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Sat. March 8 to Fri. March 14- Sun City West

Saturday to Monday- work!

Tuesday- I left to go to Mahjongg at about 9:50 AM. Bob cooked dog food. I returned at 12:10 and went to put my bike away. Bob’s bike was not there! So I went into the motor home and asked him where his bike was .. He said outside. I said no, and we both went back out to take a look. His bike was gone. Stolen in broad daylight from the park, with Bob in the motor home. We think someone just walked in, jumped on the bike and rode away. There are folks who hop the wall around the RV park and take things, we learned from security. Pretty brazen!

Bob completed an online police report and a report with security in the park. We drove around the neighborhood looking for the bike but no luck. Bob has started watching Craigslist for it and to find a new bike.

In the evening the guy next to us came over to tell Bob he could use one of his bikes anytime he wants to, Bob just needs to take it . Nice neighbors!

We have felt very safe in this park, but now we are locking everything.

Wednesday- more Mahjongg and we went to dinner with MaryAnne, Ray, Paula and Charlie at Good China, a local Chinese restaurant that we like.

Thursday-Friday– back to work. Bob went to a lot of Estate Sales and yard sales looking for a bike. No luck. Do I need to say that my bike is locked up tight to the post next door?

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