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Sat. Dec. 19 to Fri. Dec. 25- Sun City

Saturday-. We  read our books, watched TV and had generally a quiet day.

Sunday- We went grocery shopping very early at Walmart and Target. We returned home and had a quiet rest of the day. We have been binge watching The Handmaids Tale on Hulu and Stargate on Netflix.

Monday- Bob has his Posse make up day with Mike this morning. I dropped him off at the building at a little before 6 AM. This is his last morning session and he has two more evening shifts,  and he will be done with training. We start our “confidence runs”, 6 or more of them, right after the 1st of the year. We are already on the schedule. On Tuesday the 2nd, we are sworn in and receive our certificates. They will take pictures and we will be in the newspaper.

I ran to Costco and bought gas and made some purchases. I saw an air fryer, 6 qt., for $49.99. I took a picture to show Bob. We had seen a smaller one at Target for $59.99.

I picked up Bob at 12, and we ate lunch. Bob checked the air fryer ratings, and we went to Costco and purchased one. We had some really good coconut shrimp for dinner, that we cooked in the new air fryer!

We had a star party out in the back parking lot. With our binoculars, we could see both Jupiter and Mars, but we could not see the rings around Venus. Wow, the 800 year Christmas star!

Star Party

Tuesday-  We had the Operation Meeting at the Posse. They are starting an extra shift, on evenings, because of construction in Surprise, the next town over. They think that the homeless, who live under a bridge going into Surprise, are going to move into Sun City.

This is to stop them camping on private property, to point them to sanctuary churches, and to provide water bottles for them. Some of the churches have showers and allow the homeless to sleep on their property. It is not illegal to be homeless, and many are Vets, so we have sympathy, but we need to moderate behavior. This shift will continue through March. No one will be alone on the shift and everyone’s safety is priority. We will not be on this shift.

We returned home and had a quiet day and evening.

Wednesday-  It had occurred to me, that maybe we could put a tankless water heater, under the sink in the master bath. The master bath is so far from the hot water heater, in the garage, that we waste a lot of water, when taking a shower or using the sink. This is primarily in the mornings. Arizona, and the entire west, are having a severe drought, so wasting water is shameful!

Bob thought it was a good idea, so he started investigating, last week. One of the plumbing companies called us back, and they had good ratings on Angie’s List. So they sent a guy over to do the estimate.

We were impressed, they send an email with his name and picture, so we knew who was coming into the condo. When he arrived, he suggested that instead of the tankless water heater, which was very expensive, that he install a pump at the hot water tank, with a timer, and we would have hot water through out both bathrooms. It was a lot less expensive! We can turn it off overnight.

He had a pump in his truck, but he did not have the timer, so he ran back to his shop and got one. He was back in little over half an hour. He installed it, checked it, and it works great!

Water heater pic

Bob left to do his next evening Posse shift at 3:20. I had a quiet evening watching Christmas movies on Hallmark!

Thursday- Bob was in the shower, and his cell phone rang. I answered. It was Dave, the Posse Commander.  Bob was just drying off, so I gave him the phone. The guy that Bob had ridden with on Monday morning had tested positive, on Tuesday for Covid. At this point, it was over 48 hours, since Bob’s exposure, so it was too late for Bob to quarantine from me.   I immediately made appointments at CVS for testing on Saturday. That was the last day, on their schedule, that I could book. It was not a rapid test, as they had no appointments available for rapid testing.

Bob looked and found that Walgreens, a little farther away, had rapid testing appointments available for Sunday. He made those appointments and I cancelled the ones at CVS.

We talked to Linda about taking the dogs if we were hospitalized, but they are getting a new dog on Tuesday, a 10 year old, who is grieving, and they are going to Quartzsite for a week with friends next week. So she declined. That is okay, we understand.

We do have Tammy, the pet sitter, if needed. I had contacted MaryAnne, and she went to Walgreens for us to pick up Vitamin C and Zicam. Vitamin C and zinc are both recommended for Covid. So we are taking both. We are already taking some of the Vitamin D3. She also picked up some chocolate therapy! LOL

So far I have no symptoms. Bob had a headache and a cough. It seems more like post nasal drip. We are of course, guaranteeing from everyone.

I cleared off the table in the Arizona room, and started a puzzle. 

Friday- Merry Christmas! We had a quiet day at home, of course. Bob is still not feeling very well, but not really sick either. He still has the post nasal drip and a headache. We both worked on the puzzle. Here is is…

Christmas puzzle

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