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Sat. May 15 to Fri. May 21- Tuscaloosa AL, Ft. Tanner GA, Statesboro GA.

Saturday- We left the Elks Lodge and continued east, crossing into GA. We turned south, traveling to John Tanner County Park. On the map, it said state park, but it is a county park, north of Carrollton. We pulled in and were allowed to pick our own site.  The sites are coded either red or yellow. Red is shorter than 25 ft and yellow is greater than 25 ft. There were only 3 yellow sites left.  We fit perfectly into a red site, so we took one of those. Due to all the trees, we were not able to get satellite. We did have 30 amp/water. The sites were very nice, flat gravel, with newer picnic tables, lantern poles, and fire pits.

We settled in for the evening, ate dinner and rode our bikes around.

Sunday– Of course, since this was a weekend place, almost everyone left. The lake is beautiful, and we discovered a 1 mile biking/walking path around the lake, which we rode each evening. We moved to another site where we were barely able to get some satellite.

We went into the town of Carrollton for lunch.  We parked in a nice public parking lot; the weather was nice, so the dogs were okay to leave in the rig. We have a “Waggle” temperature monitor, so that if the temp in the RV reaches 85 degrees, we each receive a message.

We had a nice lunch at the Brown Dog Café. The food was good. It was a busy place on a Sunday at noon.

We returned and sat outside, enjoying the great weather. There were no mosquitos, fortunately!

Monday- We had planned to go to Atlanta, for the day, but with the gas shortage, we decided to just hang out at the motor home. We cleaned the outside and inside. The dogs really enjoyed us being with them. Lots of walks and bike rides. Unfortunately, it became cloudy, and that was just enough, with the trees, to lose the satellite feed. Oh well, we had plenty of shows recorded, we were able to watch.

We sat outside in the afternoon and early evening, with a nice campfire. Bob had picked up firewood, left by other campers in some of the sites, so the wood was free for us!

Tuesday- Today was another restful day for us, after racing across country. We enjoyed the quiet campground. There was one of the “Little Library” boxes in the campground, near the restroom, but we are in the Bible belt, and is was mostly full of religious books.

It remained cloudy, and a little bit cool. We stayed most of the day inside. We packed up the table cloth, the chairs and Bob returned the bikes to the bike rack on the back of the rig. We watched more of the TV that we had recorded and read books.

Wednesday- We packed up the RV and left our site around 9 AM. We stopped at the dump station and Bob was able to dump the black tank, by taking off the cover under the rig. He had to crawl under, remove the cover on the black tank, and use vice grips to pull the black tank valve. He had the tubing all set up. I had envisioned a scene out of the Robin Williams movie, “RV”, but all went well. No messy disaster!

We left the park around 9:30 AM, traveling thru Carrolton, turning south east. We traveled thru rural Georgia. The GPS kept wanting to send us thru Atlanta, but we wanted to stay out of the miserable Atlanta traffic. We will be in that traffic later on our trip.

We drove the 246 miles to Statesboro Georgia, (which is northwest of Savannah), where we pulled into friends, Jackie and Bob Hoell’s driveway. Jackie and I went to Middle School and High School together and we are life-long friends.

We set up the rig, and plugged into their 30 amp electric socket. We stayed in the house with them, as we still could not use our black tank.

We had a wonderful dinner, and enjoyed our visiting time.  

Thursday- All of the RV parts that Bob needed had arrived at the Hoell’s. The Bob’s took our RV to a place in town, to have a valve stem on one of our wheels repaired. Bob had tried to get it fixed in AZ before we left, but the facility did not have the correct valve stem. Bob H followed behind our rig, and brought Bob back to the house. The guys then started fixing some issues on Bob and Jackie’s, new to them, Georgetown motor home, which they had recently purchased.

Jackie and I took Roxie to the Vets for him to look at the lump on her right rear leg. We had to drop Roxie off, and leave her, as that is their pandemic rules. The Vet aspirated some fluid from the lump, and determined that it was a cyst. That had been my guess! Anyway, he said that it could be removed any time, so we chose to wait until we get back to Arizona, as she will need a “cone of shame”, and that is difficult in the RV.

Jackie and I went running around Statesboro, doing various tasks. The town has grown significantly, in the 22 years that they have lived here. Bob H, has retired officially, at the end of this month, from teaching at Georgia Southern University. Jackie had retired 2 years ago.

We returned just in time for lunch and the repair shop calling to say that the repair was completed. Hmm, when the Bob’s arrived, they found that the stem was put on backwards, so the owner made the quick adjustment. Then the guys brought the rig back and continued working on other tasks. Then the Vet office called and we returned to pick up Roxie.

Jackie and I had girl time all afternoon. We ate dinner, and watched some TV. Their two dogs and our two dogs, get along wonderfully. Our dogs are enjoying the doggy door and the large fenced in yard.

Friday-The Bob’s started working on the major issue, our black tank. Lichtsinn RV, sent the right parts, and they were able to get the tank issue fixed. We had also found that the top of the kitchen vent fan had flown off somewhere on our trip, so Bob had, when we were at John Tanner park, put plastic wrap over the vent, in case it rained. He was able to also replace that part, as he had called and had Lichtsinn also sent that part. Bob found that there was only a screw in the center of the vent top, holding the vent cover on. So Bob put the new cover on, and he is going to put tape around the outside to provide extra security, so that we do not lose it again.

Bob H and Jackie took their two dogs to their Vets kennel. Our dogs were upset that their new friends had left. The poor dogs, were all confused.

We ordered some Mexican food for carry out and had a nice dinner. We all packed for our trip tomorrow to Hilton Head.

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  1. Will y’all be going thru South Carolina? Greenwood has their Festival of Flowers going on not until July 12. The Topiaries are worth the trip. Sandra..

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