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Sat. Apr. 10 to Fri. Apr. 16- Sun City + short RV trip

Saturday-  We went to the RV storage and washed the motor home. Below is a picture of Bob cleaning the roof.

Rv cleaning 21

RV cleaning 21 2

Yes, I helped. Bob did high, I did low. I also washed all the windows and dried the lower part of the RV, after Bob dried the upper parts.

We really like that we have a covered area to wash, with water available. Plus there is a dump station, an air station, and fresh potable water. So after the wash and dry, we went over to the potable water and filled up. We found that the sprayer, in the water area in the rig, was leaking, so Bob took it off and we stopped at the RV store and picked up a new head for the sprayer.

We took the rig over to the condo, and Bob worked on the electronic set up for the TV. He has installed a way to hold the DVR for the Direct TV. I sat and talked with Mary Ann, who had wandered over with her dog. Koda and her dog played in the garage.

We ate lunch, and returned the RV to the storage area. We had a quiet rest of the day.

Sunday-  We ran to the grocery stores. We returned and went to the RV storage and returned with the rig. Bob found that there was water leaking under the sink, so he fixed that and we cleaned up the water.

We had our regular Sunday Zoom at 11, our time. After lunch, I ran to buy another pair of the really expensive shoes. They did not have the color I wanted, but the gal found a pair, in a different shoe, almost the same, and it was the same price. So I purchased them. Then I stopped at Trader Joe’s and Costco, again. I had found that somehow I had lost my Costco card, so I got a new one and I returned home.

While I was gone, Bob had polished the rig. He changed clothes and we took the rig back to the storage facility. We returned home and I worked on the blog and Bob took a short nap.

We watched TV in the evening.

Monday-  We left at 8 and went to pick up the RV. We loaded up, and left around 10, heading northwest on Hwy. 60 to Wickenburg. We have only been to Wickenburg one time, and that was for an evening concert, so we had not really seen the town. We parked and went into the Visitor Center. When I asked for a map of the Arizona scenic drives, the gal looked at me blankly. There is a set of maps, which I have seen online, but they were so small I could not read them. The website said to ask at the Visitor Centers.

The gal did find a brochure that said, Driving Guide, but the few maps that were in it were useless! There was one big one of Phoenix, and that was about it. I will have to go back to the AZ Transportation Site and order the other maps.

Below is the Santa Fe Depot, 1895. The town purchased the depot from the Santa Fe Railroad in 1994 and restored it, turning it over to the Chamber of Commerce, which opened the Visitor Center.  The train they have on display in Engine No. 761 and the Drover Caboose. The engine worked the rail line which was built in 1890. This rail line, called the Peavine Line, was built from 1893 and went from Phoenix to Prescott. 



Below is the statue called the Teacher with Luggage. I guess it is to demonstrate that teachers took the train to the local areas.


While in Wickenburg, we had  parked on the road across from the Visitor Center. The gal who owned the shop came out and asked us to move, as the shop is not doing well, due to the pandemic, and we were blocking the side of her store. She told us to go park in the RV parking. She did not know where that was! So we moved. We decided that we wanted to get going and will return to Wickenburg as a day trip one day. There is a walking tour of the town.

We grabbed lunch at Burger King, and were on our way. The rig is small enough, we were able to park in a parking space at the Burger King.

We continued on Hwy. 60, across the state to Vicksburg, where we turned northwest onto Hwy, 72. In Parker ( we have been there many times), we turned north onto Hwy. 95. We arrived at our destination for the night at Colorado River Adventures Park, Lake Havasu RV Park. We had called RPI this morning, asking for a reservation. I had to leave my phone number in the que, for a return call. 6 hours later, they called back! We had the reservation for $10 per night, plus resort fees. We checked in and totally confused the gal. First, she had not taken the call from RPI, so she had to clarify that. Then she just charged us the $10, as there are no amenities open. We asked to be placed near our friends, Charlie and Paula Gray. That confused her. No not relatives,( well they are part of our Roadrunner family), friends. Anyway, she put us right next to them.

We parked and set up the rig. Then we went over to visit with them. taking the dogs with us. We went back at 6 to cook dinner. I had forgotten to take the chicken out of the freezer, so we used the InstaPot. That worked very well. After dinner ,we went back over to visit until after 8 pm, when it was dark.

We returned, watched some TV and went to bed.

Tuesday- We woke up to ferocious winds; steadier winds at 30 mph with gusts from 40 to 50 mph. The winds were to continue through Wednesday, so Bob walked over to the office and paid for 2 more nights. Paula and Charlie were planning to leave Wednesday, so they also extended to Thursday, also.

