the Ballroom to help set up for the pot luck dinner. At 4:30 we went over for dinner with our Alfa friends. Karen and John Ratcliff, who do not live in the park, joined us, so we had a table of 8 with MaryAnne, Ray, Linda, and Mike. We had a great time and of course, the food was fantastic with a wonderful assortment of items. We had cooked  a chicken in the crockpot, had sliced it, and taken that as our donation.

In the evening, we finished the movies, then binge watched Longmire on Netflix. 

Tuesday- I went to Maj at 10. It was MaryAnne, Carol and I. Carol is just learning. She played the final game on her own and almost won!

We both worked on some Genealogy after lunch. We ate dinner at home and watched some TV.

Wednesday- We had a quiet day. In the evening we binged on Longmire again.

Thursday- I played Mahjongg in the morning .We ate lunch, at and 3 we went to Costco for Bob’s follow up hearing aide appointment. Bob is doing really well with the hearing aide. His main issue is itching, which is a common problem. Mario gave him some suggestions and Bob will return before we leave in March.

We went to Sun City West square dancing in the evening. We had a great time! This was a holiday party, so there was a lot of food!

Friday- We dropped the dogs off at 8AM for grooming. This is the second time in the month and we are not happy. We discussed the length with them and asked that they shorten the dogs fur. We don’t want them getting cold, but we don’t want to go back until February!

At 9:30, Bob had his follow up Cardiology appointment. Dr. Ramen said that Bob did not have any A-fib during the 30 days on the monitor, so he took Bob off the Xarelto ( the blood thinner). He has to transition, so he has to be on 3 days of a baby aspirin first. So he stops on Sunday.

We stopped and picked up some baby aspirin for Bob and he took his first one. We picked the dog up and returned home. There was no square dancing class this evening.

Sat. Dec. 16 to Fri. Dec. 22- Sun City AZ and Yuma AZ

Saturday- I did not feel very good in the morning, so we had a quiet time. I took a nap in the afternoon and felt better. Bob spent most of the day getting the MH ready to move tomorrow. In addition to the usual tasks, he had to take down the Christmas lights and decorations.

It was Ray’s birthday, so Mike and Linda picked us up on the way. We met up with Alan, Donna, MaryAnne, Ray, and some of their friends at the 61st Street Macayo’s for dinner. We had a nice dinner and returned home and went to bed.

Sunday- It took us longer to get ready to leave this morning. We went to hook up the car and realized that we had left the tow brake in the storage unit, so Bob ran over to get it.

We finally drove out of the park at 11:30. We drove west on Bell Road to the 303 bypass, south to I-10, to AZ 85 south. We stopped along the road to eat lunch. We turned went on I-8 and arrived almost 3.5 hours later at Fortuna de Oro RV park. We are staying here under PA, $22 per night, FHU 50amp.

I went to check in and found that the office was closed on Sundays. A man in the game area told me to just pick an empty site in the overnight parking and settle in. Our dental appointments in Alamogordo start at 9:30, so I left a voice mail message with the office letting them know we are here and that we will pay them when we get back.

We settled in and cooked dinner. Just as we were finishing eating, there was a lot of noise. At first we thought it was a train, but did not remember any train tracks close to the RV park.

It was the Celebration of Lights. There were numerous 4 wheelers all lit up with Christmas lights driving past the motor home. Evidently, this starts on Saturday with a parade downtown. Then they ride through all of the RV parks in the area on different nights. It was pretty awesome!

Monday- We left at 8:30 and headed west into California. Then we turned south towards the border crossing. We pulled into the very large parking lot, paid our $6 for parking and walked into Alamogordo. You are immediately running a gauntlet of people trying to sell you something.

We quickly found the dental office and arrived at 9:15. The dentist took me in. I wanted my teeth whitened and I thought that I was going to need  a new crown. He said he could only whiten my teeth about 2 shades lighter, which he did, and now my teeth match the crown again. That worked. $120.

Bob had a cracked tooth, so he needed a repair and crown. Total cost was $180 for everything! We had been quoted $876 for the crown and $250 for the whitening in the US. Even with moving the MH down here, it was still less expensive than in Peoria!

We finished at the Dentist office. We stopped at a vendor and purchased some leather belts for Bob, after a lot of back and forth on the price. Then we were off to the pharmacy and liquor store. We purchased medications. Bob had done a spread sheet of our prescription and over the counter medications, so we know what we needed.

We went back through the border crossing, standing in line for about 15 minutes. We both sailed right through. We left and went to Kneaders for lunch. Then we returned to the MH. Bob walked the dogs, and I went to the office to pay them. They were closed, at 2 PM????. It turned out, they had their Christmas party and then everyone went home.

I did some laundry and Bob looked at pricing for Tamiflu. We had not purchased that, so we may go back and buy it when Bob gets his crown put on.

