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Sat. Nov. 30 to Fri. Dec. 6 2013- Sun City AZ

Saturday- A fairly nice day at work, except for trying hard to get a patient  back to her Long Term Care facility. Too many hands in the pot! We had a quiet evening at home.

Sunday- A frustrating day at work. I had a lady(a retired nurse) who just plain did not understand observation and did not want to be discharged. She had an ‘outside doctor’ who let her get away with staying, just because she did not want to go home. So I had to document what I did to cover my behind!

We were scheduled to go out with Paula/Charlie and MaryAnne/Ray, but Paula and Charlie had to go to Show Low. They are renting out their home and they are working furiously at getting the house in shape. The house has been on the market for months, so they were happy to find some renters.

So we went with MaryAnne and Ray to Twisted Italian for another excellent meal.

Monday-  A fairly good day at work. We had a quiet evening at home.

Tuesday-  Since it was my day off, we had a busy day.  We paid bills, updated the budget, and I went to Mahjongg at 10 AM. I won a couple of games. After Mahjongg, we went to lunch at Bobbies Café. We had a tasty lunch, then returned and took a nice nap. At 4 PM, we went to the 13th Street Pot Luck. That was fun!. We sat with MaryAnne/Ray and Paula/Charlie. Paula and Charlie decided to stay another week!

At 6:30, we went to card room #2 to play 500. We did not realize that this was not the “rummy’ type 500 that we know how to play. It was a different “500”. They play for money, but since we were learning, we were at the ‘kids table”. Pam, who runs the Mahjongg was at our table, and there was another couple, Red and Buck. Red has been recovering from two strokes. She is fine physically, but she has trouble with numbers and letters. She was a card shark before this all occurred, so she was pretty frustrated.   This was her first time playing since her strokes in May. She was still pretty good, but became tired quickly. We had a great time though, and plan to go back again!

Wednesday- I think I am going to have to go to back to work to get some rest! We started the day off with getting up late, having breakfast, then I updated two articles. We went to my Chiropractor appt. at 10:30, then to lunch at Paradise Bakery and Café, then Walmart, followed by running back to the motor home to unload the groceries. I played Mahjongg from 1-3 . I won two games, one on a closed hand.

At 4:20,  we had a Vet appt. for the dogs Bortatella vaccination. We returned, ate dinner, and ran back over to card room #2 to learn to play Canasta. We had a really nice time learning Canasta. They would not let us sit together so we each played at different tables. My partner and I won our game, Bob and his partner only lost by a few points. So that folks do not play with the same people every time, they give you a number and that is the table that you play at.

We are riding our bikes at night, so we had bought headlights and taillights for the bikes. They seem to work very well. We wanted them so that we do not get run over by the ‘geezers’ at the park!

The weather has changed. It became much colder, with highs in the 50’s during the day and 40’s at night. Tonight it might even go into the 30’s. These are the same temperatures as New York!

Thursday-  A fairly busy day at work and we had a quiet evening at home.

Friday- Another busy day at work. After work, we went to the Peoria Christmas Festival with MaryAnne and Ray. It was pretty much nothing, except for watching the kids play in the trucked in snow. We also enjoyed the Gingerbread House contest winners.

Peoria Christmas Festival

Winner Gingerbread contest.

LIke the fence

Log Cabin made with pretzels.

Other than that, it was a bust. We went to dinner at Brothers Diner, which was okay.

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