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Sat. Feb. 15-22, Sun City Arizona

Saturday- Not a great way to start the day! We walked out the door of the motor home to the car, as we do every work day, at 7:25. Bob tried his key fob and the door would not open .So he used the key. I noticed immediately that the light did not come on in the car. It was dead! So Bob called Security arrived in about 5 minutes with a portable battery for jump starts. Good thing, as our jumper cables were in the back, with the tire and we could not get the rear gate open.


Bob attached the leads and I turned the key and the horn started blasting. Great, its now about 7: 40 and we were waking up the entire park! So I quickly turned the engine off. We tried again, and decided enough of that!

I called a cab ( $24 with tip) and arrived a work at 8:20 .Bob called Good Sam and they came to tow the CRV to the local Honda dealership. Bob spent all day there.

I had a very busy day at work. The Doc had 42 observation patients and eventually, one of the other Doc’s arrived to assist. I had the full 29, with more coming in as soon as a bed was vacated.

The dealership found that it was the relay to the air-conditioner, which had malfunctioned, draining the battery. The horn issue is that the car thinks that it is being stolen , and objects loudly. The only thing you can do is disconnect the battery. Fun! Anyway, Bob went straight from the dealership to pick me up. Needless to say, the dealership wanted to sell Bob new brakes ( huh?), how did they get from the horn, battery, relay, to brakes?? He politely declined!

We were both exhausted, but we ran back to the motor home, walked the dogs, apologized to the neighbors for the noise, and decided to go out to dinner. We went to a little local place that had been recommended to us, Rosie’s Italian Café. This is the best Italian food we have had in a long time! Awesome!

We returned home and watched Homeland, season 2.

Sunday- Monday- Sunday was another really busy day at work. Monday was quieter. On Monday Bob took the car to have the brakes checked. No brake problem, but the front end was out of align, so he had to replace the front tires and had a front end alignment.

Tuesday- My day off. My editor wanted to send me more articles to edit. These are ones that others have not updated after being asked to many times, so I agreed. I went to Mahjongg at 10, then we went to lunch at Applebee’s. From there it was on to Joanne’s for sale items, the library to return the Homeland season 2 DVD which we had finished. 

We had rec’d a flier telling us about the “early bird” special for the RV park for next season .So we rode our bikes around looking for  a site for next year. We ran to the 13th St. Pot Luck, taking some honey glazed wings with us in the crock pot. We had a nice time talking with folks. We kept watching more of the final season of Dexter.

Wednesday- Off to the Chiropractor. We went to Costco then Walmart. I was trying to find a place which will take a picture. I need a picture, 2.5 x 3.5 to go with my nursing license application for Indiana. No one could do a picture that size, so we looked for a FedEx or UPS store. Found a UPS store, but no pics there. The guy recommended a camera store across the parking lot. I was able to get a picture, 2 x 3”. So that is just going to have to do!

We returned to the RV park, stopping at the office, to sign up for the ‘early bird”. Good thing! Our site was already taken for next year. We reserved for site 2119, just up from where we are. We want to be facing the way that we are, so that the sun is not hitting the front of the motor home in the afternoon. I was late for Mahjongg, but this was more important..

 Thursday and Friday- Back to work. Bob is working on the valences. They are so tight that some of the new shades are having issues, so we are replacing them with wooden valences. I have never likes out valences, so I am happy with changing. Bob bought the wood and started on the process.

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  1. Looks like our motorhome in the background of hooking the batteries to your car. Glad you are doing well. But seem like to much work for me…

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