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Sat. June 20 to Fri. June 26. Westminster CO

Saturday– What a busy day for us! Of course, I do my exercises 3x a day. Bob walks the dogs and we do a lot of laundry.  We cut up fruit for the Pot Luck later. At 3:30, Bob took his chair and a recliner for me up to the small pavilion for social hour. This is the first one I have attended since surgery.

We were scheduled for a pot luck dinner, but the Lodge kitchen freaked out. The RV’ers are a big part of the Saturday evening dinners, and if we did not attend, then they would have food left over. The potluck had been planned by the Trustees as a fundraiser for their activity committee, so they had brought in a keg of beer.( Breckenridge Brewery Avalanche Amber Ale). They also had the popcorn machine up. I thoroughly enjoyed the outing. It was a prefect evening, warm, dry, with a slight breeze. I walked up and back to the MH from our site.

After social hour, we went to the Lodge for dinner, chicken fried stead with mash potatoes and gravy, carrots and salad. We brought home half for leftovers. We  drove to the Lodge as it is a long walk. We returned to the MH and fed the dogs, while I iced my knee.

Then Bob drove me to the top of the hill to Charlie and Paula’s Alfa MH. We stopped in to see the work that Paul had done on their cabinets. They put in a Corian  counter, which almost matches the one that they have. The work was terrific. Unfortunately, Paul’s wife ended up in the hospital last evening and is in Intensive Care. So they have not paid him yet and do not have the final price. They are leaving in the morning to continue their trip!

I walked down to the pavilion and settled in for the evening. There were about 40 people attending. The Pot Luck kind of fell through because  of the meal, but there was still some items.

They had set up games and had golf cart races. Bob ended up being one of the judges for the race, but he also got the chance to drive. He said it was disorienting. They set up a course and blindfolded the driver. The passenger had to direct the driver. Anyway, it was a lot of fun.

I left a little before 8:30 and Bob was right behind me. Not sure when it broke up , but they were planning to roast marshmallows and have s’’mores later. Bob did enjoy the good beer.

Sunday- We were up late, around 8. We ate breakfast, took showers, did laundry. We went up at 10 AM to say good-bye to Paula and Charlie. We will not see them again until next April at the Alfa Rally. We are really going to miss our friends!

We worked on the budget and bills. We had a lot of EOB’s come in and went through them. For some reason BCBS Dental denied our dental appointments so Bob is going to call the Dentist office to find out what is going on.

At 1, Bob went to the big pavilion to pick up lunch. The Elks were  having a pig roast for Fathers Day. Men eat for free and everyone else for $10. I had done too much yesterday, so I am taking it easy today.

Lunch was BBQ sandwiches, baked beans, coleslaw, potato chips. It was very good.

Of course I did all my exercises, we ate leftovers for dinner and watched TV before going to bed.

Monday-  I had my appointment with Jeff, the PA, at 9 AM. He answered a lot of questions and I asked to have the other knee done the first week of August. He renewed my prescription and we set up my next appointment for 7/16.

We left there and moved to the next office in the building for my PT. They had checked the co-pays when getting the approval from the insurance for my therapy, and we are really close on passing into catastrophic insurance, so we are holding back on the paying them the co-pays.

The therapist is Sara. I was afraid that this was going to be a lot, but it was actually not too bad. She started with moving my leg around. We discussed my home exercises and I am to continue to do those, with one addition.

We moved to the bike. She had me using the right leg to move the pedals back and forth. No way could I, at this point, ride the bike normally. But moving the pedals back and forth to the point I could for 7 minutes was not too bad.

Then she moved me to another machine where I had control, using hydraulics, to move the leg back, bending the knee. Then she put me on the leg press with 45 lb pressure. Finally, we iced, with a towel under my ankle, which was pushing the knee down straight. I lasted about 2 minutes with that, before I was able to just ice.

I was afraid that the PT was going to be more painful, but this session was not. I think that is still coming, LOL.

We returned home and Bob went to the Chinese Restaurant around the corner for lunch. Paula and Charlie had found this restaurant and really liked the food. We ordered the Won Ton soup, but to be honest, it was awful and we will not order that again.

I had cashew chicken, which was really good. Bob had orange chicken but he said that it did not taste like orange chicken, so he is not going to order that again.

We took a nap and just relaxed the rest of the day.

Tuesday-  No appointments today. Bob went to Costco, I stayed home and did exercises. We ate leftovers for lunch. I still was tired and hurting, so Bob picked up dinner from the Lodge. Pork Chops, french fries, green beans and salad. We have enough left overs for dinner tomorrow night.

Wednesday-  We had our appointments with our new Endocrinologist, Dr. Cassara. We both liked her a lot. Since all the medical records are networked, she had all of our information. She made no changes for Bob and was very happy with his blood sugars.

He had blood drawn in April, so she is having his drawn again in August. Then Bob sees her again in October before we leave. I do not have to return until next spring. She ordered blood work, a neck ultra sound, and a bone density. Waiting to hear when those are approved and scheduled. Quest is just down the hallway, so we stopped in and had my blood work done.

We returned home, took a nice nap, watched TV and ate leftovers for dinner.

Thursday- The last few days I have been having sharp shooting pain in the left leg. This morning I finally feel like the knee is making progress and that I have mobility. Yea!  We went to the Lodge for the taco’s.

Friday- My next PT appt. Okay, the painful therapy arrived. We did a lot more and I was really tired when I was done. Bob went and got the car and picked me up at the door. We had a nice nap and went to dinner at the Lodge.

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