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Sat, Apr. 7 to Fri. Apr. 14- Tucson to Sun City AZ

Saturday- I was off again to the vendor table. Bob continued to attend tech seminars and to work on coaches. That seems to be a guy bonding activity!

At 12: 00 we had a lousy lunch. Grilled chicken salad. The chicken was dried our and one guy was using the breadsticks as drumsticks, playing on the table!

The entertainment was terrific. I was Kevin Sterner and the Strait Country Band. It was a George Strait tribute band and they were excellent! We hated to leave early!

We had a 2 PM community CPR class. This is my first time not doing professional CPR, so it was an experience. It lasted 1.5 hours. The we returned home. We went to social hour at 4. We had the dinner at home.

Sunday- The last day for the vendors. They had changed the times on Fri. from 9 to 5 to 9-3. Today we changed from 9-3 to 9-1. No one was coming thru any more, so we packed up and returned home. At 4 we had social hour. At 6, we had the Leisure Coachworks BBQ dinner.

Dale and Susan had a fire pit, so we went over to the fire for the evening, and chatted with folks. It was windy and became cold, so we returned home.

Monday- A relaxing day for me! Bob did some more tasks and Dale came over. They moved the drivers seat. I had toured their new rig and said to Susan that I liked that the seat was closer to the front. She said that in the old rig, Dale had moved it. So I went on Dale’s list.


They guys had me sit in the seat, then they decided on how far to the front it should be moved. Then Dale left. We decided to go to a Crepe place, which had great reviews, for lunch. MaryAnne went with us. We arrived to find that they are closed for the week. So we went back to El Charro.

We had a nice lunch, then returned in time for the “check out my rig’. We ran around touring rigs for an hour. At 5 we had social hour. Then we had the Chapter Dinner. Again, the food was lousy! Roast pork, carrots, salad and rice.

After dinner we had the chapter meeting. Then some of us played R-L-Center.  It was a lot of fun with lots of laughter.

Tuesday- This morning was the Pet Parade. More of a contest than a parade. All the dogs were very well behaved. 20170411_092210 (2)

These were all the winners. We did not win anything this year.


We had the farewell dinner in the evening. We won a table, which we can use.

Thursday- Our back up camera is still broken, but Bob had ordered one and has it scheduled to be installed when we get to Sun City. So I drove the MH and Bob followed in the car. He was not feeling very good, so we thought it was better to drive this way.

We drove into Paradise RV park at about 2 PM and were welcomed, by name, by the Mary and Scott ( the manager).

We parked in our site and are staying for 9 nights.

We settled in and ate leftovers for dinner .

Friday-  Bulls-eye RV repair arrived and installed the back up camera. Bob had them check the Hydro-hot and they replaced a broken fitting. We went to Walmart and settled in for the evening.

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