At 5:30 we went to The Foothills Eatery to meet up with Marianna, Fred, Thelma, and Mel for dinner. It is always great to see our friends! What a dinner! Soup, salad, entrée, roll, and desert for $9.95. I could cut my veal cutlet with a fork!

We returned to the MH and watched TV.

Tuesday- A guy had come by yesterday morning and offered to clean the MH and car for $45. We scheduled and asked friends if this was the going price, it is. They were to arrive at 8AM. They arrived at 7:25. Good thing we were up. They got right to work and were finished by 8:16. There were 5 guys hustling! They did a great job too!

We stopped in at the office and paid for our 3 nights at the resort. The gal asked what site we were in. We told her and she said that since it was a pull thru they were going to charge us more. I said no way. They did not let us know where they wanted us to park and we were told to park in one of these sites. She agreed that it was not our fault and she went to the manager to get permission to give us the price we were quoted, $68 vs $88. She was nice about it, as was the manager. The manager overruled the computer system to give us the quoted PA price.

We ran over to Fry’s for some items and to get cash back for tomorrow. We left at 11:10 to go to El Charros in Yuma downtown for lunch. We met up with Bob’s Aunt Betty, a daughter from her first marriage, and Bobs cousin Teresa. We had an excellent lunch, sitting at the same table we sat at in 2016 when we were here!


We left and went to Fortuna Restaurant /carryout to pick up Tamales. Teresa had recommended their tamales. They are smaller than the ones in Sun City, but a whole lot less expensive, at $20 for a dozen. In Sun City they are $35 a dozen, but much larger.

We returned to the MH and took a short nap. We left at 4:20 to go to dinner at Sven and Sharon Novion’s house about a mile away. We had not seen them since the last time we were in Quartzsite, so it was very nice catching up with them. They are excellent cooks and we had a really yummy dinner!

Wednesday- We left around 7:45 and went to breakfast at The Foothills Eatery. We both had the special for $3.95. We returned and did some work around the MH before packing up to leave.

We left and drove the car west, then south to Alamogordo. We crossed back into Mexico. Bob went straight to the dental office and had his crown placed. He is very happy with it. I went to the pharmacy and picked up some Tamiflu. We had thought about it on Monday, but decided to see how much it would cost us. It was a lot less expensive in Mexico.

It took longer to go back out this time as there was a little bit longer line. We waited about 20 minutes. This time the immigration guy asked me what medication I purchased and he looked at it. He also looked in my purse. First time for that!

We drove back to Fortuna de Oro RV Park, unhooked the electric and hooked the car up to the MH. We drove out of the park at 1:34.  We drove back east on I-8 to AZ 85 north, to I-10 east, to Loop 303. The GPS said to take the El Mirage exit instead of Bell Road. The time was the same, even though the distance was longer. We sailed right through and arrived at Paradise at a little past 5 pm.

We parked the MH and Cecil next door gave me my Lands End package. He also said that Melissa has the Flu, type A. So she is really sick. I kept my distance!

We only set up the minimal. As we were setting up the park Carolers came by to sing to us.That was a nice welcome back! We ate dinner and watched TV. 

Thursday- Wahoo, our Ancestry DNA results are in. Mine matches my Genealogy research. I do not know any relatives on my mothers side, so the matches are going to help me to find some relatives on that side of the family.

Bob’s matched his Genealogical research with a couple of surprises. We are going to have try to match past the 6 cousin level to see if we are related. We know our relatives were in the same area way way back! I

I went to Maj and worked on teaching 3 gals to play. They are doing pretty well! One had played before, so she did not need as much help. MaryAnne assisted one gal and I assisted another.

We had lunch and took a short nap on the recliners, before working on Genealogy. We ate dinner, then went Square Dancing in Sun City West. We had a great time!

Friday- I went to card making this morning. There were only 2 of us who showed up. The gal who runs it asked me to teach a class the first Friday in January, so I took home the Cuddle Bug and worked on demonstration cards all afternoon.

We are dinner at home, then went to our Square Dance workshop in the evening.

Sat. Dec. 9 to Fri. Dec. 15- Sun City AZ

Saturday- I set up as a vendor at the Shoppers Paradise, a monthly vendor affair. I have 3 people interested in Optavia and will be talking to them.

We went to lunch at Chili’s, then took a short nap. We had a quiet afternoon and evening at home.

We started binge watching The Crown, on Netflix.

Sunday- We ran to Walmart early and picked up a few groceries. We had a quiet afternoon, watching the Redskins lose (sigh!). We had a quiet evening at home.

Monday- I followed up on my leads, and the hand surgeon’s office called. They had a cancellation and I have an appointment tomorrow at 9:15. Bob also called and made a dental appointment for me. I still have the clicking in the right side of my jaw.

