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Sat. Nov. 2 to Fri. Nov. 8, 2013- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  I had my second massage scheduled for this morning, so I was off to the spa. I returned to the motor home and picked up Bob. We stopped at Fat Freddies, the café here in the RV park for lunch. The food and service were good and the price is great!

We started out of the park to head over to Surprise, the next town. I was going to look at another Chiropractor. We only drove a few feet, when the original Chiropractor called me. I am not sure what had happened, but Donna, the receptionist/secretary was fired and he would be there. Well, okay….so I will see him on Monday afternoon. So we made a U-turn and headed the opposite direction to go grocery shopping.

We returned home and took a short nap. We went out to dinner at Abuelos, a Mexican restaurant. As per usual, we told the waiter that Bob is allergic to bell pepper. So he went to check on the food. Most of their meat has bell pepper, so Bob was only able to have pork enchiladas, with only the red sauce or the sour cream sauce. He could not have either of the sides as they both had bell pepper.  So he ordered the enchiladas and they gave him different sides. The manager even came out to confirm the order. We gave them a nice tip! I had the something Diablo. It was sooooo good! Guacamole wrapped in crepes, covered with shrimp and scallops in a light white sauce. Excellent! Too bad that we cannot go there again due to Bob’s limited menu. The margarita was just okay!

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday tasks. We watched the Redskin game. going to pick up some Chinese food for lunch. After the Redskins win, in overtime, we ran to downtown Phoenix to check on where I have to be on Tuesday. Good thing to, as the GPS took us to Tempe. The GPS took us  the long way around and then past our exit on I-10. So we backtracked and found Banner Good Samaritan hospital( Good Sam). We found the hospital and where I need to park, then we took I-17 home.

We ate dinner and watched TV.

Monday-  Off to work again. The census was up and since there was no one covering our floor over the weekend, it was very busy, getting caught up with what needed to be done. Our Monday huddle meeting was about the Arizona Medicaid system and it was very interesting. Senior couples income is determined to be separate, so that means it is easier to get on Arizona Medicaid than in Maryland for long term care!

After work, we ran to the Chiropractor, then home for the evening. We heard what we thought was thunder! Gee, we didn’t know that they have thunderstorms in Phoenix! Guess they do, as we had one. We had to run around closing all the windows. The humidity went up, all the way to 60% while it was raining! Normally, it runs around 30-40%.

The new washer/dryer was delivered and installed today, so we did some laundry.

Tuesday-  I was up at 5 AM, to leave at 6 AM. I was told it might take me two hours to get to Good Sam. I went to leave at 6 AM and had to dry the car windows off, as the side mirrors and windows were still wet.

Instead of taking I-17, everyone told me to take Grand Ave, which is Hwy. 60. I arrived at Good Sam at 7AM, so on Thursday I think I will go a little bit later. I quickly found parking and hung out until 7:45, when I went inside the building and found the computer room. I was told I was attending the Allscripts computer trailing, but I arrived to find that the class was the Interqual class. That was okay, I had the Interqual class scheduled for Thursday, so I am just switching days. Allscripts is the Case Management software and Interqual is the Utilization Review software. I used Allscripts years ago and I am certified in Interqual, although I had last used the 2012 version. The 2013 version has a lot of added diagnoses, but is basically the same.

The eight hour class ended at noon and the instructor told me to contact my supervisor.  I texted Joan, and she checked with Heidi. Heidi was doing well, so Joan just said take off the rest of the day. I would not have been there until about 1:30, so I was only off for about 3 hours. I arrived home and Bob had been working on the RV re-skin and paint proposals. We discussed some options and took a nice short nap.

There is a lot to figure out on the proposals. Do we want to change headlights and taillights to LED? Yes, but do we want to use their standard ones or choose our own? Do we want  the satellite, vent covers, and air conditioner on the roof painted to match the new paint colors? Do we want the ends of the slides re-skinned? Do we want one of the windows re-installed?  I also would like the  bathroom window changed over to louvers instead of a raised window. These are only a small number of the decisions we have to make. The biggest one, after which company we are going to go with, will be the paint colors and the design.

I had rec’d an email from my editor that  it was time for me to update 19 of my articles. So I worked on updating three articles. That should keep my editor satisfied until I can get to some more on the weekend. It is going to take awhile to get them all done.

Thursday- My class for today was cancelled and moved to the 21st. So I had to go in to work today. What a crazy day! We had a lot of people who were moving to inpatient. Bob had washed the carpet because when the guys took out the old washer/dryer, there was still some liquid fabric softener in the drawer and it leaked onto the carpet.

Friday- I did all the discharges today and Heidi did the IDP;s, So it was pretty busy. Usually Friday’s are very busy due to discharges, but on the OBS unit it can be very busy every day.  Bob picked me up at 4:15 and we returned home. MaryAnne and Ray picked us up at 6 PM and we went to a Mexican restaurant, whose name I do not remember. That is okay, we know how to get there! This was a locals, mom and pop type restaurant. The food and the margarita were really good. We sat talking until 8:30.

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