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Sat. Apr. 3 to Fri. Apr. 9- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We stopped at the PowWow for the $12/70 lbs. vegetables. We had to wait in a long line. They were very disorganized at this location. We received a lot of eggplant again, which we gave to MaryAnne. We also picked up a lot of cucumbers,tomatoes, red jalapenos( a grocery store bag full), wonderful red bell peppers, and one butternut squash. No spaghetti squash, although we saw they had them. Allen and Bonnie had gotten there much earlier. Allen scored a chicken and he and Bonnie both got other perishables.  We took the veggies home. Donna sent over 2 spaghetti squash, as they had gotten 6. 

We ran to Fry’s. We skipped Walmart, as it was so busy at Fry’s, we just rushed thru. We returned home and I cut up some of the red bell peppers, for me to munch on.

We went, for our first actual restaurant lunch, at Wild Horse West. It is a country bar, which was supposed to have the best hamburgers in the Valley. They were just okay…we ate out on the patio. Bob had an orange flavored beer. He was glad he had tried it, but would not buy it.

We returned home and had our weekly Zoom at 4. We had a quiet evening,

Sunday- Happy Easter!  We had a very light breakfast, early in the morning. Then. at 9:30, we had a brunch with condo friends. It was nice to actually sit and talk! There were only 6 of us. It was still quite a spread! We sat talking until noon, when we put away the tables and chairs.

The tables and chairs had been out for Mary Ann and Todds grandkids you hunted for Easter eggs yesterday. Todd is quite the artist, so she had use chalk. Here are some of the pictures of what she did in our alley.

EAster pic 1

EAster pic 2

Easter pic 3

There were plastic eggs in several of the patios, stuffed with candy. Then they had a nice dinner with the families.

When we returned, Roxie talked to us. She does that sometimes when she is upset! Koda talks more often. I am not talking about barking, dogs try to talk; its so funny when they do!

We had a quiet afternoon and evening, although we did make a lot of spaghetti sauce with the tomatoes. We bagged and froze them.

Monday- My last confidence ride.  I rode with David again. We had 4 medical emergencies and 5 vacation watches. Not super busy.

I returned home and we had a quiet afternoon. While I had been gone, Bob had dug a trench, for if there are monsoons when we leave this summer. We need to keep the “weep” holes( in our patio wall) clear of rock and dirt. He also installed our new Air Spinner from Costco.  Its a little bit low, and is not catching the wind. We will need to do something about that.

We ran to Goodwill and I purchased a pair of black cargo shorts to wear at the Posse. They did not have Bob’s size, so we went to Kohl’s and purchased a pair for him.

The shorts that we had purchased for him at Costco, were too long, so I shortened them. Bob had an ultrasound of his thyroid at 4.

Tuesday- Bob went in for the Posse. Duh, we forgot, that I needed the car, so I should have dropped Bob off. When I realized that, I texted Mary Ann, and she said she would drop me off. We had to wear our uniforms and were given our Posse certificates. The ceremony was at the 9 AM meeting. This is the first time we have attended the 9 AM meeting. It was much busier. Tina is the short gal, in the front, on the right.

Posse cert 2

I left and returned home.and Bob went back on Patrol. I attended, via Zoom, the Roadrunner Annual Meeting. We voted on officers. Bob had a busy day. I picked him up at about 11:45, and we returned home for lunch.

I had an EMG scheduled for 3 PM, so I went to the Neurologist office. The Doc came in and said that Dr. Brandstetter must not like me as she had ordered this test. I thought, uh oh, this is going to hurt! Actually, it was no worse than a Tens Unit, on high. He also stuck me with several needles. He told me the problem is not in my back. So far, he found that that I had no sensation on the left outer aspect of my foot. That was no surprise, as that is where I had the surgery in 2020. I am still waiting for the rest of the results, as the pain in on the inner aspect of the left foot.

I returned home and sat outside reading my book. We had a quiet evening. We have started watching Ken Burns Hemingway on PBS.

Wednesday- It is bug spray day. Bob had an inpatient appointment with his PCP at 9:15, so he left. I worked on a puzzle, while waiting for the bug guy. When he arrived, I closed the doors and window. I closed the doggy door to keep them inside. Bob returned and we went and got the RV from storage. He had a few tasks he wanted to complete. He needed something, so he went to an auto supply shop to pick it up. After lunch, we returned the rig to the storage unit.

Thursday- Bob had Grand Ave duty with the Posse, from 9 to 12. I dropped him off, and went to Walmart to return some shorts, as they were too big. I tried to buy a HDMI cord, but the electronic area was still not back to normal. I went to Costco, to pick up some of their frozen blueberries for breakfast. They did not have them last week. We also needed a few other items. 

I stopped at McDonalds to pick up lunch, finding that they are no longer doing breakfast items, at lunch, at that McD’s. I went to the Posse and ate my lunch in the car. Bob had left Grand, a little early. He turned in his paperwork and changed shirts. I drove us for our second Pfizer shot. Bob ate his lunch on the way.

We arrived right on time, as 12:45, for our 1 PM appointments. Since we did not have reactions to the last shot, we only had to sit there for 15 minutes. We stopped at Bruesters, for ice cream on the way home.

My arm started getting really sore. By bedtime, I could not lift it above my waist. Bob’s was a little bit sore. We both had taken Tylenol in the afternoon and before bed. We watched TV in the evening, and went to bed.

Friday- It is our 33rd wedding anniversary! Bob felt a little bit hot when he woke up. His temp was 99.7. Not too high, but higher than his normal. He took Tylenol. His arm had become much more sore overnight. I had a slight headache, but this morning I was able to lift my arm over my head. It hurt, but not as bad as last night.

I had a blood draw scheduled for 7:15, so I drove down to the lab. I returned and I after breakfast, I started copying items to put into the storage  box we had picked up at an Estate Sale. We need to take the dogs information with us, as well as some of our information, when we travel.

The battery in Bob’s phone was dying, so we ran to Best Buy to purchase him a new phone. I asked the guy to fix the camera on my phone, which he did. For some reason, there was an orange covering, which was interfering with my colors. They are already sold out of the S20’s and he got an S21. With the trade in and weekend special, we are not paying anymore each month. Still, cell phones are a rip off!

We picked up lunch at Café Zupas, and returned home to eat lunch. We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

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  1. You could always turn in the cell phones (just a thought 🙂

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