He also made his appointment, for January, with the GI doctor. We left and went to lunch at Macayo’s Mexican Restaurant.  We returned and played Spades with Bob and I as a team. We lost both games… we need to remember not to be a team.

We went to the post office and mailed the few Christmas cards we send. I also sent out our Christmas letter via email.We were off to the Vets to pick up Karlie’s pills. We had a quiet evening at home, binge watching The Crown again…

Tuesday- We went to my Orthopedic surgeon appointment. Neither of us liked the doctor. Poor bedside manner! They took X-rays and he showed them to us. I had been saying that I thought that the thumb was out of joint due to the stretched ligament, and I was right. So he did a steroid injection which should help with the pain and hopefully get me through to Medicare in September. The main question was since this was cause by arthritis, stretching the weak tendon, what is the permanent remedy? Two steroid injections then surgery. We could see where the bone was not in line and where the bones were rubbing together…. I will look for a different doctor….

We stopped at Fry’s to pick up a shrimp ring for tonight, then we returned to the MH. We had lunch and went to my dental appointment, as I still have the clicking in the right side of my jaw. The dentist was not concerned and thinks I will always have it. Oh well, he thinks it is cause by arthritis! When Dr. Bennett, in Colorado, ground my teeth she did a good job as the left side is now hitting on the bottom teeth. I still have to do the chin exercises.

We returned home, and then went to the Managers Town Hall meeting at 4 PM in the ballroom. The park manager, Scott Mathews is awesome. He is a character and really loves the park. He thinks ahead and makes great decisions for the park. He is also working well with Encore. Our park was voted the 2017 AZ Park of the Year!

We went to Sun City to Square Dance and had a great time. It was the Christmas party. They were disappointed as there were only about 50 people attending.

Wednesday- We had the 8:30 Alfa breakfast at Tivoli restaurant. We returned to the MH and did some work around the MH. We had a quiet afternoon, ate dinner at home and watched TV.

Thursday- I taught Majongg in the morning. We went out to lunch, then stopped by the storage unit to exchange a few items. At 3:30 we went to Costco to pick up Bob’s hearing aide. Wow, we were impressed. I had been with my father back in 1998 getting his hearing aide and we did not go through such an experience. Mariano spent over an hour making sure that Bob’s new aid was correctly, individually, set up. Needless to say, it will take Bob awhile to get used to the aid, but he already notices a big difference.

We returned and ate a quick dinner before leaving for Sun City West to Square Dance. We had a great time with friends and fellowship.

Friday- I went to card making at 9. We made a gift card holder. I drove to Scottsdale for lunch with friend Glenda Hamburg at Mimi’s Cafe. Oops, we were at different Mimi’s Cafe’s but eventually caught up with each other.

We left at almost 3 and went in different directions on the 101. 101 westbound was a parking lot. So it took awhile to get back home. Just as I was getting off the 101, the doctors office from Tuesday called me to let me know that my visit note and X-rays were ready. I told them that I could not get there in time to pick them up today, and would pick them up when I returned to town next week.

We ate dinner, then went to our Square Dancing Plus Workshop. We of course had a great time with lots of flubs and laughter! 

Sat. Dec. 2 to Fri. Dec. 8 Sun City AZ

Saturday- Wahoo, Bob’s heart monitor 30 days ended today! No episodes of A-fib. We met up with MaryAnne, Paula and Charlie at Cracker Barrel. MaryAnne had to drop off her car for service. We ate breakfast and then went to Kohl’s for some shoes for Bob. He has found that he likes the Nike Air Monarchs which were 25% off at Kohl’s.

We stopped at Walmart over in Surprise. Ugh, it was mobbed and they did not have several of the items we wanted. We returned home and had a quiet afternoon. I worked on pulling out the stitches in the basket.

Sunday- We left early and went to Costco for gas ($2.15). We stopped at JoAnne,s for some other items and to Walmart to pick up the other stuff we needed. We returned home and I fixed some pants and sewed the basket. It still did not come out like I wanted and I will have to do this again.

We ate dinner at home and watched TV. The Carol Burnette 50 Anniversary show was wonderful!

Monday- We mailed off Bob’s heart monitor and I signed up for the vendor show on Saturday. We returned and cleaned the refrigerator. It really needed it!

Bob had an appointment with our PCP this afternoon. We went to the PCP and he was referred to the GI doc for his overdue Colonoscopy.

We had a quiet evening at home.

Tuesday- We had to drop the dogs off for their grooming at 8AM, then we went to breakfast at Denny’s.  I played Mahjongg at 10 and Bob picked the dogs up at the groomers. We had a nice lunch, then I went to the Chiropractor in the afternoon. I have changed Chiropractors, as the one at The Joint, which is a nationwide company, was obnoxious. She did a good job, but she was pushing constantly for me to spend more money. I still have 3 visits on my package which I will use this summer when we are traveling.

