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Sat. Mar. 20 to Fri. Mar. 26- Sun City

Saturday-  We left after my bike ride, and went to several garage sales. We picked up a few items. Then we went to El Mirage, west of us, to pick up some vegetables from POWWOW. That is the vegetable and fruits for $12 for 70 lbs. The top layer of the box was green peppers, but there was only the one row. There were eggplants, cucumbers, squash, some Opo Squash. We did not know what it was. MaryAnne did.  I will have to try it.

Oho Squash

We had lots and lots of tomatoes. So I texted Bonnie and François, and they came over and took some of the items, including all the green peppers! MaryAnne will take the eggplant, as she makes “baba ghanoush”. We do not like eggplant. Any left overs we will take to the Posse.

Bob chopped up the tomatoes and put them into the InstaPot. We made spaghetti sauces with a lot of them, and froze it. Turns out, next time we will cook on the stove. The spices did not have time to cook into the sauce, so for dinner, we threw in some Rao’s and it was really good with whole wheat spaghettis and turkey meatballs!

Sunday-  We did our usual Sunday. Off to Fry’s then Walmart. The fire in the Walmart last week, caused them to have only the grocery section open.

Walmart fire

So we were unable to get Milkbones for the dogs, as they are in the pet section. We returned home and had a quiet afternoon.

Monday-  It was Bob’s day to do a Posse confidence ride with David. They had a fairly busy day with the 24 vacation watches and 4 emergency calls. We had a quiet afternoon after he arrived home.  I have been diligently working on my next diamond painting and on a 500 piece puzzle.

Tuesday- It was my third confidence ride; I was with Tina again. It was pretty boring. We had 17 vacation watches. There were no emergencies in our division the entire shift. So we just drove around. There were 4 in the other division.  Just one of those days! We ride around when not on calls to show a presence in the area.

We had another quiet afternoon and evening.

Wednesday- I had a hair appointment at 9. I dropped Bob off at the RV storage, and he drove the RV over to the condo. I ran by the Posse, to drop off the Oho squash and cucumbers, on my way back to the condo. I worked on putting items into the rig. Bob worked on the netting and the drawer where we have placed the Ninja.

We returned the rig to storage, and we had our Roadrunner Zoom at 3. With the time change, it changed over to an hour earlier. We missed it last week.

Thursday- I had a 7:30 virtual Doctor appt. We discussed my foot, which is still painful. She is guessing that it may actually be a back issue, rather than a foot issue. She is not concerned about the Rheumatoid Arthritis value in the blood work. She thinks that may be a false positive, because the other inflammation values are not elevated. That was good news. She is sending me to the Neurologist in the practice for a EMG, which will show if the pain is from my back. The bad news, is that she is changing offices, and is moving to Scottsdale, 5 minutes from her home. We both had tears in our eyes, as this is a Doc I really like! So I am moving to the Doc at the Village Medical 4 blocks from us. He was the Doc who helped us with the Covid.

At 9, I had my dental appt. to put in a cap, as I have a bad filling. Normally, we would go to Mexico for this to be done, but not this time. We don’t want to go to Mexico until the pandemic is under control. Here $989, Mexico $150…big difference for the same dental treatment!

The installation of the cap went well until he went to glue it in. The one in front popped out! So he had to re-glue that one in. He thinks there was a problem with the glue, as he had installed that one also. My jaw was a little bit sore when the numbing shot wore off.

The rest of the day was quiet, other than Bob running to the library to pick up a book. The weather was pretty wild this afternoon, with wind gusts up to 40 mph. So we skipped the social on the green, if they even had it!

Friday-  Wow, I beat my record for time for my bike ride! Now I need to beat that record. We were off to Costco during the senior hours. We stopped at Dollar Tree, to pick up a noodle, to split and put on the wood across the entrance to the front of the RV. Without it we might hit our heads( of course we will !), so we bought a noodle to protect us. We also stopped at Best Buy, to purchase a HDMI cord which will connect to the TV and the cell phone so that we can stream on our cell phones, instead of on the internet. We will see how this works!

We ran to Sams Club for a few items, and returned home. We ate lunch, and I took a short nap. I dressed in uniform and went to the Posse at 3:30, for a 4 pm shift. This was my 4th confidence ride. I went with Larry Holms, who was a hoot. We had a good time. The first 2 emergency calls were taken by the duty officer, as he was closer to the scenes. Our third one was a kitchen fire. We arrived to find the fire department just cleaning up. The guys were getting out of their hazard suits. They must not have checked the attic, if there was one. Suddenly the fire shot up from the roof. I unfortunately, missed the flames in my pictures.

House fire 1

House fire 2

It was hysterical, watching the firefighters trying to quickly get back into their hazard suits. Shoes were flying! My post was to go to the other end of the street to direct traffic. Yeah, people wanted to drive over the hoses! One lady was really upset, as she was not good at turning her car around, and this was the only way she knew where she was going…. After about an hour, we were released, as MCSO, was on the scene. This ended up being a 4 alarm fire. Two SC fire companies, Peoria, and Glendale were all there! Yes, ladies, there were firefighters who could have posed for calendars!

We continued our very busy schedule. On the evening shift, we check a bunch of churches, to make sure all the doors are locked and that the golf courses are closed up. We check on water wells to make sure there is no leaking water and that the gates are closed and locked. Larry drove, as he had a regular route. It was very busy!

We picked up dinner at a Subway and went back to base for dinner. We continued our route. When we drove thru the north golf course, there was a huge party going on, inside, without social distancing and no masks. Governor Dumbass( excuse my language) has opened the state, and lifted all the mask requirements. A lady behind us in Best Buy this morning had tried to walk in without a mask. The employees made her mask up. She told me that the pandemic was over and she thought masks were no longer required. She was surprised when I told her that AZ University had found 2 cased of the British variant, and it was in todays newspaper. She did not know what a variant was or that the CDC is still saying mask up! It was a polite conversation.

Sat. Mar 12 to Fri. Mar. 19- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  The weather forecast for today is cooler, windy, and rain. We are going to be outside assisting with traffic control for the Sun City pop up vaccination clinic. We were originally, going to drive straight to the Sundial Recreation Center, for the clinic, but with the rain coming, we went to the Posse office to pick up raincoats. Our shift started at 8.

We drove our car to the facility. This was day 5 of the clinic. You would think that they would have their act together. They were 45 minutes late starting. You can imagine the build up of cars waiting. It took about 5 minutes per shot.  Dave Powers, the Posse leader for the clinic, had 56 hours to get the Posse volunteers organized. He managed to do it! The hold up was Embry, the medical service whose folks were giving the shots.

Dave brought sweets from the NY Bakery, for us. That was a bad thing, as their baked goods are out of this world! We stay away from them most of the time!

