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Sat. Sept. 10 to Fri. Sept. 16- Sun City AZ to Texas

Saturday- We worked on our meal menu for the time that we will be gone. We are going to Big Bend National Park, in the southwest part of Texas. There are no grocery stores or other facilities in this very rural area. We are having to take everything with us. We will not have internet access either, we think, during the time that we are there. In fact, Bob discovered that the closest Walgreens is 150 miles away!

We went to Costco for items, then off to Aldi’s. We stopped at Walgreens for Bob to pick up his prescription. They did not have the entire prescription, so he refused to take it. They would not be getting the medication in for 12 days. We explained that he needed the medication before then. The gal is supposedly working on getting the medication into the pharmacy.

Bob said that this is happening too many times and that maybe he should switch to CVS.  CVS- EEK, we have our booster shots scheduled at CVS for 11 am and it was already after 11! We raced to the CVS. We arrived at 11:07. The pharmacist said he would be with us in a minute. Okay. He asked for Bob’s name. Bob gave it and the pharmacist said we did not have appointments. HUH?? After going back and forth a bit, we asked him to go ahead and give us the vaccinations. He said that he could not, as he would not have enough for people who had appointments. HUH! We had appointments scheduled!! We walked out and when we arrived home, Bob made us appointments at a Walgreens for tomorrow.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Sunday- We did our usual tasks of going to Walmart to finish our grocery shopping. We stopped on the way at Bashas to pick up bread as Dave’s was on sale. They also had pork loin on sale, so we purchased one. We returned home and split it, as it was 4 lbs. We seasoned it and put it in the freezer to take with us to Texas as two of our meals. We also split up a lot of the other groceries and started boxing them, getting ready to put them into the rig. Living in the rig made traveling much easier, as everything was already with us. We have to carefully do our travel list, as it is too hot to leave a lot of items in the rig all the time.

We ate lunch and went for our Covid vaccination appointments at Walgreens. They did not even hurt, but I will bet our arms will be sore tomorrow. We had a quiet afternoon.

At 6, we met up with Linda, Mike, Karen, and John at The Streets of New York. This is an Italian/pizza restaurant. Karen and Linda had salads, John had pizza, Bob had baked ziti and I had angel hair with marinara and meatballs. Bob and I took half home for another meal. We had a great time catching up with our friends. The restaurant closes at 8, but we were the last to leave at 7:30.

Monday- Wow, both our arms are really sore. I did not go to the walking pool, which was a good thing, as it started to rain. Bob and the dogs got caught up in a surprise shower.

I had one of Carolyn’s classes this morning. Poor Carolyn had a problem with the expensive paper. It was cracking when folded. We stopped doing the first item and Carolyn will make them and give them to us later.

In the afternoon, Bob was monitoring the wood shop. I took a nap and woke up without my headache. My arm was still sore.

Tuesday- Both of our arms were back to normal. I went to the walking pool.

I worked on completing cards. Bob ran over to the rig, turned on the refrigerator and added water to the batteries.

After eating an early lunch, I went to the Bell Craft Club to monitor from 12-3. We packed up at 2:30 and closed up. Only 1 card sold during the 2.5 hours.

We had a quiet evening.

Wednesday- I went to the walking pool. The temp was 76 degrees this morning. It’s sunny, but still humid. The high today is only gong to be 94 degrees. Much nicer!

After breakfast, we started packing up items to take to the rig. We had to run to Costco, Sam’s Club, and Walmart We returned home, ate lunch, and I went to my embroidery workshop. I picked up some items I had purchased through a group order, and I dropped off a die cut to one of the gals who purchased with me.

I stopped at Dollar Tree to pick up two cheap serving spoons to use at potlucks. I don’t like to use my good stuff, as it tends to disappear at the parties.

When I returned home, we did more packing. We ate dinner and read our books.

Thursday- I went to the walking pool. We ate breakfast and I dropped Bob off at the rig. I returned home and closed up the containers, checking our list. Bob took the rig to Orangewood RV on the way back to the condo, to purchase propane. He stopped at the Circle K for diesel, as it was the least expensive place, as $4.99/gal. They had raised the price overnight.

We finished packing the rig. Bob cleaned the windshield. Somehow, we found that one of the sets of RV keys was missing. Bob had taken both keys with him this morning. He went back and checked to make sure they were not on the ground. They were not and no one had turned them in to security. We have no idea where they had disappeared too…

We were late leaving, as we left after lunch, without one set of keys. We will have to deal with that when we return home.

We drove to Tucson and stopped at a Walmart parking lot. I stayed with the rig and Bob disconnected the car and went to El Charro to pick up our dinners.

He returned and we hooked up the car, and continued on to Benson AZ, to Valley Verde RV Park, where we stay for free through TT.

While Bob was gone, the parked called at 3:45, to find out if we would be there before 4:15. Nope, we were still in Tucson. They were leaving the admission packet for us at the door to the office. We already knew which site we were assigned.

We pulled into a pull-thru site and hooked up. We have full hook ups with 30 amp which is perfect. We ate dinner, watched some TV, and read our books.

Friday- It was 56 degrees when we woke up! That felt really cold when we are used to 100’s!  I had the code to get into the pool, but it was too cold to go walk in their pool!

We ran to Walmart to pick up items that we forgot, since they were not on our list! They are now… We left around 9:30 to travel east on I-10. Our destination is El Rancho Seguro, a BoonDockers Welcome. We had stayed with Andy last spring on our way east. The parking sites are flat, on gravel, and we had 15 amp electric for $5. There was a small class B motorhome in the site we stayed in last time. We parked up next to the garage. We had a beautiful view of the mountains.

New Mexico mountains

We talked with Jackie, the gal with the Class B who was traveling alone, and of course Andy. Andy is selling his home and moving to Deming, where he will have room for 10 rigs! He is moving to a smaller home on 2 acres.

It was quiet and dark. What more can you ask for in a site with water/electric for $5 a night!

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