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Sat. Feb. 21 to Fri. Feb 27 2015- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  I was alone at work and it was a busy day. Manageable, but busy. Bob has not been able to work on the bathroom doors and drawers due to the weather. It has been rainy and windy, although he spent time taping off areas. He also worked on the sliding door we have that separates the bedroom from the living room. There had been a picture glued to the door. We had removed that ugly picture and replaced it with a jewelry box with a collage on the front. He had to work on getting the rest of the glue off of the door before he can put on the polyurethane.

Sunday- Heidi was with me so the day was really quiet. We started the day with 23 people and quickly discharged folks. it was nice to have a quiet day.

Monday- I was alone again, but I started the day off quiet. Tammara was supposed to be with me, but I sent her to help others, as I only had 16 patients. There was no one I was sending anywhere, so it was quiet until lunch time. I went to lunch at noon, and when I arrived back on the floor we had 5 new admits. We ended up with a total of 15 new admission, so the afternoon was busy.

Tuesday- Off to Mahjongg in the morning. Bob worked on doors and cabinets. We had our usual nap in the afternoon, ate dinner, watched TV, read. I have been working on thank-you cards for the wonderful folks that I work with. The boring usual!

In the evenings Bob has been working on some Astronomy classes that he learned about at the Astronomy club meeting. They are free online from the Univ. of AZ, no credit of course. He has really been enjoying them. Each class is short, about 15-30 minutes, but interesting.

Wednesday- We completed our taxes in the morning,  Glad to have them filed and out of the way! We went to lunch at NYPD, NY Pizza Department. At lunch, they have a counter and you can buy different pieces of pizza by the slice. That was nice. We had two slices each. Mahjongg in afternoon, I retuned home and continue to work on the cards. I had stamped the inside of a bunch of them and let them dry while I went to dinner. I also downloaded and signed a consent form for one of my pictures to be used in a children’s book about the Texas. A publisher had requested permission for it’s use. It is the picture of the truck I took when we were “standing on the corner in Winslow AZ”. I will be receiving a copy of the book in the summer.

The Alfa group went to dinner at Haus Murphy, the German Restaurant in Glendale. We had to squeeze the trip to the restaurant in between the Super Bowl and spring training. Spring training is a very busy time in the area. The traffic has started getting heavier again an the park is filling up.

Everyone except Fred went to dinner. His hip has been extremely painful and he did not feel up to going. He and Judy are leaving on Sunday. They were staying until April, but his hip has gotten so bad, they are driving back to their home in Washington state for surgery. He needs a total hip replacement. We are going to miss them!

My dinner at Haus Murphy was huge. I spilt the Jager Schnitzel into three pieces and plan on having the second two pieces for lunch on Thursday and Friday, at work. MaryAnne had substituted potatoes for her spatzle. They brought it anyway, so she gave it to me. So I have plenty of leftovers.

Thursday-Polly was with me. She has been very stressed as she really does not want to be left alone on the floor. Plus they are changing the computer system and the classes have not been going well.  So it was a difficult day for her. The stress is getting to her. I only have seven work days left as I had decided not to stay until March 31.  The software conversion occurs on March 10 and my last day of work is March 7.

Bob has finished the bathroom and started on the bedroom. The cabinets and doors he has finished are looking like new!

Friday- Another busy day, but Polly was with me again. Bob has continued to work on the wood. We have a lot of wood!

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