I really liked the new Chiro. Donna had recommended him. If you donated a toy for Toys for Tots in their office, you received a discount. We had stopped at Walmart and I picked up two toys.

I showed him my hand. I have been having a problem with my left thumb. Many years ago I had a skiing injury, and stretched the tendon. I used a brace for awhile years ago, and every time it bothers me, I just put on the brace for a few days. This time the pain did not go away. So he looked a both hands.

I had not noticed, but I have a real problem with my left palm. The hands do not match. Ugh, I think I see surgery in my future!

We had a nice dinner at home, then Bob went to the Astronomy Club meeting. I stayed home and watched some Hallmark movies.

Wednesday- I called and got an appointment with my PCP. I went at 10 AM to the Stamp’in  Up card class. I made 7 cards. We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Thursday- We ran to the Peoria Farmers Market at 9. The wind was howling so there were not many vendors or customers there. At 10, I played Maj. At 1 we went to the PCP. She took one look at my hand and said that is a tendon issue. She sent a referral to a hand surgeon ‘STAT". Later in the afternoon the doctors referral office called and gave me the name of the surgeon and the Doc’s phone number. I called and the first appointment I could get was in January, since I do not have a fracture. The gal said she would send it to the nurse for review, but at that point they had not rec’s the referral.

In the evening, we went to Sun City West and went Square Dancing with a different group. Several people we knew were there. We had a great time!

Friday- The wind finally died down enough that I was able to ride my bike. I went to the weekly card making class, but no one showed. I had left early last week, so they must have announced that it was cancelled, after I left.

We ran to Costco and bought cookies for the workshop this evening. It was our turn to bring them.

I returned and worked on a few tasks. We had a quiet afternoon. We ate dinner at home, then went to our Plus Square Dancing workshop. We had a fun time messing up our dancing! LOL

Sat. Nov. 25 to Fri. Dec. 1 2017 Sun City AZ

Saturday- We were low on gas, so we wanted to get to Costco early. We arrived at 9:30 and drove straight up to the pump. Wow, bet you could not do that yesterday, on Black Friday!

Bob needs new socks, so we ran into Costco for them. No line again! We left and went to JoAnne’s. I picked up the 2 items I wanted and purchased them for 25% off. We stopped at the Library to drop off books, then went to the car wash. The little bit of  rain we had a few days ago made a real mess of the car.

Then we were off to the storage unit to pick up the Christmas decorations. We returned, ate lunch, and started decorating. We had a quiet afternoon, ate dinner, then went to play Mahjongg with Donna and Allen.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday bill paying and laundry. It was a quiet day for us. We played Pegs and Jokers with Donna and Allen in the evening. 

Monday-  We both had hearing tests scheduled at Costco. I have some mild hearing loss. Bob has moderate loss and the manager, Mariano Flores, recommended a hearing aide. Costco has the best hearing aides and the price is $850 vs. $2800 for the same one at other stores! They also have a 6 month return policy.

The manager also recommended that Bob go to a Otologist/Neurologist to have his right side evaluated. There is a device called a BAHA ( Bone Anchor Hearing Aide). It turns out Bob has a cochlea,( he has been told in the past that he does not have one)  and it was registering some sound from the vibrations. He had a much more thorough test than I did because of the moderate loss. Mariano gave Bob the names of two Doctors to visit. This would be a surgery to install this device, but it might, for the first time in Bob’s life, give him hearing on his right side!

Bob looked up both Doc’s and called for an appointment. The first available is in February. So he signed up for the appointment. We are excited! Times sure have changed! He has decided to wait to hear from the Doc about the regular hearing aide for his left ear.

We played Spades from 1 to 3 and had a quiet evening at home.

Tuesday- I played Maj with Donna, Mary, and Allen. We had a quiet afternoon, then went Square Dancing in the evening.

Wednesday- Paula and Charlie arrived to stay at the Elks Lodge for a few days.  I had a hair appointment at 1. We went to dinner at the Elks Lodge with Paula and Charlie.

Thursday- I took off and went to JoAnne,s for some material to make a skirt for square dancing. I came home and started sewing. Bob did some work around the MH.

Friday- I ran to card making this morning.


Then at 11:30 Linda and Donna picked me up and we went to Karen’s house in Sun City to make baskets. The blade on my material cutter was very dull, so I had a hard time cutting the material. I finally used Linda’s cutter. Donna and I spilt the 100 ft. clothesline to go in the material for the basket. We worked on the baskets. For some reason, the bobbin on my machine was acting up and I did not know it until I was well into the basket. So I stopped and had to take all the stitches out. I decided to do that at home.  From the left, Linda, Karen, Donna and Me.


