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Sat. Apr. 16 to Fri. Apr. 22- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We had our usual Zoom at 11 AM today, as tomorrow is Easter Sunday. We had a quiet day at home with our Easter dinner from Texas Roadhouse!

Sunday- We did our usual shopping. We had a quiet day at home doing tasks around the condo. Bob was having a drug reaction to a medication that the Neurologist suggested that he take. He has stopped the medication.

Monday- I had Carolyn’s box making class. That was fun. Then tangle art in the afternoon.

Tuesday- Bob had his surgery scheduled for 9:30, so I dropped him off at the surgical center at 8:15. I went to Dollar Tree for some card making items.

I then went to the Posse Operation Meeting. That was over at 10, and I returned to the surgical center. I had to wait a ½ hour for Bob. He was still in surgery when I arrived. He did fine, and the surgeon took out 5 more of the lymphomas. We have no idea why they keep growing.

At 1, I went to the Posse and help Theresa with transferring pictures into the general file. Bob slept away the afternoon.

Wednesday- Bob went to Costco this morning. I was monitoring at the Bell Craft Club, and I trained a gal. She is going to be great! I had taken my lunch with me, and ate in the class room. I stayed for the embroidery workshop, helping Linda set up. After the workshop I went straight to a Chiropractor appointment.

Bob is doing well post-op, or I would not have left him! He had some swelling and the area was warm, but no infection.

Thursday- I had the Calligraphy Workshop this morning. Then I went to a nail appointment at 1. Bob’s arm is doing really well, no pain, redness or drainage. Just a little swelling.  Bob is working on the rig, getting ready for us to leave.

Friday- We had our usual Posse morning. We had 11 vacation watches and we only had to call two people about leaving security doors unlocked. We have been trying all week to get our second booster shots, but no luck. We finally found appointments at the Costco pharmacy for tomorrow morning. Nowhere else had appointments available until mid-May.

We took the rig to the tire place for new tires for the back of the rig, at 2. At 4, they called to let us know that the valves were rubbing on the tires in the back. Bob was aware of this and has a work around for it. They said okay. After that, Bob drove to the RV storage and I picked him up there and took him to the tire place. He then drove the rig back to storage, when it was ready, and drove the Kia home.

I had returned to the condo, as I had baked brownies for this evening’s “hen potluck”. I got the brownies ready to go. Bob arrived home before I left. There were 18 ladies from the condo’s there, no men. We had a really nice time. I came home at almost 8, having left just after 5. Bob ate a tamale for dinner and watches some TV.  

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