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Sat. Dec. 9 to Fri. Dec. 15- Sun City AZ

Saturday- I set up as a vendor at the Shoppers Paradise, a monthly vendor affair. I have 3 people interested in Optavia and will be talking to them.

We went to lunch at Chili’s, then took a short nap. We had a quiet afternoon and evening at home.

We started binge watching The Crown, on Netflix.

Sunday- We ran to Walmart early and picked up a few groceries. We had a quiet afternoon, watching the Redskins lose (sigh!). We had a quiet evening at home.

Monday- I followed up on my leads, and the hand surgeon’s office called. They had a cancellation and I have an appointment tomorrow at 9:15. Bob also called and made a dental appointment for me. I still have the clicking in the right side of my jaw.

He also made his appointment, for January, with the GI doctor. We left and went to lunch at Macayo’s Mexican Restaurant.  We returned and played Spades with Bob and I as a team. We lost both games… we need to remember not to be a team.

We went to the post office and mailed the few Christmas cards we send. I also sent out our Christmas letter via email.We were off to the Vets to pick up Karlie’s pills. We had a quiet evening at home, binge watching The Crown again…

Tuesday- We went to my Orthopedic surgeon appointment. Neither of us liked the doctor. Poor bedside manner! They took X-rays and he showed them to us. I had been saying that I thought that the thumb was out of joint due to the stretched ligament, and I was right. So he did a steroid injection which should help with the pain and hopefully get me through to Medicare in September. The main question was since this was cause by arthritis, stretching the weak tendon, what is the permanent remedy? Two steroid injections then surgery. We could see where the bone was not in line and where the bones were rubbing together…. I will look for a different doctor….

We stopped at Fry’s to pick up a shrimp ring for tonight, then we returned to the MH. We had lunch and went to my dental appointment, as I still have the clicking in the right side of my jaw. The dentist was not concerned and thinks I will always have it. Oh well, he thinks it is cause by arthritis! When Dr. Bennett, in Colorado, ground my teeth she did a good job as the left side is now hitting on the bottom teeth. I still have to do the chin exercises.

We returned home, and then went to the Managers Town Hall meeting at 4 PM in the ballroom. The park manager, Scott Mathews is awesome. He is a character and really loves the park. He thinks ahead and makes great decisions for the park. He is also working well with Encore. Our park was voted the 2017 AZ Park of the Year!

We went to Sun City to Square Dance and had a great time. It was the Christmas party. They were disappointed as there were only about 50 people attending.

Wednesday- We had the 8:30 Alfa breakfast at Tivoli restaurant. We returned to the MH and did some work around the MH. We had a quiet afternoon, ate dinner at home and watched TV.

Thursday- I taught Majongg in the morning. We went out to lunch, then stopped by the storage unit to exchange a few items. At 3:30 we went to Costco to pick up Bob’s hearing aide. Wow, we were impressed. I had been with my father back in 1998 getting his hearing aide and we did not go through such an experience. Mariano spent over an hour making sure that Bob’s new aid was correctly, individually, set up. Needless to say, it will take Bob awhile to get used to the aid, but he already notices a big difference.

We returned and ate a quick dinner before leaving for Sun City West to Square Dance. We had a great time with friends and fellowship.

Friday- I went to card making at 9. We made a gift card holder. I drove to Scottsdale for lunch with friend Glenda Hamburg at Mimi’s Cafe. Oops, we were at different Mimi’s Cafe’s but eventually caught up with each other.

We left at almost 3 and went in different directions on the 101. 101 westbound was a parking lot. So it took awhile to get back home. Just as I was getting off the 101, the doctors office from Tuesday called me to let me know that my visit note and X-rays were ready. I told them that I could not get there in time to pick them up today, and would pick them up when I returned to town next week.

We ate dinner, then went to our Square Dancing Plus Workshop. We of course had a great time with lots of flubs and laughter! 

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