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Sat. Jun. 1 to Fri. Jun. 7- Cadillac MI.

Saturday-  We did tasks around the rig in the morning. It was cloudy, cold, and there were rain showers.  At 11:30 we left, stopping on the way out of the park at the office to check on our schedule for next week. We both work M-T-W. We traveled east to Falmouth, our destination was Ebel’s General Store. The town of Falmouth has a school, gas station, grain silo, and a church. The big draw is Ebel’s. The main floor is a grocery store, with a deli. They had several samples to try, most of them were meat sticks or jerky. They did have a couple of sausages and a crab pasta dish.

We toured the food section, then went downstairs to the basement. They had a coffee bar, clothing, shoes, jewelry etc. Bob tried on some really nice jean shorts which he purchased to work in. I bought a nice necklace.

We returned to the car and dropped off the purchases, then we went to Duane’s Family Restaurant. We just walked through the parking lot. We were told to sit anywhere. This was a lot like a local diner. Bob had the grilled club sandwich and I had a grilled cheese. We split an order of onion rings. The food was excellent with nice fresh bread that they baked that morning. At the end, they gave us small soft serve vanilla ice cream cups, which were included.

We walked back over to Ebel’s General Store, and purchased some of the Hawaiian brats and cherry brats. We paid, dropped them into the cooler in the car, and walked over to Ebel’s Hardware Store. The two are owned by brothers. Duane’s Restaurant owner is no relation to them. We just wandered thru, not purchasing anything. Bob just wanted to take a look.

It had started raining hard, so we returned home. We took a nice nap. Since it was the 9th anniversary of our going full time in the RV, we went out to dinner at Hermann’s European Café. The restaurant is expensive! Bob was disappointed that they did not have any German beer. So he ordered water. I looked at the menu and they had a Canyon Road Moscato, so I ordered  the wine. It was very good. Bob had the Braised Beef Sauerbraten which came with spaetzle and red cabbage. I ordered the Jaeger Schnitzel with spaetzle. They had nice, fresh German bread. The food was excellent. The chef is a certified Austrian Pastry Chef. The restaurant earned 3 stars from the Mobil Guide, the Silverspoon Award and the Golden Fork Award. All sauces and dressing are prepared from scratch. It is by far the best restaurant in town. We will go there for lunch one day, as they have $8 lunch specials Mon-Fri.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday tasks. Since Koda had made a mess of the duvet, Bob took it to the laundromat. He also took the mattress cover and I washed the pads we have for Karlie, in case she is incontinent. She has not been for over a year now, but we just kept the pads under the sheets to protect the mattress, just in case.

When he returned, we had lunch. Then we sat outside enjoying the weather.

Monday- I worked in the office today and Bob continued working outside, cleaning the sites after the weekend.

Tuesday- I worked in the afternoon, from 4 to 8 and Bob worked in the morning. Bob brought me dinner, which I had prepared in the crockpot.

Wednesday- I worked from 2 to 8 today and Bob worked in the morning. Bob brought me leftovers from yesterday for dinner.

Thursday-  It was a beautiful day, with temps in the 70’s and bright blue skies. So we decided to drive to Manistee. The drive was about an hour, as there was a detour, due to a bridge repair. We stopped at the Meier’s to use the facilities and spotted 4 corn for  for $1. So we purchased some.

Our next stop was at the lighthouse. We realized that we had been here before.


Then we went to lunch at North Shore Brewery. Here is Bob with his flight.


The beer was just okay, but the food was not great. We don’t think we will go there again.

We went to the downtown. They have really re-vitalized the downtown, with taking the old buildings and renovating them, yet maintaining the beauty of the old buildings. We walked the three blocks of the downtown, looking in a few of the stores. There were two bookstores, one with new books and the other with used books. We went into the used book store, but did not find any books we wanted. We left Manistee at around 2 pm. We stopped in a town with an advertised General Store. We wandered thru, but it was really a grocery/hardware store, although they also make and sell their own brats and jerky.

We returned home and ate outside grilling brats and the corn. The corn was really good, especially for this early in the season. It cannot be Michigan corn, as they are just starting to plant crops, due to the prolonged cold weather. The dogs really like being outside. We had a campfire this evening.

Friday- We went to Walmart grocery shopping, getting our free doughnut for National Doughnut Day. It was fresh, right out of the bakery and very good.

We stopped at Meier’s, then Home Depot. We needed some bricks to place under the firepit to allow some air into the wood.

We went to lunch at the BBQ restaurant in Lake City. We split a rack of ribs which were excellent. We also split the two sides, raspberry vinaigrette coleslaw and baked beans. The baked beans were unbelievable good, as were the ribs.

We returned and Bob looked for his phone. Oops, he had left it at the BBQ restaurant. So he called them and they had it. Karlie had a 1:50 vet appointment so we went to the Vets. They drew Karlie’s blood and we are waiting for her results. WE needed a prescription for her Estrogen, which Walmart and Walgreens did not have. This vet office did not have it either, but they had another medication, so she will be starting on that.

We went back to Lake City to get Bob’s phone, so we stopped at Tasty Treat, and had some excellent ice cream. I had the Chocolate Cherry Amaretto and Bob had the Blackberry Chocolate. Both were really good.

We returned home, grilled some chicken and ate the second two ears of corn. Even better than the ones last night! After dinner, we decided to change our fence formation. and put the picnic table inside the fence. So we took the fence down. The dogs were great. They stayed on the rug, until we had to move the rug.

We moved the fence closer to the rig, as we were not getting enough shade in the fenced area. Dean, who has the trailer behind us, introduced himself and asked about full-timing.

We finished and settled in to read for about an hour, before we went inside for the rest of the evening.

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