We finished at 12, and stopped at McDonalds drive thru to grab some lunch. We returned home and took a nap! We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Sunday-  We woke up early and ran to Frys and Walmart. We stopped at Costco, but they did not open until 10. We purchased gas for $2.93/gal. We took the rest of the groceries home, and returned to Costco. We went to Chompies which is a NY deli/bakery in the mall. We ordered sandwiches for lunch, and checked on their St, Patrick’s Day dinner. We are going to pick up the corned beef etc, rather than cook our own. We found out we can order via phone, and pick up.

We returned home, put the Costco stuff away, and ate lunch. After lunch, we did our usual Sunday tasks. Bob started working on the plywood for the bunk bed that we are converting to storage.

I started trying to get appts. for our vaccinations. No luck at all, online. So I called a phone number that Mary Ann had given me. I got through, and we are set up for St. Patrick’s Day, for the 1st PFIZER shot. It still a little early, but it was take it or leave it.  How fast are they moving, my number ends in 006, Bob’s number ends in 0061. That was all during the phone call!

Monday- It was my day for a confidence ride with the Posse. I was riding with David Jordan, who Bob rode with last Monday. After Bob’s Monday last week, I was expecting a super busy day. Nope, it was pretty quiet, up until 10:45. We had 7 Vacation Watches and 2 medical calls. The rest of the day, we did “drive byes”. At one house, I found the bubblers running. Bubblers are the sprinkler system. I checked with David and he said that some of the folks leave their sprinkler systems working.  We definitely, will be turning off our water when we leave for the summer!

At 10:45, Tina ( who was the Duty Officer) called us all. There was a missing person, who had dementia, and had wandered off.  The person had on a tracking device, but it was not working. The person had been missing for 2 hours at this point.  The family had been looking for him. So they finally had called the Sheriffs office, who contacted us. We all headed for the house, meeting up with everyone else, including the police. Everyone started looking for the person. Change of shift is at 11:30, so now there were twice as many cars out,  looking for the person. We were asked it we needed to leave or could stay. We chose to continue looking for the person. The person was found a noon. So our shift was released to return to base, and do our end of shift check out.

Bob picked me up, as he had needed the car. He had taken the car over to the storage unit, and picked up the rig. He brought the rig over and installed the plywood in the bunk area. He thinks he is going to need to make some adjustments. He also worked on some other RV tasks.

He returned the rig to the storage unit, and waited for me to contact him to pick me up. When we were released to return to base, I had given Bob a time to pick me up. He and the dogs arrived. We have been taking the dogs for a lot of rides with us, to get them used to traveling about. The dogs think every time we take them in the car, we are either going to the Vet or the groomer. Roxie is okay, but Koda has needed this….. She gave Bob a hard time when he let me off at base at 5:45 am, and drove off.

She was super excited when Bob picked me up. We had a quiet afternoon, up until 4, when we went to the last Condo social of the season. There was a lot of joking and laughing, after we all got the scoop on the EMS people who had been at one of the condos, while I was eating lunch at 12:40.

There is a couple, who live up near Bonnie, in the north section of the condo’s. He had been in the hospital with Covid, since early December. She had too, but had returned home. He had finally gone to rehab, and spend 2 weeks. He was sent home, a week ago last Saturday, and went back to the hospital early Sunday. He is on 100% oxygen and not doing well. Mean time, she had a fall and went to the hospital last week, and then again today, for another fall. The daughter says that neither are coming home again. They are going to have an estate sale and sell the condo, moving the mother closer to the daughters, there are 3 of them. It sounded to me, like the husband had developed Covid related pulmonary fibrosis. He will have to go to a nursing home, if he does not pass, before leaving the hospital. The wife is also on oxygen, and it sounded like she would be remaining on it for the rest of her life. Sigh, it is so sad…

Once that story was told, the group brightened up and there was a lot of discussion on the vaccine appointments and then a lot of teasing and laughing. There was a lot of picking on the Canadian folks, but they have a good sense of humor. Evidently, their refrigerator went out while they were gone, this past summer, and they lost their Baileys Irish Cream and some other alcohol, in addition to the items in their freezer.

We had taken the dogs with us, as they know all the other dogs. Roxie was ready to return home after about 1/2 an hour. Koda was having a good time. Roxie had to wait until we were ready to leave at 5.

We returned, ate leftovers for dinner, and watched some TV.

Tuesday- We were up very early again today. I dropped Bob off at the Posse base, and returned home. We had taken the dogs with us. Today, Koda seemed to understand, and she did not give me any back talk with I dropped Bob off. ( Yes, dogs do talk, this is not barking, it is talking!). I returned home and did some tasks around the condo. At 9:10, I left for the Posse for the Operation Meeting. Bob met up with me there. There were several new people there and one of the gals who had been in the hospital for over 30 days with Covid was there. It was nice to see her back, and feeling well enough to attend.

I stopped by the Library on the way home. I returned, with the dogs, and picked up Bob at 11:30. He had a pretty quiet day, for his confidence ride.

Bob had a Doc appt. in the afternoon, which was in the office. I went along and we went to Brusters for ice cream afterwards. The rest of the day was quiet, although, the Walmart near Costco, had a fire. It was intentionally set, and is closed indefinitely. We don’t use that one very often, as we don’t like that store.

Wednesday- Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We were scheduled for our Pfizer vaccinations at 11:30 this morning. So we left at 10:30, as they are at the college campus in downtown Phoenix. The only hitch, was that we both have medication allergies, and after the shot, they directed us into the 15 minute line, instead of the 30 minute line. We ended up having to back the car up, and go into the other lane, so that we did not block traffic.

We stopped at In ‘n Out burger for lunch, then at Michaels for frames. We returned home. I fell asleep in the recliner for a short nap. We had our dental cleanings at 3, so we were off to the dental office.

On the way home, we took a detour to Chompies to pick up corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, Irish soda bread, and dessert. They brought it out to the car for us.

When we returned home, we had a small happy hour with Todd, Carol, Mary Ann, and Bonnie, all of whom are in our bubble. Bob attended and we had too much Bailey’s Irish Cream!

I only ate a small part of our dinner, and we will have more tomorrow. Both of our arms are sore from the vaccination.

Thursday- Bob did not sleep well and woke up with a mild fever of 100.3. He took some Tylenol, and that took care of it. He felt better during the day. We both took it easy today with no bike riding. We took a nice nap in the afternoon. At 4, we went to the social on the green. There were 15 socially distance folks there. Everyone, including us, has at least had their first vaccination. Several are waiting for the second. There was a lot of laughter. Vi brought peppermint brownies, fresh out of the oven, and still warm! This is a neat recipe. It was, put 1/2 brownie batter put into the pan, then peppermint patties across the brownie batter, then covered with the rest of the batter, and bake. There went the diet, but they were delicious!

We returned and had leftover corned beef and cabbage for dinner. We have enough left for tomorrow night also! Our arms are still sore, but less than last evening. Our Walmart had a fire today, no injuries in either fire. Arson again, but this time they caught the guy. The idiot had locked his keys in his car! We also found out there had been other arsons, at Walmart’s in the area, so hopefully this idiot is going to jail for a long time!

