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Sat. Jan. 29 to Fri. Feb 4, Sun City AZ   

Saturday- We went to Estate Sales again today. We found 2 chairs for the eat-in kitchen area, to replace the ones we have with black duct tape on the seats. We found the old chairs in the trash area at Paradise RV Park, brought them with us, and put on the duct tape. We thought we would use them until we found something else. These chairs, which are suede, were priced at $14 each, as there were only 2 of them. It was 50% off day, so we bought them for $7 each. A real bargain!

We also found an exercise bike. It has been cold and very windy, so I have not been able to ride my bike. This was there for $60, so we only paid $30 for it. It is an older Proform. The battery was missing. We opened the battery door and found a spring missing, but the connections are good. So Bob has ordered a spring for the compartment. I am still using it every day, but I cannot increase the pressure or use the timer. It also has a fan in the front, which is nice! I turned the bedroom TV so it faces both the bed and the bike so I can watch TV while riding. Sure is cheaper than a Pelaton!

We did our usual Saturday tasks. I did laundry and Bob cleaned the coffee pot out, as one of his first of the month jobs.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Sunday- We did our usual early morning trip to Walmart for groceries. They did not have any distilled water, but we stopped at Bash’s again and they had them, still for 99 cents.

I continued doing laundry, and we did other tasks. We had our Zoom at noon with our friends. We were certainly busy today. I started a new jig saw puzzle.

Bob had painted the inside wall on the patio, so he returned everything to its usual place. We did the inside of the wall with the color approved for the outside, which is darker than what was up there before. The brighter color created quite a glare when the sun hit the wall. We BBQ’d dinner on the grill, as it was a little bit warmer today.

Monday- I was supposed to have my NG appt. at 8:30, but I was cancelled again. They tend to pull Jose to work elsewhere when they need him. l worked on cards in the morning.

Bob went to the Wood Shop for his second class on the machine. They had the same problems again. The internet did not work and they could not get the darn machine to work. Bob came home at a little past 10, for his one hour class which had started at 8.

I had a Chiropractor appt. at 10:30. At 1, I went to the Zentangle workshop. I monitored the room, so that was my second time for the year. There were only 4 of us there. But there are other tasks.

Bob continues working on the CNC class and he has been doing other tasks.

Tuesday- We had the Posse General Meeting. We both attended. I had protested saying to Cindy that I really needed to be at the meetings. She agreed that I could be late, and is going to switch my mornings in March.

We left right after the meeting and Bob dropped me off at the Grand Ave. office. I was with a gal named Mary, who could actually use the phone. It was very quiet with no one coming in. I colored several a Zentangle for cards.

Bob took Koda to her class today at 11. She did extremely well. The teacher called her a “rock star”! Bob said there was another dog there who should not be in the class, as the other dog was a real issue. He picked me up at about 12:15.

I was supposed to drive to Maj this afternoon, picking up Andrea and Diane, but both cancelled so I decided to stay home and read my book. I also worked on the blog and cards.

Bob did his first of the month tasks. He also had the Astronomy Meeting which he attended via Zoom at 7 PM. I watched a Hallmark movie that I had recorded.

Wednesday- Today was the bug guy day. So we had to leave the garage door and gate open for him to spray. I had a nail appointment at 10 AM. Then Card Embroidery at 12. Bob has been working on some tasks around the condo.  That included sodering the battery compartment on the ‘new to us’ exercise bike.  

At 1:30 I had my next NG treatment. I am definitely feeling a difference in my feet.

Bob had a Doctor appointment scheduled for 5 PM. He arrived to find that they had lost the appointment. So they remade the appointment and unfortunately, it is not right up the street, it is in Surprise, which is a short drive away. He was pretty frustrated!

Thursday- I had a Chiropractor appt. at 8 AM. I ran there, then returned. Bob drove me to the Calligraphy Workshop where I worked on the display window and some “Love Cards”, to go to the nursing homes.

Meanwhile, Bob had his blood drawn. He picked me up at 11. He brought Koda with him, as Roxie has decided she likes to stay home and sleep.

