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Sat. Apr 30 to Fri May 6- Sun City AZ to Calhoun LA

Saturday- We went over to the rig with a lot of items. Then I had a haircut at 11. We continued packing.

Sunday- We went grocery shopping, picked up the rig, packed the groceries, refrigerator items, and freezer items. We left after lunch. We traveled south on the 101. The tire pressure monitor alarmed, so we pulled into the Costco parking lot in Tollison. This was not very far into our trip! Bob added air to the tire and we continued our trip to Tucson.

We stopped in a Walmart parking lot and disconnected the car. Bob went to El Charo to pick up dinner for us. We met up in Benson AZ at the TT there which was free for us.

Monday- Bob checked the tire and found it was low again. When I went into the office to turn in the paperwork, as we had arrived after they had closed yesterday, the manager said they had a tire repair facility in town. So she called them to find out if they worked on RV’s and they did. So Bob took the RV there. I stopped in at Walmart on the way.

They fixed the tire for $29. It was an air leak around the valve where the glue had not sealed completely. This was an inside tire, so they had to put th RV up, to take the tire off. These are brand new tires!

We left around 10:30 on I-10. We went to a BW just west of El Paso, called El Rancho Seguro. The owner, Andy was a hoot. We talked with him for quite a while. The spot was flat and very dark at night, out in the desert. We had 15A service.

Tuesday- We said good-bye to Andy, paying him $5 for the electric. We stopped in El Paso at the Walmart for diesel at $4.83, a lot less expensive than anywhere else in town at $5.39!

We continued east to Ft. Stockton TX. We stayed at a PA park for $25 a night. It was not much, but we did not need anything else.

Wednesday- We continued east on I-10 to San Antonio. We stayed in my cousin’s driveway, visiting with Diane and her hubby Vic. We went to dinner at a Mexican Restaurant, which had ½ price appetizers. We all ate the appetizers. Bob had a beer and I had a strawberry margarita. The first one of those I have had in years!

Thursday- We continued east on I-10. We stopped in Shulenberg for Kolaches. They were very good! We are adding this restaurant to our stopping-by list!

Kolaches in Sholenberg

Then we stopped at another place for Kolaches. We are on the Kolache trail. This was actually a gas station. We had those Kolaches for dinner.

Our plan had been to visit the Blue Bell factory, but it was 40 miles out of our way. So we decided to stop at the George Bush Presidential Museum. The weather changed! It became stormy with lightning and heavy rain. So we went straight to the RV Park, Primrose Lane, and another PA park where we paid $20 for FHU.

Friday- We drove north on back roads to I-20.We went through a lot of heavy fog. About every third vehicle did not have their lights on! Very dangerous!

We turned onto I-20 and continued east. We stopped at another PA park at mile post 101. This was behind a Chevron station. $12.50 for a FHU site! It was flat and we parked on new gravel.

We could not get the stove to work, (operator error), and we went to dinner at the Huddle House in the Chevron.  The food was actually pretty good!

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  1. On the road again! Yahoo!

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