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Sat. Dec. 12 to Fri. Dec. 18- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  We had a quiet morning. I worked on getting the Christmas cards that I am sending, ready to mail. I wanted to do some cards for the condo neighbors, and I ran out of black paper, so we went to  Joanne’s for the paper after lunch. I used coupons again, so I was pretty happy with the prices. We ran by the Post Office to mail the cards, as at the Condo mtg. on Friday, they said that people are stealing any cards you leave out, attached to the mail opening. They assume that grandparents are sending money to the grandkids for Christmas, and are stealing the cards. They are also putting their hands into the mail slot and stealing mail. Our basket underneath, inside the garage is pretty low, so they would need a very long arm to do that. Most of what we get is junk mail anyway. They are also stealing packages, so everyone is looking out for each other!

We returned and I played Maj with MaryAnne, online, until 3. We had our usual Zoom at 4:30. We ate dinner, and watched some shows we had recorded.

Sunday-  We ran shopping. We had decided to purchase a Ninja Foodie Digital Air Fry Oven for the motor home. It flips up and is very short. Target had it on sale, for a great price. We arrived to find that they were already sold out. So we got a rain check. It is good until the end of January.

We did all our grocery shopping and returned home to have lunch and a quiet afternoon. We watched recorded TV shows.

Monday- I did a little cleaning, as the bathrooms needed to be done. Bob did the dusting. At 9 I had a virtual Doctors appointment.  We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Tuesday-  It was another quiet day for us up until 3, when Bob had his first evening training session. He left and I was home with the dogs. I watched my favorite Christmas show, White Christmas, on Netflix.

Bob had 3 of the real medical calls. Bob had to set up cones for practice . Basically, it was quiet.

Wednesday-  I had morning Posse training. I had to be there at 6 AM. Since it is still dark, we did some drive-by’s at apartment buildings, until daylight. After our first one, we were sent on a medical call. It was so close, I thought it was one of the training runs until we arrived.  We did several different training runs and several real medical runs.  Tina did the vacation watches, as there is a lot of walking when circling the houses, and with my boot, I am staying in the car. This gives me a chance to work with the codes and the radio.

After my training session, I returned home for lunch. We both fell asleep in the recliners, reading our books.

Thursday- It was my second morning training session. It was still hard to get up a 4:45! We did more training sessions and several real medical calls. We arrived at one of the banks that we do a drive-by at, and the drive-thru window was closed. That was odd! So we parked, and Tina went in to check on it. She said, that if she thought there was a problem, she would tap her radio once, and I should call 911. It turned out that the window was broken. So there was no issue, but at least the bank ( who contributes a lot of money to the Posse) knew we really do check on them!

At 10 AM, Bob did Posse Mall Walking. This is to show a presence at the shopping malls, to prevent theft or other problems. He and Dave were both reported for not wearing their masks outside. Outside is not required, so they did not get in trouble. Besides, Dave is one of the Duty Officers.

Bob had dropped me off in the morning and I picked him up when his shift was completed at 2. I was going to do mall walking, but with the boot…I took my name off the list.

We had another quiet evening at home.

Friday-  Whew, my final day of getting up, this week, at 4:45. It was actually easier to get up early this morning!

It was a very busy shift. We did several medical calls, including one for a dead body. We did not see the person, but I said a little prayer for whoever it was…MCOS( the sheriffs office) comes and checks first to make sure there is no foul play involved. So the Deputy, released the fire department and we could leave also.

I arrived home, we ate lunch, and went to Kohl’s, as I had a discount. Bob needed a black long sleeve undershirt, as he was getting cold standing outside. They did not have his size, so we went to Target, where we purchased the shirt.

We had another quiet evening at home, watching TV and reading.

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