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Sat. Feb. 22 to Fri. Feb. 28 2013- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  Happy  National Margarita Day. I had a really busy and frustrating day at work so I was ready for a Prickly Pear Margarita. We picked up MaryAnne and Ray and drove to Macayo’s for dinner. Yum! Bob had worked on the wood valences.

Sunday and Monday- quiet days at work. Sunday the woodworking shop was closed, so Bob worked on Monday at tracing the patter and cutting it into plywood. Sunday he cleaned the motor home and defrosted the refrigerator.

Tuesday- We had started on the taxes last week. At least with living in a motor home and not having a mortgage we can do the taxes on Turbo Tax. So much simpler than when we were landlords! 

I went to Mahjongg at 10, then we went to lunch at Applebees,  shopping ,took a nap, and had a quiet evening.

Wednesday- I had to work, as they had asked me to change days.

Thursday- another work day.

Friday- I was off, so we finished the taxes and we went to Vision Works for new glasses. This was a nicer Vision Works, in the mall, than the one near Denver.  We both liked the Optometrist and the Optician. We stopped at the Bath and Body works to pick up soap for the kitchen, then we ate lunch at In-out-Burger. Crystal at the Chiropractors told us they have a secret menu, so Bob had Googled the menu, We both had grilled onions on our burgers and decided that we like them plain.

We returned to the motor home, had a nap, and settled in for the evening. The weather is changing, we are expecting rain.

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