Friday- I rode my bike in the morning. We ran over to the Posse office and I cancelled my tour of duty on April 9, which is the day after our next vaccine shot. We have heard that the second shot is worse than the first, so I was not taking any chances.

We stopped at Macy’s on the way home and I purchased a new top to go with my new skimmers.

We ate lunch, had a quiet afternoon and evening. The weather has been beautiful, with temps in the low 80’s and bright blue skies. So at 3, we took the dogs out into our courtyard to play. Mary Ann and her service dog, Vic( a large black lab) and Carol with her two Chihuahua’s, Mini and Rosie, joined us.  We were out there for an hour and 20 minutes. The dogs had a blast. They chased the ball and chased each other, at least Vic and Koda did! They all napped afterwards.   We finished off the corned beef and cabbage for dinner.. Next time I will try to get more pictures.

Dogs play 1

Sat. Mar. 6 to Fri. Mar. 12- Sun City AZ

Saturday- In the newspaper yesterday there was a notice that the fruits/veggies 70lb for $12, was at the Methodist Church up the road, starting at 8. We were going to pick up veggies. Nope, they were not there! Darn!

We continued up the road to Fry’s and Walmart for groceries. We returned home and did tasks around the condo. Laundry for me and Bob cleaned the patio. It was beautiful out, so I sat out on the patio reading my book.

Bob ran over to the rig. He had an epiphany about  his side of the dual recliner. There are little trays that you can put over your seat. Bob’s side hits the wall on the side. His idea will not work. My side is okay. Even making the tray smaller will not work.

It was a quiet afternoon and evening.

Sunday- We went to the Litchfield Park Art and Wine Festival. We met up with Jim and Diane there. Everyone was required to wear masks, but it was difficult to 6ft distance, but we did the best that we could. We are not worried, as it was outside. and people were moving along. There was a beer and wine garden, but we passed, as it was very crowded. The art was beautiful. Diane and Jim had a late breakfast, so they left. We grabbed some Gourmet Grilled Cheese sandwiches, which we ate sitting on a couple of chairs, out of the way. They were really good.

We left and stopped at Jim and Diane’s where we were able to distance. We spent another hour with them. Bob had a beer there!

We returned home, walked the dogs, and went to Freddies for some frozen custard.
We went thru the drive-thru.

We returned home, cooked dinner, and watched TV.

Monday- Bob’s first confidence ride with David Jordan, who is a member of the Executive Board. They wore masks the entire time in and outside the car. They were extremely busy the entire time. They had 24 vacation watches and a lot of the medical calls.  They were driving up one street and they saw a what they assumed was a homeless guy sitting on a concrete bench. A woman flagged them down and said that the guy was intoxicated, as he had been weaving when walking. The woman moved on. They talked to the guy, who said he was okay, but, he wanted them to move along so he could rape the lady. They called 911.  The guy figured out that they had called 911, so he took off with them following him. He ran between two houses, one of which was empty, so they sat for a long time, waiting to see if he would come back. The Police never arrived. Glad this guy is on the other side of Sun City.

Bob arrived home and we ate lunch. We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Tuesday- My first confidence ride, with Tina. We had a quiet day, with just 3 calls. and 2 Vacation Watches. There was also a missing woman, but she was found before we finished the medical call we were on.

After my shift, I returned home, we ate lunch, then took a nap. Both of us were really tired.Getting up at 4:45 in the morning, we went to bed early and slept in until almost 6 AM on Wed. morning.

At a little after 3, we ran over to Alan and Donna’s. They want our cushions from the rig. We brought them the table and the cushions. Allan is going to work with them, and they are gong to add them to their fold out couch, when their sons come to visit, at Easter.

Wednesday-  After bike rides, we brought the rig over to the condo to continue to work on it. Bob put the bike rack on the rig. It makes us 2ft longer. Hmm, some of the places that we are staying only want rigs that are 25 ft or less. Will have to look at that!

Francoise, who lives nearby, stopped by since she saw the rig in front of our garage. She has really wanted to see it, but had missed it when we have had it over. She, and her husband, had a Class C rig many years ago and she says she really misses it, but does not want to travel alone, since her husband passed.

After lunch, we returned the rig to the storage facility. Bob had been concerned that we would be in trouble with them, since we are 2 ft. longer, but we fit in the site perfectly.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening. The weather has been cooler, so no sitting outside right now.

Thursday- We had a quiet day. After lunch, I ran to the Library and to Fed EX with a package to return. We went to the afternoon social time. Only 9 people present, because it was chilly with a strong wind. It’s always social distancing.

Friday- Another quiet day for us. I finished this puzzle. It is #6 of the 10 Thomas Kincaid puzzles. This is the last of the 300 piece puzzles. Next, we are on to the 500 pieces.

Puzzle #6

Sat. Feb 27 to Fri. Mar.5- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We had a quiet day. I rode my bike early in the morning and Bob rode his bike later. I worked on the puzzle, my diamond painting, and read my book. Bob worked on the wood for the rig.

At 2:30, Donna texted that they had veggies. Did we want any? Yes, so we ran over to Paradise to their rig. We picked up Roma tomatoes and zucchini. We also, sat and talked with them. MaryAnne and Ray showed up and a little bit later Mike and Linda arrived. We all sat outside, over 6 ft distanced, with masks on. It was so nice to sit and chat with our friends. Everyone,except MaryAnne (and us)  has had the vaccine. MaryAnne cannot take it due to her Sjogren’s Syndrome(it is an autoimmune disease which, if she took the vaccination, would put her in bed for months, if not in the hospital. She can’t take the flu vaccine either.)

We returned, ate dinner and had a quiet evening at home.

Sunday- I discovered, the hard way, that the tubing for our hand held shower head had developed a leak. It squirted right into my ear! Bob looked at it, and could not repair it, so our first stop this morning was at Lowe’s for a new shower head.

Then we were off to Fry’s and Walmart. It took us a little longer today for some reason. We arrived home, ate lunch at 11:45 ,and had our 12:00 Zoom.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening. No bike rides today, as we had 30 mph winds in the valley.

Monday-  We did a lot of tasks in the morning. At 12:30, we had our Posse, Grand Avenue training. Tina showed us around the facility. Once we get our tags to be able to unlock the door and our name plates, we will be able to work in the Grand Ave Posse office. There is not much to it.

At 4, we had our condo social. There were 14 people, all social distancing. This social is out in the parking lot, and everyone sits in a huge circle.

We ate dinner and had another quiet evening.

Tuesday- At 10 we had the Posse General mtg. We have never been to a full General Mtg, due to the pandemic. The meeting is divided into two groups. We signed up for the second group at 10. The first one is at 9. Everyone sits, socially distanced, with masks on. I had 2 masks on, Bob only one, because of his hearing aide and the BAHA.

We were welcomed  back by everyone, and Dave Miller, the Commander include us in the meeting. There was a round of applause that we were back. That was nice!

