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Sat. Jan. 15 to Fri. Jan. 21- Sun City AZ

Saturday- I started laundry and we went to some Estate Sales. We did not find much this week. We stopped at Costco, thinking that it was going to be very busy but we quickly found a parking spot and there was no one in the checkout line. We bought gas for $3.39/gal. It is $3.69 everywhere else.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Sunday- We ran to Walmart for groceries. We found everything except the distilled water. We stopped at Bash’s for the distilled water and bought 10 gallons at $0.99 a gallon. So far Koda is behaving and not getting into the trash. It was a quiet day for us. We took a nap in the afternoon and I rode my bike for the first time. It was a day that was warm, 72 degrees, and light wind.

Monday- Bob was off to the Wood Shop for his class on the using a CNC router. This is a one-on-one class and Bob is going for certification on the tool. Things did not go well. There was a problem with the software, as their software had not been updated and there were internet problems. Also, the machine would not take his flash drive. So the plan is for Bob to get a new flash drive and some router bits. They are going to try to update the software. This is three, one hour classes.

Meanwhile, I stayed home and worked on cards. I was able to finish some of them. At 9, I had a free Calligraphy Zoom which lasted until 10:30. While I was on the zoom, Jose called and set me up for an 11 AM NG. Bob had run some errands after his class, he returned, and I left for the NG treatment. I always feel really good afterwards. So far, we are back on course for the rest of my treatments. I hope there will not be any more cancellations.

In the afternoon I went to a Zentangle workshop. When I returned, I relaxed and started a Hallmark movie. Bob was working on the computer. At 4:10 he realized we were missing the Condo Social. So we packed up the dogs and went. It was chilly, so we only stayed until 4:50.

Tuesday- I have my second orientation to the Posse Grand Avenue Satellite office. What a waste of time this orientation is, but I guess I have to do it! Bob dropped me off and went to the Posse Ops meeting. We have a new timesheet and the new trainer, Randy, who is a cop, talked about dealing with the homeless. One of the things that he said was that all of the homeless have a weapon. Do not get near them! On patrol, if we see homeless we are to call the DO and get them to deal with the homeless person.

Bob arrived home, walked the dogs and took Koda to her next class. The instructor gave him this certificate from Koda’s last class.


He picked me up at 12:15. We went home and ate lunch. My Mahjongg session was cancelled for this afternoon. It seems like I am never going to be able to pay Maj on Tuesday afternoons!

We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Wednesday- We went to the Welcome to Sun City Seminar at the Sundial Center. They did not have this last year due to the pandemic. There were booths with a lot of the clubs, some we did not know about. The seminar part was very well done by the RCSC staff.

We left and stopped at the Dollar Store, then went looking at small cars to tow behind the RV. We settled on a Kia Soul. The 2022’s have a new transmission which can be towed, but we are not really in the market for a new car. Plus we are a little bit leery of a 2022 with a new engine and transmission design. We want them to get the bugs cleared out. The 2020 and 2021 cannot be towed, plus they seem to have a lot of issues, so we are looking at 2019’s with a manual transmission, which can be towed. It’s been a long time since either of us have driven a manual, but both of us were proficient with them in the past. The dealerships have not had any of the manual transmissions for a long time. We are looking online. We did test drive a 2019, with an automatic transmission, at the local dealership.

I left after lunch and went to my embroidery class. Bob worked on his drawing for the wood shop.

In the afternoon we looked at cars online. We found several. We are not in a rush, so we will wait to make a decision.

Thursday- I had an appointment with my new Doctor. I had a fall about a month ago. I thought I had just pulled a muscle in my left leg, but the pain has not gone away. So I finally gave in and went to the Doc. I have a torn hamstring. I have to have an MRI and PT. He could feel a lump in the back of my thigh. He also recommended a CBD roll on. So I am trying that, in addition to Voltarin!

I went to the Calligraphy room, as we had an open house and signed up a lot of folks for the classes. We also sold a lot of cards. Bob is pretty miserable from a treatment from the Dermatologist, so he is staying home and resting, as he has not been sleeping because his face is on fire. I went to Ponytail Canasta from 1-3. Diane and I were partners and we lost by a big margin.

Friday– Bob’s face is starting to be a little bit less red and he is feeling a little bit better. We had Posse this morning. We had no Vacation Watches today. It was pretty quiet and boring. We stopped at a garage sale and bought a picture for an empty spot on a wall. I will show it when we get it up on the wall.

Because it was our Condo Associating meeting this morning, at the Posse office, we were allowed by the DO to attend. We went too early, as the fighting started at about 10:15, we had arrived a 9:30.  We voted on a motion to have the landscaper’s contract given to all residents. We left before the end to get back on the road. On the way back to our division, we stopped at that one medical in Division 2, as he was already busy. They were short someone on the next shift, so we got off late from our day.

We returned home, ate lunch, and I went to my NG meeting. Bob is relaxing still, as his face is still pretty sore.

I went for a mani/pedi at 3:30. It was a quiet evening.

Here are the cards I am going to sell at the Calligraphy room.

Calligraphy cards for sale

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