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Sat. Jan. 22 to Fri. Jan. 28- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We went to pick up my Posse shirt from the gal who was adding the name badge. We went to the Oakmont Rec Ctr. to meet up with her as directed. She was not there, I called her and she apologized, as she had forgotten and she was not there. So we went to her home. We pulled into the driveway and she walked the shirt out and I paid her the $10. I have a receipt and I will see if I can get reimbursed. If not, it’s only $10.

We had the dogs with us, but we still stopped at some Estate sales. The dogs were bored, but Bob walked them once. We purchased some binders and a single hole punch.

I had discovered that April is positive for Covid. So I took a home kit, even though I have no symptoms. We are trying to stretch the tests out, so I took one and Bob did not. Our thought is if I have it, then he has it.

We worked on finding a car.

We returned home and had a quiet afternoon, and evening.

Sunday- We were off to Walmart for groceries. We could not get the distilled water at Walmart, so we stopped at Bash’s. They were sold out also. We will try during the week.

We had our Sunday Zoom with our friends at noon. We had a quiet afternoon and evening.  We did find a car in Oregon through Varoom. We lost out on the car while the gal kept asking us questions. She told us she would call us back and she never did.

We found another car, on CarMax that is in San Antonio. It has two cosmetic issues, inside. There is a stain on the ceiling of the car which cannot be removed and a stain on the back seat. A kid must have exploded an orange soda. The back seat will be covered with a dog cover, so no issue there. I guess I can put something over the ceiling if it bothers me.

We paid the transfer fee and the car will be put on the truck to be delivered to the West Valley Phoenix CarMax.

Monday- I had my NG treatment at 8:30, but it was cancelled.  I returned home and started a Calligraphy Zoom. This is a free 4 week course. At 1 I went to my Zentangle.  Bob was working on buying the car.

Tuesday- I had my hair cut at 9 AM. Bob had Koda’s training at 11. I have Mahjongg with Diane and MaryAnn. We took MaryAnn along with us. She had never played, and Dorothy is a very good teacher. The Maj was at Royal Oaks. Dorothy lives there and we played on the 2nd floor in a common area with just 2 tables. There were 5 of us, another gal, Sheryl, who has just learned the basics was there also. Royal Oaks is some place! Very expensive to live there. We had to check in and out, which was interesting, as they have a machine where you sign in and it takes your temperature, and spits out a name badge.

Wednesday- All of April’s classes are cancelled for the rest of the month, so I had a free morning. I worked on some cards. I had the card embroidery workshop in the afternoon. I left early to go to my NG treatment at 2:30. At 4:15 I had an appt. with a new Chiropractor. He is very close to us and someone had recommended him. It was an interesting treatment. He stretched my back, which felt really good! The he did everything with a shooter thing. It has a name but I can’t remember the name. A lot of Chiropractors use them, but he only uses it. He would press on a spot with the tool, and he did not do the usual treatments. I am not sure I like this type of treatment. I will see how it works.

A puzzle I have been working on for a few weeks.

Thursday- Bob dropped me off at the Calligraphy monthly meeting. We had the meeting and made a cute little box. Bob picked me up afterwards. He had run some errands. I learned more about what I needed to do as the Publicity Chair.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Friday- We had our usual Posse this morning. It was very boring. We only had 1 call. We are going to see if we can trade with Bob Lucas to Division 2, where it is busier.

I was on a race, to get to the NG treatment at noon. I had to change my top, but I can wear my Posse pants, as they have no insignia on them. Bob drove me to the NG, and while I was in there, we picked up lunch at Jack in the Box on the corner near there. I just had a bar for lunch.

Bob picked me up and took me to the Introduction to Calligraphy class. This is a 4 week class, given by the Calligraphy group. Each week we are introduced to new tools and processes. The class was really informative.

The various tools that they gave us at class.

Bob picked me up at 3. We returned home, and ate dinner at around 4. I just had a salad and Bob had a grilled cheese. We left to go to the Oakmont Rec Center to assist with a Beer Tasting.

We arrived to find that the people who were to run the activity had Covid, so someone else had taken over. The second issue, was the paperwork had been given to the staff at the facility, but the information never trickled down to the workers. The poor staff had no idea that 90 people were coming starting at 5:30. Everyone went into hurry mode. We managed to get everything set up before people arrived. Bob and Paul did the beer section. I helped some. We could not pour the beer, as we are not licensed to pour. Everyone who attended was instructed to bring a 6 pack, per couple. Last time they did this they said bring a 6 pack per person. Oops, that meant a lot of left over beer.

We had a great time. Bob was able to taste any beers he was interested in purchasing at Total Wine and More. They also had people bring snacks. There were a lot of cheese plates.

The event ended at 8, we helped to clean up, which did not take long. Once we want to get started I just yelled, come and get some beer to take home. As one guy said, “I came with a 6 pack and I am leaving with a 6 pack!” We met a lot of people and we did one of our two times we are supposed to volunteer. I suspect we will do it again next month, as this is now set up for the last Friday evening of the month.

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