After, we returned home. Bob received a text that one of his medications was ready at Walgreens. I had received an email from Walgreens saying that it was Senior Week. We had a 30%discount on regular priced items. So we purchased a few items, getting a nice discount.

We ordered lunch from Café Zupas, and went to pick it up. We returned home. After lunch, I worked on the diamond painting. At 3:30, Bob left for his last training session, with Tina. I had been very specific with them, that when we returned, we would only go with people who take the virus seriously! Tina is one of them.

Bob said that they were very, very busy. On the training runs, you do not normally attend the actual calls. They were so busy, they were called off of the other duties to do the medical calls. At least Bob got his last training run completed. Next week, we both start the “confidence” runs.

I was at home, ate dinner, and walked the dogs.

Wednesday- It was Air Conditioning day. The Condo does this every year. They have a deal with an air conditioning company, and for $35, we get an inspection of our unit. Works for us! All we had to do is sign up and write a check. Its a really good deal!

The AC guy found that we had a loose connection for our battery in the thermostat. That was our only issue. After they left our condo, we went to Costco. Purchased lots of veggies and fruits. It was a little bit busier, as it was just after the senior hour which ends at 10; we arrived at 10. We also purchased gas, which was $2.99 /gal.

We returned home, put everything away and it was almost lunch time. We ate lunch, and at 1, I was supposed to play Maj with MaryAnne. Her computer went down, so she cancelled. I started to read my book and fell asleep, joining Bob who was already napping.

I finished my diamond painting.

Musical tree

The blue around the edge is just painters tape to keep the area clean.

We had high winds in the afternoon. I was glad that I rode my bike early in the morning. We had our usual 4 PM Roadrunner Zoom.

Thursday- Here is our patio after yesterdays winds. There are no trees with leaves near us!  The patio had been nice and clean!  I also had to ride around a lot of branches on the streets when I was riding my bike this morning. I was back up to my 5 miles, but slower time than I used to do, so I need to still work on that.


At 11:45, we had a Posse meeting of the “Website Membership Focus Group”. Ann, the leader, and the two of us were the only ones who showed up. Some folks had sent in suggestions. We made suggestions and met a new person, as we had not met Ann before. This gave us 2 more hours.

We returned home and had a quiet afternoon until 4, when we went to the social hour on the green. There was on only 1 person there, besides us, who had not had their vaccination. She is 59, and is getting it next week.

I tried calling Paula. I also called Charlie and he called me back. I left messages for both of them. Charlies said that Paula’s phone battery may have died. She is doing better. She is still in the PACU, but is walking and her kidneys, are coming back. No discharge plans yet. I passed on the info to MaryAnne.

Friday- We brought the rig over to the condo. Bob did some tasks, the we put in the dual recliner into the rig. In the center is a seat, but there is also storage underneath and you can see where we have plugged in the two cords for the charging slots.The center cushion folds down, and there are two cup holders and the phone charging slots.  We did not choose an electric recliner, because we did not feel that we needed it. The electric is just for charging our phones.

RV dual sofa

Bob had to move the seatbelts from the left side to behind the sofa, as we need them to hook up the dogs and to keep the sofa from flying forward during turns. We do have some storage behind the sofa. Right now we have placed the cushions from the drivers/passenger seats, They lift the seats, so it is more comfortable when sitting in the seats to talk to anyone sitting on the sofa. We will see how much we can squeeze back there!

After lunch, we returned the rig to the storage facility. We had a quiet afternoon. Since we were tired, we ordered coconut shrimp form Georges, rather than cooking dinner.

Sat. Feb. 20 to Fri. Feb. 26- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  I had a really bad day with the steroids.Only 2 pills today.  I  napped in the morning and the afternoon and all I did was some laundry, watched TV and read.

Bob was busy with making items for the RV and doing tasks around the condo. We basically had a quiet day.

Sunday-  I took the last steroid pill this morning. So glad this is over. I have taken steroids before, and this is the first time I have felt this awful while taking them. Now hoping it does some good! So far, no…

I did feel better today. So I did a little cleaning and laundry. We had our usual noon Zoom.

Monday-  I had my follow-up appointment with the Orthopedic Doc. My lab values were basically normal, except for an elevation in my RA Factor (Rheumatoid Arthritis). Greater than 20 is a positive result, and mine was 29. Soooo, the Doc referred me to a Rheumatologist. I am waiting for the Rheumatologist’s office to call so I can get an appointment. In AZ, the specialists are booked for months, but I really would like an appointment sooner.

The Doc also suggested a local, family owned, shoe store which specializes in neuropathy, which is also what my pain can be. They opened at 10, and we ran over there. The store was very busy. I met with a gal named Cat. The appointments are 40 minutes. Mine was 1 hr, 40 minutes. The store is in the same parking lot as Total Beverage, so you know where Bob headed to wait!

Anyway, Cat and I discussed my issues, she measured my feet, she had me walk across the store and she filmed my gait, on an iPad. We discussed those results, then she put me into a machine that took pictures and showed footprints. It was all very informative. All this was free, also! So then we worked on inserts. I usually wear the Superfeet green, as recommended by the Ortho doctors. We purchase them at Dick’s Sporting Goods, and they never go on sale. They are $49.99. Instead, she moved me to Powerstep Pulse inserts, $46.99, so a little less expensive, but really less than custom inserts!

Then we worked on shoes. Their selection was limited, due to the Midwest weather and some of the shoes are in a ship, stuck in LA harbor. I tried several shoes and widths. I finally found one that did not seem to hurt the arch, the top of my foot, or the burning at the end of my great toe. Cat also tied my laces much differently. I immediately, changed my larger, wider Sketchers( that I recently purchased) to that different lacing. What a difference all of this made!

I also had another foot issue, which my mother had found, when I was a toddler. The tip of my great toe curves up. This causes me to go through cloth shoes rapidly. As a kid, I usually wore sneakers with the rubber tip, until I got older and moved to leather shoes. I do eventually, go through the leather shoes, it just takes longer!

Cat said, no problem; she put Gorilla tape, in the new shoes over the toe area. Evidently, Gorilla tape sticks really well to cloth.  Hmmm, easy fix, we will see how well it works. So $199 later, I returned home with these. 

By this time my problem areas were pretty inflamed. We stopped at The Habit to pick up burgers for lunch, and returned home. While we were picking up lunch to take home, we received a call, scheduling the delivery of the dual recliner, for between 12-4 tomorrow afternoon.

After lunch, we ran over the the Posse and turned in some paperwork. Bob is continuing his drawing and sawing of wood!

Tuesday-  Our friend Paula is having knee replacement surgery today, so I have been on the phone with her and texting a lot with her over the last few days. I worked more on the diamond painting, the puzzle and finished a book. I returned it to the library and picked up 4 more.

Bob had dropped his bike off last week, at a bike store. His tire was leaking air.We picked up his bike, after our trip to Costco, during the senior hours!

