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Sat. June 8 to Fri. June 14- Cadillac MI

Saturday- We had a nice day. It was free fishing day, so Bob could fish without a license, so he went to the fishing pond to spend the morning. I went to the Goodwill to drop off some items and I purchased two tops. I went to the Michigan Market. The only vegetables there were asparagus. There were more and different vendors. There was also a car show going on in the park.

I stopped in to browse the used book store. All the paperback books are half the original price, which I thought was a little pricey.

I went home and we ate lunch, then Bob went mushroom hunting. This area is known for it’s Morel’s. Bob had picked them as a kid, so he knew what he was looking for; he did not find any, unfortunately. Years ago we had seen them at the Bloomingdale’s in Tyson’s Corner for $89 a pound! We had just missed the Morel’s Festival, as it was the weekend before we arrived in Cadillac.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday chores in the morning. One of the washing machines was broken, so Bob had to do 3 separate loads of laundry. I did laundry at home. At 1 we both went to work. Bobbi was having a graduation party for Courtney, her daughter, who had graduated from high school this week. Unfortunately, it was pouring rain, but the party was in the pavilion. There were quite a few people attending. We were invited to go over, and we went over and picked up some food and returned to the office. Our hours were 1 to 6, so at 5:30 we went in and cleaned up the rest rooms. They were not dirty, so it was only some picking up and sweeping the floors.

Monday- It was still cold and rainy. We had a quiet day.

Tuesday-  I went and had my nails done at 2:30. At 5 we took Koda for her first Leptospirosis shot. We have to be in the same place for several weeks to get the series of shots. She did pretty well, but she did not like the treats that they have, she thinks they are too hard

Wednesday-  We worked again. I dusted the entire store. Bob worked outside in the sprinkles. He was cleaning out the fire rings.Our hours were 9 to 1.

Thursday- We worked again. Today our hours were 8 to 1. We did the morning bathroom cleaning, then opened the store at 9. The bathrooms were not really bad. They are simple to do. I did the cleaning and Bob mopped the floors. We also swept and mopped the laundry room. We also cleaned the store and game room. Bob swept and mopped the floors, as it was pouring rain and he could not work outside. I made several reservations, checked some people in and out, and cleaned some areas. After we were done with cleaning, we just read our books until the end of our time.

Friday-We left around 10 to head northwest to Traverse City for our shopping trip. We wanted to stop at a Crepe restaurant, but they were closed today as they were at a Farmers Market in Northpoint, 25 miles away.

We had spotted an omelet resaurant, so we backtracked to the Omelet Place, a very busy brunch restaurant. The omelets were huge, so we both decided on something else this trip. I had a cherry, pecan, salad with cherry dressing. Bob had the Ruben. I took home some of the salad and Bob took home half the Ruben. Both were excellent!

We stopped at Costco, but did not purchase gas, as it was $2.69 a gallon. It was less expensive in Cadillac.We picked up the Bravecto for the dogs. The prescription is a lot less expensive at Costco, than anywhere else. Bob also had his glasses tightened. Then we stopped at Target. When we had left Cadillac, the sun was shining. Now it was pouring rain, again! We are so tired of rain!

We still wanted to stop at Moomers for ice cream. We were thinking there would be no one there. Boy, were we wrong! The place was mobbed with families. I guess it was, hey it’s raining, lets take the kids to Moomers!

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