At 4:30 we went to dinner at the Elks Lodge. There were 16 of us, which is why we arrived so early. We had a nice dinner, as it was Fish Fry night,  then left around 6, as there were so many people in line and they needed our table. We went to our Square Dancing Plus workshop. Both of us were really tired!


From the Left, Doc, Judy, MaryAnne, Ray, Allen, Donna, Paula,  Paula, Rick, Linda, Mike, Charlie, Bob, Karen, and John. ( you can’t see everyone in the pic)

Sat. Nov. 18 to Fri. Nov. 24- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  We had a little bit of rain, then the sky cleared out. Unfortunately, the wind howled! It had to be at least 20 mph. Today was the patio sale day. We had a few items to put out, but when I tried, it was “Gone With the Wind! “ Even our Thanksgiving flag flew off the pole and I chased it down the street.

I went over to Linda’s to pick up some fabric, as Karen is teaching us how to make a basket. I returned and picked up my coffee. Bob and I rode our bikes around the park. We bought a few items.

We left and went to lunch at Even Stevens A soups, salad and sandwich restaurant. It had just opened, and in one week had donated 2000 sandwiches to the local food banks. For each sandwich they sell, they donate one. A nice place but we seemed to be the oldest folks in the restaurant.

We ran to Home Depot looking for some items. We found one small fence, so we purchased one part of it to see if it would work under the MH. It did. We stopped at Costco for grapes and gas.

We returned home and Bob checked the fence. Since it fit, he went to the other Home Depot and purchased the rest of them. I sat out with the dogs in the fenced area. They really like the freedom and neither tried to go our under the MH.

New fence below MH

We decided we were tired so we texted Mike and Linda and we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. The food was excellent, not like when I had to return it 2x and still hated it in ABQ, taking the steak home and feeding it to the dogs!

Sunday- We did laundry and watched the Redskin game. After the game we sat outside and enjoyed the fenced yard! Then at 4, we went over to Linda and Mike’s for a potluck. We had some new Alfa people who were visiting the park, so this was to get to know them. Below, from Left, Karen, MaryAnne, Linda, John, Allen, Ray, Mike, Bob, Nancy, Mike, and Donna.

Alfa Pot Luck

Monday- We ran to Walmart and Target. We also stopped at Sprouts and Leslies Pool supplies. Bob was looking for some of the strips to test the water, but they were only for Ph, not for the hard water. We returned to the MH, ate lunch, and went to the Activity Center to play spades. We played with Nora and John, again. Nora and I beat the guys, 2x.We returned home and ate leftovers for dinner .

Tuesday- I was off to Maj this morning. Only Donna showed up as MaryAnne was sick. We called Allen and Bob. Allen came and started to learn to play. Bob was already on his way to Walmart and the hardware store, so he came after, in time to play 2 games.

We returned to the MH, ate lunch and went to the Library to work on Ancestry.com for free.

While we were there, Karen texted me. Since MaryAnne was so sick, John was going to have to go to the installation by himself. So Bob is going to go with him. Karen and I are going to go to dinner with the guys, then she will drive me home and Bob will drive John home as John’s back is going to be hurting pretty bad by the time the installation is over.

I was sitting in my PJ’s watching a Hallmark movie and playing on my Ipad when there was a knock at the door. Cecil from next door was there asking for Bob. I explained that Bob was not here. He said that they are going on an all day trip tomorrow and wanted to ask if he could take the dog out. So I went over and met with Melissa and the dog, Koda Bear. He is a Dashound. He is very shy, but I was able to get him to sit on my lap. I took their key and promised we would take care of him. Yup, in my PJ’s and slippers!

Wednesday- We ran to Costco to pick up an apple pie for the pot luck tomorrow. We arrived just before 9 AM(when they opened) and we power walked down the side aisle, stopped to pick up tomatoes and  grabbed an apple pie from the center aisle. We trotted back to the front. We were out of Costco, in 6 minutes!

We went to Total Wine for some beer for Bob, then off to Office Max. I had purchased a banner to use as a vendor at some local events. They had not called me to pick it up. When we arrived the guy checked for it and said it had not come in. I told him we had been told 7 to 10 days, and it was way past that time frame! He checked and it had never been ordered. I told him I needed it for next weekend. He called the manager and they called another company and had the banner order rushed. They are picking up the cost of the rush order. We will see! Hopefully it will arrive by the 1st.

We went to Fry’s and purchased a few items, then returned home, ate lunch, and had a quiet afternoon. At 5:20, we went next door to take Koda out and to feed him. He did not like this idea at all! He greeted us at the door then hid in his bed. We tried to feed him treats, but he growled and snapped at Bob. We put his food bowl down. Weird, as dogs adore Bob.