I am back to riding my bike each morning, as the Doc said I could start again. Bob has also started riding his bike. With not riding my bike for so long, I can really feel how out of shape I am. Slowly increasing my riding! 

Around 3, the recliner was delivered by UPS Freight. It was one big box. Bob was concerned, as he was afraid it had arrived, all put together. Nope, each part was separately wrapped in plastic.

Bob cut down the side of the box and we moved the parts to the back of the garage, near his work bench. We had parked the car in the back parking lot, so I went and retrieved the car, once everything, including the palate the box arrived on. I posted on Nextdoor, to see if anyone wanted the palate. So far, no one does. Oh well…..

We had a quiet rest of the day. No foot pain with the old shoes, with laces tied differently.

Wednesday- I wore the new shoes today. What a difference they made! No pain!

I had a hair cut scheduled today, so I dropped Bob off at the RV Storage on the way. Kathy cut my hair, and I returned home.Bob was already working on some small projects in the rig. We moved one part of the chair into the rig, and Bob went to work, on deciding how to install everything. We also worked on some other projects in the rig. Bob needs some supplies, so after lunch we took the rig back to the storage unit.

At 1, we attended a virtual memorial service, for our Posse friend, Ruth,, who passed away January 16, of Covid, as the same hospital that Bob had been in when he had Covid. It was interesting( she had an interesting life, developing polio at 5 years old) and moving.

I worked on my diamond painting, the puzzle, and read my book outside. The temps the last two days have been in the low 80’s. Once Bob finished the sawing, he cleaned off the patio. Then Koda went out and dug in the dirt, throwing dirt onto the patio. Little devil! Right now we are putting money into  the rig, not the patio.

Paula was having a lot of pain and her temperature was increasing. She called the doctor. I had told her not to take Tylenol with her Oxycodone. Sure enough, the Doc told her to take Tylenol. (Tylenol is a component of Oxy) and it is very easy to get too much Acetaminophen, and have liver damage. So she told the Doc no, and he had her to take some Advil.

Thursday- Bob had some medical testing today, so I stayed home and worked on some projects. Paula is doing better, her fever and pain are decreasing. We have gotten our Posse scheduled straightened out. Bob still needs to do one training ride and both of us need to do our six  confidence rides. I insisted that we be placed with folks who take the Covid virus seriously. The Posse is now doing daily cleaning of the building and more cleaning of the cars. They were already cleaning the cars after each duty tour.

At 4, we went to the social hour. Double masks and most of the gals there had already had their vaccinations, some of them even both of them. We were also doing the six feet away, actually, it looked like more than that! The dogs really enjoy going. There were a total of 9 dogs there. Lots of greeting, barking and butt sniffing. Then they settled down. Everyone was talking about the increase in the number of coyotes that have been spotted. In AZ it is matting season from January 1 to March 15, so they are out mating and hunting. Their gestation period is a short 2 months, so we will be seeing more of them for awhile, hunting for food for their young. Of course, we also solved the world problems! The weather cooperated, with high 70’s and no wind.

We returned and cooked dinner and watched some TV.

Friday-  Bob’s PCP’s office had called yesterday to have him schedule a follow-up chest X-ray, due to his having Covid pneumonia. So this morning he ran over for an 8 AM appointment. I had my Mammogram at 11 AM. When I arrived in the parking lot, I found a credit card on the ground. So I picked it up, put it in the car, and went to my appointment. On my way home, I dropped it at the drive thru,  at a Wells Fargo banking center.

Bob did his second favorite shopping, at the local hardware store. I purchased our Weathertek floor liners for the rig. Bob tried making sweet potato chips in our air fryer. They were soggy or burnt. Oh well!

Sat. Feb. 13 to Fri. Feb. 19- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We had a quiet day. I worked on the diamond painting and a puzzle. We both read our books. Bob went to Lowes and picked up some plywood. He worked on designing and sawing the wood. We had  quiet evening. We watched a very strange movie on Netflix.

Sunday-  We were off early to Fry’s and Walmart for groceries. We returned home and did our usual tasks. In the afternoon, we went to Bruster’s for Double Fudge Brownie ice cream! It is so good!! It was a nice Valentines Day, up until 4:15, when Bob was cutting up sweet potatoes for Sweet Potato Shepard’s Pie.  He took a divot out of his finger. After 45 minutes of pressure, we could not get it to stop bleeding. So we headed to the Urgent Care. Village Medical has an office in the Walgreens, so we stopped there. The NP looked at it and said that she could not do anything for it. We should go to the NextCare Urgent Care in the next shopping center. It closed at 4. So we continued to Sun City West, to the Banner Urgent Care, that was open until 9 pm. It was a good time to go to an urgent care, as there was only 1 person ahead of Bob.

The NP put on a small piece of gauze, which was infused with a blood clotting agent. Bob is to leave it on, as it will absorb on its own. The NP wrapped the finger, then added a band aid over the top, which is to stay on for 24 hours, before changing. Bob had to wait 15 minutes before he could leave, to make sure the bleeding stopped. By this time it was 6:45, so we stopped at Burger King and picked up dinner on the way home.

Monday-  I had my orthopedic Doctor appt at 8 AM. The MRI showed arthritis in a different part of my foot, than where it hurts. It also showed no stress fractures, and more importantly, no problems with muscles, ligaments, or tendons. He examined my foot, again, and his new theory is that it is an inflamed nerve. So he wanted blood work to see if I am having inflammation. He wanted me to get the blood drawn today or tomorrow, as it takes a few days for the neuro/orthopedic panel to get back. I have a follow up appointment next Monday. I am also starting on steroids tomorrow.

I returned home and worked on finding an appt. at the lab. All of the labs in Arizona, are appointment only. None of them had appts. for weeks. I tried calling Sonora Quest, as per instructed on the website. I stayed on hold for 7 minutes and they disconnected me! So I tried finding an appt. again. One popped up in Anthem. I think someone cancelled. Anthem is 30 miles away, up I-17. It was for 12:30 today, so I signed up for it. We left at 11, and drove over. We stopped at a Subway for lunch, and arrived at the lab at 12:20. I was out by 12:44. We drove back home.  We read our books and worked a puzzle. We made the casserole we had started yesterday.

Tuesday- I started a run of steroids today.  We ran over to the rig and did some measurements. Bob also wanted a picture of the color of the cabinets so that he can try to match the paint for the bunk cover.

We stopped at the library on the way back, and I dropped off  four books and picked up two new ones. I wanted to check to see if the craft room was open, to see if I could borrow some items, but it has not been open since last March. Odd, since jewelry, silver, quilting and lapidary were open.

We returned home, ate lunch, and the steroids hit. I suddenly felt awful, so I laid down in the recliner and took an hour nap. I felt better afterwards. I worked on my diamond painting and the puzzle. Bob worked on preparing the boards for over the bunk. We both read our books.

