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Sat. Apr. 15 to Fri. Apr. 21. Sun City AZ

Saturday-  We did some tasks around the MH.  We went to StorQuest and rented a 5×10 storage unit. We were given a special, so it is very affordable. We went to the Library and renewed our Library cards. We went over to Deb and Tom Richards home for beer. Tom brews his own, and Bob enjoyed all the beers. Deb was my boss at Del Webb and we have remained friends. She is also one of my weight loss clients. She has lost 45 lbs.!

We ate dinner at home and had a quiet evening.

Sunday- Happy Easter.  We had a quiet breakfast at home and went to Brunch at the Elks Lodge. We went to Walmart and later took a short nap. At 4:45 we went to the park pot luck dinner. We sat with Pam and Bob, who we have known for several years. It was a  nice dinner, with about 30 people there. We returned to the MH to watch TV.

Monday-  I had a 9 AM massage with Rene for my hip. Then we took a load of stuff over to the storage unit. We stopped at Costco for gas and Joanne’s for felt. We need to replace the felt on the wooden piece that we use to keep the refrigerator/freezer closed when traveling.

We returned and had a quiet afternoon.  We worked on our plans for when we leave here and started making reservations.

Tuesday- We were off to our new PCP this morning. We both liked her. Then we went to lunch at Dillon’s BBQ  as it was very close. From there we went to the Dermatologist, who was almost next door. Both of us had a good check up with the Doc’s. We went to the Library to pick up and drop off books. From there we stopped at Walmart for a prescription, then returned to the park.

Mary from the park had called. They have a TT annual site available. We looked at the list and are thinking about taking a site. It is a very good price!

We looked at the available sites, but all are south facing. Decisions!!

We had a quiet dinner at home.

Wednesday- We ran into the office and told them we would take the annual site. The price is good, as we are getting the TT discount. We are going to be in the same site we were going to be in when we return, and we are hoping that they will move us to a north facing site, since we are going to be annual. We will see. By signing up for the annual, it should move us up on the list.

We ran around the area doing various tasks. We ate dinner at home and had a quiet evening.

Thursday- We are getting texts from Verizon that we have used 50% of our phone call time for the month. Huh! Our bill ends on the 13th, so that was quick. We called and checked on it and sure enough we have. We have been calling and dealing with the pharmacies, and other calls. It is time to get new phones anyway, so we will start looking and change our plan.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Friday-  Paul and Charlie arrived, and we are so glad to see them! We have missed “the other Grays”(no relation). A long running joke between us. We took more stuff to the storage unit, taking out items we will not use this summer.

We had a quiet day and evening.

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