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Sat. June 13 to Fri. June 19- Westminster CO

Saturday– Jay, the PT arrived at 11. Bob left at about 11:10  to take Karlie to the Vets. She is still having episodes of not eating. He liked this vet also, Dr. Baier, who did the whole visit sitting on the floor with Karlie and feeding her treats. Think she liked him also? He ordered some different probiotics, in addition to the Prilosec.

Jay had added more exercises and continues to be pleased with my progress.

We had a nap in the afternoon. I went to the Lodge for dinner this evening. I had a round of applause from the RV’ers when we entered. We had brought a pillow with us for me to be able to put up my leg on a chair.

Dinner was the BBQ pork sandwich’s. I can only sit up like that for a short period, as my leg starts to hurt when down. Riding in the Edge is a lot easier that riding in the Focus was!

Sunday-  A quiet day for us. Bob picked up his computer from the Geeks. We got a pizza from Papa Murphy’s which we cooked and it was very good. Dinner was at home, after my afternoon nap.

Monday- A quiet day. Jay came at 10:00 for my PT torture! We ate dinner at home.

Tuesday- Another quiet day but we went to dinner at the Elks Lodge. I am doing my PT exercises 3x a day as per instruction. Bob did laundry.

Wednesday- Bob took the dogs to the groomers at 8:00.  Jay came for PT at 10. Bob picked up the dogs at 11:00. I had a follow up appt. at Panorama Ortho in Golden at 3:20. We drove over there to find that since the surgeon’s wife had a baby last week, that they had cancelled all the appointments. Jeff, the PA, who I was scheduled to see, was in surgery with a different surgeon following one of my surgeon’s patients. Someone had looked at the schedule and thought that I had just not cancelled the appointment, since I had been seen on the 10th, and just deleted it without telling me. Jeff had very specifically told me to keep this appointment.. It would not have been a big deal, but one of the most painful things that I do is ride in a car. As a result, I was in agony, especially, since the appointment was in Golden. There is an office right up the street in Westminster, but they had made the only appointment they had in Golden.  So, since I needed a prescription renewal, and had some questions, they had the triage nurse, Linda see me. She renewed my prescription and told me I could take off the TED hose. They also gave me a $25 restaurant gift certificate, which was nice  since they had screwed up.

We returned home and I collapsed into the recliner, took pain meds, and iced my knee.  We ate leftovers for dinner.

Thursday-  Another quiet day, with Bob doing laundry and me doing my PT exercises. Dinner at home. We went to DQ with Paula and Charlie for hot fudge sundaes at around 8PM.  A nice outing for me!

Friday-  Bob went grocery shopping in the morning. Jay came at 1:30 for my final Home Health PT. I have progressed to 4% (good) on straightening my knee and 78% bending (bad), as we were aiming for 90%. It is not from lack of trying! I am religiously doing my exercises. I am also weaning of the Dilaudid for the pain. I am no longer doing the ice all the time. I am now using heat prior to the exercise and ice after. I am progressing, but not as fast as I would like. The knee is still painful and very stiff. 

Tonight was Prime Rib night. We think because it is the last beef dinner at $10, the price is going up to $12 July 1, it being Fathers Day Weekend, and a dance after dinner, the place was mobbed. We went down to the Lodge at 5:15, and the line was out the door. We could not even get seats with the RV’ers, and the socialization is why we were there. So Bob stood in line for 35 minutes, to pay, and 15 minutes to get take out. Meanwhile, I drove the car back up the hill to the MH. First time I have driven. I found that it was easier to get in the drivers side of the car. But since it hurts so  much riding in the car, I am not planning on driving distances. Bob walked back up with dinner, which was of course very good. It turned out, this was the largest Friday evening dinner anyone could remember. They served 315 meals, and ran out of prime rib!

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