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Sat. Jun. 15 to Fri. Jun. 21- Cadillac MI

Saturday– More rain! It rained hard all day. The park roads are a mess. Earlier this week Dan and Brian had graded the roads in the park; the rain has totally destroyed the roads, again.

We left and went to Aldi’s and Walmart. We returned, dropped off the groceries, and when the rain slowed down to just raining, Bob took the dogs for a quick walk.

I helped to get the dogs dried off and sat with Karlie wrapped in a towel and under a blanket to get her from shivering. Poor baby, with less fur than the other two have, and being so thin, she gets really cold.

Since this was Father’s Day Weekend, the park had a BBQ contest and cooking hamburgers for the kids. There were a few folks cooking in the Pavilion. Brrrr!

We left and went to lunch at the 13th Street Market Restaurant. This is a combination restaurant and store. We both had sandwiches. I had the Turkey Ruben, which I have to say was the best one I have ever had! Bob had an Italian. I took home half for tomorrow.

We stopped at Meier’s on the way home. The weather slowly started to clear.  It was still cool, but at least it stopped raining for awhile. The roads remain a mess, but this week, we do have electric! 

Sunday-  We worked from 12 to 4 today. We did our usual Sunday morning tasks. We ate our leftovers for lunch at 11:30  and went over at 12. It was fairly busy with reservations. Lots of people still calling for 4th of July. We always make early reservations for Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. We want to be settled somewhere and not on the road those days. Bob cleaned sites.

We returned at 4, ate dinner, and watched it rain some more.

Monday- We worked from 9 to 2 today.  The day was beautiful, with bright sunny skies. I did reservations and checked one rig in. Many people left today. Courtney relieved me at 1, and Bob and I cleaned the bathrooms. Bobbie wanted a really deep cleaning, so we did one. It took us over an hour, as we washed the walls as well as the floors. We had a quiet evening.

Tuesday- It’s a beautiful day, bright and sunny, temps in the 70’s. Today, I worked from 3 to 8. Bob went in at 9. We both work 5 hours. It should be pretty quiet today. A crazy situation occurred. A gal called and asked for her 5th wheel’s black tank be emptied. Brian was confused. He came to me and asked if the gal was a seasonal, as she was not in the seasonal area. I looked and there was no one listed in her site. The charge is $15 of the ‘honey wagon’ if you are  not a seasonal, and this gal claimed she was a seasonal. Since there  was no one listed in the site, in the computer system. There was supposed to be someone in the site next to her, it was confusing. Hmmmm, so Brian went and did the dump. Unfortunately, he only drained out about a gallon, and no more. The rig obviously has an issue. She is going to have to bring in someone to clean out the tank. She had just purchased the rig used.

A couple came in to pay for a seasonal site, with $2100 in cash. EEEK, I don’t want to handle that much money! He counted it out, I counted it twice and then I could not get the cash register to give me a receipt. So I called Brian. He was talking with Nana Rose, who is Bobbie’s mother, and she came along, because he did not know how to do it either. So she did some crazy things with the cash  register, as she did not know how to do the receipt either. She finally got one! Then of course the cash register spit receipts out the rest of the evening.

While she did that, I had Brian count the money again, just to be safe. He did, then he gave it to Nana Rose, to take to the house and not leave it in the store. That made me very happy, as I did not want that much money floating around!

Bob brought me dinner at 6, and we ate on the picnic tables in the store. I had gone to check the bathrooms, right before Bob arrived, and found that two of the shower curtains were on the floor. So I had to chase down Brian to fix them, because I could not reach that high to put them back up. We think some kids were trying to hang on them.

Bob returned at 7 to help (this was included in his hours) with the bathrooms. He is doing the sweeping and mopping, as that has been setting off my left shoulder, which has the torn rotator cuff. We were done in about 30 minutes. I talked with Brian again about the gal who is in a site, which is not usually a seasonal, and Brian called Bobbie, who has been taking  three days off. Bobbie and Dan had taken Nana Rose’s Class C motor home for the three days. She said the gal is a seasonal, but there is an issue, as there are people coming into the site next week and through the 4th of July. Glad it’s not my problem!

