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Sat. Dec. 7 to Fri. Dec. 13- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  Off to work. A routine day.  We stayed home in the evening.

Sunday- A much busier day at work. We had another quiet evening at home.

Monday-  Heidi did not come in to work today, so it ended up being a very busy day and we did not have a CMA to assist with building the referrals so I was very busy.

We went to the Six Feet Up Christmas concert. They were were not very good, so we left at intermission. They were a jazz band, three people, doing instrumental Christmas Carols. There was some singing, but the jazz renditions did not really work of Christmas Carols.

Tuesday-  My first day off. Again, very busy! I worked on an article, went to Mahjongg at 10 played until 11:15, returned to the motor home.

We went to lunch at Fat Freddies Café, then returned to take a nice nap. After the nap, I spoke with MaryAnne to see where we were going to dinner this evening. She was locked out of her motor home! So we ran over there with our keys, as many of the Alfa locks are the same, but our keys did not work. So we took her with us to Walmart.

We returned right as Ray was arriving. He has been at a doctors appt. in Scottsdale. He did not feel well, so he did not go to dinner.  We picked MaryAnne up and ran to the dollar store, as I wanted some cheap Christmas decorations for the office.

We met up with Paula and Charlie at Black Angus and had the $17.99 meal again. Paula and Charlie had the $39.99 special for 2, appetizer, entree and dessert.  Great coupons!

Wednesday- Another very busy day. I finished the first article and sent it off, then started on a second article. At 10AM I went to a card making class. That was fun! I returned at about 11:30, and  Bob and I went to lunch at WOW. WOW stands for Women of Worth. It is a 5013C which aids senior women who have low or no incomes. Lunch was good, and we will go there again.

At 1PM, I went to Mahjongg, where I won three games, one  on a closed hand. I left there and went to the Chiropractor.

I returned an at 4:45, we left to get on the bus to go to Las Noches de las Luminarias at the Desert Botanical Garden.  Yeah, we rode the geezer bus to the gardens! There were the lights in the botanical gardens and they were having the Chihuly In The Garden exhibit.








My cousin Clare had introduced us to Chihuly in January of 2002, when we visited her in Panama City FL. Dale Chihuly is a very well known glass artist. This is the third time we have seen one of his exhibits and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. His work is magnificent. I wish I had brought my big camera, but my ankle has been bothering me, so I bought my walking stick. I did not want to be carrying both, so I took my small camera. The pictures do not do justice to the beautiful colors or the intricate designs.

There was also a lot of music. We listed to Flamingo Guitars, the Phoenix Bell Ringers, and Dickens Christmas Carolers. We had dinner at their buffet, but it was not all that great.

Thursday &  Friday- Back to work. Bob had been working diligently on trying to find a job , unsuccessfully, and he is also investigating a new radio for the motor home. Technology has changed so much, that he is having to do a lot of research. Plus, since this is for the motor home, finding one that fits is an issue.

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