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Sat. May 22 to Fri. May 28- Hilton Head SC

Saturday- We packed up everything for our week at the beach. We will be returning to Statesboro, after Hilton Head. Bob and Jackie took their pickup truck to Hilton Head and we drove their Equinox. We dropped the dogs off on the way, in Buffington, south of Hilton Head. The dogs are staying at a Rover home. This is the second time we have used Rover and have been very impressed. Rover is an app, and you can choose homes, that have certified referrals.

We left the dogs with Kim B. and her family. She greeted them and they seemed okay. We continued on to Hilton Head, arriving early. We met up with Jackie and Bob at World of Beer. Evidently there a several World of Beer restaurants.

We had lunch. They even had a beer that I like, the Cupcake Moscoto. Hmm, it did not taste the same as the last time I had it. It’s an Italian Moscoto. Jackie and I stayed sober and the guys enjoyed some beers. I had a flatbread for lunch, which was excellent. Bob had a pimento cheeseburger, which he liked. He really liked the tater tots that came with the burger. They were the best we have ever had! Nice and crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Bob H had the pretzel, which was the size of a small steering wheel. Jackie had the hummus appetizer. My Bob had a really good beer flight, which of course, gives him the opportunity to try various beers. Then he had a second beer flight!

The rest of our group arrived, on the island, at around 3, and picked up their order at Harris-Teeter. We stopped in at the Kroger, near the restaurant. Then we headed over to our rented house at 130 Robin Drive.

Meanwhile, Beth had taken 4 year old Sage to the beach to keep her entertained until the house was ready. Sage asked if they could go into the ocean. Beth said no, because they had their clothes on! Not a problem for a 4 year old, she just stripped off all her clothes on the beach! Oh to be 4 again!! LOL

We met up at the house. There are 10 adults and Sage. The two from Florida, Carl and Heidi did not arrive until around 8 pm. The rest of us ordered dinner. Bob, Bob H, Jackie and I went to pick up dinner. Each of us ordered separately, so we picked up 4 orders, including orders for Mary and Nancy. Beth, Frank, and Sage ate at the house. I had the grilled scallops, which were very good, but their french fries and coleslaw were awful. Oh well!

The house sleeps 12. We had an upstairs queen bed, which was very comfortable, with private bathroom. Of course, since the house is built on stilts, it was a hike up the two long flights of stairs with all our stuff! At least we got some exercise in!

Of course when we arrived, we had a great time hugging everyone. It has been so long since we had seen them.

Sunday- Bob and I rode our bikes on the wonderful bike paths around Hilton Head. We did this each day we were there, covering about 5 to 6 miles each day!

We had two chefs with us. Carl and Frank. Frank cooked breakfast, every day. Pancakes, eggs, bacon—whatever. Bob and I had our usual. Bob had bran flakes and I had oatmeal with blueberries. We would have a piece of bacon and some of Nancy’s Irish Soda Bread. I got that recipe from her, since it was so good!

We hit the beach around 9. The house is across the street from the beach, and as a result, $1600 less expensive than the house beachfront. We did really well choosing a house, as the pool is nice and so is the house. We also have an ocean view off the patio around the pool. Beth, Sage and Frank in the pool.

We all went to the beach. We had paid for 4 beach umbrellas and 4 beach chairs. The house came with 4, regular bikes. We had brought our own bikes. Jackie had brought her two umbrellas and her two chairs. We had brought our own two chairs. Beth brought a nice beach wagon and Jackie had a different kind of beach carrier. The larger wheels did pretty well through the sand.

Carl and Frank cooked dinner for us. What a feast! We had two kinds of shrimp, seared scallops, grilled salmon and Chilean Sea Bass. Plus chicken for Mary, who does not eat fish, plus sides. Wow was the meal awesome! Here is Bob learning how to grill salmon.

Monday– Same breakfasts, same bike ride, and back to the beach. Sage really liked the pool. Bob had dropped his BAHA while moving the bikes to the pickup truck on Saturday. It had broken, so he called the company early in the morning. We took the BAHA to a FedEx store, and mailed it off to the company. It is still under warranty, so they are going to program a new one and send it to him. We are having it sent to our friends Nancy and Dave, who we will be visiting in 2 weeks.

