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Sat July 16 to Fri July 22- Sun City AZ

Saturday- It was basically a quiet day. I am still taking it easy, not going to the pool until Tuesday. I did laundry. I am still having issues with moving scanned items into Publisher, so I texted April for help. She called me and sent me screen shots, and now I am able to do the transfers. Nothing exciting today for either of us.

Sunday- We did our usual shopping. We still had to stop at Bash’s for distilled water, as Walmart did not have any. We did our usual Sunday morning tasks.

At 1, we went online for a Zoom with Mission for Arizona. We watched the training videos and started to make calls to get voters out to vote in the primary which is August 2. We have already voted, via mail, and both of our voter paperwork was accepted.

At 3, we went to Bruster’s for ice cream, as it is National Ice Cream Day. We received double points today, and I had a $5 off from my last points. Plus we had the $1 off each. Our total was $3.50 for the both of us to purchase small cups of ice cream, which contains two scoops each! A pretty good deal!

We returned home and watched Gaslight, starring Julia Roberts and Sean Penn on Starz. Wow, whoever did Penn’s makeup did an awesome job. I would not have known who the actor was if I had not seen the credits! The show itself is very interesting. I was in school in 1971 to May of 1974, so I did not know much about Watergate until I graduated and moved back home. I never had time to watch TV in Nursing School.

Monday- I was off to the Posse to train in dispatch. I did pretty well. I am ahead of most trainees, as I am familiar with the codes and am not afraid to talk on the radio. I got over that a long time ago.

There is a lot to learn about the equipment and opening on Mondays when there are a lot of phone messages from the weekend. There was a lot of storm damage after the storms this past weekend. There were not a lot of medical calls. I had sympathy for the folks out doing the vacation watches.

I returned home and took a nap. Bob had done some running around, including buying some beers.

We continued watching Gaslight on Starz.

Tuesday- I was off to the pool for an hour of walking. Bob went to his doctor appointment at 8 AM. We left to go to the Posse Operations Meeting at 9. I was back at the Posse at 11 for my next dispatch training program in the early afternoon. I did well and will be tested on Monday.

We had a quiet evening at home.

Wednesday- I went to the pool and worked on Calligraphy words for my cards.

In the afternoon I went to card embroidery but just for an hour.  I drove Bob to Goodyear, which is off of I-10 west. He had an appointment with the retina specialist. Of course, other than the one big floater, he has no other symptoms currently. The Doc found nothing wrong, so he sent us on our way.

We stopped at Westgate shopping center to get the delicious ice cream at the Creamery. They went out of business. We think that they just could not get help. We were really bummed that it was gone, as the ice cream was awesome! On a positive note, we found out they are opening a Bruster’s in that location. Good thing we are not in that area very often.  

Bob of course had dilated eyes which lasted all evening.

Thursday- I went to a new nail salon. The last nail gal who did my nails did not do a good job. Cindy at the Posse recommended James at a salon across from the Bash’s, so I had made an appointment there. He did more layers of the dip nails, and he speaks English. That is always a plus, as many of the salons have so many workers with very poor English.

At 3, I went to the Chiropractor. So far so good and I am not in any pain. In the evening we watched the Jan.6 committee primetime show.

Friday- Posse morning. We did 40 vacation watches and no medical calls, although we were done early with the vacation watches. We were riding around looking for yellow clothes pins on home mail slots. We did not find any, but on Thursday the Posse members had found about 50 of them. Most were at empty houses. Everyone thinks it was someone marking houses to rob them. With so many people gone for the summer, it is highly likely this was the reason. We returned home, ate lunch, and took a nap. We had a quiet evening

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