At 12 I dropped Bob off at the Wood Shop, as he is monitoring from 12 to 4. After I dropped him off and I stopped at an Estate sale, went to CVS to pick up 4 D batteries for the exercise bike, and stopped at Tuesday Morning for a cutter. They had a small one for $5.99. One of the gals had one at the workshop this morning. So I went looking for one.  I can carry that in my bag for use at the clubs.

I went to the Next Gen Ponytail Canasta at 1 and had a great time. We actually won this week. My playing is improving and I am now able to count the points. It’s complicated, as you count various cards twice and differently.

Since our games took almost until 4, I hung around waiting for Bob to complete his monitoring. We drove home and had a quiet evening.

Friday- Posse morning. We had switched from Division 3 to Division 2. We like that division better, as it is busier. Bob Lucas wanted to move back to Division 3, so it all worked out.

We were asked to call into Base, which meant it was something that they did not want to go over the air on the radio. It was a call to a house by a lady who was terrified to go out of her home.

At 4:30 AM, she got up and went into her garage to do a few tasks. She turned on the lights. Later when she went outside, she found a golf bag cart with a brand new generator on it, beside the garage. So she called the Posse, who sent us out, after telling her to call 911.

She also called her neighbor across the street, and he came over and found that it was his golf bag cart. He has a shed that has no lock, and he had left his golf clubs, money for poker, and other items of value in there. The guy said his golf clubs were worth more than the generator, and nothing else was stolen from him.

Anyway, we arrived and talked to them. No one touched the generator or the cart. We all left it alone. The sales tag had fallen to the ground and the woman had dropped the tag back on the generator.

A lady down the street’s shed was open, and Bob walked down to her house, and told her to check her shed. She had to get dressed but she did that. She had nothing missing.

Our DO arrived, saw that we were doing everything right and she left, after looking at the generator. MCSO arrived after about 25 minutes. They looked at the situation and called for the evidence technicians to come check the generator. MCSO released us to leave at about 8:40. We had been there about 45 minutes.

We drove by several more times to make sure everything was going okay. MCSO went door to door to have people check their sheds and garages. Yup, it was a crime spree. Several more homes had been hit, with lots of items taken. We also found out that the generator belonged to her next door neighbor. When we arrived back at Base, I wrote up work sheets for all the shifts to patrol this neighborhood more, even though we do not patrol past 9 PM.

As we were doing our drive-by at the banks, we came upon a young man and woman who have started living at one of the banks. There are a lot of homeless people in the area. As soon as they saw us arrive, they quickly picked up their belongings, or at least some of them, and took off. We parked and went into the bank to let them know that we would be following through with this issue. They said that the couple had arrived on Monday and stayed there each night. They told them that they have to leave before the bank opens. This time they over-stayed, as it was after 9:15. So I called our DO and let her know. She and her trainee came by several times and so did we. One time, Bob checked behind the dumpster, and found clothing and food. I also had to write that up so that the other shifts can drive-by more often. We are also having a problem with homeless sleeping behind another bank across Grand Avenue, in Division 1.

Then we had one medical call. We knew it was a real emergency, as we were going to the home, the Medic Unit was running lights and sirens. Many times they do not run the siren or the lights, as they are going to a fall or other non-life threatening calls. We park away from the truck and the Medic Unit but still watched the vehicles. They were really rushing. One guy had the family move one car from the driveway, so that they could get the gurney in and out quickly. Bob saw the patient, and said he really looked bad. They were really hustling. The hospital was about 3-4 minutes away, with lights and siren. Our job is to watch the emergency vehicles, make sure that a family member or neighbor locks the home, and if there are pets, that they will have someone to care for them.

By this time we had finished all our drive-by’s and were just waiting to be called in.

Once we were called in, I had to rush, as I had to do the paperwork, then change my top. We cannot go in uniform anywhere except from Posse to home. So I had taken a top with me. Bob did the drive-thru at Jack-in-The Box again for lunch, so technically, he did not get out of the car. I was out by 12:30. We had enough time for us to return home. I dropped off Bob and went to my 1 PM Introduction to Calligraphy class.

This class is very good. It is not about writing as much as it is about showing us the different pens, and how and why to use them.

I returned home and I was very tired. I worked on the puzzle some and read. We ate dinner and had a quiet evening.  

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