We returned to the MH, ate dinner, did dishes and went back to get Koda. Bob stayed outside and I went in. Koda let me put the leash on him and we walked down the street to the grassy area. Bob stayed behind watching us. Koda kept looking back at him, but cooperated with me. He did his business, and immediately turned to return home.  I checked and he had water and had eaten his dinner. When I went to take off his leash, he turned on his back and gave me his tummy, a sign of submission. Poor little guy was so scared. I tried to give him treats, but he did not take them. I placed them in his bowl. Since he had eaten and had not done #2, we were concerned he would do it in the house.

Thursday- Cecil came over and we returned his key. He said that Koda seemed okay. We told him what happened. He said that Koda had eaten his treats and had raced down to the grassy area and did his business. No mess in the house. They did not get home until 11 P, so he thanked us for taking care of Koda.

I purchased an Ipad on Target.com. My Ipad, which is 7 years old, is having battery issues and other issues. It is 16 G, and the new one, which is more than half the price of the one I have, is 32 G.

We started cooking our little Thanksgiving lunch at home. We cooked a turkey breast in the InstaPot. Wow, was it moist! Then we cooked some turkey thighs. We cooked our favorite items and ate lunch. Of course, the Macy’s parade and the dog show were both on TV.

We started watching Gone With The Wind, which we had not seen in years. At a little before 3, we went over to the Ballroom to help set up the tables for dinner. That only took about 20 minutes. Bob went to the exercise room and I returned to watch more of the movie.

I cooked the green bean casserole, and we left at 4:20 to go back over to the Ballroom. We grabbed 4 seats for us and Allen and Donna. MaryAnne was sick, again. Linda and Mike had family members visiting and they had a table of 8, for the 7 of them. Total there were 60 people.

We sang Grace ( a little different but okay) and had a really nice dinner. Allan and Donna arrived right as we were getting in line for the buffet. We only waddled  home two pieces of the apple pie and a little of the green bean casserole.

Thanksgiving pot luck 2017

Donna took dinner to Ray. MaryAnne is not able to eat, again. She is having GI issues, and the doctors cannot figure out what is causing the problem.

Friday– Ancestry.com is having a nice sale on the DNA testing. $59, so we ordered two kits as our Christmas presents to ourselves. The least we had seen the kits for in the past, on sale, was $79.

At 8:45, I ran over to the card room to do some work. Then returned to the MH. I left to pick up Donna at 10:45. We picked up Karen and went to the Craft Fair at the Sun City Sundial Center. This is a huge craft fair held every year, on Black Friday. We stopped in at the art room and looked at Diane’s pictures. Then we stopped in at the Calligraphy room to look at the awesome greeting cards. We kept wandering through the building, out into the patio where a band was playing and the food trucks were located and into the second building where there were many more vendors. We wandered through for awhile, when I heard my name called. It was Diane. She was a volunteer at one of the entrances. We talked, then went to lunch on the patio. After lunch, we returned to walk past the rest of the items. Wow, they have a lot of stuff, all made by the Sun City craft clubs. From jewelry, to quilts, to wooden items etc…

We stopped at Dollar Tree to pick up some Christmas decorations, then I dropped them both off. I ran home and picked up Bob and we went to the Chiropractor. I had started having low back pain yesterday evening.

We stopped at Walmart and returned home. We ate our dinner of leftovers, then met up with Allen and Donna to play Pegs and Jokers. We played 4 games, girls won 2 and boys won 2.

We have noticed that they had put these signs up in the park. Cute!

New speed sign at Paradise

Sat. Nov. 11 to Fri. Nov. 17- Sun City

Saturday- Karlie had a tummy issue, so we had to wash the blanket and quilt off the bed. We dropped them off in the laundry room and went to the craft fair here at the park. We wandered through and stopped to talk to people we knew.

We ran to the storage unit and I picked up my card making supplies. We returned and moved the blanket and quilt to the dryer. We went to the MH and did some laundry in the MH.

We sorted the pictures and packaged them to mail off to Scan to Disc. 15 cents per picture which is the least expensive I could find for 600 dpi. We stopped at the Biscuit Club for lunch, then went to Famous Footwear for some new shoes for Bob.  Geez, they did not have anything he liked. Most of the walking/running shoes have no arch support! So we purchased him some arch supports,  using my discounts, and he put them in some shoes he has that he did not like, that he already had at home. They seem to be working well, as he is happy with them.

We stopped at a FedEx office and mailed the pictures off…

We stopped at a store that sells water softeners. The water in AZ if very hard. They have what Bob wants, but it is at their storage. They called with a price, and it was cheaper to purchase from Walmart and have it shipped. .

We returned to the MH and sat out. We BBQ’d dinner and watched some TV.