I called the company that is making our double recliner, as I had not heard from them. The recliner was supposed to have been shipped a week ago. Lynn, the gal I spoke with, said that that one part was on back order. It is supposed to arrive tomorrow or Thursday. It is rescheduled for shipping on Monday the 22nd, and I should receive an email when it is shipped. We will see!

Our free Disney+ stops next week, so I went into Verizon to cancel Disney +. When we return in the fall, it will go into the rotation of the various streaming services. Right now we still have Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. I will cancel Netflix and Hulu when we leave for the summer.

Wednesday- When Bob walked the dogs this morning he ran into Smitty, one of our neighbors. Smitty said that when he walked his dog at 5:30, there was a pack of 7 coyotes at the street entrance to our court. EEEEK!

Today is termite inspection day! One of the condos, in another court, on the other end of the development, found termites when remodeling their kitchen, so the condo association is having inspections of all the units. We have to open up, when instructed, and let the guy in the garage and condo.

It turned out, they only found the termites in that one building, in two condos. One of them had put in a wood floor, which is not good to do in Arizona. Ground termites are a real problem in Arizona, so its an issue we have to watch closely. The condo association has a company on call for bugs, as we have the palmettos, so they are adding the termites to the contract. 

So far, everyone around us is getting their vaccinations. We cannot get them until after March 27th, which will be 3 months since we tested positive. We were able to register with the state, and will be working on setting up the appointments as soon as we can.

I felt much better today. I was able to work on my diamond painting and the current puzzle. I was even able to finish it and get ready to start the next one.

Old SF puzzle

This is the 3rd Thomas Kincaid in the 10 puzzle box I brought home from the library.It is a 300 piece puzzle.

Thursday- It was another quiet day for us. We have not been able to to download from a computer program for awhile, so I was on the phone with two different companies working on that. The second company fixed the issue.

I had slept better last night, but then the steroids hit again, so it was nap time after lunch. I missed the Mars landing, but Bob was able to watch, and really enjoyed watching.

When I woke up,  I worked on the diamond painting and the puzzle. Bob has been working on making the wood planking for the bunk in the rig. In the evening, more reading, playing games on our iPads, and watching TV.

Friday- Bad night sleeping again. I had another bad day, sleeping in the afternoon. I worked on the diamond painting and the puzzle. Bob went to Lowes and worked on the board for the rig. The last Condo Association meeting, until the fall, was today, at 1, outside. I missed it because I felt so awful. Bob had a Doctors appointment, so he missed it also. He arrived back, just in time for the Garden meeting,. I was still napping…

I received the email from the recliner company and the recliner has been shipped! We will hear from the freight company next.

We had a quiet evening.

Sat. Feb. 6 to Fri. Feb. 12- Sun City AZ

Saturday- It was a quiet day for us. Bob is doing so much better! No more fatigue. He is no longer taking several naps a day.  I worked on the diamond painting that I have been working on for weeks. I am getting close to the end and I want to get it done by Monday when I hope to spray it with coating.

Sunday- We went grocery shopping. We walked thru Fry’s and Walmart and my foot, in a shoe, tied normally, did not hurt until I returned to the car.That was a surprise and hard to understand. Normally it hurt most of the time. I have only been wearing slippers or sandals, and if I wear a shoe, I keep it very loose.. We pre-cooked dinner, so we did not have to cook during the Super Bowl.  I finished the diamond painting!

We had our usual Sunday Zoom. In the late afternoon, we started watching the Super Bowl. I read my book during most of the game, just stopping to watch the commercials. We were rooting for Kansas ( Bob is from Kansas) so it was sad…

The dogs were a hoot! At 5:30, Roxie started lobbying for us to start cooking dinner. We usually start preparing dinner around 5:30 to 5:45. Roxie and Koda started ‘telepathing’ their wanting us to start preparing dinner. When that did not work, Roxie moved on to tapping my knee with her paw. Then she moved on to Bob’s knee. Then she would tap, then walk towards the kitchen. This went on for awhile.  Then Koda was walking back and forth across our laps, as it got closer to 6. After 6, they started getting frantic, with Roxie running to the door and back, tapping our knees with her paw. They really had us laughing. We kept telling them that we were waiting  for half time, and that they would get fed. Finally, half time arrived and the dogs, if they could wipe their brows, with their front paws, they would have, after all that hard work! LOL

Monday-  On Monday morning, I took both of my completed diamond painting over to Todd’s and she sprayed them for me. I brought them home and put them into the garage to air them, so that I did not bring the chemical smell into the house. Here they are:

Happy Camper DP

4 leaf clover DP

The colors do not show as well in the pictures, which is a shame, as the 4 leaf clover is awesome! I pulled out my next diamond painting and placed books on top to get it to flatten out so that I can start it tomorrow.

Tuesday- The Sun City weather has been really great. Sunny, warm and just beautiful. The temps have been in the 40’s to 50’s at night, but in the  high 70’s to low 80’s during the day. We had a quiet morning. At 2 I had to leave for the MRI of my foot. I drove over to Sun City West and had the MRI at the Banner facility. I have been to this facility several times.

The MRI went well, and I asked for a copy of the MRI for my Doc. The gal gave it to me and I returned home,. When I took it out of my purse, to put it with the Dexascan report, I found that my name was on it, but the date was 11/17/2019. Huh? I do not have a CD player in my computer, but Bob has one in his. He put it in and it was an X-ray of some woman’s neck. Drat, I will need to go back over tomorrow and get the correct CD.

I started to set up my diamond painting, and found that one of the colors was missing and they did not send me the supplies to do the painting. That is not an issue, because I have the supplies from other kits, but the missing color was an issue. So I checked with Bonnie, Todd, and Mary Ann. Bonnie had some leftover diamonds, so she gave them to me! She actually have 4 small bags of that color, so no problem.

We have been binge watching Homeland on Hulu. We only needed to see Season 6-8, as we had seen the previous seasons.

Wednesday-  Since the double recliner was supposed to be shipped yesterday, we decided to bring the rig over to the condo to start preparing the rig for installation. We first went to JoAnne’s to look for a frame for the diamond paintings. We decided to purchase some fiberboard for the one for the RV, as it is going in a spot where a frame will not fit. We did not find a frame for the shamrock.

We went to Sun City West and I walked in and gave the guy at the counter the CD and asked for the correct one. It took about 5 minutes for him to run one off. Then we went to the storage center. Bob drove the RV and I drove the car back to the condo. I parked the car in the back parking lot, and Bob parked the car in front of the garage. He got right to work, taking out the dining table and bench seats. I posted on the View/Navion FB group asking if anyone in the Phoenix area wanted any of the cushions or the table top. You never know, someone might!

View table

It took Bob a lot less time to take this out than he thought it would. So right after lunch, we took the rig back to the storage facility. Bob is really back to normal, as this did not tire him out.

Thursday- We ran over and picked up the rig again. Bob wanted to do some more in the rig. The original mattress on the Murphy Bed was very hard, so we had replaced it with a different mattress. We had noticed it was sliding down, when we put the bed up, so Bob ( the engineer) had designed a fix. So he installed that. It works really well!

