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Sat. May 8 to Fri. May 14- Sun City AZ to Tuscaloosa AL

Saturday- Since we are leaving tomorrow, we went into packing mode. We had to go to the Bell Recreation Center, to pick up our name tags for the Sun City RV Club, which we have joined. Needless to say, they have not had any trips or activities this year, so far. They will be starting up in the fall.

I had a 10:30 hair cut scheduled, so I dropped Bob off at the RV. We returned and continued doing travel tasks. I left for my appointment. Then after, I dropped off 4 bags at Goodwill. I stopped at Café Zupas and picked us up salads for lunch. We finished all we were going to do today, and put the RV in the parking lot at the back of the condos. We were both really sweaty and hot. That made us very tired.

In the evening, we put water into 5 big tubs around the condo, so that there will be some humidity and the wood will not dry out. It’s what you do in Arizona!

Sunday- We both woke up early. We packed up more items, then brought the rig to the garage door. Smitty, (a neighbor) came over to pick up our car keys and a condo key. He is going to drive our car every two weeks. In AZ, if you leave the vehicle sit too long, the oil gets too hot and congeals, so does the gas, and the tires flatten on one side.

We moved the refrigerator items into the refrigerator and the freezer items to the freezer, in the rig.  Talk about cramming items in! Whew, we were surprised that they all fit!

We finished filling the motor home, then we started on the condo. We had purchased king size sheets at an estate sale, and we put them over the bed, the recliners, and the sofa. We also put cling wrap over the toilets and the sinks, to keep water in them and the Palmetto bugs out!

We left at 10:07. I was driving and we drove south on I-101, to I-10, then to I-202, going around Phoenix. We got back on I- 10 east, and drove to Tucson. Our plan was to have carry out lunch from El Charro. Evidently, as it is Mother’s Day place to take Moms, as we could not get carry out at either location. So we ended up stopping at an In N’Out burger for lunch.

We continued east, on I-10 to Wilcox. We got off and drove into town for diesel. $3.01 gal. That was a good price, as Bob paid $3.39 on Saturday.

We drove north to a Boondockers Welcome (BW) location. This is our first time using Boondockers Welcome. It will not be our last!

We get to park for free, behind some guy’s house. He has 30 amp electric and water. When we arrived, the daughter asked us if we needed to dump. Nope! We are parked behind the house, under a nice shady tree. Unfortunately, that means we cannot get satellite, but oh well! Because we are using the water and the electric we will give a cash donation of $10 to the owner.

We are in the desert and Roxie has gotten something into her paw, which we cannot find. When looking for it, I found a lump on her leg, that we will need to get checked. I sent a message to Jackie, asking her to contact her Vet in Statesboro GA, and we will take her in to be examined.

Monday- We continued our journey east. We traveled farther than we usually do, to Oasis RV Park in Van Horn Texas. It was a Passport America park, which was kind of dumpy! We had FHU, 30 amp. It was okay for an overnight park. It was supposed to be $14.50 and she charged us $21.60 for the site. Oh well, we just won’t stay there again! It was over 300 miles, and we usually travel less than 300 miles.

We had one major issue occur, the handle on the black tank broke when Bob went to dump the tank. EEK, now that is a problem! He spent time on the phone finding a repaid facility in Ft. Worth that deals with Winnebago. They were booked until June, so we could not get the part replaced.

Tuesday- We continued on east. We stayed in Abilene TX at Dyess AFB, with a beautiful space. It took a little effort to get into the base. I guess because of the Russian Oil Pipeline hack, they were on a second to the highest alert. Usually, we pull in and give the guard Bob’s card and my driver’s license. This time we were turned around at the gate and sent to the Visitor Center. We had to give them my license, social security number, and have my picture taken, then we were given a pass. The second time we sailed right in. We parked in the site we had been told to, and settled in for the night. We are only using the rig bathroom during the night and in the early morning. The rest of the day with use the RV parks or rest areas. Fortunately, we were only 3 sites from the restrooms. By the way, this does not affect the kitchen sink or the shower.

Wednesday- We left Abilene, and continued east to Ft. Worth. We stopped at the Winnebago dealer and Bob went in to see if he could get the part we needed. Nope, they did not have the part. So we stopped at Costco, then continued traveling east.

We had stopped at a Buc-ees; wow! The saying is, “if Buc-ees does not have it, no one has it”! It is a Wawa/Walmart on steroids! The place was pretty busy. We found that they had Kolaches, so we each bought one for lunch and each purchased a cherry one, for lunch tomorrow.

We stopped for the night in Canton TX at a Walmart. It was pretty quiet. We bought diesel for $2.89.

Thursday- Onward we traveled! We had our Kolaches for lunch. We crossed into Mississippi at Vicksburg. We stopped at the Visitor Center and I took these pictures. We do not have an overnight stop in Mississippi, as we were trying to get to Georgia, while missing storms off the Gulf of Mexico.

Mississippi river to the south with the cannons in front facing across the river.
Mississippi riger t the north. The railroad tracks.

Our plan was to stay at a BW in West Monroe LA. I had messed up and forgot to change our reservation, as we had left earlier than anticipated. We could not stay there, because they already had someone scheduled.

We stayed at the Walmart instead. We had to park near the gas station, so it was a hike to the bathrooms. What can you say, you do what you have to do!

Friday- Onward east into Alabama. We had planned to stay at a COE park (Corp of Engineers), but when we went to get directions, we found that it was closed. It was supposed to close June 1, for repairs, but they changed their time table. We drove off the interstate outside of Tuscaloosa and paid $2.53 for diesel! Best price yet! BUT, we are starting to see no gas signs.

We ended up staying at the Elks Lodge in Tuscaloosa AL. What a fun time we had! We parked and went into the Lodge to check in. We were told to go ahead and park. We had 50 amp and water. We went into the lodge at 5:15 to sign up for the steak dinner. Wow, was that fun. We were greeted like old friends. A guy named Jimmy took us under his wing, paid for some of our drinks, and introduced us to everyone. The bartender Sherry was very sweet and a great bartender.

We drank and ate a great dinner. The steak, baked potato, salad and dessert were all really good. We lucked out, as they only have dinner 1x a month, and that was the one time! The park is near a train track, but a train only went through 2x.

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