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Sat. Feb. 28 to Fri. Mar. 6 2015- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  I was alone.and it was a very busy day. Bob kept working on the doors and drawers. We had a quiet dinner at home.

Sunday-  Another busy day, I was alone again. Bob finished the door and is working on above the closet. It was the last Downton Abby of the season on TV this evening!. Now I have to wait until Jan. 2016 for the next episode!

Monday- Susan was with me. We had a fun day. Busy, but fun. If she was with me everyday I would have stayed until March 31 and sworn to come back next year. Now only 3 more days until I retire!

Tuesday- I was out the door a little before 9 for Mahjongg, but only one gal showed up. A lot of the folks have left, although I can’t imagine why anyone would want to travel back to Wisconsin or Minnesota, where it is still cold and snowy. And of course, there is bad weather between here and there!

We ate lunch and took a nice nap. We worked around the MH and ate dinner. Bob picked up MaryAnne to go to the Astronomy Club at 7:40. I stayed home and watched the John Denver special on PBS. Bob arrived home at about 9. He said that at this meeting the speaker was another Doctoral Candidate whose thesis was about finding planets behind debris fields in space. He said it was very interesting.

Wednesday– I had the final card class of the season this morning. We made our usual 7 cards. The class organizer, Bea, asked me if I would be in charge next year. She may not be moving back here next fall. I said I would. All that means is that I will be contacting the Stampin’Up lady, Leslie to tell her how many packets to make and collecting the money for her. I will also be advertising the class and taking reservations.

When I returned to the MH, Bob had just finished up for the day working on the wood, so we ran to Burger King for lunch. They were having a Big Fish special.

We returned to the MH and at 1, and  I went to Mahjongg. There were four of us today. We played until 3, then I worked on organizing the last of the cards. I am giving Thank You cards to the folks that I worked with this past season.

We all went to Bucca de Beppo for dinner. We had nice coupons for 4 for $40. The meals were limited on selection, but we brought home a lot of leftovers!

Thursday- Tammara was with me today and it was a nice day. Bob was happy because he was down to the last four doors, over the bed.

Friday- Tammara was with me again and we had a nice day. This week has been quiet, so tomorrow, when I am alone, it will probably be very busy!

Bob finished the wood just in time! The MH looks so great! What a difference the shiny wood makes!

After work we went straight to happy hour. We had a nice time, staying until 6:30. We ate the leftover Bucca de Beppo for dinner.

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