Sunday- I did laundry, we did our budgeting, and at a little after 11 we went to the Elks Lodge for brunch. We picked up MaryAnne on the way. We met up with Karen, John, Paula and Charlie. Linda and Mike joined us a little later, on their way back from church.

We had a nice lunch and caught up with Paula and Charlie, as they are on their way to California for the holidays. We won’t see them again until Quartzsite in January.

We had a quiet evening at home, then a little before 9, Bob left to go to the sleep study. 

Monday- Bob was home a little after 6 AM. He would have been home sooner, but at 5:30am, they closed the road in front of the RV park. It will be closed from the west until 11/28, then probably even longer. He said that if he had sleep apnea, they would wake him and put on his mask. They did not wake him!!!

My  left shoulder, which has the torn rotator cuff, has been hurting like crazy. I think it is how hard I work in water aerobics, so I have had to stop going. I am riding my bike instead. I worked on the Roadrunner newsletter.

I had the Diagnostic Breast Mammogram and Ultrasound scheduled for today. Bob went along with me as we were going to be farther east and wanted to go to lunch somewhere over that direction.

We arrived and as I was completing the paperwork, I realized I had forgotten to bring my previous mammograms. EEEK! I immediately told the gal. She said that the tech would talk to me. Boy, did she! You would have thought I sent nukes to North Korea!

I told her that I would have the disc here within the hour, Nope, no test. I told her if she did not believe I would return, I would have Bob run back to the MH to pick it up and I would stay there. She went and asked the Radiologist. Nope, no test. What jerks! Yea, I made a mistake, but they would not work with me.

I explained that my MD appt. was on Thursday morning and I needed the Mammogram before then. The gal kept saying that I needed the disc uploaded before the appointment, and that was the issue. In the 3 times I spoke with them, NO ONE SAID THAT! So she made an appointment, 19 miles away, and I had to take the disc to one of the facilities to be uploaded, today.

I was really upset by this time, as you can imagine! So we left and went home. We stopped at the BBQ trailer that is in the park on Mondays. We bought sandwiches and returned to the MH to eat lunch. The BBQ was pretty lousy and they had the worst potato salad ever! We will not eat there again.

We left and went to the closest Simon Med facility, near our doctors office, and I went in. I asked the gal to please upload the disc. She said, “did you have the mammogram this morning?” I said “I wish”. She just rolled her eyes! It took almost 1/2 an hour to get this done.

We left and went to Walmart shopping. We were both tired later and went to On the Border for dinner.

Tuesday- I pulled the referral for the Mammogram out of my purse. I had not seen this before, as it had been sent electronically to Simon Med. I wanted to get the address off the paperwork and put it in my phone on Google Maps so I would know how to get to the facility later. As I read it, I found that the Doc had requested that the mammogram/ ultrasound be scheduled at a specific facility, and only that facility. It was not where either of the tests were scheduled!! I sent a message to the Doc.

I had the Retired Nurses breakfast. I arrived and was welcomed. I signed up for the year, $5. We had a nice breakfast and I met some other retired nurses, one of which lives at Paradise ,also, in a park model, on 14th street.

The speaker was an Epidemiology Nurse from the Maricopa County Health Department.She spoke about flu shots. It was very interesting. She explained the difference between the two flu shots, the regular one and the one that they are now giving to people over 65. She also explained why they dropped the nasal vaccine for kids.

The over 65 is a “quad” rather than a ‘tri”. Meaning that it covers four “ different flu strains, rather than three. This year they are predicting that it will be the “A’ strain, which means less people will get the flu, but those that do, will be sicker and more will be hospitalized.

She also explained how they come up with the ‘quesstimate’ as to what strains to prepare for each year. It is based on what occurs in Australia, as their winters are during our summers.

I returned to the MH, we ate lunch, then I left for my Mammogram and Ultrasound. I arrived at the location, 19 miles away. The receptionist wanted me to complete all the paperwork again. I told her it was all in the computer. Then she wanted me to pay again, and I gave her the receipt from yesterday. Then she wanted the disc of my films, I told her it was also in the computer. I felt like a ‘jack in the box” as I had to keep gong up to the counter to answer all these questions.

Finally, I was taken back. I was shown to a room to change into the gown, and then I was NOT given a locker. I had to take my bra and top with me everywhere!

Since the digital 3D mammogram machine was in use, the gal took me to an older machine to do one part of the test. Since I have a nipple problem, she then basically took a pair of plyers and squeezed my nipple. Well, that was what it felt like. Especially, since she took several views! Much, much more painful that a regular mammogram!

Back to the little waiting room, then off to the 3D imaging machine. That was just a regular mammogram and not any more painful that usual.

The radiologist read the mammogram, and then I was off to the Ultrasound. So now, after the painful first mammogram, the tech was pushing on the very sore breast. I know that they have to do it this way, for the insurance, but it sure would have been nice to do the Ultrasound first!

