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Sat. Dec. 14 to Fri. Dec. 20, 2013- Sun City AZ

Saturday, Sunday, Monday- I worked. Bob continued doing things around the motor home, including laundry, cooking and working on buying a radio. He finally made a decision and purchased it from  some company over the internet.

It was Ray’s 60th birthday, so Bob went to lunch at Elephant Bar with MaryAnne and Ray, plus some of their friends. They had a very nice time.

Tuesday- Our usual busy day. I worked on an article, we updated our finances, and I went to Mahjongg. MaryAnne is enjoying Mahjongg so much she bought a set when she took the “geezer bus” to the Phoenix Swap Meet. Evidently, the Swap Meet is the place to purchase a lot of items.

We went out to lunch at Las Cazuelas, then went to Costco. We thought that it would be less busy on a Tuesday, well we were wrong. The place was mobbed, but we moved through the line rapidly!

We returned home and I tried to take a short nap, but between Bob being in and out and Karlie barking, I did not get the nap. Bob wanted to go to support MaryAnne as she was being inducted into the Sun City Elks Lodge, next door to the RV park. The affair was coat and tie. Since we had not been to anything that required a coat and tie, Bob had gotten rid of his suit. So he ended up borrowing a jacket and tie from Bob Schultz ( husband of Pam, who runs the Mahjongg.). It fit well and really looked nice. Since Bob had been on two job interviews, we had bought him some kakis ,and a nice shirt, but no jacket and tie. At least this jacket fit and looked good. So Bob had run over to pick it up. 

We went to the 13th Street Pot Luck. After the pot luck , we returned to the motor home, and It went over to Card Room. #2 to play 500, while Bob went to the Elks Lodge.

I am not sure I am going to continue with 500. It is a lot like Bridge. It is a mid-west game and pretty complicated. To play well, you have to be able to count cards. Certain Jacks are higher than Aces, but only sometimes, it is very confusing! Most of the folk have been playing this game since they were kids, so they are very good at it.  So we will see!

Wednesday-  I sent off two articles and started working on the third. We went grocery shopping and at 1 I went to Mahjongg. At 3:30, I went to the Chiropractor. It was just a busy day. I went over to play Canasta in the evening. I had a great time. Bob did not feel like going, so he stayed home and watched TV.

Thursday and Friday– back at work.  We just stay busy!

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