Wednesday– More rain! We are so sick of rain!! We went to lunch at After 26  Depot Café, located in the old train station in downtown Cadillac. This is a non-profit restaurant. From their brochure: “In Michigan, when an adult with special needs turns 26 years of age, they must leave the public school system. For most, this leaves a huge void in their daily life and virtually no job opportunities. The After 26 Project is changing that by providing meaningful jobs for adults with developmental and cognitive difference in Wexford, Missaukee, and Osceola Counties. In 2007, a local group of retired teachers, parents and volunteers organized to see if they could provide some type of meaningful employment for adults with developmental disabilities and cognitive impairments. The After 26 Depot opened on June 4, 2013. The After 26 Deport Café operates like any other restaurant, with a manger, wait staff, and cooks. The difference is, the Depot employs adults with special needs. Their jobs include: washing dishes, greeting guests, bussing tables, rolling silverware, janitorial duties, landscaping and the like. However, it is important to note that as our “Project Workers” hone their skills and improve their aptitude, they will be given increased responsibilities. Most importantly all Project Workers will work in the public eye. An essential part of our mission is to provide the self esteem, self respect, and dignity that one can only derive from the workplace and holding down a job. Job coaching is also an important part of our mission, providing the necessary directing and redirecting of our “Project Workers”. 

Wow, what an awesome idea! They also sell miscellaneous retail items. In August they are having a fundraiser in the town square. We will be going there again, as the service was good, the food was food, and the restaurant was spotless. They had nice tables and good silverware ( that is an issue for me, I hate restaurants that have silverware that is so cheap you cannot even buy it at Walmart!).

We ran by the Post Office and dropped off some mail. We returned and took a short nap, as it was still raining and miserable outside.

Thursday- I had a hair appointment this morning. The gal who did my nails had to fix several of the nails, as the product they are using was not working and my nails were peeling off the product, so I was later than expected getting back for lunch with Bob.

We ate lunch and had a quiet afternoon. At 6, friends Lavern and Connie arrived. They set up and we went to dinner at Clam Lake Beer Company. We did not expect it to be busy on a Thursday evening at 6:30. The place was mobbed. So we waited about 30 minutes for a table. The guys had some great beers and dinner was much better than the last time we were there. Connie had an olive burger, Lavern had a Perch dinner. Bob had a Cuban and I had a smokestack turkey sandwich. The sandwich had some really interesting ingredients: turkey, pecans, dried cherries, hummus, and honey mustard. Strangely, it worked. It was also on flat ciabatta bread.

Friday- A bright, sunny warm day today! We picked up Connie and Lavern and left for Traverse City. We went straight to Costco, as we had to pick up a dog prescription.

We drove past the Largest Cherry Pie Plate, and stopped for pictures. Here are Connie and Lavern.

cherry pie (2)

20190621_112646 (2)

Cherry Pie Sign

From there we went downtown. We parked in a metered spot right on State Street. We wandered into an interesting store named Nifty. They had a good selections of items. Then we went to Cherry Republic. We ate some samples and and I tried a Cherry Moscoto wine which I was not impressed with at all.

We walked over to Seven Monks Brew Pub for lunch. They guys had some good beer and we all had a nice lunch. Connie and Lavern split a grilled cheese with two tomato bisque cups. We split the grilled cheese, and Bob had the tomato bisque.

We left and drove along the lake, then went to Moomers for some ice cream. Bob and I had the flight again. Connie had the Cherries Moobilee. Lavern had the Butter Pecan. We had the assortment.

We returned to the park. At 4, we met up with Connie and Lavern with their two dogs in the dog park. Their new dog, George, had not done well with Bob’s cousin Jacque’s dog at their home recently. We were trying a neutral area for George to meet other dogs. He did pretty well, until a little girl showed up with Ruby, an 8 month old Golden Retriever. George did well with our dogs, but he did not like Rub at all.  Ruby has a lot of energy and can be overpowering in her exuberance.  Our dogs fo not like Ruby either. The dogs were all done, as they were hot and tired.  when Ruby left.

We returned home. Connie and Lavern came over for dinner. The guys drank some more beers. Connie and I had some wine.

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