The gal who escorted me to the main waiting room said that I needed to wait for the films. I waited about 15 minutes and the gal called me to the desk and handed me the films.

I left and drove about 11 miles north, on I 110, to the exit for the Doc’s office. I thought that I would just drop the films off at the office for review. Just before the exit my cell rang. I was driving on the interstate so I did not answer. When I stopped at the exit traffic light I  listened to the voice mail. Fortunately, I was in the left lane. The facility was calling me to let me know I had left my films there. I got back on the interstate, heading south and called them.

The gal I spoke with told me that I had left the films. I said to her that they are on the seat next to me. She put me on hold and came back laughing. She said that they had given me the Ultrasound films, but not the Mammogram films. She thought this was funny??? I was not amused!

I told her I was on my way back. So I drove back the 11 miles. I arrived and the films were not at the desk! The gal at the desk as very apologetic, and she was not laughing!

She had to go hunt them down. While I was there, I asked her for the results to be placed on disc. She said that the films were mine. I explained, as I had earlier, that I live in a motor home and do not have room for films. Plus the radiologist wants me back in 6 months, and I will not be here in 6 months ( mid May).

She said she would make copies. It would take 10 minutes. It only took about 5. So I ran back up the interstate and turned in the films at the MD office. I returned to the MH, exhausted and emotional!

Meanwhile, Bob had been working on various tasks. He is getting ready for the dog fence to arrive and he is going to have to design how he is going to place the fence. He is also getting ready for the water softener to arrive.

We ate dinner, then went Square Dancing. We had a great time! We saw lots of folks we had  danced with 2 years ago and were welcomed back by them.

Wednesday- I finished the Roadrunner newsletter and sent it to the president for review. I hope to send it out this evening. After lunch, I went to Diane and Jim’s to play Mahjongg with Diane, Jan and Karen. We had a great time playing and I won one game.

I returned and we went to dinner at the Elks Lodge. MaryAnne is sponsoring John to become an Elk and they were at the orientation. We grabbed a table and waited. MaryAnne texted that she was not sure how long they were going to be. So we grabbed our dinners, which were very good. We had to move seats, as they needed the other end of the table for a group. Finally, John and MaryAnne arrived. They grabbed their dinners and ate. We sat talking for while, until John could not longer sit, due to his back.I even got up and line danced one dance. 

We returned to the MH and watched some TV.

At about 8:30 the phone rang and it was the doctors office cancelling my appointment for tomorrow. The Mamo and Ultasound were good and so she was cancelling. She wants me to return in 6 months. Since I will not be here in 6 months, we scheduled an appointment for mid-March.

Thursday- Overnight, Jim had sent me the email list for the Roadrunner newsletter, so i sent that out. At 10, I taught, with MaryAnne’s help, 5 gals Mahjongg. We played until 12. Meanwhile, Bob had the safety class at the Woodworking shop, so he had attended that. Our fence had arrived yesterday afternoon, so he sawed the wood he is using on the concrete to stabilize the fence.

It was a busy afternoon, running around getting more supplies that Bob needed for the fence and the water softener, which arrived.  We ate dinner at home.

Friday- It was intermittently raining! A rare event in AZ. Bob started putting up the dog fence, between the rain drops. It would rain for about 3-5minutes, then stop, so he would come in, take a break , then go back out.

Meanwhile, I went to the card room to the card making group. I paid my $5 for the year. One of the gals taught at class on making a card using shaving cream. She had gone to the “dollar store” and purchased fragrance free shaving cream and four food coloring bottles. She took the shaving cream and sprayed it in to a bowl. Then she dotted the food coloring into the shaving cream and swirled it around. Then she placed the paper on top, in the bowl. She took the paper out, then sat the paper on the table. She used the stick to spread the shaving cream around on the paper. Then she let it sit for 3 minutes. The next step was to take a spatula and scrape off the shaving cream, leaving a ‘tie dye’ type appearance. Then you let the paper dry and put items on the paper to complete the card. It looked really awesome! I forgot to take pictures!

I completed 3 cards I had started 2 years ago! Then returned to the MH. We ate lunch, then I picked up Donna and we went to the craft fair at the Congressional Church. We wandered through the fair, talking to the vendors. I bought a little change purse, from the “Bag Lady”, who I had purchased a purse from 2 years ago.

We left  and went to the Christian Church for another craft fair. We promptly ran into Karen who was just leaving. I purchased some Redskin pot holders, and two card holders.

We left and returned home. At 3:30, we had an appointment for Karlie at the Vets. She had a second incontinence episode this morning, in our bed. So the Vet checked her urine. We will hear if she has a urinary tract infection tomorrow.

We returned home, ate dinner and went to our Plus Square Dancing workshop. We had a great time dancing from 7 to 9.