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Sat. March 7 to Fri. March 13- Sun City AZ

Saturday- My last day of work! As I predicted it was a very busy day. Since it was the weekend, I was alone and I was working on ten discharges. I plodded along and by lunch I was down to 2, who were going to rehab.

I ate lunch with the staff, and returned upstairs to put the Thank-you cards in every ones mailboxes.

I finished on time and left for RETIREMENT! Wahooo!!

Bob dropped me off at the nail salon for my mani/pedi. Originally I had it scheduled for Wednesday, but we had to change going out to dinner to Wednesday instead of Tuesday due to the Astronomy club meeting last week. So I ended up changing my mani/pedi, since Bob needed the car.

Sunday- We ate a light breakfast because we were off to the Elks Lodge for brunch at 11:30. I made a pasta salad for the pot luck this evening.  At 10, Paul, “Da Builda”, arrived to do an estimate for Paula and Charlie. They want to put in a desk like we have. So at about 11:10, we ran over to say hi to Paul. Paul was the guy who did our wood work in 2010.

We had a great brunch. Bob had the three cheese omelet and I had the eggs benedict. MaryAnne had the Florentine omelet; Charlie and Paula each had some other omelets. It was a lot of fun.

We left the Elks Lodge, returned home and took a nice nap. At a little before 5, we walked over to Mike and Linda’s for the pot luck. We would have ridden our bikes, but I had a flat tire. I mean a really flat tire! Hmmmm, what is with that!

We had a great evening, sitting out talking and celebrating my retirement and Paula’s end of chemo. She is now doing her radiation.

They served a Tri Tip from Costco. Yum, it was awesome! It comes already marinaded and all Mike had to do was throw it on the grill. Tri Tip is a meat cut in the western part of the country. You can’t buy it on the east coast. It is very good!

Once it got cold,( that was relative, by cold we mean in the 60’s) LOL,  we returned to the MH, watched TV and went to bed.

Monday- Bob drove me over to the pool since my tire was flat. I did some water aerobics, sat in the hot tub, and read my book while drying out.  I called Bob and he came to pick me up. He had dropped off  the laundry in the washing machines. He dries the sheets over there and washed and dried the towels.

I started working on some of my articles which need updating. Bob took the bike to the bike shop to get my tire fixed. He had tried to put air in, but as fast as he put the air in, the air came back out!  My front tire was also a problem so Bob told them to replace both of them.  Evidently I have an odd size tire, so they had to order the tires. They are also putting on new handgrips, as mine were worn out. I won’t get the bike back until Thursday or Friday.

I left to go to Paradise Bakery/Café for lunch with former co-workers Annette and Patricia. We commiserated about work and generally had a great time. Patricia drove back to the park with me and Annette followed behind in her car. I took them both around the park to see everything.

When we returned to the MH, Bob was having an A-fib attack. He was laying down waiting for it to pass, so I walked the dogs. I took them over to Linda and Mikes’ s since I needed to return her stamps and stamp pads. We sat and talked for while. Their MH is on the dogs ‘route’ since Linda spoils them by giving them treats. Their dog Sable, is always happy to see Karlie and Roxie, as she knows she gets a treat. They look so funny, because all three of them know that their butts had better be on the ground if they want a treat, so there they are, lined up!

We talked for awhile. On the way over, I was stopped by a lady who had a white Bishon. The dogs knew her and her dog and had gotten a treat from her on the way! They are not spoiled or anything! LOL .

Bob’s A-fib had stopped by the time we returned to the MH. He was still worn out though, but was now able to put his bike away. The A-fib had started when he was in the wood shop working on the bottom drawer for the pantry. The drawer has been warped for awhile and he has been going to replace it. He had worked on the plans and was cutting the wood when the A-fib started. So he rode his bike back to the MH to lie down.

We ate dinner, watched TV, played on our tablets and went to bed.

Tuesday– I was off to Mahjongg at 9, but only MaryAnne showed up. So she gave me a lift back to the MH. Bob returned and we ran to Walmart. We returned, ate lunch, and I went to Bunco. I had a great time!

Bob completed the drawer, painted it and installed it. In addition to the drawer being warped, the walls of the pantry are different sizes. The top is smaller than the bottom, so Bob had to use a shim to get the drawer to work. The joys of RV living!

We sat outside with our glasses of wine until 5 PM, when nephew Aaron called. He and Casey are looking at purchasing a 5th wheel and were asking for some advice.

We talked to them for about 1/2 hour, then cooked dinner and returned outside to sit out in the beautiful weather. The temp has started to go up to the 80’s during the day and 60’s at night, with bright blue skies!

Wednesday- We were off at 8:20 to the Sunrise Mountain Library for an book siging and talk by author J.A. Jance. This is Bob’s second book signing and my third. They are fun!

The library opens at 9, but they opened at 8:30 this morning. MaryAnne had called yesterday and they had just realized their mistake of setting up at the same time as the signing started. So they had sent an email and we arrived just before they opened.

We got coffee and a doughnut and sat in the front row. Ms. Jance is quite the character. She told stories and of course pushed her books.

