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Sat Jul 29 to Fri Aug 5- Sun City AZ

Saturday- I went to the pool at 5:45 this morning. There were not a lot of people there. We basically had a quiet day. We had to run to Costco to get gas for the Highlander. That was about all our excitement.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday grocery shopping. We did not purchase any distilled water at Walmart, as it had skyrocketed to $1.78 gallon, from $1.29. All because they only had Arrowhead distilled water. Our grocery bill has gone up about $50 a week, so we are trying to be very conscious of what we are purchasing.

We stopped at Bash’s on the way home and picked up tomatoes, oranges, and the distilled water, at $1.29 a gallon.

We completed our Sunday morning tasks and had a relaxing afternoon.

Monday- I went to the walking pool again this morning. The pool was pretty crowded, much more than any other day since I have been going!

I worked on Calligraphy for my cards. Bob completed some of the 1st of the month tasks that he does, like changing the air filter, etc.

I baked some brownies in the afternoon. We went to a Next Gen Potluck at the Sundial Center at 6. There were about 48 people attending. The Activities Chairperson brought up some ideas for future activities and some people volunteered to be the point person for a few of the ideas.

Of course, there was a lot of food there, but we did not bring home any brownies! We played a fun game, Blank Slate, against the people at our table. We had a lively table, so it was a lot of fun. One of the gals at our table was the first to reach 25 points, so she won for the whole room.  We played two rounds to 25 points.

Tuesday- We had the Posse General Meeting in the morning. MCSO (police) and the Posse had gone together to do the nighttime patrols last weekend. That resulted in 7 homeless people arrested for outstanding warrants. The local stores have had to hire security guards due to the influx of homeless people.

The area northwest of us, El Mirage, had rousted the homeless out of their area. The area to the southeast of us, Peoria, had done the same thing. This had sent more homeless into Sun City, which had become quite an issue.
Fortunately, the homeless are on the southside of Sun City, far from where we live. Sun City is not an incorporated town, so we do not have our own police department. Our police are Maricopa County. The police and the fire department both have offices in Sun City.

A follow up on last weeks yellow and new clothes pins, there are still clothespins being left on houses. There have also been a number of stolen cars. It is so hot, everything happens at night, not when we are patrolling.

Bob wanted one of the Posse T-shirts like I have, so that he has a second top with short sleeves. We accumulate points for our volunteering, so Bob had $75 in his account. He purchased the shirt for $40 points. He was happy with that, not having to buy a secondhand shirt, he could buy a new one for free!

At 11:30 Bob went to monitor at the Bell Woodshop. They had a shortage of monitors. He did not realize that because things are so quiet, that he could have taken something with him to work on.

I stayed home, took a nap and embroidered cards.

Wednesday- It was bug spray day, so we had to leave the gate and the garage door open for the bug guy to spray. We have not seen any bugs, so we are very happy about that!

At 10, I had my hair appointment. I noticed a new white Kia Soul in the parking lot. I asked Kathy if it was hers. She could not stop grinning. After her car accident about 2 months ago, she had tried to purchase a new Kia Soul. She had a terrible sales guy. She did not realize that she could change salesmen/women, so she went and purchased a small Honda. She hated the Honda. She asked her 6’4” 300 lb. male neighbor to go with her to the Kia dealer, because we all know that salespeople try to pull fast ones on women. She traded in the Honda for a Soul, only losing $1300 on the deal. She was really happy. She showed me the new Soul. It is a really nice car, with all the bells and whistles that our Highlander has, in a small less expensive car!  

I went to my card embroidery workshop in the afternoon. Then home to relax for the evening.

Thursday- We had been asked to do a second patrol shift for the month of August, as the Posse is really short of volunteers this month. We had agreed to patrol on Thursdays in addition to Fridays.

We woke up at 4:30, to a monsoon. Thunder, lightning, and hard rain with flooding. At one point, just before we left, the rain was slower in the back yard, so Bob was able to take the dogs out in the back. In the front, it was still pouring. I know, weird huh! At this point in time, before we left, it was not raining yet in south Sun City, so Karen, who lives down there did not know to not drive her golf cart to the Posse, and she had to turn around, return home, change shoes and drive her car.  

