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Sat. Dec. 23 to Fri. Dec. 29-Sun City AZ

Saturday-  Since the winds had died down, Bob started putting up the Christmas lights back up. We went to Walmart to pick up a few items and went to lunch at The Haymaker. We had been there once before, several years ago, for dinner. This time it was lunch and the food was excellent. We stopped at Fry’s for a few items.

I am not sure what it is about this Fry’s. The place was a mad house. We pulled up and someone pulled out of the 2nd parking space in front of the store. This seems to happen to us each time we go to this Fry’s! As we were walking into the store, there were NO SHOPPING CARTS. They were all in use or still out in the parking lot cart corrals. A man was just leaving with a few items in one of the small carts. I asked him if I could have his cart. He gave it to me and wished us a Merry Christmas.

We stopped at the Honeybaked Ham kiosk. There were 12 people in line in front of us. We entered the line. Since I did not want to wait in the line to find out they did not have ham salad, I walked up to the gal, to ask if they had any of the ham salad. She said yes, how many do you want, I said one, she handed it to me and said pay at the front! The gal behind us had asked me to ask her if, since she had not made a reservation, could she still get a ham. The lady said yes. So I returned to Bob and cart, told the lady yes, and we were on our way. One less person in the long line.

We picked up the rest of the items we wanted and went to the checkout line. We moved right along and left to drive home, weaving through the crazy traffic. On the news this morning they were talking about the heavy traffic going out of town. Hump! Seems like everyone was in the stores!

We returned home and had a quiet evening.

Sunday- Christmas Eve. We had a quiet day at home. We started with doing laundry and our budgeting. Then we watched the Redskin game. They are out of the playoffs, so of course, now they are winning! Too late…

We watched some movies on Netflix. Ate lunch and dinner at home, and generally relaxed.

Monday- Merry Christmas. We ate a nice breakfast and started cooking our lunch. We made some of our favorite items, ate a nice lunch, while watching some movies. We watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 , Florence Foster Jenkins, and Our Souls at Night. We enjoyed them all.

Of course, in the afternoon, we went over to the Ballroom to help set up for the pot luck dinner. At 4:30 we went over for dinner with our Alfa friends. Karen and John Ratcliff, who do not live in the park, joined us, so we had a table of 8 with MaryAnne, Ray, Linda, and Mike. We had a great time and of course, the food was fantastic with a wonderful assortment of items. We had cooked  a chicken in the crockpot, had sliced it, and taken that as our donation.

In the evening, we finished the movies, then binge watched Longmire on Netflix. 

Tuesday- I went to Maj at 10. It was MaryAnne, Carol and I. Carol is just learning. She played the final game on her own and almost won!

We both worked on some Genealogy after lunch. We ate dinner at home and watched some TV.

Wednesday- We had a quiet day. In the evening we binged on Longmire again.

Thursday- I played Mahjongg in the morning .We ate lunch, at and 3 we went to Costco for Bob’s follow up hearing aide appointment. Bob is doing really well with the hearing aide. His main issue is itching, which is a common problem. Mario gave him some suggestions and Bob will return before we leave in March.

We went to Sun City West square dancing in the evening. We had a great time! This was a holiday party, so there was a lot of food!

Friday- We dropped the dogs off at 8AM for grooming. This is the second time in the month and we are not happy. We discussed the length with them and asked that they shorten the dogs fur. We don’t want them getting cold, but we don’t want to go back until February!

At 9:30, Bob had his follow up Cardiology appointment. Dr. Ramen said that Bob did not have any A-fib during the 30 days on the monitor, so he took Bob off the Xarelto ( the blood thinner). He has to transition, so he has to be on 3 days of a baby aspirin first. So he stops on Sunday.

We stopped and picked up some baby aspirin for Bob and he took his first one. We picked the dog up and returned home. There was no square dancing class this evening.

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