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Sat. Mar. 27 to Fri. Apr. 2- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  MCSO was having a car wash with the money going to a charity. So we went over and had the car washed. The wash was really good, except for the windshield. Their clothes were wet.

We went to several estate sales and garage sales. We picked up a few items. We stopped George’s to pick up a club sandwich, which we split. It came with some really good coleslaw. We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

I finished my diamond painting. I need to work with the camera on my phone, as the pictures are not showing the colors as well as my last phone camera did…

Christmas diamond painting 1

Sunday- We ran to Fry’s, then Target ( since the Walmart was mostly closed), then we returned home. At 11, we had our weekly Zoom. We really missed having it for the last 2 weeks.

At 1, we had a dog run in the courtyard. Today, there were 7 dog. Koda ran to retrieve the ball, but Mary Ann’s service dog only ran a few times, she was more interested in sniffing. The rest of the dogs just wandered, sniffed and sunned.

At around 2:30, we went to Total Wine and Beverages, as Bob was out of beer. I grabbed a bottle of my second favorite wine and Bob purchased some beer. We picked up a case of Seagram’s mixed malt beverages for Mary Ann. Bob delivered them to her, as she cannot lift the box.

Monday-  We were up at 4:45, for my Posse shift. This is my 5th confidence ride. I have one more to go. We completed 15 Vacation Watches. As we were driving past a golf course, three golfers were waving at us. I told David to stop. He did and the golfers gave us a a wallet and some other items that they had found on the golf course. It only contained an AARP and Veteran cards. We thanked them for stopping us. They had checked at the house, behind where they found the items. So I called dispatch, and the dispatcher gave me the address and phone number of the woman whose items they were. I called her; she was unaware that the items were missing. I confirmed her address, and we drove over to her home. I checked her ID, and gave her her items. She had to check to make sure that there had not been any credit cards in the wallet. She said there were only a few dollars in the wallet. The items had been stolen from her golf cart, she thought in front of her friends house, that she had been at last evening. Most of her money was in a glasses case, in the golf cart. I asked her to please report the theft to MCSO. She said she would. We had let Tina know what was going on, as she was the Duty Officer ( DO).

We had two medical emergencies and that was about it. Another quiet day.

Bob had cleaned the patio while I was gone. By the evening, it had a lot of leaves back on it. Its an ongoing battle!

Tuesday-  We were up early again today. It was Bob’s last confidence ride. They had 12 Vacation Watches and no medical emergencies. They just rode around. Bob said it was pretty boring.

He returned home and I sat out on the patio, reading my book. It was a really nice day.

Wednesday- Bob was off to the lab for his blood draw. I worked on the blog. When he returned, I went and picked up MaryAnne, at Paradise, and drove her to her MRI. Ray had to wait for the RV repair guy, as they have problem with their heater. MaryAnne has the same claustrophobia that I have in MRI machines. She had to take some medication to be able to do the MRI. She was loopy and could not drive. Of course the GPS took us to the wrong place, so I switched to the GPS on my phone and we found the place. I had to illegally park, and walk MaryAnne into the facility. Then I stopped at Krispy Kreme for a doughnut. I returned and read my book in the parking lot until MaryAnne called me that she was dressing. I went in and walked her out to the car.

We stopped at Starbucks on the way back to pick her up some coffee and a breakfast sandwich. When I arrived, Ray and Allen were with an RV repair guy. Allen’s Alfa has the same issue, so he wanted to see what the guy would do. This guy could not fix it. The RV repair that we use, arrived later and they can fix it, but they are booked for the next 2 months, so Ray is going tot have it fixed in September when they return.

I called to Ray and asked him to walk loopy MaryAnne to the rig and put her to bed!

We had our Endocrinologist appts. at 4 pm. We had to wait outside. They did not want to set up virtual, so there we were. After the appt. we stopped at Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant to pick up dinner. We returned home, ate dinner and had a quiet evening.

Thursday- I had the Grand Ave Posse office duty today, starting at 8:30. I still do not have my name plate or the disc that should go on my name badge which unlocks the doors to the office. I had to go and find the Proctor for the building. She was not happy. She has been instructed not to open doors for anyone. Since I was in uniform, it was pretty easy to tell that I was with the Posse. So she reluctantly opened the doors. I sat and read my book until the Commander stopped by. I told him that I was still waiting for the two items. So he asked me to call someone at the Posse. He gave me their phone number and I left a message.

I enjoyed the quiet time. I read my book. One lady came in to drop off flags, glasses, books, and cell phones. A couple stopped by to sign up for the Vacation Watch program. I signed them up and delivered the card to the Vacation Watch office.

It was a quiet duty, as I was not with anyone. Next time I am with a very chatty gal. The gal who let me in arrived with her boss just before I left. They questioned me again. I told them that I had left another message for the guy and the Commander was aware. So that satisfied them.

At 2:45 I had a dental appt. Since the last appt., I had developed a cold sore in the right corner of my lip. I also had severe pain in the gum, around and under the new cap. I thought that was a result of the installation of the cap. It turns out it was all connected to the cold sore. So the Dentist ordered an antiviral.

I  stopped at Walgreens on the way home and picked up the prescription. I took 1/2 that evening and then 12 hours later, tomorrow morning the final dose.

At 4, we went to the condo social. We took the bottle of Almond Tequila with us for others to sample. Everyone thought it was yummy! We buy it in Mexico.

Friday- Bob had Grand Ave duty this morning.He had an associate with him, and she opened the door, so he did not have my issue. He was with the chatty gal who was in our orientation class. Darn, I have her the next time I go there. She talks non-stop. I had so enjoyed my quiet time…

I finished this puzzle.

Puzzle 8

This one took a long time. It is 500 pieces.

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