Bob had hopped into the shower and had about 20 seconds of hot  water, then it turned cold. So he checked the rig, and he thought that the pressure regulator for the hot water heater had broken. He did not want to deal with that, so he called an RV tech that Charlie had recommended. They of course were booked. So he tried another guy, who would be there at 11. I skipped a shower.

We stayed inside, as the wind was howling. Fortunately, we were facing north, and the wind was from the south, so it was hitting the back of the rig. This meant that we were not rocking. If we were facing east or west, we might have gotten sea sick!

Charlie went to dump his Alfa and found that his tubing had disintegrated. So a trip to Walmart was in order. We asked to go along, and he said sure. So we planned a trip for tomorrow.

The tech called and changed to 1 PM. He arrived at about 12:30. He and Bob checked a lot of different things, and they thought they had the heater fixed. The tech did find a loose wire, which he fixed.

We had a quiet afternoon. At 5, we went to dinner at BlondZees restaurant with Charlie and Paula. It was a nice little local place. We returned to the rig, watched TV and went to bed.

Wednesday-  I went to take a shower this morning, and I had the same problem that Bob did yesterday. So I walked up to the park showers and took one there. Bob called the tech, but he said there was nothing else he could do. So Bob called the water heater company. Evidently, when he un-winterized, he had not turned a knob back to the on position. Problem solved.  As Bob said, operator error! LOL

We went to Walmart with Charlie. He picked up a few items and a new dump hose for the rig. We picked up a few items and returned to the rig. We ate lunch, and had a quiet afternoon, until 4, when we went over and visited. The winds had been really bad during the day, but they calmed down a bit.

We got the rig ready to leave in the morning, which did not take long.

Thursday-  There were to minimal breezes, so we left. Paula and Charlie also left. They were only going half way home. We left around 8:30 and drove north to the town of Oatman.




On the way, we found the start of the Arizona part of Rt. 66.  Above are just desert scenes.

Oatman sign


The town was originally a gold mining town.  It is also  known for the wild burros which wander the streets. We saw the “remnants” of the burros,( we had to watch where we walked) but I did not get to see any of them. When we arrived, Bob walked the dogs, and he saw a pack of them leaving town.

Oatman gold mining



Below is some of the tools for the mine.



I have no idea why Elvis is there….


The hotel was located, originally, near the mine entrance.



We could walk a little way into the mine, but the rest is not safe. Of course, being out in the middle of nowhere, with the miners, there was a saloon and a bordello.

20210415_095947            20210415_100009

We wandered in and out of all the stores. They all cost the same and had mostly the same items. I want to go back at some time to actually see the burros.

Oatman murals

We continued north on the winding road, to Kingman. We had been warned that the road was very dangerous, with lots of twists and turns. Nope, we have been on worse! It was two lane, but not a problem at all.

AZ Sidewinder

AZ sidewinder 2


RT 66 sidewinder 1

RT 66 sidewinder 2

RT 66 sidewinder 3

As we drove Rt. 66, we stopped in Cool Springs at the iconic gas station.  It was your typical tourist trap, but it was fun to stop and look! 

Cool springs sign


We arrived in Kingman and found a place to park. We walked the dogs, then went to lunch at a BBQ place. It was okay, but not that great.

KIngman sign

Our next stop was at the Visitor Center, which is located in the Power House.

Powerhouse sign

Kingman VC

The  museum inside had some exhibits and a movie. The movie was long, so we did not stay to watch it. There of course was the tourist trap gift shop inside.

We drove north on Rt. 66 to Hackberry.

Hackleberry store We looked around in the store, then turned and drove back to Mikes RT. 66 Bar and Saloon. We used our Harvest Host membership, so we paid zero to stay, without any hook-ups.

We were welcomed with open arms. I expected people to yell “Norm” when someone walks in…. We signed in and showed our Harvest Hosts card, then we set up. We hung out until about 5:15, then went in for dinner. We had a nice dinner, plus wine and beer. We are supposed to buy something, which we did!

We were just boondocking for the night. Our only issue was that there were train tracks across Rt. 66 from us. The trains ran at 10 minute intervals up until about 11 pm. Then they went down to about every 1/2 hour. There were no whistles, so they did not bother us too much.

Friday- We left around 8 AM, continuing east on Rt. 66. While driving, we spotted numerous Burma Shave signs. They were hard to catch with the camera. Here is the only one I actually got a picture of….

Burma Shave

We continued on to Ash Fork, where Rt. 66 joins I-40. We turned south on Hwy. 89, which we followed across the Big Black Mesa, into Prescott, then thru the Prescott National Forest.

We eventually turned onto Hwy. 93 into Wickenburg. From Wickenburg, we returned home on Hwy. 60, having made a big circle.

We took the rig to the condo, unloaded and dropped it back off at the storage facility.

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