We stopped at a deli and picked up sandwiches for lunch. We returned and took a nice nap. I went out to the beach later in the day, and Bob stayed at the house.

From left to right Nancy, Bob H., Jackie, Mary.

Carl and Frank cooked another awesome dinner. Ribs this time, with sides, including homemade corn bread. They were trying two different versions, not telling us which was which. We just told them which one we liked better. They are opening a restaurant, and we were their test subjects. It was a tough job, but someone needed to do it! LOL

Tuesday- It was basically the same day. More beach! We went in the afternoon with Beth and Sage for ice cream, at the Ice Cream Cone. The guy at the visitor center said it was the best ice cream on the beach.  We were not impressed!

Carl and Frank cooked Surf and Turf for dinner this evening. Wow! Grilled steak and Lobster tails! Yummy! This is spoiling us! It was also Nancy’s birthday, so we sang happy birthday and we all had cheesecake (from Walmart which was very good) for a dessert.

Above is Nancy, Heidi, Jackie, and Mary. The gals having girl time! The guys were all inside watching hockey. In the evenings, we would sit out around the pool and talk, or read books, or play games with Sage.

Wednesday- Both Bob’s, Jackie, Mary and I went to Savannah for the day. It was only a little bit over an hour drive. We dropped the guys off at The Georgia Railroad Museum.

Mary moved to the front seat so she could see better, and Jackie drove us around Savannah looking at various sites. Eventually, we parked in a parking garage, and walked down to the waterfront. There is really great shopping there. I found at Life is Good shirt for riding my bike, which wicks away sweat and is no sleeves. We also sampled and bought pralines. I brought Bob some fudge.

We met the guys at the Blue Moon Brewery in Savannah for lunch. Mary and Bob had flights. Bob H and Jackie just drank some beer. Because we were going to Leopold’s Ice Cream afterwards. I had a salad and mac’, n cheese. Bob had a bratwurst. Both of us were ordering off the appetizer menu.

We walked over to Leopold’s. We passed two ice cream shops, including a Ben and Jerry’s on the way. No lines there! We waited about 20 to 30 minutes in the line a Leopold’s. The ice cream was excellent. Bob had the Peppermint ice cream, (Peppermint ice cream with old fashioned peppermint candies). I had the Savannah Socialite (milk and dark chocolate with roasted pecans and swirled bourbon-infused caramel). Both were yummy! It was worth the wait. The staff delivered water to the people standing in line. Everyone stood in the shade! It was very hot!

Carl and Frank cooked dinner again. We are paying for the food, but to have the chef’s…WOW! At this point I can’t remember what we had for dinner that night! We did pictures this evening.

Thursday- Carl and his wife Heidi had to leave early, as they had a grandchild’s first recital. So they left after breakfast. In the mornings for our bike ride, the temp was in the low 70’s and it was beautiful! The breezes on the beach in the morning, became windy in the afternoon and evenings. Sometimes the umbrellas would try to take off without us! The rental company had sent sand screws with each of the umbrellas, and they worked pretty well. We discovered, if you screw them down, then pack sand around them, then wet the sand, they stayed pretty well.

There were lots of people riding bikes on the beach. There were no lifeguards. We tried to keep an eye out for sharks, although we saw a lot of dolphins. If there were dolphins, there were no sharks. One day we thought we saw on shark, as we were not seeing dolphins. We never went in the water too deep. There were also jelly fish. In Tybee Island, not too far south of us, there were thousands on the beach. After lunch, we went shopping. We both purchased some Life is Good t-shirts.   Frank cooked spaghetti and smoked meatballs for dinner. It was very good!

Friday- It was a beach day! We both sat out on the beach in the morning. We had leftover spaghetti for lunch. After lunch, I took a nap. We did laundry, and I returned to the beach for the afternoon. Sadly, we started to pack up for our drive home…

Frank cooked enchiladas for dinner! They were really,good!

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