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Sat. April 9 to Fri. April15- Sun City to Apache Junction AZ

Saturday- It was our 34th wedding anniversary! We picked up the RV and brought it over to the condo. We loaded it up, and left at about 10:30 to drive to Apache Junction AZ. We had a reservation at Golden Sun RV Park, which is in our TT plan. We arrived before 12, and checked into our site. We ate lunch and took a nap.

We had dinner reservations at Barleen’s Dinner Theater in Apache Junction. We arrived to find our seats. On the table were pieces of a delicious chocolate cake. Baleen’s motto is, eat dessert first! They are known for their chocolate cake. Baleen’s is a family run theater, with generations of the family working in the theater, singing and playing instruments. From the cast introductions, we think the family can only date and marry musically talented people!

This show was the greatest hits of their season. They only have one more week to perform in Arizona, before some of the family goes to the Yellowstone area and the rest to Colorado to their other theaters.

The show was very good, with a mix of 50’s, 60’s, and country songs. Check out this guy’s hair!

The wine and beer were good and the food was very good! The 2 hour show ended at 9:30. Dinner had been at 6, but we were served at about 6:30. In case you were still hungry, at intermission, they sold ice cream sundaes. We did not buy the ice cream, but the sundaes looked tasty.

Sunday- We left around 10:30 to go into the Superstition Mountains to the town of Tortilla Flats, driving the Apache Trail. The trail went from Apache Junction to the Roosevelt dam. The road is closed 8 miles past Tortilla Flats, due to flood damage.

Superstition mountains
Sign at overlook

Tortilla Flats was a stage coach stop in Arizona. Some people bought the town and have rebuilt it into an attraction. Unfortunately, the town in located in a flood zone, and floods during the Monsoons, every few years.

On the way into town, we stopped at an overlook of the lake made from the dam. On the way down the hill, there was a 5th wheel which was stopped on the uphill side of the road. We think his truck overheated. There are several campgrounds in the area.

View from overlook

We passed another 5th wheel chugging up the hill. We arrived in Tortilla Flats, which is about 2 blocks long. They have parking on the street and on the hill above the town.

Tortilla Flats

We wandered through the town and ate lunch in the saloon. The saloon has dollar bills all over the walls and ceiling. The saloon had burnt down in the 1980’s, burning up all the dollar bills which had been on the walls at that time, but that did not seem to stop people from donating more dollar bills for the building. Lunch was good, Bob had a Rubin and I had a grilled cheese. We both brought home half for lunch tomorrow.

Saloon with money walls

On the return drive, we stopped at Gold Mine, a tourist trap. It was fun to wander around anyway. We passed the Apache Junction Elks Lodge which had an RV park.

Gold Mine tourist trap

We took a nap when we returned. The temp was in the 90’s and of course, bright and sunny! We ordered Chinese for dinner. The wind was howling, and it was not nice for sitting outside.

Monday- We had a quiet day, reading and playing on our iPads. I had taken my Calligraphy with me to practice, and completed my 300 page book of tracing paper! Good thing I have another book to start at home! I participated in the book exchange in their activity room. Taking and leaving books.

The temp was in the 80’s, with a very strong wind, making it not a good day to sit outside. We ordered Mexican for dinner, as Mexican food is very good in Arizona, this unfortunately turned out not to be!

Tuesday- We packed up and got on the road right after rush hour, as the forecast was for the winds to pick up, even more. We made it home before it became too windy for travel.

We unpacked the rig, but it was too late to do much of the laundry. We have an electric plan which increases our rate between 3 pm and 8 pm. Luckily, they are changing the hours in the near future, to 4 to 7. We relaxed and had a quiet evening.

Wednesday- I had a 10:00 hearing appointment at Costco. I had made an appointment with Mario Flores, who did Bob’s hearing aids 5 years ago. I have some hearing loss, but not enough to justify hearing aids. Bob ran a lot of errands. He also made the appointment for new tires for the RV.

I had shopped at Costco and Fry’s and returned home for a quick lunch. Then I went to my card embroidery class.

Bob had the RV at the condo, as we had found that the satellite was not working on our shake down trip. Direct TV was scheduled between 12-4. They came and fixed a wire and it is now working. I had a chiropractor appt. in the afternoon.

Bob had also managed to get our reservation in Savanah GA, where we can leave the RV plugged in while we are in Hilton Head this May. One less thing to worry about!

Thursday- I went to the Calligraphy workshop. I left early, as I had the Bell Craft Club monthly meeting at 11. The meeting ended and I went into the Craft Room and got the paperwork to sign up to be a seller. I have to do more monitoring (which I do anyway) and of course the cards have to go through quality control. They do at Calligraphy also!

I had my last PT appointment at 1:45. We had a quiet evening.

Friday- Our Posse morning. We had 9 vacation watches. I ended up calling 5 of the families, because one had a shed unlocked. 4 had screen doors or gates left unlocked. The guy with the shed says he never locks it and one of the wife’s called me back to let me know they never lock their gates. Guess they are going to take their chances, but we have had a lot of thefts in the area! We think they are crazy, but it’s their problem! 

We were called to a fire to try to keep the “lookie-loo’s” away and to watch the equipment. The fire trucks from Peoria and Surprise were also there. Turned out not to be much of a fire. The firemen put it out with a fire extinguisher. We had 5 other calls, so it was a busy shift.

We returned home and had a quiet afternoon.

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