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Sat. Apr 23 to Fri. Apr 29- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We packed a lot of items for the rig. At before 11, we went to Costco for our booster shots. They had to defrost the vaccine, so we had to wait. Then the pharmacist had us wait 10 minutes to make sure we did not have a reaction. We picked up a few items and went to Café Zupas for lunch. This was the first time we have eaten inside the restaurant since the start of the pandemic.

We packed some more, read our books and had a quiet afternoon.

Sunday- We did our usual shopping. Both of our arms were sore, but other than that, we did not have any reactions. We basically had a quiet day.

Monday- I had Carolyn’s class in the calligraphy room in the morning and tangle art in the afternoon. Bob has been running back and forth to the rig making sure everything is ready to go mechanically.

Tuesday- Bob had his doctor appointment. His blood pressure has been up, so it was a re-check after the new medication. I have been checking it at home several times a day.

I had my morning at Grand Ave from 9-12. I returned home and packed some more.

Wednesday- Bob took the Kia to be detailed. It had not been done before we purchased it, other than getting the stain off the ceiling, and it was pretty dirty inside. I worked on cards all morning. I had my embroidery class in the afternoon. There had been an embroidery die cut I had wanted from AliExpress, but they have not had it. For some reason, they had it today, so I purchased it. Linda was looking over my shoulder, so she asked me to purchase another one of it, and several others for the club. AliExpress is in China, but the prices are so much less expensive (approx. $4 vs $40) that we purchase them from China, as they are the same ones. Unfortunately, the credit union freaked out. So I had to call them to say that yes, I had done this order. I still had issues, so I ordered each one individually. They take a long time to arrive, as you can imagine.

Thursday- We took the dogs to the groomers at 8AM. At 9, I had the Calligraphy workshop. I left at 11, and went to the Chiropractor. I stayed home in the afternoon, and worked on pricking some embroidery cards to take with me while we travel.

Friday- We had Posse in the morning. We turned in our time sheets before we left. We packed in the afternoon. Here is our new prickly pear cactus out front of the condo which is blooming.

Prickly pear cactus

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