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Sat. Dec. 16 to Fri. Dec. 22- Sun City AZ and Yuma AZ

Saturday- I did not feel very good in the morning, so we had a quiet time. I took a nap in the afternoon and felt better. Bob spent most of the day getting the MH ready to move tomorrow. In addition to the usual tasks, he had to take down the Christmas lights and decorations.

It was Ray’s birthday, so Mike and Linda picked us up on the way. We met up with Alan, Donna, MaryAnne, Ray, and some of their friends at the 61st Street Macayo’s for dinner. We had a nice dinner and returned home and went to bed.

Sunday- It took us longer to get ready to leave this morning. We went to hook up the car and realized that we had left the tow brake in the storage unit, so Bob ran over to get it.

We finally drove out of the park at 11:30. We drove west on Bell Road to the 303 bypass, south to I-10, to AZ 85 south. We stopped along the road to eat lunch. We turned went on I-8 and arrived almost 3.5 hours later at Fortuna de Oro RV park. We are staying here under PA, $22 per night, FHU 50amp.

I went to check in and found that the office was closed on Sundays. A man in the game area told me to just pick an empty site in the overnight parking and settle in. Our dental appointments in Alamogordo start at 9:30, so I left a voice mail message with the office letting them know we are here and that we will pay them when we get back.

We settled in and cooked dinner. Just as we were finishing eating, there was a lot of noise. At first we thought it was a train, but did not remember any train tracks close to the RV park.

It was the Celebration of Lights. There were numerous 4 wheelers all lit up with Christmas lights driving past the motor home. Evidently, this starts on Saturday with a parade downtown. Then they ride through all of the RV parks in the area on different nights. It was pretty awesome!

Monday- We left at 8:30 and headed west into California. Then we turned south towards the border crossing. We pulled into the very large parking lot, paid our $6 for parking and walked into Alamogordo. You are immediately running a gauntlet of people trying to sell you something.

We quickly found the dental office and arrived at 9:15. The dentist took me in. I wanted my teeth whitened and I thought that I was going to need  a new crown. He said he could only whiten my teeth about 2 shades lighter, which he did, and now my teeth match the crown again. That worked. $120.

Bob had a cracked tooth, so he needed a repair and crown. Total cost was $180 for everything! We had been quoted $876 for the crown and $250 for the whitening in the US. Even with moving the MH down here, it was still less expensive than in Peoria!

We finished at the Dentist office. We stopped at a vendor and purchased some leather belts for Bob, after a lot of back and forth on the price. Then we were off to the pharmacy and liquor store. We purchased medications. Bob had done a spread sheet of our prescription and over the counter medications, so we know what we needed.

We went back through the border crossing, standing in line for about 15 minutes. We both sailed right through. We left and went to Kneaders for lunch. Then we returned to the MH. Bob walked the dogs, and I went to the office to pay them. They were closed, at 2 PM????. It turned out, they had their Christmas party and then everyone went home.

I did some laundry and Bob looked at pricing for Tamiflu. We had not purchased that, so we may go back and buy it when Bob gets his crown put on.

At 5:30 we went to The Foothills Eatery to meet up with Marianna, Fred, Thelma, and Mel for dinner. It is always great to see our friends! What a dinner! Soup, salad, entrée, roll, and desert for $9.95. I could cut my veal cutlet with a fork!

We returned to the MH and watched TV.

Tuesday- A guy had come by yesterday morning and offered to clean the MH and car for $45. We scheduled and asked friends if this was the going price, it is. They were to arrive at 8AM. They arrived at 7:25. Good thing we were up. They got right to work and were finished by 8:16. There were 5 guys hustling! They did a great job too!

We stopped in at the office and paid for our 3 nights at the resort. The gal asked what site we were in. We told her and she said that since it was a pull thru they were going to charge us more. I said no way. They did not let us know where they wanted us to park and we were told to park in one of these sites. She agreed that it was not our fault and she went to the manager to get permission to give us the price we were quoted, $68 vs $88. She was nice about it, as was the manager. The manager overruled the computer system to give us the quoted PA price.

We ran over to Fry’s for some items and to get cash back for tomorrow. We left at 11:10 to go to El Charros in Yuma downtown for lunch. We met up with Bob’s Aunt Betty, a daughter from her first marriage, and Bobs cousin Teresa. We had an excellent lunch, sitting at the same table we sat at in 2016 when we were here!


We left and went to Fortuna Restaurant /carryout to pick up Tamales. Teresa had recommended their tamales. They are smaller than the ones in Sun City, but a whole lot less expensive, at $20 for a dozen. In Sun City they are $35 a dozen, but much larger.

We returned to the MH and took a short nap. We left at 4:20 to go to dinner at Sven and Sharon Novion’s house about a mile away. We had not seen them since the last time we were in Quartzsite, so it was very nice catching up with them. They are excellent cooks and we had a really yummy dinner!

Wednesday- We left around 7:45 and went to breakfast at The Foothills Eatery. We both had the special for $3.95. We returned and did some work around the MH before packing up to leave.

We left and drove the car west, then south to Alamogordo. We crossed back into Mexico. Bob went straight to the dental office and had his crown placed. He is very happy with it. I went to the pharmacy and picked up some Tamiflu. We had thought about it on Monday, but decided to see how much it would cost us. It was a lot less expensive in Mexico.

It took longer to go back out this time as there was a little bit longer line. We waited about 20 minutes. This time the immigration guy asked me what medication I purchased and he looked at it. He also looked in my purse. First time for that!

We drove back to Fortuna de Oro RV Park, unhooked the electric and hooked the car up to the MH. We drove out of the park at 1:34.  We drove back east on I-8 to AZ 85 north, to I-10 east, to Loop 303. The GPS said to take the El Mirage exit instead of Bell Road. The time was the same, even though the distance was longer. We sailed right through and arrived at Paradise at a little past 5 pm.

We parked the MH and Cecil next door gave me my Lands End package. He also said that Melissa has the Flu, type A. So she is really sick. I kept my distance!

We only set up the minimal. As we were setting up the park Carolers came by to sing to us.That was a nice welcome back! We ate dinner and watched TV. 

Thursday- Wahoo, our Ancestry DNA results are in. Mine matches my Genealogy research. I do not know any relatives on my mothers side, so the matches are going to help me to find some relatives on that side of the family.

Bob’s matched his Genealogical research with a couple of surprises. We are going to have try to match past the 6 cousin level to see if we are related. We know our relatives were in the same area way way back! I

I went to Maj and worked on teaching 3 gals to play. They are doing pretty well! One had played before, so she did not need as much help. MaryAnne assisted one gal and I assisted another.

We had lunch and took a short nap on the recliners, before working on Genealogy. We ate dinner, then went Square Dancing in Sun City West. We had a great time!

Friday- I went to card making this morning. There were only 2 of us who showed up. The gal who runs it asked me to teach a class the first Friday in January, so I took home the Cuddle Bug and worked on demonstration cards all afternoon.

We are dinner at home, then went to our Square Dance workshop in the evening.

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