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Sat. Dec. 26 2020 to Fri. Jan, 2,2021- Sun City

Saturday- Covid symptoms, we were in self quarantine. I started with the post nasal drip. So far, that is all. Bob has the same thing, but he also developed a rash. I looked up the symptoms, and a rash is #4. It stayed for awhile, then disappeared. Only some of the people infected, have the rash.

We had a very quiet day, doing another puzzle. We took naps and watched TV.

We had our usual Saturday afternoon Zoom.

Day after Christmas puzzle

Sunday-  Last night I had trouble going to sleep, as I had the post nasal drip. The tickle drove me crazy, so I took some of the Phenergan with Codeine that Bob had left over from his walking pneumonia in November. I slept really well after that, but woke up at 3:30,with a lot of pain. All over, so I got up and moved to the recliner. Bob woke up at 5:30, and we got moving. I  also developed a headache, and I took Tylenol. I do not like Tylenol as it is so dangerous, so I was careful with the dosage. I took two 500 mg to get rid of the headache, and after that I am only taking one after lunch, and one before bed so that I keep below 2000 mg dosage, per day .

We ate lunch, and went to Walgreens. Bob had his test appt. at 12:15, and mine was 12:30. Bob did the nasal swab. Then they sent us away, as it was too early for my test, since their computer will not let them do the tests to early. So we parked and drove back thru the drive thru for my test, at 12:25.

We returned home, napped on the recliner, worked on a puzzle, read our books, and generally took it easy. At around 3:30, while listening to the Washington football game, our emails came in from Walgreens. We both tested positive. No surprise there!

We both let or doctors know. I asked my Doc for a prescription for the Phenergan with Codeine and sent her a copy of the positive report.

Monday-  I still had the headache, but I am only taking one Tylenol every 8 hours. That is working. We had a quiet day. I did not hear from my Doctor about the cough medication.

We worked on the puzzle, read, and watched TV. Bob is walking the dogs, with a mask on! He is doing pretty well. He is tired and sleepy, and he has a slight cough, but other than that he is doing well.

I had changed the setting on my mattress down to 25 from 30, so I am not waking with as much pain. I will reset to 30 when this is all over. I developed a rash during the day, so I am running 2 days behind Bob.

My next diamond painting kit had arrived, so I did the bookmark that arrived.  It is bigger than I thought it was…

Bookmark diamond painting

Tuesday- More of the same. I still had the rash, when I woke up this morning. It went away during the day. No headache this morning. Not as much pain either.

Bob still feels sleepy. He sits on the recliner and falls asleep. He wakes, reads a little bit, then falls asleep again.

I stated a new diamond painting. This time it is with square diamonds. Wow, is that much more difficult. Trying to get them even, is an issue. I did 3 lines and stopped, and went to read my book. This one is going to take awhile, good thing this is a small picture.

We continued our current regimen of Zinc, Vitamin C, and rest. We are drinking plenty of fluids. I have been checking my Doctor’s portal. Nothing so far. At 3, I called. Village Medical has a central system, and a gal answered. I told her my situation.She checked and my Doctor, at some point, it could have been yesterday or 5 minutes ago, said that I needed to be seen. Okay, but there is nothing on the Portal. Evidently, she told her staff I should be seen, and they had not followed through. The gal on the phone, said that the next opening is in March. All I want is some Phenergan with Codeine. Since it is a controlled medication, I have to be seen. Okay, then have one of the PA’s or NP’s see me, via a virtual visit. She sent a message and someone would contact me.

I took matters into my own hands and scheduled a virtual visit at the new Village Medical office in the Walgreens, up the road. It is scheduled for 7:20 in the morning. Okay, I can get through until then, because I have enough of Bob’s left over prescription left.

I was pretty angry by this point. This is not the first time that the communication has fell short. The problem is that other offices have the same problems. So I sat down and did a puzzle to get me to calm down.

We ate dinner and watched a movie on Netflix.

Wednesday-  I got up, showered and got ready for my virtual appointment. I waited and waited. The appointment time was at 7:20. At 7:40, I called the main number. I went through all the crap I went through yesterday ( name, address, insurance, phone number,  email, etc.) The gal found my appointment in the system and she send a notice to the office, and said the nurse would call me. She did about 20 minutes later. She said that the Doctor would be in later. She rescheduled me for 10:40. Okay then!

At 8:40, my Doctors office called to tell me that I needed to be seen and to make an appointment.( Doesn’t this start to sound like an Abbott and Costello movie?). I told her that I already had one. I was polite, but ready to scream at her( I didn’t)! Anyway, it did not raise my blood pressure, as I had Bob take it in anticipation of my virtual appointment. 110/60-76 and pulse ox. 96. No fever. Pulse is a little high for me…

I still have the cough, but no headache. Bob is having a lot of fatigue, and a slight cough. I know that the fatigue is coming, since I am 2 days behind him!

The nurse called at about 11 and then Doc came on for the virtual appointment at around 11:30. He was very nice and ordered the Phenergan, an antibiotic in case I had a lung infection, and steroids. ( ugh)

I ran to Walgreens to pick them up, being very careful to not touch anything at the drive in window! 

Thursday and Friday-  More of the same. We both rested.

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