The 2019 Views and Navion’s, all come with a bunk over the top of the cab. We knew we were going to use the area for storage, so we threw ideas back and forth, and finally decided to take out the mattress up there. Bob is going to put plywood up there, and then a shelf for some items. We took out the mattress and put it on top of the spare bed in the condo, which is also the temporary home to the original mattress from the rig.

Donna and Allen came by to pick up the keys to their rig, which we had watched over the summer. We also gave them the pump for our old sleep number bed. They have that same model as we had in the Alfa, so this gives them a spare.

I also worked on labeling switches and put the new Ninja Air Fryer etc. into a drawer. It fit, but we will need straps to pull it out of the drawer. We had a space for the new, small, 3 qt. Instapot, under the sink. The grill is under the rig in the storage compartment, and in another we found space for the new Lynx leveling blocks. With a smaller rig, we have to be very conscious of what we take with us! The Alfa had so much storage!

Again, after lunch, we took the rig back over to the storage unit.  We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Friday- We ran to Costco this morning. I rode one of the carts around, as I am still supposed to stay off my foot as much as possible. We returned and had a quiet morning. Bob looked for some items online and ordered them. I started working on our trip for April, so that we can see how we do in the rig and to find out what we are missing.

I had been trying to find places to boondock in the Adirondacks for this summer. I had not found any information, and had posted on FB. Only one questionable answer. So I found the phone number of the Ranger, and called. I spoke with a great gal, who gave me directions to a spot where we can stay when visiting the Lake Placid Olympic Park. The gal was very nice, and her brother works at the brew pub in Lake Placid!

Because Valentines Day is on Sunday, we ordered our Valentine dinner from Black Angus for this evening. Bob went and picked it up. The specials are not good on Valentines day, but they were good for today!  We finished Homeland!

Sat. Jan. 30 to Fri. Feb. 5- Sun City AZ

Saturday- Bob is still having the fatigue, so we have been having quiet days. I work on my diamond painting and puzzles. Bob naps, as needed, and plays games on his iPad. We stay home and watch some TV.

Todd, our neighbor is a really creative person. She asked if I wanted to see the table she made for someone, before she delivered it. So on came the two masks, and I ran over to her condo to look at it. Isn’t this beautiful? She is so talented!!Todd table

She had also done this, at the metal shop, and she put it us this week. We see this each time we leave our garage. She makes these in the Sun City metal shop.

Todd Eagle 3

Sunday-  Another quiet day. Bob seems to have less and less fatigue. Some times he is light headed, but other than that, he is doing well. I am back to normal. We had our usual Zoom in the afternoon, and watched TV in the evening.

Monday-  I had a virtual appointment with my PCP for this morning at 9. At 7:45, they called and asked if I could do it early. This was to get the paperwork to return to the Posse, since I was over the virus. It turned out, I spoke with the NP at the Urgent Care close to us. I had sent the required form over via the portal, so she signed it and left it at the front desk. We ran over there later in the day and I picked it up. While at Walgreens, I purchased some better tape for my foot.

Tuesday- More of the same. Bob had the West Valley Astronomy Club Zoom meeting in the evening. I watched some TV.

Wednesday-  Bug spray day! The condo sprays for bugs on the first Wednesday every other month. So we opened the gate to the back yard the the garage door. They spray inside the garage and outside in the front. We had our usual Roadrunner Zoom at 4 PM.

Thursday- More of the usual. My back had started bothering me, so I had a Chiropractic appt. in the afternoon. He moved fast, getting people in and out. I miss the other Doc who used to be there. I picked up a copy of my films, for when we travel.

Friday- We ran to Costco for gas and a few items. It seems, we are always running out of tomatoes! We returned and had a quiet day.

Sat. Jan. 2 to Fri. Jan 29, 2021 Sun City AZ

Sorry to be so late in posting. It was a rough month. Since I have not posted in awhile, I am just lumping most of our story together.

Bob started feeling worse on Saturday the 2nd. On Sunday, I convinced him to have a virtual Doc appointment at the Urgent Care. So in the morning, he set up an appointment with a Nurse Practioner ( the only person who had open appointments).  It was set up for 9. We called at 10, and at 11 we called, again.  Eventually, the Doc who I had seen me on Wednesday, was available and he ordered the same regimen for Bob. While we were waiting, the Pulse Ox battery died. We could not open the cover to find out what kind of battery it was, so we decided to get a new one.

I called MaryAnne, and asked her to run to Walgreens to pick up Bob’s prescriptions, and to purchase a new Pulse Ox. The gal gave her a hard time about the prescriptions, but she called and got the information from me. Evidently, when she went back to the pharmacy, the gal never even looked at the info, she just gave MaryAnne the medications. Some one must have spoken to her about being nasty to MaryAnne. She stopped by and dropped off the medications and new Pulse Ox. Bless her heart, she also dropped off two bags of M&M’s for some chocolate therapy! 

We continued our resting, fluids, prescriptions and over the counter medications thru Monday. I never became super sick, luckily, although we were prepared in case we both ended up in the hospital, with a plan for the dogs.

On Tuesday, Jan. 5, Bob’s oxygen level was dropping. He was coughing so much, I was worried that he was going to become too exhausted. I checked his lungs, and he had rales, in both lower lobes. On Saturday, he had crackles in both lower lobes. Nothing in the upper lung lobes, (both are a sign of pneumonia.)

His temperature spiked up to 102.8. I had already told him, anything over 102 and he was going to the hospital. I told him I was calling 911. He said, why don’t you call the Doc first. Huh! I said no and called 911.

I told the gal who answered, the symptoms, and that we had positive tests. EMS arrived, and they did not want to take him, because they had been told that the hospitals were too busy!  I calmly, told them his symptoms, and insisted that they take him. They asked if he was willing to go, and he said yes. They never entered the condo, I walked Bob to the door.

So off he went to Banner Boswell Hospital. I had sent his phone with him, and he texted me from the ER, which was very re-assuring. They had a Covid Protocal, which they followed. His X-ray showed Covid pneumonia, so he was admitted to the hospital, and given a dose of Remdesivir. He had lots of tests over the next few days, and had a total of 5 doses of the Remdesivir. After the 5th dose, they sent him home.

I picked him up at the hospital. He was to continue on quarantine, for his protection, due to the steroids they had given him. His blood pressure and blood sugars were elevated while he was in the hospital, but came down enough for his discharge.

Meanwhile, at home, I took care of the dogs. They seemed to understand that Bob had needed to go, and they did not seem to upset about him not being home. I walked them short walks around our courtyard, and as I began to feel better, we went a little bit farther each day, even after Bob returned home. They were of course ecstatic that he was back home!  

MaryAnne and Ray Balzer were our lifelines. They went grocery shopping for us and picked up more prescriptions, until I was off quarantine. We also received emails, texts and lots of phone calls, with friends checking on us.

