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Sat. March 1 to Fri. March 7, 2014- Sun City AZ

Saturday- Rain! This is only the second time that it has rained since we have been here. Since I was working, I did not see much of the rain, but there was a lot of standing water. People around here do not tolerate rain really well! Since they are used to driving in the right or left lane, they do that even if full of water. We cruised in the middle lane and had no issues, other than when some idiot would go too fast and spray us.

Sunday- A quiet day at work.  Bob worked around the motor home.

Monday- Bob discovered that all the work he had done on the valences was useless. He had bought oak boards, but  they were white oak and he needed red oak to match the rest of the motor home, so he is back to the beginning again! He could not get the wood scraps to match, so he had been working trying different polyurethane and colors. He called the guy who did our furniture and Paul told him he needed red oak, so he is starting again from scratch.

Tuesday- My day off. I hated switching days, as that meant I did not have two days off in a row last week. It was really nice to be back to normal.  We did our usual bill paying and budgeting. I went to Mahjongg at 10, then we went to lunch at Paradise Bakery/Café. We returned to the motor home and took naps. We cooked a green bean casserole at 3:45, and left to go to the 13th street happy hour at 4:30. We had great food and even greater company. There was even a trio of guitar players. I did not hear the name of the group, but they have recorded their music. They played Bluegrass/Gospel and were very good! ( MaryAnne and Ray are on my left)



At dinner, we found out something interesting. Our mailing address at Paradise RV Park is Sun City, but we are actually in Peoria. So we cannot use the Sun City amenities, only the Peoria ones, which I guess is why we were able to obtain library cards for Peoria.

We returned to the motor home at about 5:30,  fed the dogs, and my phone rang. The glasses were ready, so we ran over to the mall to pick them up.

Wednesday- Another busy day off. I had the card making class at 10, so I worked on an article, then went to make cards. At 12:we ran to lunch at Jimmy Johns. They have pretty good subs!

I went to Mahjongg at 1. Bob worked on trying to find the wood. At 3, we left to go grocery shopping, returned and picked MaryAnne and Ray up at their motor home. We drove over to Rosie’s Italian Restaurant, meeting up with Paula and Charlie for dinner. Paula and Charlie are staying at the North Ranch Escapees Park, about 45 minutes to the north. We had a great dinner and shut down the restaurant.

Thursday and Friday- Busy days at work. Bob had purchased some red oak and worked on preparing the wood.

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