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Sat.. June 27 to Fri July 3, 2015- Westminster CO

Saturday- I was still sore from the PT yesterday. I continued my 3x a day exercises, with one additional exercise. We had a quiet day then went to dinner at the Lodge. It was chicken fried steak with mash potatoes and corn.

Sunday– Another quiet day for us. Worked on laundry, bill paying naps, exercises. Dinner was at home.

Monday- Another quiet day. We ate dinner at home.

Tuesday– I was off to PT today. Sara, the therapist, is on vacation this week, so I saw Gwen, the torturer! LOL! She ran me through some of the same exercises and some different ones. I was exhausted and in a lot of pain by the time we were finished. Even the icing at the end hurt. Bob picked me up at the door and drove me home. We ate lunch and took a much needed nap. We went to dinner at the Lodge. We both had Chicken Chardonnay with rice pilaf and corn. It was pretty good.

Wednesday- I was feeling pretty good so I went grocery shopping with Bob. We returned home. We had picked up a fresh pizza at Walmart Neighborhood Market and ate it for lunch. It was 1/2 price, at $3.49. It would have been a deal at full price! A better fresh pizza than Papa Murphy’s for 3x the price.

At 1 PM, we went to the offices near Lutheran Hospital for my neck sonogram. This is just a follow up on my thyroid cancer in 1998.  When we arrived they said that I had missed my appointment at 10 AM. Nope, I had it written down and had confirmed the appointment yesterday when they called me. I don’t think the girl believed me, but they took me right in.

We stopped at Costco for gas. Then stopped at Home Depot and Lowe;s looking for a new fan. They did not have one, so we stopped in at Ace Hardware. They didn’t have any either. Bob ordered one online.

We ate left overs for dinner at home.

Thursday- Back to PT to be tortured again. I had woken up at around 6 in a lot of pain. I got up and walked a bit and went back to bed. My knee felt a little bit more swollen. When I arrived at PT, they put me on the bike and I immediately noticed that I did not have the range of motion that I had on Tuesday. I told Gwen, and she checked my knee. It was more swollen and I had a knot in my thigh which she massaged out. Oh well, guess I did too much yesterday. She tailored my exercises and then put an ice machine that also squeezed the knee. I could only tolerate that for 5 minutes.

We returned home, ate lunch, then took a short nap. At 3 PM Bob had a doctor appointment. We had noticed that his neurological symptoms were returning with him dropping things and having increasing concentration problems and spilling glasses and cups. So we went to the doctor’s office. He drew blood and gave Bob another Vitamin B 12 shot. Bob had 4, one week apart, and now he has been about 3 weeks from his last shot. We will see what happens with the blood work.

We returned home, Bob walked the dogs and I did my afternoon exercises. We ate dinner at home.

Friday- A quiet day for us.  Doing my exercises, hanging out at home. Nothing special. We were not interested in the menu at the Lodge for this evening so we did not go to dinner.

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