The worst part of all this has been the fatigue. Mine has improved and so has Bob’s, although his still remains. He also gets light headed and a headache intermittently. He has also found that his taste has been effected. Neither of us lost our taste or smell, but now Bob says many foods taste really salty.

When Bob had his follow up virtual appointment with his PCP, she recommended a humidifier ( the first Doc had also recommended it, but Bob declined, this time I just went and bought one!).

Eventually, Bob took back over walking the dogs, a little at a time. Some days, he still over does, and has to rest. He has gone from 4 to 5 naps a day, to 1 or 2. His blood pressure is back to normal, his Pulse Ox is now over 95, and both of his lungs have finally cleared. He still has some good days and some bad ones.

I had to cancel all of my appointments, once I tested positive. Once I was out of the boot on my foot, I discovered that the pain was still there. I called the Orthopedic Doc and asked for the MRI ; he had said would be the next step. They sent in the request, without the required supporting information, and the insurance denied the test. So, I had to make an appointment. I did, and he does not know what is wrong with my foot. So he re-submitted for the MRI. It is now scheduled for Feb. 9, with a follow up appointment on Feb. 15 with the Doc.

On Tuesday, Jan 26, I woke up in pain during the night. The bone at the bottom of the big toe, has slipped out of joint. I immediately knew what it was, so I turned onto my left side, and got it to slip back into place. So in the morning, I sent the Doc a message thru the portal. The response was to minimize walking until after the MRI and I see him. My feeling is this is related to the surgery last January 21, 2020, as it is the same foot, but we will see. I have also discovered that my foot has gotten larger, so I purchased a new pair of shoes. I have no redness or swelling in the area, which is the top of my foot. Also no pain when I push on the area. It is really weird! I am only comfortable in my slippers. I am also taping the bone in that area, so the slippage does not occur again!

So that was our January!

Sat. Dec. 26 2020 to Fri. Jan, 2,2021- Sun City

Saturday- Covid symptoms, we were in self quarantine. I started with the post nasal drip. So far, that is all. Bob has the same thing, but he also developed a rash. I looked up the symptoms, and a rash is #4. It stayed for awhile, then disappeared. Only some of the people infected, have the rash.

We had a very quiet day, doing another puzzle. We took naps and watched TV.

We had our usual Saturday afternoon Zoom.

Day after Christmas puzzle

Sunday-  Last night I had trouble going to sleep, as I had the post nasal drip. The tickle drove me crazy, so I took some of the Phenergan with Codeine that Bob had left over from his walking pneumonia in November. I slept really well after that, but woke up at 3:30,with a lot of pain. All over, so I got up and moved to the recliner. Bob woke up at 5:30, and we got moving. I  also developed a headache, and I took Tylenol. I do not like Tylenol as it is so dangerous, so I was careful with the dosage. I took two 500 mg to get rid of the headache, and after that I am only taking one after lunch, and one before bed so that I keep below 2000 mg dosage, per day .

We ate lunch, and went to Walgreens. Bob had his test appt. at 12:15, and mine was 12:30. Bob did the nasal swab. Then they sent us away, as it was too early for my test, since their computer will not let them do the tests to early. So we parked and drove back thru the drive thru for my test, at 12:25.

We returned home, napped on the recliner, worked on a puzzle, read our books, and generally took it easy. At around 3:30, while listening to the Washington football game, our emails came in from Walgreens. We both tested positive. No surprise there!

We both let or doctors know. I asked my Doc for a prescription for the Phenergan with Codeine and sent her a copy of the positive report.

Monday-  I still had the headache, but I am only taking one Tylenol every 8 hours. That is working. We had a quiet day. I did not hear from my Doctor about the cough medication.

We worked on the puzzle, read, and watched TV. Bob is walking the dogs, with a mask on! He is doing pretty well. He is tired and sleepy, and he has a slight cough, but other than that he is doing well.

I had changed the setting on my mattress down to 25 from 30, so I am not waking with as much pain. I will reset to 30 when this is all over. I developed a rash during the day, so I am running 2 days behind Bob.

My next diamond painting kit had arrived, so I did the bookmark that arrived.  It is bigger than I thought it was…

Bookmark diamond painting

Tuesday- More of the same. I still had the rash, when I woke up this morning. It went away during the day. No headache this morning. Not as much pain either.

Bob still feels sleepy. He sits on the recliner and falls asleep. He wakes, reads a little bit, then falls asleep again.

I stated a new diamond painting. This time it is with square diamonds. Wow, is that much more difficult. Trying to get them even, is an issue. I did 3 lines and stopped, and went to read my book. This one is going to take awhile, good thing this is a small picture.

We continued our current regimen of Zinc, Vitamin C, and rest. We are drinking plenty of fluids. I have been checking my Doctor’s portal. Nothing so far. At 3, I called. Village Medical has a central system, and a gal answered. I told her my situation.She checked and my Doctor, at some point, it could have been yesterday or 5 minutes ago, said that I needed to be seen. Okay, but there is nothing on the Portal. Evidently, she told her staff I should be seen, and they had not followed through. The gal on the phone, said that the next opening is in March. All I want is some Phenergan with Codeine. Since it is a controlled medication, I have to be seen. Okay, then have one of the PA’s or NP’s see me, via a virtual visit. She sent a message and someone would contact me.

I took matters into my own hands and scheduled a virtual visit at the new Village Medical office in the Walgreens, up the road. It is scheduled for 7:20 in the morning. Okay, I can get through until then, because I have enough of Bob’s left over prescription left.

I was pretty angry by this point. This is not the first time that the communication has fell short. The problem is that other offices have the same problems. So I sat down and did a puzzle to get me to calm down.

We ate dinner and watched a movie on Netflix.

Wednesday-  I got up, showered and got ready for my virtual appointment. I waited and waited. The appointment time was at 7:20. At 7:40, I called the main number. I went through all the crap I went through yesterday ( name, address, insurance, phone number,  email, etc.) The gal found my appointment in the system and she send a notice to the office, and said the nurse would call me. She did about 20 minutes later. She said that the Doctor would be in later. She rescheduled me for 10:40. Okay then!

At 8:40, my Doctors office called to tell me that I needed to be seen and to make an appointment.( Doesn’t this start to sound like an Abbott and Costello movie?). I told her that I already had one. I was polite, but ready to scream at her( I didn’t)! Anyway, it did not raise my blood pressure, as I had Bob take it in anticipation of my virtual appointment. 110/60-76 and pulse ox. 96. No fever. Pulse is a little high for me…

I still have the cough, but no headache. Bob is having a lot of fatigue, and a slight cough. I know that the fatigue is coming, since I am 2 days behind him!

The nurse called at about 11 and then Doc came on for the virtual appointment at around 11:30. He was very nice and ordered the Phenergan, an antibiotic in case I had a lung infection, and steroids. ( ugh)

I ran to Walgreens to pick them up, being very careful to not touch anything at the drive in window! 

Thursday and Friday-  More of the same. We both rested.