We arrived to find a guy, who we did not know, sitting in our seats, working on organizing our VW’s. He moved over to help Karen, until Tina realized he was supposed to be on the evening shift, not the morning shift. He left and returned home, to relax before he returned this evening.

We were happy to have Tina has the DO as she is very good. We waited until the rain slowed down to just a drizzle, before we started out on patrol. Poor Bob was wearing one of the very hot yellow raincoats to keep dry.

We completed 40 vacation watches. We moved rapidly as there were minimal issues. Two families had returned home, so we were able to take them off the list.

After we completed our VW’s, we just drive around looking for issues or assisting on medical calls. I spotted a pontoon boat which had its seat up the air. Bob made a quick U-turn, and we stopped. Bob looked into it. We called the owner, who of course had to call us back, as I have a Maryland phone number, so people do not answer. We were not doing a vacation watch on this home today, so that we had to get the information from Base, to make the call. The gal was very appreciative that we let her know, and she was calling a friend to fix the problem. We cannot touch her belongings.

We also found an open garage door. We called that in, and the homeowner has never registered with the Posse. Stupid! If the owner had registered, we would have his/her phone number to call and ask if she/he meant to leave the garage door open. No one answered when we rang the front or back doorbells, and the car was not in the garage. Neither neighbor was home, either. Tina arrived and decided that we would just leave it like that, as the door looked old, and the person may have left it open on purpose. Besides, there was no way to close the door and get out of the garage in time. This home is in the southern area, where the homeless have been very busy! That was the end of today’s Posse story! We returned home, ate lunch, and took a nap!

We started watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix, after finishing Purple Heart.

Friday- Our regular Posse duty. We had 39 vacation watches today! It is cool, temps in the 80’s and 90’s, with a bright sunny sky, although still very humid!

At one house, Bob walked up to the door, checked that the security door was locked, and it opened. Behind it, the front door was open. We called in to the Posse and Courtney the DO. We are not allowed to enter a home with out the permission of the owner.

The next-door neighbor was the key holder, so we went next door.  The woman was not home, but her daughter was there. She called her mother, who was at Walmart, and found out where the key was located. We went with her over to the house, keeping the key holder on the phone the entire time. The gal went into the house, and it did not look like the house had been vandalized. We stood at the front door; in case we were needed to assist her. Bob went around to the back of the house, and everything was okay there. We decided that the door might not have been locked, as the owners had just left recently, and the monsoon wind yesterday may have blown the door open. The daughter of the keyholder locked the door and the key holder was going to check the house again when she returned.

The monsoon wind had also knocked down a tree in a front yard, at another home, so we called that owner who returned the call and said he was going to call his yardwork person to take care of the tree.

I rec’d a phone call from our neighbor across the courtyard. We had a screen off the courtyard side of the condo. I thanked her for letting us know and let her know we were on Posse patrol and would fix it when we arrived home.

We also found a bunch of packages at one home, so we called that keyholder to let her know to go over to the home to pick up the packages. It was a busy morning for us!!!

We returned home and Bob straightened out the screen and put it back up. I had to hold the screen while he was securing it.

We took a nap. When I woke up, I checked my email. I found an email from Linda, letting us all know, that Mary, who had worn a mask all afternoon on Wednesday at card embroidery, had just tested positive for Covid. Ugh! Mary had just arrived back in Sun City, from visiting her grandkids.

We raced to the grocery store and went into hibernation/quarantine.  We wore our masks while in the Walmart.

I cancelled both of us for Monday at the Posse. I was supposed to do dispatch on Monday morning for practice, with Fay and Cyndi. Fay’s husband Danny has been on chemo, so I especially did not want to take any chances with infecting Fay. Bob was scheduled to do 30 VW’s. We are hoping to test negative. We will start testing tomorrow evening. Luckily, we have plenty of tests! Of course, it is the weekend. If we test positive, we plan to call our Doctors’ offices, to ask the on call Doc for the Paxlovid, that Biden was taking.  

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  1. Wow 5:45am for a swim and it was packed. Interesting. I just got over COVID and did take the Paxlovid. It has to be taken immediately to stop the COVID from spreading further. COVID was like having the flu. Developed a horrible cought that is still lingering on. Hope you did not catch it.

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