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Sat. Apr. 1 to Fri. Apr. 7- Mesa AZ to Tucson AZ

Saturday- We drove out of Mesa Spirit RV park and south to Hwy. 87. We took that to I-10, to I-19. We drove into West Ricon RV Park, where we will be staying until April 12.

We pulled into the park and the guard sent us to the South Loafers ( another Alfa Group’s) sites. We were re-directed to our site, 834. We settled in for the day. We ate lunch, then went to Walmart and Fry’s for groceries. The Walmart was wild! It was soooo  busy!

We returned and ate dinner at home. No happy hour, as the weather turned windy and rainy.

Sunday- The Alfa’s are rolling in for the rally.

We did our usual Sunday budget and checking accounts. Then we did laundry. I worked on updating articles, as my Editor had sent me 10 to update.

We met folks as they arrived. MaryAnne and Ray are parked next to us, so we greeted them when they arrived.

Ray and Bob went to a closing sale for a Radio Shack. MaryAnne and I just chatted. At 5, we all went to happy hour, where we met up with lots of friends!

We went to dinner at Chili’s with Ray and MaryAnne.

Monday-  Bob left and went to the Tech Talk given by Dale Prichard. He found out a few tips. I worked on another article. I hope to get them all done while I am here.  My Health Coach, Lorraine came over to visit .

We went to happy hour at 4 and the pot luck dinner.

Tuesday- We had a pancake breakfast this morning. We arrived at 8 and almost did not get a seat! At 11, Bob went to another Tech Talk. He was back and forth for hours looking at our rig and other items. At 12:30 I went to the Rally Room to work on two  Fabric Baskets.  We had happy hour at 5, then had a quiet dinner at home.

Wednesday- Bob went to the Gen Turi building for another Tech Talk. The guys are having a good time bonding over fixing items. We ate lunch at home, and at 1 I went to the T-shirt Weaving class. I have done this several times, but it is more fun to do it as a group. I needed to shorten my Roadrunner T-shirt and it came out really nicely.

We had happy hour at 5 and then the Sheriff’s Dinner and Club meeting at 6 in the Rec Hall. Mike Lynch was the Sheriff and they made over $200 which is being donated to the Area Agency on Aging. That was over $200 is quarters!

Here is Mike Lynch as the Sheriff.


Thursday- I have been working on articles every morning. Ray came by and wanted to know the recipe of the stuff we use in the toilet. Then we went over to the Rec Hall and set up the vendor table. My Health Coach and Business Coach and I am going to tell folks about our program.

We went with MaryAnne and Ray to lunch at El Charo, our favorite restaurant in Tucson.

We went to the social hour at 4. Since this is the beginning of the AOC rally, we went over for the welcome dinner. There were a lot of announcements. They had a Magician who was the entertainment for the evening. The food was just passible. The menu was spring greens salad, chicken picatta and Tirimisu.


Friday- I was over at the building at 9 AM to assist at the vendor table. We talked to a few folks. The problem is that the vendor table is a long was from where we are parked and where the meetings are located. Oh well!

At 4 PM we had our seminar, where I spoke. Then we had social hour and dinner was on our own. We had left overs at home.

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