J.A. Jance

J.A. Jance

After the talk, we went to the CD’s and borrowed one to listen to while traveling tomorrow.

We stopped at Costco gas ($2.37). Then ran through Costco.It sure is easy to overspend there! Then Walmart to grocery shop. We stopped at Arby’s to pick up a Ruben for Bob and a Rachel for me. ( A Rachel is a turkey Ruben).

We arrived back and raced to get the frozen food into the freezer, then ate lunch. At a little before 1, Bob dropped me off to play Mahjongg. I didn’t win a single game. Crying face

Bob stopped in to pick me up at 3, as he was just returning from Total Wine where he had gone to pick up some beer. We had to put on the air conditioner due to the increasing daily temperature. It was well into the 80’s. Well there goes the electric bill! Our bill has been in the $70’s all winter.

Our weekly dinner this evening was at The Irish Wolfhound. We had 10 of us with friends of Paula and Charlie who met us there. Bob, MaryAnne and Linda had the fish and chips. The rest of us had the corned beef and cabbage. The fish and chips were a little greasy but the corned beef was pretty good!

Thursday- We must have had a front come through as the there was a furious wind at around 3:30 AM. The MH was rocking and the awnings were howling. It woke both of us up. I got up and put the clips on the shades.

We have the MDC shade system and with the windows open they rattle when the wind starts up. There are two shades, the privacy shade and the night time shade. They tend to hit each other causing noise, so we have big clips that we attach to the shades and valances which keep them from rattling.  When I got up at 5:45, the temp outside was 71 degrees!

We had decided to go to Prescott today, but the weather was not cooperating. It was going to rain there. Our second choice was the Music Instrument Museum. Unfortunately it was ‘little kid ‘day.  Our third choice was to Scottsdale to the Biltmore Hotel and the Frank Lloyd Wright house. The house tour was expensive and there is a discount on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so we decided to go to the Phoenix Library to work on some Genealogy.

The library is on the third floor of the west wing of the state capitol. Of course we had to go through security, then up an elevator to the third floor. We easily found two computers open and set to work.

We both bring our laptops and fill in information that we find into our Legacy program. I went to open my computer and it was dead. Hmmm! It had been plugged in.

I was able to do some work, finding my grandfathers twin brother’s marriage certificate on Ancestry. Unfortunately, I could not find him after that.

Bob had more luck! He found the documentation that an ancestor on his mothers side fought in the Revolutionary War. He now has to build more documentation and he can become a member of the SAR, Son’s of the American Revolution. That also means that the female members of the family will be able to join the DAR. He was also able to confirm some dates of ancestors in the 1300’s.

While we were there we saw this.

At Phoenix Public Library

At Phoenix Public Library

Wow, an old fashion wood phone booth, with a picture of a pay phone. LOL.

We left at around 12:45 and went in search of lunch. We stopped in Glendale on the way back at The Hot Shop, a diner. We each had the special,  pulled pork sandwiches.

While we were in Glendale we stopped at Cerreta’s Fine Chocolates. a local favorite. They have factory tours, but where not doing the tour while we were there.

We purchased a few pieces of very nice chocolate. They give you one free sample. The chocolate is $12 for one pound of chocolate and each piece is individually wrapped. You pick up a tray and put your pieces into it and then they weigh and pay. That is a very good price for chocolate!

We returned home and took a nice, short nap. I had the computer charging while we slept and through dinner. Then I used the computer all evening to see how long it would last. It did well, so it must have just not been plugged in correctly and had lost its charge.

Bob and I were both in Genealogy mood, so he worked some more on putting information into his Tree and I did a set of  free online classes.

Friday- It was 66 degrees when we woke up this morning with a breeze.I worked on updating one article. So far I have sent two off to my editor.   Our original plan was to go to the Family History Center to work on Genealogy today, so off  we went. They open at 9 and we arrived a few minutes after 9. This is a much larger center than others we have been to… they have about 12 computers and about 10 microfiche machines. In addition, they had some books.

The couple who where the volunteers today asked us where we live. That of course started the “full time RV’ers” discussion. They are planning to live in their motor home for a year, starting in June, so we ended up talking to them for awhile. Two other people arrived to work on the Genealogy, so we had to be quiet. We worked until about 12, then the other two folks left. The wife had been sitting there writing up questions, so they started asking us the questions which we happily answered for them.

I was able to email about 20 items to myself. While we were in South Bend this past summer, the Mormon’s had been working on adding items to Ancestry. This was a very big push through their volunteers. Wow, I think I saw that there were about 8 million new items put into the system. Oh so much to look for, so little time!

We left at around 1, and stopped at Safeway for some sandwiches. We were really hungry by this time!

Last evening at just before 5, the bike shop had called and told Bob that my bike was ready. So we stopped at the MH, dropped off our computers, walked the dogs, and took off to pick up my bike.

We arrived back just in time for Bob to take the dogs on a longer walk, they have to get their daily treat at Mike and Linda’s! Then we took off to happy hour. We sat out talking until 5:30, then we returned to the MH to cook dinner, We both worked for awhile on putting items into our Legacy program.

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